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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  December 29, 2020 2:30am-3:01am EST

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to financial help $600.00 or $1200.00 that they felt they could get away with giving us citizens and still come across as well. you know. human beings by the time for the next election cycle i'm talking of course about the holiday battle over the paltry size of the code stimulus checks yes the literal scraps from the congressional budget terry table that have lawmakers in such a tizzy this holiday season and despite united states president donald trump's initial threat to veto the $900000000000.00 stimulus bill drawing exasperated sloppy wet breaths from mitch mcconnell and the rest are brand name and she eventually relented and signed the bill late sunday night but not even that debacle could stop members from congress from continuing to show their true colors to extend their marco rubio one sunday unleash his inner trumpets here on dr anthony the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases when
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rubio took to twitter tweeting out dr pao she lied about masks and marge dr g. has been distorting the level of vaccination needed bird immunity it isn't just him many elite bubbles believe the american people doesn't know what's good for them so they need to be tricked into doing the right thing well if anyone knows anything about elite bubbles here in the united states it's got to be senator rubio who back on december 19th used his elite bubble status as a u.s. senator to secure himself a covert vaccination before thousands upon thousands of at risk front line workers in the health care industry even got away with a one. so as we continue to fight for table scraps and elitists like marco rubio live fat off of our tax dollars my friends i think it's time we start watching the homes. in a city street. let's see this is joyce
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state. great city this least systemic deception is so much. welcome everyone watching the harks i am tired of it and i'm a just across so amazing i did you like that battle royal we saw congress take place all the backstabbing in the craziness that happened over this relief bill over over the holiday break i will say that that was the biggest you know pretty christmas surprise we came so close congress had already gone home everything was supposed to be wrapped up all signed simple to the point that people would start getting their checks this week and then all of a sudden trump pulls everything back and runs on the idea that people deserve more which is something he didn't talk about before this plane even though democrats in congress have been pushing for more dollars for months now and not recognize or
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fully recognizing in his case that stalling only meant people were going to get further and it really is still do all the birds were gone with the checks out and this was just a very interesting process to get to the exact same spot we are today where he was still going to have to fund while he was still going to fund the bill what really gets under my skin is just the hypocrisy that you see from people like senator rubio lindsey graham and others who you know they were quick to line up to get their shots which i understand that you've got to give the politicians you guys as much as it irks me i get it like you've got to give your elected officials they make decisions that are vital to the country they have to be you know they've got to get the shots they're going to get the vaccinations i get that but seeing so many people who sat and yelled and hollered about the rules of the parent demick the lockdown was wearing masks blah blah blah it's not real all of this other garbage that they spewed of us you're seeing these guys sit down and get stuck in the arm as we have over the last few weeks just reeks of a parker see them oh it absolutely does it in marco rubio's case specific. this is
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someone who attacked dr found he kept attacking doctors even after he got the coded vaccine didn't believe and spoke against coburn 1000 being a real threat for the past 8 months if it's just surprising not only to watch him take that back scene and now you know be so my ok but it's also frustrating because there are so many people full disclosure i found out yesterday that my grandmother contracted group 1000 and to know that there are literally people who are in the senior living facilities who are going to get the vaccine for another 2 or 3 weeks meanwhile their younger people who are having access to it right now as well as people who would still like to believe 1000 didn't exist and push these conspiracy theories it's just really frustrating it truly is you know especially here in about your grandmother is the fact that now you have you're getting reports out that the super rich the wealthiest of the well are offering top dollar to their doctors in beverly hills in the hamptons to get them somehow to the point of the blood. there
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was i mean there was a doctor the los angeles times report the reports the doctor you saw on all of you who runs the beverly hills concierge doctor it was clients include area granbury justin bieber and regularly pay up to $10000.00 a year for like private personalized care he stated he's getting hundreds of calls every single day from his like high end elite one percent clientele saying you know how do i get the vaccine what do i got to pay what do i got to do put me at the front of the list absolutely people are willing to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to try to get this vaccine now before it's actually available to the general public and this isn't surprising but it the part that frustrates me the most is that many of them will get it you know there are people who are actually having their names added to the list of home health care workers or you know nursing staff or some of the nursing homes and senior care centers who have never worked a day in their lives in senior care centers but they're sliding a few dollars to people who do so they can get their names on the list and jump it from alive to get these vaccines and create. this underworld type of market you
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know but honestly a lot of people will take the cash and make sure that they pass this you know get these people these back to dr jeff told who works at cedars sinai medical center told the l.a. times quote that a patient actually asked him directly if by donate 25000 the cedars would that help me get in line that's just like sags that's just blatant like hey i have money i deserve this i'm going to cheat to get it and every person who cheats and jumps and part of that line is then also putting someone who is at risk someone who is a print line worker that's one less for them you are 100 percent correct here but i would posit that this is exactly no different than what we saw with hiv aids pandemic and a lot of the drugs that been used to and become popularized to suppress some of the aftereffects of that because if you had the money in the ninety's people were passing that along to get these drugs that were then feel experimental and they lived well into old age meanwhile you know a lot of people who were people of color or people who were impoverished died
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almost instantly i want to add to what you said about you know kind of people fudging the books and saying oh i work a blood you know nursing homes or i do these kind of things it's really crazy is that if you just look at california the guidelines there obviously say that people who work in essential industries are prioritized in terms of who gets the nation's . injust california nearly 12000000 people 2 thirds of the state workforce work and what are considered essential industries you're talking 12000000 people in just that state alone so that i think the other problem that running into is that kind of like what we define as essential to where we're not really putting up good ground rules and that's what creates these black markets for them the one percent and others the kind of jump in and take advantage of and leave the poor people essentially blown in the wind so. investigators in nashville tennessee now know who committed the crime but the motive remains a mystery today federal authorities remain at the scene of the christening. day
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bombing that killed the accused bomber and injured 3 others r.t. correspondent natasha suite with the latest on the information authorities are working with now to piece everything together. you know watching video of the nashville explosion set off on christmas morning police retrieved the footage from their network cameras this one situated in downtown before the bomb was detonated a recorded warning went off with a 15 minute countdown telling people that a bomb would in fact be going off. anthony. weiner. the. authorities say they link to d.n.a. evidence to 63 year old anthony quinn warner they say the bomb went off in an r.v. park downtown neighbors say the r.v. at the explosion was similar to the one normally at warners residence overnight t.b.i. forensic scientists processed evidence from the crime scene for d.n.a. testing yet it was compared to evidence collected from
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a vehicle used by the person of interest in this case officials say warner blew himself up in the explosion and is believed to have acted alone 3 people were injured and dozens of buildings were damaged including an 18 t. transmission center according to local media among the more than 500 leads given to investigators agents are looking into reports that warner experienced paranoia believing that 5 g. was being used to spy on americans the explosion also cause disruptions to internet connections and cell phone service back in november warner reportedly transferred his property to a woman in los angeles for 0 dollars the woman declined to comment referring to the f.b.i.'s orders a cousin of warners said he owned an alarm company in the past he also worked as a computer consultant for a nashville real estate company for 15 years one of the co-owners said warner retired earlier this month and never exhibited any behavior which was less than professional neighbors described warner as a loner several. celebrities offering reward money to help assist in the
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investigation some 300000 dollars has been raised so far the governor of tennessee has asked the president for an emergency declaration all the while authorities are still searching for a motive reporting for watching the hoxton tossed sweets are. truly tragic but you can kind of look at this from a really interesting angle is why are they calling this a terrorist act. and there's a fresh ration there resides in me and i think most people of color when it comes to how the f.b.i. and other organizations as well as the media handle white terrorism when the when the boston marathon bomber committed his acts it was almost immediately called an act of terrorism we've seen this happen time and time again when the person is of african descent when the person happens to be of the islamic faith. but when it is a white male homegrown guy no one ever questioned source calls it domestic terrorism even when all of a secular points checked for this he had some crazed fear of 5 g.
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technology and technological advancement which was the same thing that we saw with the unabomber because this was a guy who had preplanned in pretty much laid out how he wanted this to be done because he went to nashville 6 30 in the morning and one of the busiest streets in the entire city and the mom ran in 2nd avenue he made sure to alert authorities as well as to make call out over loud speaker while there to ensure that nobody was in the vicinity yes or eviscerating himself. yeah that was one of those that really jumped out to me as clearly he didn't want to hurt other people least that's all we know so far but he definitely wanted to go off in that spot you know and the thing is too is it's like it always makes me segues we was i was i didn't want 5 judges being spied of well i'm sorry you're already being spied on you can't get around that you curious cell phone you're being spied on and there's a cia like f.b.i. we're the most surveilled society maybe next to the u.k. where they have a camera on every street corner you can't get a. no why take your anger out the way that this guy did and the irony there is that
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this is a guy who also previously worked in security his whole job with the people so i'm like i don't really fully understand that but we've also heard from some of the neighbors who spoke about you know not only his fears but how much of a loner he was how much he fit that he wanted the world to remember him that badly those are things that are thinner by people who are about to commit some type of crazy yet we've heard it time and time again from those who have committed acts of terrorism thankfully not being fully he kept the body to the minimum one could possibly do but still no excuse for the cover coming out of the body as we go to break remember that you can also start watching the hawks on the man do the brevard portable t.v. which is available of all platforms so definitely pick that up coming up we look at it we look at how the governor of kansas yes kansas is reshaping how this country deals with addicts and addiction here's a hint she's not throwing them in jail for a change stay to watch the whole.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy one sunday shouldn't let it be an arms race is on all sides the very dramatic development is only really. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. americans love. this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country at large understood the bargain you get a home and the. right as the things you don't revolt if you have
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a stake in the system. and think about the longer deeper history housings men in the united states not just that question of the american dream but the question of who the dream is for. max keiser this is the kaiser report with stacy herbert and special year end guest misfires. i must say the kind of sensitivity to world events of markets rarely see anywhere except here on times report minutes welcome back. this is not like. that's
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not a money spinner but it is expensive. and it's dangerous . this is. the breaks that's. going to solve the problems from. america's jails and prisons have serious problems from rampant abuse to failure to meet health and safety protocols you name it inmates face it recently
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a st louis county jail had to face the music as one inmate to death raise questions about how his condition was handled 20 year old marketing died of a bible leukemia last year after allegedly seeking help from the staff who were use to let him see you doctor. it's civil rights to just been filed against the county and several jail workers the lawsuit claims that the county jails health system is so disorganized that it lacks adequate medical supervision by nurses and doctors. but all news isn't bad news on the criminal justice front though kansas is showing a few signs of hope gov lawyer kelly proposed a treatment center for him me despite the widespread notion that inmates are largely violent criminals factually most inmates have substance abuse and mental health issues and are incarcerated as a result of the government kelly plans to recommend adding a treatment center at the state prison in lansing if the measures put into action inmates will be sent to the treatment center for intensive treatment rather than
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house in traditional prison space with research showing that 65 percent of the u.s. population suffers from substance abuse disorders this type of criminal justice reform could go a long way here tell us more is john cooper national director of reentry initiatives for right on crime and authorized director of criminal justice and civil liberties at our street welcome. thank you thank you. i'm excited to have both of you guys as always so much fun to have you on i hope you guys had a great holiday. so i'm going to start with you arthur on this question leukemia when it's treated properly it has an over 90 percent survival rate it isn't an automatic death and it's so when catchings asked for help and complained of pains and his health deteriorated he just wasn't taken seriously how common is this in jails and prisons and what recourse to the families have to make sure their loved ones aren't neglected. i think it's prevalent in the us and it goes back to you
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know something that we have been talking about for a long time john and i worked on this issue is there is a culture of and humanity in within our system it's the idea that you walk people way in and then you can forget about them i mean i said this before you know gandhi said you judge a country in ancient by how it treats its weakest members and we treat our weakest members children immigrants and individuals that are incarcerated in the very poor me and i just want to say one thing that isn't nearly important in this case just man was innocent this is true child he was then in jail not prison. and now his charge was a serious charge but he wasn't guilty in the do anything and there are minimum even if he was guilty and even if. we do they said it in the charging documents was true he still didn't serve a death sentence and i think if you if you look at that and then you look at the idea of culture in our incarcerated centers and if i could nurse the persons of color has to be you know we're looking at their well being so that he's at stake or
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when he obviously had decided he wasn't faking having to really show that we have. a breach of the professional or the tussle ism of our individuals who work in prisons jails across this country john i want to ask you what types of guidelines exist for the management of preexisting conditions and what do you believe will result from the lawsuit that we're seeing right now in st louis county. got to great question and you know it's. taking back what arthur said 1st you know the problem in correctional medicine is that the contracts are given normally the lowest responsive dinners where they are given to private companies and look no one expects that the person to have the mayo clinic inside of it but in the end of the day if you have a highly preventable issue you have the same duty that you have on the outside as a doctor to treat right you can't ignore your condition just because you don't like in maine or you might not like inmates in general it's terrible and you know it's
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going on around the country where correctional medicine companies or correctional minutes and providers simply don't have the staff or they don't devote the staff to fix these issues go if they can prove history medical malpractise less negligence case then i think we have some place to go now the added it treated here is the deprivation of civil rights which is not a traditional doctor patient relationship but one that might go far here because the person did everything needed to notify the jail of this issue. and to piggyback off of that john we know that mental health disorders and substance abuse issues have been used to incarcerate people now who are decades criminal justice reform efforts like what we're seeing be undertaken in kansas could be a game changer could you explain how a treatment center might be implemented and how governor kelly even got to this place. sure so killer kelly got to this place and they can just criminal justice
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commission report which is a fantastic report that recommends a lot of different changes across a lot of different systems in kansas one of which is to put substance abuse treatment in kind prison all now i mean should arthur and you know you know my home state of new jersey and i never missed a chance to brag about it but it was governor christie back in 27 and oh it's absurd to really do this what he did was he closed the 700 bed prison old mistake correctional facility and turn it into a treatment person. now you have 696 and last for that 696. residential treatment beds so i could sit still for any candidates because you'll be able to get if it goes through you'll be able to get the same treatment that you could get on the streets so if we know that the current jenny agar is i to substance abuse and mental health patients who come occurring diagnoses if we treat that while someone are in the wall we make everyone see not just the pain inside
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the prison inmates aren't etc but society in general i give people a chance to read claiming their dignity and hopefully produced a variety in getting their addiction under control and not committing any more crimes it's interesting are there are we going to see a shift in how substance abuse is treated in our justice system and will proposals like this also affect those with long standing drug problems we've already. been serving out their sentences i mean kim fox cook county state's attorney in chicago is right now pushing to automatically your race convictions for dealing we expose cocaine and heroin arrests as well are we going to see this as kind of a better a better idea the better practice of how we handle our war on drugs and convicting people through bought through a. i only answer only hope so i mean even one of the one of the beauties of america and some people you know actually hate this is the idea that each state gets a new kind of an incubator i'm actually really excited to see what happened in in
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oregon are we going to see a complete meltdown because they have you know we decriminalized new things or we know honesty which i predict that we should not have these things criminalized in the 1st place you know and you know john you know it was filmed in the magic word there seems to be and this is the thing that i think that really got it again are are our hands around we know story stacked there is so much evidence out there that public c d's actually increased mean we treat individuals going to have a substance abuse as it. they are sick and they need help and instead of throwing them away locking away the key or just treating them as if they were a nuisance to our society we actually try to do something to help them we've actually increased public safety i know one of these things the one thing that's what i did by this is it's how we've seen this dramatic shift in the way winston steps from the days of crack cocaine to now the days of work to opioids and i think it is telling that you know we we we we totally have
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a different lens of how we treat something to be used during the opioid crisis when it was cracked it was an absolute criminal epidemic and now we're using the words you know it's a medical issue and that's a good thing but i think we shouldn't get it and i think we should definitely learn or less and that when you know communities of color will be crushed and. we need the grac epidemic we need to get counseling way and i'm very happy that things are changing and to answer your question directly you know there is something that we've seen in john and i work all the time he is the only person that rise up in new jersey but we see that all these years the old me i'm sorry that there's a trickle down effect when it comes to promote just one when a state passes them and into work you see in other states usually the states that are similar are surrounding those or they have been lower graphics which live and think it's all detectives techs and spread throughout. the country and we're seeing
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that in california and other places so i'm very hopeful that we're going to be a new trend i think well and on that our 3rd john thank you both for joining us today and providing our viewers with your expertise on this matter thank you gentlemen. thank you having a. heart as we close in on the final days of 2020 year that without a doubt will go down as clearly one of the worst in recent human history let us step into the new year with a new found effort to simply not fall down. yes we can can we please try a little harder to keep ourselves from falling down keep those polls to a minimum i'm serious i'm not joking and what has got to be one of the strangest and sad is that there's things we've seen in a while according to the c.d.c. 29 to 30 percent of all non fatal emergency room visits across all ages come from folks losing their balance then falling down stairs steps ramps landings you name it human beings have figured out
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a way to fall off of it in fact in 2900 bowing down and hurting oneself amounted to over 8000000 emergency room visits here in just the united states so come on folks please just get our balance point in 2021 we can know how we can start to put your out you know the rest like accidental poisonings and swallowing unintentional foreign bodies. are the body that is our show for today remember in this world we are not told that we are loved enough so i tell you all i love you i am tired and i love you keep on watching all those hawks never great day and night everybody. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics business i'm show business i'll see that.
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so small seems wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to shape out these days to come to advocate and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. the isolation from the fulcrum unity. are you going the right way or are you being
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led so. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maid in the shallows. americans love. this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country at large understood the bargain you get a hope and then you know rebel right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. and think about the longer deeper history housings men in the united states not just that
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question of the american dream but the bigger question of who the dream is for. this is not a bill. that's not a money spinner but it is expensive. and it's dangerous. this is. the breaks to. stop the problem some people.
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say 29th of december in the headlines new york threatens 1000000 dollar fines for vaccine fraud after launching a criminal probe into a medical center of things illegally obtained jobs. people in french care homes to visiting rules a relaxed warning or strictures right now or even more damaging to health than covert itself. the most nursing homes are only land visits and receiving. jail visits other residents in our new home are physically and mentally exhausted she. rushed to apologize for their own performances not being diverse enough critics question whether or not maybe just maybe the.


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