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in washington coming up a german news agency announced the completion of the controversial north stream 2 pipelines in german waters there meaning pipeline is expected to start in mid january but the u.s. might be threatening more sanctions. upstream drones that could fly over people and that night here in the united states a big step for commercial drone delivery will possibly. have a lot to get to so let's get started. the controversial north stream with 2 pipeline has completed its pipe lay in german waters the country's press agency d.p.a. said it completed the 2.6 kilometer long portion of the pipeline on monday just months ago the u.s. stalled construction of the $11000000000.00 pipeline that runs from russia to germany through the baltic sea where u.s. senior administration officials continue to urge their european allies to halt work while preparing to issue wider sanctions in the coming weeks denmark already
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approved the remaining pipeline work with the political backing of the german government the project is more than 90 percent complete but the completion of the pipeline is contingent on the u.s. think sions the russian fortune auto vessel is expected to continue construction of that pipeline in mid january. stimulus talks are once again the focus on capitol hill there is growing support for drug payments of $2000.00 to millions of americans but the move is being held up in the senate and as coburn 1000 cases rise here in the united states while officials are cautioning people to avoid non-essential travel during the pandemic that's because airport screenings are way up for the holidays and there may be more restrictions on the horizon r.t. correspondent joins us live from los angeles studio with more natasha. yeah that's right there as a city of los angeles alone is seen upwards of some 200 deaths a day airports are seeing a rapid increase in travel during this holiday season and our stay at home measures
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have officially been extended and while the number of travelers at airports across the nation is down some 50 percent the transportation security administration said it screened over 1000000 passenger sunday well that's the highest since march the beginning of the pandemic and despite warnings against travel over the past 10 days officials report some 10000000 people have been screened at airports however this is down from last year's normal 25000000 people and in the state of california there have been more than 3000 deaths in the past 2 weeks this brings the total number of deaths in the state to more than 24000 based upon the travel we see just the last week and expectations were the same through the rest of the holiday season and the surge on top of the surged arguably on top again another surge. the stay at home orders require regions to have intensive care units capacity at 15 percent or above and with los angeles counties measures set to expire monday gov no
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some say the orders are now extended for another 3 weeks look at l.a. county alone 121-5000 pieces. just in the last few weeks obviously got a big impact to get a big toll on our hospitals not only in terms of hospitals proper but obviously i.c.u. . in washington there continues to be a delay in figuring out how to provide relief to the american people house democrats siding with the president that a $600.00 stimulus check is simply not enough for people struggling during the pandemic they are looking to increase it to $2000.00. to increase recovery rebate amounts to $2000.00 per individual that the bill be read a 3rd time in past the motion to reconsider be considered made and laid upon the table with no intervening action or debate. their
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objection to the modification. objection is. now the stimulus bill was scheduled to go before the senate today but as you just heard house majority leader mitch mcconnell has blocked the quick vote he says the senate will address the president's request of increasing the checks to $2000.00 later this week while least 5 senate republicans support the higher checks the majority are against the additional aid reporting for boom bust and sweet r.t. . for more on this the market and the stimulus we want to welcome back partner and director of trading research and education for market gauge dot com michelle schneider michelle senate majority leader mitch mcconnell walked about we just heard natasha 2000 direct payments bill now senator bernie sanders he's now threatening to filibuster about vote to override trump's veto of the n.d.a. is sandor simply bluffing here is he going to try to block that veto override for this larger drug payments until congressional session and all legislation is
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notified. well 1st i actually want to say that we're seeing the democratic process at work with checks and balances and the fact that we can even have this discussion about using basically apples to fight on engines i think is a positive but also there's a there's a negative to that too which will get into in a moment whether or not he's bluffing i think is irrelevant he can certainly tell a buster he can prevent the vote from going through til new year's day but he cannot prevent the veto from happening if that's going to happen so as we pointed out earlier we're seeing some of the republicans who are against the defense boat like trump like rand paul for example and we're seeing republicans who are for the increased stimulus so it's going to be very interesting unfortunately in this whole game that's being played and i call it a game loosely it's the american people that are really counting on the stimulus that are getting hurt the most considering many people think the $600.00 was too
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little too late while on a push polls also show the american people supported and were in favor obviously of receiving these bigger checks but it still could again they could veto the whole bill that they could get or the n.d.a. which would then prolong the process even further when negotiations still happen even then. well i think as we getting into a new administration the idea of a stimulus bill is not going to be dead in the water and we have a whole new president which may possibly even override the override i mean this is what's really what we've set presidents for which is historical is the ability for unilateral decisions the ability for filibuster the ability for things to be negotiated with never actual any effect happening i think that's the biggest danger is if we're gridlock like this going into next year although hopeful for all these things to happen will they actually happen and that of course is going to be the
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impact on the market ultimately exactly and we're still waiting on those the senate to see who will control the senate and that will also say a lot going forward but meanwhile we're seeing a lot of movement in stocks on tuesday morning we were seeing some intraday high is that the us 3 major indices have been hitting some record levels even before flattening out what's going on there today. well yesterday when big tech started to take over the small caps that's when i get a little bit concerned because essentially what we really want is to see the russell 2000 the transportation sector and the retail sector to hold up because they are going to be the truest reflection of and you will optimism for any type of recovery based on the vaccine hopes the stimulus money as we talked about and the central bank intervention which of course has been huge and so the central banks independent of what's going on in congress in the senate will definitely be able to keep that fuel going so as far as what's happening in the market today we also have
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the end of tax selling today i think was the deadline for that and even up before the end of the year whether or not this trend of the tech taking over the small caps continues i don't know if i put too much weight considering the time of year but there's a couple of other things of this infighting that we're seeing is really affected the dollar and that i think is going to be the biggest thing to watch as we go into 2021 what happens with the dollar the use of supply surge we've had in the money supply the increasing debt war stimulus more bank intervention all of this looks like it's starting to spark a departure between what's happening in the market and what's happening in certain commodities you know it's definitely the departure much like you said but speaking of commodities we're seeing crude oil also see some pretty positive gains now this is one of the worst hit sectors since the pandemic started and many are predicting that the going to reach some record high in 2021 do you think we'll see this.
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well i think it's very possible oil went into a bullish phase on the charts which was the 1st time it's been in one since january so it's definitely late to the party as you mentioned it's been under pressure but on the other hand i always like to believe that what we see in the charts sometimes is our crystal ball before we know what's going to happen with the news and there's always wildcards when it comes to the oil market number one of course geopolitics we don't know what's going to happen in 2021 we also don't know what's going to happen with opec in terms of production cuts and yes of course oil is looking forward to consumption returning and we know that we have pence our consumer demand to not only spend money but to travel and so that's where oil could actually rally longer term we still have alternative energy as an renewable energy has the real real future but that could be years before we see oil completely dead and we really don't know what the recovery will look like yes there's a vaccine yes there are people getting vaccinated but still there are
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a lot of questions that remain unanswered a lot of people that don't want that vaccine so there is that pent up demand we're seeing it like natasha said across airports during the holiday season michelle schneider of market gauge dot com thank you so much for your time today. thank you so much for having me happy new year timing. tesla is making new deals for battery grade lithium hydroxide used in the production of battery cells china's sichuan yahoo industry a what group disclose a 5 year supply agreement in a filing to the show and jen stock exchange the total value of the contract at 632880 1000000 dollars over 2021 to 2025 earlier this year yahoo was more than doubled its lithium production when it built a 20000 tonne lithium hydroxide plant back in may but this new deal is one of many that tesla has signed to secure a large quantities of this lithium the electric vehicle maker already has deals with one of the largest producers of lithium is china's can vent lithium tesla now
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test also announced plans to mine lithium on its own when it claimed $10000.00 acres in nevada this was back in september. a big step toward the approval of drones for commercial delivery purposes on monday the f.a.a. announced that small drones will be allowed to fly over people and that night in the united states significant step toward their use for this widespread commercial deliveries joining us now to discuss his boom bust comes back to give journalist sense one ben what are the rules that are going into effect in order to make this happen. yeah there's a couple of interesting things there that are developing in the story the biggest one is something called remote id and the idea here is that pretty soon if you're flying a drone the government wants to know exactly where you are they want your drone will be required to broadcast the exact location of the person flying that drone wherever you might be and so you can be seen you can essentially be identified it
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is kind of like a digital license plate almost the only differences with a digital license plate you can track a vehicle you don't necessarily track the owner of the vehicle in this case it's going to track exactly who is flying that drone at any given time and sending that broadcast out when you're drunk is in the air it's somewhat unusual i think it's also kind of interesting because a lot of these rules are being created specifically for delivery of items and we all know who that means amazon right this is a design specifically for amazon that wants to be able to deliver packages around the country using drones during the daytime and at night time and in this case that would give them permission to fly drones delivery drones at nighttime over cities and deliver packages on how fission is this actually tracking the drone like much like you said it's one thing but tracking the person flying the drone. right so i think it raises a couple of questions and one of those questions is you know we have a major company like amazon it's tracking who's flying the drone from
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a centralized location sure that makes sense but for everybody else if you're standing in your own backyard if you're in a park someplace where were you might be you would also be tracked simultaneously so it seems like the remote id rule is essentially for flyers who are not amazon and yet most of this legislation is being designed around big box stores and companies like amazon e-commerce sites that will be using it so it seems to almost be an oxymoron if you will between setting up laws for a huge company but then having these remote id specific to any in. vidual drone flyer well we also know that by 2023 it might be illegal for you to even fly some drums at all unless you retrofit them with their own broadcasting equipment can you explain why exactly what this means if you have it is kind of interesting so again this is all part of this remote id standard that's being created by the f.a.a. and what it does in this case is as you said by the year 2023 we're going to find
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ourselves in a position where essentially you are unable to fly a drone without that drone broadcasting your exact location to the government telling them where you are and so this is this is interesting because what is the purpose of drones we have a couple different purposes right now you have people who use them kind of his toys you have videographers and photographers who use drone and right now a lot of times you know the f.a.a. is requiring in the f.c.c. is requiring licenses for those folks us as drone pilots and then you have the e-commerce side of it so it's the e-commerce side of it that a lot of this remote id is being set up for but i think a lot of people are not taking into account what this means in terms of that e-commerce side so if you think about it for a minute if we're talking about flying drones on the commercial videography photography side that happens right now and very rarely do you even notice drones in the sky when we move into a phase of this being part of an e-commerce delivery system we're talking about
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potentially thousands of drones flying around major cities all day long and all night long dropping off packages just think right now how many packages are traveling through our cities in vehicles headed from amazon warehouses to an individuals apartment apartment complex or to a home now take that same number and multiply it by drones flying through the air and you're going to have a constant buzzing around us constant humming of drones flying through the skies dropping these packages off i'm not even. sure that what the f.c.c. and the f.a.a. is doing keeps up with what local municipalities will have to decide whether or not they even one thought to be taking place especially when like you said at night when you're trying to sleep when you hear these drones that are close by it's kind of kind of scary to think about that and i do want to get to a last question before we run out of time russia's oriana manned aerial vehicle it reportedly fired guided missiles for the 1st time we talked about like different
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ways people are using drones now but this marks a significant step toward the country deploying its 1st fully operational armed drone. yeah it does and what the russians are doing with this is something that the u.s. obviously has led the way led the world in the u.s. is not only the number one country in terms of drone deployment we're talk about militarized drones here not only the number one country in terms of militarized drone deployment but also the number one seller of drones around the world to other governments and other militaries in this case the russians now with their own you know. unmanned drone that's able to carry missiles on it it's a huge part of warfare it is an unfortunate part of warfare because of course you have enormous issues with high body counts as a result of drones you have p.t.s.d. issues different than other forms of war that drone pilots carry because they have these so you know remote idea side and the i guess the 4th issue of drones that we
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haven't really talked about so now is the issue of drones continually being a part of warfare and being used around the world in order to exact war in a way that's supposed to be less bloody i'm not sure it actually is when we talk about the collateral damage that comes from drones right co-host investigative journalist ben so on thank you for breaking this down for us you've got. multiple reports suggest the european union and china are close to reaching a long awaited business investment deal that would give the e.u. better access to chinese markets and it would improve competition conditions. on tuesday china's ministry of foreign affairs spokesperson said he hopes the agreement will benefit both sides. we hope that the agreement can be concluded as soon as possible with positive results you provided a solid institutional framework for trying to e.u. economic and trade cooperation and bring paintable benefits to the enterprises and people of both sides during a meeting with national basters and brussels one diplomat said the commission
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reported on recent positive developments in the negotiations with china including on labor standards adding ambassadors broadly welcomed the latest progress in the e.u. china talks while talks over the deal began in 2014 but the 2 sides remain stuck on a number of issues a key sticking point is china's demand to access the e use energy market some say the u.s. will not be happy about this but official said in an agreement if an agreement is met it could take up to year before the deal is actually implemented time after a break but when we come back the boeing 737 back to back in service after nearly 2 years on the ground but the judges are turning to a much different airline industry as we go to break here the numbers of them.
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will be very difficult to get. reflected what is. the world is driven by shaped by one percent of those. the day there's things. we dare to ask. has changed american lives but pharmaceutical companies have
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a miraculous solution. based drugs to people who are chronic pain and believe that their opioid prescription is working for them on the remedy be sent to. the. world through dependency and addiction to opiates to long term use that really isn't scientifically justified and i'll study actually suggest that. the long term effects might not just be absence of benefit but actually that they might be causing long term. l. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. i robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the 1st law show your identification should be very careful about official intelligence at that point all fiercely is too great a trance ever the shia. muslims take on various jobs and with
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artificial intelligence will summon the demon. a robot must protect its own existence with existence. in. a successful day for boeing 737 max jet. completed its 1st passenger flight since march of 2019 passengers boarded american airlines flight 70000 from miami and landed in new york well ahead of schedule at 1 pm the plane maker put out a statement saying it's offering reluctant passengers some alternative options saying quote if a customer doesn't want to fly on a 737 max aircraft well they don't have to will provide additional flexibility to
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ensure our customers can be easily be accommodated if they prefer not to fly this aircraft type the jet was grounded for 20 months after the 2 fetal crushes that killed a total of 346 people american airlines plans to fly the 737 max for 2 flights each day and more aircraft will be gradually added to schedule next week for more on this we're joined by legal. contributor with america's lawyer for the latest efforts to keep the industry flying molly good to see you let's start with the latest on boeing 737 max a passenger plane it's resume flights for the 1st time in almost 2 years after those 2 fatal crashes when was a safety ban lifted. well the f.a.a. sarah actually lifted it last month after boeing apparently agreed to the software upgrades and some new safeguards on that key fly control system that was of course linked to those 2 fatal crashes now american airlines is actually the 3rd carrier globally to get their flights up and going again with the 737 max there were 2
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others that did it earlier this month and so between those airlines updated 737 max is now flown about $250.00 commercial flights and that's according to an aviation data firm so american airlines in fact has $31.00 of those aircraft and they're taking delivery of 7 more since if a lifted its safety ban but the real question of course will be who's going to fill those planes how is the airline industry doing in light of coded and some of these other problems that they've been facing but it's interesting about the 737 max being back in the air again and how people are going to feel about that it is and i know i've talked to pilots and people before about this and how really it's it's been a main focus of the f.a.a. and how many will probably argue that now because of the focus it had that it could be even safer than other planes and a lot of people don't realize that these planes are made by by boeing most planes are anyway not necessarily the airlines because that's something a lot of people don't know but normally we're talking about the holidays too and
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the people who are afraid to fill these planes the holidays are obviously a very busy travel time natasha said millions have been passing through t.s.a. in the last couple of weeks because of the holidays it's still drastically lower this season compared to last year but they were better since they have been recently what's the outlook for air travel in light of coven 19. well without a doubt aviation experts agree that it is absolutely going to change now how drastically that will change they don't really know it's going to have a different sort of appearance so they're looking at a number of potential changes there are some positive signs like you talked about we saw higher transportation numbers over the holidays even with the c.d.c. saying don't travel. because of code than we've seen in a long time like almost 1300000 people screened just on sunday so that is higher of course since the pandemic began but you know most experts agree it's going to survive but it's going to redefine travel essentially a good bit maybe 5575 percent of traditional airline business came from corporate
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america where people can now substitute zoom for business meetings so most people when they poll them now ask them about if they want to travel they want to see friends they want to see family they want to have experiences so it's personal travel that's expected to bounce back 1st and that's going to be tough for airlines you know because again those corporate customers account for a big chunk of their revenues so we'll see how they survive but they're expected to basically start redoing some of their pricing to make it a luring to travelers both corporate and leisure travel much more leisure and that pent up demand of people wanting to get out and travel getting on an airplane to go to the airport but what kind of federal aid are we looking at we are expecting some to receive at least until travel picks up again. right and like you said boeing you know make these aircraft they do a lot when it comes to defense in this country as well so you can bet the airline industry is going to get a chunk of any federal funding and that's exactly what happened when president finally signed that $2.00 trillion dollars funding measure it included
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$900000000000.00 for a coven $1000.00 relief package and $15000000000.00 of that is for payroll support which means a lot of those employees in the airlines that were furloughed in the fall they now have funding guaranteed until lease march to next year so they'll be able to bring some of those workers back and so that's good news for some of those workers that had been you know when they're finding expired they lost their jobs so it looks as though we're going to see a little bit of the bounce back now how much remains to be seen but like you said people are anxious to get back on the plane or there's a lot of airlines that are even offering passengers flights to nowhere where they can just take a little tour around a lot of good deals now to for maybe buy some or will be able to travel in hopes molly barrows thank you so much for your time today. thank you. best on the man on the portable t.v. and we'll see you next time. americans
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love. this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country at large understood the bargain you get a hope and then you know rebel right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. to be really interesting back and think about the longer deeper history housings men in the united states not just that question of the american dream but the bigger question of who the dream is for.
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backscatter financial survival guide stacey let's learn about fill out let's say i'm the troika and here. grease on face of the fight wall street fraud thank you for helping. destroy 6 that's right shell out that slavery. can be very difficult to get the year is about to end indeed during 2020 change was the norm and all molecules of many years reflecting on what has been. the focus should be on what may never return. an entire village in alaska has had to move if another country trying to wipe out
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an american. we do everything in our power to protect. wanted me to skipping climate change poses the same threat right now alaska has seen some of the fuss just coastal erosion in the world we lost about 35 feet. 35 feet of ground in just about 3 months while we were measuring. it is fast and that means the river is $35.00 closer than how. long it was before i think we're part of earth for. joining me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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new york threatens a 1000000 dollar fines for vaccine fraud after a medical center is accused of illegally obtaining covert shots. launches a mass vaccination campaign against a covert 1000 but manufacturers report delays and distribution challenges. relatives of french care home residents demand a visiting rules be relaxed warning the restrictions are even more damaging to health than covert itself. that it must know some homes are only allowing visits and receiving them so they're like crime spree jail visits other residents in our new home are physically and mentally exhausted.


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