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tv   Keiser Report  RT  December 31, 2020 5:30am-6:01am EST

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response to the famous economist headline from 1988 this is from january 9th 1988 get ready for a waltz currency also some historic stuff like can britain keep booming that's what they were asking in 1988 and perestroika its 1st test so you know we're still back into a cold war britain is not booming and that in fact is sinking under mire it's mired in debt like most other countries in the world but we have relentless optimism max for 2021 oh yeah relentless optimism was in me was it me was it me or you know in the past optimism has been. met with the forces of pessimism in the forces of can't do is of course there is america can is it's not called america can't it's called america can but that's run its
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course because of the special interest groups and the sea out money play we have a new jerusalem a new frontier a new optimism and it's a relentless optimism in its indefatigable optimism without constraint because there's nothing that can stop it we've never had it here on planet earth us human something like this like requiring that cannot be stopped it's on a vector the vector is pointing toward a mystery which we'll get to at some point maybe and nothing can stop it. right and it's important to know that we're exiting 2020 with the biggest cantillon errors in the world coming around to what you alone from the kaiser report knew for the past 10 years we've been warning them we've been telling you i mean people can say ok our warning is being pessimistic but we're just telling you what's coming and we told you that what was coming was a relentless optimism now remember the cable news does thrives on hate the fia
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money system thrives on pessimism all of this is over we're into a new relentless optimistic aides who because of it point and even the life the larry fink the likes of paul tudor jones like this then druckenmiller faith you know right when that economist headline came out that was 20 years or for just a few years after then talking miller had helped take down the british pound right so they're all accepting that they cannot fight big clean any longer and this is heading into 2021 i think we're really going to see what that looks like ok they've conceded defeat now if they thrown over their king they've resigned right. now we're going to see what that looks like right now what has become a big coin are the 4 p's the 4 p's i might add i'm wearing my special this year
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a new year's eve special shoes yeah if they don't blind the camera. is the 4 pieces right so it's perfect money perfect price discovery perfect scent and perfect outcomes so when you have the quadrangle of perfection that is because you are on the vector or relentless optimism and you have no risk of being optimistic anymore some people would associate optimism with risky behavior because they don't want to invite the. trolls they don't want to invite the state they don't want to invite the mob they don't want to invite all kinds of trouble that comes with optimistic thinking throughout history optimists have been punished it could be galileo it could be copernicus it could be einstein it could be all sorts of people steve jobs and they were punished for their optimism but now there is no punishment for relentless optimism stacie right and it's important to know as well
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that we're heading into 2021 and what is 2021 is the 50th birthday of the all system so you know this is a good time to die as well for if it's over right 50 years is long enough it was an experiment that was the experiment big question is not the experiment because bitcoin is hard money the fiat's global standard was a fabulous fiction let's admit like the fabulousness of of the fear created outfits like this. but the fact is that you know we're going to go over some of the details of why that's coming to an end and why should celebrate it if there are some moments that might not seem pretty good you know but relentless optimism is on the other side right 202121 1000000 points 21000000 point is right there in full faith. 2121 right 2021 is it all comes together and
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ok so if the dollar falls apart it has then it goes as ernest hemingway that one of the greatest american writers of all time he said you know one goes bankrupt slowly and then suddenly so this could be the suddenly part of it because we've already covered them we're going to cover again in the 2nd half here the you know the great reset in the new britain was and this this these signals that have been sent by fed speak has member fed you know central bankers don't speak to. actually to ordinary play they speak by a fed speak they speak around it we're going have a great reset we're going to have a new bretton woods back then they had said get ready for world currency so one thing to celebrate if the global fiat's standard does and is the end of time theft and we're going to show you time staffed right here in a tart out just in the past few weeks as we head into 2021 just to put
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things into perspective on the rise in wealth inequality in one chart. the average us more worker must now work 141 hours to buy one share of the s. and p. $500.00 that's of course a fresh record in the 1980 s. it took less than 20 hours so here's the chart of the of the number of hours needed to buy one share of the s. and p. 500971 you can see back here it only costs like that that was down near like 10 hours it took to buy that so $971.00 that was the birth of the u.s. global fiat's standard and now you have to work that's how many hours it takes for you and time can never be replaced there's no amount of money ask form buffett he said that recently there's no amount of money that can replace time. right while this is a case that one can make for an american sovereign wealth fund you know let me
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explain a little bit about that so that rise in the stock market we as we've covered recently it's 50 percent due to money printing and stock buybacks and manipulation and accounting fraud. which is the way that the wealth is transferred from 320000000 americans in aggregate to a few wealthy has fund managers and high net worth individuals and it's patently unconstitutional and un-american if the goal was to create the wealth of a nation as adam smith might say then a sovereign wealth fund should have been already created going back to the eighty's under the massive deregulation of the reagan tax or era where of the rise of the it's financially engineer and wealth of the markets would have been shared in something called the american sovereign wealth fund and this would have paid for health care this would have paid for education and it would have paid for
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infrastructure built instead now we have health care education infrastructure collapsing and permanent entrenched oligarch and oh. monarch neo monarchy because of the money printing no 7 while fun was ever created and the country quite frankly is facing a new civil war that could have been a low voice it if if there had been attention given to the fact that if you're going to really engineer your economy in ways where financialization takes precedence over manufacturing and you leave everyone who's not a banker or broker behind you are inviting tass trophy hello 2021 the global insurrection against banking occupation is here right and that's important to note 10 years ago was 11 years ago in fact we started it with kaiser report and we started with the global insurrection against banker ox occupation that was in 2009 that's right one big queen was created and now we have relentless
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optimism so that time theft is something that we've always talked about so since 1071 when we went off the gold found a what could happen is not only could the u.s. elite start exporting all the jobs right because they can now print money they didn't need to earn it so they could just print it and not have to. you know spend any money on on the ordinary person but also not give any power like if the ordinary person here is involved and needed for wealth creation that gives them too much power and they think of power as just like one piety that can't be expanded and they want it all right so it's also the time theft of the generational one and we're seeing that everybody we've talked to you know a lot of people in between space talk about that 4th turning which which was written a few decades ago but it predicted that you know this time period from not from
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2020 as i said it would the u.s. would go undergo a huge chaotic time because of the 4th turning this huge new general. nation of of the end millennial isn't generations easy coming on and landing into this like that's just not just right that you know the 82021 year olds today that's where they're coming in and that's where the 1821 year olds of of the boomer generation came in they only needed to work 10 hours to buy one share of the s. and p. 500 today these kids have to work 141 hours and you know they have to tune in to us you know m s n b c and c.n.n. and be told that they have too many of a part of toast and that's why they're poor and not the system that they're born into not that 50 year old feel sister of the u.s. dollar that allowed them to plunder uniquely but because it's a fee debt based system it has to keep on expanding and you need more and more
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suckers they're no longer suckers are no more suckers at the table so i think it's going to be the boomers and the generation of courting that wealth that time fast hoarding that time essentially that's where you can call it the hoarding time that they stole from these young people they're the ones that are going to be at this poker table that warren buffet talks about and the ties are going to go out and they're going to be the ones with no shorts you know that's why i called the coin a vector because it escapes the turning force turning it's a vector out of the fatalistic pessimism toward relentless optimism and i'm relentlessly optimistic we're going to be back after this break so don't go away more new year's eve special about stacy coming your way. an entire village in alaska. if another country threaten the white vote in america . we do everything in our power to protect. want to various creeping. climate
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change poses the same threat right now alaska has seen some of the finest of coastal. in the woods we lost about 35 feet. 35 feet of ground in just about 3 months while we were measuring. his bass and that means the river is 35 closer in town than was more i think were part of the 1st from. israel media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from.
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isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being led software. direction. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or unmaidenly shallowness. l. look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. i robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the 1st law show your identification for should be very careful about artificial intelligence and the point only a city is to create trusts everyone of them shia. inflicting
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on various jobs and with artificial intelligence will summon the demon. of the obama's protect its own existence as a mixer. thank you max kaiser welcome back to new year's eve special max the stacy kaiser report relentlessly optimistic 2021 it's all happening on the vector toward the quadrant of bitcoin inevitability station right you know i do want to say that i have to point out something that i discovered during that break for landless optimism you kind of match it i am the phoenix rising from the gutter. toward the perpetual motion optimism and glory that is because that is definitely
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an optimistic outfit that you're wearing for 2021 and i know that almost all other mainstream media programs will be relentlessly pessimistic tonight because pessimism sells you all the pharmaceutical ads in between their ads as sells the war so they could sell more racy on and lockheed martin ads against all their stuff so note that realize that knowledge is power know that self so i'll tell you for 2021 so while they try to make you relate loosely pessimistic you know maybe there's a better stuff out there you know here's another thing that we saw ending into the year barron's of course always is you know you don't really want to be on the cover of better. here is again like an interesting take in that we're heading into the 50th anniversary of a u.s. dollar dominated world in the u.s.
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dollar what is the u.s. dollar its debt right so here is barron's one of the oldest most established respected financial journals and imagining the post kovan world because obviously we've been locked down the wall has been locked down in some countries doing a lot better than others in america most people their incomes went up because we have the u.s. . dollar and they could print print print and nobody actually has to do anything we just sit home so a lot of americans got to live like cantillon heiress they got to get a little taste of what the elites have lived like for the last 50 years that you don't actually have to do anything you get to lie in the sofa all day watch daytime television and it's pretty good right well this is a magic thing the post covert world one thing that they've placed at the center of it and remember all bankers and all can tell you nair's are reading this at the very center is. which. it's pretty remarkable well i've been talking about this for
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30 years i call the holy dial tone and i'm saying once all the brains of the universe are connected or let's say on planet earth through electronics let's call cell phones mobile phones the act the portion of the brain that has been dormant there on tire of human species and history will become active and that brain and that part of the brain that becomes active the whole dial tone as i've been calling it for 30 years is that bitcoin global consciousness and once that's fully activated then the vector is achieved and we've escaped pessimism and we've escaped all doubt that all fear this is the transition of the human species from having some doubt and fear to having faith and certainty and that's going to be a remarkable event that's coming in 2021 and barron's is right to hint at it by using the cosmic brain metaphor of cosmic consciousness and putting bitcoin right at the center of the cosmic conscious consciousness and the kaiser report is the director of the arrow that pierces the veil of illusions that surround this truth
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and activates it we're activating the cosmic conscious holy dial tone with this show and i hope you feel it i think you do. right again because imagining a postcode would world relentless optimism i mean the thing is to note that think of the greatest men in history i would add women if there were some women at these points these junctures but think of the times they they took us out of in particular the renaissance. fee because i think that's really the beginning of a lot of the world we know that started there and we came out of an age of of you know the dark ages run by you know a catholic church of vatican. that was you know a little bit out of control let's say back then and they had to panic plague they
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had inquisition like horrible stuff right if you read your history books you we all agree like best one of the worst periods and world history one of the top 5 right and yet out of that came the you know these big thinkers these geniuses. observers of man and creators of art leonardo da vinci michelangelo put it shelley to shin raphael all there and just came out of it so it is best in terms of the relentless optimism you can do it like even it like even if you tune in to cable news and you're kind of addicted to it and you love the pessimism and the war mongering and all that stuff the fact is like it even what we have now and even like the threat of civil war in america is like it's not as bad as having bubonic plague white wipe out half the population it's not as bad as the inquisition like guys knocking on your door and then taking you out on a rock and rolling you across the town and on a big stone or something i don't know you know. things can get better and i think
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that well in a post covert world because the institutions a failed we've lost faith and and their ability to handle things like oh the ordinary person is doing a better job handling this than any of these global institutions or domestic or local institutions well it's always darkest before the dawn and in the case of the 2021 global of testimony and rapture. through the global unconscious embrace of the big client protocol we have only to refer back to the genesis block of january 3rd 2009 which states clearly chancellor on the brink of 2nd bailout which should have alerted everyone in the world that the days of money were going to be ending within a decade or $2.00 so here we are about a decade or slightly over of the money in the central bank are all about to go
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extinct and we should it's going to cause ripples and disruptions for sure but on the other side of this is is rapture and i think we're going to fall phoenix cited as all heck in there is always the turmoil right there's always scale. one system falls our leader falls like a system say like the divine right of kings when the french revolution happened that ended that notion and and you know there was you could say chaos for quite a few decades after that but out of it came some light and ideals that we still live with today you know with our us constitution is because of what they went through what they're the ideas that emerge from there so you know we'll have the same thing but it's important to stay relentlessly optimistic about those ideas and the renaissance ideas about the power of the individuals rather than the
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state the one that rather than a single authority that somehow knows better than everybody else because we as we've seen in the last few months of this 2020 is out of the cove it a chaos where we've seen the i.m.f. call for a new bretton woods we've seen the world economic forum you know which is just a group of rich guys and bankers and in now treasury secretaries who meet up and down most every year and they want a great reset i remember max and i here on price report kind of signaled something like this back in like 2011 when they met you know in as the economic crisis was still happening we were still deep in the 22002009 financial crash and they were saying we need $100.00 trillion dollars of new debt credit.
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which only caused more inequality more of the strife underlying strife that was there so you know those sort of bodies do want to create and always have like wherever chaos is following wherever you know systems are falling apart they're always. there with you know their wacky ideas like get ready for world currency you which is the new grand words like they're they're coming up with that again it's also weird that like if you if you say this like that's considered a conspiracy theory even like they're the ones that say they say things they put it on the front page of their own magazines and then they say if you mention that your conspiracy theories seem like you're the one you put it right there right where there is just extraordinary tension developing between the hedge funds and a sovereign wealth funds in the high net worth individuals and they represent about $100.00 trillion dollars worth of and best of all assets around the world the pool of money that's law was looking for wealth preservations or higher rates of return
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and that's kind of like a continent on planet earth that's a whole world and they've got their own allegiances to their own lawyers and accountants and consultants and they move the markets and so they move politics and they move the world and in that reservoir has been dropped a few precious sotto she's of the protocol and those people are starting to come over to the side of bitcoin whether it's black rock and they've got 7 trillion whether it's fidelity has got trillions whether it's michael saylor of michael's micro strategy who's putting you know half a 1000000000 into big coin these are the folks that are going to pave the road for you know like the romans paved all roads that allowed christianity to spread all these billionaires or p.v.
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on the road to allow because to spread globally and i think 2021 is here we just go on to global big quite standard part of it is like i'm saying it's always a reaction to when the institutions fail so in that at the end of the dark ages the institutions that ran. europe at that time was the vatican and the vatican failed to have any adequate response to the blahnik plague they didn't know what it was and they didn't know why half the population was dropping dead so they came up with some pretty wacky ideas about what what this was but you know and we try to act today that were so much more advanced and scientific back then but look at what the central banks who are like the modern equivalent of what the dark ages was the vatican is everybody if you from looking at them for answers and they keep on coming up with wacky ideas like back then they drilled holes in your head or put slugs on your body leeches and and said this would cure you of the blue bonnet plague well today they do the same sort of stuff they keep printing money they keep
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expanding in to these crazy programs that are supposed to supposedly supposed to help everybody and in fact it's just causing more starvation more unrest at the bottom 99 percent as the top keeps on you know like that monty python sketch just getting bigger and bigger like one more thing way for like and they're like exploding all over every with a financial system is exploding like that across everybody because it's just these these people who didn't know how to respond to the bonnie plague back in you know what 800 years ago 700 years ago or the same as today the bubonic plague a financial catastrophes the bubonic plague of too much debt they don't have an answer for it and but that's however where all their power comes from that's where they're from where their power derives just as the during the dark ages the vatican derives its power from being able to tell you what was going on in the world they
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controlled knowledge and yet they didn't have an answer for something pretty significant apathetic off all around everybody here the same thing is that the academics in the ivory towers of the fed banks they don't understand they don't have an explanation for what's going on right they aren't saying we have to remember this is the perfect money creates perfect outcomes 102021 isn't perfect money becomes ubiquitous. fake coin fair disappears and we have perfect up comes from the 21 this isn't the concert for the masses stay safe and so next time by you all. this is nothing like football.
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it's not a money spinner but it is expensive. mended some dangerous. tennis is on the speedway. and they have no brakes. the world is driven by shaped by.
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the day or thinks. we dare to ask. americans love buying homes. this. is a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country at large understood the bargain you get a hope and then you know rebel right that's the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. and be really interesting to dial it back and think about the longer deeper history what housings meant in the united states not just that old question of the american dream but the bigger question of who the dream is and for.
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in the headlines this new year's eve england extends code restrictions on the number of areas affected as the rate of infection spirals along the discovery of a new highly contagious strain of the virus. also this hour the e.u. strikes a milestone trade deal which china removing key barriers to investment it comes after years of talks and despite the incoming biden ministration demanding it be consulted ahead of the deal. and we speak to some of the medical workers around the world who become the unsung heroes of the year of the pandemic. and we've seen people die in seeing people come in and they call.


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