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tv   News  RT  December 31, 2020 1:00pm-1:31pm EST

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paris prepares to usher in 2021 under the shadow of the pandemic with thousands of police deployed to enforce a strict nighttime curfew. we hear from frontline medics who've become the unsung heroes and dominated by coping. with. people coming. in. here's what we have. campaigners urge the u.k. to tread carefully when seeking a post trade deal with the united states i lighting the risk of american made products.
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there is no. new year's eve midnight in bangladesh. in russia to you happy new year all of us here at r.t. international i'm calling bray here's what we're across for you this 1st paris is gearing up for some muted new year's celebrations in a few hours with a nightly curfew still in place after a deadly surge in covert infections or public gatherings are banned and it's a picture playing out across europe shot to do but ski reports. european leaders are due to make their traditional new year's eve dresses speeches are expected to focus on the themes of hope and unity 2020 of course is be a difficult. process the world as a covert 900 pandemic has torn into countries forcing locked trashing of colonies and of course there are said to be close to 2000000 people dead as a result of the virus this new year will be like although with the usual
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celebrations either completely cancelled or shadow of their former selves well let's start in paris france where the usual firework display on the show just behind me has been scrapped this year there will be around 100000 police officers deployed on the streets to ensure that parties in front row. there will be a particular focus. in the suburbs because it's a bit of a ritual here in france that on new year's eve cause in other vehicles. last year more than 1400 vehicles with the curfew will remain in place so that we know what so i don't. do good reason and this is due to be enforced strictly. last year on new year's eve we had 100000 police officers in general means on the street there's a similar number this year but the difference is that in addition to countering potential violence we also have to enforce the curfew so officers will have plenty
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of work on their hands there won't be crowds in central paris and i'm afraid clashes elsewhere are inevitable tell me unions have warned that the illegal parties will be taking place saying that a lot of equipment has been rented one union this is from the trade and hospitality sector said it would be much better had some parties been sanctioned professionals one their views considered one of them not to be forgotten and they want the government to take response. military for this shutdown people really want to party they want to draw a line in what happened in 2020 now in germany which is currently under lock. on the sale of my works that will also be taught restrictions for the numbers that have actually gathered to celebrate new year's eve this comes as more than 20000 new infections were registered in the german health minister said that this museum is likely to be the quietest in living memory. there will be $1129.00 families in mourning over the new year these figures prove just how
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brutally desirous of still pummeling this. look down in the netherlands will also see muted celebrations that the normal countdown to the end of this year will be held inside a football stadium and there will be no spectators rody will keep its traditional fireworks display at the usual concert simply because it is being scrapped london's iconic fireworks over the times have also been cancelled while scotland's famous may celebrations have been removed online many may have been hoping to mark the end of 20 twentieth's say goodbye to it but the celebrations will still be muted for the moment it does look as if 2021 will continue in the same church rectory with more cases of could be registered and of course continued restrictions on citizens . there well some parts of the world have already said goodbye to 2020
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just an hour ago bangkok so in the new style albeit without the usual crowds of calls so whether it's a fond farewell or a good riddance to the outgoing it is certainly want to remember with life turned upside down not just by the pandemic but also by conflicts and revolutions. the shining lights for all this though front line medics have become the indisputable heroes of 2020 rising to the occasion and saving lives while often risking their own in the process we've been hearing some of their stories. that phone was going every 15 minutes every 10 minutes as the nurse put one down it would ring again and it became so frightening because the patients or piling into the hospital. may work in throughout that covert is same buy to
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a patient and knowing that come back tomorrow and their bed is being. made to fresh because they died and we're seeing people die in a scene people coming in they can't breathe well having to put people out because they can't breathe because of covert 19 and then you've got people protested why do why are you looking so i feel as nurses most health care professionals it's quite difficult it's difficult for us you know i remember having a patient who. she would say that she looked classical music i remember her telling me that she likes classical music so why did these during my break i was able to go out and get my followed up with the music on my phone and then i put it into a plastic bag and then i was able to when i went back in i was able to just play music to her and just knowing that she could see the happiness usually you see
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somebody decline *. and you can expect she or you want to see p.d. or you feel like something's wrong they don't look right but this was sort of like 3 feet off ok and then all of the sudden you find out they're not ok not only they're not ok but. i don't feel like here i mean just feel like a human being who simply cares. wants to help them and make a difference so we have to do. what we want to. do what we have to do. i'm proud of all of us. we're going to. you know hopefully one day. well we won't have to share making decision. maybe we can play a little more and maybe we can be and how they make that decision so that we can make marriage. and impact all of us were running low on oxygen on supplies
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on you know other respiratory drugs definitely bad definitely staff this is not over this is far from over that scene's are not going to i mean yes they're going to help but it's going to take a lot of time before we could vaccinate everyone. at the start there wasn't enough equipment we had to come up with impromptu protective gear repurpose it so that we could take patients it's obvious that the whole european continent was not prepared for such a pandemic not only spain turns out there was no centralized organized policy in any of the affected countries including spain even to this day spain has many different communities each with their own understanding of how to deal with the pandemic disagreements of the lockdown respectfully strong communities controlled by opposition parties because they do almost a 100 percent of the opposite of what the health ministry to do their mistakes throughout the whole year starting from not closing airports and not implementing controls on everyone entering spain from other countries bodies and demonstrations
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were allowed for too long many protesters took to the streets without masks obviously that was a huge mistake because we did not manage to stop the virus we should have been ahead of it including no small steps that are still affecting the current situation financially to devastated parts of the population is even worse it's always late and not enough from the 1st wave in spain the maybe even europe in march and april it became clear that the european union's a gigantic structure that's not working where equipment is stolen where it's really has to ask you burn russia for help after failing to get aid in europe in spain when they are not in the 2nd wave but the 3rd remissions stage i got the 4 as a vaccine i would have liked to get the sputnik vaccine but it's unlikely to arrive here in spain with the current. narrative with the virus has been made into a political and ideological issue tough because people are objecting to vaccination antibiotics as bring home with their lies the manipulation in the media is so every day struggles. through the turmoil of 2020 some people have managed to get richer
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than ever multi-billionaire bosses publicly expressing solidarity with those who are suffering have been raking in the profits saskia taylor reports. 2020 the year that won't be missed coronavirus. virus to cope with 19 entire health care system is on the very brink of collapse lockdown shut major health crisis hospitals and health care workers are bracing for an onslaught of coronavirus patients storing unemployment numbers so many workers are still hurting very badly as the economy starts to tank hunger. and mass unemployment collapsed businesses whole industries brought to their knees stability security and choice just wiped out. we're hearing the same refrain all around the world families are very worried as they are forced to make impossible decisions do they risk the disease as they go out to earn money
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to buy food will stay home and watch their children go hungry but as some plunged into dire financial straits others soared to unimaginable heights how well it turns out that a pandemic is just the thing to help take the video conferencing up didn't even exist before 2020 no one knows will exist after 2020 no one knows and given its c.e.o. pocketed 17000000000 dollars this year i doubt he's having sleepless nights also sleeping soundly jeff bezos with people border home amazon had a blockbuster year but according to the richest man on earth who made $75000000000.00 as the global economy just crashed in pa and apparently it wasn't all fun and games. there is no instruction manual for how to feel at a time like this i know this causes stress for everyone my list of worries right now like yours i'm sure is long for my own children parents friends to the safety
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of you my colleagues to those who are already very sick and to the brutal home that will be caused by the economic fallout across our communities well that might not be a manual but that is math and it shows that bezos could give $105000.00 bonus to every single amazon waka and still be as rich as he was at the start of the pandemic but he didn't what did happen was grueling lockdown shifts lack safety protocols and no moscow and firing people who spoke out. made a problem with that they have a veto on you don't you just to let you track the virus it's like what you think it's that they want you to get sick you know here you know what happened afterwards is not enough to make even. a relief on this about protection well he does what the
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body. workers will call a job basis and other c.e.o.'s as pandemic profiteers who have made billions while putting workers and their families friends and neighbors at risk do you think you couldn't be making 75000000000 a year but you can just ask you know musk he might have been broken 2008 but he will raked in 123000000000 in 2020 and when the cash is flowing you know wanted to stop. all of it. forcibly imprisoning people in their homes. all across to. my. breaking people's freedoms and where there are already. people. america has conquered. bridges. so instead of forcibly imprisoning people in their homes musk
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courage people to get back to work all face starvation and get evicted on no pay what's that lethal virus after all you know you're talking about saving humanity but these are humans that die in the process everybody dies 2020 the a one man could afford to just blow up his rocket while hundreds of millions are left picking up the pieces of that lives. britain could see a shake up of its food supply post-breakfast after the transition period ends in a few hours time the country will be free to import products that are banned in the e.u. it could include u.s. meat products treated with drugs including hormones and antibiotics but sustainable food campaigners are saying that the government should say no given the growing world problem of anti microbial resistance it would be completely irresponsible of the government were to allow the import of beef pork or poultry produced with antibiotics for growth promotion which have been banned here or that report from
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the sustainable food trust singled out a drug used on pigs which leaves carcinogenic residues even after cooking and it also mentioned various types of antibiotics used to promote growth in u.s. factory farms which of course antibiotic resistance and undermine treatments in various diseases in humans the report also refers to e.u. proposals to ban all preventative use of antibiotics in animals from 2022 and to require exporters to do the say an example for you a feed additive that's called main is routinely used by u.s. farmers and it's banned in over 160 countries including russia and china scientists have linked it to shorter life expectancy among consumers here's what one of the authors of the sustainable food trust report told us. we really shouldn't be using any antibiotics to promote growth and she bartik so critically important so all of us to humans and to farm animals to treat disease when it occurs but we've been
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using them responsibly and we've still got very high levels of heart disease despite the fact that we've people have changed diets and things like that there are there is evidence out there that the these drugs are being used. there residues of them could be contributing to that what we have been concerned about is that once they get into a trade negotiations with the us all with australia or with some other countries some of those countries are very keen to export their meat to us and most of those countries are using antibiotics more excessively and more 'd irresponsibly they're being used in the u.k. and so for us it would be a very regrettable step if after all the sacrifices and hard work of british farmers to find ways of keeping animals keeping them healthy with such excessive use of antibiotics that we actually then started to allow in meat that was produced for the very antibiotics that we found in this country this is out say on the way
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you get new direction people in china rep reach thinking they're global priorities according to a new poll with a focus to finally shifting away from washington it's among our stories after the break. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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hello again the pandemic could be a sign of things to come trotting by the latest warning from the world health organization with the prospect of more deadly outbreaks around the corner the w.h.o. emergencies chief is urging all nations to ramp up their health care but this time they make has been very severe it's been it's spread around the world extremely
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quickly and is afraid that every corner of this planet but this is not necessarily the big what we live in an increasingly complex school society the stress will continue if there's one thing we need to take from this trend and it could all of the tragedy and loss is that we need to get our act together we need to get ready for something that may even be more severe in future it's been almost a year since the w.h.o. declared kovac 98 a global health emergency and since then 18000000 people are known to have contracted the virus and an estimated 1800000 lives have been lost globally microbiologist simon clark says this year's outbreak could have been much worse. this this virus although it's very infectious it is not desperately lethal its mortality rate is not all that high but it causes so many deaths by dint of the fact that it infects lots of people 'd and we've just seen how it can evolve in to making. making
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a new strain that is even more in taxes and we are more connected globally as you put it when we were 20 or 30 years ago and i don't see that changing anytime soon we will eventually get back to where we were say this time last year and we will continue to become more global i think that's human nature and of course the more easily people can travel around the world more easily viruses can as well but more fertility there is a virus to infect new people the more putin it's you know will be for to me tell you so the possibilities is there that there will be outbreaks in the future that will cause problems and they may be bigger than this one. a poll in china has highlighted the shifting perceptions of who the country's key partners are china's global times found the one 3rd of respondents say relations with russia as the top
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priority and half of them consider russia the most important among china's neighbors 47 percent believe the united states is the keep relationship globally a sharp drop from the 82 percent who held that view this time last year a politics lecturer pack no one thinks there's been a realignment away from washington going on for years. there has been a growing perception among the chinese people. these these may be the time for china to decouple with the us. and of course we can attribute these to mr truong. true war and he's campaigning against china in his presidency but i will see it and trees a continuation of. administration of the obama period when starting from 2013 i think. the obama's people to issue of course he has already trigger the kind of stronger we're actually in trying and trying to start to be you
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artificial islands in the south china sea it is in time russia. actions in the ukraine by and the same in the crimea have been injured or in all these us come to the point at the china realize that china need to have across a strategic and energy ties with the russians and it is a time to chinese has to seriously consider what is the future of the us china will issues. the last 12 months won't be forgotten not least because of the pandemic people for a source for us and creativity shone through now our video agency ruptly has captured some of the most touching highlights of 2021 column by a moscow happen again for me in the team here at our table going to leave you now there with some of those sights and sounds of what's been a tough challenging and at times inventive yet.
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it's a little a symbol isa good moment to put aid in that us and then that is good because you hold but i must say i'm one of the above made east 60. 6. d. . movies in the. view
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know that those who did early on in the last public. goods were the top of the us to them as i. was for my opinion of us all scholars on the way i mean saw a lot about it a lot of those are among the competent i threw that idea. thrust 1st.
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well it still seems wrong. but i will just don't call. me. yet to see how this day comes. and indeed it was betrayed. when something is find themselves worlds apart we just in the common ground.
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welcome to the hope renee alex salmond where we present the highlights of 23 and see we hope you had a wonderful and commonsense christmas how many is the new year's eve and is taken very seriously in scotland normally tonight would see fast clothes and celebrations and the whole of ugly but this is a very different year and this helped many will be responsible and socially distance just like this program i just discovered dominated the year it dominated it right back at the start to year we conducted the 1st of many interviews with cambridge for oh just a naked scientist dr chris worth he gave us the 1st indication of the dramatic shape of things to come. what you've potentially got is something which while it's
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less lethal than sols is much more infectious than saws and about as lethal as the $918.00 flu pandemic everyone susceptible to this like there were for the 918 spanish flu pandemic so if this were allowed to escape and go to its logical conclusion one possibility one worst case scenario is it could be as bad as 1918 i demand but this is a time when president trump was joking about the virus and prime minister johnson of us not even turning up at the covert corporate meetings here's a selection of what our experts had to say about the virus as the year progressed and about the public health challenge as presented by called it we need to make patiently. routine. and we just don't seem to have a grip of what we need to do. why do you want to set up a private casting laboratory and a private contractor
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a thing service which will never ever work as efficiently as if you had invested in your local n.h.s. services and systems in both the local authority in the end task and in public health england if we look at restructuring amount of money spent $12000000000.00 pounds that is the equivalent of the and current budget of all the g p's and public health combined he said to make a case to and i think it. is essential that is not that difficult when it is things that we proposed very early on was casting we still water from wholesome precedents that oh that was too difficult by water really years that there is a lot of people who don't really believe in the creative arts they don't think it is real they think it's a hoax and my dick worry is that you know for those untrained. people who just a believe anything that be told by science will they even take a backseat it is made available if they don't then they will present
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a risk to everybody else who does because as long as you know you don't achieve this early beauty and that actually all 'd through back so they should there's always a chance that the virus will come back. if we track down rain forest decide that we can see apes exotic meat and cattle to get everything from snakes bats tangle ins with chickens and dogs in market spaces and then everyone thinks it's their right to fly around the world as often as they like wherever they go then there is no hope for us because this will continue we have to start recognizing that the planet is itself all noble that we are biological organisms as part of an ecosystem on it we need to reconsider completely the way in which agricultural creates trade when which we manage our natural resources and the way in which we travel because these sorts of behaviors supporters to this point and they will continue to do so again so the world needs to rethink how it behaves and also to learn to played
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a great deal more cooperatively as we are learning to do now unfortunately sad times and great deal more cooperation has been before and we need to make friends not enemies of course covert threatened international economic collapse which we discussed with professor danny blanchflower and former u.k. government chief economist vicky pryce but could it be the psychological impact on a population struggling with successive lock those may be the long term a time bomb of the plan to make a subject we raised of lisa come an impi psychological crack a cease fire pole and come in waves that it doesn't come all at the one point in time so it's important that we hop this along tear until every plan and that's what's needed in towns all supporting mental wellbeing for staff know that if you're feeling really stressed and anxious that's completely normal so you've had 6 months now of the prefrontal cortex which is the area of the brain which is all about high thinking critical analysis to solve problems.


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