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very dangerous on top of that race is take place in extremely low temperatures which doesn't exactly help with promoting the school. ice races are often compared to gletty ages and i often seem to be treading a fine line between life and death when they're on the race track. have a horse. and decide on. the. track i have a job i sail. now we're going. to pull the trip takes his youngest son to ice hockey practice. this really is a popular sport. kristoff
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is one of the best ice speedway races in russia but only a few people actually mill about it this is not a sport that promises glory or riches. medic's competing in the european championship too but he still has 2 days to practice he could go to a neighboring city and practice in a stadium but he's decided that it's easier to make his own track on a lake just a couple of kilometers from his garage. is ethics for and. then you set up a track on a lake with friends. to shoot visitors are never sure it's easy. to shoot. from a ship you should meet with. the snow needs to be cleared from the lake to expose the cli you know it's beneath going to do this when you need to trek to. the big problem is that people. good of losing their vehicles in the water.
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seemed to have convinced. that his tractor weighs 1000000 tons. and the ice has to be at least 60 centimeters thick to stop the tractor falling through it. the ice seems to be strong enough. but when the tractor gets on. the ice starts to creak. reluctant to go any further the tractor driver drives away. outside and inside and.
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he's aboard is. reminiscent of a night soma. using the local police. there are plenty of ways to get injured in speedway. is a brand new. readers friend. the tires. dedicated mechanics to.
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they spend as much time with their bikes as they do with their families. just. when races collide the studs on the tires can often punch right through their protective gear. this is this these. bikes have brakes. and vova have a plan they intend to convert this old lever into a snowplow tractor like this would be light enough to be sure it won't fall through the ice. the idea is simple enough just replace the front bumper with a snow push. of the roof look at you. if you.
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could see. do you. have any confidence at all that the knievel plan will work. best with you. that you. the improvised snow plough is ready. is my 1st time yet. when i line.
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last winter. pushed out. the least many many times. to have his mechanic friends take their time packing for the trip to russia me. it's 2300 kilometers from temple to be out skip. if they want to be on time to qualify on the day off to tomorrow they'll have to drive for a soul of 30 hours. to make that happen the guys are definitely going to need a coffee maker. but. 3. mites. we need. it's already dark but the guys need to clear away some snow. back at the lake
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that's what they start to do. when they begin by testing the snow plow. while the real tractor was too heavy for the lake this one isn't heavy enough for the slow. it's not working the car can't shift the snow keeps getting stuck. but not. used to give. up on you.
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stop the wheel slipping as much it extends on the bumper. finally complete without stopping. off at that 1st things start going. nothing could stop. second source. releases sponsor them from the highway and it looks as though the game is. the problem is that with no papers for the neiva legally it's not even a car on the other hand the lake isn't a road either so the officers leave them to it.
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it's 2 am when the truck is ready. so. i'll stop. using them make shifts trip to finally manage to turn the lake into a trick. about
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24 hours. meanwhile is trying to fix his tuning technique the motor cycle can reach 140 kilometers per hour if we take turns at $70.00 to $80.00. but can often result in spinal compression fracture is. provable in 20 years of speedway racing has become 5 centimeters shorter. and the ice from finland will reach the coliseum in. some people with optimism with risky behavior because they don't want to the trolls
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they don't want to buy the state they don't want to invite the mob they don't want to buy all kinds of trouble that comes with optimistic saying throughout history optimists have been punished it could be galileo it could be copernican 6 could be einstein it could be all sorts of the steve jobs and they were punished for their optimism but now there is no punishment for. them is. every year with great pleasure to be answered questions from our viewers and this year is no different as usual your questions focus on future of. my panel and a happy to look.
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has changed american lives but pharmaceutical companies have a miraculous solution. based drugs the people who are chronic pain. believe that their prescription is working for them and the remedy be said to. price at the. grocery dependency and addiction to opiates the long term use there really isn't scientifically just and our study actually suggests that. the long term effects may not just be the absence of benefit but actually that they may be causing long term .
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the european championship is always hosted by the country of the current titleholder. out of the last 22 championships 19 have been held in russia. so it appears that russia really is a nation of speedway champions. each motorcycle is way before a race it should be no less than 110 kilograms that can be heavier. scrutineers then examine it closely to ensure it complies with the rules for example the studs must be 28 millimeters long. under
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a specific size requirement. to. also examine the helmets and make sure there are no cracks the mechanics check the safety cups the engine if the bike. raises doubts it's not race ready yet. some. showing off his side of the. ski from the czech republic. chip favorites. from holland. he's the youngest entrant his chances of winning a slim female fans than anyone else. this is my.
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belief that he still. is the leading contender place. to. be. the point for. 16 races in the championship. the competition runs for 2 days with $24.00 heats per day. the races build up this through. each of the. 3
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boys the best place to put the 2nd one nothing. so racist simply needs to have the most points. there's no secret to winning in speedway a tactic so simple. last month what good would it be if you meet in speech which is go forth. but. it's delightful that you. should be able. to help but smile you think i'm going to. let you know if. you've been listening and you know you know what going to look like he. says to me and. i must go. immediately to race though because i'm.
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mad and rarely their. eyes be very. quick. told me is at the bottom of the table. look up and i don't know it's every time and surrender sometime. and right very good and sometimes i know right. so it's good i think the russians will be the right. many
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injured myself. going down and down this this and my breast stayed behind. and he would. look at that yes i think. the. so much better if you get. to pretend that he. and. i don't die. in each as a new job. because i don't. know it's. too much i but what he said before. i have 4 boys. on the right is.
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appropriate so i know i'm only. this so so difficult because. we'd sold by. then you are. very professorial. feasting between gladiator battles is another ancient tradition. it. was. the tragedy is that if the races really did fill legless is would be no racing tomorrow. so. i'm still.
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to me allowed to enjoy the spectacle. that i didn't think was just full of the steelers divided yet the couples could see slow play each you will. see. that it. will. be too late but. it does look a little. well that really was a passionate ode to speedway. i'm just. happy that. it's tommy's last beat. this is read by.
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one of his opponents is he on club. and even though tommy has nothing to gain. is no among the leaders which means every single point is really important to him. but the new shit. today goes good to me give us invidia. put it. the muscle raises his flag to stuff but tell me takes off prematurely. that gets him disqualified. a reserve race from russia takes his place and that doesn't bode well for a cut off that was banking on all 3 points from racing against weaker opponents. but the russian is stronger meaning that pluto ski only takes 2 points away instead of 3. that. you know that they. are you
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know stuff. but. i think you. know that's a real sporting drama. and .
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i think. probably did somebody from bill that. they both told. you that it is it was the sort of the book with what you should or shouldn't be good for near when you cool the would you be to see mike lynch. the final heat. question racist help the rankings on points and it is in 2nd place young but also he is in full but still has a chance to take 2nd door stood. 2
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races full of the time. the chick is the only one still going and he's happily convinced that he's going to take home a medal but it's not always that simple i do know but you know. i. think you get none of the drama concerns tell me us to go back to work tomorrow since these come to collectors road maybe 60.
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this is. your target it's kind of a there are good and you know. i don't know right out of boozers area knew of wheat. he was 60 years old i think so. i have. 17 years of bed yes i don't know. when i go to drag guy and i fear i not fear cool then i get. so the underdog didn't prevail this time. tell me is break away start did influence the final championship podium make up. russian racers of the overall victors. comes in 2nd.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to get out of
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the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that. an entire village in alaska has had to move if another country threaten the white vote in america. we do everything in our power to protect. wanted me to skipping climate change poses the same threat right now alaska has seen some of the fuss just coastal erosion in the world we lost about 35 feet. 35 feet of ground in just about 3 months while we were measuring. is fast and that means the river is 35 closer than how the woman was or i don't think were part of her purse for.
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some people would associate optimism with risky behavior because they don't want to and like the trolls they don't want to invite the state they don't want to invite they see out mob they don't want to invite all kinds of trouble that comes with optimistic think throughout history optimists have been punished it could be galileo it could be copernicus it could be einstein it could be all sorts of big steve jobs and they were punished for their optimism but now there is no punishment for relentless optimism. known as planned across the ocean who. may have australian bush you know they go. against who are who are. these going to drop to the new union you know. the best of the side and studied to go to college to induce you just to change must
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play to mean systems but seems to me. to decouple initiatives indeed to go to church for those. you look like a loser well going to turn you into a pretty chilled to the mr movie a choice to be on your boat it will show you such terrible assertion the postal order brought of this right to free will do coke with full attention you. want to see their people at them. in their. vote so that you. block. the roundish. for. gas that you just. need to reach the gulag. b.s.t. when you're in the water with your the locust last with us eating you are just stuck underneath you just want to also let the speech of your pride you will know when you are going in the sling is always.
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as much about getting rid of 2020 years celebrating the new year around the world fireworks of its scaled down celebrations as the world welcomes 2021 on the hope of a brighter 12 months ahead. this is paris right now as it prepares to washer in 2021 in a couple of hours under the shadow of the packet demick silent streets empty squares and deserted boulevards the only souls outside thousands of police deployed to enforce a strict nighttime curfew. looking back over the past year we hear from frontline medics who've become the un some heroes in a year dominated by code.


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