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tv   Keiser Report  RT  February 2, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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russian opposition figurehead alexina sentenced to 3 and a half years in jail for breaking his. disconnected from reality t.v. russia's foreign ministry is proud of calls from the west one of these immediate release. also one of the world's leading medical journals gives the seal of approval to russia's sport. stating the job is for more than 90 percent effective. polish warning about the sale of fake. criminals seek to profit from travel restrictions. and a food fight breaks out in france as restaurants the government. by opening their doors to. cause a report next explores the high costs dropped all measures across the world so it
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will be right here in the studio in an hour's time to bring you right up to speed on the global news headlines we'll see you again that. i am max keiser this is the report. wow you know things are going topsy turvy the markets are undergoing a severe inflection point and those on the periphery are now driving the center it's whacko time but much hated let's get into it stacy right max keiser report identify the crucial moment in this shift and the pop and that was when we lost control of the price signal in the most important price signal of all is the cost of money and when interest rates went negative a few years ago this was the beginning of an exit from an organized system like say
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the roman empire we had the roman empire they organize the entire world at the known world at that time pretty much with the weights and measures calendars they came in with organizing principles of how to organize and then they started clipping coins right and then price signal that last barbarians came in and what followed was a dark ages run by the vatican where you saw in the ensuing few 100 years you saw the inquisitions and then the bubonic plague hit and nobody had the ability to reason any longer and so they couldn't even deal with this. you know the bonnet plague wiping out half of europe they didn't have an answer for so when i look at today and i look at the fact that we're few years after the loss of that price signal of the basic foundation of the monetary organizing principle around the world then we have this pandemic that hits and it just seems like it's been we've
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been here a lockdown for over 10 months and it just really seems like it's the equivalent of the vatican at the catholic church at that time of you know of the late 13 hundreds is like they don't have an answer they don't have a response to what is going on because they've lost that ability now with the dark ages back in the middle ages you know they ended when the florin was powerful and once again people had faith and trust. and the unit of account the organizing monetary principle price signals were sent back delivered back into the people when they needed that we're back into an age of superstition right so in the dark ages with the loss of the organizing principles of rome and greece we answer to a near a superstition yes generated by as you point out the vatican which is kind of like the chief cardinal overseeing all the superstitions and then that was interrupted by the interaction on the floor and then once again we're back to price signals in organizing principles and hard money and weights and measures and the rationality
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that overcame the superstitions but now with the loss the price signal in global markets and global currencies go to remember no currency is tied to anything other than other currency so it's all superstition that the u.s. dollar has value based on superstition the british pound has value based on superstition same thing for the euro same thing for the chinese yuan it there's no there there so in the mix comes a pandemic and now people are in a state of utter confusion right and at that period of time when you're exiting the dark ages the didn't and by one day it's a period of decades of men and women of reason and understanding and knowledge and you know astronomy instead of astrology you know when they were starting to understand their place in the universe like what happened whenever anybody like galileo or copernicus started to understand our place as humans within this galaxy
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this universe and they were met with hysteria right and threats and fear from organized and class at that time which had very little grasp on society that the vatican at the time the superstition the you know if you're being attacked with these you know inquisition every time you question something like it becomes a downer right nobody wants that sort. the cable news run economy that you don't want that sort of society where there's just like witch hunts and mobs chasing everybody by cable news is i think was issues of our time as yeah exactly and the results are predictably and this comes a heroic return to rationality in measures i noticed that very early on in the pandemic when they were saying on our cable news in the united states don't wear masks you imbeciles don't wear a mask they don't work and like you could see everybody in china wearing them and
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all of a show wearing them and you're like ok well are those people idiots or are we the idiots and it turns out we were the idiots and then they just memory of all that right so that disappeared and now they they run around terrorizing people who are not wearing a mask you know like wait yes he people you're your inquisition in march was like that so anyway i'm looking at a few data points now from official authorized social media big tech giant authorized entities that are allowed to say things are assert things whereas an ordinary people can't use their own observation like galileo and copernicus could look up into the skies and see things and say hey maybe we're not at the center of this solar system you know they got paraded well let's look at this 1st one covert $1000.00 has cost global workers $3.00 trillion dollars in lost earnings says the international labor organization which is part of the you and they say women and
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young workers bear the brunt of job losses and reductions and hours says a u.n. labor body that's from the guardian which all of those like rachel maddow sourced love so it's official and progress of well here they're saying $3.00 trillion dollars was mostly lost from women when we were trying to ask when you try to ask us questions like ok. we do have all these rights like we can't do it. china so like what are they going to be the cost of shutting down everything like who's going to lose their job who loses in this situation and here's some data $3.00 trillion dollars was lost by mostly women and young people who are the future so we have some cost this is you know we should then be able to have a dialogue dialogue as socrates might say is an important part of having a democracy and a republic and reason and governed by reason is to have a dialogue but we're only about to have detoxed like now the u.n.
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says it's cost this much that's just the money then we'll get into life after this this incredible loss of life and livelihood is the result of having a global economy that was too precarious to begin with and the reason it got to be so precarious is because of the reliance of the various governments to print lots of this ersatz fia money to replace jobs and to replace policies were there was no policies at all in the united states or great britain or western europe there was just money printing every time they made a mistake they just print more money so you ended up with a very fragile situation and as a guest on our show said last year when interest rates were negative he said this may be telling us we're good bots enter a period of population in the gains that have been made you know that ballyhooed number of number of people raised out of extreme poverty that these supra national
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organizations like to talk about well that was all done with borrowed money you know now that the public has popped because a covert exposing it all those people are going back into extreme poverty it's quite predictable actually and it's sad that it could have been avoided but humans unfortunately are somewhat tragic well right but going back to my. thing about the where in that dark ages where in the superstitious period of of of no reason they inability to to have dialogue without being overcome with emotion is you know where we don't have any of these price signals and we don't have we only have superstition so so much of the economy. we've abdicated so much of our sovereignty on the superstitious belief that it all magically works like if you actually looked at it it didn't work but you just like magically believe that you
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know these the high priests of the ivory towers and their academic papers would continue to deliver all of these goods to you even though you didn't have a real job that was producing any real wealth you just had you know an illusory job like it that wasn't actually contributing in a capitalist sort of way to building which wealth accumulation so that notion of wealth accumulation and wealth and value and and and then structuring your society and culture and economy around it has disappeared especially since obviously in 1071 now in terms of the actual. you know tragedy of death again like because we're not allowed to have dialogue none of this was allowed to happen and obviously you and i are not medical officials but somebody like chris martenson who have had on the show he was here he is a doctor he has a doctorate from duke university one of the premier universities in america their medical school certainly and in epidemiology so he knows viruses and so fight that
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so he he talked about some of these things wait early on and it was deep monetise and stuff from you tube and now duke university harvard medical school and johns hopkins like the 3 primary universities here in terms of dealing with the pandemic and you know the mapping how this unfolds how these sort of things unfold the coded recession may kill more americans than cope at 19 does the economic effects of kovan 1000 could prove deadlier than the disease itself so says just released research was concludes that the total lives lost to the virus in the u.s. may far exceed those immediately related to the acute kovac $1000.00 critical illness the recession call. by the pandemic can jeopardize population health for the next 2 decades so they looked at data going back 50 years and 1948 and they looked at they examined previous recessions and that and the cost lives due to that
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and they know that you know on top of people be afraid to go to the hospital or go to the doctor because of covert so that you know obviously cancers and stuff like that are going to be found more advance once the crisis does pass but they also found that their mean finding over the the next 20 years 1370000 more people die than would have died without the unemployment shock the pandemic caused a number of the researchers call staggering they find also that excess deaths will disproportionately affect african-americans the implied increases in deaths per 100000 individuals over the next 20 years or 32.6 for african-americans versus $24.00 for white americans in all about 3.2 percent more people would die in the u.s. over that span than would have died without the spike in joblessness so here you have african-americans and women in these 2 articles that we're covering from
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officially sanctioned bodies that are allowed to transmit and broadcast on social media and they're saying those the progressives who are supposed to help women and african-american sort of people they're actually harming it with these policies the data suggesting and we need the dialogue. well you know the scenes of the wal-mart on black friday when everyone's like punching each other to get a deal on a kiddie toy i mean that's the economy a large and so in the kobe crisis it there was a mad rush of lobbyists and opportunists in washington and they don't care who they kill they just wanted that free money they just create great kill these people create putting them out of work and superstition i think is just superstition and there and the absence of. dialogue because there is so much superstition and just like the dark ages you know you could not part of the reason why there was no dialogue because you could not question the vatican the cardinals the priests like
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you weren't allowed to ask eggs like hey does not look like the we were evolving around the sun you know we're going to kill you you know for asking that because that goes against what our textbook says our economic you know textbook says. well we're going to take a break and when we come back much more coming your way. better than i would rather have done a better man and not out of the bloody water that i'm not out of the mouth of the money that they wouldn't let me tell me. this was a good time to. try to move.
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that was. not why not again boy chanting in the old people we believe. little of i can say what the bible said johnny what a lot of the moment on account of mother having little nikki's or is it a little on the way to my building looking at the people i don't want to put out a lot more party with them on the blog or to. join me every thursday on the elec so i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to just of the world of politics or business i'm show business.
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secret prisons are not usually what comes to mind when thinking about europe however even the most prosperous can be deceived within this 0 zone there were 2 view houses were our prison was located on only cia people had access to the story for investigators sure hell they uncovered the darkest dealings of the secret services but i mean. the great ignore in. yes or no for. crying for justice on r.t. . welcome back to the kaiser report imax keyser time out to go to egon of gold switzerland dot com and i can tell right away egon that you're actually in switzerland for that matter horn is right behind you how brilliant is that it's
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a magical mountain you know and i've had a place there for a long time and it's the perfect place to lock down to you know of course you know our company name is really matter what i said to our our you are all his gold switzerland so micro an asset management this is what we're seeing as you said beyond is natural so yeah the great mountain super let's get into some of what's happening out here you tweeted recently quote there can't be any clearer sign that price discovery is impossible in this totally fake paper gold market whilst fake paper gold is traded at $70.00 chilean dollars a year annual mine production is a mere 213000000000 speak on not a little bit he got the gold market the gross voluble 'd the. oil in london really and with 3 they owed him a bank's is greater than the s. and p. volume you know this is for a very small market why the investment market is as you know old. son to world
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financial assets are actually invested into gold so so you don't have to almost why is the market traded in these volumes well my view is on and i'm not the only one that this is constant manipulation and intervention and support by the b.i.l.'s and the bullion banks in london b.i.l.'s admit b.o.'s is the bank rate national settlement in. basile which is the central bank roll central banks and of course they are they have they have told at munich any prosecution i'm going to be on their own they're going. better position than diplomats. so basically they are into if if iran intervene in the old market and in my view days because central banks still have the gold but they say that and have a big part of that has been leased to the market and the b.o.'s and
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a 1000000000 banks have to constantly trade and and especially with this market to. contend that there is still gold around the central banks have the gold but you know central banks lend or lease or gold to the market and in the old days that gold stayed in london for it was there was no problem because that's where all most central banks keep their gold and that's why been the biggest b.m.a. holdings are also i.q. to the g.l.t. e.t.f. goal but now in the last 10 years or more the buys have been of course india has as tradition. and also now just china in the last 10 to 15 years and of course so some of it before that the gold was lent from the 1000000000 banks own to the central banks the banks are kept in london and now china i guess the delivery and has done for the last 10 plus yes and after that bad that gold that
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belongs to central banks nice gold has now gone to china now let it come back so all the central banks have an eye is an iou from the 1000000000 banks and a 1000000 banks can never deliver they saw it so in my view all of this massive trading activity is to basically disguise this the fact that there isn't enough physical gold around they manipulation of the gold price and stop sending out a price signal and that price signal gets picked up by the financial media and becomes a consensus that the price of gold reflects a certain. absence of inflation and this justifies lower interest rates which then gets cycled back into gains for banks who are perpetuating a massive fraud in the bond market that is to say that the central banks are buying not only fake gold but fake bonds you know these bonds are printed into
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existence and hiding the fact that there is an enormous bond bubble the bond bubble is is the most manipulated market in the world now my question is that we understand that the gold prices doesn't reflect supply and demand that is completely manipulated but i don't think we're going to find any resolution in the gold price c'mon drum in till we sort out the bigger bubble that is the central banks in the bond market and so when we get any relief on that front what will it take for markets in the bond markets to to be that bubble to be popped how are we going to pop that bubble you got because you'll never see gold trades at the accurate price called upon a bubble has burst but how are we going to burst that bubble gum tree we go to the
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bond market that is the biggest problem the world by far i'm got problems going to there's no question about you know it doesn't make sense that you have maximum boring and minimum rates or even negative rates. does nothing to do with supply and demand only with many relation what i think that the debt markets will 'd do fold i think central banks at some point and we are now seeing the the most wonderful dream team is what we should call by biden yellen. the real dream team who are now going to accelerate the money printing which you do so it was impossible because his goal explain. actually already down i mean there was an obama created this much money for during his 8 years. as the whole of the united states did for 200 years and when he came to debt u.s. debt so so. i think that central banks will at some point when he had debts that will be debt to folds and because and then the coronavirus was the most
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perfect catalyst for this final phase of money praise printing but he would also involve major debt defaults on those defaults will eventually lead to interest rates going up and central banks will lose control of the ball not that you know that stock market collapse is serious and that will come in this year i think will come in the next few months but then we're debating on whether that cuts takes a bit longer than my take between a year or 2 the ball market in my view but when that collapses that's the that's the end of the financial system and that will happen and that you know in the gold market yes will it take i think it will go up before the stocks go down probably in the next few months which i think they will then gold microdot a little bit initially sympathy like you told me gus but then i see the final order then or the next wave off in the gold market. and so we will see gold going up and
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what will be lonely go wild and as you say bond markets collapse that's absolutely true but you know we don't i don't mind if it doesn't go wild if it's continuous we've been into gold for 20 as interest to go gold you know it's been since since $300.00 and it's been a nice up trend and that will continue but it's never a straight line as you know as you see with it would because i mean it is there are big big corrections it gold. not quite as big as a big car but there are always corrections center is spending relation we saw only a couple weeks ago gold price dropped 75 dollars 9 in the morning within within a few seconds 1400000. this was so typical manipulation no trader in the world who wants to keep his job would sell $1400000.00 without the by being there and making the price drop some to $5.00 so that you short term the market has been if you like a long term supply and demand will prevail i no longer use this massive amounts of
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futures gold that will not ever get physical delivered you know that will just implode comix what implodes b.m.a. facts will not survive or just have so much money printed by central banks so they're not going to be worth anything that's going to happen it will be going that the phenol of this era central bank euro the last 100 years if you know it will be spectacular and it will end sadly it's sure good to have gold is good for you or you will cause you also have a big corner and for many investors will not protect us i think it will suddenly gold i don't i don't understand enough about it going so i can't say how that will protect goebbels could continue to be money well preservation in my view. for for the foreseeable future as it has the full 5000 years you know we would have on the problems to worry about if i'm right you might focused this market manipulation that's going on principle later haven't by corrupt federal reserve banking system
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globally is being called out by some corporate c.e.o.'s like michael saylor over micro strategy he's put billions of dollars into bitcoin and he's openly calling to essentially crash the system that's corrupt and by buying bitcoin because bitcoin unlike all unlike the bond market seems to be immune from these types of manipulations by the central banks the 1000000000 banks and the wall street banks if to coin a word to get to that $4.00 to $8.00 trillion dollar market valuation that's currently in about a $600000000000.00 market valuation would that be the pin that pops this bubble. and then we'd see some some great price discovery in gold this is the point i try to make to people like peter schiff is a big coin basher i'm trying i try to sound that because i should be his friend because it could pop the bond bubble and opening up and then way for actual price discovery in golf as i said i'm not an expert on because so i would i don't let
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them direct me because then they moved if totally different me and i don't know i doubt. because i will pull gold gold out but if it goes to those values bitcoin then i think central banks will be in that long before that to start to say we don't like it going is getting too big for comfort for us and there's a risk that they will ban bitcoin in my view because they're not because you know that they all don't get corn and they probably will hold on to big going and they will if there's going to be a digital currency will be the central bank to deduce who choruses and so but as a cent i'm not an authority on big calling i states that like gold i see the gold continues long time at trying and i see that happening now soon anyway even if it corrects short. it will the long term trend is stronger and we're going to see good news in the next few months in my view but again you know when we met we measuring
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all of this in paper money you know remember it's no use because gold said we mentioned it's painted by leaves that means nothing because we what's the value of paper money at the time we measure yes we're going to look at the i.m.f. as calling for a new bretton woods. so what does that mean while it's means and round of manipulation 00 car insists on the financial markets and they might. try to temporize fool them aka bought by creating new digital tolerances. and then push the debt decided to you know what that's the old. it does this it's not going to work if it works it works for a very short while the whatever research is done officially in my view will fail and the real reset will be an uncontrolled and uncontrollable reset. that is going to be very nasty for the world all right my favorite no must
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answer len he got john grier thank you so much for being on kaiser report always good to see him on back to talk to you thanks very much and that's going to do it for this edition of times report with me max kaiser and states are going to thank our guests of gold switzerland dot com is where you can find them until next time. a dark industry comes to life in los angeles every night. dozens of women sells their bodies on the street many of them under-age. los angeles police reveal a taste of their daily challenge no if you're going to exploit a child here in los angeles there we're going to come out you see officers going
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undercover as 6 workers and customers to fight the 6 trades. the world is driven by. the dares thinks. we dare to ask. how best to describe the events being played out in the financial markets david versus goliath the rise of populist finance or the corruption of the financial system being exposed again one thing is for sure there is a strong demand to democratize the financial one.


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