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thinks. we dare to ask. your sources because that's the norm with a least 2 to 3 organisms that don't mind just aptos that the norm is a quick divorce will start to bite i mean that it will go far to admit it but they did their last bad oh your kid they have oh milly's didn't see your name. that ended the book at ca more that was a spur to add to it since i'm mad at oh my skit i'm mean it's all in the. double quick thing they may well cause us just bits that.
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the prisoner is tied to a chair he's blind folded. during an extraordinary rendition the prisoner is prepared in isolation sometimes right at the airport from which he will be sent to his destination. the cia agents carrying out the operation of their faces covered they never speak and communicate at me with gestures. they put a nappy on him. is coming to prevent him from hearing anything. sometimes the prisoner is in it is forced to hold the plane where he is chained up he has no idea where he is being taken all what will happen to him you have to sit there of the sick was there to deliberate a soul mate. anything with the suspect the my neck was to feature and mean to. miss
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i'm not going to. key off your p.c. or newstand it's your name is up it's cheese on the chin up to much a possibility that the. judy coming through enough to getting that. america act of war declared upon america by terrorists and we will respond accordingly deal with those who harbor them and feed them and house them. make no mistake about it. is the. strong determination of america. to win this war. my message is for everybody who wears the uniform get ready the united states will do what it takes to win this war. it's difficult to explain to younger people today how emotionally fraught
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and just. outraged a lot of people in the united states were after 911. people in the united states thought that this was like a unique event in human history that had to change the course of human history it wasn't just about the united states this was about what terrorism was and wanted to become all that to say that because of that extraordinary measures were now called for things that had never before been done were going to happen. the reaction of the bush administration after $911.00 was harsh and actually well documented that dick cheney famously said that we would turn to the dark side those were his words. the man who was the head of counterterrorism at the cia cofer black leader ambassador cofer black said that we would not rest until we had bin laden's head on
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a pike and flies were eating his eyeballs and they weren't joking they were serious and if we had to kill everybody in the process of getting him we were willing to kill everybody. after september the 11th the united states declared war on terror. the old rules no longer applied when it came to terrorists. the cia became the armed branch of the u.s. government tasked with secretly unearthing presumed terrorists. we
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had high value targets and high value detainees the cia came up with a list 1st it was a very short list of about 12 people that we wanted to either capture or kill. bin laden i mean is a heavy mohammed i was a beta etc. john kiriakou is a former cia agent after working for years as an expert middle east analyst he was appointed head of counterterrorism operations in pakistan in 2001 his task was to capture. considered the al qaeda number 3 at the time. it was hard to capture him because he knew that we were looking for him you know i had only been there 2 weeks and we got word that i was a bit it was somewhere in the country. so we had to narrow it down but we couldn't because every day he's moving to a different city every single day we know this now from his diaries we captured his
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diaries too so we knew that he knew that we were looking for him and we were close we were like one day behind at the most 2 days behind so we we flew in a large team have cia have f.b.i. and we broke down the door of 14 places at exactly the same time at 2 o'clock in the morning and sure enough we found him in the final sight so we put him into a helicopter that landed in the parking lot we flew to a pakistani military base and then i sat with him for the next 56 hours until they picked him up in a cia plane and they took him to the secret prison. somewhere the better the normal my way or classic or when i went to see me to hear.
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but the comments only this jury of their view. that was the order. but the. misremembered. they. don't need to join you don't think where. they get to put jesus with. me. but it's difficult to keep a secret even if it's a clandestine. details to get into the account. of the press. in 2001 in afghanistan we were hearing reports of both afghan and non afghan often arab detainees associated with al-qaeda or allegedly al-qaeda being
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arrested or detained in afghanistan and some of them were being sent to prisons in afghanistan and some were being sent to guantanamo bay but there were others who simply disappeared somebody saw a group of men in black take somebody and put them in an airplane and the airport maintenance person took down the tail number and so this tail number led eventually a year later into understanding the renditions were airplane flights done by the cia from certain airports in the united states with certain cover companies fake companies around the world somewhere to do something. we started asking questions about where this plane was what it was who owned it who operated it and journalists from other countries
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and human rights watch and amnesty international other groups slowly began to figure out more and more about the cia's air travel system. and so now. so you have them to support the system the secret system you have more and more people in more and more countries involved and soon you got the idea that this is a big apparatus a structure that is being put in place that's entirely new for this country. on november the 2nd 2005 following a long investigation done a priest published an article in the washington post reported on the practice of extraordinary rendition and the existence of secret cia prisons in europe so-called black sites the article revealed many details about the clandestine operations but did not say which countries these detention centers were in president bush had
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convinced the newspaper's managements not to publish the names of the european countries hosting the black sites. this was very disappointing the us a human rights watch because we thought if you're going to reveal these secret prisons let's say where they are and so. we went ahead and we listed our information about poland and romania the next day. he was asked to respond to the secret flight scandal as a member of the council of europe. the council of europe is an international organization made up of $47.00 european states its objective is to defend democracy the rule of law and human rights on our continent. in the event of suspected human rights violations the council of europe appoints
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a repetition to investigate the events. of the medieval. the nazi near. 0 mm. be. the into their own imputes that their act or is meets it or the. me some of that the up i was originated only. believe. that it was because to go back. on november the 25th 2005 in bucharest dick mounted was formally appointed by the council of europe to look into the cia's extraordinary renditions and secret prisons fear of the spotted. lease was. towards vidis you know meant by so. if you went with what the law in accept.
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i don't think there's any perception united states of russia has nuclear superiority over the united states and i think. you see there's a fairly balanced relationship. in the nuclear streeter and i think why do you know by the ministration wants to negotiate. for what we've talked about strategic stability they want predictability they want they want a secure situation in europe in asia and with russia and they want to be able to focus on other issues to a certain extent bilateral relationship are more general. so pitiful took
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thing and think you're not only nailed to those viets it or it it they're doing joe cruiser nikken on cheney don't quit. on the s.s. that all media give money for that. a lot around. that there is for maps all in their the united in the idea not. in the group if you need out there. i mean all of that video or cause them to be a more sort of main thing. dick marty grew up in the gun of after graduating in law he worked at the max planck institute for international law. he went on to become a state prosecutor and distinguished himself in battle against organized crime and international drug trafficking. from 199985 he was
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a member of the teach in a government then he was elected to the swiss parliament working as an m.p. until 2011. is set to work with a very small team himself an assistant and a couple of council of europe stuff. because it could be a frat boy be the guide of these that it will seem to spit it that they get jetty to cheer no energy kicky there for to know these $32.00 degrees the butt. kiki it i'm a little suspicious that the that would add a bit or. there correlate it with the info with your knee pain or you. have been. delayed in the should. put that in my gene. i went down more barium diagonally carcieri
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think it it did or n.y.s.e. chiles bustamente before it in queen d. it did the did it in muti could easily be mean to get mad to sequester have to pick it no need or no didn't d.c.t. devoutly let's see if we can through that sheer physical mean this sequel to meet the. baby mean that chap came vitter to me or it covered a bit of thought. delayed the bed 1st you better that he left that bed or did she quit says he couldn't be that. people yet that it will pulled in. after a few months of intense research to come out of presented his 1st report to the council of europe in june 2006. the report provided evidence of criminal activity by the cia in europe. it's an
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honor to. get this so thin to avoid a curate if you. have a. doozy of this guy don't move or. did this do you notice you don't. hear this white one time or swear leave afghanistan. into the i mean it is just a talking head in the club more goes to to put it in typed autoconfig with us down . to the to the comment you make oh for maybe journalistic or me. not so maybe stop pushing the inside consider their vote. see see why delayed it was to go postal they're doing us a book with the impermanent joke or 2 feet that the minute they. delivering the show that a.t.m. one was there and that the evil kneedeep was the aide in the day that. goes
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by. the spider's web is a mouse that illustrates the global network of airports some secret prisons used by the cia for its extraordinary renditions. dick montes 1st report identifies 4 types of base that we used departure points stopovers and collection points where suspected terrorists were picked up and little reports where detainees were held for months or even years. are now talking to saul. me
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a monday protest it will want to couple could present port jimp a separate motive for the sequel lake curious to me do. not doubt that case certain almost up or skill is the team maybe seen one name on a cot. jim but i left them out the case gets all fake. going to pretty the bottom up couldn't duplicate this it does some play it bullshit she loved it it did on the bait gets kids off it basin in my. ear the best bands out there i'm the queen no read it again to convene though he and i will sort of want us to make him a bit of thought. it was a day of freedom to india to go. with a more d.v.d. quiz to convince your name. is that there are or now visit there who fratto me all corny graham who have thought i mean i know other members but that all you are left
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in their little of the lisita we're not sitting with you to think would be the better our of those guys were born on. a bull market alone. then was good to me land ok vote what they knew doing would do don't need it and he'd been too busy no evil to neutralise the reporting to go in killing humans and with no city county. it came back. in the. warmest on a pair who are very nervous that. nonetheless one.
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thing that we've been lobbying. for. war and it's not only. was arrested in egypt as a student because he belongs to the muslim brotherhood one of the most important international islamic organizations he was then released and managed to travel to italy where he was granted political asylum so stern still may lindau just what. this was a quest for the kid a woman days so spent. a g. to me damo school but people cities will. go to seek approval even. when this was the post of the in touch with the cynical if only can on the soul and see without. knowing fouché it was throughout though motivating most
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of paper they delay from the sort of control of it we need to be able to beat ok so . emitted them and to get. them into done the job of the dutch is a visual cue to continue. with the suitable not a pretty rigid of their most going to original to appreciate that it can to keep them of their interests today lives in alexandria in egypt under a clue. gyptian surveillance and it is practically impossible to contact him except through social media. which. has. seen a human hot. this
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. morning. state prosecutor spot tonto began investigating this disappearance thanks to some software supplied to the italian police by the cia who identified about 20 mobile phone numbers present in the area when i was abducted. the mobiles were registered under false names but the investigation later traced the real identities of those nearby. to be.
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a. choice. he said to mentor when the little kid is a. young . i feel no help at all it is an italian minute tree banks around a 100 kilometers from venice part of which is under the direct control of the us air force. one on board with the leaf when he. pulls the main door jam on all of the new movie a war should don't be in. the
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demick no simply no border to nationalities. has emerged we told them with the facts world needs to be. coming in a crisis like this the system things. we can do better we should be doing better. everyone is contributing way but we also know that this crisis not go on forever the challenges created with the response has been masked so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together.
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that the believe the q. sneer those who really can show you. show it thank you just be suitably. flat with that is supposed to stop us they have something. no no no has to be in a bull episode. good to see you. go to sleep during your force wake would be near must of missed if not thoughts about spirit i pity you it was more experienced than you know you. could. show. for you to. sort of move. the story they were both. ringback
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knowing through the woods that had no idea who was. good though. i know you might be in a can not or cannot walk right now i guess and about national america should have not been a. not just us but still some miles on them little has human. and national. association. must know how to set the community into and out of it all small so what is. there. to not give. this not in the nose you know me get a good. shot and know it when i'm. in my name if you had that.
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in the weekly from no chance to giving it a shot western countries changed their tune on russia sputnik way back scene after a leading medical journal publishes a study about its efficacy we hear from the c.e.o. of the fund that backs the job. when you come by see how the prize the logistics you really help what i believe is the best picture of the world and me scientists going to the wall to greet. also this hour the restaurant resistance and french business owners to find the government's ongoing covert restrictions by opening their doors and serving diners. and u.k. food banks are inundated with pleas for help as a growing poverty crisis seems the most vulnerable having to choose between eating .


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