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tv   Going Underground  RT  March 1, 2021 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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u.s. foreign policy and some of you get accused of homo supporting 911 i wrote an essay called understanding oil what i was trying to do is understand how something like this could happen in the 1st place and part of that was trying to unravel 250 years of unjust propping up of dictators u.s. foreign policy and basically calling for a multilateral approach to deal with the issue not some jingoistic kind of you know cowboy response to the whole thing which is kind of what was going on with the invasion of afghanistan and iraq which you know iraq specifically had nothing to do with it and the whole pretense of weapons of mass destruction that never existed so you know it was a reaction to that at the time and knowing that this is just another this might serve as another ploy to. to to turn into a resource acquisition type of thing for the u.s. rather than truly bringing justice and that's what i was interested in and trying
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to understand it and it had a huge backlash back req lash because you know people were not ready for that there was a lot of reactionism going on a lot of flag waving a lot of. patriotism but also not really understanding what was going on you know there were a few artists that spoke out along with myself and the band mcdonagh spoke out that maynard from tool spoke out the dixie chicks spoke out but it was a handful of artists and we all got backlash for it. yeah dixie chicks got into a lot of trouble how was the atmosphere in the band system of a down because after all us foreign policy questions were raised not just by dylan but the clash of course the great british band members you know band must be aware of how music has long been associated with these deeper foreign policy questions. you know the band the band generally been supportive of the a but there are times where it's you know it works against the music which is what the film portrays because not only do you lose fans that may disagree with you but
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you know you might get death threats and you know a lot of reactionism prevailing and that's what happened right after i wrote that essay called understanding oil and i was on the howard stern show trying to protect defend my words and kind of show my intentions and what was going on the band set me down it was the beginning of a tour loop we were on tour a week after 911 with all these are red and orange danger signs on television george bush getting on t.v. and saying that there might be other terrorist attacks large numbers of congregations were in front of 20000 kids a night you know it was scary. but the band got you know brought me in and they're like what are you doing to try to get us killed like what you're crazy you're smart guy are you trying to get us killed you know and i was just naive lee i was like but it's the truth it's the truth and that's been my defense and and skep you know . critic criticism because i'm always fighting for the truth irrespective of what
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public opinion may or may not say you had support is tell me about rick rubin famous for run d.m.c. and other bands. rick was it yeah rick's our producer for system of a down he's produced all 5 records of the band a very good friend and he was very supportive of the political undertone undertones and social political actions of the band he understood it he is a he is a fan of the clash and all these bands you know political bands and he understood that that's a part of what we do along with all the other you know musical. kind of gymnastics and everything that the band is known for. so he's always been supportive i mean he's gone from hip hop to johnny cash to chili peppers to us and so many different you know pop icons and yeah and then you have michael moore i mean stall if you get michael moore who already thank the dixie chicks in the also has to direct this
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video with. our old prime minister here tony blair you still think just talking about how we should deal with coronavirus actually and bush for a tell me about getting michael moore on board right so i had met michael in new york through a good friend of mine's number a look around rage against the machine and when we were when we were putting out our 3rd record which was called the oldest record it's the oldest album sorry we i thought of using that song the song boom was a political song about dropping bombs and the effects of you know dropping bombs literally and you know i thought it would be a great idea to get michael moore to directed and i we got a lot of it was a difficult road to try to get the label to help pay for especially since we didn't want to release it as a single it was in a commercial effort and so there was a lot of challenges there but we were able to get it michel agreed sends an amazing team out to los angeles to tape us joining the anti-war protests that happened
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before the iraq war started and then put the video together and the video i want to say landed on m.t.v. the day before or the day of the war starting against iraq so what happened to axis of justice now because i was with tom morello range against the machine. yes it's a nonprofit organization that tom and i started years ago to bring kind of. fighters of just the you know seekers of justice and music fans together in the same space well i have to go back now to the beginning of the film is it was all the song hunting again and again and that's your armenian heritage to be to the news because i'm going to karabakh of course recently why does the country i'm speaking to you from the country you're speaking to me from not see the math because as the armenian genocide well the united states congress formally recognized the armenian genocide in december 2019 both houses of congress so the
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u.s. has recognized the armenian genocide as britons turn to recognize your meaning genocide . you know russia's recognize the armenian genocide european parliament's recognized genocide the vatican number of countries around the world most of europe a lot of south america. i don't you have to tell me why britain hasn't recognized the army genocide i would say that there are too many cozy relationships with b.p. a survey john turkey having to do with the gas corridor the southern gas corridor and it's basically playing geopolitics and using genocide as political capital which is discussed you know he denies it is in the united states didn't sign off on the congressional approval all this phrase the armenian genocide i mean how do you define genocide and tell us what happened where you can look up the definition for genocide it's basically getting rid of an ethnic race religious or ethnic race. intentionally and that is exactly what happened during world war one when turkey
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decided to massacre one and a half 1000000 armenians greeks and assyrians as part of their plan right the day before and sacked forces landed in the political. and so you know the armenian genocide has been something that you know i've been. i've learned from my grandparents all 4 member all 4 grandparents of mine are survivors of the armenian genocide and for growing up heard their horrific stories about how their families perished and and what they had to live through and you know my my grandfather grew up as an orphan you know the reason i was born in lebanon is because of the armenian genocide because we were displaced as a people the majority of armenians living in diaspora outside of armenia because of the genocide. it's a huge national grieving for us and in 2015 i'm proud to say that with system of a down we played i mean for the 1st time 100 commemoration of the armenian genocide and it was an incredible show it felt like we were designed to be there like almost
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built to play that show if nothing in our career made any other sense that night made the most sense in the world because it was a show where we were able to disseminate the truth about the genocide to the world because it was streamed live on rolling stone not comics outre and it was a show where we can also lend support to the people there of vying for a better life for themselves under a post oligarchy a corrupt kind of government so it did many many things that entertained and it you know made those type of differences at the same time yeah we'll get to that gig and what happened after at the moment but why do you think president obama and well biden was is vice president they refused to be convinced at the time of the obama administration that there would i mean you know the phrase i mean genocide has no
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right. candidate obama had used the word genocide and had scrutinized criticized george w. bush for not using a term as president when he became president there there were these protocols called the turkish army and protocols that were supposed to bring peace to the area but they were not well thought out and i might even say that there were an attempt for you know genocide denial by turkey and so they convinced the administration that these 2 countries might be getting closer to a relationship through these protocols and therefore it might be best not to recognize history as what it is which was a mistake samantha powers who recognize who was the u.n. ambassador will tell you it was a mistake and i think biden after recognition of the armenian genocide by the u.s. congress i think that by going to ministration is in a much better position to speak truth to history i mean do you expect that any
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moment now they're going to suddenly do you could have done it by executive order you know and i do i think it looked a day that we commemorate the genocide as april 24th every year which is when. they started kind of rounding up. intellectuals in the stumble and putting them in on train cars to be shipped to their death. and so you know that's the day we commemorated and that's the day that we anticipate and expect president biden to formally recognize the genocide. well as i say as we know turkey denies it a disturbing moment. erkki also denies attacking ourselves which was are based on in syrian mercenaries 30 keeps on denying everything so that doesn't mean i think they did and i don't want to show in fact and in fairness some of those missing reasons are linked to british backed the missing in the in the syrian war we've investigate that on the program so just stop you there more from the system down from man about speaking truth to power after
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this break plus we hear from the former turkish ambassador to the u.k. . and say that. they pay for them it's all. about the human being. thank you got to.
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get that. type his opinion. in the next. moment going to have. always been the. type of feel good. little to. be good again it was on those on the. wrong. driven by a dream so. dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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welcome back i'm still here with this with a down lead singer says thank you since a lot of what we're talking about is the whole being in a sense tell me about that great legendary atlanta records boss that's again famous for ray charles that zeppelin and you you came to suspect him i'm sure he would deny any lobbying well that's the that's the funny thing i didn't six-pack them at all it 1st i had a band that we had signed to my imprint my label and there were a number of record companies interested in doing a distribution deal so we met up with universal records atlantic records at the time and a few others in new york with the band and after the meeting i remember the c.e.o.
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of atlantic taking me saying hey do you want to meet the old man you still here his office is right next door i'm like they're going to look at love to you signed ray charles and led zeppelin and all these bands so i went and sat down with them and had a nice 10 minute chat and you know i can't tell you anything else but i got an inkling that he had some defensive aspect of me being armenian well when i said listen just so you know i'm armenian you know i grew up in los angeles and you know this that and he kind of got the offensive and it didn't really affect me much so i got on google and i typed america gun and i typed genocide after and i realized that. he had been responsible for funding foreign policy institutes and chairs at universities who hired authors and writers that denied the genocide and that was an awakening for me. who i thought will be to fans of fans of the music arguably i'm
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sure he would say he was just funding what he sees as the truth back to you after a faint no problem and he said yeah he said i think the armenian genocide should be recognized and i said ok great why don't you write it on a letterhead and send it to me and i won't publicize it until unless my back is against the wall with my community and he said i can't do that because i have homes in turkey i don't know what would happen to you know to do that and i'm like then don't do it i wouldn't want any violence and acted upon you or your family or anyone else but he was very clear that that was an incendiary issue and even though he was very close he said to the prime minister and government officials there he didn't want to take that's going to us here what do you think of the what would your great grandfather thought about how your action on trying to get countries to recognize the armenian genocide leads you to be in armenia like you said doing that gig and then being welcomed in some kind of hero because not only if he made enough
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enemies talking about. these crimes as you see it you then criticize post soviet all agog corruption in armenia. i look in 2018 armenia experienced a very unique positive event for our history it was the velvet peaceful revolution of 2018 we have helped. documented in another documentary called i am not alone and you know i've i've been very active politically against injustice everywhere in the world where there's in the us whether it's around the world always speaking truth to power if you will and and army as well you know we had a post soviet all the guard kick really corrupt regime that really stifled people's vision you know their they couldn't get justice in the course they acted with their feet as they say and they left the country there was a lot of the population and it was very very it was
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a horrible situation and i'm just going to rush now to 11 other element of injustice here over the past few days then when israeli warplane flights only your birthplace lebanon to bomb syria would just remind us what is a song occupied he is on how rick perry will why did you write that song you know the bernie sanders was accused of anti semitism when he talked about the israeli occupation of palestine. occupied tears talks about you know it basically talks about the need to create peace in israel and palestine it talks about the concerns of both sides but it does talk about the injustice and the kind of single one sided support by the u.s. for israeli policies in the area and you know that's an injustice of spoke against many times as well you know i think we need to really you know an activist has to be an activist with everything you know because the truth is prevalent prevalent
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everywhere we look yes finally i mean system of a down fans are going to be disappointed there's no full new album coming out but there is an e.p. on march 19th. yes i'm putting out an e.p. called to last the city on march 19th the 1st song title track elasticity is already out and with a video by a good friend of mine he produced a video his name is ilya nice schuler's a great director and a good friend of mine in a system of doubt also put on to say put out 2 songs during the war in our 2nd the going a lot of as a way of bringing attention to the truth of what was actually happening and to fight a survey john this information and box on social media we've also gathered a large amount of money to donate to non-profits in armenia for retrofitting soul soldiers with prosthetics who had lost prosthetics to drone attacks as well as laser therapy for soldiers suffering from white phosphorous band weapon and weaponry burns dropped by as are ready army. well there's
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a by johnny government of course disputes this piece of this fact so staggering thank you well let's now hear from veteran tucker's diplomat the form of taxation method to the u.k. have a cause who currently serves as the vice president to his main opposition party the republican people's party thank you ambassador for coming on so we just heard from surges treated like a hero obviously in armenia is pressuring the biden government of the united states do you think that biden that alone johnson here is going to recognize the armenian genocide you think that's a good idea or do you think that's going to happen dr if they will happen because it's already a contentious issue and they're all to be his administration's all be a previous presidents have always been strong their agenda. survey will give support to this it's that they've made a different name i think they have used the word mess yet again something like that
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there is the armenian work which is that i don't think that it's claim to be used by the i mean it worked genocide is going ringback to be used. by them because he has been the last person in the past and he has to him on this. acquaintance. issue between turkey and armenia and there particularly during the obama presidency . the 2 countries were very close to finalize articles were signed they were very close to finalize this understanding that respect unfortunately didn't put out so the president by them give probably take it from that position when these obama administration has left it so he will probably try to 'd keep things under control get the turkish. 37 station i don't think that he's going to create
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any of the protests because we have already built. difficult is that in the united states and quite quite a few probably one time now to go into all the different bilateral issues obama promised to recognize it is a genocide biden promise to recognize it is a genocide congress said it was. this is all a sign of turkish power in nato is that why u.s. presidents keep breaking their promises i don't think it's about nato well nato is of course or going to. be nights together for more than 60 years now but i think it is not a matter of nato it is a matter of understanding what it issues. mean the study events and turkey has always argued that this is something to lay the. history of the 2 countries to india i mean yes and and this should be left to or sank or just or no
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so that's not the way the russian government sees it as you know well i mean mad to nato do you think this time around biden could argue with her to one and say we're already on the happy about the russian has 400 deal if you don't if you don't change your mind about russian defensive weapons arriving in turkey we will recognize the armenian genocide i don't see that this is comparable. to independent comparable but. yes it is a very different issue and i think as for how the issue is going to be made as a main agenda i can't you know this takes it back to the secretary general make does the back i mean again mention that each and every member of nato has won or lost the independence right to choose its own defense oversee and to procure any. to master your diplomat massey or a diplomat you know that there are conversations probably going on in whitehall
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down the road from where i am it's nolo this rule never learned leading in washington it does not take the air by by a. general i think that is a matter of nato should be turkey and they there is still only 32 as any should be in turkey and the united states and i think that's the reason why turkey is unfortunate that they see these concepts sanctions not on the united states so they did remain as an issue between turkey and the end states some members of nato mention that the decision for turkey to procure is 400 spies or street in some serious security to make sure but this is variously to be handled in turkey and the united states don't the way the mate has proposed that the should perhaps mediate it be turkey and the united states to resolve this issue. we have not that we have not to see any incursion steps forward from this from the 4 minute wait organization one of the other allegations as tank him of the mantissa were down
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made was that turkey has been hiring is a mr marson reason from the war on syria on a side of course backed by britain and the united states to fight in azerbaijan against armenia. in the not going to carry back conflict is that true you know the president macro has backed that accusation up that is appeared in the international press and 800. also mention by the syrian opposition mission or syrian positive asian or human rights mission but this is being refute the fact is that you know how many if you sat and i think you have to we have to rely on what is and what he said so what the french president on about what is the french president talking about he said 300 syrian islam is militants now from aleppo deployed to nagorno-karabakh you may have perhaps you've heard of the news we should be
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circulated by certain observation missions but i do not know what kind of evidence he has there and that's perspective it was actually there but how many have made it clear that this was just an allegation that it reacted so probably should you guide on what it might be a step. what do you think about the by did ministrations view of syria more generally do you think he'll start up a war again maybe back islam ists again against asa i think the ice is is coming back and this is going to be referred to by. us administration and they're probably this is going to be a race he should there 'd could be pursued by by. his team but soucie any united states actually operating in the east or great east and even if he appears so isis happens i think there will be
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a little coordination between he and the united states is that there is a danger there and there i think that isis is also coming back in places like the route as well so this is going to be mean i gem by a report by the station may present by them when you as you're putting the foreign policy still is visit the state department even that'll go out the middle east so yes they're waiting for a grad mean that it's easy to meet her mouse but he's right that this should he has said already made the phone conversations prime minister netanyahu then prime minister as any of that act and i think if he has either already spoken or is about to speak. king someone also get it yeah and then there probably he will also call either. a fact that is not at the find or it well if you take the middle east studies that you heard from the by the net mistakes or so the massive thank you had to fit in is going on the guys who were back on wednesday with yemeni
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nobel laureate telecom a few. when i was told some seemed wrong but old rules just don't hold. any old belief get to shape out this day you can stick the ticket and in game trip because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground the. during the vietnam war u.s. forces also bombs neighboring laos there was
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a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. how much. mouth can rebound country per capita. human history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country jordyn wieber went on a kind of a tap that there even today kids in laos full victims of bombs dropped decades ago is the us making amends for that tragedy and what help to the people need in that little land on. the campaign trail joe biden said nothing would fundamentally change he was right washington is again illegally bombing syria and why trump is a way any time soon.
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rome. in the early nineties seventy's helmet a psychologist and fix only just proposed to the west but in senate a social experiment wanted to let paedophiles and top down care for neglected boys experiment was approved. to. go on one door. to tend to believe that sex with older men would help with the boy's socialization over 30 years many children were handed paedophiles to raise. heard more. groups were. boardrooms or she didn't just hope for good personal zone through the rooms.
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governmental rallies are underway in the armenian capital tempting to keep the crowds apart. in moments. also. guilty as charged former french president nicolas sarkozy is convicted of corruption and 100 a year of. becoming the 1st former president in the country to receive a jail for. violence erupts in several countries are raw and.


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