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existence is. the headlines this hour tech giants are giving up their crusade against donald trump as you tube limits access to his 1st post-presidential speech repeating claims of 2020 election fraud. these agencies these platforms being used truncheon devices to punish people to get. cancer culture strikes again the hyatt hotel face is called calls after hosting the us conservative conference on a stage something resembles a nazi symbol. the kremlin it's back in the e.u. and u.s. for imposing sanctions over jailed opposition figure alexina valley saying they're interfering in russia's domestic affairs.
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good morning to you thanks for joining us here on art. in a clear sign of direct censorship you tube is blocked donald trump's 1st major speech since leaving the white house on channels including reuters say b. c. and r.t. over a lack of content warnings. from stress was widely criticized in liberal media with the washington post labeling it a quote stream of delusion depravity malevolence and megalomania but given that you to block the speech on many channels you may find it difficult to make up your own mind about it. however the video is still up on a number of western outlets without any warning messages there's also been no response from you tube on how this information should be provided during
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a life feed or pennsylvania senator bruce marks who represented donald trump in the supreme court believes that the former president still has a right to express his opinion whatever it might be. yes and brought it upon himself because he's doing what he's allowed to do under the u.s. constitution we have the 1st amendment it protects freedom of speech doesn't protect speech simply because it's right it doesn't protect speech just because it's popular it protects all speech so i don't think he's brought it upon himself at all i think he's absolutely entitled to his opinion well there's no doubt that there's a double standard and they can kill 2 birds or even more than 2 birds with one stone you tube is been biased against president trump obviously against r.t.d. it what's ludicrous is nobody was telling you to take down all the false statements that adam schiff and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer made about the russia hoax investigation i mean if there's anything it could be has been demonstrated to be
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absolutely untrue over the last 4 years is that donald trump didn't conspire with russia to win the 2016 election and where is you tube taking down you know videos that have to do with the infamous steal you know gossip it was just made up absolutely scandalous allegations about donald trump and his hotel room at the ritz carlton in moscow but there is a liberal organization who will structure in america that wants to suffocate free speech and sadly enough you tube and facebook and twitter are part of. a poll last year by the pew research center found that most americans think social media senses political finis it also found many republicans believe big tech companies are the left leaning and gloomy down last line of think teachings latest move is an attempt to silence political opponents google and you tube and other other platforms like this are of such in the main nature that they're almost like
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utilities did. imagine if you're on the phone and overspend your phone drops because you dared mention hydroxy chloroquine or said something in favor of donald trump you wouldn't have it and if the utility said well maybe you should start your own phone company would say that's ridiculous so it's time for us to recalibrate and redefine what these platforms are they're not they're not the union platform this is you tube this is international it's more than that and these distinctions have to change and what it is is these agencies these platforms are if you will agencies or instruments of whatever the shadow government the ruling class the deep state i don't know but you're being used as clenching devices to punish people to get in line and people love these platforms so much that they will not talk about or think about anything in fear of losing their beloved you to were facebook and
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whatever actually know exactly what they're doing. or the controversy surrounding the c.p.i. conference doesn't end with you tube's blocking of trump speech the hotel chain that hosted the events now facing boycott calls over a stage design some thought to bear a resemblance to a nazi symbol a lot more but explains it was the hyatt hotel that hosted the event and now it's getting it in the neck such a stupid and short sighted business decision by her yet i've stayed in that hotel chain countless times over the years never again. in other words how you had to simply find hosts nonces hate high out hotels highly inclusive does not mean hosting people who are not highly inclusive hosting a fascist nazi convention is the antithesis of inclusiveness you have made a grave error in judgment and imminent boycotts you're going to feel for years to come some fact checking web sites are now even questioning whether it was done on
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purpose the shape of the nazi symbol is eerily similar to the shape of the stage at sea pink however we are presently unable to confirm whether this was a deliberate choice made by the event organizers the moments we rate this claim is unproven. the theory is that the sea pack stage resembled the odal room used in the archaic norse an anglo-saxon alphabets as the equivalent of the modern letter o and also meaning estate or heritage the nazis used this symbol during their rule in germany and many groups that track anti-semitism and white supremacy ism classify it as a hate symbol now the hyatt hotels has denounced the symbol and said they had no power over how the stage was designed at the c. pak conference i whenever the organizers of see pac say this is all a conspiracy staged design conspiracy is outrageous and slanderous we have
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a long standing commitment to the jewish community council culture extremists must address don't assume it isn't within their own ranks broadly stands with jewish allies including those speaking from these states moreover some jewish people have even mocked the attacks on city pack as the grandson of holocaust survivors and as a proud american marine in june i find these types and see part to be outrageous and grotesque so as to destroy a narrative but he was a friday night. critics of the liberal narrative of pointed out that nazis are far from the only people to use old norse rooms for example the symbol of bluetooth is derived from ancient european writings symbols that were also appropriated by fascists and the lord of the rings books and movies also contain similar symbols i was at sea packed and i you don't need anyone who told me that sea pact was an anti sematic event i would have just actually laughed in their face 1st of all the stage
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would have been an upside down version of the a little room so if they were really trying to put it in a position of of saying that that's part of their sensibilities then why would they put it upside down secondly as a member of the audience i didn't even know what the stage looked like until i saw it on twitter you couldn't even see it from the audience perspective so who designed the stage was an intentional is see pac responsible is hyatt hotel responsible we may never really know the answer but one thing that is for sure is that this controversy is certainly a sign of the times in the united states of america caleb up an artsy new york. political blogger anthony braun logan believes those who among will be in this position if it hadn't hosted a conservative event. the conspiracies are there just to attack conservatives and people believe in it because there's already your bias against conservatives anyway so the mainstream media has placed it to seed ok conservatives are bad they're racist they're hateful so when we say it now legace think about them well we can
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just make it so we believe it because you already believe they're bad anyways so is that really a big stretch to think that they would do something else because there's already a thing got there about them being bare to begin with and maybe the whole thing about the rune is there but it does mean there was intended to be the tension does it matter all that matters is they can link it some kind of way and have regular people believe it because there was already preprogramming to exist. u.k. children under the age of 16 that been able to watch a powerful sex change hormones online without their parents' knowledge that's after an investigation found an e.u. transgender clinic had been issuing prescriptions after just a few online consultations i made a brash decision as a teenager as a lot of teenagers do trying to find confidence and happiness except now the rest of my life will be negatively affected or the rules for prescribing cross sex hormones to minors in britain were tightened by the high court last year they must
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now be approved by 2 specialist doctors and a court order over a loophole means prescriptions issued in the e.u. are accepted in u.k. pharmacies agenda g.p. has said that it prescribe sex hormones to more than 1800 patients around one in 6 of whom are under 16 years old including a child of just 10 the founder of the clinics been suspended since 2018 after she prescribed hormones to a 12 year old and a g.p. defended his practice is though saying not all parents support their child's decision to change sex or the psychotherapist to evans fears the long term consequences for children. we all kind of tend to on the easy answers all the sort of quick arses and so they come across this information and stuff and the websites and transition is who sort of talk about the positive aspects of it and how great it is that but actually there isn't any kind of the longer term picture it 'd
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doesn't really provide a full picture for these young people this is a medication pathway that leads to irreversible damage and it's also experimental and you know there are some serious harms that might occur. to people in their later life there is a certain politicized element to this and that i think that there isn't misinformation provided by some of the organizations. and it's been very difficult to to speak. you know more openly about you know what is going on in the area people get afraid to comment about the situation and certainly medics clinicians get very worried about speaking out. washington and brussels of slap sanctions on a number of senior russian officials and organizations over the jailing of kremlin
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critic alexei navalny moscow hit back at the move calling it interference in the country's legal system and has vowed to respond in kind correspondent run guess the of explains. these latest sanctions were announced by the european union and the united states almost simulate a noose the announcement we're making today was done in harmony with the e.u. announcement it was not meant to be a silver bullet or an ending to what has been a difficult relationship with russia we expect the relationship to continue to be a challenge we're prepared for that and we're neither seeking to reset our relations with russia nor are we seeking to escalate so the american sanctions the wider in scope they target for example 7 officials but also for team and due process that the united states believes are engaged in manufacturing components for chemical and biological weapons the european sanctions they target russian
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officials for officials the attorney general the head of the investigative committee the chief of the national guard the head of the federal penitentiary service so these officials have been slapped with restrictive measures travel bans visa restrictions for their role in the arrest of election of all the rest and sentencing to one of years he's now serving behind bars for violating the terms of his parole he had been given a suspended sentence years ago now for embezzling defrauding the company in russia germany and other countries they they believe that russia was behind he's alleged poisoning russia's response to that has been look show is a shred of proof because all we've heard so far is claims and what they've received from the german side from the european union is silence they've been stonewalled completely and utterly and russia here now says that it will respond to these
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sanctions as it always does absurdity reign supreme when the election poisoning of alexina valmy with a military great toxic agent is been proclaimed as a reason. imposing sanctions all this is just a pretext to continue interfering in our internal affairs we are not going to put up with this we'll respond based on the reciprocity principle but not necessarily symmetrically we're calling on our colleagues not to play with fire just several weeks ago we heard european pieces coming out and say why are we supporting alexina vonnie you know if the if he had been arrested in any other country but russia we wouldn't even 3 be saying his name and this is jew to his nationalist past being called you know saying very anti-semitic things anti muslim things homophobic things and this is you know presumably why amnesty international for example recently decided to deprive him of the label of prisoner of conscious they they
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still say that you know he's a political prisoner they believe he's a political prisoner in the day should be released but he's not a prisoner prisoner of conscious because of the views that he holds this is obviously the opening salvo of the united states concurrently as it was announcing these sanctions so that there would be more to come for other reasons for arguing for whatever else i'm sure that europe will come out and say that this is unwarranted. the earlier we spoke to. russia's permanent representative to the opinion he questioned the logic behind the move. these are not saying from sanctions or even according to international law is the rule we just saw in the hands of the u.n. security council everything else can be regarded as we want to let go of it making egypt read by getting the evil in you know and also members. that they
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can really change because if. the mom doing that we're sure of all opens a criminal investigation it will be alleged or using go or not and then without providing any evidence. of. games like oh russia you see the grass we. see w. in the hague. in the hague a see you know you have to go to the government government and what's the rule so. a couple more news after the short break.
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when i last saw it seemed wrong. but all were all just don't call. me world yet to see how this day comes to. and it gains from it because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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welcome back a whole generation of yemenis could be wiped out after years of war famine and disease the situation is only expected to deteriorate further after the un raise less than half of the amount required for its 2021 aid programme pledges announced total approximately $1700000000.00. that is the last dam we received for the humanitarian response plan in 2020. and at $1000000000.00 less than was pledged at the conference we have in 2019 the dying has started because the aid operation is half of what it should have been and because the war is continuing and many participants of this year's international donor conference gave significantly less than they originally pledged with more
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than 2 thirds of the population relying on external aid to survive the future for many yemenis looks bleak university secretary general antonio terrorises even described the fall in donations as a death sentence for yemenis. i'm joined live on the line now by the bag of the who is the spokesperson for the norwegian refugee council thanks so much for coming on let's 1st of all talk about
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the plight of children in yemen right now just how serious is the situation for the . yes war has pushed the country's children to the brink of starvation many children have been killed or injured by the wall because of a lack of food a lack of health a lack of education the children face and i have a future in this country yemen today is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a child you just beat. my organizations to treat general he's on a visit to yemen this week and he went to all the ne'eman an area of the country which is already think pockets of famine then he went to a health clinic he met a young girl a 9 year old girl. she looked about 4 years old and she was severely stunted and could barely walk because she was so hungry her mother had 15 children and she told c.n.n.
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that she had lost 5 of her children and until recently the family were able to survive because they had full. food rations but because of funding cuts their food aid had been hard and baths and the family started to run into problems and the situation you're describing it's been perilous already for several years and now will power as a coating the amount of 8 that they give to yemen i mean just how bad can this become. i mean it's shocking that at a time when we are warning about a potential historic famine in yemen that countries like saudi arabia which i think pledged 430000000 that's a fraction of the 1000000000 they pledged in 2019 the u.a.e. as well another country which is directly responsible for the situation of hunger in yemen through its role in the war only pledged 200 and many in the u.k.
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. that hardest aid to yemen. and again the u.k. it's partly responsible for what's going on because of the sounds of weapon what this means for young children in yemen is that an entire generation of children will know nothing but wall and disease what they will see will see a generation whose development is done to. those countries that you just mentioned who are going to be withdrawing what's a lifeline for many people suffering in yemen how they justified the fact they're making such big cuts. i don't think there is any justification as i say these countries are responsible for forming the country's infrastructure are supplying. destroying agriculture fish tank all the very things that yemenis eat to survive and what we're calling on on these governments to do is to provide the levels of aid they provided back in 2018 in 2018
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the country that was facing famine back then saudi arabia the u.a.e. the u.k. government not those stepped up they gave and they injected money into yemen's economy that's what stopped the famine last time and this is what we need again is there anything that can be done actually within yemen itself to try and help the situation. because the yemenis themselves are helping themselves all the time you know aid isn't the only thing that was keeping families afloat families was still when they could they were going out to work trying to get. you know families in yemen help or has been going on to. the communities themselves they've been taking in families who've been displaced they've been sharing that very little that they have but the problem is yemenis they are an incredibly
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resilient population but they've run out of options because it 19 means more people have lost their jobs it means that yemenis who are working abroad and helping these are longer able to do so so there's very little resources that yemenis have at hand so that's why the international community just stepped in with the money and support but ultimately as well what we need is an end to this or we need a nationwide ceasefire because the conflict is that is at the root cause of the hunger in this country and funny president joe biden's announced the american support for the war in yemen how much of an impact do you think that will have. i don't want to seem incredibly positive signs from the biden ministration the 1st thing that the biden and ministration did was that they lifted the designation of answer a lot as a terrorist organization on humanitarian grounds if that went ahead it would have
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crippled that 8 response it would have meant that food fuel and medicines could come into the country president biden has said that he will support for this war these are all positive signs now but we need to see is him putting pressure on the concert parties on saudi arabia and the u.a.e. on on the government of yemen on unser our love to end this war right now so tom the many thanks for joining me here on r.t. international my guess latan a big and spokesperson for the norwegian refugee council thank you for having me. the social network which positions itself as an alternative to twitter has been hacked those behind the attack are threatening to release information on people they believe belong to the far right with more is done hawkins. let's face it nobody likes to be hacked estimates say hackers strike every 39 seconds cyber crime
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well of course the world 6 trillion dollars by the end of this year but you don't hear about most of these incidents or the groups behind them and one man's a hacker war criminal is another man's whistleblower activist one group struck just this weekend the culprits it is true with the denial of secrets or didio secrets group targets gab social network the aim to expose the platforms largely right when users the transparency group to do secrets will make the 70 gigabytes of bestfoods private post and more it will bill 2 researchers john ellis and social scientists are best one of the group's co-founders previously leaked private messages for a wiki leaks chat at least in part accusing the organization of hate towards hillary clinton even though the group claims to be neutral with low political motive there was a special hatred of hillary clinton and
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a desire to derail the campaign they wanted to use the leaks to divide the clinton and sanders groups to prevent hillary from solidifying the base gabbers alternative social media platform favored by the all right many of whom are grated there of the parlor similar platform was also targeted by activists later removed all together from major online stores and gab c.e.o. andrew talwar didn't mince his words in his response to the incident mentally ill tranny demon hackers are attacking gab right now the entire company has all hands investigating what happened it's not like the didio secrets as had it all easy last summer the group published blue leaks hundreds of gigabytes of u.s. law enforcement agency data and was swiftly banned by 2 of violating rules of publishing hacked materials speaking of twitter the social media giant also tried to limit users access to the new. your post hunter biden laptop story also citing
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its hacked materials policy only to back down following an outcry and change the policy altogether and while we heard his criticism of wiki leaks release of information on the d n c into a d. 16 there was no such storm surrounding didio secrets release of a huge mass of hacked documents from inside russia in 2019 the enemy of my enemy is my friend is perhaps the most appropriate mantra in the gray twilight zone of hacktivism it's hard to define black and white we can only 2nd guess the motives of the hundreds of how could groups around the world that we can probably predict how the powers that be will respond and simply wait for the next record breaking set of leaks you're watching r t international thanks so much for your company hope you stick around i'll be back in half an hour.
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there is a growing consensus the biking ministration is off to a slow start today to the new president has relied on executive orders this is not unusual but what does it does president apart is the emphasis is the will to be called whether nice empathy visit ministration hasn't graced the locust agenda and the old divisions become with this issue. less than 6 weeks into the biden ministration and bombs have already been dropped but were they for the right reason also democrats went to a raise the minimum wage but is this a bill which will bankrupt the small business community we are definitely going to discuss and did feminism just take
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a step backwards with the allowance of transgender athletes to compete in female sports we're going to give you a 360 view of the issues with our panel all of this plus the star of a new controversial movie joins us to share whether or not his own personal custody battle inspired him to make a movie about roe versus wade i'm scott i know hughes and you're watching news news use right here on our to america. house democrats have been pushing to include a federal minimum wage it raise into the $1.00 trillion dollars cove in $1900000000000.00 but now things are looking so certain in the senate as not all democrats are onboard with the idea if passed this could really hurt the economy more during the pandemic are to correspondent atocha sweet takes a look at how both sides in washington are responding divisions within the demo.


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