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breaking ranks with the blocky czech republic because they lead this country to go its own way over cope with vaccines turning to russia for help. also this hour an explosion hits a covert testing center in the netherlands what police say was an intentional attack and comes amid increasing hostility and recent weeks over the lingering lockdown. wracked with famine and now starved of aid as well the u.n. warns a drastic fall in donations to be given is a death sentence for the country. entire generation of children will know nothing about walt and to see you.
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watching march international coming to you live from the russian capital this and every hour into the program. a spluttering a vaccination program and europe has now seen the czech republic fall out of line with the e.u. it's instead looking to russia and its sputnik job to give its own enough election campaign a shot in the arm. to have has been looking at the blocs difficulties. so there's 3 european nations that have a green light to dispute it despite the european medicines agency taking its time really taking its time to approve sputnik so these 3 nations have already sidelined the european union and of the said look the situation is incredibly desperate the czech republic hungry and now serve vacuum which is just received its 1st batch. vaccines there's going to be millions more that are going to be delivered by summer so the prime minister's obviously very happy that he's managed to secure more
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vaccines for the people nevertheless there's now a scandal there's a scandal because the president of slovakia has come out she paid lip service to people's lives but all directly she is she said that vaccination shouldn't be carried out at the expense of political stability of course saving lives goes beyond any political controversy but even exceptional actions can be taken in such a way so as not to destroy the ruling coalition humiliate opponents or question people's confidence in vaccinations and cause further conflict in society it is remarkable coming out in front of your people in the middle of a pandemic and telling them. you know your health is important but what is even more important is the stability of the ruling coalition. you know it just goes to highlight that the deep divisions in europe and there are incredibly deep divisions in europe over the way the pandemic vaccination in the rule out of the vaccines has
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been handled it isn't the russian vaccine that is undermining people's faith in the european union it is their handling of this crisis in germany for example 51 percent of people asked in a recent poll whether you know the the vaccination has been handled well or badly by the european union 51 percent more than half of germans have said it's been shambles the. the european union has handled it so initially the european union came out and said look let's let's all do it together so give up your power new nation needs to buy vaccines by themselves we'll handle so we'll get you the vaccines but then of vaccines and what ultimately happened is they bungled it 1st they were too expensive then they were too late because the united states britain snatched up all the vaccines look at the statistics only 5 percent of europeans have been able to get a single job that is compared to 14 percent in the united states already 30 percent
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in the united kingdom so europe is lagging far far behind that european nations understand that this is a catastrophe this is a catastrophe of a huge number of levels of a political level or the health care level and ultimately what has happened is that all these nations have said look we're going to do this ourselves obviously the europeans the european agencies the euro kratz they have fumbled this so we'll have that ourselves you have poland running to the chinese with hands outstretched begging for that scene quotas you have austria. going out and saying that you know we're going to now cooperate with israel to develop 2nd generation 2nd generation vaccines denmark as well saying that will work with israel and 2nd generations vaccine to target all the strains and all that and ultimately the austrian chancellor so this is a leader of a european nation coming out and saying they've lost hoops in europe the way that
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europe handles vaccine rollout. we must prepare for further mutations and should no longer be depended soley on the e.u. in the production of 2nd generation vaccines look brussels understands that what has happened has been a catastrophe you have. officials the european union coming out and saying we're sort of apologizing to citizens all over europe for the way they've handled things but saying that you know it isn't is a do over yet we can still recover we'll get your vaccines there's no need to run around and make shady deals and you know buy up vaccines that were supposed to be received by other european nations you have a situation where it's a free for all now nevertheless the europeans assure that they can fix things and they're now saying that perhaps perhaps we'll try to speed up the whole bureaucratic process that has caused all of this and get you emergency approval
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for vaccines now it could be an emergency authorization of vaccines that you level was shared liability among member states you remember in the early days of the pandemic when countries all over the world nato allies the neighbors board bought up supplies from each other so we're talking about mosques ventilators we all we all remember the diplomatic crises that that caused this situation now is remarkably similar so so there is no united front you know what you can get your hands on you get your hands on and this is a situation that obviously isn't optimal for europe in these difficult times especially economically politically all over the world nevertheless european bureaucrats aren't giving up hope they believe that they can still fix things the problem is of course that member states don't believe that they can. in the
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netherlands a bomb has exploded outside a curve in testing center and once cars on my. no damage to surrounding buildings and no one was injured it comes amid an increasingly tense atmosphere in the country over continued lockdowns however with more details here charlotte to pinsky well this explosion took place in the early morning just outside that qubits and area called blue green costco which is about 5055 kilometers north of amsterdam windows were shattered and the investigation so far has been able to uncover metal pieces of around 10 centimeters by 10 centimeters the suggestion is this could have seen a metal pipe bomb that exploded outside the front of the center a security guard was in scientists it was just before the center was due to open but they said no to him being injured in this incident a perimeter has been set up in those investigations are now are continuing but the police have said that they clearly believe that this was an intentional attack we
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don't know yet what exactly exploded the explosives experts must 1st investigate what we can see is this something like that doesn't happen by accident it's has to be planted well this is not the 1st time we've seen an attack on a qubits and in the netherlands back in january just when we're seeing those massive tensions in the country over the fact the government today imposed a controversial coup that there was a coup that sent that was set on fire in the village. now that's several lines of rights rights which is being described as some of the worst violence the country has seen in decades let's just have to remind what happens.
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now this. this incident comes of course as the country is heading towards a general election that's due to take place in the middle of march and the country at the moment is being run by ok take good ministration that's because. the previous administration decided to stand down that was over a scandal unrelated to cope with going team but this election is seen very much as being a referendum on luck which is administration so many people are unhappy about how his government handles the coded 19 pandemic this is what opposition parties have had to say it was still looking everybody up having seen measures just showing our economy like this. social life really be you know you're a student by the social life or you stay or should i go see our elderly
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people well the point of view of the current caretaker government is that these measures have been necessary as restrictive as they may have been but just to give you a sense of how angry people are the netherlands the head of the health service in the netherlands now has to have a security guard because there's also being directed towards the health authorities it's really an issue that's been spiraling out of control but. it was his 1st major comeback speech since getting kicked out of the white house but just hours after donald trump had taken to the stage the former president had fallen foul of you tube censors a platform deleted his speech on channels including reuters a.b.c. and r.t.e. citing a lack of content warnings the. address was widely criticized and liberal media with the washington post labeling it
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a stream of delusion depravity malevolence and michael mania but former pennsylvania senator bruce marks who represented trump in the supreme court believes no matter your opinion of the former president he sells the right to be heard. he hasn't brought it upon himself because he's doing what he's allowed to do under the us constitution we have the 1st amendment it protects freedom of speech doesn't protect speech simply because it's right it doesn't protect speech just because it's popular it protects all speech so i don't think he's brought it upon himself at all i think he's absolutely entitled to his opinion well there's no doubt that there's a double standard and they can kill 2 birds or even more than 2 birds with one stone you tube is been biased against president trump obviously against r.t.d. it what's ludicrous is nobody was telling you to take down all the false statements that adam schiff and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer made about the russia hoax
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investigation i mean if there's anything that has been demonstrated to be absolutely untrue over the last 4 years is that donald trump didn't conspire with russia to win the 2016 election and where is you tube taking down you know videos that have to do with the infamous steal you know gossip it was just made up absolutely scandalous allegations about donald trump and his hotel room at the ritz carlton moscow but there is a liberal organization who will structure in america that wants to suffocate free speech and sadly enough you tube and facebook and twitter are part of. and we asked for clarification from you tube which said the video lacked enough context and information for what it called terms while it a speech content that advances false claims that is widespread fraud errors or glitches change the outcome of the 220 presidential election is not allowed and you tube. despite that the video is still up on a number of other outlets including the independent and c.b.s.
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among others none of which contain warning messages in all a poll last year by the pew research center found that most americans believe social media censors political views and also found many republicans feel big tech companies are left leaning legal and media analysts lionel fears you tube is trying to silence political opponents. google and you tube and other other platforms like this are of such in the main in nature that they're almost like utilities today imagine if you're on the phone almost and your phone drops because you dared mention hydroxy chloroquine or said something in favor of donald trump you wouldn't have it and if the utility said well maybe you should start your own phone company was it that ridiculous so it's time for us to recalibrate and redefine what these platforms are they're not they're not the human in platform this is you tube this is international it's more than that and these distinctions have to change and what
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it is is these agencies these platforms are if you will agencies or instruments of whatever the shadow government the ruling class the deep state i don't know but you're being used as clenching devices to punish people to get in line and people love these platforms so much that they will not talk about or think about anything in fear of losing their beloved you 2 were facebook and whatever actually know exactly what they're doing. and the controversy surrounding the conference doesn't end with you tube's blocking of trump speech the hotel chain that hosted the event is now facing boycott calls or staged design that some thought bore a resemblance to a nazi symbol next month it was the hyatt hotel that hosted the event and now it's getting it in the neck such a stupid and short sighted business decision by her yet i've stayed in that hotel chain countless times over the years never again. in other words how you had to
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simply find hosts nonces hate high out hotels highly inclusive does not mean hosting people who are not highly inclusive hosting a fascist nazi convention is the antithesis of inclusiveness you have made a grave error in judgment and imminent boycotts you're going to feel for years to come some fact checking web sites are now even questioning whether it was done on purpose the shape of the nazi symbol is eerily similar to the shape of the stage at sea pink however we are presently unable to confirm whether this was a deliberate choice made by the event organizers the moments we rate this claim is unproven. the theory is that the sea pack stage resembled the odal room used in the archaic norse an anglo-saxon alphabets as the equivalent of the modern letter o and also meaning estate or heritage the nazis used this symbol during their rule
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in germany and many groups that track anti-semitism and white supremacy ism classify it as a hate symbol now the hyatt hotels has denounced the symbol and said they had no power over how the stage was designed at the c. pak conference or wherever the organizers of c. pac say this is all a conspiracy stage design conspiracy is outrageous and slanderous we have a long standing commitment to the jewish community council culture extremists must address don't assume it isn't within their own ranks seabag broadly stands with jewish allies including those speaking from these states moreover some jewish people have even mocked the attacks on super pac as the grandson of holocaust survivors and as a proud american marine and jew i find these types and see parts to be outrageous and grotesque so as to destroy a narrative but he was a friday night. critics of the liberal narrative of pointed out that nazis are far
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from the only people to use old norse rooms for example the symbol of bluetooth is derived from ancient european writings symbols that were also appropriated by fascists and the lord of the rings books and movies also contain similar symbols i was at sea pack and i you know eve anyone who told me that sea pact was an anti sematic event i would have just actually laughed in their face 1st of all the stage would at this stage would have been an upside down version of the overall room so if they were really trying to put it in a position of saying that that's part of their sensibilities then why would they put it upside down secondly as a member of the audience i didn't even know what the stage looked like until i saw it on twitter you couldn't even see it from the audience perspective so who designed the stage was an intentional is see pac responsible is hyatt hotel responsible we may never really know the answer but one thing that is for sure is that this controversy is certainly a sign of the times in the united states of america caleb up and r.t.
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new york political blogger anthony bryan logan believes the situation what have been different for the hotel not hosting a conservative event. the conspiracies are there just to conservatives and people believe in it because there's already a bias against conservatives anyway so the mainstream media has placed it to seed ok conservatives are bad they're racist they're hateful so when we say it now legace think about them well we can just make it so we believe it because you already believe they're bad anyway so is that really a big stretch to think they would do something else days bad because it's already thing got there about going to be in bay to begin with and maybe the whole thing about the rune is there but it does mean it was intended to be that they'd sanction doesn't matter all that matters is they can link it some kind of way and have regular people believe it because there was already preprogramming to exist. till i have paying for the past 35 and ministration takes action over systemic
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racism backing a commission to look into whether it needs to offer a russians a story and more after this. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and obviously going to guest of the world of politics for business i'm show business i'll see that. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being
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led. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the death. or inmate in the shallowness. welcome back the world will have blood on his hands over yemen that's the stark warning from the u.n. after it revealed less than half of the amount needed for this year's a program has been donated we spoke to norwegian refugee council spokesperson. it's shocking that at a time when we have warning about potential historic famine in yemen that countries like saudi arabia which i think pledged full 130000000 that's
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a fraction of the 1000000000 they pledged in 2019 the u.a.e. as well as another country which is directly responsible for the situation of hunger in yemen through its role in the whole i mean he pledged 200 and that's him and he and the u.k. . aid to yemen. and again the u.k. it's all irresponsible for what's going on because of its sounds of weapon what this means for young children in yemen is that an entire generation of children will know nothing vote. and disease what they will see will see a generation whose development is time to hit. un didn't even reach half of its $3900000000.00 target needed for its 2021 a program with a significant number of countries giving less last year a 6 year conflict in yemen has led to the world's worst humanitarian crisis.
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yemenis themselves helping themselves all the time and you know aid isn't the only thing that was keeping families afloat i'm not families with guilt when they could they were going out to work trying. to get. you know families in yemen help war has been going on for 6 years the communities themselves they've been taking in families who've been displaced they've been sharing their very little
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that they have but the problem is yemenis they are an incredibly resilient population but they've run out of options coated 19 means more people have lost their jobs it means that yemenis who are working abroad and helping these are longer able to do so so there's very little resistance that yemenis have had so that's why the international community just stepped in with the money and support but ultimately as well what we need is an end to this war we need a nationwide scenes because the conflict is that is at the root cause of the hunger in this country. we're going to start acting now that's what joe biden senior advisor has said about addressing systemic racism in america the comment comes as congress is considering forming a special commission to study the issue. we don't want to wait on a study we're going to act and now we have to start breaking down systemic racism
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and barriers that have failed people of color back and especially african-americans there's a reason why the founders of free was created our government the way that they did there's a reason why the united states senate is supposed to be there as suppose that upper house of our congress to make sure that just because people's passions are inflamed at the moment that new laws are not created just because people are passionate about something after a moment it's supposed to deal with your deliberative body and that's what need this needs to be deliberate if we want to have a conversation great go ahead and create a commission and put it through and let it be let it be ran through whether it's the u.s. congress or state legislatures but don't say oh we're excited about this let's make it happen there's a price to pay for. a special commission supported by democratic lawmakers is expected to examine slavery pass discriminatory policies and measures to tackle racism today could include changes to how history is taught in america and
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operation payments a bill to set up the commission it was 1st put forward in 1989 and then repeatedly reintroduced but never passed executive director of an hyphenated america again believes the bill could appeal to some voters. it sounds like a great idea it doesn't really but i'll just if we go with it it sounds like a great idea now let's see how you actually make it work cindy because you know one of the trysting things to say in place is that with the 23 and me applications they did genetic test everything what you're finding is there's a whole lot of black folks out there who aren't all 'd black right there there's a whole lot of white folks they're not quite as white as they'd like to think that there's been some so ethnic mixing along the way but then here check this out in united states a population that has a population of about 330000000 people roughly one 3rd about 100000000 people united states of america have at least one ancestor who came through ellis island
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and so you have people whose ancestors came to the united states long after slavery was abolished and outlawed united states so you're going to tell me that someone for example was 'd family came from checklists of aki in poland or italy or wherever like that they were going to hold them accountable for slavery when their families were not even here so do i say do i expect this to go through where there is reparations in the amount that it would really be necessary in order for it to make any difference you know in no way shape or form do i believe that there's 'd going to be multiple trillions of dollars added to the federal deficit federal debt in order to give reparations to black voters but they'll form this commission this blue rope ribbon panel to give that impression and it's basically virtue signaling to black voters that's a breakdown of today's top headlines for now but if you're looking for more you can always had our website r.t. dot com thanks for tuning in.
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since it other than. pay them is. about the money. crockett that. touched his opponent. in the next. moment on. the few good. little. good again it was on those on the other. there is a growing consensus that biden ministration is off to a slow start to date the new president has relied on executive orders this is not unusual but what does that this president apart is the emphasis on what could be
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called weaponized. ministration has embraced the wealthiest agenda in all of the divisions to come with this engine. you want you can have a lockdown additional going underground on u.k. budget day as britain's omes companies continue to benefit from the saudi war on geo strategic yemen that began 6 years ago this month the government of boris johnson was u.k. foreign secretary backed weapon sales even after atrocities against civilians is now said it wants to slash aid to one of the poorest countries in the world will joining me now from boston is someone born in the middle east and former british colony the youngest nobel peace prize winner of the time in history to our common
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alcohol thank you so much for iraq. coming on the show well you know even before i get to yemen a lot of talk in the mainstream media so-called about the cia report on the killing of your friend the washington post journalist why should we trust the cia when it says that mohamed bin selman was a mastermind of the horrific bone saw killing of your friend. reports is one of the reports that was published by by. turkey by you and by. his friends it's one of their most important reports talking about the death and dismembering jemele but it is absolutely it is a very important report published by c f which was. appeared you know since you know the ruling of trying to administration they don't want they
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didn't want to publish this report that is a good progress in america administration when they publish this it reported that saying that mohammed bin said a man. is the one who ordered. the killing. in there invest in stumbled the crown prince of course denies the allegation who in the cia to talk about assassination when they have a history of assassination attempts and this information that has has brought wars in the global south fundamentally have firmly what is important and the cia's report it is what is after the report ok now after the report to 100 is a man held accountable well you must make a british and i guess mohammed listen man as they mentioned it in their. intelligent.


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