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to give a more favorable picture of something that is. being bombed into democracy by. regime change. international criminal court criminal probe into alleged. by israel in palestine. the canceling of books by famous. quote. takes its of the top of the best sellers list on amazon. and americans are getting fed up of. 64 percent of people believe that it poses a threat to the freedoms we put the issue. to keep in mind.
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that simply should no longer exist well i would hate to live in a world where people or even a group of people got to decide what was and wasn't racist and therefore what was and was not acceptable. by the very good morning. washington says no more to costly for a military intervention but the president biden strongly supported bombing of yugoslavia in the ninety's. blinken advocating to supply ukraine with weapons we ask whether the new slogan is likely to translate into a real policy shift we will incentivize democratic. but we will not promote democracy through costly military interventions or by attempting to overthrow author terry regimes by force. we've tried these tactics in the past however well
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intentioned they haven't worked quite an interesting use of words but the pattern from the united states of intervening in the affairs of other countries destabilizing and overthrowing governments around the world is quite well known one looks at the history of iraq of libya afghanistan one looks throughout south and central america one can see many examples of the united states intervening in other countries affairs destabilizing and overthrowing governments and in fact in recent years we've heard many calls from u.s. leaders for governments around the world to be overthrown and for leaders to step down assad needs to go we will continue to work with our partners in the international community to press. the to leave the time has come for nicolas maduro to go what's interesting is that just a day ago we actually had a tweet from anthony blinken in which he gave full support to one guede 01 grade 0 is an individual in venezuela who has proclaimed himself to be the president and
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has been engaging in violent attempts to destabilize venezuela to overthrow the elected government and there of even been u.s. military contractors that have been involved in those military coup attempts so having anthony blinken you know you know voicing support for one great oh the unelected individual who claims to be venezuela's leader kind of flies in the face of his claim that the united states won't be using force now if there was one loophole you could say in anthony blinken remarks he did create a pretext in which the united states would be continuing to use force against governments of course we will never hesitate to use force when american lives and vital interests are at stake now what exactly would constitute such a threat he did not. layout any specific criteria so it seems that though the united states through its new secretary of state is announcing that no more force
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will be used many wonder if this will simply be a changing of rhetoric looks like the united states will most likely be continuing its foreign policy activities but only time will tell he did leave that huge loophole where he said vital interests vital interests can mean almost anything mars the moon you name it it could be a vital interest to america if a politician wants to say that's the case it seems like rhetoric you know trump certainly had his own style that was very bombastic and out there and other presidents have been more reserved in their or in their description of activities but when you look at the actual policies we've seen no change and i think it sounds like rhetoric not something that we can count on yet you know president trying started a trade war with china and now president biden's talking about well we're going to cooperate with other countries but we're also going to have trade agreements that protect our workers and do this and that which in the end probably means the exact
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same policies as a national trade war biden i see him rebranding a lot of the same old thing and to the blinken has repeatedly acoa joe biden's a medicare is back slogan but some of been questioning what exactly that means especially given the countries where he said history. the. the the.
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american is back. the international criminal court has said that it's opening a probe into alleged war crimes by israel in palestine this includes the 2014 gaza war which is one of the deadliest conflicts between the 2 sides. the decision to open an investigation followed a painstaking preliminary examination undertaken by my office that lasted close to 5 years our central concern must be for the victims of crimes both palestinian and israeli arising from the long cycle of violence and insecurity that has caus deep suffering and despair on all sides in february the trial chamber of the
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international criminal court determined that the hague court has jurisdiction for opening a criminal investigation into the activities of israel and the hamas leadership for alleged war crimes in east jerusalem gaza and the west bank the palestinians have said that this is a victory for the victims they say it's a landmark historic decision but as expected the israelis for some time have been campaigning against precisely what was announced today back in february the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu had this to say when the i.c.c. investigators are fake war crimes this is pure anti semitism. is promised to the visual i assure you we will fight this provision of justice with an our might what this means is that hundreds of israelis could find themselves on the wrong side of the law and we're talking here about this lady prime minister benjamin netanyahu white on his ministers and even ordinary soldiers the country's
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defense minister benny gantz has said that he's never been afraid of crossing over in the lines and this announcement doesn't make him feel full either you have for years had human rights organizations who has been warning of israeli violations against palestinians. the united states has been a longtime ally of israel and when the former president donald trump was in power way he sanctioned the international criminal court after a tried to open an investigation in the palestinian territories now however under his successor joe biden it is possible that there is pressure to lift the sanctions
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and of course israel is lobbying against this what remains to be seen is just what comes out of this investigation. earlier my colleague you know neil discussed the investigation with enough dolly bennett israel's former defense minister and current candidate for prime minister. this is a perversion of justice of any basic morals you know when one side or another the 2nd side has a right to self-defense the court is not a court you know they call it the i.c.c. i view it the international circus of clowns let me tell you something you know i thought in quite a few wars defending my family come us shoots rockets at israeli from within hospitals within homes within schools and then when we want to fight back then this i.c.c. thing tells us that we're immoral and if you are saying that the militants were
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based in hospitals on schools but by firing bach were actually schools and nurses and doctors where working civilians were killed there's very much a sense of proportionality to be to be held here isn't there an israel did not. is there you know if if someone is shooting your kids your kids from within the school how proportional are you going to react when there's a sense of self defense of course i agree with but in terms of doing that do you not prolong the war on the victims in israel as well as palestine making it even worse for future generations surely there's a stage where you have to say listen we're going to go after these people but we're not going to try to kill as many civilians as we did before oh no you're distorting things we never are out to kill civilians. being killed haven't they oh they've been killed by their own government hamas which places rockets next to their children so yes let me but you know if your weapons ever places rockets from within
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civilians he is murdering his own people not israel there's an evil side that is an attack in there's a good side that's defending and the only side that holds any responsibility is the offender let me be very clear you know if there is a list of people who are going to the hog i'm going to be at the top of the list we will never the hands of an israeli soldier while defending itself. i was on the scene a huge spike in sales of the classic dr seuss children's books after the publisher decided to discontinue the series over what it says are stereotypes these books put 3 people in ways that were hurtful and wrong ceasing sales of these books is only part of our commitment and our broader plan to ensure dr seuss enterprises catalog represents and supports all communities and families. the announcement that these 6
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books would be scrapped over quote hurtful and wrong stereotypes was made on the late author's birthday after the stamen book sells skyrocketed by more than 5000000 percent in 24 hours taking them to the top of the bestsellers with us researchers say that examples of orientalism and white supremacy were found in several books on the trail of a japanese character with a yellow face was found to be racist. now the study found that an image of 3 asian people carrying a white person was an example of dominant behavior the story of the grinch one of dr seuss's most famous works has not been touched yet perhaps as chris was. christmas music here to all the gory washed up part.
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of the author's stepdaughter has said that dr seuss never intended to offend anyone but at the tour director believes that today's work culture left her with no choice but to accept the current climate. all this has been manufactured to the point where of course she's probably going to say something like that because it's the smart thing to say so that long term it doesn't damage the dr seuss brand going forward to that face that i mean that's their family's moneymaker they don't want to get canceled the imagery that people are are kind of harking on and making a big deal about i guess could be considered by people who are extremely sensitive and probably looking for something to be upset about but but again i think that this is an example of you know 1st world problems let's call it that when you've got nothing else to worry about than did this is what you're going to focus on kind
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of nonsensical stuff and i think that the cancel culture the p.c. police we live in a time of phony outrage maybe i'm a little bit different maybe just whatever and i don't know if it's the way that i'm wired but i don't personally find offense to it but then again i don't walk around online watching t.v. walking the streets looking for something to be offended by you know to me that's not really you know. something that we should be upset about like you know the anti-semitism of the 1930 s. in terminal is something that merits our dr seuss's books do not some how he goes from being this great children's all sir that you know cream up with these great stories that have you know provided wonder to children for years to being some sort of odd nazi or something. of the rises to cancel culture is being seen by some as such a threat to freedom of speech to one u.s. no like who's calling on congress to address the issue cancel culture is
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a dangerous phenomenon whether you agree or disagree with the view has been censored if consequence or continues unchallenged it is not just the unpopular controversial viewpoints to our it's risk. a recent poll found 64 percent of americans agree that boycotting or removing certain types of content does pose a threat to freedoms in the country it also found 80 percent of republicans consider council culture to be a threat only 48 percent of democrats to now the issue has been highlighted by a number of high profile cases over just the past year for example last week amazon pulled a book by a conservative all for the challenges the transgendered movement earlier to democrat representatives called on cable companies to stop posting conservative leaning news channels and in 2020 an editor at the new york times resigned over an opinion piece by republican senator that advocated use of military force in protests we discuss these issues with a panel of guests. the problem with cancell culture is that when we're looking into
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people's past 20 years ago 30 years ago in some cases what does it look like holding people responsible now for things that they have done i mean almost a generation ago can't people change can't people become better people as time goes on council culture does not allow for that have i said things that i think you know in 20 years maybe you'll look and say oh you should have said that well that's true and it makes us all need to be more mindful of how we conduct ourselves and what we say it's not ok to just speak so freely about people of different colors of different races socioeconomic status or handicaps we need to be mindful that our society has locals of so many types of people there are of course racist people out there is the best way to change their minds and improve race relations to simply silence anyone who goes against the narrative or should we actually be doing more to engage with those people and maybe explain why their actions might hurt others or try to change their opinions how many people have had their mind changed by
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being silenced it just doesn't seem like a long term strategy that will work our society has largely built on racism our society has largely built one things that are just racism to some integrity to who america is that. people that racism seems anti * american and so you have people who want a little better instead she's all know this with my great great grandfather well ok but her great great grandfather believe that black people were some human being and that they should have rights so you know we have to keep in mind that you have a lot of people holding on to ideologies that simply should no longer exist well i would hate to live in a world where one people or heck even a group of people got to decide what was and wasn't racist and therefore what was and was not acceptable in the public sphere that goes just intrinsically against the concept of freedom of expression which is essential if you hope to have a culture in a society where different people with different. indians can actually live
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peacefully together we're not going to continue to cavil racism in america and that's simply not the role that we we should probably take it's best that we began to doubt all of the structures that are harmful whether they're i've based book or a mine in a park it's time to take those down and move forward any dear you're with us or you're not. a man wielding an axes injured 8 people in sweden what police have now labeled a suspected terrorist attack our correspondent in europe peter oliver reports well this all happened at around 3 pm local time on wednesday a man who is described as being in his early twenty's stabbed 8 people who have been taken to hospital several of those are described as being in a serious condition the man himself was shot by police and is currently in custody being guarded by officers at a hospital his status has not been updated to the press just yet the town itself
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vet lando in the small is a very small town in the south of sweden only just over 13000 people live there this is sure to have come as a big shock to the town to the people in the local area and we are hoping to hear from police and investigators very soon what we do know though is that initially they charged this man with attempted murder that was later open graded if you will to a charge of. of suspected terrorism that's what this is being investigated as as a suspected terrorist attack areas of the the town of atlanta have been cordoned off by investigators as they carry out their work 8 people have been taken to hospital several of them in a serious condition following a stabbing in a small swedish town on wednesday police investigating it as a terrorist attack right now. president joe biden has slammed the
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decision of the governor of texas for his decision to lift covert restrictions. last one last thing of all. of them removed from the. program it's still maverick. biden was not the only want to criticize texas governor greg abbott alexandra cassy or cortez claims that the decision poses a risk to the entire country or political commentator keith olbermann has said that vaccine supplies to texas should be halted politician gilberto hinna causa said the decision will quote kill texas. despite the criticism greg abbott says that he made the decision for economic reasons given the vaccine will last. completely uncancel mandatory mask wearing and given his decision was met with a mixed reaction by texas residents. a lot of people use the loss of jobs didn't apply to me but still going to be saved and cost is
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a girl more and more than the job if you have to go out your risk anyway so why not just get it over with and get back to normal i don't think that's a wise decision because at this stage reopening it can actually infect more and more people so i think we should be a little more smart and we should actually be just how do we even mask even if the governor states that we need him out no more people opening up the business is great. the masks still still not enough research out there to prove defectiveness and putting a 100 percent capacity i think 80 percent 90 percent capacity would have been going 100 percent we should follow the federal guidelines before we do anything i think it's a good thing to get the economy back make sure we don't have any problems with. our work with the public so i don't have any problem with the. politics. just sticking here. texas is not the only state where musk wiring rules have been relaxed
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mississippi governor take rates also signed a decree making face coverings optional. we spoke today perkins a political scientist and radio host from texas who supports the decision. i'm very glad we have states that states have governments and their governments are considerably more responsible in my view than the federal gov abbott said it's no longer mandatory to wear a mask but he did encourage people to keep doing it and i think a lot of people will keep doing it because it does seem like a reasonable response to help protect yourself and protect your fellow citizens i don't think anything bad is going to happen i think what we're seeing is governor abbott trusting the people of the state of texas to do what is prudent and safe and good without having to force them to stop doing business and force them to stop
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earning money and stop taking care of their families and destroy the businesses that they built so they could give their families a future. the f.b.i. director has called the capital riot protesters domestic terrorists labeling them a top threat to american society you also said there's no evidence to suggest that groups were involved in the riot contrary to what some republicans have said. that seed was criminal behavior plain and simple it's behavior that we the f.b.i. view is domestic terrorism has there so far been any evidence that the january 6th riot here the insurrection was organized by people simply posing as supporters of president troops we have not seen any evidence of that there's no doubt that it included individuals that we would call militia violent extremists and then in some instances individuals that were racially motivated violent extremists who advocate
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for you know the superiority of the white race or many of the senate this question sent to the around the f.b.i.'s handling of a report on the eve of the riot that warned of online posts predicting trouble in washington capitol police leaders of said that they were unaware of the report and received no intelligence from the f.b.i. 5 people died as a result of the right including the capitol police officer and the woman who was shot to she tried to enter the house chamber with lawmakers still inside the f.b.i. director like in the threat posed by rises to that posed by isis. january 6th was not an isolated event back in june of 2019 under my leadership we elevated racially and ethnically motivated violent extremism to our highest threat priority on the same level with isis and homegrown violent strains. barely spoke to jennifer damascus or an anti terror expert and legal analyst he says that people's political
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leanings affect their attitude towards events. we cannot have an f.b.i. that downplays violence against us like b.l.m. even if it's not the majority get there must be equal justice under the law we must discuss threats equally when the george floyd riot started were allowed to have thousands of people on the streets looting businesses burning down buildings threatening it threatening people arson all over it and so the kind of violence that we saw coming from that you're looking at 2 side by sides if you haven't seen it reported seeing this is a completely mostly peaceful protest with buildings on fire behind him and on the other side of the screen you're seeing a guy with some horns walking around taking selfies with capitol police and one of those is being called horrific domestic terrorism the other one has been called mostly peaceful we have a problem it is concerning what when depending on your political ideology you can get away with literally burning down somebody is building burning down somebody is
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a livelihood as long as you're part of the right political ideology. ok i'll be back with updates for you to see that. there's a mic metabolife small molecule that our bodies make or. met and make less of it as we get older this is one of the things i work on it's called an a.t.m. and because we have less of it we become more prone to infection and the crazy thing is that current 19 good bird sars can be to one of its ways of attacking the body to deplete the body even more of that chemical which we need to fight infections. the spring carmencita's those books going to.
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the furniture mushroom know in the early ninety's seventy's helmet a psychologist 6 only just proposed to the west berlin senate a social experiment he wanted to let paedophiles adopt down to care for neglected boys experiment was. used to listen to what all. the good go on those who want all these new yorkers go dr cantor believed that sex with older men would help with the boy's socialization over 30 years many children were handed over for paedophiles to raise them just to mention who pushes a little hard more the blogs and news over those 2 words looking from under we can the most of us where the answer she did not understand hope for good research going on through the goodness of. one else seemed wrong why don't we all just all. any new world
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that is yet to shape our. just a constant answer to. equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. to do aerial reconnaissance. we do not. discuss it with interviews of visitors are going to. pan pan american for.
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one night in the. future if. you. if. the.
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