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your pay medical agency launches a rolling review of russia's sputnik feedback saying that this country's already received the jab also to come on our team tonight chinese test a new case attacked by 4 men one that jogging in what is believed to be the latest in the growing number of racially motivated gisele's victims says asian people have become targets due to the pandemic. is no surprise because because of the pandemic the television people keep. the peace is a decrease dramatically i don't feel i don't feel see as i use. these tactics and. however well intentioned they have worked. on the end of nations
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being bombed into democracy and biden's ministration says no more u.s. backed regime change although we asked whether if if if old habits might die. and u.s. government forces goldfields washington to squander billions of dollars in afghanistan . there are 7 pm in moscow you're watching r.t. international now the european medicines agency has started a rolling review of the safety and efficacy of russia's vaccine comes after a number of countries in the block have already given the job the green light hawkins. well last year sputnik v a fact of you became the world's 1st covert vaccine after it received approval here in russia and it was a mission initially met with quite
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a lot of skepticism by western countries and media largely to do with the question of how quickly such a vaccine could have been developed it appeared on the russian market just the fact that really months after the pandemic began in earnest fast forward around 8 months and that situation is pretty much gone full circle the latest news that the european regulator is now launching this rolling review of the russian produced a vaccine now what exactly does that mean the regulator will be assessing the data published by the government to institute the producers of the vaccine in various prominent international journal such as the lancet and assessed that in line with e.u. standards to do with safety with effectiveness and with quality this process could take anything from one number of weeks to a number of months probably closer to the latter the estimate is around june for a yes or no answer as to whether it will receive that approval now given the politicization of the vaccine question which really has affected the distribution
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of the sport that we have action worldwide this news coming in from europe can only be a good thing as stated by the head of the investment fund here in russia are responsible for backing the sport make the vaccine. vaccine partnerships should be above politics and cooperation with the enemy is a perfect example of demonstrating that pulling efforts is the only way to end the pandemic following me approval we would be able to provide vaccines for 50000000 europeans starting from june 2021 to put mcvie has already been approved in around 40 countries across the world from the middle east africa south america asia many countries have chosen to go with the russian vaccine for several reasons one it's high efficacy it's going to efficacy of over 90 percent secondly the ease of storage and transportation and some of the other vaccines that have been mass produced so far require a deep freeze in order to do that were a sport that can be stored and transported at relatively high temperatures and
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thirdly cost this has been especially important for developing countries many of whom have been unable to afford the high price of some of the western made vaccine such as medan or pfizer for example and for them as sputnik has been and will continue to be quite literally a lifesaver so despite of a lack of an e.u. wide approval as of yet there have been countries within the european union who have broken ranks such as hunger research or slovakia which have already approved vaccines for the sputnik vaccine for their populations the czech republic which has expressed an interest in doing so as well and of course the final stage will be an approval from the regulator which will mean that all $27.00 member states can in import and distribute the vaccine among their populations and given the problems faced by the e.u. with their vaccine role articulating distribution issues supplier problems legal wrangling over imports and export the public skepticism this can only be a good thing that's confirmed of course by the w.h.o.
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european director who said that any expansion of the e.u.'s vaccine portfolio would be a step forward in bringing this pandemic to an end. hate crimes are on the rise in the u.k. with the recent interest in sharing a chinese professor being subjected to a racist attack by 4 men in the city of southampton in southern england they get him professor wang paying told us what happened. well i was out jogging i was just you know it was around the one minute walk from my home i was sharded. by using reassure sed worse from from a minute in the car on the other side of there also saw the meat at the you know i got there angry and i shot it back saw then i kept jogging salton you know they they surprise in the it day circled by and under attack me on the
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underground so the pollies you know has. defied this case i saw. racial aggressive a.t.f. you know attacked the 37 year old suffered injuries to his face and one suspect was arrested amarilly shortly after the incident and an investigation is ongoing but this is far from an isolated case of alleged racial abuse u.k. police u.k. police data does show that hate crimes against british chinese and southeast asian communities were up 300 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year professor wang says things have escalated since the pandemic started. it is not a surprise because because of the pandemic chinese and asian people also regard you know there may have been just you know predation here so the tactful isn't at people like this you know not that the case is chris dramatically for
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a year of. hunting and now the physical injury can be can be shield you know. someone or higher is noise. mental mental injury you know so as i don't feel i don't feel safe i say i used to feel bad but i have to say that i after after these attacks were so party from stronger my university and also from different the from the you're not charity groups and the people they create they faded this the east. patriot crime. washington has said it will no longer carry out military interventions abroad some are questioning it's an commitment given america's long record of backing caves and joe biden supporting nato as bombing if you can slavia
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kind of more pain he says is now this switch in foreign policy announced by the secretary of state we will incentivize democratic behavior but we will not promote democracy through costly military interventions or by attempting to overthrow or thora terry regimes by force. we've tried these tactics in the past. however well intentioned they haven't worked quite an interesting use of words but the pattern from the united states of intervening in the affairs of other countries destabilizing and overthrowing governments around the world is quite well known one looks at the history of iraq of libya afghanistan one looks throughout south and central america one can see many examples of the united states intervening in other countries affairs destabilizing and overthrowing governments and in fact in recent years we've heard many calls from u.s. leaders for governments around the world to be overthrown and for leaders to step down assad needs to go we will continue to work with our partners in the
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international community to press. the to leave the time has come for nicholas murderer to go what's interesting is that just a day ago we actually had a tweet from anthony blinken in which he gave full support to one guede 01 grade 0 is an individual in venezuela who has proclaimed himself to be the president and has been engaging in violent attempts to destabilize venezuela to overthrow the elected government there of even u.s. military contractors that have been involved in those military coup attempts so having anthony blinken you know you know voicing support for juan guede oh the unelected individual who claims to be venezuela's leader kind of flies in the face of his claim that the united states won't be using force now there was one loophole you could say in anthony blinken remarks he did create a pretext in which the united states would be continuing to use force against
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governments of course we will never hesitate to use force when american lives and vital interests are at stake now what exactly would constitute such a threat he did not lay out any specific criteria so it seems that though the united states through its new secretary of state is announcing that no more force will be used many wonder if this will see. a changing of rhetoric looks like the united states will most likely be continuing its foreign policy activities but only time will tell he did leave that huge loophole where he said vital interests vital interests can mean almost anything are the moon you name it it could be a vital interest to america if a politician wants to say that's the case you know trump certainly had his own style that was very bombastic and out there and other presidents have been more reserved in their or in their description of activities but when you look at the actual policies we've seen no change and i think it sounds like rhetoric not
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something that we can count on yet you know president trying started a trade war with china and now president biden's talking about well we're going to cooperate with other countries but we're also going to have trade agreements that protect our workers and do this and that which in the end probably means the exact same policies as a national trade war so i don't see biden tearing up a lot that is substantial i see him rebranding a lot of the same old thing well and he being can has repaid biden's america is back slogan and as we've seen there is some skepticism about what exactly that makes. was.
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america is back. bash speaking of america's seemingly never ending foreign wars it has been revealed that washington has wasted billions of dollars in its longest military adventure abroad the war in afghanistan the main drain on american funds turned out to be unserviceable rule abandoned buildings and fake overspray us among the key findings
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of a recent report by the us government's unwatched uk. of the nearly $7800000000.00 in capital as says reviewed in his prior reports special inspector general for of going to stan reconstruction identified to buy a $2400000000.00 in assets that were used to rebound and had not been used for their intended purposes had deteriorated or were destroyed. the cigar report also found say that since 2008 just over $1000000000.00 of u.s. funded assets were used as a regionally intended while only $340000000.00 worth of equipment is quote maintained in good condition the u.s. war in afghanistan began back in 2001 but despite pledges from various presidents to betroth troops from the war torn country there are still around 2500 american soldiers there brian becker from the antiwar answer coalition believes american tax dollars should have been better spent this is amazing levels of waste
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fraud and abuse and perhaps. you have $2400000000.00 of equipment that's no longer available to be used buildings that were constructed in can't be used because they're industry peer but this is reflective of how the afghan war has gone from the beginning hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent. and i would say tens of billions of dollars have either been looted by american military personnel or their elbows in afghanistan or the money has been completely disregarded so it's fraud and it's abuse the reality is the american government the congress passes these giant military budgets almost a trillion dollars a year and there's no accountability it but if you have these huge bundles of money available to be spent then there's an incentive to make
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a contract with someone who's going to build a building and perhaps not really build it or build a building that's not needed take some of the money in the form of profit to give it to goes who made the contract for them in other words a kickback this is a big system of criminal activity and it is a form of corruption but because it's in the name of national security in the name of defense no one asks important questions while another report from the same government watchdog has highlighted the failures of american gender equality programs in afghanistan during this time $110000000.00 were spent to support the project but all the effort and money seem to have failed at making any significant impact on afghan society despite though the apparent shortcomings the conclusion of this report is that the program should continue u.s. foreign policy expert at the risk says that washington has failed time and again to say when something is clearly not working. there is this. a lack of
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understanding of the local culture you can't impose these western models on countries which have a completely different culture but regardless the u.s. senate and the consecutive u.s. administrations continue to pursue these kinds of policy which would seize which of the proven to be of no avail i think this could be described as a somewhat psychological mindset or a psychological problem the us continues to stick to policy despite the fact that these policies have proven to be utter failures i think it's a kind of at the if you would like addiction of american supremacy trying to show that america is that one which knows the solutions for every single problem in the world. has taken an early enough for a top german bank notified us this to channel. agency ruptly that their bank
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accounts will be closed at the end of may but against it has more details. so both our and ruptly the video agency were notified at the same tab that their accounts at commerce bank would be getting shut out out of the blue by the 31st of may this is all happening by the way exactly one month after he announced that it's launching. which is a german language channel belonging to the r.t. family now. efforts to gag to shut up. a daily thing undaunted they send out all these requests to other bags to open an account and the strangest thing happens because one of these banks they either did neither qwest rejected or just ignore all communications from see that the only reasonable explanation is that someone made phone calls
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a lot of them sent out memos and there aren't many forces in germany capable of dictating to the banks who to do business with and who to blacklist but the german government the russian foreign ministry has come out and commented on the issue and they're calling they've besieged the german counterparts and burleson to come to their senses which of them we consider such early hostile treatment of media outlets including russia wants my foreign partners to be unacceptable they're working strictly within the scope of their legal rights a brute we knew the steps aimed at closing bank accounts belonging to russian media a spot of political pressure on journalists and a blatant violation by germany of its commitment to press freedom. or routes the russian foreign ministry added russia will have no choice but to do something it doesn't want to do which is take measures equal restrictions apply equal restrictions to the work and operation of german media in russia which there is
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plenty of including state funded german media that this is a last resort and this is something that russia doesn't want to want to do but it says there's been a pattern or history of discrimination and hurdles man made rules set up to slow the work of russian media in germany so this is why the russian foreign ministry is calling them germany again come to its senses. amazon has seen a huge spike in sales of the classic talk to sushi children's books and after the publisher decided to discontinue the series for containing what it says a racial stereotypes these books put 3 people in ways that were hurtful and wrong ceasing sales of these books is only part of our commitment and then a broader plan to ensure dr seuss enterprises catalog represents and supports all communities and families the announcement that 6 books will be scrapped was made on
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the late author's birthday and sent sales those soaring and amazon taking them to the top of the best sellers list in 24 hours now u.s. research is to say that several books contained examples of white supremacy and negative portrayals of asian people they included the depiction to the japanese character with a yellow face which was deemed to be racist the study also concluded that an image of 3 asian people carrying a white person was an example of white dominance however the story of the grinch one of dr seuss's most famous works is still available. last christmas. was 1st post music. to the great. cover. the author's stepdaughter supported the publisher's decision but said that dr seuss
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didn't have a racist bone in his body editorial director hugo billie's though the office relative had little option. all this has been manufactured to the point where of course she's probably going to say something like that because it's the smart thing to say so that long term it doesn't damage the dr seuss brand going forward to let's face it i mean that's their family's moneymaker they don't want to get canceled the imagery that people are are kind of harking on and making a big deal about i guess could be considered by people who are extremely sensitive and probably looking for something to be upset about but but again i think that this is an example of you know 1st world problems let's call it that when you've got nothing else to worry about than did this is what you're going to focus on kind of nonsensical stuff and i think that the cancel culture the p.c. police we live in a time of phony outrage maybe i'm
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a little bit different maybe just whatever and i don't know if it's the way that i'm wired but i don't personally find offense to it but then again i don't walk around online watching t.v. walking the streets looking for something to be offended by you know to me that's not really you know. something that we should be upset about like you know the anti-semitism of the 1930 s. in germany is something that merits outrage dr seuss's books do not somehow he goes from being this great children's all sir that you know cream up with these great stories that have you know provided wonder to children for years to being some sort of odd nazi or something. but the rise aside all kinds of cultures being seen by some as such a threat to freedom the speech that won he less room i.q. is now actually calling on congress to address the. council culture is
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a dangerous phenomenon whether you agree or disagree with the views been censored if cancer cancer continues unchallenged it is not just the unpopular controversial viewpoints that are at risk. a recent poll found that 64 percent of americans do agree that boycotting or removing certain types of content does pose a threat to freedoms in the country it also concluded that 80 percent of republicans consider cancer culture a threat while only 48 percent of democrats actually hold the same opinion the issue has been highlighted to you by a number of high profile cases over the past year is that only last week in fact amazon pulled a book by a conservative author that challenges the transgender movement to democrats represented court representatives called on cable companies to stop posting conservative leading news channels and then in 2020 an editor at the new york times resigned over an opinion piece by a republican senator advocating the use of military force in protests we've got
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views on both sides of the argument. the problem with cancell culture is that when we're looking into people's past 20 years ago 30 years ago in some cases what does it look like holding people responsible now for things that they have done i mean almost a generation ago can't people change can't people become better people as time goes on council culture does not allow for that have i said things that i think you know in 20 years maybe you'll look and say oh you should have said that well that's true and it makes us all need to be more mindful of how we conduct ourselves and what we say it's not ok to just speak so freely about people of different colors of different races socioeconomic status or handicaps we need to be mindful that our society has locals of so many types of people there are of course racist people out there is the best way to change their minds and improve race relations to simply silence anyone who goes against the narrative or should we actually be doing more to engage with those people and maybe explain why their actions might hurt others
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or try to change their opinions how many people have had their mind changed by being silenced it just doesn't seem like a long term strategy that will work our society has largely built on racism our society has largely built one things that are just and racism is some integrity to who america is that to strip people of that racism seems anti american and so have people who want a little better instead she's all know this with my great great grandfather well ok but her great great grandfather that black people were simple some who were being and that they should have rights so you know we have to keep in mind that you have a lot of people holding on to ideologies that simply should no longer exist well i would hate to live in a world where one people or heck even a group of people got to decide what was and wasn't racist and therefore what was and was not acceptable in the public sphere that goes just intrinsically against the concept of freedom of expression which is essential if you hope to have
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a culture in a society where different people with different. indians can actually live peacefully together we're not going to continue to coddle racism in america that's simply not the road that we we should probably take it's best that we began to rip out all of the structures that are harmful whether they're on face book or a mine in a park it's time to take those down and move forward and either you're with us or you're not. i discuss we had it here not say you're up to date said we'll be back again with more news in about. there's a mic metabolife a small molecule that our bodies make or. i make less of it as we get older this is one of the things i work on it's called an a.t.m. and because we have less of it we become more prone to infection and the crazy thing is that covered 19 good sars could be to one of its ways of attacking
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the body to deplete the body even more of that chemical which we need to fight infections. this spring carmencita's the. wall. in the early ninety's seventy's helmet a psychologist 6 although just proposed to the west but in senate a social experiment he wanted to let paedophiles adopt down to care for neglected boys experiment was approved. it. just didn't work all. good or almost you want all these new or girls don't to change the believe that sex with older men would help with the boy's socialization over 30 years many children were handed over paedophiles to raise dimensions who pushes a little harder more to blogs and over the board looks from people who can the.
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board rooms or should meet mr hope for a good person someone turned over to. the president's press conference from the new state department auditorium march 23rd 1961. i want to make a brief statement about laos. it is i think important for all americans. to understand this difficult and potentially dangerous problem. these 3 maps show the area of effective communist domination as it was last august and from december 20th now to the present day the end of march the communist control a much wider section of the country. the position of this administration has been
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carefully considered. and we have sought to make it just as clear as we know how to the government's concern 1st we strongly and undeservedly support the goals of a neutral and independent laos. to no outside all group of powers threatening no one and free from any domination. by fellow americans they are far away from america but the world and. the security of southeast asia will be in danger if laos loses its neutral independence i want to make it clear to the american people and all the world that all we want in layoffs is not.
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and. on the one hand. when we when you're hungry we should let that out of me did. you not as you read. she read. from june 1600. 73 in the us up to.


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