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pail and california has just announced they are going to try and phase out a gasoline powered cars from use within their state with one city now going as far as to ban all the new gas stations this as there is a campaign to recall governor newsome continuing to get stronger we have one of the leaders from that movement right here today to discuss. hughes and you're watching news views on our to america i. am. i. thanks for joining us you know during this week's congressional hearing it was confirmed that the f.b.i. tapped members of congress phones as well as possibly acquited other data without their knowledge and education imagine they were not happy. again whatever we're doing with all phone data i'm confident we're doing it you know in conjunction with our appropriate legal tools and working with here's i'm going to try to get it and i think it's what senator lee was trying to get at how are we going to know what
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you were doing with it and how we're going to evaluate the bureau's conduct if we if we don't know what authorities you're invoking what precisely you're doing what you're retaining i mean this is you've said to him repeatedly we're familiar with the specifics you've now said it to be i don't know i'm not sure how this committee is supposed to evaluate anything that the bureau is still you're basically saying just trust us i mean how we how we're going to know to have to wait till the end of your investigation to find out what you've done. you know to give us all the details fair and fronsac joins us fair and you 1st brought this to our attention as this was coming out you're not going to believe this story right from capitol hill and guess what not many people are covered that's shocking in itself so let's start off from the very beginning when did the f.b.i. start collecting at them out of data and how did congress find out about it yeah great to be with you scott is so 2 sources who have knowledge of actually what happened blew the lid off as just days before that hearing now these sources say that the f.b.i. started collecting data and as little as 30 minutes into the capitol hill right now
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as far as what doubt of the f.b.i. collected will they have cell phone records from members of congress data dumps from cell phone towers to map out who was there when they were there and where they were you have actual communication cell phone records e-mails text messages from these members of congress that the f.b.i. says that the data that they collected is also to see the links between those suspects who stormed the capitol to members of congress you also have the capitol police there reportedly investigating if any lawmakers are members of the capitol hill police department helped these rioters again access to the capitol now several democrats they're alleging republicans did this but republicans of course say that they took no such part of this now in the past the f.b.i. has had to go through the department of justice to get any records of congressional members because. the constitution speech or debate clause makes it so that the executive branch they can't oversee this work and congress scotty well and that's it so the question is how did the f.b.i. actually get away with this parent you know we hear about this all the time with
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them doing it on private citizens ok that's definitely alarming but they're doing it to their own elected politicians are we going to see something actually come out of this so you saw in that clip that you played a minute ago that f.b.i. director chris rea he confirmed that the f.b.i. sees this metadata without a warrant without a judge signing off or without even the department of justice signing off which is deeply concerning but you did mention scottie that the speech the speech and debate clause your democratic senator sheldon whitehouse of rhode island just days after the riots warning in a statement not to let the justice department get involved in this investigation saying quote the constitution puts the houses of congress in charge of disciplining their own members in the case of january 6 i've asked the senate ethics panel to take a hard look at certain members behavior including whether they coordinated or conspired with aided and abetted or gave aid and comfort to the insurrectionists those questions demand answers and the senate ethics committee has the job to answer them
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now some congressional law experts say when there are internal investigations into members of congress things obviously get political one party says they don't want to disclose everything the other party they want to protect it that's usually when the f.b.i. then gets involved however this all happens goddy well before there was ever even talk of investigating again the f.b.i. started this all while it was happening however in criminal cases the f.b.i. is the 1st one called in to investigate and with violence rioters and many capitol police hospitalized one woman even dying on january 6th well that gave the f.b.i. the immediate green light welfare and the one thing that gets me about this if they're going to do this to their own to politicians then there's obviously not that's going to hold them back for people their own now director a good say in that clip that we showed you that basically that they have certain powers you know that when done so legally don't worry about it just trust us what are the exact powers the director. ray says that he has i way i mean if you really can't google him because they're very very kind of do we have like a sound clip of cricket because that's basically what we got that's the thing's got
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to you saw there he doesn't say isn't even an it's not even an isolated incident this is been going on for several years after section $215.00 of the patriot act was expired so all of the authorities the f.b.i. used to have to go through and gather data without a court order or the d.o.j. signing off they no longer exist but the f.b.i. has vaguely told congress that they still have these explicit powers and they don't give any more detail so to piggyback off of that scotty that's why members of congress on both sides they're not asking one of those gates around the capitol come going to come down and why the capitol police why are they asking for a 20 percent increase in funding which would actually put them at funding levels of major cities just for the capital congress members on both sides even pointing out the capitol police knew these people were coming and they didn't need the f.b.i. to find out they could have just seen it all on facebook the capitol police just didn't prepare and even refused extra help but the scariest part of all of this scotty is there's not enough scrutiny there's not enough questions being asked and there's not enough pushback on those little minute answers like the director ray
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was giving with just trust us well and that's i think and we're looking at you know the idea about that going up the chain of command i have no doubt there was serious threats that could probably get the legal warrants needed to get that information they wanted but that creates a paper trail and as we've learned paper trails there can be a race but when they come forward they can be awfully damning especially to politicians or actually to the investigators that are conducting the investigation so on this case right here it will be interesting to see if this progressing further because both republicans and democrats should be disturbed if they know that intelligence is listening in or can get their information without them even knowing that thank you so much for joining us. well speaking of that the u.s. capitol is on alert once again today this after threats of violence surfaced online from a far right militia group now the house to cancel today's session and will be off the rest of the week its result but very little is known about the actual threat or the legitimacy of republicans or start to wonder if this is just a p.r.
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campaign to spread fear so to give us the $360.00 view of it we bring in a lawyer and former member of the georgia house of representatives the don jones as well as ted harvick committee chairman of the committee to defeat the president thank you so much for joining us ted 1st time had to say committee to defeat the president you're no longer defending we're defeating you're obviously always out there in the grassroots welcome both of you to the show let's start with you know what they're doing lately it's had defense secretary lloyd austin has approved a plan to retain 7000 national guard soldiers and airmen in washington d.c. through march 12th now more than 5000 soldiers for a nother 2 months what is he afraid of. that's a good question i would love to know i think this is outrageous that we still have a barricade around the wall but we don't have a barricade down at the u.s. border is that stopping thousands of people from coming across the border with.
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hundreds of them having coronavirus that are just walking into texas and endangering the citizens of texas. i'd love to know what the. the information is that the f.b.i. has that the capitol police have that nancy pelosi has that would indicate that this is a necessary step it's interesting when when donald trump offered 10000 national guard troops prior to the january 6th incident and nancy pelosi turned that down but now when there isn't any rallies going on in washington d.c. now she's wanting more than $10000.00 people well i want to talk about the cost the don i get it we obviously want people to be safe especially those that aren't elected officials i've watched designated survivor enough to know that we don't want anything bad to happen because here's the theories aside though do you think this estimate of $500000000.00 with the taxpayer money that is being spent for this entire time is being really wasted and could have been utilized in other places. you know we often trust the professionals the law enforcement the investigative
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agencies to tell us what we need for protection and then all of a sudden when the source that needs to be protected is our united states capitol now we're doubting whether or not this is necessary even if there's not a single other trump supporter who is going to come and damage the capital come and start a riot at the capitol there are foreign entities who have watched how easy it is to breach one of our most sacred places during a very sacred transition of power and now we don't know if they or any of these q. and on or anyone else who may just for whatever reason think it's appropriate to go on our capital may come back again so no you cannot do too much in these circumstances if you thought it was appropriate for us to take the steps we took after $911.00 and we have foreign entities attack our country that it is certainly necessary to take those same precautions when our domestic terrorists decided to attack our capitol well and i said i want to respond to that the one thing that i have a major issue like that i want everybody to be safe they actually have barbed wire
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that is surrounding and troops you know i have to wonder are they adding fuel to this fire of fear in our country i get it we need to we need to be very vigilant but is that really making people feel stable or is this kind of adding to this fire that you know we're under this threat right now currently by a political party of all things. i think the capitol police do a fine job guarding the capitol i think that. when you go there as a visitor it's pretty hard to get in there i think it's pretty hard to get in there if you are not wanting to be a visitor but and the fact that they are not saying what this threat is that it's a domestic threat i personally i find that hard to believe that there is that significant of a domestic threat but if there is let's hear what it is and if there are necessary steps to protect the u.s. capitol then certainly we should well in the dawn look at what happened today you know if you go out there and you're if you were here in washington and i walked by there we've had our reporter out there for the past 2 days there's more media out
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there with cameras and reporters and possibly tourists possibly method and soldiers and there's no threats whatsoever on this beautiful warm day here in washington d.c. so that being said you know if there is so much of this threat and it you know if the democrats afraid on days like this when it kind of shows nothing that it could actually be bad optics for the democrats that there might be fair mongered to add to that argument. i find it interesting that we are going to blame the people who were victimized who were standing there when there were thousands of people trying to get into the capitol instead of spending all of our time and energy talking about those people who actually broke into the capitol so if we are upset at the money being spent and we believe that there is fear mongering being caused by anyone it is those individuals and if we don't address that directly we're basically telling them we support you coming into our cattle and do it again because it's not that big of a deal so no i don't think it's fear mongering i think it is necessary we are one
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of the strongest countries in this world we have to show that we can protect our capital from everyone well and you talk about 4 and being a threat on almost everything on this and you know it took thousands if not tens of thousands of protesters to breach the capitol to actually get in there are you saying like north korea can get 10000 people we're talking about threats that this is supposed to keep us from you know are you thinking north korea and other foreign threats can get 10000 people rallied up enough to breach the capitol and that's what this is set up for or should we be under some other threat well i mean we don't know what the threat may be right we didn't expect planes to go into any buildings we didn't expect the shoe bomber to be one person trying to take down planes so i think that we expect for our government to be prepared for things on all sides and well is also interesting is when there was this huge show of force for the 2 protests for black lives matter nobody cared nobody cared about how much money was spent nobody care that they had on military type gear for a peaceful protest so i think that is a little bit disingenuous to say oh well it may not be that bad of we don't know we
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have to protect ourselves and then known as probably what a lot of us are curious about i want you to respond back to that ted because that's you know that is an argument you hear from the democrats how do you respond. well i don't think they surrounded the capitol with the national guard and with barbed wire fencing in and essentially a wall of well the u.s. capitol when the black live matters incidents were happening in washington d.c. but certainly there were plenty of buildings that were attacked that windows were knocked in cars were set on fire and people were hurt including a u.s. senator and his wife and people coming out of the r. and c. convention at the white house i think that was a legitimate reason to have guards protecting the. senator rand paul and his wife but maybe lead on judgment but think that's the case well we will obviously continue the conversation like i said i think the one that can all agree is we want people to be safe we want people to feel safe in our nation's capital i just don't know if barbed wire is the exact message that we send that not only it's not
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a foreign entity it's just to people around here thank you both for joining me thanks. thank you. when we return it takes a lot to recall a politician however a very determined a group out of california is optimistic they will be able to do so after the break . russia e.u. relations are at an impasse the kremlin has made it clear it will no longer tolerate the e.u. lecturing about values and so-called international norms and the russians have had enough of the he used interference in russia's internal politics refuses to treat russia as an equal partner until those changes despite a lot of relationship appears to be on hold.
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for. kids of. those who don't. think and doesn't do it on their own stand on the most room in that are equal in its own systems on what he calls a stance move i. don't. know him doing. that to those wooden missiles as. hers in the metabolife small molecule in their own bodies make her. make less of it
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as we get older. this is one of the things i work on it's going to be. because we have less of it we become more prone to infection and the crazy thing is that $119.00 to sars could be to one of its ways of attacking the body to deplete the body even more of that chemical which we need to fight infections. as california braces for more green energy throughout the state it's a trend looking to catch on nationwide and now it's a by the administration pushing for 100 percent renewable energy some cities are taking action there's more companies begin to invest in eco friendly energy sources
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well it's really help the environment well are to correspondent matushka sweet takes a look at what's being proposed. we're noble energy and the u.s. is expanding and now california is leading the way when it comes to implementing green technology and some cities believe it all starts with cars the city council of petaluma in california has approved the move to ban any new gas stations the measure is also not allowing any new gas pumps at existing stations but they can add electric chargers but gas stations alone aren't the only thing the city of petaluma has its sights set on in fact the city has launched a campaign to achieve greenhouse gas carbon neutrality by 2030 and it's not the only city moving in this direction the coalition opposing new gas stations is now moving closer to getting gas stations in sonoma county and its 9 cities bans this all coincides with what california governor gavin newsome proposed back in september phasing out gasoline powered cars and having all their 0 emission
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vehicles by 2035 in the next 15 years we will live in a in the state of california the sales of internal combustion engines we will move forward to green and decarbonize our vehicle fleet here in the state of california washington is looking to be the next state within the country to follow suit in getting rid of gasoline powered cars and general motors is making greater investments in electric vehicles g.m. is partnering with l.g. chem to build a 2nd battery factory in the u.s. insiders say the car giant is i on location in tennessee but no firm decision has been made a 2300000000 dollars plant is already in the making and by the 2 companies in ohio that plant is expected to be up and running by next year the largest automaker has said it's looking to phase out gas powered engines from its showrooms by 2035 to pursue our sewer emissions congestion 0 crash future is not. it's
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monumental i mean it's fundamental you'd. think by everything the move by g.m. is an effort to lessen dependence on battery companies overseas as most battery manufacturing is taking place in europe and asia g.m. is one of several car giants collaborating with another company for its sights on producing more batteries at home volkswagen is working with north falls all test the run the plant in the fat it with panasonic corp and while less emissions is good for the environment some argue these vehicles still leave a carbon footprint lithium i mean one of the main components of the battery has been linked to other environmental harms such as killing off a mass number of fish and contaminating clean water the batteries also take 10 times the power of an entire household and many times these cars are being charged at home reporting for news fuse houston tosh suite r
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t. well governor newsome is focused on fighting climate change there is a movement focused on removing governor newsome continuing to grow and exceeding expectations just announced the recall petition has now climbed above $1900000.00 signatures and now the process to verify at 1500000 signatures begins with more than 2 weeks still to go until the deadline so to discuss this and the main motivator is one of the leaders of the movement and 13 year us navy veteran a joe collins thank you so much for joining us thank you for having me i really appreciate it i want to know my mother is actually a huge fan she never contributes but she said that she's actually been following your and she was really excited to hear you on the show today because she said that you probably have a really good understanding it lately of what governor nuisance policies are and why i people in california are so angry about what he's doing. yes she she she has a good point i do have a great understanding but it's not because of what he's doing is because of what he
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is not doing and has given us the leadership that we need and deserve here in california our state is going bankrupt we have one of the highest populations of homelessness people start to live but out of poverty line we have a lot of businesses that are leaving a lot of businesses that have really shut their doors and it's all because a governess and leader and so i feel that we need to recall him in and get us a new leader one that can rebuild this california economy and get it back on track absolutely so how much influence do you believe the citizens petition to recall governor some is actually on his decision to change some of his policies over the past few months regarding cove it even though he is still pretty strict. i think you know with the signatures were closing to 2000000 signatures when we got to 1500000 signatures that's what we seem to have to do some finally start to act like you have some sense even though he's still not transparent with the reasons behind his decision making but the closer we get the 2000000 signatures the more you see
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gavin newsome actually act like the governor that we needed you know 2 years ago last year in the year before that well i'm not so old i remember about this time last year even president trump was was having praises for governors and they were having a good conversation because california was not on such a lockdown expression where it is today but what you're looking at right now is governor since criticizing texas mississippi other governors have decided to completely remove the mask mandate how is that going over that criticism going over amongst californians. well you know he still is spreading the rumors that the mass actually help when the science of her following the science specific lee says that there were some of the cases somewhere in the mass thought they did not and also the signs that said you know younger people have a better chance of recovering from corona virus if you catch it the senior citizens this who should be worried about an issue and if they have the health care and protection that they need to keep them healthy throughout this pandemic but i think this is a fight that gavin newsome should probably stay out of when it comes to talking
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about what other states are doing because we're doing pretty bad around here just like i said earlier our homeless population people are living below the poverty level he thought the log downs were a good idea that and catastrophe so i think governor newsome need to take a backseat and watch what everybody else is doing in states that have great economies and where people are actually happy well and as you see the effect of governors and policies as you point out what changes actually would you recommend to alleviate the obvious stress the citizens of californians are expressed or are experiencing with governors and policy. well i think the 1st thing that i would do is i was stunned given money to illegal immigrant to start giving money back to our businesses our small business here in california are the lifeblood of california a lot of people are employed by small businesses we also have to remove a lot of restrictions and red tape so we can get the cost of living lowered i know people want a living wage and california is very expensive live but it's not because people are paid enough because because the cost of living is the extremely high we also have to start building more houses and we have to start bringing quality jobs back into
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our inner cities well and that's i think you are snow to say mass i say leaving of a lot of people out of california right now that are coming to other states like texas tennessee florida that don't have as high a taxes but when you're looking at governor some right now and obviously california the state you want to be outside it is beautiful weather almost year round i can understand our climate change protecting our environment is very important to him however this new sort of ambition this new agenda that he has to get rid of all gasoline cars how is that going to go over and state that it's definitely one that you need a car and a travel border to border i desire really don't think gavin newsome thought that to get rid of gasoline cars in an exchange for electric car is going to be a burden a lot of people but we have to we have to remember that electric cars does 'd use fossil fuel as well and so we're never going to get away from the fossil in this yeah i think instead of trying to force people to get electric cars i think that we need to do better with legislation i know they stop drilling they stop fracking
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here in california maybe it was a good thing maybe it was a bad thing but trying to 100 percent move to electric cars is kind of a dumb decision well and alternately you have to look at how effective do you believe this recall petition is going to be and removing governor knew some and what is the next steps in the process. well i'm pretty confident that we're going to have the signatures of. the new some after this we have to find someone who is willing to come in and be the governor of california someone with a plan to boost our economy get our small businesses back open and get people back to work looking for someone who is quality to run our state the next well you talk about the next looking for someone is probably the problem the g.o.p. is facing across the united states i mean the last great republican has been if you ronald reagan comes to mind it's the land of ronald reagan is there any names out there that could actually challenge a democrat in a very blue state and win in california. with the way that the republican party is
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going right now i can say that i. miss like a dog eat dog world out there you know they come out with articles. on the black and latino candidates who raise a lot of money and you see republican leaders jumping on board and not even protecting us you know and they're jumping on board with the yenisei your point even though they don't help a lot of candidates so do i think that there is someone out 1 there might be i think the republican party is going to support him probably not we've heard of richard now for us ambassador richard canal who loves california his name being tossed around he's also one of the leaders among some of the movement it will be interesting to see how this all plays out this has been one of most successful recall efforts i have seen of a politician and i think it's going to be very interesting to see not only for this case moving forward if it is successful thank you so much for joining us thank you for having me. well it looks like that is all for today's show it goes by quick i
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want you to follow me on twitter where we carry this conversation continue at scotty and news make sure that you use the hash tag team n.b.a. to make sure you send a direct message is i'd like to respond all of them also get our you tube channel but more importantly for this show and more download at the horrible dot tv app if you have not done it yet you're missing out we have all of the programming from our great artsy america channels and everything else is on your android or apple device and guess what we'll see you right back here tomorrow. during the vietnam war u.s. forces to neighboring laos it was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. how much it is
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officially the most heavily bombed country per capita in. human history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country jordyn we don't think it's going to continue to happen again even today kids in los full victims of bombs dropped decades ago is the u.s. making amends for the tragedy in laos built to the people need in that little land on. economies to cherry writing rapidly but the government is redefining c.p.i. redefining g.d.p. redefining everything and all the metrics so that the chips in the back of their redefining all these measurements to give a different to give a more favorable picture of something that is deteriorating. garments this.
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in the early ninety's seventy's helmet a psychologist flicks all just proposed to the west berlin senate a social experiment wanted to live paedophiles adopt and care for neglected boys experiment was a. good model. good on those who want your. girls don't to tend to believe that sex with older men would help with the boys socialization over 30 years many children were handed paedophiles to raise. new questions were heard more liberal. groups were looking for. work groups or should meet mr hope for good research going on through the roof.
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the european medicines agency says it will begin assessing russia's sputnik the vaccine with the block seeking to speed up its vaccination program some e.u. countries have already started receiving the shot and we've heard from the head of the russian fund that backs the vaccine. so initially the major european leaders should be. sure it would reach between russia and europe. the chinese professor in the u.k. is attacked by 4 men while out jogging in what is believed to be the latest case in a growing number of racially motivated assaults the victim told us asian people have become targets due to the corona virus. is no surprise because.


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