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once a false confession is taken the case is closed and nobody really can tell the difference between a good confession from one that is a. prime minister rejects calls not. politics. u.k. medical workers are outraged after the government office and a pay rise of a measly one percent. the dream holiday that turned into a nightmare we speak to a passenger of an italian cruise ship. resulting in the deaths of 3 people. refuse 24 must. test positive there was no suspicion that. they were fused to give us information.
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other thanks so much for joining is you're watching international. this hour the prime minister of slovakia has defended his decision to acquire russia sputnik the coronavirus vaccine that follows a wave of criticism after the country received its 1st delivery of the job. taylor is covering this story for us what exactly is the problem is a scary thought most countries are clamoring to get any kind of vaccine at this stage when there's been so many shortages around the world so was the problem what exactly over the past year we've heard time and time again how important unity is needed when it comes to the fight against coronavirus but it seems when it comes to the vaccine though unity sort of falls apart and political shenanigans begin slovakia's purchase of russia as. the latest of around 40 countries globally to do
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so has made this very clear because the prime minister has been forced to defend his decision after critics spoke out demanding well a refund. the sputnik vaccine will not go back to russia it will save lives in slovakia i would never give it up our country is a fundamental part of the european union but i cannot turn down a quality vaccine that will save our people because it's made in russia i'm not a murderer so why did those scenes of sputnik me flying out from moscow to the east of cool such a backlash well the russian fact scene has not yet been approved by the european union the approval process has in fact just begun but as prime minister said he can't in good conscience wait for red tape to be cut while his citizens are dying. so we are looking at just maybe a few people who are unhappy about this or is the heat on the promise of much bigger than them while the purchase of those $2000000.00 jobs has really put the
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slovakian government in disarray so 2 of the 4 parties who make up the ruling coalition have spoken out one in fact has proposed a reshuffle of the entire cabinet the other said it might even leave the coalition meanwhile the foreign minister foreign affairs minister very diplomatically declared that sputnik 3 is not just a frank scene but quote a tool of hybrid war so put simply politicians who are supposed to put the welfare of their citizens above all else are here badmouthing and trying to send back a vaccine that could save thousands of lives for its part and looking at all this political infighting said ok we'll take the vaccines back and we won't even ask for the compensation as per the contract and this is something that the suboxone pm wrote about specifically how expose the hypocrisy of his critics they have been seeing hybrid war jew political russian weapons all kinds of nonsense that we
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should be ashamed off when the russians came and offered to take the vaccine back with no repercussions everyone suddenly became quiet. the criticisms used to be this. is not registered by the e.u. i could understand this you know the club they want to do everything in house so why is the country not getting it in-house from the it's no secret that the european union is failing in its task to vaccinate its 450000000 strong population its production is slow its rollout is even slow it's been such a p.r. and health obviously disaster that brussels even had to publicly apologize so desperation anger frustration has pushed such an e.u. countries to look beyond the block for help specifically to russia hungary has approved sputnik v. . to offer its e.u. approved by the way got to late there are rumors that the czech republic and
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austria next in line so clearly there's an appetite that's growing as is a lack of faith in brussels as for brussels on the e.u. as you quite rightly said it's obvious you all about being a single cohesive union where everything is centralized so all these people breaking rank is actually quite humiliating and in the sign that it doesn't even really have faith in itself to manage this crisis a spokesperson said that countries can now independently acquire jobs whether they're approved by the russian chinese whatever so we're clearly seeing shifts within the e.u. member states losing faith and confidence splintering from the e.u. when it comes to fact scenes and the latest saga in slovakia really going to show as we've seen really from the beginning that even a vaccine in the middle of a global pandemic cannot not be politicized and julie don't think the really bad at this point is people. who should be taking a back step of the many things with the. now
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a kick in the teeth that's what the british medical association is called the government's one percent pay rise off of health care workers something health unions say undermines the value of those who quote kept the country alive during the covert crisis despite the n.h.s. receiving an extra $500000000.00 pounds per year under the proposal that sounds a lot but it would still likely result in a real term pay cut for staff as inflation in the u.k. could hit 1.5 percent this year now this comes despite the government's repeated promises and they were repeated we'll show you in a minute of rewarding frontline staff. our n.h.s. is the beating heart of this country it is important that we support our allegiance we want to see our fantastic front line workers paid properly we absolutely want to want to rock want to reward n.h.s. staff for what they've done i will be making sure that we fight to have that fair reward i mean i guess the government would have to prioritize and i think nurses in
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the n.h.s. in general something that we've had prioritized at this moment and i do think they should probably receive more than one percent but it's a symbolic one percent you know what's that's not going to have any impact on the it just feels like a very it's like a very weak offer from the government it's not right you know there's always companies that made so much money off the back about that but those have been in the middle of it haven't done so well and it energizes critically underfunded and you know the government can afford lots of other things you look at all the contracts they've been giving to their friends. meanwhile a leading british nurses union has set up a fund to prepare for possible strikes over the deal labor party disappear stammers also dismissed the proposal saying covert heroes deserve better support the british health secretary defended the offer he called it affordable given the country's economic downturn we got the opinions of
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a british nurse and an expert on the proposal. well not least because one can say as nor accurate as can 2nd everything that nazis have done and in each case workers in general for this country joining the course of the. river it had 10 years of a state it and ask always north korea to meet you not that i think you can imagine any. demoralized the tango and the same people or some government as we had at least a small band of all that asked our government in clout for is ever to be quite honest but it you may actually szell. we are and the appreciation for it is and they nicked unfortunately that was a messed opportunity for the government i think it's fairly understandable that public servants who are doing a really difficult job are a really difficult time would feel that they ought to be rewarded more fair in the u.k. is a wealthy nation if we devalued our resources fairly i think there'd be
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a lot more that you know they'd be ample scope for low paid workers and critical work as such the system gets a. more substantial pay rise it's not hard to find examples of how better more cold but. government administration or a fairer taxation system could find the money to give the nurses who've been literally saving lives keeping the country running through this period of more generous offer. french authorities are investigating manslaughter allegations against at least costa cruises after 3 people died following a covert outbreak on the ship last year passengers of the coast the magical claim that they weren't told about suspected infections and were encouraged by the crew even to use the ship's facilities. you spoke to one of the passengers. said quite a cruise was a chance to go with my son who was 5 years old to see
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a magical. and discover the magic of the caribbean instead it was a nightmare i wondered how i would get out of this hell because if i didn't i was going to die stephanie dubois was one of thousands of holiday makers aboard the costa magical last year when the covert pandemic hit for her and her then follow idea old son it was supposed to be a dream voyage instead passengers found themselves trapped overboard with little information on what was happening as the virus spread through the ship. they refused to inform us that there were cases of co's that aboard the ship that they had tested positive there was no suspicion but muddied people they've refused to give us information and we got it from the media when we were near the coast and could get signals they concealed it from us and they didn't let us protect ourselves they didn't protect us either health wise they didn't treat us very well
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and not a movie humanely but also they avoided putting in place barrier measures which could have protected us and did you ask costa what measures they were putting in place to ensure that your health was the priority of the tension increased very quickly we were in a state of tension and anguish which i just can't describe and finally after a few days this virus spread strongly we asked them to cut the air conditioning and they refused and we demanded that the open the restaurants and those outside so the people could escape the cruise the soonest possible to avoid gatherings he refused to put in place these measures the cruise ship was refused permission for passengers to disembark at several poor including only island of moxon eek now these images show the situation off to the islands authority told passengers that
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they had to stay confined to their cabins tench. hi and violence erupted. i was was. was. was was a near late and french investigators are freezing obligations including monsoon to andrew to sit around in the long lives of others against italy's costa cruises over her mental could be going team cases aboard that ship 3 passengers don't read from the virus the company denies the accusations saying that it and the crew acted on the scant information that was available about the forests the toyman considering that at that time the situation was evolving rapidly and the ship's medical team acted on the basis of the vailable scientific information and full compliance with
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the instructions of the health authorities and in constant coordination with them but the lawyer who represents always knowing 100 passengers in the complaint filed in france told r.t. that that's not the case then you can never say there was no more hand sanitizer it was replaced by water pretty clearly or it was either totally empty or didn't exist no security or health measures there were 3 restaurants and little addition to that there was only one open and there were 2300 passengers who came for lunch breakfast and dinner one after the other without health measures and he claims that the company was fully aware before setting sail that there were troubled waters ahead even loyal to holiday makers he said that they had questioned whether there would be a tally in passengers on board as at that time italy had become the latest hub for the virus costa he says assured them there would be no talons on board he said me
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they knew a week in advance that the. crews could not last so yes it's true it was a strange health situation near the start or just a little in advance of the country hence the concern of the french passengers to know if there were any italian passengers at this time it was a european country hit hard by covert and they wrote we have the emails and letters from costa we say no there will be no italian passengers yes they lied and they should have cancelled this cruise because they knew what could happen the passengers who have brought these complaints will now have to wait to see if it will be taken for stephanie it's already been a long and tough journey but she's determined that costa cruises should be held responsible so it's all legal. to come on others around the curbs to say to be lifted in the russian capital by the state to be a show says the situation across the country is steadily improving dr carson bogdan
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after the break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic developments only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. the world is driven by shaped by.
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the day or thinks. we dare to ask. welcome back the world health organization has said the coronavirus situation here in russia is improving and following a steady decrease in cases in the russian capital the mayor of moscow has announced think further easing of coronavirus restrictions in the russian capital. on the line now with the latest good to see what more can you tell us about this move by moscow authorities. well indeed russia appears to be
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a bucking the world cold with 19 a trend as many countries are facing their 3rd wave of the virus sans like you said the world the world health organization also said that the situation in iraq is improving now the latest from may here in moscow is that it's lifted one of the final restrictions of the coronavirus starting on monday the mandatory stay at home rule for seniors those over 65 and those people with chronic diseases will be lifted the city's mayor said that the latest ease of restrictions is attributed to the fact that. 100 to 6 in the entire country and in moscow have drastically improved and just some numbers he said that the daily cases in the capsule have dwindled at least 5 times compared to those back in the end of the
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year when see it's 1000 that saw him just about moscow for example the latest insists except from the russian capital is 888-0800 people infected now however the city authorities are still warning of those in a risk groups or remain vigilance and sue. as much as possible. just because you're immutable issue of the daily number of people hospitalized with severe cases varies between 708 on a day and of course those are the risks still exist but we must understand that the elderly and those with chronic diseases particularly concerned about these are risks. while relaunching concessionary tickets we still recommend that people refrain from traveling. but no these groups come travel they should do to a vaccination center to get the job. now moscow has almost returned to business as usual back in february when the city authorities restrictions.
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on food in their same insects are they opened up again the students were allowed to go back to class and of course employees in certain places in moscow were allowed to return back to work however there are still a limitations in the russian capital despite all the easing such as a social distancing and of course everyone is required to wear protective gear in public places now elsewhere in russia office frictions are still in place with seniors mandated to stay at home and of course some employers are still some employees are working remotely now russian vaccination efforts are also in full swing that began back in the december of last year the moments according to the authorities at least 5 people 5000000 people have been inoculated however
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considering russian population which is approximately 150000000 people 5000000 as not many however that is quickly accelerating and authorities are hoping that the more and more and more people get max and they did very soon according to the authorities once again. nearly half actually 45 percent so. all the population who are over 60 years old have already been vaccinated as well now the government hopes that the next nations if the vaccinations go as planned the russians will develop collective unity as soon as august of this year could get a bit of positive news for once many thanks around culture of with the report. u.s. capitol police have requested will than 2000 national guard troops to remain in washington d.c. for least another 2 months but with tensions remaining high after the january riots
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even rumors of renewed violence seem enough to put media and police on edge element but explains. it is no exaggeration to say that there was serious panic in the lead up to march 4th a new threat against the u.s. capitol a possible militia plot to storm the capitol as early as tomorrow we are watching this threat stream the information social media other sources with respect to this particular day march 4th federal law enforcement is on full alert after warnings from intelligence officials that another attack on the u.s. capitol could be a minute preparations were serious hundreds of national guard patrolling the area capitol police released a statement on wednesday warning possible plot to breach the capital by an unidentified militia group a local businesses have warned tenants about possible protests you might have gotten the impression watching me to your reports that u.s. officials were bracing for the purge as citizens rushed to get home before
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commencing. we advise you to get off the streets as quickly as possible it'll soon be a war there. so what happened when the fateful day finally arrived nothing what does it take to put the u.s. government on edge apparently just some lame internet rumors it all started with q. and a on conspiracy theorists on the internet they said that the inauguration of joe biden was a big false flag and that the pentagon was planning to install donald trump on march 4th the original inauguration date in u.s. history well obviously that did not happen now the main conspiracy theory of cuban on is the idea that a group of satanic blood drinking pedophiles have seized control of the u.s. government and media apparatus. and that donald trump and his allies are waging a heroic covert war against them behind the scenes some of blame donald trump for not denouncing the militia groups and cuban on conspiracy theorists who rally
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behind him you know the president has a responsibility to tell him to stand down this road is credible it's real he went on conspiracy theories and delusions aside joe biden won the election he has been inaugurated so why is the country still on edge and blaming the former president there were no violent actions or big protests on march 4th but law enforcement was on high alert the whole thing was taken very very seriously the department continues to work with all of them. and is based on the intelligence that we have the department has taken immediate steps to enhance our security posture and stuffing for a number of days to include much the fool the u.s. house of representatives even canceled their meeting later nancy pelosi insisted that the meeting was not cancelled just moved to an earlier time if in fact there's any trouble makers around and it made sense. i don't
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think anybody should take any encouragement that because some troublemakers might show up and that we change the whole schedule now we just moved in a few hours there's now a call to extend the national guard presence around the u.s. capitol just in case internet liberals have decided that a secret nazi conspiracy has taken over the republican party their proof the shape of the stage at sea-tac apocalyptic scenarios are now starting to become a regular aspect of american political discourse and i actually have a lot of conservative friends and a lot of populous conservative friends and a lot of trump supporters. and none of the had talked about this until the mainstream you brought it up rumors only cause panic if the room. rumors are given air by the right you know media i just think it's a justification to not put this in ministries in the position where they have to actually face the failures that they have had through almost only a month and
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a half of being in office people were talking about a $2000.00 check that's what they want to know they want to wear their checks that i want to hear about that where the money or where the health care you know what's going on in our economy right now you know those are the things we don't see anyone once again holding biden accountable in the same way that we expected to be out accountable i promise you nobody going to the capitol to the day the mainstream media's been claiming this blood drinking satanic pedophiles secret cryptic nazi symbols false flag inaugurations all of this would make a great hollywood movie or netflix mini series but in the real world america seems to have some pretty big problems like crumbling infrastructure unpopular wars and cultural polarization however our political discourse seems to be stuck in fantasyland caleb artsy new york.
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$930000000.00 tons that's the amount of food wasted by households and the service industry globally each year according to research by the u.n. environment program according to that report 17 percent of all food produced is thrown away which is principle for about 10 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions all the $570000000.00 tons of food waste comes from households alone businesses governments and citizens around the world have to do the postes to reduce food waste that us will shop carefully creatively and make waste in food anywhere socially unacceptable colonist north of richard wolffe believes that the food industries paul is to blame. you couldn't produce food as a national social community objectives on you could make it something like. running up public park or providing public
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education or providing public health care in other words it is a human right and it is a basic requirement of civilized society and so it gets the priority that properly goes with that we don't do that in the united states and in many other countries either instead what we have in the united states and in other countries is a profit driven food system if we did it differently if the priority was to take the food we 10 print booms to feed the people who are in our community we would have taken steps law will go to make sure that the food is properly produced properly packaged properly process and properly consumed that whole it's not difficult to teach people out and do it to provide them with the equipment and
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it would pay for itself very quickly in a better fed l theatre population. speaking of food lots more food for thought for you join us for our latest headlines at the top of the hour. by the dummy no certainly no borders and as the in tonight's number tease. is a word we do the movie we do the back seat world feasting and be ready to eat 1st. commentary says. we can do better we should be. everyone is contributing each or own way but we also know that this crisis will not
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go on forever the challenges created with the response has been so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. by the 21st century america is exhausted it's just tired and it doesn't have anything approaching mark but china after being on the margins for so long does have something to prove and they do have the capacity and they are putting shoulder to the wheel and they are working. since it either abundance of and. among. them is. about the mind. right. now and i just typed his opinion. in the next column of his tongue my one on.
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one feel good he's a. little too. good. this is a boom bust the one business show you can't afford the boardwalk been coming up in a promising sign for the economy the us jobs market saw a boost last month straight ahead we'll analyze the numbers and how optimism is affecting global markets plus chinese technology firms have filed lawsuits against the u.s. government over the ongoing tech tensions between the world's 2 largest.


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