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live. live. live live . it's. the load on.
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the wall not shown it turns out as you go on here oh are you going to. go into the real meat that i didn't know that i'm adamant about the you couldn't get out of the one in the. least. some of those us that someone's on this young told them about some of it is about. the cost load. load. if. you don't have not much know. what they're.
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going to. get cut like the 1st. day was movie the only rules i'm going to live with.
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during the subsidiary law sooner or later the spirit will assume it is all. done while you go you'll walk through or sit there. in any what town that's most of them it's all it's a matter is am. open mind up all to. i'm going to do what some other number and wondered over to mother when you were allowed under. the was enemy good talent and most of it is. more on tick down going down you need our help it's our own private in work tomorrow. the ones that is how we're going to go shows a record who's hot on the part about out if you're about to go to. to see how warm so chances are they're going to get students with. sununu or orders over the phone. and you said i want more money out of a woman as his. mother is if you call more weighty for
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government has had on so. much to all go so wrong or so with for so. him other kids were to visit his soon to pass pick i didn't have to sing on his soul for who are good and who want to show sins are also for or you don't go to get a will. or through no it's limits how to live it oh my me about ball on the ladder nonsense a bag of your own don't swim without all. those don't die you need to be that will die only i was so good on time to what it took to civil to him once or not and our tears of us are so. i don't you know i think i'm the only interest is joining the delusion.
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do you go to won't either. we certainly didn't show some skin was only some of the time when we were switched between. people that you can do is it has any civilian force 8. 100 it was called which put. it. to absolute genius it. appears that it's also going to matter i don't want you to think it has little to no. competition call it the poor to sit dunk at school who go on not have conditions to call. when he was an increase concluded or. like the only 2. bob other than the ring pop other than usual the opinion wasn't as
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others pay money or on the other than your bottom dollar much much from. the all the time i living being something i was you also. talked up how. to. put. into words talk in english or toss it on one cheers arms really. although i would have. i want to get your voice and other joke in on this record ok to nukes and other to keep their money you know what i'm spouting off how about someone who. got this one as well as i got up this is because i knew any major so long ago that you can't. just say. well just. pull it.
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back to go look. for the end of that. he.
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was going to. run. and run for. but that was not the.
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committal you're always up. you always go. to new observation on the one point. even when it will go on with oil oxers all over you not wanting to. go on the only thing you can do about some of the even household. chores injuries or other you know. or. they won't look on you and we don't know that.
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you have gone you know. look at you can. you know move on also up there won't you go. running and. then when the little men like don't work on you. you don't know. they will hang it up was no you were wrong. you know that it's only lies and we all know the name on the name again. ramadan other than the. internet when you put it across your computer to judge it's a clue to the good even if you know you got what you just got there and you go through to be covered for.
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it and it will eat nothing but it was the eve of the fellow that felt that it was. such as honest as it was a missile would be done from god telling mr munder going to want to watch you going to sign a condom out of this is a small. quote that in the middle of all the toe in the. you know just not on the. numbers and it turns isn't true on those old days has a sitter who would have on the arguments that thing that comes into everything. then what is the. a. meal going well in that i thought there was
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one chance some time. that i'm talking. today to figure out how to do the talking about how to hold on to the point of the move a little bit going at it with a bit of the world have little to do with who notices to go outside. and all that from the b.c.p.l. i know you're. going to die and we will begin to look a little on the dark blue moon the duke do all. come down good if all the people down south of paris was told but is on one of those and you are. uncertain. sometimes salt. color film such as you go. to see is
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a word of this. to . cut.
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during the vietnam war u.s. forces neighboring laos there was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. the mouse country per capita. human history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country jordyn wieber went out of control it's happening. even today kids in laos full victims of bombs dropped decades ago is the us making amends for that tragedy and. help to the people need in that little land of mines. there are tactics that can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit i don't even think people in the us really get that the police are allowed to lie to you the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe the
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lie that they were told about their own behavior once a false confession is taken the case is closed and nobody really can tell the difference between a good confession and one that isn't. no you must take. a little bit of the coverage of the good things you took the not. play golf. course don't. own your own although. that's not so good are not hard up the little. league.
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manager can do and don't jerk you. around that of course soon. came out i was so similar read those rankings don't don't do it because it is ok to be done and going to. do is to make us all we don't shun them it does to pad their us all in that are equal or don't just as i mean what you could just make up going on in condone was guess what though we should only. go so. uncool. who knows all. don't you.
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know you would entanglements in the not over those welcome major because in. your do not i the. little guy done it all. i meant that. to take it up through our own mental tactic to make them. live. with him i know she looked so. good to me that i didn't. like. live. live.
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live. live. i mean that. you'll go to. 0. 0. 0 los.
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lobos 'd. hello to you my kind of. guy. a good old boy that eternity in the seat of a willing to chat in the mud and i think what's the camp when he was asked which i think has to be like a journal that for. so long. lived all over. again just regular 2nd hits. that you don't order was a time to moneyball was a time to have done it not true that says and you don't those others i offer
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a lot of his own company to go back and they asked me. all over. the all. fall. far. far. off the. wall the.
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personnel on no matter. how for years we don't know if 5 you can wait. got to get it done to come on the phone. completely shut. down the cut 6 we're still going to have to tell you when it comes i know you're coming from here you. got to get. them to not get in a hollow. threat to get cut. out you know you can't.
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sleep. guys i've been told to yank you know me to give me some oxycodone back into me that's 21 days in that we see that once again what it took turns on its own we dance you don't we dance when you we can say even as opposed to the back of your p.c. we're talking to me that's 230 some days in the course it's a long way from intrusive and to me so mocking the units of b.b.c. and all voice you could he goes home to cottle we didn't see many stones on jackson don't we don't even know when you hear him kingston found out in sr there was one going so so now you want to get on a good part rather than just make up the band can you don't book that small total
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mess of headaches that are new in that it is one of those other candidates retire pose a question that you can possibly go to make your minds when i call them sit in the meeting i thought of how good we are. then time it out so even it would have cost like you said so that it's all done sort of booted or do you see what its whole. what about that i think you can take the. most awful awful close to one. that it will hold. but i'm not a big one thing ya got until it's all going to go along never done the. job. market. and. the. whole world.
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will. go to. fulfill. their. lives remember his it is a. book called the you. know you know i'm tired of touching i'm going to be such a loser wouldn't it would. you do that. with the mobility of your. clothes or not but it was your gold medal you know each game council and those who wanted it it's not real jettisoning you. feel it with you if you don't want to.
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although. you go your book. those folks who didn't get. to go. news because it's almost always and there is because who gets a good sleep do. you still believe that the. tuna wasn't all over the. cause of this thing it's kind of that it calm. time to do with the to do it to you that it was my. time when passing out with the law to the guy you took a poll 95 novels in the pit a couple. of times on him because i'm gonna kill me because it's clear that the puppet the puppet if you. want to switch off.
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new baby.
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garments because those spirits going to. push. for a cure most from the. in the early ninety's seventy's how much a psychologist inflicts on the just proposed to the west but in senate a social experiment wanted to let paedophiles adopt and care for neglected boys the experiment was a. mission to model. who want your. your girls to tend to believe that sex with older men would help with the boys though sheila's ation over 30 years many children were handed over
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paedophiles to raise them just to mention christians would have heard more than the logs and news over those 3 words looking for. weapons or she didn't just fall for the person going on through the roof. some. muslim are very hardworking people who want to get ahead either have some some health issues or have some trick about luck. pay for a place to live and missing just a month's rent. if anything bad happens to any thing that just throws your budget off slightly. better catch up real quick. look at you like a monster or someone bad or you chose to be there most of the time it's not. in
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the world's richest country. the prime minister rejects. 3. u.k. medical workers for the government's pay rise of just. a dream turned into a nightmare we hear from a. cruise ship during. the refuse to inform us that. they tested positive. information.


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