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stake in the case is closed and nobody really can tell the difference between a good confession someone that isn't. even. stories that shape their weight here on r.t. slack it becomes the latest in a new country to get the vaccine that is the block struggled to get its own vaccination program off the ground. plans to complete a hat trick of vaccines the latest pull back is expected to be launched later this month we speak to the head of the institute. about the closure of europe but if we do not have to prove the prestigious institution in the products it makes the institution 60 years old and is connected to the victory over plan we owe in yellow fever and we deliver drugs for these diseases abroad so we don't need any promotion. frenzy sealants says no one should be off limits when it comes to informing on those big league breakers one weekend the end of the nation
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being bombed into democracy ministration says no more u.s. backed regime change we ask whether our habits die hard. they're good afternoon the latest developments in a look back what's been happening over the last 7 days you're watching weekly here on r.t. international. has become the latest e.u. country to get russia's vaccine follows hungary's decision to get the jab is europe's vaccination program begins to falter there are also signs to other countries could join the czech republic saying this week it was considering doing the same with more on the story spoke with. to the 3 european nations that have a green light to dispute it despite the european medicines agency taking its time
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really taking its time to approve sputnik so these 3 nations have already sidelined the european union and of the said look the situation is incredibly desperate to the czech republic hungry and now serve akhet which received its 1st batch. vaccines there's going to be millions more that are going to be delivered by summer so the prime minister's obviously very happy that he's managed to secure more vaccines for the people nevertheless there is now a scandal there's a scandal because the president of slovakia has come out she paid lip service to people's lives but all directly she said that vaccination shouldn't be carried out at the expense of political stability of course saving lives goes beyond any political controversy but even exceptional actions can be taken in such a way so as not to destroy the ruling coalition humiliate ponens a question people's confidence in vaccinations and cause further conflict in
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society it is remarkable coming out in front of your people in the middle of a pandemic and telling them you know your health is important but what is even more important is the stability of the ruling coalition you know it just goes to highlight that the deep divisions in europe and there are incredibly deep divisions in europe over the way the pandemic vaccination in the rule out of the vaccines has been handled it isn't the russian vaccine that is undermining people's faith in the european union it is their handling of this crisis in germany for example 51 percent of people asked in a recent poll whether vaccination has been handled well or badly by the european union 51 percent more than half of germans have said it's been shambles so initially the european union came out and said look let's let's all do it together so give up your power new nation needs to buy a vaccine by themselves we'll. handler so will get you the vaccines and what
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ultimately happened is they bungled it 1st they were too expensive then they were too late because the united states britain snatched up all the vaccines look at the statistics only 5 percent of europeans have been able to get a single job that is compared to 30 percent in the united kingdom so europe is lagging far far behind that european nations understand that this is a catastrophe in a huge number of levels of a political level or the health care level and ultimately what has happened is that all these nations have said look we're going to do this ourselves obviously the european agencies the euro kratz they have fumbled this so we'll have that ourselves you have poland running to the chinese with hands outstretched begging for that scene quotas you have austria going out and saying that you know we're going to now cooperate with israel to develop a 2nd generation vaccines denmark as well saying that will will work with israel and 2nd generations vaccine to target all the strains and all that and ultimately
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the austrian chancellor so this is a leader of a european nation coming out and saying they've lost hoop in europe the way that europe handles vaccine rollouts we must prepare for the mutations and should no longer be dependent soley on the e.u. in the production of 2nd generation vaccines look brussels understands that what has happened has been a catastrophe you have officials the european union coming out and say we're sort of apologizing to citizens all over europe for the way they've handled things but saying that you know it isn't it is a do over yet we can still recover we'll get your vaccines there's no need to run around and make shady deals and you know buy up vaccines that were supposed to be received by other european nations you have a situation where it's a free for all now nevertheless the europeans assure that they can fix things. and then now saying that perhaps perhaps will try to speed up the whole bureaucratic
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process that has caused all of this and get you a merge and see approval for vaccines now it could be an emergency authorization of vaccines that you level was shared liability among member states remember in the early days of the pandemic but countries all over the world nato allies are good neighbors bought up supplies from each other so we're talking about mosques ventilators we all remember the diplomatic crises that that caused the situation now is remarkably similar so there is no united front what you can get your hands on you get your hands on and this is a situation that obviously isn't optimal for europe in these difficult times especially economically politically all over the world nevertheless european bureaucrats are giving up hope they believe that they can still fix things the problem is of course that member states don't believe that they can or russia or so you have a hat trick of vaccines in its arsenal against the pandemic because in addition to
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sputnik the and at the back the country expects to launch later this month as he has done of spoke with the head of the center behind the shot when you were pulled out of the can you explain what makes the kovi vacaville different he uses a deactivated virus but what does that actually mean in the schools were you nick you worked with we used a process called in activation which basically means killing the virus vaccines usually use a live virus or an already dead one we're dealing with an inactivated whole cell vaccine approach that we've been developing for many years all of the vaccines out there to mark of center are based on this method a significant number of our vaccines form part of the russian national vaccination calender. causing a lot of the book at the what how long did it take to develop the vaccine how did you test it with no. it took almost a year and that's a very short time no western company has ever managed to produce
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a vaccine like this in such a short timeframe there are other technologies involved a key step was extracting the virus we went to various clinics and took blood samples from sick patients and tested for the presence of the virus one patient turned out to have a strain that was particularly amenable to our ends we were able to multi-line it and to cultivate it this was followed by the technological stages which manufactured the virus then purified it and then killed it the so-called in activation process as a result we get an industrial strain of the virus fit for mass production you know which from the give you go across to moscow doesn't ease the foreign manufacturers said it was impossible to create an effective vaccine in such a short period of time then the lancet magazine published these efficacy data and many more people wanted to buy our faxing how will you convince the west that your vaccine is as effective. as not to because it would but if you do not have to prove the prestige of our institution in the products it makes the
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institute is 60 years old and it's connected to the victory over polio and yellow fever and we deliver drugs for these diseases abroad so we don't need any promotion the pandemic has created something akin to a state of war so all our resources have been redirected towards launching the vaccine into civilian circulation it's not about convincing anyone everything we do meets the requirements of the world health organization with which we have close cooperation the state has the task of solving the civil circulation issue and of doing the promotion the 1st challenge is to obtain the product and then to get it out there. we're just over one year ago the 1st case of trying of our supposed to take to dinner russian citizen and that lot has happened since then with the restrictions being lifted in moscow this week say isn't it back then it has the last 12 months in russia have unfolded.
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friends family and neighbors no one should be off the snooping radar when it comes to that you see break with roofs of these thoughts according to new zealand's prime minister but has in forming become yet another symptom of the pandemic 'd his mickey. image the many lockdowns thousands of face masks and gallons of hand sanitizer kind of it has also encourage families and friends to reconnect check in
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more often to family quizzes but also question who we can really trust in new zealand kiwis have been encouraged to turn detective and report to any rule breakers they come across whether they be your friendly local greengrocer or your day old grandma even with a full understanding of human fallibility it is not appropriate and it is not r.k. the members of the team of 5000000 to meet the rest of us down and it seems it's a proven practice remember last year when the shit number of do that is snitching on their neighbors was some of the well make it crashed a police website we've had for ferals them 200 reports of people believing others were compliant again it shows how. determined. to ensure that everyone complies with us convinced the idea of turning us into a world of informers is the key to compliance leaders across the globe competed for
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the most creative ways to encourages all to tell allays matt opted for a cash incentive you know the old expression about snitches well in this case snitches get rewards we want to thank you for turning folks in and making sure we are all safe in washington police transformed a local up for residents into an express line to rat on your neighbor with government stay home stay healthy order in effect the bellevue police have developed an easy way for residents to report violations reports logged into the my bellevue generated heat map showing where there are potentially illegal gatherings business activity and it's really such was the strength of the all seeing army they decided to make it official and created 60000 jobs for those who felt the need to daub in others and no souls was spat in germany as even politicians felt the wrath of the school you'd think the public might have been appalled by those measures but
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the enthusiasm was so overwhelming that some police stations in the u.k. were receiving so many calls that they had to create a separate special hotline for the whole of curtain twitching do gooders now there's nothing wrong with asking people to remain vigilant and helpful we all have to do our bit but what happens when coburn itself coughs it's lost in the pandemic finally blows over the curtain twitchers will just be left nervously twitching hoping to once again be friends and not enemies. in other news this week washington said it will no longer carry out military interventions abroad but some are questioning its new commitment given america's long record of backing coups and joe biden supporting nato bombing because slavia philip martin assesses this which in foreign policy and by the secretary of state we will incentivize democratic behavior. but we will not promote democracy through costly military interventions
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or by attempting to overthrow or thora terry regimes by force we've tried these tactics in the past. however well intentioned they haven't worked quite an interesting use of words but the pattern from the united states of intervening in the affairs of other countries destabilizing and overthrowing governments around the world is quite well known one looks at the history of iraq of libya afghanistan one looks throughout south and central america one can see many examples of the united states intervening in other countries affairs destabilizing and overthrowing governments and in fact in recent years we've heard many calls from u.s. leaders for governments around the world to be overthrown and for leaders to step down assad needs to go we will continue to work with our partners in the international community to press. the to leave the time has come for nicholas mcdermott to go what's interesting is that we actually had
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a tweet from anthony blinken in which he gave full support to one kwaito is an individual in venezuela who has proclaimed himself to be the president and has been engaging in violent attempts to destabilize venezuela to overthrow the elected government and there of even been u.s. military contractors that have been involved in those military coup attempts so having anthony blinken you know you know voicing support for one great oh the unelected individual who claims to be venezuela's leader kind of flies in the face of his claim that the united states won't be using force now if there was one loophole you could say in anthony blinken remarks he did create a pretext in which the united states would be continuing to use force against governments of course we will never hesitate to use force when american lives and vital interests are at stake now what exactly would constitute such a threat he did not lay out any specific criteria so it seems that though the
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united states through its new secretary of state is announcing that no more force will be used many wonder if this will simply be a changing of red. looks like the united states will most likely be continuing its foreign policy activities but only time will tell he did leave that huge loophole where he said vital interests vital interests can mean almost anything mars the moon you name it it could be a vital interest to america if a politician wants to say that's the case it seems like rhetoric you know trump certainly had his own style that was very bombastic and out there and other presidents have been more reserved in their or in their description of activities but when you look at the actual policies we've seen no change and i think it sounds like rhetoric not something that we can count on yet you know president trying started a trade war with china and now president biden's talking about well we're going to cooperate with other countries but we're also going to have trade agreements that
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protect our workers and do this and that which in the end probably means the exact same policies as a national trade war biden i see him rebranding a lot of the same old thing. still to come on the way to the social media platforms continue that crusade against old trying to seen change take stands major post-presidential spades what have the details in a couple. so
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in. spearing dramatic development only really. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. again that was his 1st major comeback speech since departing the white house but just hours after dawn took to the stage the former american president had for them
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file a few cheap census form deleted his speech on a number of news organizations sites including reuters a.b.c. and citing a lack of content warnings with her take his. sir donald trump was back giving his big return speech at the packed 2021 once the conservative political action conference for the uninitiated and it attracts a break through walls but. if i would show you some more of the highlights but it's not bad easy because they are i would like you to be able to watch my video on you tube which is hard to say at censoring the 45th president but nobody likes live ok let's try and get one more quick clip in content warning this video contains an orange man saying things which may not be
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100 percent correct the world's super duper restraint. you see our t.v.'s streamed trumps return live on and convert free to say whatever he wants in the tradition of freedom of speech only for you tube to take it down and threaten r.t. with a content strike and deletion from the platform for violating its spam deceptive practices and spams policy hey you tube if you're going to delete every video for scams and deceptive practices you know basically going to be left with one video this one. you tube responded to queries by saying more details and explanatory information must be provided essentially you to pate the fact that trump still uses every
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opportunity to claim that he didn't lose the election but what's interesting about you tube's policy is that the censors 1st port of call was r.t. r t s german channel and another russian channel called sputnik it took our. before they got to the likes of reuters and the associated press and even then i bet they weren't threatened with removal from the plant core so the folly is clear because for example i can still watch the trump video on the independence youtube channel actually as you know they just watch the word house but it's one of those which is our environment and so watch out there while you still can read social media platforms which are always trying to get out of trouble by saying that they are publishers they just provide an outlet are openly censoring political content and deleting access to a former president who despite what any of us may say more was democratically
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elected by millions of people. and they're targeting russian channels specifically allowing people to speak freely and that all getting all the news outlets are simply reporting the news and yet i can still watch things like this. it's political censorship that's all it is. legal and the media and this line always concerns to you that you tube is actively trying to silence political opponents google and youtube and other other platforms like this are of such in the main in nature that you're almost like you chill ities did. imagine if you're on the phone and over send your phone drops because you dared mention hydroxy chloroquine or said something in favor of donald trump you wouldn't have it and if the utility said well maybe you should start your
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own phone company was it that ridiculous so it's time for us to recalibrate and redefine what these platforms are they're not they're not the union platform this is you tube this is international it's more than that and these distinctions have to change and what it is is these agencies these platforms are if you will agencies or instruments of whatever the shadow government the ruling class the deep state i don't know but you're being used as clenching devices to punish people to get in line and people love these platforms so much that they will not talk about or think about anything in fear of losing their beloved you to were facebook or whatever so they know exactly what they're doing. the world will have blood on its hands over yemen us the stark warning from the u.n. which has received less than half their nations needed for this is
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a program we spoke to no waging refugee council spokesperson small town a big. it's shocking that at a time when we are warning about potential historic famine in yemen that countries like saudi arabia which i think pledged 430000000 that's a fraction of the 1000000000 they pledged in 2019 the u.a.e. as well another country which is directly responsible for the situation of hunger in yemen through its role in the war only pledged 230000000 the u.k. . have to aid to yemen. and again the u.k. it's partly responsible for what's going on because of the sounds of weapon what this means for young children in yemen is that an entire generation of children will know nothing about war how and disease what they will see will see
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a generation whose development is tomtit while the u.n. didn't even reach half of its $3900000000.00 target as we heard mostly because the significant number of countries donated less than last year and i 6 year conflict in yemen has led to the world's worst humanitarian crisis. the. yemenis themselves are helping themselves all the time and you know aid is that the only thing that was keeping these afloat i'm not families was still when they could
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they were going out to work trying to get day to day. you know families in yemen help or has been going on to say yes the communities themselves they've been taking in families who've been displaced they've been sharing their very dental that they have but the problem is yemenis they are an incredibly resilient population but they've run out of options because it 19 means more people have lost their jobs it means that yemenis who are working abroad and help the iraqis don't get able to do so so there's very little resistance that yemenis have had so that's why the international community just step in with the money and support will ultimately yes well what we need is an end to this or we need a nationwide scenes lined up because the conflict is that is at the root cause of the hunger in this country. and we are not international just coming up to half
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past 3 in the afternoon in moscow we'll be back with more stories from the last 7 days at the top of the. there are tactics that can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit i don't even think people in the us really get that the police are allowed to lie to the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior once a false confession is taken the case is closed and nobody really can tell the difference between a good confession and one that is. the world is driven by shaped by.
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the day. thinks. we dare to ask. during the vietnam war us forces to neighboring laos it was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. until our fellow my state is officially heavily bombed country per capita all human history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country jordyn wieber. even today kids in laos full victims of bombs dropped decades ago is the us making amends for the tragedy in laos what help do the people need in
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that little land of mines. and say that if a boy doesn't. pay for them is. about the money. to let those who do so. get their. types to use a pen in. the in the next tongues are going to have. been. used when few get in though it is a. little. one time for this it was a friday night and. they're made illegal by the fact that. in
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a hopeless financial situation. savings may have seen them through the 1st. but the 2nd is driving. to bankruptcy. prostitution is legal in germany but for months have been forced to keep closed. just to survive. the social democratic party of germany is preparing to. blow the whistle and claim that germany is becoming the. on the med. school.


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