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tv   Cross Talk  RT  March 8, 2021 12:30am-1:01am EST

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against international law and so many other elements and this bungling towards iran it's very incoherent and then all while we're being told there's a pivot to asia this is ministration is just ok go ahead you know there were there all over the place really you examined a militia lee all over the place so that you've got the situation ends in iraq you've got the situation in syria you've got the situation in yemen and really it deteriorated completely beyond the pale situation with alliston in that peace process which the democrats are believe that they're the studio guardians of that process generally but so that how many plates can be spent and i think the trump administration for all its faults realize that you can only spend so many plates of the time and the situation as of all in the middle east and what the democrats have coming back into power and it's almost like they don't they're not recognizing the fact that things have changed i mean a massive sea change and lo and behold in the last 2 weeks the exact same quagmire
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presented itself on the iraqi and syrian border there were rocket attacks that provoked supposedly united states to respond to aggression against us bases and reveal in iraq and so what did they do they hit the high she xabi people's mobilization the institutions on the iraqi border with syria and said that that is the you know they're hoping that that's going to deescalate the situation said john kirby of this the pentagon spokesperson of course it didn't deescalate the situation escalated situation and then al assad air base gets hit again this is the same base that they they us the iranians that sorry in january of 2020 that really drew a line under that situation and there's the democrats the obama administration has now reopened that problem and so what they're what they're really doing. it's
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exposing a failing policy that they're trying to put band and a new band aids on a policy that's way beyond they want to they want to keep the border unstable. in iraq and the iraqis don't want that the syrians don't want that they do not want to baghdad and damascus to come together and jointly manage that border because that means the end of isis period and really extremist i've been allowed to run amok and the situation in northeastern syria where the u.s. are backing the kurdish factions and that's also a democratic project is syrian kurdistan for political reasons for woke reasons as well they feel like they're hindered spirits in that sense politically but it's not going to work things are deterred was a few years ago i don't buy this at all i mean again one of these big leaves here you know edema the you know jets to pose you know washington's policy in the region
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in russia's number one russia talks almost everyone in the region it is shown. a lot of the days when it comes to destroying isis and al qaeda this is what he did while working hand in hand with the government in damascus and russia's position is that it's going to help. a legitimate member of the you know of the united nations and syria requested assistance because it was under threat from internal and external forces perfectly under international law but we keep hearing is that you know there has to be regime change in damascus because it hurts russia how does that logic work in your mind. well i just maison you're quite right that it became kind of an initiation ritual for every new american president to make air missile strike against syria you know we remember how trump there were so much
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there was so much criticism against human in the 1st months of his administration and then fareed zakaria at roe earl that he 1st acted presidential when he ordered the strikes against syria and it's just amazing you know there spectator the u.s. issue or spectator which has become pretty interesting they just compared biden's and psych is reaction to trump strikes against syria and what they're doing now so in 2018 when trump. when trying to strike syria here's what joe biden wrote trumps impulsive actions are the last thing we need us commander in chief no president should or they needed to strike without food understanding the consequences we don't need another war in the middle east but drops action toward iran only make that more widely well n.o.o.o. by those doing exactly the same thing you know or what has changed nothing has changed it's basically the same situation deb site your old again in 2017 what is
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the leader for authority for these strikes us it is a brutal dictator but syria is a sovereign country well that's just amazing that jumps i can knows that she knows that there is that spot on the map you know syria is a sovereign country but the behavior of the united states doesn't change and they can only agree with the conclusion of spectator that when when trump hits syria that's erratic and foolish and when biden doesn't well people that's american leadership so that's the kind of double standards that we see there and of course russia. tasting the russian position is that there is international law that if there is no such the u.s. rules of behavior that we keep hearing about you know i think we because i don't i just don't think they have a coherent policy in the in lieu of a coherent policy and keep a ship is there no ball position here which creates instability i mean we have seen
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as an important vote war on terror the war in occupation gives the oxygen you terrorist groups ok and so for me the unwillingness to leave afghanistan example after it was already agreed after it had been agreed that one american soldier who had died in that situation and now they're going to reassess it you know when they've been told no you said you're going to leave and if you're not going to be you will pay a price i mean that's really simple stuff here but they don't seem to comprehend. to have to have a court foreign policy you have to acknowledge reality in their region and al things have shifted definitely in favor of iran and also iraqi sovereignty as well and syrian sovereignty you know they've taken their lumps of from the proxy war the last 10 years in syria you know rockies have certainly taken their lumps
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they did they don't want to you know go back to you know 15 years ago or anything like this so and that means they don't want the u.s. to be occupying their country so but the good democrats are stuck in a kind of dogmatic you know the foreign policy blog and the democratic party you know that it's one kind of organism and they've been pontificating for decades about with all these platitudes about how they believe in a multilateral ism and the international law and so forth and obama were 2 terms obama obliterated all of that and it's just one layer of ocracy on top of the next and so what they're what they're trying. to do now and the next move they're going to make watch they want to be the custodian of the yemeni process will want to send you know john kerry and whoever else in there to play you know the latter degenerates baker and they'll probably want to do the same noble iterate the
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unknown getting ahead of ourselves here but it will iterate the mixed east process and then out of the us come in with the solution this is how the democrats like to project leadership as the sort of international broker of stability in their big patch at the same time i mean they've forgotten what diplomacy is all about ok if you look at tony blinken a statement to the state department i mean he uses the words a few times doesn't really talk about international law and it just talks about norms and values which i i don't adhere to their norms in values ok and that's why there are conflicts here i mean in the demon that this is one of the problems is that the u.s. it wants to be able to be in a position where it quoting what solves problems but its involvement is the problem itself go ahead. and that's exactly true and again the problem with iran and with the renegotiating then g c b
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o 8 agreement. basically stop me it's quite treat the former inspector weapons inspector in iraq who is basically an american citizen and that's him right in on our. web page and i read it i do advise our viewers to read that article he basically recounts her you know 1st there was pressure against their own will remember how interpose and then people were basically buying real estate you know in neighboring countries and there's a bunch on your anus very afraid when you strike against them right so basically escorted to rights has been boxed itself into a corner where the only botho it was an unwinnable wars. in the raw that obama administration capitulate on his johnson for 0 in recent and that's when we can't j.c.b. ojt right since of them don't add the states try to almost the legally elected syrian government they failed and the result was that iraq of course increased its
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influence in syria because the palps you had to defeat the jihad ists you may remember you know what we're going to discuss here rick well. peter ford the former british ambassador to syria told me told me you know a lot of it's not counts that i did but that the syrians were begging you to do is stop funding these jihadi groups because it will only increase iran's influence and that's not what damascus wanted it because of side measurably hold to that so i mean you know when people say you know you iran's influence will increase not become 20 years it's because of outside but inside forces western powers meddling in the sovereign countries of the middle east i mean this is like chasing your tail i mean it's it's it's not it's mind boggling go ahead you know purely a survival move on damascus part when you put full sanctions and embargo on
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a country and you're attacking them with a 200000 plus proxy army from 3 different directions and your ally israel u.s. ally israel is launching airstrikes every week basically did it as well what they call it as well or a rainy and targets this is a survival move by syria they can get support they can do trade and commerce and yet weapons and money and any things that they need fuel from iran so if you want to choke syria in that way of course we're it's going to increase the iranian involvement there and also you know i think i have been here we have to go to a hard break and after the hard break we'll continue our discussion and some real minute stay with r.t. . from. the uk.
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this is crude oil. so they need to actually physically pump it out of the ground you would have well well well well well. there's a lot of money with the oil and with that comes. a lot of a lot of people from all over the country. if you don't make a $100000.00 a year. as a minimum there's an issue. here in india. they work all 16 hours a day it's hard work well work it's not easy work and so they want to relieve their stress and how do they relieve their stress these may move that out like he's the
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man that comfort these men that. people have been murdered up here people can raise their massive drug issues up here you have a boom you have everything else that comes along with money. is you'll media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation whole community. are you going the right way or are you being that. direct. what is true what's his face. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us
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in the depths. or a maybe in the shallows. well the pandemic no certainly no borders and just plotting to nationalities. has emerged we don't come with the we don't look like seeing the whole world peace to be. people. judging. coming a crisis like this listening to. we can do better we should be. everyone is contributing to each of our own way but we also know that this crisis not go on forever the challenge is creating the response has been masked so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together.
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welcome back to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm people not remind you we're discussing some real news. i mean it's going to be i'm here in moscow. which gears here and then and i made reference in the 1st part of the program to anthony lincoln's. made a message to the state department when he talked about democracy in hell that is going to be the very center of american foreign policy which only people inside the beltway believe that certainly people around the world don't believe it but well that they live with their illusions here but let's look at the record let's look at the record of support of democracy like in the pose
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a soviet space we could actually draw in venezuela if we want to so let's look at. georgia let's look at ukraine i'm looking at saakashvili poroshenko and zones because i said in the part when they started the program. the american backed president in ukraine. is shutting down independent media and the american state department is cheering that's democracy promotion. well the latest news from ukraine are really alarming because at least 10 people were killed in the last few weeks on the line dividing the cell declare republics in the east and the ukrainian army the russian representative in the control commission is saying that the ukrainian side basically exits and their peace agreements from 2000 to 15 there is the new you know the new chairman of their ukrainian delegation and that is the former communist chief of ukraine you know now and craft york who suddenly became
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rosso fold and who now says that ukraine doesn't need means can dream it's you know when to win anyway we're going to restart the show its integrity so that situation is very very dangerous at the same time selenski has shut down 3 big that it isn't channels in ukraine just remember what a scandal it was when in russia the n.t.v. channel in the beginning of the 2000. for purely legal reasons you know they had to change their team and the reaction in the west was hysterical and what did you ask you do he imposed sanctions i called sanctions on his own television so he took off the air 3 main television channels in ukraine can you imagine a.b.c. c.b.s. and n.b.c. not broadcasting because the president ordered it and we clearly see that this was supported by the u.s. embassy and the most pathetic move came just 2 days ago when basically the united
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states imports sanctions on either com oist either ukrainian or got financed zillions is. election campaign as it is said fine and i quote we are grateful to the united states for helping us get paedo there only got in this way to join the euro atlantic integration so basically this situation is crazy but you're right it fits their general pattern i mean if we look at their ports or europe and even the last soviet president whom does the united states support the people who support the western borders who aren't allowed everything you know zelinsky last year or dispersed the constitutional court just you know stop its operation can you imagine you've got putin stopping the construction accordant actually it would be a scandal next no in all the media in the west and let's just shut it off in
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georgia saakashvili a ruthless dictator you know his enemies somehow died but you potter cancer she died she died and i'm like we're there now fallen and other students are steves was perfectly ok with that now then strange is happening you know just these people died young yes and and the same stories with muldaur where basically the young coolly guns. entered the parliament it was. as online and since then the border ticks almost know what changed you know that they ransacked the building and the united states and you were better to find with that so we see that basically one day saying we support democracy and it's not true it wasn't true even with gorbachev was 90th anniversary of west celebrating who are saying bring in the last week because a lot of people think that he introduced democracy simply because you are no he feared to put a bureau kuwait against himself just like the bond that crucial had in 1006 to 4 so
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what russia have built all of these institutions the bottom and the presidency in order to protect himself from that possible which actually happened in 1901 well thank you for that because as a result we had a functioning democratic system back in 1900 the mode you have spent you want to get to stick they were not even in your way ideally stick but be a patrick that you decide it will come and what demands they about got a job and that that was indigenous those were indigenous institutions they were not him imported from abroad now again you know i think that the track record of democracy from it's not about democracy promotion it's about nato expansion it's about. containing russia it's about. trade energy politics and it's about all of these they take sever democracy go ahead. i mean the legacy of of the situation in ukraine i mean it can't be any worse result
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by the united states instigated the series of events that brought us to this place we are now and so there's still this delusional belief in washington that crimea is going to be returned to ukraine and that the people in eastern ukraine are going to forgive and forget and that everyone will come together now there is a possibility that they could come together theoretically but when you have less. gratian now again you have censorship you have selenski who's really an anti shell has clearly been captured by all sorts of interests and you know acting almost as an apologist to the constraint fractious mobs as well they're powerful faction as well ukraine is a mess basically and so the us can only play one role in this which is not pro democracy it's spoiler and so they would like to see the old literary of dimming supports or just keep the quagmire going as long as possible because in sanctions
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remain on russia from the e.u. side as for a long time so they want to us centric deal but that's not going to happen so what are you going to have this protracted and full situation which suits nato as you said and it suits the united states the hawks in the us anyway and some of the hawks in europe as well but it's certainly not in the europe's interest i'm sure there's an argument in germany as to what german wants germany wants to see out of the situation i'm sure it's different really drill down then what washington wants to see a situation where here we are and who's the losers definitely the people in the ukraine i mean it's it's horrific what's. the may need to t.v. leaves for us because the pentagon is announced that it will be sending more lethal aid i don't know why they call it an 8 ok arms to ukraine in some of it is pretty lethal and high quality and very expensive and we all know who's going to pay for
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that but there seems to be sent signals that the the and the government in kiev is interested in opening up hostilities again against the people of the east i mean what are the possibilities of that and what are you hearing from the russian authorities go ahead oh well just recently it cause signed and agreed you know at this stage that the ukraine will get on $150000000.00 more for me. 8 including deadly destructive weapons so there is no whacko weapons all the ukrainians say there was a lot of weapons from the soviet times they have american weapons now they have british weapons is the result that israel can because they are a german or mr julian it is just so i have been down you know if you start your last the local elections just a few months ago. the problem is who is going to be the leader who is going to be
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the do chair you know or this new or unified ukraine if they if they manage to win the wars of 1st i don't think they will win the war because don byles has defeated them already once and i see no reason why it will not defeat them again and 2nd you know there is more and more doubt in ukraine as to who you know is this democracy is why is it making all of these sacrifices are we really joining in the west or are we becoming something like africa like a country where proxy wars are being led you know ukraine went to buy down because they wanted to become like europe in reality they became like africa in the times of the cold war you know belarus you there are awake a warsaw pact country now ukraine is like some kind of new laws and big or and go or where or where you do that the states and the soviet union were exchanging you know proxy proxy approaches strikes against each other that's
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a huge pain for russia we don't want to see it pains us to cede the ukrainians themselves and started to understand something i think humor is very important you know the shortening or popular shortening always against his name in ukraine is less so now more and more often he's called him gone there just like obama has called obama in the face so because people laughed. it's an indicate that people understand you cannot you cannot pull off if you don't understand that i mean you know something i think you know again you know when i was looking at anthony lake and some confirmation hearings a lot of saber rattling there. when it came to ukraine that he if he basically is admitted in public that his time a jury in the above my administration and thinking about the future he has unfinished business in mind and that's a ukraine in syria here again i in my introduction need this administration has no
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learning curve is about the last 4 or 5 haven't either go ahead during the confirmation hearings when i saw the love in between. an empty blink and i saw the sparks flying in the heart emote used going and i thought oh my goodness what are we in for here so so clearly anti blinking is is is a better spokesperson for the washington beltway blog than mike on peo was but what this administration is doing is basically taking the worst aspects of the pump aoe foreign policy state department they're going they're going forward with it you're going to see that across the board so they're going to be real i think we probably spoke about this in the past there's going to be real no big difference with it you know fundamentally but you know again we'll go back to the original point which is that for all that for all trump and tom cruise faults they have said clearly many times that you know we we wanted to avoid war and we did
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and you know i can't take that away from them and i'm not hearing that from this administration that's really disturbing you know can we get what is interesting here is that we been saying all 3 of us but during the entire time of the trump presidency is that he didn't start a new war and you know and for me that's a low bar but it is something here and we had also during those let the 4 years of trump he wanted to get out of wars and he was. a lot and they say that he wasn't allowed because of the mindset of people that know the biting ministration is all the time we have gentlemen i want to thank my guests employment and here in moscow i want to thank our viewers for watching us here are you see you next time remember .
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this is crude oil. they hate actually physically pulled it out of the ground you would have well well. there's a lot of money with your oil and with that comes. a lot of a lot of people from all over the country. who don't make a $100000.00 a year. here in the. they were told 16 hours a day hard work well work is not easy work and so they want to relieve their stress and how do they relieve their stress. these may move that out like that comfort that. people have been murdered up here people can raise their massive drug issues up here give a boom you have everything else that comes along with money. is
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you'll media reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is truly was his fate. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths.
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of the shallows. 8th of march profiting from the pandemic 2 senior german employees of quitting in a major scandal for allegedly earning hundreds of thousands of euros from face mask deals. and claims elsewhere financial mismanagement during the pandemic by the u.k. government which is spending millions of pounds on a brand new media briefing room while frontline health workers get just a one percent pay rise. bus president biden's long awaited covert relief bill passes the senate people may end up getting even less than under donald trump.


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