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perseverence right. now here she is.
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see if the court is in there right would you bring that phone cord in the guys somebody up you know not only did cream bring that in but he brought it in and dropped the other another portion of it in the purse that's yes that's absurd i bet what happens here is she says he knocks her out on the kitchen floor and their life doesn't work doesn't work renee not good enough didn't didn't he do it in the living room look at this photo look i want to see you oh yeah. the truth doesn't sit with renee's not concise now i want to see your little place before i think you heard that some wishful thinking mike i don't think there is a real police report i mean. i just don't. maybe they sort of knew there were days confession was not so good or not true and so they didn't really. they want kareem because they didn't really believe that he
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was there. that or that it happened like that and so if they get him in there and then they could end up with nobody. one taking on a case like rene's the danger is always the case evidence or other crime scene evidence has not been preserved. if there's no crime scene evidence or case evidence. then there's nothing to d.n.a. test and if there's no d.n.a. to test it's extremely hard to prove that your client is innocent. that's from the. ukraine. in ronnie's case it was a very bloody crime scene the murder weapon was never found but there was a purse that had a bloody fingerprint in it and there was
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a drawer in the bedroom with a bloody fingerprint on it they d.n.a. tested some things but not those and the only d.n.a. found at the crime scene was the victim's. phone and. you know. the i think out of 41 pieces of evidence they tested 7. for d.n.a. and so you know they're in trouble right at trial because you can't get convicted on your own confession alone so they go and they try to round up jailhouse snitches but only one worked. so it was her confession and a jailhouse snitch which is so common in false confession cases and you have the confession and then the extra evidence because there's no physical evidence the corroboration to the confession is snitch.
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i know by if you mean i don't have no particular ok to. call. you. ok. do you mind if i sit down. is all. good that's ok you know already. i don't have a stream for you for your body will feel fine no we're trying we're trying. to do you remember interacting with any of the police officers back then mr ray as june was named was very it is some of. my impression looking back at it thank you all here she's guilty while she was building and eagle make sure you know who sometimes it was a bloody crime so now we know i was last year t.v. d.n.a. so these are all somebody else to be right how. it was one of the
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things that's one of the things that we hope to be able to do is retest the d.n.a. there's knowledge she has no chance some cases we get and we look at them and we even if we believe the person citizen we can say well i mean there's just for a variety of reasons nothing we can do there's something we can do here but not a lot of people get exonerated. deals. is this. i just want to talk to you because i know how being we're trying to get her. when we come back i want dr to just talk to me i.
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think is so much. we need to ask most the most important thing i mean you know so how she was toward her interactions with the police were. coming out with john. with andrea you know and ally me every day and he didn't have a car with a. promise you anything like where you're going to get out to let me out no no i'm real with you right right i want to get out and so you actually did get out thank you we really appreciate it. ok so that's good that's how paul. creating.
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our own. mood. let's talk about lorenzo montoya. at least 3 years on welfare and oh $2.00. time was right no.
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more long didn't even. worse. interview. lauren stone. lorenzo montoya was arrested in the year 2. and accused of a murder of a young schoolteacher in denver. he's 14 years old lorenzo when this happened and he is tiny like maybe 110 pounds one year older yet right. between me and lorenzo is a mountain they tell him there's these videotapes that show him abusing children which there aren't in lorenzo's they actually go as far as to have him take his shoes off and they do this whole charade where this very angry cop comes back in with the shoe and says well i'm a shoe print expert and your shoe matches the print at the crime scene was untrue.
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you're going to be sent away. your daughter already in there as you well the there are no rest until. then it's going to have to go to one of. the windows. were you there so you are there goals for the. jail until you're in there even if you're a bell more you bury your prints. a lot of firms everything you know if you're there. that's interesting. you can say we had your blood we had your saliva we have to be tested. right. first of all.
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micheel. in the united states police are permitted to lie about it. and say right out of us every time we have an icing. on the fast. that is a shocking discovery to most people most western countries don't permit it the u.s. supreme court permits it so consequently i have 2 detectives making it seem as if we have independent evidence they sometimes get very specific about what that evidence is telling us that you were involved in something they've already started
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that same thing process and the mother already is believing. the demick knows you know blood is true nationalities. you. disagree with the we don't have all the facts in the whole world needs to. come in a crisis with his system things. we can do better we should be doing better. everyone is contributing way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges grateful to response has been so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together.
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the world is driven by shaped by. the dares thinks. we dare to ask. the binding ministration is still young but is following policy particularly in the middle east is an echo of past failures this ministration simply does not have a learning curve ball so does washington really support democracy in the world
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ukraine's crackdown on independent media to give us all pause. is you'll be via a reflection of reality. in the world transformed. what will make you feel safe. tyson nation will community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by a. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallowness. zillah going to see both of you. dead already.
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is a little bit isn't it. is it. true that the brain is you that you need to show me that even better to savor it. so you know you mean mistake so he just introduced the word mistake he's about to develop this theme that enables lorenzo to admit some degree of involvement while minimizing his own role is part of a package of techniques that in which you communicate to is suspect that i think you're a good person i understand what you've been through i sympathize with what you've been through often you hear normalising statements like you know what if i were in your situation i would have done the same thing and all by the way i don't think you intended to do this i think it was an accident or maybe your friends put you up to it or maybe you were provoked me to feel that it was the red zone. i don't do
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that i haven't done it. i did want to jack the car into one that did. the communication moves in one direction it is designed to leave the person the suspect think the police don't think this is such a big deal. and therefore be treated with leniency ok so one of my choices either i can be the accomplice who refuses to speak or i can admit to what they want me to admit to given all of the minimisation that they've given me and enjoy the benefit of that there are going to go. you. know how do you press they're going to do that big look at how much they have communicated already he now knows so much about this crime that whether he was there or had anything to do with it or not he now knows enough about it to give you a description. so why were you there. please
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help us through. the rest of you sit ins in the computer and. neither g.r. who kicked you in the head of course the building a story for him to tell. or is it you know a great ridge those shoes wrote part of the dreaded shoes. brazel position. your job is just right he's now being set up so that when he's ready to give a statement he knows exactly what that's the back. gate he was kicked in the head shoe dragging her through the blood. he's got it all so later a judge and the jury is going to watch the final confession and they're going to be so impressed and unable to look past that because they keep on asking themselves what happened in all those things if he was in there. staring me down oh. you made that up. i just want your prior 5 minutes you wait
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it up you know. you're not going home tonight i can guarantee that. and they did not pushing as you'll be home for her which will be boys you know. mom talk now or say goodbye to your mom it's pretty clear and your cousin and your sister it your girlfriend and your life . is you ready. to. what kim and in this one person do. solve the situation and he said i guess you
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could hold out rank for everyone you just fall down. doesn't everybody have a breaking point so why must. he was imprisoned for 14 years so he got out at 28 he was in solitary confinement for 4 years because when he goes into a grown up prison he's 14 and he can't be in with the general population so he goes to solitary confinement for 4 years for $14.00 to $18.00 lorenzo was exonerated and we have a similar rights to pending for him and the. opposition are you know they're they're moving to have the case dismissed based on qualified immunity for them. and if you're being interrogated you're not being interrogated because they're just looking for information you're being interrogated because they want you to confess . so today we have a 1st on wrongful conviction which is that we have a retired n.y.p.d.
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homicide detective among other things current private investigator i'm pleased to introduce you j. sol peter welcome thank you very much and thank you for having me so. are we going to get this fixed i believe the remedy seems like a long shot to me it's going to take forever well the beginning is basically that all you know all interrogations are video and audiotapes. and i think that would stop at least 75 percent of his films confessions i don't know how you're going to get away with it i'm a bit of criminal justice system as a store looking at prosecutors believe me you would false confessions faster with making noise that make prosecutor culpable i mean that's the frustration with the civil rights work is that the prosecutors are always absolutely immune it doesn't matter what they did they could have gotten right and punched the kid in the face and they would we cannot get any liability. and of course the. police are
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allowed to use trickery and i know every defense attorney in the world is against that. so we talked about how out of these 4 cases you know corey and melts and lorenzo have all been exonerated by rene you know her case remains active and she's been in prison now for 20 years her son grew up without a mom she you know he has she's grandkids now that she's never met other than on a phone through glass. if she said to heart attacks while she's been in prison and it's probably not getting the right medical treatment for that you know we're just hoping that you know time could be on our side and we can get her out sooner rather than later but i mean she is a. a life that's. wasted.
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good morning how are you. ok. how is your heart. out and. our track. very bad. i know. you don't play some together it's ok i understand some difficulty and i know that it's taking a lot of time but. we don't want to mess it up rene we all are only going to get one shot at this. right so just hang in there. and promise you there will be an end and i hope it's
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a good one but there won't be an end. to military. service of the disease newsmen they are mares and do. gooders and. those who knew the system is missing the biggest hoax turns into will not do this thing. so you. do believe you do. that got close. to.
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some of. them just in any way blame himself for i think so control ending and 1st thing they all do with it my own observations from talking to wrongfully convicted people is those who were wrongfully convicted by confession are not doing as well the stigma they attach to themselves they feel weak nat'l stupid they don't understand what happened how to dumb down to themselves and even when the convictions overturned if the reason they were convicted was a confession as opposed to something else the stigma attached to the state even after they were exonerated right people are not quite 100 percent sure i get the confession is so powerful that even there for it's supposed to evaporate.
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so corey today is he's living well right he got a huge settlement but it doesn't take away those demons in his head you know he's was in from 16 to almost 30 so what are you now when you come out he's never going to have the mental peace and rest that you know you and i can probably accomplish sometimes but if he has lost his whole family there's no relationship with them really. and that's something that then why p.b. in the city in the prosecutor's took away from him right that money can't replace. combatants in society you don't you don't know how to do it in sherry which i don't know what adored her. so it is sort of your brain. with the morning. star over here.
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stalky johnno lingo whatever the journey may be. if you're going to stand in the house you know from wonder. being free. it really is. a problem that you know is systemic right it's a problem that victimizes a lot of people you have the the person who falls in compresses who's life is ruined you have their family whose lives are ruined you have the victim they're still alive and the victim's family who think they're getting justice but they're not and then you have multiple other problems that come from this main one being that by definition when we walk up the wrong guy we stop looking for the
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right guy it's really. it's a it's a tremendous challenge. i think it's a cultural problem we need a whole societal education about just our criminal justice system is based on the premise that it's better for 10 guilty people to go free than one innocent person to go to prison right i mean that is a fundamental concept of the american justice system but i think that the lying is one of the main things that they are somebody as well i just guess the courts don't get it. every story will false confessions not just a story that gets at the question of why in god's name did an innocent person confess to a crime he or she didn't commit it's a 2nd story and 2nd story line is how come the prosecutor the judge the jury the appeals. all mr. mir is now able to research actual cases of laboratory studies field studies and 100 plus years of basic psychology tells us when you know
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why the people about every time you lied to people about reality you can change their perceptions and change their memories or you can change just about every aspect of the called function. everybody's human but it's more of a spring point to. some control for a middle class the homeless of the night most some are very hardworking people who
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want to get a had that i'd either have some some health issues or have some of how district about luck a full time job won't always pay for a place to live and missing just a month's rent can get she was dictated gunpoint if anything bad happens to any thing that just throws your budget off slightly. better catch up real quick or you're going to have a judgment of possession against you and get addicted by anyone that's homeless is history like garbage a bold look at you like a monster or someone bad or you chose to be there most of the time it's not the case see how it is to be paul in the world's richest country. and world is driven by a dream. and person. no
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dares thinks. we dared to ask. when i was told small seemed wrong all right old quotes just don't call. me the old yet to shake out this day and you can't get out of jail and in game training equals betrayal all the once on a find themselves worlds apart. choose to look for common ground. the binding ministration. policy particularly in the middle east. past failures this administration simply just not
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a morning person also. democracy in the world ukraine's crackdown on independent media. in the headlines this 8th of march profiting from the. german quitting in a major scandal for allegedly hundreds of thousands of euro 'd facemask deals. claims of financial mismanagement during the pandemic meantime by the u.k. government which is spending millions of pounds on a brand new media briefing room health workers just one. class president biden's long awaited coded relief bill passes the senate many people end up getting even less than.


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