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and in. the trailer. when some find themselves worlds apart. our online german sister channel launches a legal action against a leading german newspaper billed following a hit piece accusing the network of spying on russian opposition figures. and french schoolgirl admits she made up her claims about. her story sparked an online hate campaign against the teacher last year leading to his beheading. the chief puts the blame on astra zeneca for vaccine supply failures with just 10 percent of orders delivered. and nonsense the kremlin brands fresh u.s. claims of moscow meddling this time to supposedly discredit american vaccines in
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favor of russian shots. are broadcast live direct from our studios moscow this is art international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us now our german language web channel r t george is filing a lawsuit against the german tabloid billed after it published a piece accusing staff of spying for the russian government on correspondent joined my colleague earlier to go through those claims. well 1st of all it's time to take a look at the wording that was used by built it sounds absolutely sensational that was putting into the title the headline a rough quote from the whistleblower which says i had to or i was forced to spy on a like say no volley and then in one of the top paragraphs of that built article
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they said this exactly according to research by builds of lemon put in regime head is public enemy number one of the and see if you simply spied on in berlin last year for this russia's leadership use the russian foreign broadcasts are to do each which in turn relied on 2 german employees spying on the orders of kremlin through german nationals who worked for the german branch of r t that sounds scary some would call it appalling but let's continue reading this article and at least trying to get to the point under standing what the basis of it is the whistleblower daniel long gay who had worked for r t deutsche for several years as a filmmaker is describing his assignments during the time when russia's number one opposition activist a like scene of ali was being treated at the sherry tate hospital in berlin after an alleged poisoning but how does that lead from being just reporting in to being
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spy exactly that's what i was going to get to the article contains screenshots from what built and the whistleblower are calling a secret chat with the art team management but i'll tell you what i actually know these people from that personally and yes they are in charge of our voyage and they're saying that there was nothing secret about this chat it was just something that they created for communication on that particular incitement and we know that in the news business and news or t.v. production for every so i mean do you. create a new chad and that's something that's absolutely common at this point moving on with the artes alleged wrongdoings ordered by the kremlin that was lifted by the built daniel's assignments included filming or taking shots of what was happening outside the sherry tate hospital including the vast security presence well that is
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news but also trying to get inside the hospital to inside that clinic to get some exclusive shots of anything that's linked to the story possibly the vollies associates relatives there the corridors of the doors which is again i believe a core basic element of investigative journalism at the time of breaking news if you think of it that that's absolutely it and to be fair these kind of things trying trying to get these kind of pictures was exactly what built itself was ever since the volley was flown to germany for treatment because we saw them publish the photos of the door of the room where in a volley was also the inside of the plane etc so this is what the head of r t deutsche had to say about this aspect specifically to accuse us of spying and at the same time to post images of every little step develop he makes including pictures of his garden hospital word it fresh in intelligence wanted to get any
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additional information they would buy a subscription to build plots and of course we want to remind our colleagues of german that just nation that for now at least protect the media and loving it to collect information and mattis that are considered to be of public interest so far just sounds like the day job of journalism here is there any made to this what else does daniel accuse us of another claim that the whistleblower is making that is that the senior r t staff members were always directly in touch with the bosses of the government and what we see in that built article is a picture of my. call league with the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov of wow i can tell you that it was from a christmas party that christmas party 2 loads of journalists were invited there even foreign journalists tens of them maybe even hundreds of them and everyone wanted to take a photo with sergei lavrov so that doesn't prove anything and my colleague is
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saying that no she doesn't have a direct line with members of the russian government today. to me. not just a member of the media looking back i'm trying not is not you. that me. next there was a part about ra please the party's video agency about the van staying day and night outside the charity hospital streaming that is something that video agencies do all the time that's their job i can tell you that when it comes to doing a song for example robert lee was able to catch the moment when the founder of wiki leaks was being dragged out of the equivalent embassy in london thanks for thanks to staying there 247 and the claim was that none of these broadcasts were made public but i can show you screen shots even from you tube that's available to
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everyone that know we were showing them to everyone and it's easy to get all that online so like i was saying you get to the bottom of the article you keep reading and you like you said you want to get this meat where's the evidence that this is specifically spying ordered by the kremlin but even when you get to the very end you don't see it but speaking of tabloid built though my colleagues have showed me a large number of pieces on the build website with criticism against r.t. that came out ever since r t and now it's. they were launching a fully fledged t.v. channel at the end of this year and my colleagues even called it a smear campaign against us and if you think that it didn't lead to anything it could be a coincidence it could be something else but the last month a german bank closed the accounts of our teeth voyage and roughly so what i've
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just described to you the latest bombshell by built could be the culmination of that smear campaign we discussed of the situation with our experts are going underground host option written c. and george galloway broadcaster and former british m.p. . the idea of build magazine all magazines are get accusing one of the largest television stations on earth. of being some sort of spying organization is quite something i'm going to remember the editor just the other day was accusing china of a virus and deliberately sending mosques around in some sort of what appeared to be some kind of conspiracy films have been made about build this of 990 film called the man inside about the ethical way that their magazine works if i was the editor of build i would be very concerned about a law case because this magazine is notorious. for breaching german press
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standards and now it's going to be in court accusing journalists or people comporting to be journalists stringers for r.t. as spies unsure of the. church is doing exactly the right thing and taking prompt legal action to resolve this matter reckless and dangerous and defamatory act and dangerous for journalists and broadcasters working for broadcasters all over the world like german state broadcasters or british state broadcasters if a journalist for the b.b.c. is now routinely going to be accused of being a spy for the british government because he or she works for broadcast in britain where is that going to end we have to draw very clear lines in these
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things the protection of journalists from false accusations and from harassment such as this is an important part of a free society and germany presumably and. ludes itself in the category of free society. a french school girl whose allegations against history teacher samuel patty led to a deadly online campaign against him has admitted she made the whole thing up patti was murdered by a terrorist last october showed bensky has more on the case and the revelations from the 13 year old girl. i know what that entailed and what sparked all of this is a class that he taught which was to do a civics getting the children to discuss issues in france as part of that class he decided to show the controversial images of the prophet mohammed now that sparked
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a chain of events that led to his death it started with a teenage girl a teenage girl who admits she lied about what she said she went home that day and said to her father that she'd been asked to leave the class because she was a muslim and when she disagreed with the teacher she had been suspended from his class the fall that was furious as you can imagine called to the school and demanded that samuel patti be struck off the teaching staff there to offer him to resign when that didn't work he started an online campaign which became a hate campaign towards samuel party describing the teachers being discriminatory against his daughter what's now emerged is that the 13 year old fabricated all of that she was sent in his class on the day that she showed those controversial images she hadn't been asked to leave because she was a muslim and she hadn't been suspended for the fact that she'd spoken back to the
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teacher she was in fact trying to cover up for the fact that she had been playing truant that day so her father wouldn't find out a lawyer says that the things just spiraled out of control and she was lost in that . she lied she shouldn't have been she deeply regrets she never wished for mr. she never called his murder she never to be spilled headed. for the public to know this 13 year old girl bears responsibility for her my but not for the death of samuel patti. well the lawyer for some. patty's family say that they thought convinced about this they say that the valuations that she gave that she was a spokesperson for the individuals in the class are just not satisfactory everything in the investigation showed very early that she lied she was a spokesperson
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a want of lies have events that never happened the sex the nation does not convince me and makes me rather angry because the facts are serious here tragic but it's also had much much wider consequences here in france that once again sort of raised tensions between the muslim community and of the communities in the government here in france we saw in the weeks that followed his death that there was a crackdown or mosques that would be deemed to have been radicalized there was a crackdown on muslim association france and that then led to diplomatic tensions between france and some muslim majority countries france even then forward legislation that it was working with but then decided to incur late watered happened with some real party and that draft legislation which is now being passed by the national assembly and will soon be discussed by the senate is looking at promoting the republican values of france but many people see it as being in anti
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muslim law so you know this was one lawyer one lie not only left to teach it day but there's really uncovered a hornet's nest of problems here in france we spoke with france based journalist and political commentator and elizabeth the she thinks the father there is a large degree of responsibility for what happened to some real problems. i think she will still write some responsibility i think what's really interesting is that i think her father considered it quite a great deal of that 1st of all because the daughter knew exactly what would work with her father she knew that her father and the word had sympathy for the people who denounced as from her for byron turns to she put things to him so that he would literally erupt and it's more a question of what is acceptable and why you would work with that thing be so easy to be accepted and then whenever people said that she's lying he called and this
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was i think you know at the very least that child sponsibility which is not nil is shared with with her father and the girl whose father started the process tools of murder that girl is still in school we don't want to know the name i don't want her to be punished in such a horrendous way but i think that there's a kind of cowardice on one side and. not on the other. the head of the european commission says she has become a scapegoat for europe's extremely slow code an occupation rate and laid the blame on vaccine maker astra zeneca reporting next year's artie's peter out of. well the e.u. commission are not happy at all with vaccine manufacturer astra zeneca it's got to do with delivery of the jobs to the e.u. as a bloc they were told that for the 1st quarter of 2021 they'd receive 100000000 doses
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they have received 10000000 doses even i can do the mathematics there 90 percent is the shortfall the e.u. commission has come in for a lot of criticism over failures in logistics and planning in its vaccine program underlying the e.u. commission president though is saying that astra zeneca needs to bear some of the responsibility as well we see esther's any case delivering below 10 percent of what had been contracted for the 1st quarter we are tired of being the scapegoat the european commission president did say that we could see repeats of vaccines being blocked from leaving the european union we saw this last week when italy stopped a shipment of around 250000 doses of the astra zeneca job for heading to australia the australian trade minister called that vaccine protectionism what we don't want to see is a repeat of the well scramble we saw for resources at the beginning of the pandemic
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where everybody was trying to outbid everybody else when it came to masks and p.p. and everything else on the line though has said yes there have been problems with the way the vaccine program is being rolled out there's been problems with the way the e.u. commission has handled things we aren't clear we want to be in combat in the virus we were late in granting authorization we were to optimistic about mass production and maybe we also took for granted that the doses orders would actually arrive on time we must ask ourselves why and what lessons we can to learn from it even when you have vaccines there's still problems in austria they've suspended the use of one of the astra zeneca john. up there one woman died and another person was taken seriously ill after they received it it's until a full investigation can be carried out as it stands at the moment they say there's no direct link between them having the vaccination and becoming ill but they want
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to make sure that that's definitely not the case when it comes to getting the vaccines into the country though there is one other avenue you that the european union could be looking at not importing them from the united states but in order to do that they're going to have to convince washington to overturn their own protectionist rules that don't allow vaccines to be exported outside of the us. russia has dismissed claims of spreading disinformation about u.s. covert vaccines calling them nonsense the state department earlier flagged for russian website supposedly trying to discredit the pfizer and medina jobs in favor of sputnik v.m. here's artie's saskia taylor. the world changed big time over the last year but some things stay the same remember russia madelyne as well that our global engagement center has identified 4 russian online platforms that are directed by
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russian intelligence services and spread disinformation about 2 of the vaccines that have now been approved by the f.d.a. in this country we are aware of it we're monitoring and we are taking steps to address back just in time to wage vaccine war because while hackings a bit passe in electing foreign presidents is a bit wild been there done that vaccines are where it's at 2021 and when it became clear that american scientists might now vaccine the russian ones the kremlin bolts had no choice but to raise that disinform in heads again the emphasis on denigration pfizer is likely due to stay just as the 1st besides it wouldn't be to see mass use resulting in a greater potential threat to sputniks market dominance who said a global pandemic couldn't be politicized now some would say these madness a bit late to the game i mean sputnik freeze already registered in around 40
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countries many of which didn't even consider not because they'd been brainwashed by mean anti flies and notes left by undercover agents but because pfizer is logistically a much trickier vaccine it used to fall apart if it wasn't kept in specialized minus 17 degrees celsius that's now been improved to minus $25.00 while sputnik v chills out plus 8 and is around hof the price and then there are countries like iran which on exactly buddy buddy with the us so why buy their proxy when there's another one on the market without the political trauma. not tickle right well unfortunately political games and logic on friends and paranoia is alive and well it's nonsense russian special services have nothing to do with any criticism against vaccines if we treat every negative publication against the sputnik the
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vaccine as a result of efforts by american special services then we will go crazy because we see it every day every hour and in every anglo-saxon media the wall street journal's resurrected disinform ation for the sake of a few critical articles but just imagine what all means over madly as it would have had twin vent if i had got the onslaught of doubt criticism hate that sputnik we got back in the day the speed of the rollout is a concern for some health professionals it's a new kind of global race that russia wants to lead there are concerns about its safety with questions of how much of it russia can produce now timing is everything the e.u. struggling with this vaccine rollout paid by production delays and shortages ready to help but may be so to block started the approval process now 5 in the us who
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obviously love healthy competition in a way that twitter loves pala or trump loves music is probably looking at that and seeing a chunk of that money party just fall away never mind that it's for the good of humanity the sputnik vaccine will not go back to russia it will save lives in slovakia i would never give it up our country is a fundamental part of the european union but i cannot turn down a quality vaccine that will save our people because it's made in russia i'm not a murderer you'll hear the good news is that 280000 doses of the vaccine arrived from russia and we need vaccination as fast as possible under valving more people so. yes the pandemic might have changed the wild but some things never change madness disinfo mation back in the game did you miss them the. united states is urging the afghan government to strike
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a power sharing deal with the taliban that revelation comes from elite letter to kabul written by the u.s. secretary of state to kill him up and has more. it's been over 20 years of war thousands of lives lost many hopes for possible settlements that have been disappointed but now as the united states faces a may 1st deadline to withdraw its forces we have the new administration in washington d.c. the biden ministration putting forward a proposal for a power sharing agreement with the taliban a letter from antony blinken the new u.s. secretary of state written to the president of afghanistan proposed developing constructive positions we considering the food withdrawal of forces by may 1st as we consider other options even with the continuation of financial assistance from the united states to forces often american military withdrawal i'm concerned who disagreed situation listen and that the taliban could make rapid turns turold gains
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i'm making this clear so you understand the urgency of my tone regarding the cliques of work outlined in this letter the taliban would be given 50 percent representation in key executive bodies so they could be decisive in crafting the new constitution and new legislation however president and the afghan government would be given one extra member to make sure that they had the deciding vote in key matters in addition to that the taliban would be required to join a new military panel and in effect join with the afghan security forces become part of the official military and security forces of the country now in exchange for that the deal would require them to cut the military ties with foreign powers and not expand their force configurations or recruit new fighters now this is the very same taliban the united states has been fighting against since 2001 but this new
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deal would basically enable them to become part of the government and part of the military of afghanistan not surprising. there has been some skepticism we think the u.s. for its support they can make a decision on their troops not on the people of afghanistan but now in february of 2020 the united states brokered a deal with the taliban that led to a permanent cease fire the number of u.s. troops in afghanistan was reduced from 130028600 at this point there are 2500 u.s. troops in afghanistan and they are scheduled to leave on may 1st the united states has been in afghanistan for the past 20 years and at this point many are optimistic about this new proposed deal however it's worth noting that many optimistic moments and proposals for settlements in the country have in the past failed we spoke with peace activist david swanson he thinks the u.s.
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needs to draw lessons from 2 decades of failure in afghanistan i think if there is any lesson to be learned here it is never do anything like this ever again stop trying to overthrow governments in venezuela and elsewhere around the world immediately you know this is a tragedy however it plays out however long the troops remain for the people of afghanistan most of whom are very poorly represented by either the afghan government or the chela bench and this deal could have been had over 19 years ago with a lot of people still alive and trillions of dollars on spent so the obvious number one lesson is never ever do this sort of thing it is immoral and it is criminal. and special 3 d. mask is providing a hope for a young girl whose face was severely burned at a palestinian refugee camp the family of 18 year old mara is now counting on her
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recovery. when we were in school my mom picked us top and we went to the market 1st there was tones then there was fire then we got separated we didn't know where we were. 'd but there's a little bit of. of the 4 months of therapy that doctors without borders they made this mask they call it a 3 d. morse that makes the skin soft and heals it up 70 percent. but when i wear the mask i feel better the doctors made it for me i used to go to the doctors to have my
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dressings changed then they made the mask for me now my ones are almost healed. the have this. at home i wear the mask but i don't like to wear it when i go out i feel shy when they wear it because everyone starts looking at me but the doctors told me to wear it at least 6 hours a day. i hope to wake up one day and see their faces back to normal because it's really affecting them both psychologically a pretty good for the full recovery. there's a for me about $31.00 and a half minutes i'll be here with your headlights stay with us the search.
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kind of financial survival job today was all about money laundering 1st to visit this issue this week different. oh good this is a good study we have our 3 banks all set up through maybe something in your something in america something overseas in the cayman islands or do all these banks are complicit in the congress to decide if they didn't phone and say hey i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did well we've got out a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry and how about. luxury automobile again for max you know what money laundering is highly illegal. much keyser of course.
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this is crude oil. so they need to actually physically pump it out of the ground you would have well well. there's a lot of money with the oil and with that comes. a lot of a lot of people from all over the country. if you don't make a $100000.00 a year. as a minimum there's an issue. here in the. they were told $60.00 a day hard work well work is not easy work and so they want to relieve their stress of how do they relieve their stress. these men moved back out like he's men that comfort these men that. people have been murdered up here people been raped they're massive drug issues up here you have a boom you have everything else that comes along with money.


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