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tv   News  RT  March 17, 2021 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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the u.s. health department openly admits efforts to prevent brazil one of the country's worst hit by the pandemic from adopting brushes cope with vaccine all in the name of american safety and security. hospitals form of a good start to cut small services unless they get billions in support of the pandemic already leaving millions of people on and it's just waiting. and the coronavirus wave sweeps across the e.u. we ask what lessons the book has learned over the past year w.h.o. report criticizing europe's handling of the pandemic.
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thanks so much for joining us here on r.t. to an. unprecedented and harsh that's what the kremlin has branded pressure on countries to stop using russia's sputnik vaccine the remarks come after the us health department published a report that openly admitted attempts to dissuade brazil from using the russian jab. as the story we've all heard the bat deals to secure that shipment countries trampling each other to get those precious japs these seas the 1st start we've heard of back door deals to deny people a vaccine the u.s. department of health health and human services boosting that it had denied hundreds of millions of brazilians a jab. the office of global affairs used diplomatic relations in the americas
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region to mitigate efforts by states including cuba venezuela and russia who are working to increase their influence in the region to the detriment of u.s. safety and security examples include using the office of global affairs health a touchy office to persuade brazil to reject the russian copied 19 vaccine and this what is essentially a grand perversion of simple human decency and moral values they argue that brazilians vaccinating themselves with a russian vaccine is apparently a threat to u.s. security they are explaining how they just say that it is let me put that in perspective for you we will see and hear of the daily death tallies right so one in 5 of those deaths are happening right now in brazil 20 percent of all qubit deaths worldwide are in brazil and these people a boosting that they help prevent inoculations in brazil with one of the objectives
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the and scientifically proven most efficient vaccines in the world these are the same people who claim that lives in vaccines are above politics and accused russia of undermining innoculation efforts it is very clear that russia is up to its all tricks. and in doing so is potentially putting people at risk by spreading dissin from ation about vaccines. u.s. department of health and human services who feel safe and your organization behind sputnik the has come out and said what any reasonable person already knows this is a pandemic that is threatening and killing people equally these. the threat to mankind it is above politics saving and we're talking here about millions of lives
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is paramount but the degree of cynicism and double standards here is astonishing see when it's about saving american lives they'll take all the help that they can get remember the russian planes carrying aid to new york last year oh they accepted that no threat to national security there apparently but brazilians vaccinating themselves with spruit nic god forbid no no no america current allow brazilians to do that some western states are trying not only to politicize the humanitarian aspect of the fight against corona virus but also to take advantage of the pandemic to punish governments they don't like i'm not sure i entirely agree with the russian foreign minister yes they are politicizing vaccination politicising lives that's obvious but i'm not entirely sure that the countries that
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the u.s. doesn't like that it's them that are being punished it's the people that they're friends with brazilians who will potentially not receive a lifesaving job so we're fishes in washington can go to sleep at night feeling good and safe. well despite his admission in the report the us health department says that it can't comment on banksy is not supreme by the f.d.a. and cannot dissuade countries from using drugs that they themselves have authorized spending even though it's still awaiting approval in brazil. meanwhile millions of brits in need of hospital treatment to be forced to wait for months because of the kobe crisis and you can hospitals are now warning they could start to cut more services unless they get additional funding. new data reveals 4600000 people were on n.h.s. waiting lists at the end of january the highest number since records began in 2007
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more than 300000 have already waited a year or more to begin hospital treatment gregory metcalf is one such patient who's been waiting a long time for surgery i'm very much in pain because obviously and if even when sure the dislocation is very serious injury on page bill so you have gone through so many like even more so now probably 40 or 50 times it's very physically painful but i was very shocked as well to find out about the surgeries well because hope these are all types that are not life threatening i really don't know of a donor who's asked asked the employees of us. local authorities or the hospital nobody seems to know i feel like the government needs to get more than not out the pocket or. just obviously needs lots of money for the people on waiting lists for the surgeries some are specifically meaning covert operations some more talking
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about people like myself that are waiting surgeries and all kinds of medical 'd attention surgeries but what we've got in them at the moment and it's just management says hospitals need $8000000000.00 pounds of additional funding to cover the day to day running costs without it the n.h.s. may have to further postpone non-life threatening operations despite the name though an n.h.s. doctor told us why further delays will lead to unnecessary suffering and even death . who knows how much they're spending they say something like 27000000000 on the on the testing which many people think in many cases it's just money that is not not being spent wisely and we have to catch up with the medical issues i mean the kicker is i have a personal issue i have a knee problem from a long term injury and my my operation. suspended at the moment is much to
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catch up on a low people say well these are not life threatening in many cases a lot of the things that are being postponed are not immediately life threatening but if you're not detecting cancers if you're not having these operations they become life threatening down the line we have less than any huge population i think this is true in most any other western european country. and that's one of the reasons why we had such a disaster at the start of crisis you know when the n.h.s. started it was the world's 1st sort of a for health service return at the. point of contact and that was the. thing and most people want to see that continued much as possible but the reality is it hasn't kept pace and another reality is that people are just kind of thought it's all ok because it's never really broken like this before i mean now the cracks
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definitely are exposed and something really has to be done i think as a 3rd wave of coronavirus infection sweeps across the european union forcing countries to tighten their restrictions w.h.o. has published a critical report highlighting flaws in europe's handling of the pandemic it has revealed that our existing health financial economic and social care systems were ill prepared and poorly equipped to address sauce corvee to effectively. not a lot of surprises in this world health organization report really the ultimate takeaway is europe wasn't ready wasn't prepared for a health emergency of the size and scale of the covert 19 pandemic if we look back through the last year it's been pretty clear from the offing we saw hospitals overwhelmed pushed to capacity and beyond in the very beginning of the pandemic and right now we're seeing continuing problems when it comes to vaccine rollout across
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the european union the report does highlight that inequality in society exacerbated problems but again this is not something we haven't really heard before we calling on government leaders and international organizations to fix the fractures in our societies and stop turning a blind eye to the conditions that allowed the novel coronavirus to inflict such grave damage on the world another issue raised in this w.h.o. report is a lack of a common approach when it comes to tackling health issues and yet again we do have clear examples of the us if we look back to the beginning of the pandemic we saw e.u. nations going head to head with one another fighting it out to 4 who got the p.p.l. who got the masks and well we've seen since then the united kingdom and the european union clashed over vaccine distribution and then just this last weekend 6 e.u. member states signed a letter saying that they weren't happy with the way the vaccine was being
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distributed throughout the block saying that the current system left things open for backdoor deals. if the system were to carry on it would continue creating and exacerbating huge disparities among member states by this summer whereby some will be able to reach herd immunity in a few weeks while others would like far behind ultimately though this report points out what went wrong and highlights that not a great deal has been done to stop the same mistakes being made again for those who have been watching what's going on with the european union when it comes that this pilot demick think quite a few people would be saying yeah we know. tensions flare between police and demonstrators for a 4th consecutive day in the u.k. of a recently proposed protest legislation the bill in question was introduced after police had dispersed the vigil for sarah ever as last saturday for flouting coded restrictions as a 3 year old was found dead earlier this month
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a police officer has been charged with murder new legislation gives more powers to police during demonstrations allowing them to impose noise and time limits on rallies but so far it's only served to fuel tension over the huge home secretary defended the bill saying that it will protect people during the pandemic. we're talking to artie's going underground american actress rose mcgowan has questioned why the u.k. government is trying to pass protest legislation during a pandemic you can watch the full interview on r.t. throughout the day here's a preview the way credit jane and her. police force have handled violence against women and violence against our ever art is violence against humanity can tell assuming you're probably the man in natural cast as well i would hope so it is it's an hunch of war and hunch of war it's wrong and what
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boris johnson is trying to pass under the guise of coronavirus is absurd it's taking only absurd and we all can see what it is it is about keeping women in there can stay out so we know that crimes against women in general aren't taken seriously and instead of cleaning up our own house crescents yes response is to connect more violence against well in fairness to the british government which denies its police bill is anything to do it that she she said that while the government says there's going to be an inquiry and she said it's easy for people in their armchairs to watch the pictures being beamed around the world and not realize and understand what was really going on there. well i personally have been and involved intro checks with the police and crackdown and i understand what's going on there and sometimes the camera does show exactly what's going on in this case there's always some reason to. slash certain like in reality. i should be able to walk down the
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street and i could get arrested for that certainly but nobody's allowed to break me in sexual harassment massage he does not just when it's all us. the facebook executive has been caught on tape raising the alarm of the amount of power the tech giant wields in an undercover video released by investigative journalism group project veritas facebook's global plumbing leaned bending thomas even suggest or already should intervene. you know that new system. it's a better thing for the world might look. good to them they would. be made. here he will give you through the one. who do believe he. would rather talk about. the the issue. that's to worthing oh yes it's
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true that. you should not have power over g. . we asked facebook to comment on that project veritas video will keep you updated if and when they respond in the meantime distrusting big tech appears to be on the rise 15 states and territories have joined in an anti just lawsuit filed against google and facebook by texas accuses the manipulating the online ad market something google denies. in the meantime facebook has around 2800000000 active users making it the largest social network in the world it's also acquired a number of companies over the years think what's up oculus and instagram the company's revenue last year was roughly $85000000000.00 it's currently worth over $720000000000.00 we talked big tech with dr michael wrecked about. it shows that they know what kind of power of these big tech companies wield and facebook in particular ms case wields enormous influence and power over politics they had
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a tremendous impact over the american. presidential election and they intend to continue to have that kind of power over the political system so it tells me that if insiders know about this and they're contrasting it out right then it's certainly the case and this is not some sort of a conspiracy theory that's an open conspiracy to him to affect enormous control of the population still to come what might feel like a blast from the past u.s. intelligence alleges russia meddled in the 2020 election to claim the kremlin has cooled groundless will dive deeper after this break.
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we were told the d.o.j. scout but all right investigation is one of the largest in american history the f.b.i. has made it clear it will not leave one stone unturned to prosecute what it calls domestic terrorists all of us want to answer surrounding this event but is this also a purging of trump loyalists. the world is driven by shaped by. the day are. we here to ask.
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welcome back to news in russia where the security services have detained an islamic state supporter on suspicion of planning to carry out a terrorist attack in the south of the country here's a video released by the federal security service which shows how the suspect was detained the man in question later admitted planning to carry out an attack on a local shopping center of cysts got a bomb making components and an islamic state flag in the apartment where he was arrested. it's a new administration but we see the same old meddling allegations yet another u.s. intelligence report claims russia tried to sway a us election but that same report also says there was no evidence of vote manipulation moscow denies the allegations the documents prepared by the u.s.
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intelligence community is another set of groundless accusations against our country of interfering in american internal political processes washington continues to practice megaphone diplomacy with the main goal to maintain a negative image of russia the report claims russia carried out an influence campaign to denigrate joe biden to support trump undermine the election confidence and stoke social division it didn't however provide any concrete evidence to back up those allegations media reports citing official sources say the white house is even considering more russian sanctions are involved or a former vice chair of the libertarian party says we've heard this all before. it's just like with any advertising or just like when you have when you have any movie once you have a bunch of fans of a movie right no matter how stupid the movie is if there's a lot of people who like that movie what do you do you have a sequel and when you have a drama that was like this laughably stupid in 2016 but
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a lot of people got into it and your goal is to you know sell some silly story to the american public of course you would have a sequel not just that's just basic kind of storytelling marketing commonsense it would be the 1st time it's something that they've done repeatedly that when they want to you know either either create a direct conflict with a country or to increase military spending with the threat of a conflict with other countries they're going to try to vilify that country realistically politically speaking if that evidence was really strong and really present that's exactly the type of thing and that they would want to bring to the attention the american people not because they have the interest the american people and their hearts but because they could use that as an excuse to create fear you know raise taxes to get in the way to get in front on civil liberties while it theoretically could be classified the the chances that that type of information would be classified that would basically 0. the debate over whether to give up eating main task seem to us states go head to head with nebraska aggressively
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declaring a pro meet day after neighboring colorado announce thank me for what. there is a right way of life or ask. you if you're bored you mean you are or you would be underway with security or where you work hard or. harder healthy. also this lying in the street here our state.
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of. colorado said may 20 years would be me sounds day and rescue responded by declaring it meets on the menu day and this guy states carnivorous culture war was a joy is this and much here at the competition i just ate a peanut butter sandwich as a tribute to pete these guys need to settle deadbeats. why if people continue until like children. some people who are vague in or vegetarian are so heavy handed and so obstreperous is sometimes rude that we're creating this this battle between mediators and. those who aren't and it's sad how do you explain to somebody whose family is in the cattle business if there were people who want to put them out of business there is such contempt between carnivores and vegetarians if i go out to eat i say. and they say what you're not you're not one of those v
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good things are you you're not a vegetarian. and immediately i go through the question and answer it surgically what are you going don't you know you need protein. in a year of long downs in isolation the virtual world may appear to fill the gap in people's social lives bucks research from stanford university suggests it may actually have the opposite effect for too many on line calls leaving you feeling drained political takes a closer look so this video calls they've pretty much told going out well together during the time that x. amazing that the internet hasn't broken the law you have to break the internet one year down the line and the novelty of zebras is that online called princeton's has worn pretty thin and this meditation is great for bringing us a sense of relaxation.
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to stern and just quickly by breathing and. after analyzing the impact that video conferencing and on mental well could reste at that point 0. so surprise surprise down wins we sat down that road along b.t.o. rules make you feel mentally and physically exhausted oh oh. how did. the reception that sound bed explain that this is because of the eggs lasted close up only gay the cognitive load being basically constrains and increased. cell evaluation after being forced to see your dinging or legs in staring back.
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at 6 good looks to get to the. 3rd stared at. what you. didn't touch it was clear to us was tried it was you're not going to do it was a or as it's no wonder requests for plastic surgery want me there and the pandemic began zoom thanks and one look like a potato. axe when will the only living thing that video rolls are admirable talents out there also ravaging writing. was estimated that one hour of video conferencing or streaming images between 180 and 1000 grams of seeing you know today it also you are not well needs and wants at our end aaron hernandez around the size of an i do not mean that is
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a loaded and then you'd see what does not stand around. no that can't be such a vice chair she. read the standing orders re going to understand not well then maybe it's not that much when you take into account and since 3 of viral dundas that we get. mr pollen i believe you have a filter turned on in the video settings. you might want to. find out which could you know me george i can hear you i think it's a filter it and there is a no know how to remove it not my sister she's trying to but all i'm required to know paul were think that's here live on snuff i'm not a child. can you say except under a fall will be hit with more at the top of the hour and joy.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. one of the worst mass shootings in america was in less vegas in 2017 the tragedy exposed a little of the real last big where many say elected officials are controlled by casino owners the day his shooting revealed where v.m.p. de really is and now it's part of the stand as sheen to the american public barely remembers that happens just shows you the power of money in las vegas the powerful
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showed that true colors when the pandemic hit the most contagious contagion that we've seen in decades and then you have a mayor who doesn't care so here's carol i goodman offering the lives of the vegas residents to the control group. deep indifference to the people could have been saved if they were taken action absolutely keep the roads shrinking to slot machines doing they use is a money machine is a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives being lost.
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hello and welcome to for all things considered i'm peter lavelle we are told the d.o.j. cowbell riot investigation is one of the largest in american history the f.b.i. has made it clear it will not leave one stone unturned seeking to prosecute what he calls domestic terrorists all of us want answers surrounding this horrific event but is this also a purging of loyalists. crosstalk in the capital riot i'm. and by my guest william binney in baltimore he's a former intelligence officer with the n.s.a. in raleigh we have ray mcgovern he is a former cia analyst and in ossining we crossed to don de bar he is the senior producer at c p r news all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it william let me go to you 1st i was going to the pages of the american conservative and this article by james bone of
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ard came up will f.b.i. chats send conservatives to prison i think that is probably the most direct way of starting out this program because it looks exactly like that to me considering it's been months now since the riot on capitol hill we have preciously little information and we have the head of the f.b.i. seemingly to go out of his way to please congress in their hearings about those horrific events so what about this title will the f.b.i. chats send conservatives to prison your thoughts go ahead and i think they will do anything akin to to discredit anybody involved in the trump campaign or from supporters and i think that's where it is trying to label all the way all the trump from people all 75000000 of them as terrorists and that's the way that that's the way out that's why they have 6 and 21 input in the.


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