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tv   Going Underground  RT  March 17, 2021 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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at any cost ok thanks for the update there shadi that was shoddy at its national reporting from blog. thank you for watching just coming up to half 5 in the afternoon in moscow we're back again in 30 minutes. the world is driven by.
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fear and to ask. i'm national towns and you're watching all of them additional going on the ground as britain's boris johnson government tries to puzzle law that cracks down on protest the bill was recommended by the boss of britain's biggest police force president dick who has self is facing calls to quit because of how she responded to one of her police offices allegedly killing sarah ever audit in london protests and commemorations with a lot of the put down by dick's offices joining me now via skype is one of the 21st century's most well known activists rose gallant rose thanks so much for coming back on i should say the police do say that the crackdown was because of
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coronavirus but you mean campaigning against male violence against women for forever what have you made made of the scenes coming from london the police breaking up the demonstrations. the way tresidder j. and her. police force have handled violence against women and violence against our ever art is violence against humans because i'm assuming you're probably man enough for a test as well i would hope so it is it's unconscionable it's unconscionable it's wrong and what boris johnson is trying to pass under the guise of coronavirus is absurd it's taken lee absurd and we all can see what it is it's about keeping it when it indicators down so we know that crimes against women in general aren't taken seriously and instead of cleaning up our own house crescents yanks response is to connect more violence against well in fairness to the british government
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which denies its police bill is anything to do it that she she said that while the government says there's going to be an inquiry and she said it's easy for people in their armchairs to watch the pictures being beamed around the world and not realize and understand what was really going on there. well i personally have banged involved in trench s. with the police of crack down heavily and i understand what's going on there and sometimes the camera does show exactly what's going on in this case i'm not sure whether you may have seen some of the newspapers in the media here and the protests have occurred around the world partly because of the the killing what have you made of it i mean there were some comments that people were talking about sensible shoes and so on in relation to this tragic killing in south london do you think the victim survivors shaming has gone away. higher shaming is absolutely not i mean i'm sure nice to turn that demographic another every day 1st there's always
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some reason to shame slash survivor there's always that is that or just looking at and where you out there watching take part in this they can shame me yourself and what kind of attitudes you carry the reality is i should be able to walk down the street naked i could get arrested for that certainly but nobody's allowed to break me ok if you just simply walking home at night it's very different you know from and they can leave a headless common words you know jokes on the side or they're just listening you know i see a man walking with headphones at night that is something women hear of course so i'll be able to be in pointing out the fact that the president of the head of the metropolitan police who some accuse of being involved in the killing of a man of color the brazilian. engineer a joint child a man as is the fact is he is an elder woman so. somehow this
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should make a difference he alluded to it has self saying i am a woman he say and so therefore. presumably we should think of her handling as being better i.m.h.o. . i actually disagree. and i've noticed others have that you know either way and their direct answer of any gender has been that by waiting regardless of their leanings and their sexual orientation have nobody asked what i notice in women in power and specifically you know an hour or less this in women of a certain age a certain power position they play by the rule books of the men and they don't down on it and a they really don't want to be seen if they soften anything or be. anybody excuse them of being less hard and less hard and try more or less far or less playing by the rules invisible rules that always change a government agency seem to have or hollywood or anybody. when empowered
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and i have to find them were dangerous but then so what are we supposed to do because people have been saying the news rooms of newspapers need to be better represented by women people of color people who well to be speaking. outlooks i mean was always supposed to do it even representation increasing representation in the establishment in the media and bala thinks they just get co-opted waterways president. well there are ways to find people that are real there are right you know i believe the attorney general in new york state new york city israel you know she's she's somebody who israel there are women in power that are real that are not playing by the system i think it is who are it's not just representation of who is represents. and here choosing people for optics was in the media and
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tried it or in governmental jobs and it was just for the optics that you want status quo it's more about wanting a a total change and wanting not satisfied with that usually puts people at higher positions are in danger could be the start of your political career who knows but more seriously you mention new york what did you make of joe biden saying that the new york governor andrew cuomo should not resign pending the investigations into his accusations about sexual harassment well i believe joe biden is in a tricky spot its name if he calls for governor andrew cuomo that to resign then how does that reflect on him with a cherry allegations you know he can't and close he's also to wait for great can't you know they're leaving all anything except for when it's personally if they call
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on andrew probably resigned and joe myers next he won't have that you might have to remind us about our reid's allegations i guess why do you think most media even 14 years i think lately they're just not interested in the allegations against joe biden. well the allegations that terry has alleged are serious is very serious you know there are levels of tradition and it's fine it's very high up there is joe biden when she was working for hand as a senate staffer the 1st same way allegedly when she's interviewing for her job was watched by her in the hallway look at her legs say oh nice legs higher and that's because do you replay every single thing that happened that led up to the moment when joe biden you know assaulted her eyelashes and. cares if it's fox news who cares you know the new york times is the fox news of the liberals they had any of donna who was at the time his spokesperson buying stocks person jury selection and
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who was also the head of time's up at the organization i suppose the late champions and you know when it ends and finds their lawsuits which has turned out all pretty much a fake which i said 3 years ago. they don't want this they don't want investigations because then they would have to look at their own house and see where their people playing a part needed on how to write a hit piece on terrorism i mean to my knowledge has our teams have had people that you're going up against help if you're going soft on the people i am against you helped write the story and i had to pay on time to be no different than off except that there are better theater reviews well we certainly don't do anything like that are going underground but what he said about the new york times of course they did report on biden's that syria has strikes but presumably women. people children people of color all could have been targeted by this as strikes why do you
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think it's just disappeared that joe biden. ariely bombarded another country within days of taking office. what i think the news is disappearing there is very little news and the problem really stems one huge problem by end bombing syria on back with our allies kind of like rhetoric. and it is it's disgusting as the news media in america has consistently not ever anything bad or one or biden or any of these people have done it's not politically convenient you know when you go back and they actually had some changes that was obama and biden just like and if he had an agreement to not. you know the liberal is maybe i should say the mainstream media to try any coverage on this truck comes in on us and it's a big story syria bombing is disgusting and all the things they allege against trump you know he each ocilla mahdi unilaterally approval well they do the same
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it's up there with more people now the thing is the media having lived in the united states in the past for a very long time outsiders and not realize is that you know there's not even whether covered in any other country other than there's there's no news in the u.s. that involves outside anything from the u.s. the u.s. . is there insular and that's why i consistently allege that the united states is a cult just nation here and it doesn't you need your programming and sacrum preprogramming in lockstep to get yeah and the media certainly are very interested in the oprah winfrey interview with my getting more coal why do you think they seem to have forgotten the prince andrew interview. well it's extremely convenient for both that right as sporting public and. the monarchy forget prince and the fact they're doing investigation into marriage made in mark foley and not trace
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anders alleges at it and part and he trafficking re says exactly everything they are well the queen son prince under or his he denies it the f.b.i. are looking to question him i mean obviously this protest legislation may be going through here in britain scott morrison in australia where there have been some activists out protesting about misogyny said you know women are lucky to be able to protest at all what have you made of what's going on there in the britain's former colony of australia. morrison is an 88 resident make. i mean he's everything right there that is the problem we're so lucky for giving us a seat at the table to remand say take your own damn seat wait for these people it
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will never give you a proper seat at the table build your own table build your own no more ships build your own corporations hire women as how you want to do it and you know practice your affirmative action and get out there in protest get out there make them uncomfortable every day so much of the public has been waiting for these dinosaurs a die off but the reality is like replicants now i feel like my job is fighting the older people here stablish meant so the other people can stay free and hopefully when they do come into power they will not behave like status quo. because. we're tired. and we're told to and we're a zoo mad as hell not going to take it any more australia's not just protests and massage and it's in a labor party it is a secret facebook group that was uncovered with all of these horrific allegations and i said is that democrats in the us and say let the labor party in australia. it doesn't give you you're not morally superior because you vote more for you know
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help for the common people allegedly sexually you get in your past because you're more environmentally way or a legislate against. but you women get out there and the now they're saying help if you are an ally of stand up you're an ally right because sexual harassment he does not just when it's all us reza thank you after the break going on the ground celebrate st patrick's day with north and remembering ian paisley jr in the former lord mayor of belfast on the new can who currently serves as m.p. for belfast north.
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welcome back and this year st patrick's day like last year's won't be the same and not just because of the global coronavirus pandemic the e.u. says that boris johnson's government is breaking international law river island joining me now from the british parliament is the new pm be even more than jim in paisley junior in thanks so much for coming back on i don't know what has happened since we last talked in person on the green for going underground i mean ulster separated by a defacto border from england and wales joe biden famous are reported missing the old ira rebel songs. is the d.p. in big trouble now. i don't think room big troll is on trial i wish you a happy yes and patrick's day also with regards to what's how rex and obviously the rest of the united kingdom got back since we got rex a plus a protocol which you which takes away from the opportunity acts of course and
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forces upon northern ireland's. peace of activity that means that we have to protect the european market single market might that's not what north man's role should be and sort really house to go it's been proved in the last 70 days of those not work and data doesn't work whether you live in dublin the republicans are in the you live in northern ireland the fact of the matter is that the protocol has been on met to give up disaster for businesses for people for shops and people who hold on to a protocol it's damaging businesses and their own constituency are total and absolute truths on the set aside the politics and that's an unmoved forward of course the united kingdom quite rightly has to say it's unilaterally moves on some of those damaging auspex off the protocol and has decided to suspend them by way off and extending greece periods now that's kicking the can down the road it helps for a short period of time where we want to see a permanent solution go up in the best way it is give us the scene bracks of as the
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rest of the united kingdom you say it helps the e.u. says it's a violation of international law they're suing for the 2nd time so what sanctions you on on britain now ahead of us. sanctions against russia and venezuela. and a european court doesn't apply to the people of the united kingdom it's a wee bit of a nonsense northern ireland is not suffering because of the protocol carry out 20 percent of all border checks across the entirety of the european community hush jupiters. whenever most of our treaties with g 8. how do i like you did this though you your party was the coalition partner your car coalition with the tories allowed this to happen and boris johnson signed it. i brought that story started we wouldn't support a withdrawal agreement we would support the recall and result of the 2 you general
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elections if you recall so i never voted for the protocol and they'd all of the parties in northern ireland tell us that the protocol is the worst option there is the government foolishly agreed unilaterally with the e.u. a protocol i'm not protocol has been proved the last 70 days to be a disaster does not work unilaterally the united kingdom was the breach and of course you know luckily at the end of january the republic of ireland of the e.u. preach that because they went to the stable are astronomical facts it's annoying because they won't be able to do that and i say no master plan to work you shouldn't take the e.u. has temporarily suspended some countries in the e.u. and they say it's just a scientific thing it's nothing to do with politics whatsoever but away from the seriousness of the threats the livelihoods the threats the lives and what does the d. of p. mean by accusing the e.u. of holo claims to protect peace in ulster i mean you're saying brussels actually wants a resumption of of the bombing of downing street. you know it's hollow
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play as may remember this was the european union just said that they were doing the protocol to protect the peace process when it's turned out that since the protocol over over 70 days of economic chaos we have loyalists paramilitaries who have indicated that they were drawing their support from an agreement that they previously supported along with tony blair and the pre-nup by face so the protocol has created all of these things that's what they're saying now the government and the media can stick their head in the sounds pretend this doesn't exist that this is someone else's problem but no this is a problem of the united kingdom structure result in the best way to resolve it is to remove the protocol that's the obstacle and let us help ordinary relationships with the rest the united kingdom given that we're going to go part of the united kingdom and let's have a sensible cooperation with the republic of ireland and the e.u. we do not need a protocol i'm pleased. yeah but i mean your colleagues i mean wilson was on this
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show talking about. problems at the customs unit. in northern ireland it's all bluff isn't it hasn't been any violence as regards the protocol it's all bluff by that the u.p.a. and do you know there's a growing recognition right from. it's vital if their housekeeping balance might welcome up new people aren't trying to fund those freedoms all i can say to us of this very mischievous and sinister. county and it's been targeted at individuals there's been a person who worked in the customs office to be forcibly moved from their own to be protected and i want to make sure that we dialed up daryn goes away the best way for up to go it's pretty strong to recognize that this protocol doesn't work but there already is a law and order an ardent ready is a customs border an army we don't need a 2nd of any of these things and we don't want you to install some sort in the
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british side wouldn't even stall any up or up us or any mechanism it's entirely up to the european union to decide what it thaws with british groups a comment or it's its territory so you're right well no doubt johnson is going to try and fight it or has to kick the can down the road as you describe it just finally isn't it clear since your dad died the deal you pay has basically hastened a united ireland supported directive which has created this artificial border because the protocol we got a census predicting a catholic majority anyway the demographic time bomb that was always that as a d.p.s. support for brics it and all the work of your party only only favored a united and. no i think the facts are actually the other way i mean shin fee i'm not a minister british rule and our home should she couldn't see this legislation every day after week which starts with the 10 words be at an act and by her gracious
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majesty queen elizabeth the 2nd they are republicans carry out the work of royal loyalists and also stir because they administer a pretty assembly there the ira which was trying to kill and bomb us and say united are in the dark of a field of public ghoul way they don't have as much as a water pistol up there kmov we i think it's stupid it's quite frankly tentative that we're heading towards united on of them frankly the vast majority of people in northern ireland is catholic and protestant but all of the surveys taken are very content with 1st august and of course look public of arlen has a lower standard of living and a higher cost of love in the northern ireland no one's going to vote to go into a country that chant of sort to keep northern ireland we're part of the 5th largest economy in the world and on the vaccines ace alone northern ireland has got almost a 3rd of its entire population boxed in that the republic of arms has less than 10
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percent fox no no better team practice and pays a junior thank you well after a full page adverts for a united ireland in the new york times in the washington post paid by friends of shin fein that's now here from gen fein m.p. from belfast old john fund who can john thanks so much for coming back on we just spoke to him paisley jr i'm not sure whether in helps him feign that vaccination is so much higher in the north but he said not only that but. you're basically a carrying out the queen's bidding cian fame is no longer a movement for anything irish it's basically british. well good afternoon and it's good to talk to you again i'm not happy to have padres national that. happy some projects they do all of your listeners as well all around the work so. it's one of many many those are strange calm comments by m.p.'s lee and his colleagues
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i'm not quite sure and maybe he's enjoying some politics day a little early i don't know but it's history and comment we are a very strong pride and r.t. should probably can party and i think our backward more than speaks for itself boris johnson didn't even take time out to schedule a meeting with mary lou mcdonald leader when he came to us the last week. yeah he can he can last friday which i think was very much a fairly superficial p.r. exercise we had a long standing request to have a meeting where from. mary lou mcdonald and michelle nady there are many issues that we need to discuss with them and not least his government's failure to implement previous political agreements are going to new decade new approach which was what led to the restoration of the storm and the institutions we need to talk to him about the r.h. protocol we also wanted to talk to him about fairly discrete as well one percent pay raise for nurses to be were all encouraged to clap for over the past year armande it was the biggest party on this island would expect us to be repulsed
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engagement with the likes of paris johnson and not what we want but you know if it had been a united ireland you might not be getting yesterday i think a vaccine that don't change things with you a little and expect a year really to back the island over a nato superpower like britain just announcing nuclear warheads over this protocol . yeah well i think there's a lot in that firstly i think the way in which the island through the 2 jurisdictions has dealt with collude over the past 12 months many people have certainly gone into a trance the conversation around why we don't have a joined up all ireland health service and certainly one jurisdiction shouldn't be in competition with handlers and i think that the sites have had difficulties in the way in which they money to cope with we've had difficulties the way in which we've monies that are sales and the north here and but it certainly shouldn't be petted that it's one side against the other we have the natural geographically of
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champix be an island and i think we need to utilise that a lot more than we did to try and rid ourselves from coal but to aids i don't lock during a lot sooner than we were able to while those questions of course are being asked by british politicians here in england at the same time in the south your on your party is not really wishing. patrick's day why calling for his resignation he has accepted. a document it's nice subject to a criminal investigation so i don't wish to prejudice the investigation that the guardi will be conducting what. the nature of this is the fact that it's not surprising that in fact there's very few people of the site you're shocked by this summer even comment i could offend but it's not me it's your own politics which i think we are very much standing against that's why we saw our success in the general election last year break whereby people realize that you know the
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traditional politics of fear in a foreign and finicky they really hard to distinguish between themselves and the states on a thing that not level of general corruption that people see in our a society there is an option to be away from and i think that the certainly whites the criminal investigation is ongoing and i don't see how it is possible that he doesn't stop say had he not investigation but ultimately it will be a mater for the counties to lay over africa of if he denies all wrongdoing and quite a lot of corruption installment historically i reckon let's get let's get to this announcement by the council of europe they're opening up an investigation and last time you were in london you were talking to me about the shooting death of your father in front of you and the wounding of your mother what joint make of the council of your ring reopening the case of british soldiers killing your father yeah i'm not significance the fact that they are reopening this it is exceptionally
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rare that the consul of europe would take the steps it is a super salt of i think pressure that has been put on not least by the irish government and we're very grateful for that but it's also a recognition on the way in which the british government have been very cynical in the way they've dealt with my family we had a supreme court victory and february 2018 and an onus on the british government to finally after 30 will be yours and vastly get my father's murder and away that is and it appears to you international human rights standards they haven't done so not mass november they attempted to transfer all will self and told the international community all make it in the spike to the police and the police almost been i think not seems to have been a tipping point for the consul of europe on the decision that they have taken will bring a level of scrutiny and a kind ability which is very much welcome. well i'm sure everyone hopes you get just as you can thank you thank you very much that's over the show will be back on
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saturday to speak to the cattle and president in exile call them all as if you strip some of the unity from prosecution of this bunch government as well then don't forget to subscribe like to try. to. seem wrong when all we're all just don't all. get to say proud just being educated and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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joe biden. paid the price for moscow's alleged election meddling and agreed that the russian president is a killer also the digital code. free travel between member states and u.k. all schools will make good start cutting all services unless they get billions in support. ready stretching n.h.s. waiting lists also this your human rights trade deals are the priority. exposed sleep aids foreign secretary saying it's business as usual even with nations with human rights.


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