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joe biden. paid the price for moscow's alleged election meddling and agrees when asked that the russian president is a killer also to come the. digital code to difficult to allow free travel between member states and u.k. all schools all make a good start cutting all services unless they get billions in support of the pandemic already stretching and h.s. waiting lists also this your human rights trade deals are the priority to audiobooks opposed to sleep aids foreign secretary saying it's business as usual even with nations with g.b.s. human rights and.
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hello they get even just going at 6 o'clock here in moscow you watching our international phone interview the u.s. president joe biden has agreed one question that the russian leader vladimir putin is a killer i got more details from. well this isn't a strong this is very serious this doesn't look just like an insult not just like a groundbreaking phrase because in the diplomatic sense really this could potentially be a catastrophe for u.s. russia relations but it's also very important to look at the actual wording to look at how joe biden said this and what context so it wasn't actually his own phrase it was a response to a question from a journalist you know vladimir putin you think he's a killer. or do so what price must he pay for pray she's going to pay will you'll see shortly it was originally an escalation from the journalists he put that
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question out directly using the world the word sorry killer and as you can see the u.s. media is at it again this is what they want to do they don't want vague phrases about the russian leaders they want labels and no matter who that is in the oval office they wanted from donald trump now they want it from joe biden but at this point it is absolutely clue crucial to understand what the kremlin's response is going to be what if president putin and his team decide that the u.s. leader crossed the line by making this personal insult what if they choose not to turn a blind eye what if this rails the entire prospect of a mean thing between the russian and u.s. leaders because to me honestly i don't remember any other u.s. the george w.
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bush barack obama donald trump making that kind of statement against vladimir putin so this is definitely unprecedented initially in the sort of weeks of biden's relationship there was a long conversation was in there between biden and peyton well nobody expected mush . improvement to be fair with the arrival of joe biden but they're always there's always hope when the handover in the white house many of the predicted that things could even get worse with a democrat president and charge but for a while we weren't hearing much about russian meddling things like russian hackers like you were saying at least there was a phone conversation between the 2 joe biden and a lot of our putin and the 2 decided to leave the new start treaty in place was he paying the price for i mean i haven't really gone into details have they about the accusations the reports of meddling in the reports that he's
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a killer but in terms of substantiate he was true as a journalist this would probably be the 1st thing that i asked joe biden why exactly is latimer putin a killer and what is he going to pay the price for so apparently this is also something that has to do with the latest u.s. intelligence report where it's said that vladimir putin was overseeing another meddling scheme and we're not talking about the 26th election we're talking about the latest u.s. presidential election he says that russian president putin authorized a range of russian government organizations conducted influence operations aimed at denigrating president biden's candidacy and the democratic policy supporting former president trump undermining public confidence in the electoral process and exacerbating satiate political divisions in the u.s. . what russia wants to get as usual is proof and explanation
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how russia meddled how did the u.s. intelligence community come to that conclusion so here's a statement from the russian embassy in america. the documents prepared by the u.s. intelligence community is another set of groundless accusations against our country of interfering in american internal political processes washington continues to practice megaphone diplomacy with the main goal to maintain a negative image of russia so again the question is what's next what the reaction from the quantum level is going to be we're definitely waiting for that and also we are looking at potential sanctions because from several sources in the white house it's been reported that there are saying that a new round of punishment against russia could be on the way so could this be a coincidence these statements by joe biden in that and also the intelligence report we will find out possibly in the next hours maybe in the next few days ok
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we're trying to talk you can hear you ok let's get more reaction now from martin 3rd he's a senior lecturer of political science at the center for american studies good evening t. let's just start with russia's reaction because we haven't had an official response yet from the kremlin what sort of response would you expect. i think they will wait to what biden will follow up when he threatens that he will pay a price. and if that price will be sanctions against people very close to president vladimir putin and i think that they will probably respond in a similar way i think the u.s. has a policy not to sanction foreign heads of government directly they don't do that with saudi arabia with. the crown prince and the murder so i think they will not sanction president putin directly but his some of his closest environment and i think probably russia will respond in kind with the
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extraditing people or not all at letting people travel to russia. what do you make biden's comment that putin is a killer i mean is that. come as a big surprise you from a from a u.s. president to say this about the president of russia yes i think it comes as a surprise for me us president but i think i'm not so surprised that it comes from joe biden the individual because i think joe biden also in the past has a relatively loose mouth i think he was taken a bit by surprise with this killer question but george stephanopoulos and i guess what he said around that is that he confronted him when he talked to hooten and in late january and he was referring to president bush when he was new in office and president clinton was relatively new and office in 2001 bush had said i looked him into the eye and i saw his soul and biden said in the interview i said to putin
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this time i looked into your eye and i saw no soul and then allegedly the russian president responded i think we understand each other so i guess it's tough talk and t. he wants to show that he's a kind of a tough guy as of course president putin has a reputation of being you would expect the u.s. administration then to try and write back and what we said at least provide greater context to try and smooth things over because as you said it's a question that seemed to take biden off guard slightly. i don't think it will backtrack here i'm not expecting that whether he i'm sure that the u.s. press of people in the press corps probably foreign correspondents will ask him what kind of killing he might refer to i think he might respond but that's just a conjecture on my sign that he will say the. killing or poisoning attempt of alexei navalny perhaps but that's pure conjecture i don't know i think biden was unscripted here a little bit and. said this these things have happened before to complain but also
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chewing the 47 years in u.s. politics that biden has so it's it's not a surprise about the individual it's a surprise that the president of the u.s. was saying this perhaps ok. look i'll be told we've got to leave it there marty running out of time but really appreciate you coming on to artie receiving that was martin phone it's a new lecture of political science at the heidelberg center for american studies thank you thank you. now the e.u. commission has proposed to create a digital green certificate that would allow european citizens to travel across the block without having to quarantine on arrival the move does come following pressure from tourism reliant states that have been heavily affected by the pandemic charlotte n.c. as more details. the european commission outlining on monday that its member states need to look at a common approach now to easing restrictions put in place by the kovi 1000 pandemic this is going to come in the sense of
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a framework which will look at things such as vaccination tests and also look at those who've been able to recover from the virus this is going to come in the form of a digital green certificate and the idea is to reestablish the freedom of movement across the block that is seems a fundamental right here in europe this is what the european commission president. had to say with this digital certificate to health member states reinstate the freedom of movement in a safe responsible and trusted manner it will be in a paper version and it will also be in a digital version both will have a key role could complete scans now and we're told that the data will be protected so there will be security around that but countries will be able to collect information all of those who are coming into their territory overseas whether they've had the vaccine or water whether they've recovered from 19 now this proof
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will then be waiver restrictions restrictions such as quarantine testing that are currently in place but those restrictions will only be obligatory for that seems they've already been approved by may when this comes into force there are 4 vaccines that are soon for been approved but as we know many european countries have decided to opt for other routes because of the slow vaccine rollout here and they are using the chinese vaccine also the russian vaccine noise are of which have yet been approved for use in the now we're told it will be up to individual states whether they would accept vaccines from countries all from areas that have companies that haven't yet been. proved and the idea is that this would be normal discriminatory and it would sort of safeguard this fundamental right to being able to traverse across the book but some might say if there is an approval at this
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point. in some countries that could be problematic or not could itself be discriminatory to go into the vaccine we know that is currently being. medicos agency poor approval and one of the commissioners were just talking at the press conference on wednesday this is here in britain had this to say about the vaccine. because if. we could have it. vaccines have already provoked a lot of skepticism here within the e.u. we know in france it has one of the highest rates of reacting skepticism but we also know that there's been rumbles about the idea of this sort of. digital
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significant from many countries it was pushed by countries who really rely on tourism but here in france many people have been a little bit cold or slow to warm to this idea adds to the mix there is the current question over the astra zeneca vaccine as you know the european medics agency is due to rule on thursday whether that vaccine is safe or not after those questions were raised about blood clots and of the adverse side effects that could be attributed to the vaccine but for example if they decided the vaccine could be used in the future that possibly could raise a question about those individuals who've already had shot and with a vendor they would be able to participate in this vaccine at this digital past. so really still a lot of questions to be all said before this digital green pass comes into force around mid june. britain's foreign secretary dominic robb is under scrutiny after
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leaks already a recording reveals him saying that the u.k. should strike deals with nations even if they have questionable human rights standards or u.k. correspondent shadi it was dashed looks deeper into the story united kingdom is apparently facing its greatest threat since the cold war that isn't calling to the foreign secretary dominic properness now warning that britain is heading towards a decades where in which democracy is in retreat apparently because upcoming economic powers like that of china are increasing its global dominance in the world in fact it seems as though the united kingdom's own position in the international world order is now under threat democracy is him a treat. this decade the combined g.d.p. of or to critic regimes is expected to exceed the combined g.d.p. of the world's democracy now the government has been accused of saying one thing and doing another and that comes as a leaked all to fall was revealed to the public in the public domain where in which
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the foreign secretary could be heard saying that the u.k. should actually do trade deals with countries that have a huge track record of human rights abuses i believe we ought to be trading liberally around the world if we restrict it to countries with the european convention on human rights level standards of human rights we're not going to do many trade deals with the growth markets of the future to contextualize all of this of course the united kingdom's place in the world has long been defined by its relationship with america and indeed a europe of course now we are in a post britain so the united kingdom is having to look past europe further afield into other areas of the globe especially when it comes to things like trade it's all part of the u.k.'s mission to project a global britain but with the foreign secretary dominic robb admitting that trading prospects actually could be done with the so-called enemies human rights groups are now hitting back accusing the government of gross hypocrisy this apparent
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willingness to sacrifice human rights at the altar of trade is shocking but certainly unsurprising it fits a depressing pattern on human rights from these government trade is obviously important to all nations but the foreign secretary shouldn't be thrown human right defenders to the wharf like this while the government has actually defended dominic rob's comment saying that this leaked or to far was actually clipped and actually distorted the truth but we've also heard from the opposition party the labor party hitting out saying that dominic rob's comments behind closed doors actually completely undermined their public statements at the same time but it's not just dominic rob who has been accused long before of turning a blind eye to human rights abuses but saying something else publicly. we made good on the pledge bringing to force the united kingdom's 1st thomas human rights sanctions regime which gives us the power to impose sanctions on the on those involved in the very worst human rights abuses right around the world so when it comes to the big security and human rights challenges of our time we need this our
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united nations to forge a bold new multilateralism so when it comes to championing human rights across the world it seems like the united kingdom can talk the talk but can't quite walk the walk but this week it really does feel as though britain is going through some sort of existential identity crisis so now it's trying to reposition itself on the international world stage and reassert its global dominance but it seems like it will do that at any cost. unprecedented and harshness how the kremlin has branded pressure on countries to stop using russia the vaccine the remarks come after the u.s. department of health published a report which boasts a try to dissuade brazil from using the russian jab with more details is murder against the earth we've all heard about backdoor deals to secure the
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shipment of countries trampling each other to get those precious jobs these says the 1st star we've heard of back door deals to deny people a vaccine the u.s. department of health health and human services boosting that it had denied hundreds of millions of brazilians a jab. the office of global affairs used diplomatic relations in the americas region to mitigate efforts by states including cuba venezuela and russia who are working to increase their influence in the region to the detriment of u.s. safety and security examples include using the office of global affairs health a touchy office to persuade brazil to reject the russian copied 19 vaccine and that is what is essentially a grand perversion of simple human decency and moral values they argue that brazilians vaccinating themselves with a russian vaccine is apparently a threat to u.s.
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security they are explaining how they just say that it is let me put that in perspective for you we will see and hear of the daily death tallies right so one in 5 of those deaths are happening right now in brazil 20 percent of all qubit deaths worldwide are in brazil and these people a boosting that they help prevent inoculations in brazil with one of the objectives the and scientifically proven most efficient vaccines in the world these are the same people who claim that lives in vaccines are above politics and accused russia of undermining inoculation efforts it is very clear that russia is up to its all tricks. and in doing so is potentially putting people at risk by spreading disinformation about
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vaccines while darden u.s. department of health and human services who feel safe and cousy your organization behind sputnik the has come out and said what any reasonable person already knows this is a pandemic that is threatening and killing people equally these. the threat to mankind it is above politics saving and we're talking here about millions of lives is paramount but the degree of cynicism and double standards here is astonishing to see when it's about saving american lives they'll take all the help that they can get remember the russian planes carrying aid to new york last year oh they accepted that no threat to national security there apparently but brazilians vaccinating themselves with sputnik god forbid no no no america car and allow
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brazilians to do that some western states are trying not only to politicize the humanitarian aspect of the fight against coronavirus but also to take advantage of the pandemic to punish governments they don't like i'm not sure gree with the russian foreign minister yes they are politicizing vaccination politicizing lives that's obvious but i'm not entirely sure that the countries that the us doesn't like that it's them that have been punished it's the people that they're friends with brazilians who will potentially not receive a life saving job so we're fishelson washington can go to sleep at night feeling good and safe more advanced than i despite the mission in the report the us department of health does say it cannot comment on bank scenes not approved by the f.d.a. and cannot pressure either countries from using the drugs they have authorized
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themselves spinning the there is still awaiting approval in brazil. maine is a britons in need of hospital treatment have been forced to wait for months due to the crisis there and u.k. hospitals and i wanted to they could be forced to cut more services unless they get additional funding and i need a to does reveal 4600000 people were on n.h.s. waiting lists on me at the end of january and is the highest number since records began in 2007 more than 300000 have already waited a year or more to start hospital treatment gregory metcalf is one of the patients he's been waiting for surgery i'm very much in the sickle code because obviously and is even will sure the dislocation is very serious injury and page bill so to have gone through so many like even more so now probably the thought of
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this is very physically popo but i was very shocked as well to find out about the surgeries well because hope is. all types that are not life threatening i really don't know of a donor who's just asked. of us. local authorities hospital nobody seems to know i feel like the government needs to get more than the pocket. just obviously needs lots of money for the people on waiting lists for the surgeries some are specifically really covert operations some more talking about people who are so awaiting surgeries and all kinds of medical 'd attention surgeries but what we've got in them at the moment well n.h.s. hospitals they say that they need 8000000000 pounds of additional funding to cover their day to day running costs but that this the n.h.s. may have to further perspire nonlife think non-life threatening operations however
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an n.h.s. doctor told us why further delays will lead to unnecessary suffering and even deaths. who knows how much you're spending they say something like 27000000000 on on the testing which many people think in many cases it's just money that is not not being spent wisely and we have to catch up with the medical issues i mean the keeper is a personal issue i have a knee problem from a long term injury and my my operation. suspended at the moment is much to catch up on a low people say well these are not life threatening in many cases a lot of the things that are being postponed are not immediately life threatening but if you're not detecting cancers if you're not having these operations they become life threatening down the line we have less than any use for the population i think this is true of most any other western european country. and that's one of
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the reasons why we had such a disaster at the start of crisis when the n.h.s. was the world's 1st solar a for health service greater one. point of contact and that was the. thing and most people want to see that continued much as possible the reality is it hasn't kept pace and another reality is that people just kind of thought it's all ok because it's never really broken like this before i mean now the cracks definitely are exposed and something you really don't i think now is the 3rd wave of coronavirus infection swings cross europe forcing countries to tighten their shrinks sassing world health organization has published a critical report highlighting the flaws in the handling of the pandemic. the covered 900 pandemic has thrown into sharp relief the inequalities and deep fault
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lines that exist in many societies it has revealed that our existing health financial economic and social care systems well prepared and poorly equipped to address cyrus callie to affect not a lot of surprises in this world health organization report really the ultimate takeaway is europe wasn't ready wasn't prepared for a health emergency of the size and scale of the covert 19 pandemic if we look back through the last year it's been pretty clear from the offing we saw hospitals overwhelmed pushed to capacity and beyond in the very beginning of the pandemic and right now we're seeing continuing problems when it comes to vaccine rollout across the european union the report does highlight that inequality in society exacerbated problems but again this is not something we haven't really heard before we're calling on government leaders and international organizations to fix the fractures
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in our societies and stop turning a blind eye to the conditions that allowed the novel coronavirus to inflict such grave damage on the world another issue raised in this w.h.o. report is a lack of a common approach when it comes to tackling health issues and yet again we do have clear examples of the us if we look back to the beginning of the pandemic we saw e.u. nations going head to head with one another fighting it out to 4 who got the p.p.a. who got the masks and well we've seen since then the united kingdom and the european union clashed over vaccine distribution and then just this last weekend 6 e.u. member states signed a letter saying that they weren't happy with the way the vaccine was being distributed throughout the block saying that the current system left things open for backdoor deals. if this system were to carry on it would continue creating and exacerbating huge disparities among member states by this summer where by some will
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be able to reach herd immunity in a few weeks while others would like fall behind ultimately though this report points out what went wrong on thai lights that not a great deal has been done to stop the same mistakes being made again for those who say you've been watching what's going on with the european union when it comes that this pile demick thing quite a few people will be saying yeah we know. all of the reports in a washing artery that brings you up to date for the sabbath back again at the top of the next. seemed wrong. just don't call. me. yet to shape
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out. and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. hello and welcome to crossfire for all things considered i'm peter lavelle we are told the d.o.j. scout bill riot investigation is one of the largest in american history the f.b.i. has made it clear it will not leave one stone unturned seeking to prosecute what he calls domestic terrorists all of us want answers surrounding this horrific event
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but is this also a purging of trump loyalists. across talking the capital riot i'm joined by my guest william binney in baltimore he's a former intelligence officer with the n.s.a. in raleigh we have brain mcgovern he is a former cia analyst and in ossining we crossed to don de bar he is the senior producer at c p r news all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it william let me go to you 1st i was going through the pages of the american conservative and this article by james both ard came up will f.b.i. chats send conservatives to prison i think that is probably the most direct way of starting out this program because it looks exactly like that to me considering it's been months now since the riot on capitol hill we have preciously little information.


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