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tv   News  RT  March 17, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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i'm. going to. russia recalls its ambassador to the u.s. after president biden said vladimir putin would pay the price for election meddling while at the same time branding the russian head of state a killer. the e.u. considers a controversial digital covert pass to open up travel between member states. and u.k. hospitals warned they may have to take their scalpels to their own services unless they get billions of pounds and support. from you all the most important news from around the world this is r t international i'm donald quarter and welcome to the program. russia has recalled
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its ambassador to the u.s. to get the lowdown on the state of diplomatic ties with washington and it comes in response to a t.v. interview where prime president biden agreed when questioned that vladimir putin is a quote killer the russian foreign ministry had this to say for us the main thing is to determine ways of improving russian u.s. ties which in a difficult state washington has in fact brought those to the data and in recent years we are interested in preventing they irreversible degrade ation if the americans realize the risks associated with that this will be discussed you're in consultations between the russian foreign ministry and other relevant departments and with the russian ambassador to washington commenting on the situation the u.s. state department said america will continue working with russia but that it will also hold moscow accountable my colleague sandra farmer and to try and go talked about these developments earlier. well this isn't just strong this is very serious this doesn't look just like an insult not just like
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a groundbreaking phrase because in the diplomatic sense really this could potentially be a catastrophe for u.s. russia relations but it's also very important to look at the actual wording to look at how joe biden said this in what context so it wasn't actually his own phrase it was a response to a question from a journalist so you know vladimir putin you think he's a killer. or do so what price must he pay but pray she's going to pay well you'll see shortly it was originally an escalation from the journalists he put that question out directly using the world the word sorry killer and as you can see the u.s. media is at it again this is what they want to do they don't want vague phrases about the russian leaders they want labels and no matter who that is in the oval office they want to from donald trump now they want it from joe biden but at
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this point it is absolutely clue crucial to understand what the kremlin's response is going to be what if president putin and his team decide that the u.s. leader crossed the line by making this personal insult what if they choose not to turn a blind eye what if this the rails the entire prospect of a mean thing between the russian and u.s. leaders because to me honestly i don't remember any other u.s. the george w. bush bronco bamma donald trump making that kind of statement against vladimir putin so this is definitely unprecedented initially in the sort of weeks of biden's relationship there was a long conversation was in there between biden and putin well nobody expected much . improvement to be fair with the arrival of joe biden but they're always there's
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always hope when the handover in the white house many of the predicted that things could even get worse with a democrat president and charge but for a while we weren't hearing much about russian meddling things like russian hackers like you were saying at least there was a phone conversation between the 2 joe biden and a lot of our putin and the 2 decided to leave the new start treaty in place was he paying the price for i mean i haven't really gone into details have they about the accusations the reports of meddling in the reports that he's a killer but in terms of substantiate he was true as a journalist this would probably be the 1st thing that i asked joe biden why exactly is a lot of our putin a killer and what is he going to pay the price for so apparently this is also something that has to do with the latest u.s. intelligence report where it's said that vladimir putin was overseeing
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another meddling scheme and we're not talking about the 26th election we're talking about the latest u.s. presidential election says that russian president putin authorized a range of russian government organizations conducted influence operations aimed at denigrating president biden's candidacy and the democratic policy supporting the former president trump undermining public confidence in the electoral process and exacerbating satiate political divisions in the u.s. what russia wants to get as usual is proof and explanation how russia meddled how did the u.s. intelligence community come to that conclusion so here's a statement from the russian embassy in america. the documents prepared by the u.s. intelligence community is another set of groundless accusations against a country of interfering in american internal political processes washington continues to practice megaphone diplomacy with the main goal to maintain
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a negative image of russia so again the question is what's next what the reaction from the question is going to be we're definitely waiting for that and also we are looking at potential sanctions because from several sources in the white house it's been reported that they're saying that a new wound of punishment against russia could be on the way the department of commerce is committed to prevent in russia from accessing sensitive u.s. technology that might be diverted to its mind chemical weapons activities by deploying illegal nor agence against dissidents both inside and outside its borders the russian government has acted in flagrant violation of his commitments under the chemical weapons convention and has directly put its own citizens and those of other countries at mortal risk so could this be a coincidence these statements by joe biden and that also the intelligence report we will find out possibly in the next hours maybe in the next few days. to get more
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on the on president biden statements we go live to former pennsylvania senator bruce marks thanks a lot for joining us on the program now i just want to start by asking you what do you think about what do you think biden biden's agreement in this a.b.c. interview thinking that the head of the russian state is a killer what do you think biden looks to accomplish out of this is this political posturing. i don't think it's political posturing i just think it's incredibly it's a mistake it's careless i can't imagine why president biden goods say that about lemmer putin especially at the beginning of his relationship with the new president the united states that it makes no sense. well why would you think that by might think it's appropriate to make such a blatant accusation against the russian president for example we could also go to
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the example of saudi arabia that you know previous comments he's made about the shoji murder are developed are delivered in a more diplomatic way why do you think there's that difference there. well i mean if you're asking me what he might be thinking the packers head obviously we have you know the murderer go london there was the poisoning of the screen pows in london i don't think they were killed but they were they were poisoned so maybe that president biden thinks that the who was somehow one way or the other responsible for this but it just simply makes no sense from a diplomatic or your view to make them to agree to that type of accusation against the president but i mean goodness the united states engages in a lot of activity throughout the world you know where people have been killed or killed the uranium in general there's no doubt about that. so it just doesn't it's just it's just not what i mean fashion to say something like that about
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a president who in the case of the iranian general of course there was no doubt that the americans assess him there at least to some don't suppose as to what the military. yes and of course these you know these alleged chemical attacks have not been proven to have been chemical attacks in themselves so i wanted to ask you another question what price do you think biden says russia needs to pay what sort of price see talking about i mean could it be sanctions earlier in the month he announced earlier this week he announced another round or do you think he's talking about something more. no i think if there's no doubt in my mind that there's going to be a new sanctions on russia i think it's going to happen probably this week a minute let's put this in perspective there are people in democratic party who been attacking russia there's been this reign scare since the beginning of the trumpet ministration we had 2 years of you know that russia investigation hoax the place of the democratic party base to attack russia and i think that's one of the
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things that president biden is doing he's playing to the base which is entirely russian it's unfortunate because there are so many things in which the united states and russia should be cooperating obviously we started through your earlier this year but the fight against terrorism is a very important one in which both russia and the united states have a common interest as well as issues regarding security in the middle east syria you know has is an example as well. what do you think about this intelligence report that was declassified earlier in the week that once again the claim that russia meddled in the u.s. elections and once again had no concrete evidence to support it i mean this is this seems like being at a dead horse already what do you think about it. i just thought i thought it was atrocious and it really raises serious questions is that the independence of the u.s. intelligence community accusing russia of somehow instigating him tied by in comments by americans i mean it's absolutely ridiculous to suggest that russia was
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behind say rudy giuliani in the president's way or investigating you know what 100 binded in ukraine which is clearly corrupt activity criticizing and there cotch their cockpit you know he's a member of the of the rot in ukraine he released tapes of conversations when biden was the vice president when it was clear that he was trying to influence the selection of an american as a prime is the as the prime minister of. a of ukraine it's ludicrous to be criticizing russia simply because they're critical of the united states i mean listen for yes i think he was right when president reagan called into the soviet union the evil empire so it's common that our country microsite russia and there's nothing wrong with russia produced such in us . well just one more question for you here bruce of course you heard then russia
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recalled its ambassador to the u.s. what do you think this this back and forth between the u.s. and russia is going to mean for the future of the relations between the 2 countries you know i think that's a signal i don't think it means a whole lot of the a master who i met here well you know got on the plane presumably they want to have some secure conversations where they don't have to worry about the americans you know overhearing him i understand that that makes sense i don't think that's a significant thing i think we'll see the russian ambassador back to the united states sooner than later but i think the president biden is really going to think what he's doing and you got to think before you speak because we have a great opportunity to try to turn things around in the relationship with russia and i think president biden should be focused on that instead of trying to play to the democratic base and yet again you know criticizing russia all right bruce marks former pennsylvania senator thank you very much for joining us on the program my
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pleasure. the e.u. commission has proposed a special digital pass which would allow european citizens who have been vaccinated against coded restriction free travel across the block it follows increasing pressure from tourism reliance states as artie's charlotta pinsky reports. the european commission outlining on monday the member states need to look at a common approach to easing restrictions put in place by the kovac 19 pandemic this is going to come in the sense of a framework which will look at things such as vaccination tests and also look at those who've been able to recover from the virus this is going to come in the form of a digital green certificate and the idea is to reestablish the freedom of movement across the bloc that is a fundamental right here in europe this is what the european commission president. had to say with this digital certificate to help the member states reinstate
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the freedom of movement in a safe responsible and trusted manner we're told that the data will be protected so there will be security around that but countries will be able to collect information all of those who are coming into the territory this proof will then be . restriction rules restrictions such as quarantine. testing that are currently in place but those restrictions will only be obligatory for seems they've already been approved by may when this comes into force but as we know many european countries have decided to open all the routes because of the vaccine road and they are using the chinese vaccine also the russian. leader of which have yet been approved in the now we're told that it will be up to individual states whether they would accept vaccines from countries all from areas that have companies that
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haven't yet. approved. the vaccine we know that is currently. in medicals agency poor approval one of the commission's she's talking at a press conference on wednesday this is terry had this to say about the vaccine. sputnik. is a force of 5 you would like science because of. a project which countries tend to flourish we don't have any any any reason to doubt him by the way. to. show the truth there could be ability to have an agreement we see vaccines have already provoked a lot of skepticism here within the e.u. but we also know that there's been no love or grumbles about the idea of this sort of green digital significant from many countries it was pushed by countries who really rely on tourism adds to that mix there is the current question over the
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astra zeneca vaccine as we know the european medals agencies due to rule on thursday whether that vaccine is safe or not if they decided that yes does that make a vaccine could be used in the future that possibly could raise a question about those individuals who've already had the shot and whether then they would be able to participate in this vaccine that this digital frame pass or not so really still a lot of questions to be. said before this digital green pass comes into force around mid june we spoke to a paris based lawyer who fears europe might be rushing too far ahead with its vaccine certificate travel plans these digital green. looks like you know europe. and disease because in fact. we have to wonder how so many questions 1st isn't it too soon to propose kind because we have no distance to see it the vaccines are finding against the new guy so they
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want to set up his passport was no answer from the sente question 1st invite to kill me should we like to. pose this kind of thanks nischelle. and ask any question to the people of the 27 countries making these you were been you need t.t.c. or been you know. it's a very important question of our know our rights is not easy not. in that attempt to our freedom of movement of or. for the european citizens. still ahead health service in need of its own life support hospital chiefs in the u.k. warns of a service cuts if they don't get an injection of billions of pounds that story and more after the break.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the
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world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back to the program millions of britons in need of hospital treatment have been forced to wait for months to the due to the covert crisis to make matters worse hospitals are now warning they may have to cut more services unless additional funding is made available data reveals 4500000 people were on the n.h.s. n.h.s. waiting list at the end of january the highest number since records began in 2007 more than 300000 people have already waited a year or more to get treatment and we spoke to one of them gregory medcalf who's
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surgery date keeps getting pushed back i'm very much does it kill pain because obviously and if even one sure to dislocation is very serious injury on page bills so so have gone through so many likes even more so now probably so the thought feels this it's sort of physically painful but i was very shocked as well to find out about the surgeries would be called hope these are all types that are not life threatening i really don't know i don't know whose ass the. us local authorities or the hospital but nobody seems to know i feel like the government needs to get more than. just obviously needs lots of money for the people on waiting lists for the surgeries some are specifically meaning 'd. some more talking about people like myself that way to. surgeries and all kinds of
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medical ready attention surgeries but what we've got in them at the moment. and i trust management says hospitals need $8000000000.00 pounds of additional funding to cover day to day running costs without that more non-life threatening operations may have to be postponed however an n.h.s. doctor did tell us that further delays will lead to unnecessary suffering who knows how much they're spending they say something like 27000000000 on the on the testing which many people think in many cases is just money that's not not being spent wisely and we have to catch up with the medical issues i mean speaker is a personal issue i have a knee problem from a long term injury. and my operation. suspended at the moment is much to catch up on and a low people say well these are not life threatening in many cases a lot of the things that are being postponed are not immediately life threatening
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but if you're not detecting cancers if you don't know how many operations they become life threatening down the line we have less than any huge population i think this is true in most any other western european country. and that's one of the reasons why we had such a disaster at the start of 2 crisis you know when the n.h.s. started it was the world's 1st solar a for health service return at the. point of contact and that was the. thing and most people want to see that continued much as possible the reality is it hasn't kept pace and another reality is that people are just kind of. the lot is all ok because it's never really broken like this before i mean the cracks definitely are exposed and something you really should be doing. on president and severe that's how the kremlin has branded u.s.
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pressure on countries to stop using russia's sputnik vaccine their remarks come after the american department of health published a report stating it tried to dissuade brazil from using the russian covert shot with more here's more against it we've all heard the bat back to deals to secure that shipment of countries trampling each other to get those precious jobs these says the 1st stop we've heard of backdoor deals to deny people a vaccine the u.s. department of health health and human services boosting that it had denied hundreds of millions of brazilians a jab. the office of global affairs used diplomatic relations in the americas region to mitigate efforts by states including cuba venezuela and russia who are working to increase their influence in the region to the detriment of u.s. safety and security examples include using the office of global affairs health
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a touchy office to persuade brazil to reject the russian copied 19 vaccine and that is what is essentially a grand perversion of simple human decency and moral values they argue that brazilians vaccinating themselves with a russian vaccine is apparently a threat to u.s. security they are explaining how they just say that it is let me put that in perspective for you we will see and hear of the daily death tallies right so one in 5 of those deaths are happening right now in brazil 20 percent of all coover deaths worldwide are in brazil and needs people a boosting that they help prevent inoculations in brazil with one of the objectives the and scientifically proven most efficient vaccines in the world these are the same people who claim that lives in vaccines are above politics and accused russia
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of undermining inoculation efforts it is very clear that russia is up to its all tricks. and in doing so is potentially putting people at risk by spreading disinformation about vaccines well darden u.s. department of health and human services who feel safe and your organization behind sputnik the has come out and said what any reasonable person already knows this is a pandemic that is threatening and killing people equally these. as a threat to mankind it is above politics saving and we're talking here about medians of lives is paramount but the degree of cynicism and double standards here is astonishing see when it's about saving american lives they'll take all the
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help that they can get remember the russian planes carrying aid to new york last year oh they accepted that new threat to national security there apparently but brazilians vaccinating themselves with sputnik god forbid no no no america current allow brazilians to do that some western states are trying not only to politicize the humanitarian aspect of the fight against coronavirus but also to take advantage of the pandemic to punish governments they don't like i'm not sure gree with the russian foreign minister yes they are politicizing vaccination politicizing lives that's obvious but i'm not entirely sure that the countries that the us doesn't like that it's them that are being punished it's the people that they're friends with brazilians who will potentially not receive
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a life saving job so we're officially as in washington can go to sleep at night feeling good and safe despite its admission in the report the u.s. department of health says it cannot comment on vaccines not approved by the nation's food and drug administration sputnik the is still awaiting approval in brazil now for faster than light for faster than light updates on sputnik vs reception around the world make sure to visit our website r.t. dot com i'll be back with more news in just about 30 minutes so stay tuned. we are told the d.o.j. scalpel it right investigation is one of the largest in american history the f.b.i.
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has made it clear it will not leave one stone unturned to prosecute what it calls domestic terrorists all of us want answers surrounding this event but is this also a purging of trump loyalists. like taste around like site or and like hearing the brain doesn't have an organ for time right we have no organ for time nor could we because time isn't material physical substance like matter or like light so the brain has to create that perception of time. drones are becoming the a tool of choice over manned aircraft in dangerous missions by many countries including the united states so much so that president biden has issued a new policy regarding their use by the u.s. military but has drone warfare become the new wild west and is it smart to put
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rules on one team if the other country has no boundaries we're going to ask our experts plus unemployment numbers are dropping as america continues to reopen well except for one key group we're going to give you the 360 view and we are going to take you to a museum who is adapting to this new normal and whose work is a fusion of art and technology guaranteed to make all ages excited to go and study now hughes in all of these stories with our expert guest on today's edition of news right here on our to america i. thanks for joining us you know recently the u.s. military has been using drones more and more to conduct overseas operations especially in operations which involve killing terrorism suspects in foreign countries so much so that even bases here at home are being converted from housing military airplanes to full drone bases well now the white house has ordered
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a review of a u.s. policy and the pentagon has confirmed confirmed president biden has placed new restrictions on commando raids and drone strikes but why if the use of drone technology is guaranteeing the same outcome while reducing the risk on a dangerous of u.s. military personnel well discuss this review and it's just that and if it's necessary we bring in it mike israel president and c.e.o. of ever and michael maloof a former pentagon official thank you for joining me gentlemen. i think you think you know i want to actually start with you 33 all when we look at how drones actually added a new dynamic to warfare and conflicts. think it's an evolution. when you 1st you know going back to before world war 2 where you had. is very imprecise instruments called called bombers that they would call a precision unit.


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