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russia recalls its embassador to the u.s. after president biden said vladimir putin would pay the price for alexion meddling while at the same time branding the russian head of state a killer. e.u. considers a controversial digital covert pass to open up travel between member states. and u.k. hospitals warn they may have to take their scalpels to their own services unless they can get billions in support to. bring you all the most important news from around the world this is r t international i'm donald quarter welcome. russia has recalled its ambassador to
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the u.s. to get the lowdown on the state of diplomatic ties with washington it comes in response to an interview joe biden gave to a.b.c. news where the president agreed when questioned that vladimir putin is a quote killer the russian foreign ministry had this to say for us the main thing is to determine ways of improving russian u.s. ties which in a difficult state washington has in fact brought those to the data and in recent years we are interested in preventing they irreversible degrade ation if the americans realize the risks associated with that this will be discussed you're in consultations between the russian foreign ministry and other relevant departments and with the russian ambassador to washington commenting on the situation the u.s. state department said america will continue working with russia but that it will also hold moscow quote accountable my colleagues and your farmer and elliott to try and go talk through the developments. well this isn't a strong this is very serious this doesn't look just like an insult not just like
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a groundbreaking phrase because in the diplomatic sense really this could potentially be a catastrophe for u.s. russia relations but it's also very important to look at the actual wording to look at how joe biden said this in one context so it wasn't actually his own phrase it was a response to a question from a journalist so you know vladimir putin you think he's a killer. or do so what price must he pay but pray she's going to pay will you'll see shortly it was originally an escalation from the journalists he put that question out directly using the world the word sorry killer and as you can see the u.s. media is at it again this is what they want to do they don't want vague phrases about the russian leaders they want labels and no matter who that is in the oval office they wanted from donald trump now they want it from joe biden but at this
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point it is absolutely clue crucial to understand what the kremlin's response is going to be what if president putin and his team decide that the u.s. leader crossed the line by making this personal insult what if they choose not to turn a blind eye what if this the rails the entire prospect of a mean thing between the russian and u.s. leaders because to be honestly i don't remember any other u.s. george w. bush barack obama donald trump making that kind of statement against vladimir putin so this is definitely unprecedented initially in the sort of weeks of biden's relationship there was a long conversation was in there between biden and payton well nobody expected much . improvement to be fair with the arrival of joe biden but there are always there's
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always hope when the handover in the white house many of the predicted that things could even get worse with a democrat president and charge but for a while we weren't hearing much about russian meddling things like russian hackers like you were saying at least there was a phone conversation between the 2 joe biden and a lot of our putin and the 2 decided to leave the new start treaty in place was he paying the price for i mean i haven't really gone into details have they about the accusations the reports of meddling in the reports that he's a killer but in terms of substantiate he was true as a journalist this would probably be the 1st thing that i asked joe biden why exactly is latimer putin a killer and what is he going to pay the price for so apparently this is also something that has to do with the latest u.s. intelligence report where it's said that vladimir putin was overseeing
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another meddling scheme and we're not talking about the 26th election we're talking about the latest u.s. presidential election says that russian president putin authorized a range of russian government organizations conducted influence operations aimed at denigrating president biden's candidacy and the democratic policy supporting the former president trump undermining public confidence in the electoral process and exacerbating satiate political divisions in the u.s. what russia wants to get as usual is proof and explanation how russia meddled how did the u.s. intelligence community come to that conclusion so here's a statement from the russian embassy in america. the documents prepared by the u.s. intelligence community is another set of groundless accusations against a country of interfering in american internal political processes washington
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continues to practice megaphone diplomacy with the main goal to maintain a negative image of russia so again the question is what's next what the reaction from the question is going to be we're definitely waiting for that and also we are looking at potential sanctions because from several sources in the white house it's been reported that they're saying that a new round of punishment against russia could be on the way the department of commerce is committed to prevent in russia from accessing sensitive u.s. technology that might be diverted to its malign chemical weapons activities by deploying illegal nerve agents against dissidents both inside and outside its borders the russian government has acted in flagrant violation of its commitments under the chemical weapons convention and has directly put its own citizens and those of other countries at mortal risk so could this be a coincidence these statements by joe biden that also the intelligence report we
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will find out possibly in the next hours maybe in the next few days that was really a mentioned washington also expanded arms export restrictions on russia the u.s. department of commerce cited the countries a legit use of chemical weapons something moscow has repeatedly denied libertarian party campaign or west benedict shared his thoughts on the issue. i hope that the sanctions are minor enough to this is more political posturing than actually trying to damage russia america has imposed sanctions on countries all over the world cuba venezuela russia china you name it trade restrictions and terrorists and we are trying to blame russia for interfering in our elections biden came up during the cold war and it doesn't seem like he's ready to let go that make peace with russia and other countries but i would respect him more and i think a lot more of the world would respect him if he acted more like a peacemaker and show that he's strong enough in america is strong enough that we
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can be at peace with others rather than appearing weak and having to fight back any time there's an accusation or this or that happens. in other news the e.u. commission has proposed a special digital pass which would allow european citizens who have been vaccinated against restriction of free travel across the bloc that follows increasing pressure from tourism reliance states as artie's charlotta pinsky reports. the european commission outlining on monday that its member states need to look at a common approach to easing restrictions put in place by the kovac 19 pandemic this is going to come in the sense of a framework which will look at things such as vaccination tests and also look at those who've been able to recover from the virus this is going to come in the form of a digital green certificate and the idea is to reestablish the freedom of movement across the bloc that is a fundamental right here in europe this is what the european commission president.
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had to say with this digital certificate to help the member states reinstate the freedom of movement in a safe responsible and trusted manner we're told that the data would be protected so there will be security around that but countries will be able to collect information all of those who are coming into the territory this proof will then be waiver restrictions restrictions such as quarantine. testing that are currently in place but those restrictions will only be obligatory for seems they've already been approved by may when this comes into force but as we know many european countries have decided to open all the routes because of the slow vaccine rollout here and they are using the chinese vaccine also the russian. leader of which have yet been approved in the now we're told that it will be up to individual states whether they
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would accept vaccines from countries all from areas that have companies that haven't yet. approved. the vaccine we know that is currently. in medicals agency who are approval one of the commission's she's talking at a press conference on wednesday this is terry had this to say about the vaccine. because if. we don't have a. way. to. be able to have an agreement vaccines have already provoked a lot of skepticism here within the e.u. but we also know that there's been a love of grumbles about the idea of this sort of. digital significant from many
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countries it was pushed by countries who really rely on tourism ads in the mix there is the current question over the astra zeneca vaccine as we know the european medals agency is due to rule on thursday whether that vaccine is safe or not if it decided that make a vaccine could be used in the future that possibly could raise a question about those individuals who've already had a shot and whether then they would be able to participate in this vaccine at this digital past all know so really still a lot of questions to be. said before this digital green pass comes into force around mid june. we spoke to a paris based lawyer who fears europe might be rushing too far ahead with its vaccine certificate travel plans this digital green. looks like a european union countries because in fact what we have to wonder
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are so many questions 1st isn't it too soon to propose kind passport like that because we have no distance to see it the vaccines are fine against the new guidelines so they won't move to set up these bus parked was no answer from the cent if you question 1st in fact it's to kill me should we like to. to impose this kind of vaccination passport and ask any question to the people of the 27 countries making these europe in unity is your opinion that this is one there is it's a very important question of our low our rights and is not is it not. in that attempt to our freedom of movement of 4 for 4 for their european citizens. britain's foreign secretary is under fire after a leaked audio recording revealed him saying that the u.k. should strike trade deals with nations even if they have low human rights standards
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shoddy edwards reports. united kingdom is apparently facing its greatest threat since the cold war that is in calling to the foreign secretary dominic roth who is now warning that britain is heading towards a decades where in which democracy is in retreat apparently because upcoming economic powers like that of china are increasing its global dominance in the world in fact it seems as though the united kingdom's own position in the international world order is now under threat democracy's him a treat this decade the combined g.d.p. of water critic regimes is expected to exceed the combined g.d.p. of the world's democracy now the government has been accused of saying one thing and doing another and that comes as a leaked all to fall was revealed to the public in the public domain where in which the foreign secretary could be heard saying that the u.k. should actually do trade deals with countries that have a huge track record of human rights abuses i believe we ought to be trading
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liberally around the world if we restrict it to countries with the european convention on human rights standards or human rights we're not going to do many trade deals with the growth markets of the future to contextualize all of this of course the united kingdom's place in the world has long been defined by its relationship with america and indeed a europe of course now we are in a post britain so the united kingdom is having to look past europe further afield into other areas of the globe especially when it comes to things like trade it's all part of the u.k.'s mission to project a global britain what with the foreign secretary dominic robb admitting that trading prospects actually could be done with the so-called enemies human rights groups are now hitting back accusing the government of gross hypocrisy this apparent willingness to sacrifice human rights at the altar of trade is shocking but certainly unsurprising it fits a depression pattern on human rights from these government trade is obviously
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important to all nations but the foreign secretary shouldn't be thrown human right defenders to the. well the government has actually defended dominic rob's comment saying that this leaked or to far was actually clipped and actually distorted the truth but we've also heard from the opposition party the labor party hitting out saying that dominic roberts comments behind closed doors actually completely undermined their public statements at the same time but it's not just dominic rob who has been accused long before of turning a blind eye to human rights abuses but saying something else publicly make good on my pledge to force you know if you can gives 1st thomas human rights sanctions regime which gives us the power to impose sanctions on the on those involved in the very worst human rights abuses right around the world so when it comes to the big security and human rights challenges of our time we need this united nations to forge a new multilateralism so when it comes to championing human rights across the world
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it seems like the united kingdom can talk the talk but can't quite walk the walk but this week it really does feel as though britain is going through some sort of existential identity crisis so now it's trying to reposition itself on the international world stage and reassert its global dominance but it seems like it will do that at any cost. millions of britons in need of hospital treatment have been forced to wait for months through the courts the coronavirus to make matters worse hospitals are now warning that they may have to cut services less additional funding is made available new data reveals 4500000 people were on n.h.s. waiting lists at the end of january that's the highest number since records began in 2007 more than 300000 people have already waited a year or more to get treatment and we spoke with one of the gregory medcalf who's surgery date keeps getting pushed back. i'm very much in sickle pain because
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obviously and if even one should the dislocation is very serious injury and pain so so so have gone through so many likes even more so now probably so the thoughts of this it's times it's very physically painful but i was very shocked as well to find out about the surgeries well because i hope these. are all types that are not life threatening i really don't know of a donor who's asked the employees of us. local authorities or the hospital with nobody seems to know i feel like the government needs to get more than not. just they obviously need lots of money for the people on waiting lists for the surgeries some are specifically meaning. patients some more talking about people like myself that waiting surgeries and all kinds of medical 'd attention surgeries that what we've got in them at the moment and he just management says
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hospitals need 8000000000 pounds of additional funding just to cover day to day running costs without that more quote non-life threatening operations may have to be postponed however an n.h.s. doctor told us why further delays will lead to unnecessary suffering. who knows how much they're spending they say it's something like 27000000000 on the on the testing which many people think in many cases is just money that is not not being spent wisely and we have to catch up with these medical issues i mean we get rid of a personal issue i have a negro i'm from a long term injury and my in my operation is suspended at the moment there's much to catch up on and on those people say well these are not life threatening in many cases a lot of the things that are being postponed are not immediately life threatening if you're not detecting cancers if you're not having these operations they become
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life threatening don't know why we have less spent any credit population i think this is true than almost any other western european country. and that's one of the reasons why we had such a disaster at the start of the crisis you know when the n.h.s. started it was the world's 1st solar hate for health service creature went to the point of contact and that was or was i think and most people want to see that continued as much as possible but the reality is it hasn't kept pace and another reality is that people who just kind of thought it's all ok because it's never really broken like this before but i mean now the cracks definitely are exposed and something really has to be done i think. the greatest strategic threat to security in the 21st century that's how top u.s. military officials have branded china the chinese communist party insidious and
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corrosive and corrupt influence as it were globally and in this region some examples include their pursuit of multiple port deals loans for political leverage . exene diplomacy that undermined sovereignty state surveillance. and the exploitation of resources such as illegal and regular have been reported. the reference to vaccine diplomacy came as china pushed ahead with plans to ease the entry process for foreigners for those who have taken the chinese made covert shots that's raise more than a few eyebrows considering the vaccine has yet to win much approval around the world washington's tough talking comes as the 1st high level meeting is set to take place between the new u.s. secretary of state and his chinese counterpart meanwhile the spokesperson for the chinese foreign ministry condemned the hostile attitude towards this country he said quote the u.s. should treat china in an objective and rational manner and stop interfering in its
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internal affairs. now its costs live now to benjamin chow professor at paris school of business thank you very much for joining us on the program benjamin now let's just start with this concept of vaccine diplomacy washington's basically accusing china of using its vaccine as a political tool what do you what do you make of the vaccine diplomacy even exist. well i think china's ability to supply the scenes to others look like a subtle grade to the u.s. and. the u.s. accusations through the big question given that a lot of this ls in countries including the united states came to power by wars and exploitation more than china has largely been a peace love and is rising to policies on economic you've come up with what at the motivation of helping other countries to fact yes hundreds of millions of people are going to be saved by chinese but since but not by from voice well the out ahead
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even the of motivation why is it necessarily a problem fighting to and then it is not a serious sum game and the receiving countries have many choices they could choose help from other countries they chose china it is i think just as books now economics mutual co-incidence wants well like you said other countries of course have their own vaccines why do you think washington is accusing beijing and not brussels for instance in using vaccines as a political tool well. just as the art of war pointed out 2500 years ago they end and invading armies did we could just squashing as is and able to wage a war with china because just they are just too many of the enemies where why and their hands are too p.c. defending dangerous so the cheaper ways for washington to engage if propaganda campaign with china what do you think about the united states attitude towards
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china for example you know donating thousands of vaccines to developing countries i mean the u.s. has a track record of. internationally illegal drone strikes in developing countries overthrowing governments do you think that this smacks of any hypocrisy. well i do think so by now even in american with no due us has lost miserably the war against the pandemic sometime they want to divert attention and deal but that they would do us has cannot help but people are thinking dead to saying. that his as a global responsible leader and as a group to public goods. you know diplomacy's really the art of dealing with people in a sense deep and effective ways and many international relations but sina diplomacy can be viewed as a subset of what china has been consistently doing but that gets development through helping others but not exploitation for wars or unfair unfair you know
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international rules setting china workers risking their lives to be rows for africa to be with her to communication infrastructure to where the workers want to go turn up the hospital for the developing countries and countries struggling with vocal food supplying the world with them and if that includes child scientists even put their bodies into does did has tried scenes on their bodies even up but one year ago well i want to go back for a 2nd to that statement we heard earlier from the u.s. military official he kind of singled out the chinese communist party using words like insidious and corrosive and we've really heard an increase in this kind of rhetoric against specifically the chinese communist party as of late do you think that u.s. officials might be trying to repurpose the decades of anti communist red scare rhetoric in the u.s. against china right now. yeah korean lean manipulating the emotion of the
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people even whites you know people come to china to be innocent themselves what is the status of development of china if you look at the statistics to people coming out of china to travel and to study most of the 95 percent of them which choose to go back to china to work to is to live and no chinese don't want but the safest place on earth in terms of a coat fit so so it is highly inconsistent with what the u.s. is saying so we remember one of our history to sell when said if one wants to be an enemy to china be it like that but please at least be a qualified opponent china i think is not afraid of a reasonable accusations well with relations between beijing and washington already tense where do you think these statements are going to take the future of relations between the 2 countries. i think china is very reeling to.
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engage in your 1st. dialogue with the u.s. because we still i think. that the interest is more. between the more areas for collaboration between the $22.00 countries and 2 other powers in the world and what we need to do is just to manage our differences well that's benjamin shall professor at paris school of business thank you very much. iran's foreign minister has lashed out at british pm boris johnson accusing him of hypocrisy over plans to boost the u.k.'s nuclear arsenal. in also hypocrisy boris johnson is concerned about iran developing a viable nuclear weapon on the very same day him then says his country will increase its stockpile of nukes unlike the u.k. and allies iran believes nukes and all weapons of mass destruction
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a barbaric and must be eradicated iran has always maintained its nuclear program is purely peaceful in 2015 the country reached a deal with 6 world powers on its scheme in exchange for lifting sanctions however donald trump told the us out of that deal back in 2018 that provoked iran into increasing its level of uranium enrichment university of toronto professor say at the mohammad marandi believes britain's move sends out the wrong message to the iranian people but british accuse iran of. making nuclear advances towards a nuclear weapon you know but at the same time they are increasing the number of their warheads that's obvious for everyone in iraq but the british are dishonest and being hypocritical and dishonest about iran's intentions because there's no evidence whatsoever that iran is pursuing
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a nuclear weapon yet at the same time the british are increasing the number of nuclear warheads that they have and that they have so for the iranians it just simply shows that western exceptionalism eurocentrism is still a lie and well and that as long as this mentality continues there really cannot be no real friendship and real security and stability and trust between iran and regimes like the british version. those are top news stories for this hour i'll be back with your world news headlines in just about half an hour so stay tuned.
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we are told the deal jase capital right investigation is one of the largest in american history the f.b.i. has made it clear it will not leave one stone unturned to prosecute what it calls domestic terrorists all of us want to answer surrounding this horrific event but is this also a purging of trump loyalists. i'm action or towns and you're watching all of them a vision of going underground as britain's boris johnson government tries to pass along the crackdown on protests the bill was recommended by the boss of britain's biggest police force president dick who has self is facing calls to quit because of how she responded to one of her police offices and edge of the killing say or ever
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and in london protests and commemorations were bought of the put down by dick's offices joining me now via skype is one of the 21st century's most well known activists rose mcgowan rose thanks so much for coming back on i should say the police do say that the crackdown was because of coronavirus but you've been campaigning against male violence against women for forever what have you made made of the scenes coming from london the police breaking up the demonstrations. the way tresidder jane and her. police force have handled violence against women and violence against their ever art is violence against humans because i'm assuming they're probably the man in that protest as well i would hope so it is it's unconscionable it's unconscionable.


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