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headline stories the european medical agency rules astra zeneca vaccine safe effective just days after the country's suspended. continue to study possible links between. when i was a child. and sticks to you is part. response. in a recent t.v. interview. the american president's words to his recent.
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on the u.k. should strike trade deals with countries even the. human rights record according to a recording of a speech given by the u.k. . around the clock across the world this is our team from the team and myself you know neal hello and welcome to the program. the european medicines agency has ruled that because corona virus vaccine is safe and effective although certain side effects will continue to be probed countries including spain germany france and italy earlier suspended vaccination following reports of blood clots the vellum ping and even fake teletubbies among those who received charlotte the reports from part. well almost a clean bill of health care from boeing the european medicines agency to astra
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zeneca when she deemed to be safe and effective for the use against 19 saying that once again the benefits outweigh the risks in news in that respect seeing the records to her blood clots which is what they were investigating they said that there was no. overall with an increased number of blood clots but they said that they could defend it safely rule this out and as such astra zeneca will now come with a warning for those who have the job that this could be one of the side effects who are information also given to health care professionals who don't linger out this job to make sure that they commit to create any impacts if they see them this is what the yemeni had to say after days of in-depth analysis of. clinical reports the reports and further information from the clinical trials we still cannot. definitively link between these cases and the fact.
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we have seen some very rare case people describing specific usually. and. so we'll continue to get information these conditions including. and will keep them very close. well that decision by the e.m.e.a. was enough for more than a handful of european countries to say that they will now restart the vaccination program with astra zeneca with the french prime minister going on television on thursday evening saying that he will have the vaccine all friday to show that he trusts in that trust is the big issue the astra zeneca now faces the already query's about its efficacy you for own the persons at the present michael discussed that several weeks ago and here in paris. there is still a lot of trust and. i don't trust the spanx an adult i don't know if it's
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really true what they say with the media would no longer know what to think it would be but i don't really have confidence in it and anyway i don't want to be vaccinated we don't have enough perspective it was quite quick so i think it's a little early in my opinion. the vaccine is brand new i mean we don't know the side effects those who died but i don't want to take the risk so i'm waiting a little longer i missed you never know how they made it there is a nurse she died and then top of that there are people who died because of it so i don't really know if it really works or not however that clean bill of health wasn't enough for some countries sweden has said that it is going to take a few days to absorb what i may said and make their own investigations and not comes off the death of a woman who is said to be in perfectly good health
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a week off the happening vaccinations are still some questions remaining now astra zeneca is seen as being a pillar for the. rollout its vaccine vaccine program at a faster rate has been painfully slow so far and there are calls now made to look at approving vaccines on a faster level particularly cool is coming from regional leaders in germany for the a.m.a. to look at this very vaccine from russia we heard from the european commissioner for internal trade a wednesday saying that he thought it was a good vaccine that cool was also echoed by the austrian chancellor sebastian kurtz concerning sputnik vi and other vaccines i strongly insist that the relevant e.u. bodies issue now with rice asian food safe vaccines as soon as possible the more vaccines we have the better. do you countries are now facing a wave of 19 or now such they run putting up restrictions once again we've
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heard on thursday evening that france will now put 16 departments into a 4 week lockdown that includes that of the region here in paris so really there is a huge problem still at the moment as the european union really tries and is struggling to get that vaccine up to speed on from when the pandemic hit our shores and it seems as if they are still so far off from being out of the woods. shown to the forest let's stay in the french capital and cross live now to nuclear murk of it's political analyst good to see you nicholas countries are already resuming the rollout of the job i'm just reading germany is among that list starting tomorrow portugal the netherlands as well but is that a little bit too fast the medicines agency itself says it can't through large a link to blood clot cases. we've got specialists we've got
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a researcher saying that there's a hazard there is a danger linked to this to this vaccine i think any cautious country any state or agency must take this into consideration and decided to roll out despite scientifically didn't listen to these research saying that there could be a big hazard i think is very reasonable why are countries rolling out or got so much information coming out on this specific. that scene this is something which is beats one's mom i don't understand why are you doing this and says something which is deaf and not safe and it's not giving good reputation to the vaccine because people are feeling in the west that we're forcing some of these rounds down their throats or at least in the japs and they don't even know if this is the sequel not despite a lot of the information we're getting not only from the astra zeneca betsy but others back scenes from the pfizer you know decade or so we had issues concerning the c.t.'s i think so. why this pressure to push people to take these vaccines when
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we're getting information coming from the scientific community to say let's be cautious and it's had a closer look at what's going on that's the point isn't it because you can imagine a florida keys are thinking we've got to die so fast perhaps that will reassure the public that we know of course this these vaccines that and devote quite quickly we didn't know so much about the code there and lot of people are just skeptical even before there was a whole crowd of ira situation people a lot of people at least in france request a car on the vaccines and now all of a sudden we're getting information that some people who remain pure in spirit baseball player in the u.s. died a couple days after taking the vaccine we don't know if it's need to the vaccine but this sort of information is getting to the public every day and people saying well is there somebody who really knows what's going on can we have some real doctors real specialist people to tell us what is good in the vaccine and what we must be careful with because we've only got politicians which are talking to us about the vaccine today you know western europe and europe interesting because i'm specialist i'm just what is the interest but it's not this is something which is very important please bear in mind that the european union but 300000000 doses of
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the astra zeneca vaccine in august they are just so the european union committed to buy this vaccine apparently it did not and says i've never got to know if it was safe or not and there's a lot of money behind all this to get and eve got so many member states don't you with the. really what sometimes with divisive issues that go against the central block without in mind the last few days nickel i've been talking a lot of by the green coated vaccination program really to so that it would become easier for people within the you to travel to other states that's been heavily promoted by southern tourism reliance states do you see any connection at all perhaps with the push by those countries another this really hasty ability to get that covert job this astra zeneca. back on track i think you're right the difference is a leak somewhere the european union told i mean said they were going to centralize
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this they have a big plan to get the vaccine out to all of the europeans and a lot of the member states of the european union don't even have a very good little policy concerning the facts of that vaccination he said brussels is going to take care of it so we'll wait to brussels coming in in 07 brussels has difficulty getting these vaccines in it's and have enough it within the country we've seen that it was in 2 different countries he said that is going to have this green passport so that people travel and then all of a sudden people or they don't want to get the vaccine and some of these vaccines are that far because of the side effects we also see that brussels has a chaotic approach this vaccination program because it does it everything so hastily and i understand that with the methadone it this is different not an easy situation they had but the contradictory information when they're saying the vaccines are going to be good is going to everything will be safe everybody be able to go back to normal life once they're out they can travel and then all of a sudden we get people with blood clots people who are dying and no no reassuring
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information from the scientific community this is of course backfired and it just shows that brussels is having a lot of difficulties managing its vaccination program yeah a tough situation but far from a clear one thank you very much nicholas markovitch political analyst live on the program. and moving all night lot of house responded to being labeled a killer by his american counterpart joe biden during a recent t.v. interval. because illegal. i would just i would wish him good health i'm not joking i mean it secondly i want to say that's in the history of every country there are many tragic and dramatic events but when we judge people or other nations we look into a mirror we see ourselves we impose on others what we see in ourselves when i was a child and we had arguments in the court yard we were saying fences off me and sticks to you and it's not just the children saying the meaning is very deep. a lot
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of our opponents response to this bombshell remarks made by joe biden was highly anticipated and everyone's been here is swap the russian president would say to this and how it's going to affect the relationship between the 2 countries well for now it definitely seems that mr putin has chosen not to get deeper down and this war of words and diplomatic statements but you know at the same time he led everyone know that he is under no illusion about the nature of the u.s. policy towards russia. it is the only state that the united states government wants to maintain so it's in relations with those but on the issues of interest to the united states itself and on the very thing just like them but with different we have a different genetic and cultural moral code but we know how to protect our interests yes we will work with them but in areas that are of interest to us and on terms that benefit us and they will have to deal with it well this whole story is started
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when joe biden was asked if he considers vladimir putin a killer in an era view a few days ago when the reply was unprecedented even for russia and the u.s. with all their tough recent history so let's have a listen to the segment you know vladimir putin you think is a killer. or do so what price must he pay the price is going to pay well you'll see shortly well the harsh statements and the relationship between the 2 nations to a new low before that biden's administration announced a new wave of anti russian sanctions which included a blanket ban on important export of weapons and military technology to russia washington cited the alleged meddling in the presidential elections as one of the reasons only this time around we're talking about 2020 elections not 2016 and i would say hard to mix it all up given this never ending stream of accusations leveled against russia in the recent years and russian ambassador by the way
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russian ambassador to the u.s. is now on his way back to moscow for consultations it's one of the diplomatic moves that russian side made to show it does not take all that lightly and will adjust its policy accordingly and according to the russian foreign ministry statement it's the u.s. to blame for bringing the relationship between the 2 countries and i quote dead and . well among the reaction i got to this story was from geo political analyst patrick henningsen journalist new clarke they are both in agreement but u.s. diplomacy has reached an all time low does think that president putin comes out of this whole exchange with tremendous credit he stay classy is i mean when you look at what joe biden said you know you could argue this is projection certainly because when you think of biden's record we talk about killers and we talk about deaths well he just about every walk of it so to hear this man use this kind of
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language that really is tells everything we need to know about the degradation of the office of the president the u.s. it is ironic this comes after donald trump these office we were told don't trump was the one who was bringing america into disrepute and yet we get biden coming in just a few weeks off because the president according to another world leader killa well really it is time so i think what's really gone badly wrong with weston. well he took atlanta see a total lack of diplomacy in recent years just compare the 2 in this exchange and it really tells you all you need to know about you know the u.s. president the state of the white house right now in terms of foreign policy so this is the only thing that biden can do to i guess throw a solid to his base to throw a solid back to the media that really carried the russia gate narrative for for 5 years so it's sad but i'm not surprised they're going to have to come to terms of
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the fact that this is a collapsed narrative they're addicted to this russia gave narrative and then there's nothing they don't have anything to go forward with in terms of diplomacy or really original thinking. sucker if i sing human rights something alter of trade that's what the u.k. foreign secretary has been accused of buying campaigners after a leaked recording reveal he wants the u.k. to strike deals with countries regardless of their human rights record. i believe we ought to be trading liberally around the world if we restrict it to countries with the european convention on human rights level standards of human rights we're not going to do many trade deals with the growth markets of the future with the foreign secretary dominic robb admitting that trading prospects actually could be done with the so-called enemies human rights groups and now hitting back accusing the government of gross hypocrisy this apparent willingness to sacrifice human rights at the altar of trade is shocking but certainly unsurprising it fits
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a depression pattern on human rights from these government trade is obviously important to all nations but the foreign secretary shouldn't be thrown human right defenders to the wharf like this while the government has actually defended dominic rob's comment saying that this leaked order far was actually clipped and actually distorted the truth but we've also heard from the opposition party the labor party hitting out saying that dominic rob's comments behind closed doors actually completely undermined their public statements at the same time but it's not just dominic rob who has been accused long before of turning a blind eye to human rights abuses but saying something else publicly make good on a pledge bringing to force the united kingdom's 1st thomas human rights sanctions regime which gives us the power to impose sanctions on the on those involved in the very worst human rights abuses right around the world so when it comes to the big security and human rights challenges of our time we need this our united nations to
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forge a bold new multilateralism so when it comes to championing human rights across the world it seems like the united kingdom can talk the talk but can't quite walk the walk but this week it really does feel as though britain is going through some sort of existential identity crisis so now it's trying to reposition itself on the international world stage and reassert its global dominance but it seems like it will do that at any cost. well britain has trade deals worth billions of pounds with countries topping the list of human rights violators in the last 4 years saudi arabia carried out over 500 executions as capital punishment while in india in 2020 there were over 1300 deaths in judicial custody we spoke to the director of global justice and he said he wasn't surprised by dominic grubbs comment. anything that really surprises me about this is that people still think human rights plays any role whatsoever in terms of british trade policy it's only been a couple of weeks now since boris johnson's own backbenchers try to amend
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a piece of legislation to say. they want to prevent the british government doing trade deals with genocidal regimes and the governments are closed it so there are backbenchers don't trust them not to do trade deals with countries that are committing genocide acts of genocide. and the british government said we don't want to have a hands tied so really which is trade policy it's human rights free zone and dominic rabs response to democracy apparently being in retreat around the world seems to be that democracy should also be in retreat in this country because the tape that he put out yesterday the integrated defense review had some absolutely chilling passages and including the fact that we're going to be increasing all and you could have weapons stockpile by 40 percent this is a deeply is liberal government and you know i think the trade policy is clearly going to play a role in future years in the promotion of british power i'm british trans national
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corporations around the world. russia is marking the 7 on the 1st string elephants we unification with crimea president who has been stressing the historic significance the region holds for the nation long story and more coming your way in the shortest. banks figure out new ways to rip people off they get caught and what they do is they change the law into this new laws and if there is any problems they extend and pretend they just make longer and the coupons lower but now looks like that big american game of fraud which is the american business model is coming to an end.
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welcome back to the program local authorities along america's southern border are calling on the government to step in as the region faces a record influx of migrants u.s.
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border patrol is struggling to provide covert secure shelter for thousands of people the murder of a ton in or is on a told me the crisis is unprecedented. this is really opening up a pandora's box in our community we did not see the covert crisis nowhere near what some of the other arizona cities have seen and we were hoping to keep it that way unfortunately it doesn't look with them dropping these migrants in our community untested and just going through the story then southern states including are his own and alabama borne the brunt of the migrant influx a recent poll suggests there's growing doubts about the ability of the federal government to cope with the situation in the us mexico border and the pandemic the biden ministration has deployed the disaster agency fema to deal with the situation despite being beyond their remit chris riggs again believes the federal government was not prepared for such a surge in my current numbers there is definitely the concern of coven and
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how that is going to be to impact my community i have a large number of seniors and elders that. this could really affect so we're hoping that border patrol 'd will start testing and before they release people were wanting to see what their health records are so that we can ensure that our our citizens are protected that this is a crisis simple as that and i'm putting none of this on border patrol i put this strictly on the federal government as far as the current administration needs to step up and 3rd going to offer this they need to do their job they need to have a plan in place obviously there was no plan. russia is celebrating the 7th anniversary of reunification with crimea after months of political turmoil and civil unrest in ukraine the southern region in 2014 voted
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by more than 96 percent to break away and rejoin mainland russia ortiz can tell us how the day is being marked. the biggest and loudest celebrations as usual were of course rocking the cities of crimea itself but here in moscow something special was happening at the biggest arena of the capital luzhniki where a lot of our putin gave a very emotional speech but the president didn't only congratulate crimean for a vast majority of locals there this day march 18th and 2014 was the happiest day as most of them say in the years or decades the russian president also sent an emotional message to the whole of russia and to the rest of the world reminding everyone where the crimean peninsula belongs as he sees it well at the shui prize
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you have seen that she today is a very special day for the whole of a vast country vast that's the right word for russia remains the largest country in the world in terms of territory if you take a look at some map you see that crimea is just the dogs and yet we're talking about the restoration of historical fairness we're talking about the importance of this land to our country and our people. so most of the russian leaders speech was about the deep historic connections that date back 2 centuries ago the russian president also talked about the blood of russian and then soviet soldiers that was being spilled so often as they were losing their lives to protect the peninsula from invaders now for many of the world especially the western world what happened 7 years ago and 24th thing is seen as something controversial or outright unlawful
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but i can tell you that the foreigners most of them who have visited crimea and 2014 most of them did change their mind after talking 'd to the law schools because what i always say the most important. thing for the understanding is speaking to the locals in the year 2014 ukraine was engulfed in violent protests led by ukrainian nationalists which ended up in a coup in kiev and as a result of this the peninsula which is mostly populated by ethnic russians decided that it doesn't want to be a part of ukraine any wong which explains the result of the referendum that took place in march more than 96 percent voting in favor of rejoining russia so ever since then march the 18th is being celebrated as the university of the reunification and like i said it's a very special day for crimea and the whole of russia indeed to the head of
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the anniversary artie's until spoke to one of the most prominent figures of the time the tell you. know she served in ukraine's prosecutor's office before unification but was fired for supporting the referendum parklane sky went on to become prosecutor general of the region and is known for her leading role in a number of n t corruption cases. 7 years have passed do you regret anything. not going to end the referendum no definitely and you know that ukrainians feel things are better in reality different things than the crimean referendum here's the date of the anniversary of the crimean referendum we are all happy because we defined as something of all ours we had one goal we were moving to where is this noble goal talk to me is me needed that and how did the mood change in general i remember the joy with which crimea joined but what 7 years later do they now thinking crimea
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about this obviously some new understanding is come. no pride in the referendum but a desire 5 to establish a dialogue with ukraine but how the rights of the crimean people affected no question of course they are affected because crimea can get some kind of fees or to go somewhere crimea special people with a special status quo limited and rise the thai available to any other person live in either in mainland russia or in ukraine it means for the choice for they political views crimean still bear such restrictions. do people regret it. of course people are worried and people are waiting to begin to leave normally like everyone else for the most part is how can this happen on the given the probably only one that's not just moscow in kiev being listen to the results and need to ask crimean stem cells like what happened here they say you have been annexed and we
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would say to the international community do your colleagues follow citizens france we're not and next we're stupid live band and 14 those people who seized power in kiev forced us into holding a referendum we defended our lives and turned to a large amount putin and we were really hoping that she would not abandon us because they had already abandoned us in key if he didn't abandon us or for up to the minute developments quite literally do you remember the check in with her twitter page always worth some of your scrolling time life from moscow this is r.t. international. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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i'm max kaiser this is the kaiser report some much to get to important stuff let's check in with stacey maxwell we have a headline here suggesting that the bank of america analysts are ready to take on the window maker and that is betting against u.s. government bonds which have been in a bull market over what 45 years something like that a long time many decades so bank of america we believe we are at a secular turning point for both.


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