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tv   News  RT  March 20, 2021 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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breaking ranks with the european union. even if he. doesn't give the green light. to hate crime against asians in america. with the mainstream media. and t.v. networks in the u.s. .
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today worldwide news headlines. international good of you to join us today. italy's prime minister says rome will have to make its own decision on whether to use russia's sputnik v. injection if it's not approved by the european medicines agency governments across europe are looking for solutions off to a series of setbacks in the. correspondent. mario drawing he's not been long in the job as a tally in prime minister but he's already leading a country that's got an uneasy sense of deja vu at the moment when it comes to covert 19 it was just over a year ago that italy was at the very tip of the spear when it came to the coronavirus of driving 18 year up and now we're seeing intensive care beds in italy filling up at an alarming rate as fears of a 3rd wave have become reality mario draghi has said that he will operate an act
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outside of the use one for all and all for one for cumin program if it gets what italy needs let's order sputnik be and see what happens if you are a peon coordination especially in health care does not work we have to be ready to act on our own and it's not only me saying this chancellor merkel told me that if the european medicines agency certifies sputnik be then ok but if it does not germany will do so itself this is normal pragmatism we have to work on the basis of european unity but if it's not achieved we have to try other ways german chancellor angela merkel has also been talking about vaccines she was speaking after a summit between the federal government here in berlin and the leaders of germany 16 states vaccination dominating those talks in fact local doctors here will start to be able to give out the jobs in germany at the end from the end of april now under merkel also spoke about russia's sputnik of
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a vaccine and she said that whether or not it gets approval from the european medicines agency she expects to see it being used here in germany in the fight against corona virus also some stuff is fired the russian vaccine is concerned i have held the view for some time that we should use each vaccine that is approved by the european medicines agence singh but if a new such european order were mate and i have seen new indications. it will be germany would have to go it alone that is a possibility and this what i would do. as the head of the berlin branch of the german red cross i hear that many scientists from the berlin charity clinic say that the research documents the studies available about sputnik the give a positive impression vaccination is the only serious way to fight covert 19 and my demands on demand is the following we as the german red cross are impartial and do not interfere in political issues but we would like
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a non ideological decision on vaccines to be made and that everything that is scientifically based is allowed in germany and on the european market this applies to us and to me and to the sputnik v. in this sense there should be no ideological or political reasons that would dictate selective behavior and my impression is that at least here in germany there is not enough information for scientists to study it properly in recent weeks and days this is change in the most fundamental way and i hear that opinions of many doctors and pharmacists who've been working on this topic including from the eminent sheraton that sputnik v can be trusted and that if the a and relevant departments fail to approve it they will lose people's trust on friday morning there are reports coming out here in germany that a facility in the book was being prepared as a potential site to produce sputnik v. in europe if it gets approval from the european medicines agency now the german
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chancellor wasn't just talking about the sputnik vaccine while she was speaking to the press on friday evening she also talked about the astra zeneca vaccine said she would take that astra zeneca job herself it's been a tough week for astra zeneca 20 nations and european nations suspended the use of the vaccine over potential links or concerns over potential links to blood clots in relation to those who've had the job. the european medicines agency gave an extensive press conference on thursday in which they said the benefits of taking the astra zeneca vaccine far outweighed any potential risks now that saw a number almost all of those countries that it carried out this is spend should all of us present it at resume using the astra zeneca vaccine however denmark finland norway of all said they are going to hold off reintroducing it norway saying they need more information do you to several serious cases and know where you would want
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to thoroughly review the situation before we make a conclusion there is a real mixed state of affairs at the moment with some countries around the world taking strides in leaps said when it comes to vaccinating their populations while others staring down the barrel of a 3rd wave of covert 19 it is already international president joe biden and his vice president visited atlanta where a gunman opened fire at a number of mass hours pollers killing 8 people 6 of the victims were asian women biden and harris denounced the atrocity and while the vice president also gave her view on what's been causing the rising levels of hatred against america's asian population for the last year we've had people in positions of incredible power scapegoats scapegoating asian americans people with the biggest puppets spreading this kind of hate of biden and horace only hinted at who they think is to
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blame the mainstream media has been openly pointing the finger at the trumpet ministration donald trump didn't pull the trigger in atlanta but donald trump certainly was responsible for the anger in the fear of the suspicion that exists in in great degree in this country much more so than ever in the past and it's not just the shootings in atlanta that are being laid at trump's door as our correspondent but i guess dia reports. it is been a tough few weeks for jew 50 days in office in the problems keep piling up fortunately and thank the poles for these even with trump gone you can still blame your problems on him the last administration left us a dismantled an unworkable system we are dedicated to achieving and quite frankly are working around the clock to replace the cruelty of the passage ministration to
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put it succinctly the prior administration dismantled our nation's immigration system in its entirety. a solid year democrats and biden praised migrants you remember that don't you citizenship for millions they promised within 100 days i'm going to send to united states congress a pathway to citizenship for over 11000000 undocumented people and all of those so-called dreamers those docket kids they're going to be immediately certified again to be able to stay in this country oh gosh dad who could have predicted that promising millions of people potential citizenship would flood your borders with another wave of migrants more and more migrants who believed biden's populist election rhetoric and people smugglers to whom business is booming but biden apparently didn't mean everything that he said thousands of kids are still in
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detention centers but waiting deportation to mexico and you know what biden's white house is telling the crowds at the border who he gave so much hope to. goo way the message isn't done come now it is don't come in this way ever do it to come to the united states is still legal pathways then there's the pandemic which has ruined so much for all of us merica has been ravaged by couvade like nowhere else i've just been the disaster trumps disaster if you believe biden are trying to survive others say god love of failed order and of axes failed of all the lies the effort to administer the shots failed a set of facts centers at a certain point the trump bashing becomes too much even for the liberal press trump all his scenes operation warp speed last year under which the divine president had
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pace that was trump that wasn't biden and even the pundits agreed. even the media acknowledges a top administration troll is spearheading the development and procurement but president biden refuses to say the truth is the biggest scam is biden taking credit for the vaccine remember when joe biden and common harris spent months lying about not trusting the vaccine simply because president trump spearheaded operation warp speed now they're trying to take credit for it sick people or take and the asian violence that has really had its ugly head over the last year on the one hand trump did say borderline or outright offensive things about china and others i think there's no question that some of the damaging rhetoric that we saw. during the prior administration blaming you know calling coded you know the virus or other things. lead to you know perceptions of the asian american community that are
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inaccurate unfair have raised. you know threatening has elevated threats against asian americans on the other you just call and trust biden's all jobs but it comes to trump baps responsible for the ads the asian violence that is also risen in britain and europe elsewhere and how do you blame trump for a spree of attacks in atlanta as the white house hinted when police themselves say it was not racially motivated the suspect did take responsibility for the shootings he does claim that it was not racially motivated he apparently has an issue what he considers a fiction and sees these locations as something that allows him to to to go to these places and into the temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate we're going to be honest here barden inherited
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a mess that pal long are they going to heap sweeping all their problems under the trump rug as opposed to you know try solve them especially considering that a significant amount of that mess and grow on the democrats created themselves. newly published t.v. ratings in the united states appear to show that the trump white house is well bit of a turn off the figures show that c.n.n. has lost more than a 3rd of its primetime audience since the former president left office almost 2 and a half 1000000 viewers were tuning in daily between election day on november the 4th and joe biden's inauguration in january after that the numbers plummeted by 36 percent media and legal analyst lionel believes donald trump was a golden goose when it came to media ratings. it's the only reason they existed every day people would tune in to hear the anti trump rhetoric but also
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to listen to what insane connections they can make between everything and trump and it was it was brutal it was exciting it was it was it was interesting that's done this is just reality who wants to hear i didn't tire day a program you say wasn't that fantastic did you notice the show to chewed did you notice how great this president was when he's not and meanwhile fox and newsmax to an extent annoying and others are enjoying incredible ratings because they can turn that venom and excitement against the biden administration what i think people want to hear more than anything else is is confrontation but if somebody said we really are going to give you an honest to god fair and balanced attack an appraisal say would love it we live in a world now of social media of trolling of immediate reaction there's no such thing
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as milk toast they could have done wonders by attacking if you will anybody who deserved attacking but what they are is these are apparatchiks these are shot puppets for the democratic party and everybody knows that but now that there is no trump to attack there is nothing they. the british government has unveiled a far reaching review of its foreign policy and the friends strategery according to the document russia and china have been singled out as 2 of the biggest threats artie's summoner right has been looking at the finer details. if you have any doubt the trouble the west is having working out how to deal with china i give to you britain's hold on integrated review of security defense development and foreign policy your writing purpose of this review the most comprehensive since the cold war is to make the united kingdom stronger safer
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prosperous well standing up brother so i've read between the lines of this report which is the most important part and i boil it down for you america is a fading power but britain will still hide behind it whenever it can the united states will be our greatest ally and a uniquely close partner in defense intelligence and security rushers named as the main threat because that was the most effective way of getting funding for more bombs and because china has some questionable autocratic tendencies and all the cash and is pretty much going to rule the world by next year britain will continue to criticize it a little bit not to want to watch britain unveil this review if you're sitting in beijing must be a frankly bewildering experience there is no question the child with great challenge for a loop in society such as ours but we've also worked with china where that is
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consistent with our values and interests boris johnson essentially saying that his response to issues like democracy in hong kong or the plight of the week is it will be empty words because that britain why essentially because we have a strong relationship with china there was a value 1000000000 pounds trying as the 2nd largest economy in the world he's talking as if no one in china can actually hear him say he's pretty flexible on the old values thing sounds as a bit of money to be had some of the more confusing detail when on the one hand this review decides that britain needs. the t. to blow up the world another couple dozen times so it commits to a 40 percent increase in its nuclear stockpile while at the same time we're committed to a nuclear arms reduction indeed we believe that china oh should be brought into strategic nuclear arms reduction but you literally just said about what so when
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britain talks about getting tough on china the human rights the values blah blah blah exactly how worried should the capitalist communists in beijing be as that review was published the huff post released a recording of a meeting. of the concept he held with his officials lisa we should be prepared to sign trade deals with countries that don't meet the standards of the european convention on human rights so you're nothing to worry about from china probably because every aircraft carrier the west sends over will be another 1000 container ships picking up the i phones for christmas are still ahead here on the program president biden admits that the u.s. is unlikely to meet trump's promise deadline for pulling troops out of afghanistan that story many more in just a moment. is
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your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. aura maybe in the shallowness. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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it is good to have you with us today a president joe biden has admitted it will be tough for america to meet its deadline for pulling troops out of afghanistan with his administration are considering a 6 month extension of a presence in the country donald trump had promised to withdraw the remaining 12000 troops by may the 1st of course the toll of the war in afghanistan's us civilians has been immense. i mean and they would be either my husband was a vendor you're selling street food or the abdul hug and
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a bat when the explosion happened my neighbors didn't want to tell me that my husband had been killed because they saw i'm a woman with 3 paralyzed children and have heart disease to working with great difficulty it working to serve the people but eventually my neighbor came and told me that my husband had been killed in a suicide bombing it is 15 years since they came to kabul and i'm living here because of my children i searched for my husband but there was no news about him there are thousands here widows who are living west and me every morning when i am going out i see others living in west situations than me i become very said. my husband was in the afghan national army before she was an employee it has been
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about 4 years since he was killed i have a daughter and one son my son is 13 years old my children couldn't get any educational schooling i want to say no to war there should be no killings anymore no country children have faced mental problems and war affected my children. the for the it says that although i was sitting there with my brothers was on a bomb dropped on my house the bombardment began from years drums my brother was killed as we know no one will be left alive in this world there are a lot of people killed my 3 children were also killed i do monkeys for my country. earlier this week moscow hosted a meeting including representatives of the afghan government and the taliban ultimately ending it reaching a negotiated settlement and comprehensive cease fire russia the us china and
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pakistan all acted as mediators the talks resulted in a statement urging the taliban to refrain from a spring offensive the parties also called for a continuation of the peace talks in doha and we spoke to one of the participants of the moscow talks he seems optimistic. expectation was that when the talks started. violence will be deduced big deal that has not happened as of yet. unfortunately the war continues in all the major players. asking for association of violation and hopefully this meeting in clear messages given through this meeting to both sides would help us in moving in that i did action it is certainly complementing that doha or any future talks which takes place it is reenergizing it
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and it was that i thought i'd died right time but eventually for both sides this law makes the public of afghanistan and the taliban. as long as the islamic republic of afghanistan is concerned i can assure you that it was very helpful in that. it will it will help us. within the country also throughout the negotiations. a major protest is expected in jerusalem in the coming hours calling for the israeli prime minister to be prosecuted for corruption although there is still plenty of support for binyamin netanyahu the latest polls put him on course to win the upcoming election which will be the 4th in 2 years. ben swann discussed the run up to choose days ballot with former israeli ambassador to the u.n. danny danon on and palestinian journalist top you can watch the full discussion on
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the no b.s. podcast on facebook and you. false election into use it sounds crazy to. hope it will be the last this cycle for the new future so the little now used to live the leading candidate is the steve about it $35.00 seats out of $120.00 but what's happening is for the 1st time you have a lot of power to use for the right conservative power do you actually think the same make the prime minister on on global issues an economy and social issues but they are not willing to sit with the prime minister one thing for sure the next parliament the next message to me will be much more conservative than the one we have to be left wing parties some of them will vanish some of their would become a very small party like the label power the used to be the ruling party in the past and now they are fighting to the threshold so the conservative party would win but it doesn't mean that prime minister netanyahu will definitely form the next
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government it's clear that the netanyahu. biggest elephant in the room is the against him and he's trying every way to get out of it one of the ways he wants to get out of it is to stay as prime minister these really long and not clear on on where they're sitting prime minister and in fact being being indicted is enough for a member of the cabinet to have to resign and there is no assists substance to belay him for a prime minister so netanyahu has to stay in power so that he can stay out of jail . to some other news in brief for you here on r.t. international a long dormant volcano sprung into life in iceland on friday spewing fountains of lava and in the capital reykjavik of the lava covered an area of about one square kilometers but pose no immediate danger to the locals of the eruption though it did not come as a surprise as the country had recorded more than 40000 earthquakes over just the past 3 weeks ok now had previously sat dormant for 6000 year. it is and the last
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time an eruption took place on the peninsula was 800 years ago. skeptics and supporters of lashed out of each other on the streets of council in germany police moved in to push the rival groups a part of things spiraled out of control the tensions are running high ahead of an expected down extension. to chile now where riot police are broken up government rallies in santiago it follows almost 18 months of on the arrest of a police violence and must attentions of protesters according to local reports at least 15 people were arrested during the latest demonstration. thanks for sharing some of your saturday with us here at r.t. international we are back soon with.
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one of the worst ever mass shootings in america was in last vegas in 2017 the tragedy exposed a little of the real last biggest where many say elected officials are controlled by casino owners the vegas shooting reveal where d l g m p d really is and now it's part of the stand as sheen most of the american public barely remembers that happens just shows you the power of money and las vegas the powerful showed that true colors when the pandemic hit the most contagious contagion that we've seen in decades and then you have a mayor who doesn't care so here's care i goodman offering the lives of the vegas residents to the control group to the shiny facades concealed deep indifference to the people could have been saved if they were to take an action absolutely key to registering and get a slot machines doing in vegas is a money machine is a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives
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being watched. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being that. way. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallows. this
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is a boom bust though one business show you can't afford to miss branch of war in washington coming out of the world's 2 largest economy thought sparks fly in their 1st meeting in the biden era as top officials from site in the united states convene we bring you that heated topic of the talks and how things are unfolding flotsam e.u. member states are ready to restart the rollout of the astra zeneca vaccine we take you inside europe's fight for full vaccination a packed show today so let's dive right in. and we lead the program with the state of bilateral talks between the united states and china taking place in alaska the
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1st since u.s. president joe biden took office at the meeting top officials from both sides what they hope to accomplish during these talks are going to stray is committed to leading with diplomacy to advance the interest of the united states and to strengthen the rules based international order. that system is not an abstraction it helps countries resolve differences peacefully coordinate multilateral efforts effectively and participate in global commerce with the assurance that everyone is following the same rules. today will have an opportunity to discuss key priorities both domestic and global so that china can better understand our administration is intentions and approach will also discuss our deep concerns with actions by china include.


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