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tv   News  RT  March 22, 2021 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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the american dream and their compassion of the dream is more. in the headlines this 22nd of march earth schiller's alter made. the lion lays down a final warning to astra zeneca that it could block coded job exports and britain is not happy about it. essential. procurement procedure managed by russia was transferred. elsewhere speaking to r.t. and greece foreign minister condemns the e.u.'s handling of its not kill ation program on urges the blocs medicines watchdog for prove russia's sports league v. turkey insists its laws offer enough protection as international condemnation grows against and chris pull out from a global treaty combat violence against women. that
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no one moscow time good morning for me kevin 0 in its international for the next half hour with the latest updates of things tuning in to us this 1st the u.k. e.u. crisis over covert vaccine deliveries is deepening this monday brussels has no double down on threats to ban shot exports of a chronic delays in distribution amid a failing inoculation campaign more generally. we have the possibility to ban planned exports this is a message to astra zeneca you fulfill your part of the deal towards europe before you start to deliver to other countries it seems that the e.u. could be holding back on the millions of vaccines that it due to be transported to the u.k. in the next if it takes that decision to suspend the next to being paid now the move has incensed government ministers as you can imagine but also
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opposition party the labor party standing by u.k. government on this particular point of calling for calm from the e.u. i would urge the european commission to calm down the language cool the rhetoric and that's try and work together to get through this crisis. what seems most bizarre is the fact that this is a astra zeneca jobs coming to the e.u. or not enough and that's because there is a huge amount of mistrust in this particular vaccine just for example here in france it's so high that only 20 percent of people say that they have faith in that job and as we know over the last week 19 european countries decide this to suspend astra zeneca over fears of safety in regards to blood clots and despite the fact that the european medical satan see as once again rubber stamped it that's not good enough for some e.u. countries who are still holding back and while on delay in any new big wigs are
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talking about the idea of not getting enough astra zeneca day to stay here what they're not talking about is how many doses european countries are just sitting on millions and millions of doses that have yet to be used here now i also want to talk about what's happening in france because astra zeneca has been restarted as a campaign again but this new advice from the french health authorities here which means it can now only be used for over 55 completely different advice to what we had just a few weeks ago where president machen was saying that it was quasi effective for all their age groups and that some u.k. experts is causing a problem in undermining confidence it doesn't make any sense the whole thing looks completely crackers they're changing the rules almost every week they're really damaging people's confidence in vaccines generally they're sitting on a massive stockpile of vaccines that they haven't deployed yet and at the same time
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they've got a massive wave of the new variants coming across the country you could make it up. there's also a question about how much of this row is about the e.u. trying to deflect attention from how poorly it's handled this crisis something it itself has admitted and of course let's not forget the u.k. was invited to join the joint procurement scheme with the e.u. despite breaks it the e.u. politely declined and said we're going to do it our own way and as a result of that they speeding ahead with their vaccination program just to put that into context 51 percent of all adults in the u.k. have received at least one dose of a vaccine and compare that to around 10 percent here across the e.u. as a whole in the fic is really sort of paint a picture of how starkly different the campaigns are and some might say that this is now the e.u. throwing a bit of a tantrum and it's ready to throw the baby out with the bath water. meantime
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hungary's top diplomats called on the european medicines agency to approve russia after he got the job the country is joined slovakia in already deploying the shots of middle age and rolling out those western alternatives italy is also announced a deal to make. did an interview with r.t. hungary's foreign minister also explained why the vaccine distribution system is in his view failing. why exene is not a question of ideology for us it is a matter of saving lives and if we had not contracted the chinese armed and russian the vaccine have saved the health care added health and the lives of many hungry ariens the hungry a national regulator has approved the emergency use authorization for use so i have no concern of i was the one that asked by our
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government to negotiate with the russian federation about to have her chasing. after long syria's open negotiations and we were able to sign our contract which i haue a lot in accelerating the vaccination in hungary. there are 2 ways you need europe according to the european regulations how a vaccine going to get approvals one thing is definitely julianne 8 european medicines agency through a letter you are going to read our procedures but you will get regulations also say there's another way in case of emergency and that these other way should be completed by the national regulators would use for the emergency even. so the fact that the hungary a national regulator has issued emergency use or for an offer a zation is nothing you know against their regulations and and that's what made us a little bit fed up you know that the way hungary has approved this we knew it was
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going to do dirty in the western part of your opening global media as if we had made something against the europe there regulations which is which is not true you wrote the regulations say very clearly that in a case of emergency you've got to make such an. icon give you an explanation why e.m.e.a. is so slow of course of course i mean bureaucratic. explanations can be even any time they can say to day to day expect more documentation and they spoke of the russian look on the part of loosened up i don't know what i see is what i see is that there are vaccines in the world which are used by millions and millions of people believed russian or chinese but are these are not authorized here in iraq you know once again you regret the explanations can be easily given and you find but not this is not the father a few says about the lives of the people but more wrecks and you have and the more people you are going to say but i think very simple at least to speak about it for
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sure thank. the decentralized procurement procedure managed by brust was has failed as fair because regardless of the promise of years and the expectations there are much less vaccines arriving and in march or slower compared to. before why it became obvious that the shipments. managed on foreign aid by brussels are not satisfactory weaver and they're out there and by the same people by the same bureaucrats by the same politicians why we want to buy additional vaccines for our own people for our own people and i think this is a this is a matter of obligation over state of the government to protect the lives of its own people. ok away from covert for bed protesters have hit the streets of turkey after
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a pulled out of a major international treaty combating violence against women thousands of demonstrators flooded this tumble over the weekend holding banners demanding that the government stay in the treaty global rights groups warn the withdrawal will bring more violence against women the opinions called on turkey to reverse its decision after the council of europe branded the devastating. this move is if he said that and all the more deplorable the course it compromises the protection of women in turkey across europe and beyond. the landmark world convention was proposed back in 2011 to prevent domestic violence and to promote gender equality but turkey says in its few it undermines family values and it's got a pro l g b t agenda the agreements been ratified by 33 nations banker insists it's accepting laws already fully existing rather laws already fully protect will bid we discuss the decision with some turkish experts. a moment of good thinkers may not always be
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good you know the convention brings about a quiet medical practice. to come from minor but at the national vital question and it is this contract has never implemented. it just remained that on paper the contract held between effect. 2 and see faulty but never l.-a at life whether this contract is a law causing so our constitution marriage isn't just shouldn't is important for jerks but as families see this ng. as i went. and laid in the image and also the rise of algae d.c. force in jersey because you know who mentioned brings about eminence clear leprechaun that forces the sexual orientation to be alleged to have
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a mission and all the connotation of the candidate in fact nobody this this fact now it's already tional where you especially the contract has nothing to do we could add additional weight basically it's only about gender occulus to and about man mom i know against religion. as e v t i individuals the fact is that came about with a coconut grown in public man being slanders take taken away from their homes from their kids is actually any evidence of violence by the way the point is the concept has never seen an instrumental against the concept you stumble commendations is the result of meth at that stage wishing to prevent may violence the point is they are all hostile they all of hostile to the whole
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coalition because they are against gender sexual assault. let me take you through some of the stories making world news now embrace this next than. i just last evening 2 offices injured as rioters destroyed police and set them alight in rallies in the southwestern u.k. city of bristol against controversial new law enforcement plans parliament's debating a bill to significantly boost police powers including setting time a noise limits on protests but activists call the bill an attack on civil rights and the freedom to protest. plays far in watercolor meantime hate to disperse. rallies here being the netherlands amsterdam has seen
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a 2nd day of protests as police demonstrate against the continued closure of schools and restaurants and a nightly curfew. mother nature falls the better problem here but spectacular to look at these pictures from iceland as a long dormant volcano near the capital spews golden love traffic was halted as the hot spot came to life for the 1st time in more than 700 years check a few more of those pictures from a recording that would you course it wasn't what was about decade ago there were other huge 4 kaino went off in iceland huge disruption to air traffic but be thinking hopefully fingers crossed of that will come soon we'll keep you posted now . germany's greens have been criticised over their calls to scrap the nord stream to gas pipeline is the latest spat over at the party was a major winner in this month's regional elections and has now claimed the project would damage the country's international standing is our europe correspondent.
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germany's green party has been setting out their election promises ahead of this year's national vote scrapping the nord stream to gas pipeline is being given top billing the north stream to pipeline project has not only climate and the do implications but also causes damage on the geo political level especially given the situation in ukraine and therefore it should be stopped but the greens stance puts them in lock step with the biden administration in washington secretary of state anthony blinken has also just announced that the infrastructure project should be stopped and that businesses involved in the pipeline could face sanctions and the entity involved in the north stream to pipeline risks u.s. sanctions and should immediately abandon work on the pipeline costing just over $9000000000.00 euros nord stream 2 is already more than 95 percent complete it will allow russian gas to flow directly into germany under the baltic sea and could be
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used to bypass existing pipelines which take gas through ukraine which would cost kiev valuable transit fees the pipeline is seen by some politicians as the only way for germany to get the energy it needs while facilitating the move away from nuclear and coal. we are the only highly industrialized country which at the same time wants to get rid of nuclear energy in kovel those who use a huge amount of nuclear energy such as micron have an easier task to replace fossil fuels this is a bold move from the greens it puts at risk a potential coalition between themselves and the conservative union which had been widely talked up ahead of september's forte christian democratic union leader arm english remains on track to the angle of merkel successor chancellor that's despite strong gains by the greens on the corruption scandal over m.p.'s earning extra money through lobbying taking its toll on his party in polling he is regarded as an
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economic pragmatist when it comes to the pipeline and the gas it would provide the conservatives are the only ones willing to finish the project not sure who carry or for the future of western europe's energy. and gerry's industrial relations secure energy that only not to cancel the grief aimed at ukraine will be just back to little level and surely should have trade interests. should 1st of all look to the interests. of the united states even with the us administration missed still threatening sanctions on germany harmonies that individuals and this is something that show us our nation cannot sacked and that the new german government will certainly have to
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deal with many issues regarding energy regarding our non-spiritual already have completed its construction and begin operations by the tire and huge own government case the charge. the greens always have a special position visibly russian state of rejecting the shameless us. and interference in germany they're basically asking the us to enforce sanctions thus turning themselves into a lobbyist for dirty inexpensive u.s. fracking gas which is not green i told him there and to transition is important to protect the climates and group will be serious if we want to remain competitive if we want to secure in this industry status and if we want to secure perspire easy for everyone transitions acknowledging been place running with such a big foreign and economic policy front and center is a big gamble from the greens it suggests that they think that they could win the election in september because if they don't and they were to enter into
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a coalition government with the conservatives as the junior partner well that could well require a large policy climbdown peter all of our r.t. . coming up looking back here head of the 200 year anniversary of napoleon's death opinion even these days is sharply divided over the former french leaders legacy we've got a bit of comparison and the rest that he used to. if you pick the great research. which. is real liberalism. research for me for me people have any say in any.
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they seem to think about a monday morning a military genius or maybe a mass murderer is france gears up to mark the bicentenary of napoleon bonaparte death and passions are rising on both sides of an increasingly angry debate a top french political commentators lashed out at a vicious attack on the former leader of the new york times which accused him of genocide. as a black woman of haitian descent and a scholar of french colonial asm i find it particularly galling to see that france plans to celebrate the man who restored slavery to the french caribbean an architect of modern genocide his troops created gas chambers to kill my ancestors new york times has become a propaganda instrument of a certain strain of work a scholarship in which you go hunt people to oppose and and to insult i mean what's going on this thing called critical race theory which is really dangerous 1st of
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all you teach a simplified caricature of history that does not reflect anything as complex that what happened and then when people have no memory and no culture you can practically tell them anything did napoleon reestablish slavery in haiti he didn't he began not to when the british left what loot there was slavery in world loop and they made representations in saying that they were not interested in being french and then slavery were established which probably is not a good thing i'm not going to sort of take sides on this when slavery is a bad thing it was abolished forever in france in 845 it was only abolished in america in 865 it was abolished in russia uneaten 60 we're not the last critics of france's former leader his brutal military campaigns across europe and asia but supporters say he also boosted along the way social institutions and laid the foundations of today's legal system. and elizabeth says those angry at napoleon
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of being too selective. the whole point is to criticize a certain type of colonialist if you take the ottoman empire if you take which which is the longest acting colonial powers more than half a 1000000 euro and who are quite ferocious against our populations and who practiced slavery nobody talks about that they will only talk about a certain type of western europeans because they've decided that they were everything that is evil what amazes me is of course like every every spat started in the media goes on twitter not only were people supporting me in france which i expected i get a russian friends of mine came to my support spaniards who said yes to he you know he brought in bad things to welcome my country but he still was a rich fascinating leader germans because napoleon swept away medieval rulings that was incredibly restrictive in germany and he imposed the couldn't a pretty all which was much more modern with freedom to work freedom to trade also
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said things that did not exist so i suspect that the entire publics except the few who are sort of fashionable people at the new york times would be very happy. hollywood star murder plot some potent british tabloid combine some outlandish claims the nasa stereo mounts following joe biden's recent labeling of the russian president as a killer the senior correspondent has the latest on it. could vladimir putin be planning a duster glee yet cartoonish killing spree against his critics abroad he could according to this a full piece of paper written in typewriter font to apparently make it more all minnes typewriter and cartoonish because it is apparently written by an idiot with a poncho and for more movies bad more movies we have orders to whack the mole so don is out of his mind with rage and his instructions being enacted we have long
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arms this vermin won't be able to hide from us according to the legend this letter was written by a spook a russian f.s.b. agent to develop the conscious and decided to warn putin's critics that von is coming after them so hoover is assured in deering terms for vladimir move on is st slag for vladimir because if the all menace typewriter script didn't convince you that this was real groove on lucia street slang definitely will. as for volkov the naive nincompoop thinks he's safe he could be kidnapped and transported to russia or is luggage over the nincompoop so the author pretends he's from the earth as be the federal security service part of their responsibilities god russia's borders you would think that in f.s.b. agent would know how border checkpoints work it so happens that when you drive out
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of the european union they actually check your trunk it would also raise a lot of questions and someone walked up to this high for this medium profile putin critic who is guarded by european intelligence agencies knocks him over the head shoves him in the trunk and drives down the route with a rush of this way sirens about this plan to try and kidnap him 1st by knocking him out and then injecting him with a special drug so one god they plowed on kidnapping shoving him in a car trunk driving him to russia and killing him there why is anyone's guess another by knocking him out injecting him with stuff also smuggling him to russia before killing him another by using no veto and so on if there are any problems they'll torture him to death somewhere in a remote forest it all asli reads like cringeworthy screenplay 101
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a stab really creative yet astonishingly stupid ways to kill people all 102 sorry as for nivelle me they're going to crush him using the convicts they'll break him and drive him to hang himself and any rate their orders to make the patient break shut up and stay silent they're going to do everything break his mind is psychologically tortured him or as another alternative the patient might suddenly contract a quickly progressing form of coded all. of this they managed to theat on a single a 4 piece of paper now anyone who knows russian will look at this and they're going to laugh it's really that stupid but if you're english language media you can just pick out and translate the quotes the duende give away how stupid it all is and view is an f. none the wiser with an ominous redacted
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a 4 piece of paper written in scary russian in all menace typewriter fog to boot perfect of some more trotty propaganda and the author is the authors make no secret of what they want they long for any potential sanctions it's well known that no country is brave enough to sanction verne's in a circle all his pocket only go so every single one of the people that are on this list have recently called for sanctions against russia out of nowhere they get this badly written letter the details are a comically stupid plan to kidnap a bunch of people and then kill them all through ha ha we laugh at you with sanctions your too chicken to sanction russia jokes aside it's a sad state of affairs that we even have to cover this. another one for the widespread then though so we're talking about so for of who want to find out so much more on the breaking news check out they have
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a socials but coming up to 28 minutes past 11 in the morning moscow time whatever you do today hope it goes well for you thanks a lot should a great rest of. the world is driven by shaped by. the dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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americans love buying homes. this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country at large understood the bargain you get a hope and then you know rebel right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. be really interesting to dial it back and think about the longer deeper history housings man in the united states not just at all the question of the american dream but the bigger question if you dream is for.
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hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle take your pick the great reset or build back better. but what do they mean is neo liberalism mutating reset for whom better for whom you than people have any say in any of this. to discuss these issues and more i'm joined by my guest when these men in the house know he is a professor at the university of southeastern europe way as well as author of the new book great power politics in the 4th industrial revolution.


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