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3 of the black hole. headlines this 22nd of march ultimatum. the lion lays down a final warning to astra zeneca that it could blog code exports britain is far from happy elsewhere. essential. for a few women procedure managed by bras was transferred to another spot speaking to r.t. hungary's foreign minister condemns the e.u.'s handling of its not collation program and urges the blocks medicines watchdog to approve russia's sputnik v. . turkey insists its laws offer enough protection as international condemnation grows against chris pull out from a global treaty combating violence against women.
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just to midday here now so good day for moscow this one day my name is kevin 0 in here for half an hour with the latest from us for you. the u.k. e.u. crisis over covert vaccine deliveries is deepening this monday brussels is no double down on threats to ban the shot exports of a chronic delays in distribution amid a failing inoculation campaign. we have the possibility to ban planned exports this is a message to astra zeneca you fulfil your part of the deal towards euro before you start to deliver to other countries it seems that the e.u. could be holding back millions of vaccines that are due to be transported to the u.k. in the next few weeks if it takes that decision to suspend the next to be
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ok now the move has incensed u.k. government ministers as you can imagine but also opposition party the labor party standing by u.k. government on this particular point and calling for calm from the new i would urge the european commission to calm down the language cool the rhetoric and that's try and work together to get through this crisis. what seems most bizarre is the fact that this is over astra zeneca jobs coming to the e.u. or not enough and that's because there is a huge amount of mistrust in this particular vaccine just for example here in france it's so high that only 20 percent of people say that they have faith in that job and as we know over the last week 19 european countries decide this to suspend astra zeneca over fears of safety in regards to blood clots and despite the fact that the european medical sage unsee has once again rubber stamped it that's not good enough for some e.u. countries who are still holding back and while. big wigs are talking about the idea
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of not getting enough astra zeneca doses to hear what they're not talking about is how many doses european countries are just sitting on millions and millions of doses that have yet to be used here now i also want to talk about what's happening in france because astra zeneca has been restarted as a campaign again but this new advice from the french health authorities here which means it can now only be used for over 50 five's completely different advice to what we had just a few weeks ago where president machen was saying that it was quasi effective for all their age groups and that some u.k. experts is causing a problem in undermining confidence it doesn't make any sense the whole thing looks completely crackers the changing the rules almost every week they're really damaging people's confidence in vaccines generally they're sitting on a massive stockpile of vaccines that they haven't deployed yet and at the same time
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they've got a massive wave of the new variants coming across the country you could make it up there's also a question about how much of this row is about the e.u. trying to deflect attention from how poorly it's handled this crisis something it itself has admitted and of course let's not forget one of the u.k. was in. whited to join the joint profumo skiing with the e.u. despite breaks it the e.u. politely declined and said we're going to do it our own way and as a result of that they speeding ahead with their vaccination program just to put that into context 51 percent of all adults in the u.k. have received at least one dose of a vaccine and compare that to around 10 percent here across the e.u. as a whole and the fake is really sort of paint a picture of how starkly different the campaigns are and some might say that this is now the e.u. throwing a bit of a tantrum and it's ready to throw the baby out with the bath water. so how to fill
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the gap seems hungary's top diplomats called on the european medicines agency to improve russia's view then after he got the job the country's joint slovakian already deploying the shot of middle age and rolling out western alternatives italy has also announced of course a deal to make. it an interview with our foreign minister also explain to us why the distribution system in his view is failing. back scene is not a question of ideology for us it is a matter of saving lives and if we had not contracted the chinese under and russian the vaccine have saved the health care added health and the lives of many hungry aryans the hungry a national regulator has approved the emergency use authorization for use so i have no concern of i was the one that asked by our
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government to negotiate with the russian federation about their purchasing. after long syria's open negotiations and we were able to sign our contract which. a lot in accelerating the vaccination in hungary. there are 2 ways you know europe according to the european regulations how a vaccine gonna get approval one thing is definitely true the e.-m. 8 european medicines agency through a now that's the organ the rehab procedure but you will be in the regulations also say there's another way in case of emergency and that these other way should be completed by the national regulators would use for the emergency even. so the fact that the hungary a national regulator has issued emergency user fraud offer a zation is nothing you know against their regulations and and that's what made us a little bit fed up you know that the way hungary has approved this we knew it was
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going to do dirty in the western part of europe and in global media as if we had made something against the your pair of your actions which is which is not true you wrote the regulations say very clearly that in a case of emergency you can make such an. icon give you an explanation why e.m.e.a. is so slow of course of course i mean bureaucratic. explanations can be even any time they can say that they date spent more documentation based by the russian look on the part of the duty standard but i don't know what i see is what i see is that there are vaccines in the world which are used by millions and millions of people believed russian or chinese but are these are not authorized here in iraq you know once again you are a graphic explanations can be easily given and you find but not this is not the father of a few says about the lives of the people but more wrecks and you have and the more people you are going to say but i think very simple at least to speak about it for
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sure thank. the decentralized procurement procedure managed by brussels has failed as fairly close regardless of the promises and the expectations there are much less vaccines arriving and much are slower compared to. before while it became obvious that these shipments. managed on foreign aid by brussels are not satisfactory weaver and there at that and by the same people by the same bureaucrats by the same politicians why we want to buy additional vaccines for our own people for our own people and i think this is a this is a matter of obligation over state of the government to protect the lives of its own people. germany's greens have been criticised for their cost to scrap the nord
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stream to gas pipeline the party was a major winner in this month regional elections and now claimed the project would damage the country's international standing if it goes ahead is our europe correspondent and. germany's green party has been setting out their election promises ahead of this year's national vote scrapping the nord stream to gas pipeline is being given top billing the north stream to pipeline project has not only climate and the do implications but also causes damage on the geo political level especially given the situation in ukraine and therefore it should be stopped but the greens stance puts them in lock step with the biden administration in washington secretary of state anthony blinken has also just announced that the infrastructure project should be stopped and that businesses involved in the pipeline could face sanctions and the entity involved in the north stream to pipeline risks u.s.
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sanctions and should immediately abandon work on the pipeline costing just over $9000000000.00 euros nord stream 2 is already more than 95 percent complete it will allow russian gas to flow directly into germany under the baltic sea and could be used to bypass existing pipelines which take gas through ukraine which would cost kiev valuable transit fees the pipeline is seen by some politicians as the only way for germany to get the energy it needs while facilitating the move away from nuclear and coal. we are the only highly industrialized country which at the same time wants to get rid of nuclear energy in kovel those who use a huge amount of nuclear energy such as micron have an easier task to replace fossil fuels this is a bold move from the greens it puts at risk a potential coalition between themselves and the conservative union which had been widely talked up ahead of september's fort christian democratic union leader arm
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english remains on track to the angle of merkel successor chancellor despite strong gains by the greens on the corruption scandal over m.p.'s earning extra money through lobbying taking its toll on his party in polling he is regarded as an economic pragmatist when it comes to the pipeline and the gas it would provide the conservatives are the only ones willing to finish the project not sure who carry or for the future of western europe's energy. and jerry's industrial relations. your energy that only not to cancel the british save ukraine will be just back to your little level and surely shouldn't have trade interests. should 1st of all look to the interests of.
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the united states even with the u.s. administration is threatening sanctions on germany harmonies that individuals and this is something that show us our nation cannot sacked and the new german government was only have to deal with many issues regarding energy regarding our. spiritual arre have completed its construction and begin operations by the fire and huge own government case the charge. the greens always have a special position visibly russian state of rejecting the shameless us. and interference in germany they're basically asking the us to enforce sanctions thus turning themselves into lobbyists for dirty inexpensive us fracking gas which is not green at all. there and to transition is important to protect the climate and group will be serious if we want to remain competitive if we want to secure in this industry status and if we want to secure prosperous if everyone transitions
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acknowledges bin place running with such a big for an economic policy front and center is a big gamble from the greens it suggests that they think that they could win the election in september because if they don't and they were to enter into a coalition government with the conservatives as the junior partner well that could well require a large policy climbdown peter all of our r.t. berlin has told lies 1st mark salter a leading economics professor a member of germany's ruling christian democratic party here hopefully the next few minutes with this welcome to the program want to chat about the nordstrom thing a number of other issues as well but let's start with nord stream 2. is there really geopolitical damage is the greens are claiming it especially with what my point 5000000000 euros already been spent on it and the things to to be completed very shortly 2nd half of this year. not at all of course i have my very own
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position on that but it's shipped by a few but not i mean it depends there is no geo political damage of course the greens are more or less an arm of the us internationalist elite. they've been there done that for a while the the german or original war party though one of the 1st to call for bombing in when. it was about to be liberated so the greens are very aggressive and they are more or less completely. following the us strategy they are not looking after germany their party they have in their mind in their program basically to abolish germany and you can see that on all fronts and so they point towards ukraine and as one of the people before me said on this program i mean we should look for german interests 1st we should look for european interests 1st and it's very worthwhile and good for europe and for germany to diversify its energy sources and not to be dependent on one direction because if you're dependent on one
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direction almost looks like mafia tactics you take away the the the activity and then you provide the stuff yourself and of course it's good for germany to have energy sources from russia directly and from the west and from wherever but not from one direction please so just remind our viewers internationally how the greens making their case here that nordstrom shouldn't happen in a nutshell what are they saying that. well they say that it basically damages ukraine and so they want to strengthen the ukraine a we know about the biden ties to ukraine and it's not all been obvious what has happened there in the 2014 and so they are basically pressing to us because as is seal way is the u.s. in total with the sanctions against russia this is the us cause i mean those sanctions are highly symmetric and once again i mean you have to look for your own country 1st and only if you have secured your country you can help other countries
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but the greens aren't intent on destroying germany as a sovereign nation and they've come a long way what's the general feeling about the greens then is that message they're sending 'd going down well with people or not well germany is in a strange state and we're in post factual politics in a while in a way i mean many people are just judging emotionally and those shield political questions are not really at the forefront in germany because of world war 2 i mean we have that guilt still that guilt complex and indeed germany did not really learn to deal with geopolitics at some point it was too much. former president reagan from vibes that are called that must 1st lesson height and then it was too little and none must guess and we have must forget snide we forgot about geopolitics and geopolitics is still out there and as they say if you're playing poker and you don't know who's a sucker it's probably you were being exploited so we do have to acknowledge that
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there are still nations in this in this world that's france as pursuing an agenda that italy is pursuing an agenda that russia is pursuing one and the germany also should pursue one and try to reconcile its interests but it has to define its own national interests and that is not the case in german public opinion our media is not discussing the very broadly there's a few voices that talk about it so the greens of appallingly have good. chances in the next election and there's chances. to actually. having the next chancellor or madame chancellor who knows so what mechanisms are they proposing to have in place to stop this pipeline is there one is one thing to have an opinion it's another thing to actually physically get something done is there a chance it could be stopped. well there could just outlaw that is once they are in government who knows i mean so you call for it and if you have power by the time i
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hope the plan will be operational so it will be more difficult and and once again there is support this family chancellor schroeder who was also being. characterized negatively also saw denounced in the german press sometimes but there's also the prime minister of mecklenburg for palm on which she is a s.p.d. who is for it and there's others who are for it even merkel has voiced cautious support so there's hope that it will be finished and it will run but i want to rule it out that when the greens are in power they would stop it is it a crucial time now that it isn't quite finished yet it will be later on this year when it's up and running would it be less chance of stopping it then how what's the thought on that and how does all this go down with people in germany anyway what's the general view on this pipeline good or bad well divided polarized germany has never been as polarized as this in the post-war history we have a gap between rich and our rich and poor country and city young and old left and
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right nationalists and patriots so even here the views are polarized but once again it's not at the forefront because germans don't think about these issues and probably they want think about it at least not in total before it's too late so of course covert corona is a big thing right now other things are at the forefront green energy so the greens are actually setting the agenda in many of these and they are actually pushing the agenda many people are following them out of purely emotional reasons they sound good they present themselves nicely but they're an eco socialist totalitarian party bent on destroying. the constitution the german gone because it's the german sovereignty and the german state let's talk about the c.d.u. your party what went wrong in the regional elections what is. you so badly well of course it's been total chaos as we heard from the previous speaker in terms of the
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vaccination so that's one people are fed up with c a lockdowns i've just heard reports from from a different source from russia that pretty much life is back to normal it's it's tough it's one of the toughest countries in germany and some other european countries too but germany politicians are basically toppling over each other to raise the bar to make it even more difficult for people plus the vaccination council germans if they used to one thing are used to an orderly state orderly administered if procedures and we don't see any of this and we see contradictory. administer of orders we see contradictory and failing state policies so germans are fed up but they don't share all of the requisite and appropriate conclusions in the right numbers that this government has failed of cause marital herself as men are more or less pursuing the green agenda and. marcus souter the powerful prime minister of the various pursuing eugene green agenda they want to basically make
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the c.d.u. more drink more green they made the c.d.u. or more social democrat years ago it destroyed the social democrats pretty much now with their strategy to make the c.d.u. more green they want to succeed it will further in my analysis help the greens and the c. deal with will lose. and that's because. let's take a final 4 brought it out a bit look at the recent comments by president biden calling kind of president putin a killer but those comments wise from the new president coming in there in the u.s. we're going to the relations as you're looking on from germany between. russia and america how is that going to go then do you think of course not and i've been pretty outspoken about this this this. government wants conflict awards wants war the want scapegoats trump didn't want war he had to go i've been saying this time
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and again of course it was not wise it was terrible but i thought the response by president putin was very measured so we can only hope that this will pass and that the war party will not win out and that there's enough reason there to deescalate and not to further escalate what about relations in the coming years or the immediate term between germany and america with a new president there how's that going to go do you think. well to some extent fortunately germany is getting less important asia's getting more importance of the the focus on germany is not as much but it's still a cornerstone of u.s. strategy in europe and therefore it has to be kept within the u.s. confines of the u.s. strategy and we will see how that goes and of course the new president has vowed to bring america back to the international table which is a not it not of no not a right claim america was at the table all the time it was true from some things it
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would mean the problems facing some more attention to germany but by and large i think the new by an administration has other problems also domestic problems so we'll see how that plays out i mean i would very much hope for a sovereign or ma sovereign independent more independent europe of more sovereign states that cooperate so i would very much hope for a european renaissance but that's far off next hour so you can always faster thanks for giving us your thoughts on the various subjects there live here on out international appreciate your time on a good day i'm bored. this is a hit the streets of turkey but after pulled out of a major international treaty combating violence against women thousands of demonstrators flooded istanbul over the weekend holding banners demand of the government stay in the treaty global rights groups warmed the withdrawal will bring more violence though against women the european union has called on turkey to reverse its decision after the council of europe branded the pull out devastating.
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this move is a huge setback and all the more deplorable because it compromises the protection of women in turkey across europe and beyond the landmark world convention was proposed in 2011 to prevent domestic violence and to promote gender equality but turkey's view is that it undermines family values and has got a pro l g b t agenda the agreements been ratified by $33.00 nations anchor insists its existing laws already fully protect women we discussed a goal with a panel of turkish experts. what looks good on pinker may not always be a good. convention brings a quite radical practice to calls from my land but at the this edition of violence is white and this contract has never implemented. it just remains on pay for the contract has been in effect for you to ante
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he never ever at life. back is a lot according to our constitution marriage as an institution is important for jerks and simon see these things. as a whole and slating the image and also the rise of the l.g.b. to discourse injured because there's no mention brings about salmon in square let's call that forces the sexual orientation to be a legitimate submission and connotations that come with it in play and nobody. in this fact in a traditional way you it's very surely these contract has nothing to do we could add issue no way to basically it's only about gender accurately and about man
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now my note again we were hit at the beauty i'd individual the fact is that came a bottle of the golden hour in college. being slandered taken away. from their kids without showing any evidence of violence by the way the point is the contract has never been implemented last summer camp a they all lie. against the contract stumble conversation in the role of meth that the. we shoot the president made a violent the point is they all try they all are part trying to do all callings because they are against. let's go around the globe he was telling a brief.
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what scene there from last evening 2 offices injured and rioters destroying police vans and setting them alight in rallies in the southwestern u.k. city of bristol against controversial new law enforcement plans parliament's debating a bill right now to significantly boost police powers including setting time and noise limits on protests activists call the bill though an attack on civil rights and the freedom to protest. police or fire water cannons to disperse and to lock down rallies in the netherlands amsterdam seen the 2nd day of protests as police demonstrate against the continued closure of schools and restaurants and nightly curfew still in place. by the night should cause in a spot of bother here in iceland a long dormant volcano near the capital spew golden lava spectacular to look at you wouldn't be that close though traffic was halted as the hot spot came back to life
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for the 1st time in more than 700 years. so far finer everything else we're talking about on any of our socials or artsy dot com for now though kevin i would signing off for me in the team have a great day. the
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government has to determine which zones is it going to insure and which those is it not going to insure and it does that based on the racial makeup of neighborhoods. neighborhoods that had a certain number of black presidents but have literally brad lines drawn around them on the map. and they wouldn't insure mortgages in those areas because they believed that the property is would not hold the baby turned down a loan they said. banks take up that same practice they decide they're not going to lend in those areas that meant the benefit of the potential homeowners flowing to whites and not. racism into our ownership culture.
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problem it's just problem is made most of them up and libel wimbledon don't know what to do got problems going to work with them living 2 doors away so we passed a law in 1968 fair housing act it proclaims that fair housing. is not a part. of life. but to actually affirmatively go out and say how do we do. it so the government betrays . i find as i travel across the country that. we're talking about white americans or people who may be robot and other minority groups like the mexican american.


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