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tv   News  RT  March 24, 2021 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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just for reality 24 to 30 percent of pleasure. this mistake is my mistake i regret that. german chancellor angela merkel backtracked on imposing an eastern bloc down and concedes it was a mistake. to be ruled. 3 weeks. french hospital chiefs ringing of the alarm on a quote unprecedented burden as the country's. new pandemic records for the year yet the government's response leaves people. to hate speech facebook is sued for repeatedly allowing online threats to journalists and spreading disinformation examine how the platform is now facing crackdowns
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worldwide. broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our chief international and i'm sean thomas when we got time with us the german chancellor has it reversed her decision to impose a 5 day lockdown over the easter period that had been announced earlier in the week the u.-turn comes after a massive wave of criticism and protests. enough id eden's i'm going to the idea was a mistake this mistake is my mistake alone a mistake must be called a mistake and above all it must be corrected at the same time of course i know that this whole matter trygaeus more uncertainty i regret that deeply and apologize to all citizens. says day to fast of april as well as the said of april should be defined as calm days with extensive contact restrictions and
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a ban on gatherings from the fast to the 5th of april. that's quite a difference from the early hours of tuesday morning too shortly before lunch on wednesday a colossal u. turn from angola merkel we have heard some people come out in support of what she's done market zada the leader of the state of bavaria and one of those he's vying to replace angle of merkel as chancellor at least if you believe the rumors coming bundestag elections in september he said he respected what the chancellor had done in fronting up to what she admitted herself was a mistake then we've also heard from another one of those common tenders to be chancellor combs september armyn last should the head of the state of north rhine-westphalia who pointed out that all of the other leaders of the 16 states of germany were all present did not say meeting and that they all agreed to the same thing that i'm glimmer is now taking the rap for well they were all voices of
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support there's been some stinging criticism as well for this whole mess happening in the 1st place the logic of the planned individual measures is not revealed and these can no longer be discussed planes to majorca empty outdoor restaurants in germany how can that be justified. we need to change our method of governance the last time pick a disappointed people we can't go on like this m.p. case that last 15 hours during which the essential decisions are made between one and 3 o'clock at night run the risk that in the end not all the details are clarified and thus communication becomes more difficult especially on such sensitive issues we're already seeing what some would like to see as the fallout from this huge u. turn from mongol americal with those in opposition calling for a vote of confidence on her government. position as chancellor
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i call in the chancellor to ask the question of confidence in accordance with paragraph 98 of the rules of procedure of the german bundestag because she is not only admitted her own inability the lack of competence of her ministers out my and spawn is obvious but because she has obviously looks the trust of part of her coalition factions ahead of what really crucial elections in september and a number of important local elections taking place beforehand we're seeing no wasting of time when it comes to jumping on this u. turn for political capital however no matter how you cut this it is not a good look for all the german government we discussed of the possible real reasons behind the chancellor's decision with an m.e.p. from the alternative for germany party. it is a result of. protest from outside politics and they've moved in her own
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party. there were a lot of trouble more. members of parliament and then she had no choice her politics on corona and co but it's completely failed we have a permanent lockdown since november. maximization is on 3rd world level so she is on lockdown and has. nothing to promise there is no light at the end of the tunnel and debt situation she wanted even to. a divorce such a wave of protests even but in her party that she had no other choice then to do to you what she did today and it's her 1st u. turn ever it's indeed a result of. political pressure from outside her party to inside work but so. french health care system risks unprecedented shock within
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weeks if the government fails to deal with the new covert surge that is the warning from the country's hospital federation chief if you like the proof for my actions have been taken given this delay hospitals are likely to be rocked by an unprecedented violent shock in 2 to 3 weeks. if 3rd wave of infections kicked in last weekend there are now more than 26000 patients in hospitals across france the highest figure in this month and over 4000 in intensive care set a grim record for 2021 the french emergency doctors association told us that the authorities response had been woeful. yes. hospitals across france are struggling facing a shortage of beds in the i.c.u. there's an influx of patients their numbers are growing at an unprecedented pace the problem results from the fact that the government hasn't provided any extra
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beds for a year already furthermore our country is falling behind in vaccinations pharmaceutical companies have delayed their supply shipments are an occupation rate is very low compared to other nations like morocco or serbia where health care efficiency is inferior. many are stunned by the mixed messages coming from the french government amid harsh lockdowns and official warnings of dire consequences ministers are letting hairdressers and chocolate shops stay open for what they describe as that french morale are destroyed minsky reports. you'd think that by the time the 3rd law that i was announced parts of from the government would be. termed it this is what you can do this is what you can't do but it's been anything but the case do you think you understand there were strict now in place soon places like paris. now it's. better but it's typical
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shows you get some points to much numbers but the rules are not too well it's a little bit lax we can do a little like. they were clear enough they are good at differentiating things after realizing that they're fuzzy so it is not really a lockdown. we can refer issues but we can buy them. from the mistaken. after 6 pm. after suffering now really i didn't thank you. we don't understand the new rules at all for example we're supposed to be in lockdown yet we're walking in the chandeliers a there are a lot of people even though it's tuesday normally during log down there should not be so many people yet. there are a lot of people and when the prime minister announced that 16 regions would be heading back into a lockdown last week he said citizens would have to once again fill out public
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mission reforms to show that they were leaving home for essential reasons when the new forms were published they contained so many options as to why you could leave home they caused widespread confusion. how come here allow me to take a breath 10 kilometers away but force my dog to stay within one kilometer of his candle i come home from work certificate i pick up the kids from school certificate i buy a brat certificate it's a little after 7 pm certificate luckily i have no dog originally the 21 or so 1000000 people impacted by the new lockdown were told they could travel up to 10 kilometers from their homes unfortunately they dog could only go one kilometer mulcted poked fun at and even the government had to admit that the form was called
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lax and soon it was true that unless you need into trouble more than 10 kilometers i don't want to go out of the curfew as yes that's still in place the next level of before woman came as it emerged that most of the businesses that would be closed as they were not essential like florist headdress and chocolate shops were told they could stay open we made some exceptions such as head dresses for french people we did it because there were professions like florists that make whole food turnover during spring we did it for the chocolate is because it's easter so is it really oh . that light as it's been up here and do people in paris know what they can and can't do do you think you can eat lunch with your friends in the park yeah. i think it's possible no they've said it's not there they do not recommend eating
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lunch with your friends right now i think we have the right to eat in a park with friends to go out after 7 pm under certain conditions i think yes but visiting friends at home no i don't think that's possible after 7 pm we don't have the right with the curfew we don't have the right it is all just. so i hear of bouncing in and out of lockdowns certainly brought everyone to the same feeling that of being generally fed up and you can't help but feel that french government is in its own confusion about what we should and shouldn't be doing causing perhaps unnecessary public anxiety. auti paris. kremlin has confirmed that president vladimir putin has received a covert 1000 job but which one will stay a mystery with officials saying they won't specify the shot in order to highlight that all 3 russian vaccines are safe and effective more than 6000000 have had their
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1st shot here in russia since the inoculation campaign started over 4000000 have already had both doses and as you can see infection rate has fallen with the number of daily new cases now under $10000.00 archies and spoke to the russian deputy prime minister for health and social policy about the vaccine program and how it differs from the rest of europe. if you say that vaccination is safe and we're monitoring it safety would it be easier for the government to make it more or less mandatory or if not forcing people strongly compelling them as in israel if you don't want to be vaccinated don't leave your house. russia has extensive experience nationwide vaccination we have got used to its voluntary nature i think trying to pressure force people to get the chip or stay at home because they haven't been inoculated that's wrong because everyone is different we're now seeing
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a scandal unfolding around the astra zeneca vaccine while the w.h.o. says that it's too early to draw any conclusions and suspending it may be unnecessary what do you think what is your general attitude to this scandal. we are extremely careful when it comes to any data connected to side effects potentially provoked by this or that product why because we did not have the opportunity to fully check it using medical data in this case we can only speak about ourselves and here i can say that each country it's strictly monitoring all of the potential posts vaccination side effects the vaccination process should not be politicized because the process itself is aimed at one particular goal saving lives and protecting the population. shall we not politicizing this as a country. we are saying that the country created 3 product of its own where telling the whole world about them in the same way that everyone else is why wouldn't we it's our achievement we're proud of it at the end of the day it's an
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appraisal of russian science which some have been trying to diminish and say we are not capable of anything we are in the long run we do acknowledge that there could be a 3rd wave there may be a slight increase but why is it massive everywhere but moderate in russia well we see how the epidemiological situation is developing in europe and in russia one of the reasons for this development is that they were constantly unlocked and people stayed at home they did not go outside their sterile in the sense of the virus so then they go out and catch it that's why they never develop collective immunity right essentially yes when do you think this will all end we are now working on the assumption that we will achieve 60 percent collective immunity by august it is clear that most likely there will be some seasonality everyone has been talking about that. so it could come back in october. yes but i really
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hope people will get vaccinated because dealing with the consequences of the disease will be far more difficult than getting voluntarily inoculated. later but some people are still wary about getting the coronas virus shot our team reviewed a few of the myths surrounding russia's sputnik vaccine. existing approved vaccines contain a small fragment of the virus one of its genes even half of it and of course it constant sex you with code it. has side effects and complications are the same as after any flu vaccine have seen these are not really side effects the expected reaction of the immune system is the vaccine trains it to defend itself against an enemy and it gets activated. if you. are to keep parameters the crucial for vaccine testing.
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it's based on proven technology that has already been used for other vaccines a company that registers a vaccine does it's strictly international protocols all vaccines are tested this way and that's how all vaccines get to the market. moves i wonder where this is coming from is completely in comprehensible no vaccines cause infertility that is complete nonsense from a biological point of view. on what vaccines of wild virus can cause infertility because it can affect the reproductive organs of certain individuals on one. all of them very public you're this mature we all have to make a choice and weigh up the risks you the only way to prevent any viral infection including the coronavirus is vaccination you get vaccinated or get sick.
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this is our children national on the way facebook has been slapped with a massive lawsuit as press freedom monitors say it has questions chancer over the proliferation of the speech and it covered this in for. that story when we come back desire to trash. israel media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being
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so. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. already made in the shallows. during the trump administration the us agreed to leave afghanistan by may 1st the bike need ministration is wavering over this commitment they claim the conditions on the ground are not favorable for which all this begs the question what can be done now that has not been tried for the past 20 years. back this is arts international now global media watchdog reporters without borders has filed
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a massive lawsuit against facebook for allegedly letting hate speech flora including false videos on the pandemic that have been watched millions of times but it's just one of the serious allegations now hitting the tech giant around the globe. reporters without borders lawsuit demonstrates that the california based company's undertakings to its consumers are largely mendacious and that it allows dissent from ation and hate speech to flourish on its network contrary to the claims made in its terms of service and through its ads facebook a mere pittance has grown to be too large for the company itself even its exacts when unaware of being filmed of course admitting the giant has to be tamed. to. do it but until this happens it's up to individual countries to rein in the
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dominance of facebook and they do the u.k. has taken the social network to court for losing control of the data of british hughes's italy following the company over the lack of transparency in their privacy policies facebook was misleading users to register on its platform by not informing them immediately inadequately of the collection activity with commercial intent of the data provided by them astray or forced facebook into a commercial deal making it pay news corpus trulia for journalism from its local mastheads but only after an ill tempered fight in which facebook inadvertently shut down some of vital information services in australia. on the side of over and for cement in doing so some content was blocked inadvertently even in the united states where facebook is widely viewed as a mass mind control tool in the hands of political establishment is taking steps to
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limit its reach for these books user profiles would allegedly reveal an individual's likes dislikes interests and habits over a significant amount of time without affording users a meaningful opportunity to control or. and the unauthorized exploration of their private lives some say the big tech has replaced big oil as the global corporate power play up except it controls not only the money but also information streams and whether its concerns about snooping censorship or monopoly practices the raw signs that the global mood could be turning on the online giant but it won't go down without a fight fairly powerful groups like media organizations and governments coming up their facebook from very different angles now none of those entities are powerful facebook is right now that of course might be one reason that these governments are a little worried about facebook's power or at least trying to rein it in you're
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already a very very scary territory all right and it's only going to keep going in the same direction that it has been go and governments are slow to rein this in governments and sort of try to do anything about it he said giants are stronger than governments they are the most powerful forces on the planet they're also talk of course of the planet as it are seem they control the conversation they control who gets the herd who doesn't get to be here they control what you see they control what you buy they know everything about you they are showing us who's in charge. the u.s. secretary of state has warned that berlin of possible of sanctions if the north stream to gas pipeline between russia and germany is completed the message was sent to his german counterpart at a face to face meeting during a nato summit in brussels. i made it clear that firms and gauged in pipeline construction risk u.s. sanctions the pipeline divides europe it exposes ukraine and central europe to
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russian money palatial and coercion it goes against europe's own stated energy security goals so what i said was that we will continue to monitor activity to complete and certify that pipeline and if that activity takes place we will make a determination on the applicability of sanctions by u.s. warnings nato faces a split in views over the project during a 2 day summit in brussels the alliance's chief stoltenberg admitted the issue was top of the discussion but that a common standpoint was yet to be reached although the stress he stressed it was inappropriate platform to discuss this type of plan russia's foreign ministry in turn has questioned nato's motives. nato doesn't have a common view on the stream to but why does the military organization have to take a common standpoint toller it's a business project between 2 independent states maybe their alliance has plans to invest costing just over $9000000000.00 euros the nordstrom to project is already
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more than 95 percent complete that will allow russian gas to flow directly into germany under the baltic sea it could also be used to bypass existing pipelines which take gas at 3 ukraine which would cost valuable transit fees german journalist thomas fassbender says it may be turning into a geo political tool for washington to dominate europe. well there is general in knowledge meant that pipelines gas oil pipelines are of geopolitical she'll economical relevance so that explains why the subject is being discussed in the middle to forment since nato has been looking for a new identity and now there is growing concern especially in europe that the nato identity may be turned of that nature and may be turned into an instrument to ensure a u.s. domination of the eurasian landmark that the us must not allow any competing
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antagonistic power ruling over a dominate him over the eurasian continent europe is in danger in danger of becoming something between a rock and a hard place on the one hand we appreciate to cozy protection by the us military and political ally on the other hand we do not want to get in between the in between the us chinese or us russian rivalries and end up a worse case as cannon fodder and and a better place. bloggers worldwide have reported a sharp object in hate speech in new r.t. documentary look at cyber bullying and its effects on internet users. you know sometimes a. quarter is your moment. that the irish. blogger so saw looks mean we all look. through it and know which it actually
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there's a from melbourne back in about 33 minutes with another full and fresh look at you news this is our chief international. wrong. to say the.
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common ground. humanity has never seen such strange natural phenomena befool giant coming to this appearing in the peninsula. one after another. one never the good news if you are to get you before you know whom does love with those who don't he would have. this one appeared in 2020. how often and where will new creases appear. how dangerous for humans. is developed on 18th and 2021 russian scientists came quite close to what's going on.
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they built a full scale 3 d. model of the black hole. america depends on the kindness of strangers to fund their speculation and to fund their extraordinarily cheap lifestyle made from the labor overseas and. so i find it interesting the saber rattling going on in washington d.c. right now because the kindness of strangers can evaporate in a heartbeat if they no longer want to play the us dollar reserve currency again and then inflation right now is signaling a 10 from 10 to 12 percent turn inflation rate adjusted for reality to 24 to 30 percent inflation.
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business boom bust the one business show you can't afford to miss i'm rachel blevins in washington coming out europe is imposing new prescriptions on vaccine exports with the visuals saying they need to focus on their supply of home just as long as it's not from russia a lot of the car accident off the coast of egypt is hitting the world's oil supply and it decimated that around $13000000.00 barrels of crude he impacted so far that is one of president trump planning a comeback in the form of his own social media platform and what can you expect from it well discuss it all next we have a lot to get serious for let's get started.


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