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1st the morning's headlines long term damage to bilateral ties there rather than between brussels and britain on the late astra zeneca vaccine deliveries nears boiling point as a bloc gears up to get tough on job exports. elsewhere with the u.s. facing an unprecedented migrant crisis right now the pentagon is set to house unaccompanied child refugees at military facilities something the trumpet ministration was blasted for planning. i drag queen site on a book called the racist baby the washington post ridiculed that for offering parents materials for toddlers we put it up for the day. we have to do some like
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me instead of the in-law even. producing books for 3 you're talking about. baby it's just absolute nonsense. and a special report we travel to a place severely criticised in the west for its lack of freedom as it becomes one of the world's 1st places to officially be free of covert destructions we're talking russia's republic of chechnya. good morning from moscow this 25th of march thanks for checking in with us kevin owen here for the next 30 minutes with the latest from r.t. for you. first off the dispute over the e.u. and britain and the astra zeneca. job delays is heating up brussels is set to vote on toughening vaccine exports today widely seen as a move against the u.k.
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and pm boris johnson is already fired a warning shot over. by do you think that blockades of. either vaccines or. medicines of ingredients were. sensible big meeting in brussels on thursday the leaders of the 27 member states will have to decide whether or not they're going to give their blessing to a plan put forward from the european commission that would see or could see limits placed on the export of vaccines manufactured in the e.u. to nations that have their own vaccine production now in a lesser extent this is aimed at the united states but the main focus of this would fall on the united kingdom the reason it's been put into play is because well the glacially slow vaccination program desperately needs to get on track it's clear. we also need to ensure it works a nation of. and. indeed we are in a sense
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a behind as a skit if you look at the same time spans of folks at. once a global hotspots fundament. the same time all saw the largest exporter of locks in the european commission said just under 11000000 vaccine doses had been exported from the e.u. to the united kingdom with 0 heading in the other direction what this mechanism would mean is that vaccines that had been set to go to the united kingdom for their exports could be blocked as long as companies will fail to live up to contracts that they signed with brussels there were many warnings that this was coming down the track we have the possibility to ban planned exports this is a message to astra zeneca you fulfill your part of the deal towards europe before you start to deliver to other countries the focus of
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a lot of the seems to be astra zeneca the vaccine man you. a commission president on the line said that astra zeneca it only delivered on 30 percent of the 19000000 or so doses they promised in the 1st quarter of 2021 plenty to keep an eye on on thursday coming out of brussels we also looking at the reaction to what's said in the european union from across the english channel in the united kingdom yeah right now it's not brussels only very public dispute either a spat with china or other human rights could leave a huge investment deal dead on arrival but very soon. this next just 2 months since taking office president biden's already trapped in a devastating migrant crisis amid a record increase in refugees the pentagon will now unaccompanied migrant children at military facilities something biden's predecessor donald trump of course was condemned for planning out his caleb maupin reports. the biggest migrant surge at
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the us mexico border in 20 years thousands of unaccompanied children detained and a lack of facilities to accommodate them so now the biden ministration seems to have found a solution asking the pentagon to hold them at military bases sounds reasonable but let's remember the reaction when donald trump had the same idea the united states is running concentration camps on our southern border and that is exactly why they are there concentration camps this is pure evil shame on republicans who they stay silent on this trump regime is making preparations to warehouse my grandchildren on military bases the government is moving forward with plans to split up families who cross the border illegally trump administration is build in concentration camps for children on military bases but you also concern at this moment is civility and sarah sanders eaten dinner now you'll remember biden
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embrace these criticisms and promised a full reversal with the overwhelming support of the democratic party joe biden promised more humane border policies they got separated from their parents and it makes us a laughingstock and a violates every notion of who we are as a nation and those kids are alone no where to go no where to go it's criminal. trust the abiding ministrations policy to be based on humanitarian and love of children rather than a political point to red meat for their baked for their republican base but now donald trump is gone and children are being held at the same cramped facilities however the white house is now assuring us this is not kids in cages this is children in the sooty this is not kids being kept in cages this is a safe for kids this is
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a facility that was opened. the media is very strongly committed to 2 supported by the administration it was extraordinarily hostile to trump biden thought he had more leverage he had more control he could think he could keep things under wraps and the american people would go along with go along with it and it worked for a while but now it's no longer holding up biden seems to be very naive he seems not to have really thought these questions out very very thoroughly he seems to have little idea of what's at stake and he believes the same old policies will work . you know the same policies that he implemented when he was part of the obama administration but those policies failed then they failed under trump and they're failing now on their part so pretty much the same policies are in place at the border as it faces a situation that many call a crisis but remember all the moral antics and the shrill town about well that was
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yesterday's news ilam up an ark see new york so then after a journalist called the by the administration for blocking access to border facilities washington has finally allowed a single camera to follow senior officials as they toured one refugee resettlement center other footage of migrant shelters has now also been released by the government after heavy pressure to allow the media access all this coming after a democratic party lawmaker released group images earlier on the week of extremely crowded conditions one such site we brought you the pictures in the city of donor in texas but the president of the society of professional journalist says much more needs to be done. the 1st amendment the ability of the media acting in the name of the public to report accurately on the news of the day isn't suspended in an emergency becomes more important so while it's reassuring that the biden ministration let a camera in today that needs to become a man something is done as
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a matter of course not an exception to is rule government agencies need to understand that we're you know our goals should be both to. fully share what's happening with the public and when in moments when the government doesn't live up to that the press will hold that government accountable whether that's a republican administration a democratic administration or at some point in the future maybe a 3rd party. apparently a never too young to be progressive in a widely ridiculed article in the washington post than experts guided parents to books websites and companies offering quote woke material for children the feature entitled social justice for toddlers talks about the importance of equality racial and gender education for kids among the recommendations are a drag queen website books like racist baby and woke baby and
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a firm selling toys of learning materials to quote dismantle bias however a lot said many of found the advice divisive even harmful can we just teach children to walk talk play before we set hoisting our guilt in your office on them. indoctrination is wrong washington post this conversation is one that divides us universal identity is what should be centered not race not gender this generation of kids is going to need decades of therapy after going through this critical race theory one half of them will just crumble under the white guilt pushed into them and turn into fragile ghosts barely resembling human beings the other half will just get radicalized. well we got reaction to the washington post piece to from talk radio's junko also webern bennett of the night against fascism. actually trying to teach our children to believe in equality of i mean it's never
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too early at home alive this is our human beings behave and actually we can probably have a better generation that doesn't carry the previous sins of the previous other generation since the 16th century this whole idea that i should feel guilty for the sins of previous generations well no i'm not going to pass that guilt on to the next generation i'm sorry i disagree completely trying to instil anti racism equality treatment or nonsexist behavior or whatever it's not society is going to be very very difficult job we have to start somewhere you don't started 3 years old with a drag queen or have a huge new term is reading them bedtime stories at 3 years old the washington post have been ridiculed for this it is the welsh sector the one sector trying to push their agenda on to 3 year olds well i'm sorry it's not needed it's not necessary if
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you conference racism if if you come across and sexism and if there's a problem in schools let's address that but please for goodness sake let toddlers be toddlers 3 year olds don't buy books join parents buy books because what we're trying to do is to try and develop human beings to respect each other it's not automatic a lot with the what the washington post are trying to do is have a discussion about how we develop people and that included parents so parents can be parenting they don't parrot alone they little it start to try and bring up a better generation in the previous generation or we have to do something. instead of be naïve a lot that happens by osmosis just check the calendar is a prove the 1st this is a complete and utter joke listen when kids are through for they want to play with the. and they should be encouraged and we as modern parents or grandparents should not be reinforcing projects are projects is if we have them on
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to the children of course it's important to show kids by example that you're not racist or homophobic or sexist i would agree with all of that but produce simple 3 year olds talking about arm awoke baby age just absolute nonsense the whole of america has lost that the washington post. beijing has hit back at the e.u. 1st sanctions in 3 decades by blacklisting european officials and sparked outrage in brussels with calls to drop a vast investment deal that is more guarantee of us if they will follow through on the threat for decades now out childish trade markets signature diplomacy was restraint patience never rash never hasty never impulsive always slow methodical but europe must have crossed the line because immediately after it
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announced its 1st new sanctions against china in 30 years china struck back it must be pointed out that these countries who proclaim themselves to be human rights judges are keen to lecture others have an ignoble record on human rights they have absolutely no right to criticise china my actually is to shift blame to china for what they have committed the dragon has finally shown its teeth it blacklisted a slew of members of the european parliament a subcommittee on human rights denied them entry to china and permission to do business in china to any entity as soon as he did with these people tough stuff but has big gene gone too far. china's sanctions against european m.p.'s scientists and political institutions as well as non-governmental organizations represent an inappropriate escalation that unnecessarily strains ties between the e.u. and china chinese ambassadors were also summit in italy in france embassies were
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flooded with concerns and protests europe appeared to be united in outrage for union soon liberal with sanctioning others europe really doesn't like to be on the receiving end china has retaliated to those sanctions and rather than changes policies and address our legitimate concern and china is against turned a blind eye and these measures are there to will annex unacceptable it since i think about that our parliament would even entertain their dear friend to find the e.u. china investment agreement while its members and one of his committee is on dissensions efficient statement of the chinese side explained what are these that push china to do this they're tired they say of the hypocrisy the double standards that europe applies to itself and its friends and different standards to every what
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outs as an example within days of europe excluding an outrage over china daring to sanction m e p's you crave did the same thing sanction members of parliament for visiting crimea silence nothing neither germany nor france will easily subban the ukrainian ambassador no condemnation which is kind of china's point. the chinese side urges the use site to reflect on itself squarely the severity of its mistake and redress it it must stop lecturing others in human rights and interfering in their internal affairs see there's a reason why europe has pushed for a trade deal with china for the better half of a decade at because chinese companies are making a whole lot more money in europe than vice versa the market is substantially more open to chinese companies and investment than china's market is for a u.
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companies and this agreement helps actually to address this imbalance through what better way to get back to china than to suspend a trade deal that would benefit primarily european companies and businesses these ladies and gentlemen is a textbook need jerk reaction and it speaks volumes about the class and competence of europe's current foreign policy team. cove it has inflicted on all of us has not run the world difficult time has also been uncharted territory every country's adequately try to learn how best to deal with this massive new health threat on the horizon some apparently a fair bit of another's so now as the world starts to work out what lessons could be learned and how to move forward we've got a special report for you this morning from chechnya all from criticize me abroad for its humanitarian record strict regime as it found a way through the pandemic that could be a template well
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a correspondent when they hear what authorities have to say about it you decide. yeah he tried to me up a bit personally i condemn these methods but it seems they've proven to be quite effective you know that. they took me to the police station a couple of times what for for being outside but seriously let's start over europe has a tough lie down to why hasn't it worked out for them one has a source in chechnya to do to do it if you will so is that the banks who says hello 95 percent. where masses were not alone on this trip wherever we go they are constantly with us. when you think of chechnya your mind will kind of some negative associations chechnya was one of the most frightening place in islamic extremism in chechnya to the horror of it i've never witnessed the authoritarian leader of the russian
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republic of chechnya. has a bad reputation in the west even rights violations and a crackdown on the eligibility community the like of democracy the list goes on yet at the same time during the pandemic people hear it suprising as it might sound are in many ways freer than people in moscow and new york london paris you name it. highland church now and that means i can legally without breaking any rules or regulations get rid of this you see chechnya has become one of the 1st regions in russia to lift mandatory mask wearing make and effectively one of the few places in the world without coronavirus restrictions because as the local authority claims they conquered the virus how common is formidable chechnya i know it's a democratic europe that's enjoying the freedom of worship freedom of movement and that pretty basic right to live your life as you used to was it
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a chechen medical miracle or extremely oppressive measure. taken by the local government. i want to show you something we're not alone on this trip. we have people from the local t.v. station you are sort of trying to i were ever we go they are constantly with us you see those are my to my camera man and he was there and the other guy is the one i'm talking about if you want to get access to certain places i'm certain areas you have to ride by the local made free of information 1st and then they give you a chaperone so to speak so those are really nice guys and they're really hospitable . so it's not like they interfere in what we do but at the same time i thought i should mention this for the sake of this reporting i'm the 1st time realized we're really need
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a chaperone was when we 1st walked out of the hotel and started filming a huge mosque in the city center were stabbed by some security guy here and i want to check if you are and what are we doing here security still tight around here in the 1990 s. the region was controlled by salami radicals who waged bloody wars against russian troops these surges to was crushed but you can still hear about isis linked militants attacking police officers in chechnya but if the war in terror is still ongoing here it looks as if the wording coronavirus at least has already been won and rosin is largest place of gathering the central mosque no social distancing is required and masks are nowhere to be seen. more. of the.
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70. 95 percent older wear masks. first but a local in mom a recently recovered from coven there were is no thanking challenge and the region's leadership for allowing the people of chechnya to finally bridge this social distance and come together for a prayer. * * * that isn't exactly supposed which i know the number of new infections is going down with a lot of people good sense and he's all recovered from cozy this is what you're seeing now is to come possible because we followed old this so thanks to all the smoke we can stand together and pray this was. brought to me the region's capital you can walk into any cafe and travel back in time to the pre-code era it is still
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weird that i have to wear a mask staff they don't wear masks at all so i think it looks strange after an ear of and that makes people around us seem to enjoy this newfound sense of freedom there is this one question we ask them that many appear reluctant to answer but i heard that they had a very tough like down here in chechnya. well yes mr modi you can leave your house that it was very strict. yes but our child who were sick and so i didn't get to know anyway the money is here all right now yes he's fine the girl was clearly i'm comfortable talking about the lockdown later the same day i had another intriguing conversation with locals that followed showed us how do you feel about the quarantine and the lock down and said truck it is i know what they took me to the police station
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a couple of times what for for being outside. without wearing a mask is that we weren't allowed to go outside at all. but seriously let's start over. there as that's how it all right let's start over. was the lockdown difficult for you there's a lot that it wasn't that difficult everything is good here in chechnya it is possible what exactly did they help people yes they help people in need there is something about the chechen lockdown that makes people here very cautious about talking there were reports of force used against those who didn't comply with anti coronavirus rules logically several people were even beaten for sure wind up in public without a mask. and i mean you know in chechnya they used the special methods to combat the spread of coronavirus right in and out of my view to something like yeah you know the part of the north caucasus in general has seen anything like it seems to me out of what i personally i condemn these methods will fall not florida but it seems
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they've proven to be quite effective in modern more now when they feel that the war in shali which is a smaller town in chechnya and it came into the spotlight after this video came out . around a dozen of people in police uniform patrolling the area holding white plastic pipes allegedly there was war local law enforcement and the pipes were manned as an intimidating tool for those who do not comply with quarantine we cannot verify the video although it raised concerns that an orthodox measures were taken in chechnya to impose an extremely tough lockdown at the local administration which is located inside this stunning skyscraper built in the town of 10000 people we were told that the video is just another fake so for the debate over the internet what we're going to have our law enforcement officers always would within the limits of the law. in a civil and most the court in front we have
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a community that everyone knows each other commuter so measures like food would be quite on the book too. so you heard the official viewpoint. here out what people on the streets have to say you know he's ok i've seen a video showing police officers in challis patrolling the city with plastic knives allegedly they have. just now that's not true it's not true not true at all. the minute they hear about the story with the about the wide pipes they. shy away. have you seen police men carrying white pipes no nothing of the sort it was a video i've been living in shaadi for 53 years and i haven't seen anything like it . we couldn't find anyone who would confirm that people were beaten in chechnya for not complying with the quarantine many locals who heard the rumor and literally
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everyone we met said they strictly followed all the rules introduced by the local government. into the shows i misspoke that i've just noticed rooms on could there was quote up there or it won't come but coronavirus or afford come but. yeah it's like a cool tums as deputy minister of health and medicine at the children's hospital that was turned into a center for example which patients because i was vaccinated they even allowed me into the red zone to. go up so these are the patients right. yes these are the patients usually if a child gets sick he stays here with his mother. always worry quiet and spotless most of the units were empty and medical staff looked fresh and full of energy the facility didn't look like it had a particularly hard time during depend demick the region bragg's one of the lowest numbers of registered cases of daily new infections of covert related deaths i mean
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it really looks impressive which may janya to us that saddam got personally i don't trust the official numbers. erhard not only those provided by chechen officials but these fishel data for the north caucasus region in your mouth we've seen a lot of evidence showing that the numbers under it all to so imagine my surprise when not just an opposition journalist but also one of change now stop health officials told me to do not take the fischel datta at face value. it's estimated 50 percent of all the population have probably already had to wait so you're saying that over 50 percent have to already had it but according to the officials and i specifically checked that number of registered cases in their teens thousands to make it clear. is the number of patients confirmed to many people did not show any symptoms this one person in the family gets sick and the others are infected but you know you symptoms and he we have families of at least 7 people.
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but in other words not all who had it in church now were tested and therefore not all who got sicker it counted plus as a result of 2 devastating wars the region has the youngest population in russia according to the local health officials that explains the low death toll and the fact that chechnya has bounced back from the virus faster than many other nations and this grows new restaurant we interviewed the senior manager at 21 year old team on. it how did you get through the pandemic was it hard to know it wasn't hard to have any of the local businesses shut down for good you know nobody has shut down is fine so everyone has just reopened yes one help to stay afloat. is that a pet i don't know i don't know how don so this. people here they have a safe in that which is their families large families so when the pandemic came
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along when the lockdown came along here and. a lot of people who. weren't paid they could go back to their families who live. you know in a remote mountain is region so you know any remote villages and they can get food supported cloves this is something that a lot of people who live in the big cities these days can rely on here's here's among brand him on has supported her mother for inviting mahdi's and actually employed by the restaurant her daughter out on busy night she developed this interest in a but i'm going to be your of my people have gone crazy they're fed up with all the lockdowns and quarantines do you have a feeling that people in chechnya have got tired too and are ready to revolt. i don't think so because the e.c. hell was provided to those nice i saw with my own ice trucks loaded with potatoes on ian's bread will help us provide it both body mind them on say they have.


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