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by big way for 10 years like we've been saying and you 2 would have 101520 1000000 pounds even if you start it was 5 or 6000. reduced to one meal a day and a growing mental health crisis stuck in isolation we're talking students in france turning in vast numbers now to aid groups offering free or subsidized food. u.k. vaccination centers fight surging numbers of fraudsters and queue jumpers as britain braces for a job. that we're wasting slots that could be used by those that are in charge of vaccine and just slows down the vaccine program. yemen is grim anniversary at 6 years now to the day since the 1st attack on least war in my country triggering what the un still describes as the world's worst humanitarian
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catastrophe. and do as i say not as i do as washington's principle as it tries to stymie russian energy cells to europe you know the same time makes the country it's the biggest oil partner. moscow time or if you watch around the world hi there thanks for tuning in to r.t. international is kevin owen here in our world news center for the next half hour of 1st as you heard in those headlines has been a sharp rise in french students forced to turn to free or subsidized food from support groups restaurants and supermarkets are to show the dubin ski reports from one paris help center where they can help provide cheap meals. every day this canteen is packed with students all coming in here to pick up a hot meal as the covert crisis continues to point to groups have been hit hard by
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the pandemic many are now without work and the means to support themselves demand for financial help from a public service the student life which also runs services like this canteen has increased sharply every week around 40000 meals are being distributed to students in paris by this organization meals they can take home and heat up later or meals that they can take out now and eat because they're horton ready all at the price of one euro now that's been in place since january as a system to help those students who are really in need demand is so high that cruise has partnered with other organizations in a bid to reach more students in trouble. we have 0 of many students turn into words different types of aid wonderfully social services deliveries for example for buying food essential things needed in the supermarket and that is effectively
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increasing at enormous rate the demand is there it's not just help with filling their bellies that's needed many students feel isolated with some 60 percent saying that they're suffering with mental health issues well it's hard to be in your room . in front of your computer you don't see anything else than your own computer and your small room for 1st year students they were not necessarily able to meet people they found themselves alone they don't have the motivation to go to college they say to themselves well what am i going to go there for it is very hard to. to come here to live alone or. if you don't know anyone who lives in the same house as. alone. now it's 11 hours of the day off in my room in the evening and i just start crying has also put in service is to
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assist those students who feel alone we do a lot to fight against isolation we have put in place student mentors in every residents who work with us and who know the residents they go door to door make phone calls and take in the new students it's much more efficient if it is done by the peers and not by ours because they're dept more easily they're able to speak freely to find out if they are not doing well or if they have difficulties but we also work with partners for psychological support for example the sessions that are prepared by crews with a psychologist via teleconference asian student pleas for aid have seen many rally around the restauranteurs have been offering free meals while in supermarkets shoppers are being asked to donate an item towards a solidarity bag but there is still a feeling that they have been left aside by those in authorities and after a year of living of the string through cove it and with still no end in sight there
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are now fears that entire generation of students could be lost charlotte even r.t. paris. for you from is currently buckling under a wave of corona virus with the highest rate of hospitalizations this year the health minister imposing limits on door gatherings and promising even tough measures if necessary just goes on and on doesn't it while talking a word sure we're talking about meantime british an occupation center say they're coaching dozens of queue jumpers fraudulent trying to get the job every day the scammers often pretend to be front line health workers although official proof is needed when they arrive anyone can book a slot in advance on pharmacists who runs one of the london centers described in more detail the problem to us. this is very scary small percentage of people doing this but. if you take taken us all sites he's going on at it amounts to more people
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i suppose at the moment strolling about 10 or 12 people a week because effectively they're taking up their booking in and claiming to be and then when they come they have no they are they have no idea with them or no relevant i.d. . and they can sometimes make claims about what they do or who they are which are. incorrect and someone who came in last week and she. when i asked him for what he did he said he was a pharmacist. which i am so it was a bit of a strange thing to choose but when i asked him where he were he wasn't overly clear and then when i asked him for his registration number he couldn't give me the registration number that he would do that he would have as a as a rich pharmacist in here in the u.k. so he's really apparent that he was trying to jump the queue couldn't effectively we told him straight away that i'm afraid that you don't qualify and he left she
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left a pharmacy the number of people book an appointment has doubled after authorities predicted shock shortages or than a month the blame of production problems and a surge in covert cases in india there's therefore keeping more supplies back sonny says queue jumpers are hurting not only themselves but others too obviously. well it just means that unfortunately we're wasting slots that could be used by those that are in charge of vaccine and just slows down the vaccine program because if people are using or booking slots they're not entitle to say it stops other people from looking for slots and that just slightly slows down the the whole vaccination program and actually delays the time by which they will be vaccinated because obviously the fact they've used outs not the factor has meaning is just on the appropriate means that those people that have to wait longer to have their vaccine the best thing that could happen is that ideally that the national cookie system as part of the checks when you book in is to ask for some form of proof which would
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verify the identity of the person seeking to make the booking and verify their entitle meant under health or social care because that would make my life a lot easier because i wouldn't have to spend my time rechecking that that eligibility because it would have been done on my behalf before they got to me. here's a conundrum principles over trade washington tells the allies on one side they must ditch rush's north stream to energy pipeline to europe yet figures show when it comes to america itself importing oil from the designated enemy it's far less to certain with the us now importing record amounts of russian crude artie's constantine rushkoff reports. well well well look who's shopping on the russian oil market the u.s. purchased record breaking volumes of russian crude in 2020 make in moscow its 3rd largest oil supplier even saudi arabia
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a longstanding american ally and one of the world's largest oil exporters is left behind while this can be true you would say the u.s. is increasingly buying a valuable commodity filling the coffers of a country it deems to be one of the most formidable foes i mean where is the logic maybe it's a mistake you know a one time thing well that really according to the u.s. energy information administration america has been renting up its oil imports from russia for the last 5 years until they finally broke a decade old record and that's despite all the hostility tension harsh rhetoric and even this you know vladimir putin you think he's a killer. or do so what price must he pay the price is going to pay well you'll see shortly well you would say trade is above politics but wasn't the us the country that bashed europeans for doing the same thing wanting to buy say gas from russia
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remember what they said and are still saying about nord stream to the pipeline is a bad idea bad for bad for europe or bad for the united states ultimately it's in contradiction to the use own energy security goals so let me get this straight it's a bad idea when you're a buys russian energy by for the u.s. it's fine washington is just trying to be responsible and protect its weak european allies from russia's political leverage and its malicious energy ambitious by fearlessly grab at it themselves and it's not just fossil fuel america still buys rocket and. ns and pays russia to send its astronauts to the international space station and also gas russian titanium for boeing plays there too but jokes aside at the end of the day oil is something that millions rely on in their day to day life
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electricity transportation you name it and if the u.s. so desperately needs extra fuel for its people it and ready to buy it from its perceived enemy there is probably a good reason for it at least that's what i thought by it appears that the us had to turn to the russian energy market largely because their own sanctions had suffocated oil production and venezuela its historic trading partner u.s. refineries in the gulf of mexico are some of the most sophisticated plants in the world having lost venezuelan crude and facing a less and more expensive feedstock from the traditional opec suppliers they have become a major customer for russian fuel oil as a substitute so to recap the u.s. shuts down one oil producer says he was a bad guy realizes it now doesn't have enough or oil turns to another producer says well you're a bad guy too but i'm going to buy stuff from you anyway at the same time it tries
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to intimidate all other customers for doing exactly what they are doing so much for trademark american diplomacy that as joe biden says is now back well up to talk about joe biden president biden's finally face the media didn't last night after months of waiting for his 1st formal news conference many journalists left a bit disappointed though with the results with the even copious reams of cheat sheets apparently failing to save his performance to be to poach effected. finally after 2 long months biden has finally given us something that can actually be described as a press conference he heroically spends a whole hour talking to actual live reporters on a range of subjects like vaccinations the it's all trump's fault migrant crisis getting out of afghanistan eventually the north korean threat and so on but
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unfortunately much of the events was either mind numbingly dull or well went as well as you would expect. who. were in my hear. you know those awkward family dinners where the creepy uncle goes off on an incoherent rants well judging by biden his public appearances that's what white house staff go through every day because soon this is great to be here and. pleased for. you know we tried it is not in iraq is not working so now we're going to try i mean in iran and choose me for drugs in ukraine my physical mental my physical as well as my mental so fitness no wonder they try to keep him in the basement as much as possible every time he goes out in public it's either another mean worthy gaffe or the almost classic at this point i think it was president i
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think it's time for those of us that we. face. but i guess they figured they can't hide him forever hence the press conference with quotation marks because if this was any more scripted it would be a hollywood movie biden was literally reading his answers off a gigantic stack of papers he kept flipping through them and still got lost all the time is the reason why a lot of immigrants are coming to live. with the country i see while many are beginning to see this. the presidency as a form of elder abuse by himself seems really confidence he even said he's going to go for a 2nd term he also just made some news by saying that you are going to run for reelection and i said that is my expectation yeah. share as is well known of our biden is a gaffe machine he does not have the gift of gab he oftentimes twists his sentences
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and of course he did the same thing at this particular press conference so i think that his handlers would like to keep him as far away from the press kind of structured environment as possible i would flee the most worrisome aspect is foreign policy in effect that came up during this press conference where once again just a bite and saw fit to insult the chinese president saying that he does not have a democratic bone in his body and has also managed to threaten sanctions against not only germany because of its importing natural gas from russia but threatening sanctions against india because it supposedly plans to buy defense materiel from russia even though mr bite and the u.s. will be relying upon india as part of this and circle meant plan against china so i think that the most worrisome aspect of this and coming by the ministration is foreign policy and let's hope that he can improve. you paid teachers
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suspended for showing pupils to the prophet to have a promising protests and even threats from parents like to the program. it.
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seems wrong all. just all. to shape out just being educated and engaged. the trail. find themselves worlds apart. she still looks for common ground. the grim milestone yemen's marking 6 years since saudi led coalition airstrikes war there on the world's most disastrous humanitarian crisis the senior correspondent more goes to have reports. one of the most surreal experiences i've ever had in it was owed was when we flew to yemen's capital sanaa as we were lending we were
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greeted looking out the window with rules and rules kilometers of destroyed and croft passenger jets locker room a bleed to rated where they stood by the saudi led coalition not a sight you wouldn't see when you were coming into lad and that was in the early days of the war before the death toll spiraled into the hundreds of thousands.
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like cool war as the war in yemen is complicated the gist of it is after the arab spring told build a dictator who had ruled for 3 decades his replacement was his vice president who happened to be very pro saudi people revolted again so he rattled to saudi arabia and asked them to invade his own country to get him back into power hundreds of thousands of dead later it's a blood soaked stalemate and desperation for the victory the sides have resorted to desperate measures fighting forces on both sides have suffered heavy losses in this unnecessary battle i see shocking reports as i am sure we all do of children increasingly getting drawn into the war effort and deprived of their few. yemen is the battleground between saudi arabia and iran build support different sides booth
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desperate to win in fact the coalition led by saudi arabia has an active blockade of yemen vessels with food and medicine has seized and the rest that starvation is rife nice year more than 2000000 children will go hungry about a quarter of them are projected to starve to death 400000 under the age of 5 will die this year from unlike conditions are emerging across yemen and the answer is simple we have a vaccine for this it's called food so we need to save lives says funding you need only a couple of things to stop this about 2000000000 dollars in funding just peanuts when you consider how many lives could be saved and at least a temporary peace to get the food to the people so the saudis of proposed with with a lot of fire and print which the who the rebels rejected. that we announced to succeed
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you can issue to address all current problems and move towards a comprehensive political solution to the yemeni crisis in hostilities result humanitarian issues and instill hope for all yemeni people across the country. saudi arabia is our number one enemy here and there are for won't serve the interests of the yemeni people they are only trying to use media propaganda to get what they were not able to acquire with arms and no down and we are not accepting this offer given the depths that the belligerence of sunk to gain any advantage in this war had to difficult to imagine peace said need time soon armies of saudi mercenaries would have to be removed bombs and mines that will take decades to clear the legions of child soldiers that would have to. be disarmed and rehabilitation vast parts of the country that would have to be rebuilt the
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humanitarian crisis prices in yemen has been photographed and for. a time now a war has destroyed public infrastructure disrupted life. and public service. and immediate needs mission right since i agree to meet the international community to come together and push the conflict it to a common ground because yemenis have endured at the unbearable conditions over the past 6 years and this this needs it to to end yemen is without a doubt the most talked about humanitarian catastrophe unfolding today oh sure once in a while some leader pays lip service to what's happening pretty words that sound good to home camera this war has to end and to underscore our commitment we are in need all american support for offensive operations in the war in yemen including
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relevant arms sales pretty words after 6 years of arming the devising it assisting saudi arabia in yemen the us has decided to pull out of offensive operations the us navy is and will continue to be part of the naval blockade that's condemning hundreds of thousands of kids to death by manmade starvation this is the worst kind of war the kind you can't win you card lose and you current and. for the shows across you this morning police are temporarily closed the road outside a u.k. school where parents protested against their religion teaches showing images banned under islam eesa rally reports for us. a religious studies teacher at a school in west yorkshire in the north of england has been suspended after showing his pupils a picture of the prophet mohammed a class now of course when it comes to the islamic religion and the depictions of
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the prophet mohammed is considered to be. due to a backlash by a number of muslim parents of some children in that class the school took action and the head teacher gary kimball releasing a statement apologizing to the local community for any offense caused the school unequivocally apologizes for using a totally inappropriate resource in a recent lesson the member of staff has also given their most sincere apologies we have immediately withdrawn teaching on this part of the course and we are reviewing how we go forward with the support of all the communities represented in our school . letter didn't deter least 100 protesters from turning up at the school when it was due to open in the morning now those protesters stood outside the school they called for an investigation in to the teachers some of them calling for him to be sacked but they were also addressed by a local
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a mom who said that he was in contact with the school and dialogue with them and calling for an investigation to be carried out what happened here we are disgusted what has happened is totally unacceptable and we have made sure they are aware the teacher has been suspended they can't just sack him they need to do their due process we've asked for an investigation and investigation to be independent we are going to work with the school to make sure things like these don't happen in the past we have seen the issue of the cartoons of the prophet mohammed sparking wide debate particularly in the wake of the charlie hebdo attack and so incidents like these will only serve to continue to spark that debates whether one does have free speech to draw pictures of anyone offensive as they may be or whether there is a line that can't be crossed. lawyer and columnist low get us told us he thinks the same free speech than the should be applied to discussion of all religions with
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same it's an extremely worrying capitulation on behalf of establishment in the west both schools governments and the international courts as well capitulating to the need not to offend islam in a 6 trini worrying you know islam should be no different from the other religions. christianity judaism and cetera where in the west we have a very robust spirit mocking criticism and especially open discussion the idea that we would live it our discussion or criticism of islam in a way which we don't limit our criticism or mocking about the religions i think i think is extremely worrying i would say all sorry that i don't think this is a problem. if affects most muslims in the united kingdom i think most muslims living in this country recognise that we are a democratic society that embraces freedom of expression embraces free speech and
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these schools really need to start standing up for those values and we should not capitulate to even ask who is there to transmit values with smaller amounts of free expression of freedom and if they're not doing that right then i think that's a real problem for. the heads of facebook twitter and google or face to 5 a grilling from lawmakers for selling political discord and failing to tackle misinformation was the 1st such airing under the part administration then. if your platform bears some responsibility for disseminating disinter mation yes or no do you bear some responsibility for what happened congressman our responsibility is to make sure that we build effective systems and. not the answer the question today our laws give these companies and their leaders a blank check to do nothing rather than limit the spread of this information facebook google and twitter have created a business models that exploit the human brain preference instead we woke up
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tomorrow and decided to ask the government to tell us what content to take down or leave up we may end up with a service that can be used to question the government if facebook we do a lot to fight misinformation or remove content that could lead to imminent real world harm you have the meets but time after time you are picking engagement and profit over the health and safety of your users our nation and our democracy the system isn't perfect but it's the best approach that we've found to address misinformation in line with our country's values you can fix this but you choose not to let people often say things that are verifiably true but that speak to their lived experiences i think we have to be careful restricting that if you think the back scenes work one of your companies a lot of accounts that repeatedly offend your back seem to assume promotion policies commissioner yes we do have a policy against allowing the why don't you see holosuite aside stump the date you
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still have 12 people on your site doing this when you take them down a congressman i would need to look at the good and have our team look at the exact examples we need rules regulations technical experts in government. so congress members say they may finally change a key u.s. internet local section 230 which shields big tech from responsibility for what people post on the platforms online giants are the single biggest spenders to bear in mind on political lobbying in the united states will rasmussen of eurasia center expert group told us that therefore makes it hard for politicians to try to reform the sector it's a political theater it's basically a piece of the appeasers every want to make it look like they're doing something i mean maybe they maybe they will do something but i doubt it i don't see them doing away with section 230 which gives basically immunity and give the big check the right to do almost anything they want without any liability right now the big
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checks are not really in support of freedom of speech. and the truth that it's their agenda that's that's basically driving the train right now both on the political side and and the information side to the public to hear i'm going to continue because hearings are attention grabbers a lot of this stuff is targeted for for political means big tech needs to be reined in to some degree. what what could be done is one i think looking at section $230.00 and the relevance of that perhaps looking at regulatory action like we did with like we do with a lot of energy companies. yeah if you want have your say on it find that story on our site out of the comments section let us know keep in touch on the breaking news in a socials with the letter up for the break in as it may happen throughout the day for now though we don't dusted for now kevin though in the rest of the team signing off enjoy the next show is in your part of the world.


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