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tv   News  RT  March 29, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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the. crisis on the u.s. border piles for the pressure on the boston administration with journalists. over crowded detention facilities in the headlines video. shows police. training a 5 year old boy. is one of the world's largest collections some of them so deadly they make. exclusive access to the high security saw the.
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body of a white male to investigate. head of the 2012 london olympics. from moscow thanks for joining us tonight here on. hawkins welcome to the program. there's no letup in the crisis sort of america's southwestern border with thousands of moderates crossing from mexico on a daily basis many are being held at severely overcrowded detention facilities in texas and the federal government is also coming under pressure to what i'll journalists access. has the details. the buy administration is now
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struggling to deal with an upsurge of illegal crossings of the us border we have detained individuals being held in overcrowded facilities but the biden ministration does not seem to be anxious to let the public know what is really going on we recently saw republican u.s. senator ted cruz visiting a facility only to have officials from the immigration and customs enforcement blocking his view and preventing him from taking a photograph this is what happened when ted cruz visited a detention facility for migrants you were hired 2 weeks ago and you're instructed to ask us to not have any pictures taken these respected because the political leadership at the it just does not want the american people to know anything that we're here standing in the in front of the pictures so you know that they were thinking the rules are arbitrary and there's i do believe that if people i really respect him and i want to fix this situation we are going to get an iteration you want a $400.00 responsible for these conditions now at this point the biden ministration
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continues to say what it is said all along which is that it is committed to transparency however when the time comes to actually let that transparency happen we have some pretty strong excuses coming from jen psaki of the white house spokesperson here's what we've heard we are mindful of the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic we want to keep these kids safe keep the staff safe but we are absolutely committed to transparency and providing access to media to the border patrol facilities and we're working to get that done as soon as we can so this is being set up and you'll have access to everything once we get to see. it just to be clear how soon will that be mr president i don't know. to be clear. now at this point we've got some voices that seem to be determined not to portray what's happening on the border as a crisis this is a memo from the associated press about how to describe the situation we should
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avoid or at the least be highly cautious about referring to the present situation as a crisis on a road although we may quote of his using that language. well the associated press says it may not actually fit the dictionary definition of a crisis a recent poll taken among the u.s. public shows that 76 percent of americans believe the situation on the u.s. border is indeed a crisis radio host and political analyst they've perkins but he's the why demonstration is trying to hollywood the ball shops whose main job wants the worst charge against them right now is mistreatment of these people these young people and children at the border someone claiming as jen psaki claims transparency is what you'll get and dignity and respect is what these people get and it's just completely opposite of that they're not in a dignified situation they've got thousands of people sleeping elbow to knee and be towed to nose you know stacked on the floor so tight they have to sleep on their
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side and they can't roll over and that's a complete embarrassment for the by the ministration they're not even testing those people and i'm sure thousands of them do have various viral loads and are bringing them across to infect ordinary americans who are not as yet completely vaccinated so that's another great danger that is being forced on the american people in the name of this fraud because they want this story off the headlines when you ask biden when the transparency is going to be delivered by his administration he says i don't know they're up to something else this is not a matter of trying to help impoverished people from from 3rd world countries become americans and reap the benefits of residence here this is not about that. police put in cambodia and the u.s. state of maryland has caused widespread outrage and so his office is restraining and handcuffing a 5 year old boy who had reportedly left school without permission
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a warning you may find the images the stressing. how did i. think i did i'm not asking to get in the car. i mean how do you learn that type of behavior and. i think if you see. if i was. in the u.k. movie you can free you can go anywhere you do we tell you to do live incident happened in january last year but the montgomery county police department only released a video a few days ago schools thought of power and called the police also going to fall in the boy off he walks out of the building at one point in the video an officer can be heard saying he would beat the child a common saying on the case merited the police admitted it was badly handled. it is clear that the event and everything that has come after the event should have been
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handled better by all involved it is important to note that unless and officers assigned to a specialized unit but gummer county police officers did not receive training on how to effectively communicate with a young child in distress the boy's mother has filed a lawsuit against the offices both of them remain employed with the department pending an internal investigation where he throws campaign a henri smedley believes there is no justification for the officers behavior. i was no shock by how aggressive they were from the very outset i honestly think they need to be fired there's just no reason they should be acting this 25 year old and it makes you wonder how they treat other members of the community i'm not sure what process you need to happen to have that belief public so i assume it was some legal issue but i i just can't understand why the investigation why the release of the video took so long i just want to know what makes you approach a 5 year old in that way because it's inexcusable what makes you approach
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a 5 year old that way he is 5 he needed to be approached with compassion and of course he was horrified in screaming from the outset because that's what they're leading the tell me that's the term they standing by and by screaming at him and man handling him so i just can't justify it that's what i that's what i would ask them how do you possibly justify this. a protest has erupted outside the courthouse or george floyd's more to file is currently on the way for police officer derek show and faces 2 counts of murder and one of mild slaughter hearings are expected to run for a month and are being streamed online for the 1st time in minnesota's history artie's going on the ground spoke with the co-founder of black lives matter great way to new york chapter he sees the trial as a litmus test for the u.s. justice system you can watch the interview in full at r.t. dot com. well this is where the rubber meets the road rope everyone
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across the world saw the george floyd chili i guess right now is the true test of the american justice system we know that it's been biased we know that it's based on racism and now is the time to show if we progress or not as progress being made welcome we saw a surge go to jail it is great corporations say we love life people it's good that politicians. they were going to stand by black people were in the area being is it can be murder any proceedings there will i mean everything remains the same nothing is cheering all or all of the riots all the tears all pain nothing it seems the america is still the same race displaced it's always been this is a true test. and developers of russia's latest comin back saying call the corona plane that's 100 percent effective at producing antibodies which
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fired off all mutant strains one of the 3 domestically produced shots now in circulation r.t. was invited to visit the high security laboratory in siberia where it's made eagles and off reports. this sign is probably worth a 1000 words because we are in one of the few places in the world where it has been plastered against the door not for cool looks not for show but as an actual warning behind this door is one of the world's 2 largest virus collections some of them so deadly they make over 19 look like an allergy and this door has been put in case of an emergency evacuation and luckily it has never been used for its purpose we are at the vector research institute met here with armed guards barbed wire and the no fly zone above us inviting journalists is worlds apart from common practice here but they're eager to show and talk about how with their jab corona is made so this
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machine is where the work on the vaccine begins basically an inactivated virus from the red zone from the dirty zone is brought here and this machine it separates the r.n.a. from the rest of the virus it isolates it and from here the r.n.a. is being passed on for further study and work russia boasts 3 different covert 1000 vaccines sputnik v. is already a brand eclipsing p.r. wise even its international competitors vectors vaca rhona has remained in its elder brother's shadow even in russia few people know how it works you know what we do but i want to emphasize 3 major advantages of the vaccine it's because it's made from synthetic peptides 2nd it's not sensitive to virus mutations it's resistant to all known covert strains including british south african brazilian and others and
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3rd you can get vaccinated unlimited times one with the yearly flu vaccinations. then that the vaccine develops a 3 line to fans like to enter a room you need to open a door the vaccine forms antibodies that. that if the fast line of defense is broken down and not the pool of antibodies goes into battle that stops the virus from connecting to the cell and getting inside but if this line is crossed is while the new response destroys the infected cell so this is the pre final stage of producing a vaccine basically here they are preparing a foundation for it it's protein based so the substance in this boiler is literally called all world war it contains all the nutrients that will make this protein grow and as soon as it is ready will be taken to a different lab also here where active components of the vaccine will be attached to this protein in the foundation by active i mean those that will be recognized by
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our immune system as well include is and therefore we will develop antibodies for covert 19 it's hard to find a volunteer in russia who'd want to be very covert jab partly because so little is known about it partly because the 1st batches have just been released to the public and partly because its efficacy has been challenged by skeptics and even those who took part in the clinical trials the had developed of the vaccine says though this is a smear campaign against the institute i think is purely an information war against this vaccine in particular it's very frustrating i feel sorry for my country and the vaccine officials are telling me they won't be dragged into bickering and will verify their reputation via publications in science journals several high profile russian officials have already chosen because they're covert jab and there were rumors of russia's former president dmitry medvedev did so as well but the
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difficulty head of the vetting institute says vaccination shouldn't be a free for all fights between different producers people get through jobs they don't ask how this vaccine is made. how they walk but all of them meet certain requirements it should be the same with corona virus vaccines a passenger gets a job and that's it the message from russian vaccine developers which ever jab you choose you are getting the best shot at him unity. reporting from the heart of siberia r.t. . staying with the theme of russian vaccines one italian with this one's made a 6000 kilometer round trip to receive one and only flew to moscow to get the sputnik the shot because he wasn't willing to wait months the received one backhoe . only people of my age are scared to be versus needed after the sun at a store or the fire i decided to make initially in school think is absolutely
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use software that. well the italian engineer was able to get a travel visa thanks to his russian wife and says his main motive for getting an ocular it was the protect his elderly parents sandra made his trip as a 3rd coronavirus way sweeps across europe on the block continues to experience a vaccine rollout problems. in new delhi cope with cases in italy have reached almost 24000 the country is the 2nd highest death toll in europe with more than 107000 fatalities registered since the start of the outbreak alexandra of the ali again believes politics shouldn't be the priority when lives are at stake. more than when you're a warrior outsider you can see all the people who do you know full of people which would enjoy your wine now view of the. situation i can see that all bars all bars. during the evening didn't they are food and all bars are close it is like
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a desert. some flowers. i think the only problem of this that put to me is made in russia the only one if put in you would have been made that i don't know in california. it would be already neatly to use without any problem policy should be accepted the opposite let's buy and less. be seen on the market where we can find it because we have to go into a round quickly to worsen it all our population and because of that a wise with other words initial we will never see the end of the tunnel policy should they care about of people this should be the priority and not sound geopolitical. i don't know even a relationship. which is now conditioning you know such important and
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crucial matter for their of our country. as underwrote will fly back to moscow at the beginning of april to get his 2nd dose following his journey here on r.t. . meanwhile a group of scammers who sold fake medical certificates to foreigners has been detained in the russian city of. the federal security service seized over $1400.00 documents with a black market value of around $40000.00 entry to russia is currently heavily restricted for foreign nationals of people with a valid to difficult medical reason can come in during the pandemic f.s.b. officers also found the list of people intending to purchase the forged documents a criminal case has been opened. merkel has voiced frustration over the way germany's local authorities are handling the pandemic the chancellor's threaten to step in and take charge peter all of the reports from. well during this interview that the chancellor gave on sunday evening she took particular sick and tired of
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bumping heads with local leaders she described some of the leaders of germany states is being not free from allusions that they could actually negotiate with the covert 19 virus we are set to see some local restrictions put in place here in berlin this week on wednesday off from wednesday f f p 2 masks will be required there more heavy duty masks in shops and on public transport are also going to any more testing put in place particularly for things like getting a haircut but this all combs as intensive care doctors in germany is saying the country actually needs a nationwide tough 2 week lockdown and that's something that's being backed up by anger merkel's health minister yen spahn ltd sign you know if we look at the numbers we need another 10 to 14 days at least of properly driving down context and movements a look down if you want to call about what germany's currently hold at around the
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$20000.00 new cases of covert 19 a day mark the warning that's coming out is that that could rise during this 3rd wave that's going to towns on europe to as much as $100000.00 per day the indications clearly point to this was potentially being even worse than the 1st 2 waves we must be prepared for a steep rise in the number of cases for more people to once again become seriously ill but hospitals will be overburdened and that more people will die again. if this continues on chix we run the risk that our health care system will reach its breaking point in april when it comes to vaccinations the plan remains that all adults will be offered a job by the end of september that's a plan that looks particularly bishes right now when you take into account that not all of the over eighty's in germany have had one job yet when it comes to vaccinate . ation though local leaders are saying they want russia sputnik very vaccine to
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get approval so that can be used in the fight against covert the approval of sputnik we must be decided as soon as possible i'm fighting for sputnik v not just because it's been produced in russia i believe that we should buy all vaccines which are available it has nothing to do with party politics or a proximity to moscow i find west german ideological sensitivities on this question silly supply issues as well as investigations into the safety of vaccines of seeing the vaccination program in europe be delayed thoroughly slow t.n.t. backed on the e.u. commissioner in charge of the vaccine program has said that getting russian sputnik the vaccine online wouldn't be a magic bullet that would fix all of europe's problems if the vaccine is certified within weeks or months and the way is found to produce it in europe it would take at least 10 to 14 months before the 1st bunches manufactured but it would not be
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a response to our problems today or with vaccination levels not being as high as they are in other parts of the world europe is staring down the barrel of more lockdowns more restrictions on its citizens and meanwhile vaccine shortages have triggered a full blown a political crisis in slovakia the prime minister. he's ready to step down under intense pressure from the governing coalition to solve the agreed to by 2000000 doses of the russian made sport make sure to use an emergency procedure to get the deal through his hours in the 4 particular ocean or apparently furious he failed to consult them slovakia approved a vaccine earlier this month becoming the 2nd e.u. country to do so after hungary political analyst nicola medical research service strong public demand in the country for the russians. this is really a crazy situation that we're what we're facing today in europe in seeing how how bad the situation is being managed by by these pro european i'd say fanatics who
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are devoted are looking at common sense and who are not looking at solutions definite think this that back in people will not understand that so reckons one that seems to reckons one a solution and even people who are not big fans about backs and nations can say that at least the government is trying something don't forget that we're over a year later we still have no solution and all the countries are the 3rd 4th lockdowns so wreck it's been hit very hard or this of i can people going to think of their own government which is saying no to a solution which is working in venezuela and iran and pakistan in italy and hungary is i think that the coalition members it's just shot themselves in the foot because that's the write ins they want solutions they don't want politics french doctors say hospitals are being pushed to breaking point by the likes of covert patients in an open letter medics warn they may soon be forced to choose which people to treat and also slammed president micron's decision to not introduce another full lockdown . we have never experienced such
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a situation even during the worst terrorist attacks in recent years in this medical crisis where there is a glaring mismatch between needs and available resources we will be forced to treat patients in order to save as many lives as possible if. the article is addressed to future patients or the population because in the ill de france region in particular the incidence is growing rapidly there is significant growth and we are afraid we won't be able to cope with the influx of cases there is a gap between the needs of patients and the amount of resources at our disposal this is particularly the case for intensive care beds and this situation has developed against the background of an increase in the number of hospitalized patients we will certainly provide assistance to all patients but we fear that at some point we will run out of resources this word sorting is awful we do not want to have to choose which patients to offer the most optimal treatment conditions and
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which to give less optimal that's never happened and we do not want it to happen and so we are raising the alarm are now more than 27000 covert patients in hospitals across the country that's the highest figure this month while the number of intensive care is approaching 5000 a record for the year the doctor we just heard from who is one of the signatories of the open letter says it's a sense sean not to forget about cope with patients. both of these are mental that you're still don't you feel so the sooner the government makes its decisions the better we cannot afford to just wait and see what the result of these measures to curb the increase in infections will be we are already observing a significant increase in the number of cases in addition we don't just have to take care of patients with coronavirus but also patients with more common diseases of the cardiovascular system or with neurological or on collage equal diseases in other words it is necessary to treat both patients with corona virus and those who
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do not have copd that we will eventually run out of beds. one person has been killed and 5 were hospitalized after a powerful explosion rocked an apartment building in the russian region of tatarstan 7 apartments on 2 floors of the building were destroyed in the blast residents of the block of being evacuated the emergency services are at the scene a gas leak is thought to have been the main cause of the explosion and the investigative committee said one of the residents may have been responsible as part of an effort to take their own life an investigation is on the way emergencies ministry has warned people could still be trapped under the rubble. while the agency is looking into whether british authorities try to hush up some severe wrongdoing a decade ago was launched a formal investigation. into why it allowed british cycling to run its own inquiry into a rider who tested positive for
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a bad substance in the run up to the lympics showed it was that has the story. the united kingdom anti doping agency has now found itself right in the middle of what's being described and dubbed as the latest scandal in british sport so it comes as these allegations have now surfaced surrounding the investigation of an abnormal drug test all over cyclists during the london 2012 olympic games so much so the world anti-doping agency is now weighing in and launching an investigation some of the information provided to work on this is of significant concern we have asked our independent intelligence and investigations department to look into this matter and to conduct you can see further information well it's claimed that u.k. 80 which is of course the body responsible for policing clean sport domestically allegedly allowed british cycling to conduct its own probe after this individual provided a sample with an absolutely on usual amount of nandrolone which is a banned steroid in and out of competition tests but also explanations range from
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health issues one end but other ends and explanations include contaminated supplements and that's exactly what waters investigation is all about looking at how likely any of these options really are of course as a reminder under the water code it would be up to u.k. a d. to conduct such a probe at the time however it's now understood that u.k. is for the issue can be resolved and is cooperating with water we are working with wada to investigate claims relating to private testing carried out by british cycling in 2011 you can it is examining archives to confirm decisions that were taken in 2011 followed due process set by wada now it's claimed that british cycling conducted its own testing absolutely privately and did not then pass on those results to the u.k. a.d.f. so now is saying it's reviewing all of its processes but of course given the length of time between 2012 and now or nearly
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a whole decade ago it's really making it difficult to connect the dots at this stage we're. able to give full comment on the story at this stage is the events took place over 10 years ago and none of the senior management team involved have worked british cycling for some time we are reviewing such archived records that exist from this period and a loop that is not a straight forward or quick process we will share the findings with the relevant parties well this is the 2nd scandal to sweep the nation for british cyclists this month earlier a former british cycling team doctor richard freeman was found guilty of not only ordering a banned substance but knowing and believing it was to be used to dope right at the time back in 2011 now freeman has since been charged by u.k. deal with 2 anti-doping rule violations and completely struck off at the british medical register as a result as well so not looking too good then this month but of course the timing of all this is particularly bad with lesson 128 days to go before the tokyo games
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again it's really bad timing considering a great britain has always been one of the more dominant nations nations in the discipline stacking up new murderous medals out of various competitions now there is of course serious doubt now cost even in retrospect cost on the performances at the london 2012 olympics and other victories including other competitions like the tour de france just turned 4 30 am here in moscow thanks for staying with us here on r.t. international that's the rundown for this hour we're back in 30 minutes though with the latest to join us again that.


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