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patients manufacturers. the. community college be held responsible for the actions of some individuals. treated with respect. to the prophet muhammad on the program our guests. truly into such things. teach us how to do it. with police protection. and other cultural debate is raging across the english politician is on the for insisting whites should have no say in discussions about racism. is found guilty of. this belief for hundreds of deaths and one of the country's.
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top stories for. the international from all of us here in moscow a very warm welcome from. the u.k. is warning the prime minister that trouble is brewing if more respect isn't shown to muslims ultimately insinuating that the country could go the way of from its teacher in northern england left parts of the community outraged by showing cartoons of the prophet mohammed. all we ask for is a bit of respect if one teacher can do it another teach can do it 5 years down the line and we do not want this to be the case otherwise we are not responsible for the actions of some individuals however the says that he condemns any assertions that promote violence the teacher who sparked the outrage showed the prophet
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mohammad caricature as during a class debate on blasphemy you know his family are now in a hiding after receiving death threats he's apologized but have since been suspended though some local muslims are demanding that the school fire him however a petition calling on the school to reinstate him is now gone and over 65000 signatures while the u.k. department of education has alternately defended the teacher it is never acceptable to threaten the intimate dates teaches we encourage dialogue between parents and schools when he she has emerged schools are free to include a full range of issues ideas and materials in their curriculum including where they are challenging a controversial subject to they obligations to ensure political balance. for age of a similar case in france last october led to the brutal murder of a history teacher near paris he was beheaded by a terrorist after showing cartoons of the prophet mohammed to his pupils.
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one of our competitors was murdered because he taught our compassion and was the victim of an islamist terror attack. from christian concern animo ansari a political and social commentator well they kind of lock horns over the issues raised. this could be very easily turning into some kind of a powder keg and you do not throw it matches into such things we've seen in france and in many european countries the rise of the far right we've seen some 2 tier civil rights system pushing against islam pushing against muslims
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marginalizing them and it's open season on muslims courage attack them on free speech basis and people make themselves up to be free speech martyrs or somehow muslims become inflamed of their own 15 western values so what's most alarming here is that a teacher asked her to go into hiding with police protection because what he's done he's he's discussed a point of discussion about a cartoon and the why the subject of blasphemy he hasn't actually hurt anyone he hasn't actually even threatened any violence and yet there are obviously very real threats of violence against him so much so that the police to protect him and take his family his wife and his children into hiding i think that is very very concerning and i think we need to recover a sense of normality in a sense of people being able to openly discuss and educate people about these things and i've been around the block a few times and had this discussion a few times every time we've had this discussion on free speech and debate we have put down to worst of the idea is racism hatred we know it's not ok to be
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racist against muslims to make the argument is your right to be racist or is this racist we need to learn about religion that we need to learn about what people believe and we need to openly discuss them and so people and super about it let's be very clear about this that discussing a cartoon is got about how it has nothing to do with basis and it's not racism at all what's happening here is people are trying to shut down a discussion and using threats of violence when people judge. people who work with the english defense league you keep anti muslim interest across europe and the rest of the while to try and demonize muslims marginalize them we'd have enough you will not win the cultural debate. or is he ok to be poked fun at and be racist against muslims out of their loved ones read what else is and you don't get to be offensive towards us this is not the way a free society should work he should definitely be defended it's all he's done is raise a discussion people should be free to discuss things in class if we're not free to
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discuss things we have a de facto blasphemy law in the country which is being enforced by more cruel that threatens violence against people well there's another cultural debate raging across the english channel where french a left wing politician is under fire for saying all white people should stay out of discussions of racism critics say their remarks are yet another sign of how us style awoke culture is undermining french values picking up the stories our teens are challenged. the empty white debate has been stirred up once again here in france this time after a black politician waded into a row that's been raging over the student union which admitted it held meetings about discrimination that excluded white people this is it exists it exists this reunions exists now reprove a reason member of the paris local authority and this standing in the coming
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elections has added her $0.02 she suggested white people could be allowed into those meetings but only if they keep quiet. i'm not saying anyone should be banned from entering but they should stay silent and let others speak in issues that concern them her comments severed opinion a strong scrambles to deal with the rise in identity politics for those on the right this is seen as an unwelcome american import that's undermining universalist french valleys a form of personal culture in my region no resident should be discriminated against for the call of the skin there is no such thing as acceptable racism i will always be a bulwark against those who try to fracture our country others went even further saying that. the unit students' union with the stuff of martin luther king's no it matters
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. if you notice martin luther king would be turning in his grave he who dreamed of living in a country where people would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the qualities of their personality but old reprove us remarks gain support from some on the left including from the leader of france and by out who said that she had merely understood what it discussion group is politicians have been more than vocal but what do ordinary people think is it ok to exclude white people from a debate and if so is not racist. it's an absolute or a new hope people can legitimize such nonsense we should dismantle this racist remarks from scratch. for me it's not acceptable to screwed white people for meetings i view that as racist on of consulates i think it's perfectly legitimate to exclude white people from the meetings because it was
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a felicitous i'm france has always been a country which respects human rights and does not look primarily at the color of people skin off. on the breath and the non-passage oh no it's personally concerned about uncivilized traces but i think it exists see you know me let us shoot if it were the other way around if the national party or rightwing m.p. said the black hole arab it people should be quiet during an event dedicated to the victims of terrorism that's what also cause public outrage the entire political class all the media would just be fired leave rail against this person and condemn him because it's racist france only sees 3 colors blue white and red it distinguishes between citizens only on their merits and not on their roots race or religion i think this is very serious obviously the statement by audrey paul why is racist and should be universally condemned there can be no double standards here racism is universal unfortunately there are various forms of racism hatred and we
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are faced with this everywhere not just. fraud and involuntary manslaughter that's what french pharmaceutical giant survey has been found guilty of and one of the country's worst health scandals the case revolves around the diabetes and weight loss drug mediator which is believed to have caused at least 500 deaths due to heart problems the pill had been on the market for 33 years and was used by 5000000 people we heard from someone who took the drug and now has a prosthetic heart valve. you know when a person is ruined for 10 years when you win a mechanical pretty soon take medication for 10 years to live you can't think this is normal has been going on every day since i retired this is crazy fortunately i called my lawyer who i need right now he's always ready to help us as you can see i came here with my daughter because someone must be with me all i can do is drive 20 to 30 kilometers
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a day we didn't get what we wanted but my lawyer will continue to pursue this case the manufacturer has been slapped with a fine of almost 3000000 euros even france's national medicine watchdog has been fined for delaying the stoppage of drug sales the agency acknowledge it was partially responsible for the scandal and it comes amid concerns of pharmaceutical companies allegedly lobbying government bodies but says it was unaware of the adverse side effects until the trial started the french doctor who 1st discovered the fatal risks told us the company had been deliberately hiding vital information from parents. at the bar. i have been fighting for 14 years for the fact to be recognized that an incredible fraud was committed by a large french manufacturer a pharmaceutical company with a good reputation which secretly released a strong poison on the market and was selling it for more than a decade and totally knew what it was doing it is difficult to find words to
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describe such actions this is called a crime namely aggravated fraud the fine they have to pay as a punishment is not very high but the amount that will have to be paid as compensation from all of damage to millions of civilians affected by the fraud is still impressive about 200000000 euros so the total payments are negligible but the court's decision in general is frustrating it is not enough. so canada has become the latest in a growing list of countries to suspend the astra zeneca coronavirus vaccine over safety fears the country's immunization advisory committee said the risks were too high to give the injection to under 50 five's there is substantial uncertainty about the benefit of providing astra zeneca cope with $900.00 vaccine to adults under 55 years of age given that the potential risks associated with v.i.p.'s crossing particularly at the low estimated rates it was only last week the
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country's drug watchdog set the job was safe to use on recommending that people get it they did however update the label on the vaccine to warn of the risk of blood clots now the move comes following recent data from europe that does suggest the risk of blood clots could be as high as one in 100000 although there have been no reports of cases in canada so far earlier we spoke to us dr about the potential risks of new corona virus vaccine. we really don't have good scientific evidence either that or there's more corruption in some government agencies than in others and they're more conflicts of interest more interest in denying that there are that there are bad side effects i think that people need to understand that they're taking the vaccine at their own risk and the the manufacturers the distributors that senators everybody is amusin from product liability so if a person dies or has a crippling neurologic disease or some other and verse effect very little if any
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compensation will be available we have tested this only for a few months and we have not tested it in the population center at hyatt highest risk so i think that we're pretending to know a lot of things that we just really don't know and we can't right now because not enough time has passed. still ahead here on the program here when i see the migrant crisis at the u.s. southern border shows no signs of letting up the media restrictions out of across the detention facilities on these seem to be actually increasing people's interest in the crisis will be more wrong than just them. is your media a reflection of reality. in
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a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. tyson nation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true. is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallows. i guess the block clock is really the emerging truth you know time magazine call it the truth machine and it's showing the truth about american politicians that they're full of hot air they have nothing to say they steal everyone's money they collect taxes they spend about themselves they try to. kill people overseas in the name of.
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the hour here in moscow or of the world doping agency is looking into whether it's a u.k. wing is guilty of a cover up wada wants to establish why british cycling was allowed to run its own inquiry into a rider who tested positive for a banned substance but this was all in the run up to the london olympics. edwards has the story. the united kingdom anti doping agency has now found itself right in the middle of what's being described and dumped as the latest scandal in british sport so it comes as these allegations have now surfaced surrounding the investigation of an abnormal drug test all over cyclists during the london 2012 olympic games so much so the world anti-doping agency is now weighing in and launching an investigation some of the information provided to wada on this is of
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significant concern we have asked our independent intelligence and investigations department to look into this matter and to conduct you keen to do going to see further information well it's claimed that u.k. 80 which is of course the board is responsible for policing clean sport domestically allegedly allowed british cycling to conduct its own probe after this individual provided a sample with an absolutely unusual amount of nandrolone which is a banned steroid in an out of competition test plausible explanations range from health issues or one end but other ends and explanations include contaminated supplements and that's exactly what waters investigation is all about looking at how likely any of these options really are of course as a reminder under the water code it would be up to u.k. a.v. to conduct such a probe at the time however it's now understood that u.k. it is for the issue can be resolved and is cooperating with water. we are working with the border to investigate claims relating to private testing carried out by
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british cycling in 2011 u.k. anti doping agency is examining archives to confirm decisions that were taken in 2011 followed due process set by wada now it's claimed that british cycling conducted its own testing absolutely privately and did not then pass on those results to the u.k. a deal so now is saying it's reviewing all of its processes but of course given the length of time between 2012 an hour nearly a whole decade ago it's really making it difficult to connect the dots at this stage we are unable to give full comment on the story of this stage is the events took place of a 10 years ago and none of the senior management team involved have worked for british cycling for some time we were reviewing such archived records that exist from this period and a loop that is not a straight forward or quick process we will share the findings with the relevant parties well this is the 2nd scandal to sweep the nation for british cyclists this month earlier a former british cycling team doctor richard freeman was found guilty of not only
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ordering a banned substance but knowing and believing it was to be used to dope a ride at the time back in 2011 now freeman has since been charged by u.k. deal with 2 anti doping violations and completely struck off at the british medical register as a result as well so not looking too good then this month but of course the timing of all this is particularly bad with lesson 128 days to go before the tokyo games again it's really bad timing considering a great britain has always been one of the more dominant nations nations in the discipline stacking up new murderous medals of various competitions now there is of course serious doubt now cast even in retrospect cast on the performances at the london 2012 olympics and other victories including other competitions like the tour de france. the migrant build up along america's southwestern border shows no sign of reason for the media is being denied access to detention facilities this
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prompted texas senator ted cruz to visit a local center for new comers to see for himself conditions really but when the republican try to document what he saw he was stopped by a woman who he alleges was a political operative working for the ministration. but you were hired 2 weeks ago and you're instructed to ask us to not have any pictures taken years respected because the political leadership at the it just does not want the american people to know even that they were here standing in the in front of the pictures so you know that they were thinking the rules are arbitrary and there's i believe in the area to people i really respect them and i want to fix this situation we are going to get an iteration you want a $400.00 responsible for these conditions now at this point the biden ministration continues to say what it is said all along which is that it is committed to transparency however when the time comes to actually let that transparency happen we have some pretty strong excuses coming from jen psaki of the white house
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spokesperson here's what we've heard we are mindful of the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic we want to keep these kids safe keep the staff safe but we are absolutely committed to transparency and providing access to media to the border patrol facilities and we're working to get that done as soon as we can so this is being set up and you'll have access to everything once we get to see. it just to be clear how soon will that be mr president i don't know. to be clear now at this point we've got some voices that seem to be determined not to portray what's happening on the border as a crisis this is a memo from the associated press about how to describe the situation we should avoid or at the least be highly cautious about referring to the present situation as a crisis on our own who we might quote of his using that language while the associated press says it may not actually fit the dictionary definition of a crisis a recent poll taken among the u.s.
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public shows that 76 percent of americans believe the situation on the u.s. border is indeed a crisis the worst charge against them right now is mistreatment of these people these young people and children at the border someone claiming is jen psaki claims transparency is what you'll get and dignity and. specht is what these people get and it's just completely opposite of that they're not in a dignified situation they've got thousands of people sleeping elbow to knee and big toed to nose you know stacked on the floor so tight they have to sleep on their side and they can't roll over and that's a complete embarrassment for the by the ministration they're not even testing those people and i'm sure thousands of them do have various viral loads and are bringing them across to infect ordinary americans who are not as yet completely vaccinated so that's another great danger that is being forced on the american people in the name of this fraud because they want this story off the headlines when you ask
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biden when the transparency is going to be delivered by his administration he says i don't know they're up to something else this is not a matter of trying to help impoverished people from from 3rd world countries become americans and reap the benefits of residents here this is not about that. the pandemic is pushing brazil's health care system to the point of collapse that's the warning from medics there's the daily infection rate tops 100000 and they need death reportedly hitting the 4000 mark as reports. while much of the world uses restrictions and vaccines to try to tame the coronavirus brazil's outbreak is worse than it has ever been with almost all states is intensive care unit near or at full capacity but patients continuing to arrive in their droves brazil already accounts for one quarter of the world's daily coronavirus deaths new covert 9000 cases in
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the country topped 100001 march 25th with the weekly death rate doubling to $15000.00 in just one month and with only 2 percent of the population vaccinated for figure is approaching the worst level seen by the united states so how did things get so bad well brazil's 2 biggest cities have pleaded for people to stay home and the state runs fine since technology institute has called for a 14 day lock down to reduce transmission but as we've all seen such measures are only as strong as the compliance of citizens. and this is however just the tip of the iceberg of brazil's covidien inflicted suffering unemployment is peaking and with emergency cash payments from the federal government now being cut off the result has plunged millions into poverty. just
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look if we could work we wouldn't be dependent on emergency aid we would need to come here and take from others who also need help at the moment i'm behind in my payments my car has broken down we only leave home to come here and get food. here is no sanitizer in the favelas not a small asks when you need to fight against hunger when you need to fight for survival so we really need help from society to maintain this operation so we can provide the minimal dignity for those who have nothing. to do we create a group. to female kooks who have been working this story since last year we have rated to leverage more than 1000000 300000 boxes here increase our police we have mobilized the network of care so we can fight hunger in this crisis faced by the community brazil is in a state of crisis and only now is president both the noro the man who famously branded kovi a little flu and
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a man who just weeks ago complained of the dangers of wearing face masks has agreed to hold weekly meetings to discuss measures to curb the epic spread the will of a lot of us were in the grip of a new variant of the corona virus this taking the lives of many brazilians we have 2 major challenges the virus and unemployment by the end of the year we will have more than 500000000 doses to vaccinate the whole population very soon we will return to our normal lives it's a tiny step forward for a man who continues to promote unproven kovac 19 kills while his nation's suffers and now as a more contagious variant of the virus rampages across brazil from all skink is it too little too late or too much know subsumes but on today we don't know where brazil will end up and we can see the world looking at the country with astonishment and fear these causes as great shame. as
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calls are growing in germany to impose another strict coronavirus lock down the country's already struggling catering industry is certainly on tenterhooks over what the future might hold man for a that many german burger chain owner is just one of the many business owners struggling to stay afloat. jim some would you put school in june 1st look down there was still motivations of fights but now it's fading fast and the light at the end of the tunnel is what the restaurants as luck we all lack it's. easy to stifle assistance programs that need to be greatly simplified and
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disbursements must be significantly accelerated people don't need to wait months for payments and the even greater risks they've had over a year to work out this plan in detail but it still doesn't work. through a little bit of applied to financial assistance from november and december for 2 businesses i own which took about 130000 euro for november under 60000 full december i received 60000 euros and i need to cover the costs of $2.00 companies and stone full time benefits can also be applied full but you will not receive it until 3 months later it's me as a 1st you have to pay everything out of your pockets. this policy has not changed for a year of course they need to learn a new thanks otherways out our emerging and clothing through new technological
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advances you cannot stay put and hope that everything will be fine the bundestag elections in september are also likely to play a role nobody wants to make a mistake because in the end you may not be elected but this is not about politics not about federal politics or electoral mandate. what about our society as a whole especially about the event industry and catering establish much because they are bursting at the seams. fos turning into a pretty true story for you here at r.t. international many stories still to come if you'll join us back here at the top of the hour.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development only closely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. other imax times are this is the kaiser report let's get to. well jack dorsey was in the news the past week because last week he was giving congressional testimony from some sort of kitchen it looks like behind him you see a block clock just like of course.


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