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oil but is this a good partnership for the region as well as the rest of the world we will discuss with tobin smith and if you haven't noticed yet the lack of toilet paper and coffee on your grocery shelves well you might in the next few weeks and you can thank the now free cargo ship which spent more than a week blocking the suez canal but what are the other alternatives the next time this happens we're going to show you plus a proverb says i don't hands are the devil's playground but a well known rapper once a you to start wearing the devil shoes we're going to give you the details as well as discuss whether this is the beginning of mainstreaming satanism in today's society and our 360 panel is going to look at the reality of the gun control legislation after the past week of mass shootings and of president biden is going to use executive action to make legal guns today be a crime to own in the future i am scotty no hughes and we are kicking off this week with these top stories on today's edition of news use hughes right here on our to
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america. if you have missed the story there was a colossal container ship set free from the suez canal today but after halting global trade for the past week some are starting to look into alternative routes or to correspondent natasha suite has a more about what went wrong and where to look to next. the sky is great for size to vessel known as the ever given is finally free this comes after being stuck for nearly 6 days on one of the world's most vital waterways and some say that it was mother nature who came to the rescue salvage teams were finally able to set up the giant container ship ever given free on monday in the suit was can now the vessel was escorted by tugboat that assisted in freedom it had already seen the peak of the high tide also it is. it its release the 220000 ton cargo ship was hauled over
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the canal bank toward the great bitter lake that's where the ship will undergo technical inspection the obstruction has created a massive traffic jam since tuesday each day it's held up $9000000000.00 in global trade adding up to a total of nearly $54000000000.00 or so strained supply chains already burdened by the pandemic at least $367.00 vessels transporting everything from oil to cattle a powered up on either end of the canal waiting to pass or prices dropping 2.5 percent to $6390.00 monday after the ship was freed officials say it's not exactly clear when traffic would worsen we almost seem so this but continue to impact supplies it's estimated $9800000.00 barrels of crude are waiting to enter that can now that's a 10th of a day's global consumption all rationing began in syria to guarantee supply for basic services including hospitals so what's wrong some pointed to the 70 mile per hour winds during the sandstorm but other say there have been worse winds in the
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past it was reported that when the incident occurred the propeller of the ship nor the home were operating. as well as the dust storm or wind speed reasons we had technical problems with the ship and possible personal reasons regarding the captain of the ship i can't specify these before the investigation concludes last tuesday 12 north bound ships reportedly passed through the canal ahead of the ever given another 30 were able to travel in the opposite direction before the jam last year 18840 ships were able to pass through the canal with no issues responsible for roughly 12 percent of trade the suez canal has been one of the busiest maritime passed since 869 but this massive traffic jam caused some to look at alternate routes at least 7 tankers charon local 5 natural gas were diverted to the cape of good hope in africa southern tip on friday this direction reportedly can add 2 weeks to the journey and $26000.00 a day. fuel prices alternate paths have been heightening interest even before the
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effort given was stuck in 201-6115 vessels sailed around south africa and so the canal to transport goods from asia to europe and the u.s. the reason was to reportedly avoid tariffs the suicide canal was implementing lower oil prices at the time also made it an economical option where you can see satellite data showing container traffic diverted other routes include the northern sea canal and the strait of hormuz while the canal is a quickest path from asia and the middle east to europe and the u.s. this may change the way in which goods are shipped reporting for news because he used to talk just sweets are. a $400000000000.00 iran deal has just been signed with china this in exchange for a steady supply of oil for the next 25 years this deal could also deep in the influence china has within the middle east as well as in the majority of isolation the usa has tried so hard to enforce on
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a wrong but will this make china the new puppet master of iran and how dangerous is this considering the nuclear threats iran is continuing to make so to give us more insight on this deal and what it means we bring in joe boyd tobin smith c.e.o. of trans for many research tobin thanks for joining us good to see you know you're not in the middle of the middle east you're not in china you're and obviously a beautiful of southern california looks like but this is obviously something that could be very concerning to us here in america but i want to start off with 1st is china actually taking advantage of this dire economy that iran is in which is happening because in large part of u.s. sanctions i mean have we created this opportunity for china. well that's a really good observation you know there's a couple things 1st off you've got to bring in the geopolitics here and china has 12000000 muslim leaders up on their north part of the world and they happen to be sunni islam well guess what iran of course is shia so this is
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a you know sticking now in the united states because that's taking a 1000000000 barrels a day from our shale oil fields it's a stick in the eye to the sunni world which by the way is 85 percent of all the islamic world and then for china they are buying that oil for all the sources i have at significantly below the rate well one reason is because iran's oil is is dirtier it's heavier and china is set up to to refine that so a rant doesn't have a lot of choices particularly with the u.s. shut down well and i agree with that but at the same time couldn't the united states see this was going to be a possibility if you continued to not even put the rope around but didn't actually kill the snake that this was going to be a possibility that they were good that iran was going to look to other sources for financing. well yeah i mean that was the only logical conclusion and it's a little bit above my pay grade young lady to go into the minds of what we've done
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for the last you know 12 years but but clearly the politics were that it was better to be a tough guy to iran since you know united states and iran haven't got along so well since 978 and china is going to do what china's going to do now we do sell a significant amount of oil and we sell a lot of natural gas to china so it's not like it's a 0 sum thing going on here but any time china gets a chance to stick of the united states stick it to the sunni side and stick it to the leaders that's like you know 3 shots on goal for china well it obviously is very strong frustration for lots of parties involved including the e.u. is there anything that not only the u.s. but the e.u. or anyone else can do to make sure this alliance does not cross a strong between the between those 2 countries. well. you know i used to work for fox news for a few years as you know and i used to talk with the generals and the generals had one simple plan for iraq and you'd sit around the green room and they tell you here's what we're going to do we're going to send $29.00 sorties at around blow the crap out of them and then we go in and all the young people are going to cheer us
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and that's but the strategy we've had the united states for ran everything else has been around the edges you know if iran is and should be and has been a great ally to us for years we caused a lot of problems there they never forgave us and then when oil got involved when they really could take their oil up it's a weapon they have weaponized their oil as well as united states is weaponized our oil well but that's the thing and obviously oil is a big part of this i don't know if i so agree with iran has been a close ally to these past few years i do agree that it was well about that exactly and then obviously you know the carbon tracing came in a kind of change the status quo but this obviously you know this could actually be dangerous because you are dealing with iran and having this nuclear power that the u.s. has been unable to make sure with controlled and under and or any sort of lock and key you know is this dangerous right now that china iran getting closer and closer considering china is continuing to get more powerful on the world thing. yeah well
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you begin if you look at the new game mutually assured destruction has been the solution for the last 50 years right so the rand knows better than to launch anything they know they would be literally snuff from the face of the earth china would not get involved in that china is going to help them because it helps them geo politically once you have the sense to the crown of the persian world even though it's shia you have other countries iraqi setter that fit into this so remember china plays the long game united states we stipulate plays like the 2 year game and this is one of the situations where we've kept this up for a variety of good reasons but there's always going to be a way to get around in a bar when you have you know china with a very close very close to iran well but that's the thing you know with right now the chinese are lying and being allies to iran we already know they're a little unstable doesn't that actually boost or iran to do something stupid involving nuclear at this point you know they now have one of the largest countries
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as their ally a very powerful military as we see that china is growing and doesn't this actually make them look more emboldened to do things and how do countries like saudi arabia and israel respond to this type of alliance. well 1st off you know saudi is sunni 85 percent of the islamic world is sunni so there's been this schism for you know since the beginning of 20th century but the issue is when you get into the nuke game bill the other thing i learned from the generals in nukes are is that a little anti-ballistic missiles that china does not have they pretend but they don't there is no protecting iran from a you know a nuclear disaster that they start there just isn't so the mutually assured destruction mode still is there scottie it's just that china can go to the brink much farther than iran can and maybe china is more interested in taiwan these days then than they are around other than to get oil at an under you know under world
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price and it's absolute i think we can all agree it's a lot more dangerous for the u.s. to be negotiating directly with iran that as dangerous but now if you had time into the equation it definite take this to a new level token smith thank you so much like always for joining us good to see it . now we are going to run to take a quick break because just on the other side we're going to break down the ongoing gun control debate in the wake of 2 very deadly mass shootings stating. humanity has never seen such strange natural phenomena before jai and coming to this appearing in the young mt peninsula. one after another. was never about the camp again you've had your. future your boy you know them does look we don't have a dad he wouldn't be here. this one appeared in 2020. how often and where will new creases appear as
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a discussion of how dangerous own day the human the slum only in this little one and in 2021 russian scientists came quite close to working out what's going on. they build a full scale 3 d. model of the black hole. was a pandemic no certainly no borders and is blind to nationalities. has emerged we don't talk with you we don't have the facts in the world needs to be the chief. judge of. common every crisis what is the sentence in modern times we can do better we should. everyone is
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contributing each of our own way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges create the response has been much so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. problem drugs has come from unscrupulous dealers from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we've seen very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids you know it's invented america under the banner of medicine he persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer so who is to blame patients doctors manufacturers.
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if you know that they 1st got laws restricting gun ownership united states actually date back to 1934 this with the national firearms act which was actually very strict since then however laws have been made and have been repealed based mainly on who was in office and what the events of the day were well after this past week or 2 major mass casualty shootings happened of course that was expected for president biden to address the issue of gun violence and promote one of the major points of his party's platform gun control but make no mistake restricting guns in america is a battle cry used by both parties to motivate their base so as president biden's press conference just for show or will there be action what about the 360 view we bring in our political panel tom norton president of michigan conservative union and talk radio host and civil rights attorney robert patillo both of you i know are
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actual gun owners and i am sure more importantly you believe in the constitution you've studied it so i actually want to start with you robert what is president biden's actual agenda for gun control and more importantly how is it different from the brady bill that already exists. well i think joe biden stuck between a rock and a horror place on this because he has me. asked you seen the problem is this it for generations in this country let's understand that in the 1980 s. before the passage of the biden crime bill in 1904 there were a grand total about $63.00 mass shootings from the entire decade since the passage of the. gun control in 1903 we've had nearly 700 mass shootings in america so we know imperiously from the evidence there restricting the number of people who can have guns is not the way reducing the number of mass shootings however is seen as being the band-aid solution i think biden has become for a holistic approach that addresses mental health addresses. the ability for
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nonviolent people and law abiding citizens to own firearms to protect themselves a proper training and licensing requirements by building that they're the people who are calling for the whole obey any of quote unquote oh so rifles i think they they don't understand firearms and that's what makes you think the solution so simple there's very little difference between a handheld pistol and a 15 just depending on the configuration you know and that's why i like robert right there because you actually have common sense above party line because it what he says exactly correct and tom i'm sure you can agri with what robert same but in this case we're looking at president biden said in its original press conference was what he is talking about actually constitutional. i don't i don't think it is i mean the government shouldn't be able to invade somebody is privacy and even mental health i agree that it's a problem i agree we're that's where a lot of it comes from but these shootings i think really come from the fact that our society as a whole has moved away from any type of value based system i mean if people can
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identify what's right and wrong then they're not going to be able to identify what to do and not to do i mean that the most majority mass shooting 75 percent are actually done by shag ons and pistols there and done by a by a are many so sore 75 percent the overwhelming majority well actually he's saying i think you need to take i think you have something the constitution and that's because the point of the 2nd amendment was for the government to be scared of the people and not the people scared of their government and not much of the 2nd when it was written was actually for hunting it was actually to deal with pacifically protection and keeping your government actually in line and making so they're doing the right thing robert you both of you have mentioned the pestle situation this is what boggles my mind because in 1990 you had 6368 homicides the majority of them done by pistols and yet and we're looking at 564 by actually a long barreled rifles or shotguns why do we never hear when we talk about gun
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control restrictions being put in place pistols being addressed it's always like you said the scary guns is that why this is continuing to lose robert. it is because of propaganda look i'll give you an sample so this is a or not i'm this is a 9 millimeter pistol it carries 9 literal ammo there's 10 rounds in it there's no difference between that and any other 9 millimeter pistol on the market but that one is scary to people meanwhile you reach in a pocket and pull out another model because his still there also carries to the rails and guess what this will go in my pocket once you go to mass shooting the pistol that fits in my pocket all the while they have to reach into my bag for but because of the negative pull glistening around of the negative p.r. by the gun control law we demonize a or see a team as being some kind of you know evil soul weapon of war as they call it meanwhile if you can have a simple 9 millimeter one or you can have the 2 for 2 to 31 of the 7 to one there's all sorts of variables that you could have but they demonized one
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particular type of firearm at the somehow is worse than any other is. not the gun itself well and that's one of the things that gun advocates i've always said know that what you're talking about the subject you're talking about and that's why the argument continues to lose tom i know you're to say i don't know if you're laughing because you know you're jealous because i mean obviously robert is a man of the south is no no i mean really i mean those radio like undercover and i know. this is what ad hominem a lot of t.v. has allowed to produce for you down under over a mile away as yes this is another stall rifle something automatic it doesn't go to fold no matter how hard a process that is if they are it's simply sought a semi-automatic well so when robert. but robert was doing that so i was laughing so hard because a yes thank you great minds think alike it does and i think this is an issue that actually common sense can prevail over party lines if we get the partisanship away we can actually come up with it with things that are actually going to protect
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obviously i'm affordable you know i do have to talk about the executive order because joe biden has press comes that he might even use the executive order tom 94 clinton went through this to get his assault weapons ban he actually went through congress how do you think this is going to go over if joe biden if he actually pushes for an executive order to put back in the restrictions that we've seen in the past. well here's my problem is i oppose executive orders period end of story from any president i don't think we should be doing these executive orders yes that's where the bigger problem as a congress is supposed to originate laws congress is supposed to make sure we're training everything else comes from the president signs it and then you're supreme court is supposed to rule if it's constitutional or unconstitutional so i do not enjoy anybody signing executive orders like this because it's more of a dictator and this is not american western ever so i mean this entire process and the way he's going about it to me truly violates the spirit of the united states
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constitution and the system of government that we have here in this country ok so robert i'm going to give you the last word on this is there any actual gun restrictions gun control that you think that can be put in place that both the people the gun owners will accept but will also actually do anything in trying to keep some of these mass casualty shooting from happen or criminals just going to commit the crimes whether when they're with a legal or an illegal gun well i think the answer is going to be trying to find a bipartisan solution of people can work together frankly if you look at the cities that have the gun control chicago for years had very tight gun was troops in the washington d.c. new york city california they have far more shootings were far more deaths than places that have more more conservative gun laws are think we're going to have to work through a situation where people can come to agreement across party lines or right now people to recalcitrant or frankly with state democratic senators are not going to be voting for in favor of this either people who are religion 2022 and west virginia or georgia or alabama or anywhere else are not going to be rushing towards
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gun control of the place and that will say legal gun owners who don't know illegal gun the gun owners already don't care about will also don't think if you're restricting or people who are legally on fire authority well robert i want to thank you because i can guarantee this has probably been the most he packing figment i have ever done that i can put doubt in if they thank you john for joining me for the conversation. it's growing. you know i both as a consumer and a mother was shocked over the weekend with the announcement by a little gnostics of a club aeration with m.s. c.h.f. of his satan shoes and this is not just you know i mean this is true i want to tell you about these shoes which are modified nike air max 97 they're actually decorated with a pentagram pendant and a reference to looped in 18 which is the scripture when taken fell from heaven more importantly in the most probably the graphic part is they have a drop of actual human blood put into the salt only 666 pairs 666 are
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being made to carry a pricey $1800.00 sticker but is there actually a bigger cost to society so for more on this you bring in dead ryan c.e.o. of american majority ned sometimes we have segments where you come on as a politician there giving your political analysis sometimes we come on as a historian i'm actually coming to you 1st about as a father and a person who has to actually be a part of society and see how the influences on your kids what was your initial thought on this product when it 1st went viral over the weekend. you know my 1st thought scottie was if you wanted to know if there were any evidence that our culture has shown a strong song to the point of 0 shame this example a thank leverages my kids you know that they understand what's taking place but still the fact that this would even be considered in society but this is the problem scotty that we have today in this culture in our society that we've left behind the idea that there might be absolutes that there might be a right and
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a wrong and we find ourselves in and i'm moral morass where we get you know people lose their minds over mr potatoes gender and they kind of shrug at the whole state and chew incident and a video that's appalling in which the rapper is literally lap dancing satan i mean it's to the point where at some point we have to go back i think as a culture in society and go we actually have to agree that there are certain absolutes where we can agree this is right or wrong but i don't really the sad thing is scott i don't find that surprising we've come we've become comfortable in this society which we we mock and ridicule people of faith especially christianity which i am what a christian and it's not that surprising but it is a shame but as you say but you only say this not you know i don't want to reveal our ages but you know reference to satan is not new is just a 2021 you know we've seen with our times we've seen countless music references and especially honestly in the heavy metal john or a 9 and even have this holiday a calling where we put the devil is a major focus so what makes this time so different what about this product i mean
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that people can say it's because no product ever been specifically pointed at kids is that what makes it different or is there something about 20 to 21 that makes this stand out. no i think that is i mean it is the targeting of the the youth i mean again they're under nonstop assault that's the thing that's troubling to me as a parent the nonstop assault of just the moral sus pool that us that are at our children every day as though certain things like this were acceptable when back when we were growing up again not acceptable so i think we have to really have a conversation again was being pushed toward children say absolutely not this should never even be you know we should immediately reject it i think the thing that's interesting though to me scotty in all this is how nike finally got on its act and said hey we're actually going to be finally worried about blood and blood being on our shoes when in fact they've never cared about the millions and millions
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of their shoes are actually built on weaker women's blood well and that is a very that is a big part of this is obviously the corporate involvement nike did come out and say they denied involvement like you pointed with the same shoe but they haven't really used legal action to stop production they've said it or maybe as of lately they've filed but should they be more aggressive. they finally within the last hour scott i mean literally breaking news they have filed suit in i believe the eastern district of new york and west are saying every one of the shoe should be destroyed and any profit made off the shoes they should actually get that but again it will point to they finally said yeah this is a bad idea they're little slow on the draw but they are actually taking pretty aggressive action but it just happened i just saw the breaking news literally before the show started so finally nike is doing something about but this also tells you something about how part of the problem scott is corporate america and what world did we think this was ever responsible thing to ever let a video like this be released much less to have this shoe being discussed much less
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let the shoe be released until now it finally gets to the point where it's finally being addressed is being sued in court but corporate america's is a serious problem and they've been a real problem and causing part of this world eros that is our culture in society today and i think we need to have a conversation about that i would love to have that conversation about their moral and their ethics and what they're actually pushing to our youth and the impact that that has on our nation is having on this nation is not a good one well and that's the and i have to say this when it comes to the cancer culture we're both against it we do not i can't culture but in this case the public outcry for the last 3 days that backlash amongst consumers obviously got nike's attention and it worked in our favor this time ned thank you so much for clearing and putting on your father hat for us today. thank you scotty. well that is all for today show goes by quick stay healthy and happy i want to be right back here in the mean time i'll follow me on twitter at you use the hash tag team and d.h. and brother show one more dallow it at the portable dot to be app for apple and android
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device for you right back here tomorrow.
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an entire village in alaska. if another country trying to wipe out an american town . we do everything in our power to protect the. water that escaping climate change is the same threat right now alaska seems some of the fastest coastal erosion in the world we lost about 35 feet. 35 feet of ground in just about 3 months while we were measuring. is fast and means the river is 35 closer than how the woman was or anything were part of the 1st for.
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the headlines here on our t.v. sets old german cities of suspend the use of the astra zeneca vaccine for people under the age of 60 after reports all the blood clots. austrian chancellor sebastian coats starts talks with the russians to buy $1000000.00 doses of the sputnik for you vaccine despite concerns from the european union and a british warns his community college be held responsible for the actions of some individuals if muslims are not treated with more respect for a teacher showed his class cartoons of the prophet mohammed so i guess that's got into it. but you do not.


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