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tv   Keiser Report  RT  March 30, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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any nation to say no no no this doesn't happen therefore we are going to continue with this what you would call dangerous farming practices we need to review what we do otherwise we face creating new are the normal viruses the views of birth playing county a senior clinical lecturer at the university of exeter medical school thank you. thank you. a lot or lot for no more great programs rather heads to court.
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hi there max keiser this is the kaiser report lots to get to say well jack dorsey was in the news the past week because last week he was giving congressional testimony from some sort of kitchen it looks like behind him you see a block cluck just like of course kaiser report is always ahead of everything we have our own block but as it's not plugged in it doesn't have anything but hello on it his head 1952 so i think this is a good way to look at the problem with this drive in america to shut down alternative media are turning to voices of course jack was testifying before congress and they were vadra in him most of the democrats to basically de platform more people into silence more people because the response from blue check twitter
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about this was became its own mean and a fun story in the big quaint community what time zone is jack in right now that clock says 1952 right here in california it's 9 52 am currently but definitely not 1952 which would be 752 and military time format so again this is a bluff measuring a few different things from the block chain including what he had 1952 was the amount of sats what one gets for one u.s. dollar right now there's a couple of things going on here so 1st these politicians who are braiding in the sense are more people yeah we're going to get to that glenn greenwald responding to the whole congressional testimony they were basically it was jack dorsey mark zuckerberg and people from google who are also testifying and they were basically being brought. rated for not censoring enough on line right i think if i think
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that's the whole thing but i think you is basically ignoring the politician the and doing other stuff and taking care of some business and treating them as trivial minion the for the powers idiocracy in america as he rightfully should and i guess the block clock is really the emerging truth you know time magazine called the truth machine and it's showing the truth about american politicians that they're full of hot air they have nothing to say they still everyone's money they collect taxes they spend it on them so they try to mess up information and they kill people overseas in the name of foreign policy and they're all expendable and they're all oh i'm going to be made irrelevant quite soon by because i think jack dorsey is on the right page of history again like these congressional testimony as they're basically the democrats are trying to make their cable news friendly sources the only trusted sources allowed to be linked on us twitter so here's one of these sort
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of blue check guys and he's supposedly some sort of info sec expert and his when he looked at that 952 and he's trying to figure out what it is this is what he came up with the answer is moscow jack is displaying a clock in his background set to current moscow time however jack is not currently in moscow because the sun has already set in moscow and obviously it's right behind him he's blinking in morse code to us essentially please pick up on this the clock is set to moscow time this is that diseased fevered conspiracy theory mind that we're supposed to all participate and we're all supposed to see everything through moscow time they're all moscow time blue checked twitter essentially all they could see is moscow all they could see is putin so you know i think it's important it's quite interesting that this came up right when he was giving testimony about. which americans to d.
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platform in silence or like american politicians aren't happy with somebody to lynch right that's the history either as genocide of the natives or it's a slave and lynching of the american black population and with black lives matter really prominent now they've got to search far in wa to lynch somebody so they've decided let's lynch russian people and it's really disgusting and i hate it when rachel maddow rattle sir her or her moose and says let's lynch russian people i'm a racist i'm a bigot and i'm a massage of the thought rachel let's kill some russians it's so disgusting and pathetic it makes me want to vomit when i realize that that's what these whole feet vomit so instead of trying to feed them my vomit i'm going to just keep buying because i don't defund them until they made extinct i hate rachel maddow i hate her racism for a and glenn greenwald was looking at the testimony and he said in response to what he saw in a tweet he said this whole hearing is nothing more than an attempt by members of
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congress to badger threaten and coerced facebook twitter and google to use their power to censor political speech by banning the ideas of people that congress members regard as adversarial nothing more to it than that just a week or 2 ago he had also tweeted this link to the primetime cable news ratings data that came out for the 1st week of march and i think it goes hand in hand because there is a symbiotic relationship between the democratic members of congress and c.n.n. and m s n b c as we see by the way as well with the governors democratic governors like andrew cuomo going on c.n.n. and helping to cover up his alleged crimes but the primetime cable news you could see this huge collapse and are now in the biden administration and the worst one was m s n b c's all in with chris hayes down almost 30 percent down 29 percent last word with lawrence mcdonnell also down 20. 7.7 percent on m s n
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b c rachel maddow readings are down by 17.7 percent since the bite in ministration right so because the truth was shame jack dorsey had the block locked behind him and it's broadcasting the truth as like your time is over m.s.n. b.c. you will be defunded soon by the truth the truth is coming your way and they're panicking and when people panic they spew hatred and the fear and biol so when you go to m.s.n. b.c. there's chris hayes our home over rachel and they literally the bio from the bile ducks of their liver is being projectile vomited into the faces of the american t.v. viewer and they call that art and yet all it is is a cost of poison of misinformation lies and propaganda fed by the defense contractor says only purpose of having as on her show is to aid and abet her in the destruction of innocent babies and children in the way in it that she's
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participating in and school routes i don't consider her american of oh great while rachel maddow she actually does tell the truth a lot if you look at her video clips but turn off the sound don't listen to her words watch her face and i start blinking really fast and those are your eyes are often truth tellers right that's what you know intelligence agents look for in a source or police will look at your eyes to see what they're actually saying and and revealing when you're lying so if you look at her i look at her videos without listening to the lies or whatever she's saying then you'll see her eyes start blinking furiously when she doesn't believe actually what she's saying and i don't think she actually believes her conspiracy theories but there's been a really interesting. new sites with an algorithm that everybody's been linking to and it's called ground news and it provides blind spot analysis for various twitter accounts and it looks for your bias and where your blind spots might be and
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how they describe it as primarily consuming news with the same underlying bias can create a news blind spot which can unintentionally skew someone's world view and hamper their ability to see things from another perspective so again all this congressional testimony is being driven by blue check cable news sorts who are demanding that new sources like us like glenn greenwald like michael tracey like you know that all of these people get di platforms and jimmy door that they get pushed out and that they're not allowed to be spread virally on twitter so i looked through this to see what the algorithm. looks at what they've found from our tweet threads compared to rachel maddow said compared to jake tapper or anderson cooper all those people stacy herbert this is my response 50 percent of the news that stacy herber interacts with on twitter is centrist 36 percent left 12 percent re
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max kaiser 42 percent is right 41 percent left and 17 percent center so very balanced right you can see that in the chart rachel maddow 75 percent left 17 percent and centrist and right jake tapper 87 percent left anderson cooper was 96 percent left so perhaps as this viewpoint analysis looks at what they say is that that skews your viewpoint in the way from your viewpoint if you're looking at the world from your own viewpoint maybe you're the one that skewed maybe she's the one that's you know extremists anderson cooper or he's a he anderson cooper rachel maddow and these sorts may be the data that algorithm says they're the ones that are extremists on their views right if you're in the commentary business and all cable news is in the commentary business primarily and not the news is the key to doing com there is to give
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a balanced commentary and you might have a guest on and challenge some of the elements of a calm balanced commentary but your job as a central commentary on broadcast television is to have enough of an understanding of all points of view to make the viewer more informed if you are 90 percent right weighing sorry or 90 percent left wing like anderson cooper there's a name for that it's called propaganda and that's exactly what he's spewing over there at c.n.n. it's not news it's not information it's rank propaganda and it's a problem because in america you're stifling debate and you're stifling insert interaction with all points of view and the result will be the. rise of idealogue to take care of the problems that the politicians aren't doing big and the media won't report so this is the sad sad thing is that america defeated
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this thing this type of thing in world war 2 and went on to become the worst elements of the worst political movements of world war 2 that is now america america is the adult child of the alcoholic america's assume all of the worst character traits of all of personalities and the folks that we went to war with in the 1940 s. we know we've become the bad guy yes so these are the very voices that are demanding other voices get the platform so just be careful what you wish for because these are the ones that are the ones skewed and by the way they will also call the likes of tucker and tucker carlson a fascist so they openly call him a fascist and yet the algorithm suggests he's more balanced than they are he's 60 percent right 30 percent left 10 percent center and remarkably and coulter is equal
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she's more left she slightly skews left and in terms of the news that she shares partly because she's always dissing it but the fact is like at least she's 6 she's sharing that she's sharing that news and saying look like this is horrible news but she's sharing it where they're not and they're like you said it's shutting down dialogue and dialogue is important too you know per basically fixing our economy and this collapse they well fascinating stuff we're going to take a break and when we come back much more coming your way. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only
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personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. an entire village in alaska has had to move if another country trying to wipe out an american town. we do everything in our power to protect a. lot of data scraping climate change poses the same threat right now alaska seems some of the fastest coastal erosion in the world we lost about 35 feet . 35 feet of ground in just about 3 months while we were measuring. is fast and that means the river is $35.00 closer than how. was the year of war i think were part of the 1st for.
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welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser time out of time with john robina dollar collapse dot com john welcome back me max i wanted to touch you about something i just saw some numbers here let me get these out of the way listen to us over the past year prices of lumber up 115 percent soybeans up 59 percent corn up 45 percent cotton up 30 percent coffee up 25 percent wheat up 16 percent u.s. home prices up 10 percent the u.s. consumer price index reported up 1.4 percent yeah isn't it nice how they're
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controlling inflation you know i'm really impressed with the management skills of our monetary hairdos but you know a lot is slated to there's a big problem here why would the government lie about that 1.4 percent when it's clearly and demonstrably and provably false why do they lie to answer is probably one is that it's just so normal for them to lie you you'd be surprised when they do tell the truth and the other is the. the way they calculate inflation is designed to hide a lot of it for instance in the consumer price index which is their measure of inflation you know what they tell us about when they're talking about inflation they don't include stocks bonds and many kinds of real estate so when those things go through the roof because the fed is creating too many new dollars and dumping it into the system. that doesn't count as inflation even though those things are in
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arguably part of the cost of living you know if you're an investor when stocks go up that raises the cost of investing which is part of your life you know so that if those things were included that alone would add a couple of percentage points to the inflation rate they also don't unclip to the extent that people are actually spending money on these things housing and education so the reason i'm asking as it does it goes into my my other question here the treasury just printed another 1.9 trillion the by the administration plans another 4 trillion 7 and the reason they say that they're doing this is because there's no inflation and they need to stimulate the economy so are they lying about inflation so that they can give their friends a lot of this free money is it just a scam this comes back to the perennial question that has really loomed large for maybe the last 30 years which is which is are these guys morons or of evil geniuses pursuing a plan that ends with us as debt slaves and i don't know which of those is scarier
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and i think there's there's evidence for both possibilities so so either they just don't know you know their models don't admit to the possibility of inflation right now and that's what they're going with or they're trying to squeeze as much as they can out of this before the system breaks down. either way regular people are screwed in the system right and all this gold is really acting lackluster. what's the. with gold over there dollar collapse you know you guys track the dollar and talk about gold for many years gold is as was said by james cramer race and les gold disappointed him and he's he's now switched over to bitcoin what's wrong with gold john well 2 things about gold one is that you know the sector rotation is happen and right now people aren't rotating back into precious metals yet but the time will come you know there will be a time when they just both take off and they go parabolic with all the money that
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sloshing around out there that's it's a guarantee at some point in the future the other thing is that they're actually doing their job just fine you know leaving aside all the bubbly stuff going on in the world gold and silver are rising more than enough to compensate for the fall in the dollar's value you know is gold was $200.00 some dollars an ounce at the beginning of the century now at $1700.00 some dollars an ounce so it has protected against the falling purchasing power of the currency just fine the reason it looks so disappointing is because we've got major battles going on everywhere and i wouldn't necessarily call because a bubble because that is the new things so you can apply. the same kinds of labels to it as you can to something that has traded for decades and that you can tell when it's when it's in bubble territory but it looks you know it's chart looks bubbly so big tech stocks real estate fine art
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all those things has gone through they've gone through the roof and it kind of does make goldens over look stodgy by comparison but there are forms of money and money money is job is to hold its value over time and they've done just fine and there will come a time when people realize that precious metals are among the only cheap safe haven assets left in the pour into it and gold and silver will take off again you know we'll see that parabolic rise gold will have. a bunch of $100.00 days and top out at $5.00 to $10000.00 silver will have several $10.00 do is on the way to $200.00 and you know better be that will be where we where the gold bugs have been hoping to be for a long time and then we'll cash out and buy something else but right now you know gold and silver mining stocks are where you want to go if you want capital gains and a lot of them have done just fine again not between levels fine but good enough that
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i'm basically happy with my portfolio of precious metal stocks although yeah you know actually believe me to a question for you guys why are we doing this remotely why aren't you flying people out to your yacht now to interview them with all your bitcoin millions seems like that would be a simpler way to do it yeah what's amazing is that under lockdown i've become a homebody and i'm in my quito baking and i don't think i'll ever leave the house any anytime soon the idea of going to an airport or interacting with other people doesn't appeal to me anymore i just like to hang out here with stacey and do our show and i guess i'm just a simple man with simple tastes but you make a good point about gold in that it does the job it's supposed to do it's made new highs within the last 12 months or so every major currency in the world and going back even $1800.00 gold has outpaced inflation by one or 2 percent if you look at
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the big time horizon and that's what people buy gold for they just want to preserve purchasing power they don't that's a simple task and gold been doing it but as you point out compared to pick away it people begin to lose perspective on what gold actually doing so the another question relating to all of this would be the commodity sector as a sector is the cut are commodities beginning a super cycle you know are we headed into a secular. bull market in commodities and would that also infer that rents are. a bear market secular bear market and bonds as some have suggested am i correct even put those 2 together yeah you pretty much are commodities relative to the good stock indexes are about as cheap as they've ever been so it's not a surprise to see them have backa plus we're you know we're just creating so much new currency in every major society all around the world just dumping out there so
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it has to go somewhere and it's starting to flow into into us industrial commodities which does 2 things one is it makes it a lot harder for the fed to hide inflation because when it was just stocks and bonds and real estate you could just you could have an excuse for not including those in the c.p.i. and then just ignore them but now it's all this other stuff that does flow into the cost of living as it's officially calculated so a commodities supercycle is the same thing as saying inflation supercycle because if iron ore and copper and zinc and lumber are all going up the cost of living is going up too so. that that's one thing and the other thing it does is give you a lot of new investment ideas because the commodity stocks have been. not terrible but weakened compared to for instance tech stocks in the last decade but
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all of a sudden you've got copper mining companies that are reporting massive earnings increases because because the thing they're selling is going up so the margins are exploding their cash flow is soaring so they're looking like growth stocks now and they're going to steal some of the thunder from tech stocks which are insanely overvalued right now and of course government bonds which you know if you have a commodity supercycle that causes inflation to rise that's going to cause interest rates rise which is the same thing as saying bond prices fall so yeah. the bond super cycle that began in 1980 and has continued until basically this year is probably over in other words the general trend of interest rates now will be higher until the system blows up because. you know we we had 20 years of falling interest rates or 30 years really of falling interest rates. we can only have a few years of rising interest rates because what artificially low interest rates
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do and what they're designed to do is to convince people to borrow money and you know that's what we've done for this you know past decade or more we've borrowed money we've spent that's kept the economy from collapsing generated some growth but it also created a whole generation of people who can't tolerate higher interest rates you know if you've got an adjustable rate mortgage where you've got a prime plus one business loan or you're a government that has a lot of short term debt that has to be rolled over higher interest rates raise your costs and very much higher interest rates raise your costs to debilitating levels you know you can bankrupt governments with a 4 or 5 percent 10 year yield on their bonds was there when you said something very important there it could be on a bond bull market for 40 years and it could be completely blown apart and just 2 or 3 errors and. part of that has to do with the fact and let me let me know what you think about this there's a tendency in
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a bond bull market to contract on duration so you have more and more in the short end and that would mean that even one basis point uptick. it impacts a huge swathe of all that paper. is what we're saying right because a lot of the long term debt and medium term debt is getting converted into chortle paper short overnight paper almost you could say during in 2000 a crisis the world came to a complete credit freeze big and the overnight rate went to like 7 or 8 percent and we had the global financial crisis and that kind of portends what happens if there's even a little bit of a disturbance on the short end so your point i think is one that people they tend to forget because that frog in the hot water analogy you know they they keep going with threatening to go higher then suddenly there's nowhere to go stamp druckenmiller is in your camp finally talking about the dollar itself he's very very short the dollar euro over their dollar collapse you know when the last time
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iran you were saying the dollar not yet collapse how close are we getting john to a dollar collapse. well my track record for short term forecasting is about as bad as it can be which is probably 100 percent wrong so if i save this year next year the year after take it with a grain of salt but we're creating the conditions which historically have led to trouble with currencies in other words we're borrowing way too much money we're creating way too much currency. and there's no real place for it to go other than things that cause inflation which is bad for the currency yada yada you know you you get currency crises in this kind of an environment. so it wouldn't be a surprise to see the value of most of the major currencies not just the dollar but the euro in the yangon and pound sterling and several others start to start to trim down and continue to trim down in the question then becomes when does it become
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disorderly in other words when people start to panic because they started strata late in the last years you know a few. percentage point declines into the indefinite future and get really big numbers about point 0 that sounds exciting i like that as a cliffhanger we're going to carry this over to a 2nd segment then tell us about the collapse also exciting john rubino thanks for being on this part of the as report thanks for having me all right that's going to do it for this edition of kaiser report with me max kaiser stay here but i want to thank our guest john robina dollar collapse dot com until next time. problem drugs don't do is come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies too in
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every state in the united states we see very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids. invented america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she did go after dose after dose if you don't and really became his drug dealer who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers.
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in a development just moments ago germany implemented a nation wide suspension of the astra zeneca vaccine for people under the age of 60 . and usual blood clots including several fatal cases. also ahead in the. austrian chancellor. starts talks with. a 1000000 doses of the seen the european union. approved. and another cultural debate is raging in from a left wing politician is under fire for insisting whites should have no say in discussions about racism.


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