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still doesn't work. i'm through a little bit of apply for financial assistance from november and december for 2 businesses i own which took about 130000 euro from november 160004 december i received 60000 euros and i need to cover the costs of $2.00 companies and stone full time benefits can also be applied for but you will not receive it until 3 months later this means a 1st you have to pay everything out of your pockets. this policy has not changed for a year of course they need to learn new thinks other ways out are emerging and clued in through new technological advances you cannot stay put and hope that everything will be fine the bundestag elections in september are also likely to play a role nobody wants to make a mistake because in the end you may not be elected but this is not about politics
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not about federal politics or electoral mandates but about our society as a whole especially about the event industry and catering establishment because they are bursting at the seams. tough to see where we are all said to cross the some more great programs and moments so do said tell it to see what's being served up river you are across the world today i mean a real buy for. humanity
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has never seen such strange natural phenomena before all. this appearing in the peninsula. one after another. for us to get you through but you know whom does. he want to be at. this one appeared in 2020. how often and where will new crisis appeal was i just ask how dangerous own day for human the slum only you. and she joins you one russian scientists came quite close to working out what's going on. they build a full scale 3 d. model of the. world or work on global warming. just by the. door.
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but it's a mess of. leaves was. one of. them the school will soon not succeed. as. you did not snip. the thing far more to be a car. you. still need to eat and more which is quite a freak. getting your on the news that all the. the groceries into the new york the what are your thoughts in my sure that's the place that they were thought of most are used to for news the thrill is there.
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even reform when a bomb. they say has. its way middle. the local nomadic reindeer heard as believe the universe is 3 ts the high speed the approach of the gods the middle one populated by people while the lowest is home to evil spirits the content on to main. by now started as a mourner of a bit of a bite out of my remote share with. your ground skiffs call us guard sure news sure mall now girlfriends i'm interested in. the national polls are still there. mr initially in the. first 3 and circuit in the initial. americas the world cup and their modest number war style us markets were stalling not grammar or keep the process. in another wallace resentment up about. not bears
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on the morning but by mr produced a metaphor that us also a. first year someone up regular well pleased there's still no mistress material still come to appropriate court of. law to do something about. the theater is an anthropologist a custodian of minutes traditions she worked in the city for many years but then moved to the tundra to the ancestral land as she says she was living in the children tend surrounded by nature and some of the lake filming with her own eyes and to moving us. into winnie. we need to. remember. this when you took a very poor you can you calling in the little. elude you know that is
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a. and that you don't they don't you're going to hurt. you is elizabeth. is new new beauty. and. the. new thing is plastic new well. yes but. according to her attorney it's better to let sleeping dogs lie you shouldn't take more from mother nature than she can give in spenser to live in harmony with the natural world.
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but when you feel a. need to. hear only you do you really. know what. these terrorists really do agree on with tradition. tradition and nurture. scientists have been talking about the amount of creatures since 2013. the struggle as you conduct leaving school is not a place to move you do need. to
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be treated with a. dozen to put your knowledge. in the 1st company and spoke with the city of id in a golden city of the. us that has made a good many guests you present on the choice of some. file in the. bowl or. a must see a mice could throw in. the ninety's which. when you told. them was are from you for. the bull to revisit. muesli news and understood my new boots on monday after i need to go as a woman lives are lots of have to subside look most of the bullies of us fight them will pretty be pretty busy in the us a but a while ago and asked him what's it like that i love them a smiling when you're stressed but investor can i get off please post them well it
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has been a got there now please call a simple skull is supposed to listen to a video. but i see some of what i see of the video with the digital book of the one . orchard by sure if it's janus the region of at the top of. the tourist cutter to or to king when it's really. cool there were no demons but the seem to have a mind of its own of. its there was several expeditions to investigate the 1st creatures and. argue porches or culture of original grub or what's better where we differ on the dreaded universe almost your. murder but it's been. marina demands but there isn't a. dress a demand is just. a mechanism i knew you could argue i'm a. creature of formation is caused by the build up of gas some to the surface
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and not by the melting of permafrost dark want to resume or shatter remember way. of our bureau in the dark reassembly as a show of doubling our grasshoppers toward a parachute in a. poor student. i have to work could insure my room for a minute in the parable of the fairies for the sure looks and i mean. the 1st thing is to notice and will proceed scream to filmation on the sukkot permafrost mounds. to push. the clues you'll see. mike upward over to the. chair well on the sharp across which was just number shooters are sure. mere words don't stretch. your budget from the robots were perfectly well before.
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i mean he's used to. a position of c.m. why don't you push restored. just to scarsdale when you got in the. mission you pull shades over. there with the boys here so they can. hear. anything about their i think she said. this family of. encounters a crane for the 1st time i suppose the switches. to film. the crystal. will too. so you but you were just. shooting your. a move was a lady. it's possible some of the amounts lakes were forms this
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way the system was raised on the. screen is that because. also i'm going to introduce a thank you. he sure was my view of the queue for the resource officer that was. the year the 1st creature was discovered in your model an unexpected thought brought on reins then there was a cold snap in the fake sheet of ice covered most of the passages. rain dia used to foraging for lichen under the snow couldn't break through the ice deprived of the staple diet tens of thousands starve to death. doesn't anything. that's not there to witness that doesn't mean that it doesn't feel it but that. does a leaning to the. standing it pretty easy. with
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an estimated population of 45000 than units a nomadic indigenous people of the russian north they refer to themselves as ranges children that tradition the shape their way of life best stable diet is room meat on the entrails of freshly killed dia dia blood is a prize delicacy said to contain much power and ixia that has always protected them from skin and victim and deficiency. and units claim it also helped them survive numerous disasters they introduce their children. to this diet a very young age. over the years scientists have studied how the craters are formed in. they have drawn
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a detailed map showing locations where new holes are more likely to appear and where it's less likely. that could lead next year. plus the will to what they restamp store in the data you've war. of so it's not about some. of them so why it's a the. last. time they. are from so a lot of these areas can be dangerous due to how suddenly creatures from. 3 to 50 years may elapse before a freshly from permafrost mound explodes. which point is huddled across large distances.
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chivalrous of president. shortly or. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful. very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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as pieces of. army are. around for dinner somewhere she's seen me a fish mobile phone. for them. under the porch. another cool is for concern is that creatures could appear in russia's largest gas field reach of.
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your mind but it should know. what was on the bottom. and yet the was most of this is in the cup it's. in the ghetto after dumps i am the movie trusteeship award and yours is not a start up must not. that he. could guess extraction on an industrial scale lead to the appearance of crates as. soon as an outdoor area really in a new janitor reserve a call for a bum or a new one of his pitch or just out there grab it don't pitch a dish up there go those turkey parts or sybil. because the rest of it is your only part time supply not knee jerk mikey and i live up to your real. yes i bet you're glad you. don't there yet you're sure war. nobody is edging into your goal of the
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squash. court and you don't know what subways are preparing the ground to look at the time i go to. research for school i was never on the list and. what's a g p g q i'm interested in situ. the last trace of appeared in 2020 at time of frost mound had been discovered on that spot in 2000 but development of the nearest gas field only began in 2012. numbers show a bit of a door with a few drops so we're sure stability just a little but sure my stopovers sure could be almost. flat or secure salem and we're all going to do once it gets me out of the don't need to know where to write it. the question remains why decreases appearing in the 1st place jim did not do it all
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but that the what suited me and the country up north what are you on the butt you've been launched for starters there's a bullet batch file which today actually most recent doesn't want to just open just playing it will scatter about serious news in your words of praise for the music there will be support from the devil and if your oldest is a pawn in your guys and no one it will scatter. the damn people in the. dust of snow just like it will distribute this meaning it's pretty much me it's a. slow game is look these are smarter than a lot of them would be lots of something to point to playing on those nights now i know that is why the number of diets and they're doing it was that was a lie it's one thing to keep them going i think therefore you need to put it all as we can i. mean your problem there. we're living in the age of climate whiplash to what extent these swings will eventually shift green ones a mystery will it be super hot or extremely cold.
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it's why humans don't just appear out of state now but i just want to play right now rusty to mr. competitors and mr. climate whiplash i think it's both the rain and the yemo links inhabitants reza was the bull full of fish 5 to 10 years ago today human skin this catches. the net it's also one seals the behavior of these animals has changed. they didn't used to swim so far down the local river but today it comes as no surprise. the locals are witnessing the warming up of the yamaha region.
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and it's a new phenomenon for them movies. to some called new. condo not an out of the proposed over. number on the road this breast self that's a brand. new ship jeb bush not just for show for it should be with. approval number to not be given moment that abortion should kill that are you of course if you all over. the have to make you the annual. budget. of the. real for boy. be to the should. be your. near enough.
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for visitors to much decision your predator. they don't usually gauge. the daisy chain you're a pedo. bush so sure just go to the shows that. he or she you know. how far this woman up will go is yes until. today and it's a plane at the. methane emissions and they have caused the warming up. at the goal of their picture plenty of. fit in your. spirit.
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but that's not entirely true. active in the interests of more. or. is this trend may actually start to reverse process because an ice age just as a tide reflects is before the tsunami and results in huge flooding. a factor to consider is that the gulf stream has been slowing down considerably this coverage moves from tropical florida. across the atlantic to norway over the past few years freshwater in the arctic ocean has increased 40 percent due to the ice melting and so wake up call for humanity. elope.
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is. on the bubble. of water in. the archives. just. global warming may stop the gulf stream altogether if that happens the europe will simply free. average annual temperatures will drop by 10 to 20 degrees and the continent will become uninhabitable. scientists have solved the mystery of creatures appearing in the amount peninsula it has to do with the unique tectonics of the earth's crust beneath your mouth and
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the cranks that appear it's been seen that craters fall near them but the wrong gases play in the process is not yet fully understood. some of the source used to it because new nuclear. dog wasn't. going to win is now complaining and. scientists are trying to understand the role crystal lean solids called transfer rate hydrates that are formed in the permafrost splay in the formation of craters clathrate hydrates is a powerful roar hydrocarbon. concentrates this lab in skolkovo produces it artificially. low. class rate hydrate stores up to $170.00 times its volume of gas.
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here's what castrate hydrate decomposition looks like under a microscope this is how it is. it's possible that one day clathrate hydrate will become the main source of rule hydrocarbons would be emitted you. should. do well that was the pivotal. deal. possibly it's the accumulation of gas combined with the upper geological horizons that lead to crater formation but it's something that scientists have yet to prove . in 2021 a group of scientists led by by seeley linsky presented the 1st 3 d. model of the latest crater. on shore gas
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emission craters are unique to russia and more specifically to the peninsula perhaps it's nature's hint regarding a potential as yet unused by humans. settled . at the british or groves or. near mahler's appear to go shark or border. rather more. nor new garden or new ground scribus goodness. more is this just north of mr. bush is he ready for. you can now watch the permafrost mounds which then turn into craters from space via the newest russian satellite arctic am the launch from the bike in
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a cosmodrome in february 2021 and this will give more accurate information about the craters a phenomenon local residents and gas companies may encounter at any time. an entire village in alaska has had to move if another country trying to wipe out an american town. we do everything in our power to protect. wanted a escaping climate change poses the same threat right now alaska does seem some of
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the fuss just coastal erosion in the world's last about 35 feet. 35 feet of ground in just about 3 months while we were measuring. it is fast paced the river is $35.00 closer than how i. was here for i think we're part of a murder 1st for. seemed wrong. but all in all just all. me. get to shape out this thing comes out ahead and engaged because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. choose to look for common ground.
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germany implemented a nationwide suspension of the. people under the age of $62.00 reports of unusual. doing several fatal cases we've got live reaction from the grief coming. with. 1000000 doses of vaccine the european union. cultural debate is raging in france where a left wing politician is under fire for insisting whites should have no say in the racism.


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