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because. they. also ahead on the program. is this going to get is undoubtedly a sad fact that one of the vaccines available to us for this pandemic appears to pose an increased risk for certain age group music. germany suspends the astra zeneca seen for people under 60 feet revoked potentially fatal blood clots leaving in limbo those who have really received the 1st. call intentionally. earlier for several hours outbreak using the copyright
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infringement channels editor see the claims are part of a court order needed. across the world to run the clock this is artsy gadhafi with his my names you know neal this hour's top story. the french president has announced a month long locked up starting today after a surge in coburg $1000.00 cases schools will be shut a 7 pm curfew putting in place the restriction 2 are already being implemented in several regions be extended across the country charlotte reports from paris. president machen addressing the french nation or no wednesday night following a meeting of the council of defense where of course they discussed all the options
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available to them to keep calm backing the 19 pandemic a pandemic that is seen now rates of around 40000 new cases being counted every day here in france that's double the number it was just a month ago so serious that we've had doctors talking about the fact that they may have to wait patients from hospitals now present my corner now it mainland france would be now under a new lockdown as you mentioned from saturday there it's a similar lockdown lockdown light as many people have described it as to the 900 apartments that have already been under these restrictions for the last few weeks including here in paris those restrictions mean that there's a curfew in place at 7 o'clock in the evening that's in place throughout the evening normal essential shops will be closed although this time we've seen here in paris places such as florist chocolate shops and hairdressers have been allowed to
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remain open and many of the shops are still doing click and collect services so it's not really sure quite how effective that has been we're also going to see into regional travel so it means you can't go from paris to perhaps. unless you have a particular reason to do that conforms to the french permission forms those permission forms are in place if you want to take a journey more than 10 kilometers away from your home and we know that the additional checks are going to be put in place for patrols particularly for those people who are groups and are thought to be drinking alcohol is quite a lot of controversy surrounding this over the last few weeks people enjoying the spring weather and going out meeting their friends and having a drink saying next to the river this is something press. makan says there will be much more control over he also said that schools will be closed for the next
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3 weeks he talked about accelerating the vaccine campaigns know there are already 1700 vaccination centers open across france and she said that by the end of the summer all adults over the age of 18 would have at least been off the vaccine and there was some relief for people today who just feel as if you know after a year after this all started where is the end in sight and insight he said was in mid may when he felt that he would be time to start slowly opening up the country again all of this is because of how much pressure there is the moment on medical staff medical staff the president malcolm praised for their work over the last year and he said that. places would be opening up they would be more assistance for medical staff but just to give you some of those figures at the moment more than 5000 people are in intensive care of cross france that is now higher than the peak
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during the 2nd wave 9 out of 10 beds are occupied in those intensive care units and we also know he said this tonight that the 4 percent of those who are in intensive care are the age of 65 now i'm sure there will be lots of critics about what president michael said particular because doctors have been calling for weeks and weeks and weeks for there to be another lockdown for there to be harsher measures taken to try and save the services save the push that there is save the hospitals from being overwhelmed. charlotte to minsk in the french capital well germany's vaccination program has suffered another blow with berlin again suspending the use of the us trees and a good job this time for the sixty's that's left many in that age group who've already had their 1st shot in a state of limbo since the hits for the 2nd dose of astra zeneca for those under 60
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who have already had the 1st dose the standing committee for vaccination will take a formal position by the end of a trail. acknowledging the news that had come through from the robert cock institute the public health body here in germany regarding potential links between the vaccine and blood clots and those that had taken it i'm going to merkel said these concerns could not be ignored alongside uncle merkel was health minister yen spawn at the press conference he described the news coming out about astra zeneca job as a major blow is this all of it is undoubtedly a sad back that one of the vaccines available to us for this pandemic appears to pose an increased risk for a certain age group 31 keyes's of cerebral vento strombo this had been reported after vaccination with the astra zeneca jab 9 of which were unfortunately fetal. there was an attempt to put a positive spin on the news by health minister yen spahn though he said that the
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fact that this vaccine wouldn't be used on the under sixty's meant there was more of it to vaccinate the over sixty's it's not just germany that had concerns over astra zeneca though also in canada they've suspended its use there it's for those under the age of $55.00 that will be no longer getting it that's after the national advisory committee on vaccines decided it wasn't worth the risk there is substantial uncertainty about the benefit of providing astra zeneca $1000.00 faxing to adults under 55 years of age given that the potential risks associated with v.o.i.p. i-t. crossing particularly at the low estimated rates it's only a couple of weeks since the last scandal involving astra zeneca and links to blood clots that saw suspensions of the vaccine across europe as well as in central america or in africa and asia as well it prompted an investigation by the european
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medicines agency and ultimately a big press conference by their director m.r. cook in which he said that the astra zeneca vaccine was fine for use a lot of countries where that prompted a lot of countries to repeal that suspension including germany langley merkel has said that the country is going back on that reversal of the suspension and the astra zeneca vaccine will now no longer be used for anyone under the age of 60 across germany. i completely understand being cautious but the problem of stopping the vaccination all the time is that we are already so far behind compared to the rest of the world and that is very disappointing because there are many restrictions and vaccines are the only thing we're trusting so we need to receive clear messages for citizens not to get confused. i feel that they're now really rushing ahead too fast if you look at the side effects they're very rare if you read the information leaflet of aspirin or ibuprofen or any other those have much more serious side effects and we swallow those daily more or less so i think it is
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there is very good that the vaccines were valid so fast and then we talk about the side effects because silence of that information would be so much worse but i also think that due to everyone having an opinion on it now it kind of make the whole vaccination process fall into pieces. structural r.t.r. a because black don't need shoot for a run 6 hours on a wednesday over alleged copyright infringement something the platform later explained all intentional on the back online but questions linger over a barrage of copyright claims coming from the us which the channels editor sees as a coordinator that earlier my colleagues. delved into the details. one of the biggest new shadows in the world more than 5000000 subscribers 3bb views and all of this happened because apparently a channel called business casual filed for strikes copyright infringements
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against the arabic in the span of barely a few months which by itself is almost unprecedented and now r.t. arabic has become the biggest news channel in the world to have been blocked banned because of. such infringement you know this is this is unprecedented territory for him from start to finish mall than that these channel business casual it focuses on business things but recently it has begun posting what can only be described as anti kremlin propaganda. a slew of videos in recent days more than that they have also followed a lawsuit against r.t. international and the now seeking damages and also refusing any communication with the channel this is you know especially worrying because as the arabic says
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editor in chief said there is this feeling that this is a coordinated attack. which you tube channel is facing a coordinated attack from an organization funded by deep pocketed financial backers this voice is now being silenced by the unfortunate kneejerk response to questionable accusations of a copyright for a handful of historic images by business casual holdings it highlights just how you might become subject to manipulation and abuse of its own policies by militias actors. made the details still lacking you tube has said google rather the owners of you tube have said that they are aware of what has happened of the situation in the working to resolve it perhaps some cause for optimism nevertheless the russian foreign ministry is already reacting this isn't the 1st time that russian outlets are being targeted and it is said that these tech giants losing touch with reality considering that r.t.d.
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has been constantly pressured in western countries with dirty methods are used to compete against the popular t.v. channel i soon that we're seeing here another act of censorship by the american platforms it's become boring to repeat politically correct cliches so i'll say it clearly american tech giants have raped freedom of speech there is no way around that r.t. of course all of our news channels all of our shows they have been active on you tube for years now and this isn't the 1st time we've had an issue as you know new for all those years he has been been targeted for what it says look it's no secret secret r.t. will cover things and touch topics that other outlets are the wound or cart and this his own that many let's call them opponents look this happened for years years since 2012 these you tube accounts it's twitter feeds it's facebook pages of all
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things these blogs these bans these suspensions for fold matter of reasons for copyright infringement for alleged copyright infringements for violations of terms of service technical issues argy documentary published recently a documentary about the protests in the united states the violence there the far right groups and this video was struck with a lot one but 2 to warning pages so you know the ones that say this potentially shocking called. d. be warned there's 2 of them as the author went and looked up similar videos covering the same topic with the same images and found to his amazement that most of them had no warning at all now the case with facebook in the now hugely popular show which is making waves on facebook the bad that immediately off to c.n.n. released a report saying that what was already known saying that this in the now show is
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related to. and facebook banned it saying that this was in its effort to improve transparency hours unclear there was no concise new clear. from that but this is this is something that we're used to this is something that has happened is it will keep happening and you know the editor in chief says it shut us up. approaching a quarter of an hour into the program still ahead a poll has found that most americans are anxious about losing their jobs over something they've said online because of the onset of council culture that story for you after the break. all of the information in the world when you put it together and prosecute simultaneously it adds up to 0 it adds up to nothing all deal luzhin a differentiation will be obliterated the illusion of making
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a profit will be obliterated because we're entering into a period of the singularity. a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being. what is true what is. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. for a mate in the shallows.
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again russian opposition figure. has announced he's going on hunger strike he claims to have been denied urgent medical treatment in prison mr novelli has been behind bars since february after being convicted in an embezzlement case. mayor rhodes a letter to prison authorities dated the 31st of march of this year not the words now and in that letter he said that he's on a hunger strike because he's been refused medical help but he said that say he will not say can either bite he will not eat until he is visited by a physician or a doctor off his own choice now in a letter that somehow ended up on instagram the same day that alex had the violin
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they wrote it from his cell to the prison authorities that appear in instagram right away he added that his health his health is also the syria rating because prison guards prison authorities are using torture methods against him by waking him up at least 8 times a night now the prison authorities have issued a statement to that regard and they said that's how he said the valley is being treated exactly the same as all of the other inmates and they refuted all claims of sleep deprivation election of only is receiving all necessary medical treatment due to his health condition the monitoring of any inmate including mr novelli is carried out in accordance with the law and obliged to all of them without exception prison officers strictly observed the right of all inmates to an uninterrupted 8 hour sleep now that statement also said that selig saying the vile they had already been served several reprimands for refusing to follow the prison the prisons daily
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routine and rules as well meanwhile the blogger's followers have appealed to german doctor so come and treat me here in russia for his ailments and that those same issues were raised during the briefing with the letter of putin's spokespersons meets with this gulf who said that it's not the matter of the kremlin but that of the prison authorities he also said that it's unheard of in the history of. the of the russian core that are foreign daughter will come and treat the russian inmates here in prison also there's been an outcry from european officials to release aleksey violently unconditionally and so that the presidential spokesperson said that the case of the valley is russia's internal affair and has to do with the russian prison system and has nothing to do with any foreign country now to give
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you a little bit of a bad grounds about alex in the valley and why he's in prison in iraq right now while he was found guilty earlier this year of breaking the conditions of his suspended sentence where he was found guilty of embezzling at least 400000 u.s. dollars and that some it has to do with 2 companies and one of them included a french cosmetics manufacturer yves rocher. artie's a russian language web site has been taken offline by a number of internet service providers in love it follows last year's decision by the country's broadcast regulator to buy on 7 channels in the r t media group let's show you the message you will see if you try to open the page in up here your internet browser is trying to connect to a website which in the territory of the latvian republic is unlawfully distributing television programs without a retransmission issued by the national electronic mass media council. you know
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just some background last june officials and rehear claimed he was quote effectively controlled by dimitri kissel the old he's a moscow born t.v. who's a list of individuals officially sanctioned by the e.u. but in fact mr kissel you know of has never worked at r.t. he heads a media group called receive a civilian which is a separate organization we've heard no indication from the lothian authorities as to how they've linked him to this channel buck when the allegation was made artie's editor in chief gave her views on the issue the military kissing office not the head of r.t. he has nothing to do with r.t. to me is the head of the. they probably just google to see a subordinate and got russia today the translation i cannot explain this phantasmagoric stupidity by anything else i have been the head of russia today for 15 years since it was founded well last summer the russian foreign ministry the
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apparent campaign against russian media in the last few at the scribing it riseth 4 b.n. we have spoken to various guests on the program who believe any media restrictions create problems for free speach. it is easy in such an atmosphere to it tech russia russian media bestows new cold war atmosphere we have and the west against russia and and generally the west is limiting freedom of expression. and and those who claim always they are so much in favor of human rights and liberty they do expect the opposite it's not just latvia we just come into an era where freedom of expression and and the choice of to news outlets you're watch is not guaranteed anymore at the stated reasons by the latvians full make doing this action taking this action is clearly wrong they have the best case and i was a totally confused 2 different entities 2 different russian media entities it's
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quite believe listen it's just like somebody saying well we're going to to ban that the d.c. foreign countries get about the b.b.c. because of a certain individual who's head of the b.b.c. it's almost like well i'll know yes he's actually. connected to i.t.v. . to to the b.b.c. it would be quite ludicrous and that's exactly what's happened here is an information war that's taking place over a number of fronts and it's war information war against russia. the matter of council culture is having an impact on people psychological well being a majority of people polled in the usa they fear being fired or reprimanded for what they see on law. is a chilling finding that most people in the country now were afraid they would be fired if they expressed their real views on social media of the nearly 2000 people surveyed over 60 percent view growing council culture as
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a threat to their freedom while more than half see it as in danger in their job security we canvassed opinion on the issue among new yorkers. people are creative and have different mindset some artists decide to do different things people you next door neighbor the fact of the difference you that you might not agree on i don't feel that you should ruin their entire lives over what they think in their mind even though it is harsh and if you like the pockets. i think it does scare people and it makes people think and make. sure you know. it appropriate to. the idea of canceling cancelling is bad and is not a good way of. creating difficult conversations because difficult conversations are very important to making difficult topics less difficult. that could really change the way that a person interacts with the world of using. also understand like being fed up with
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having to respond to people who are sorry if you're so low it's always more complicated than it's presented. a political commentator chadwick were assured his thoughts council culture and from where it's emerged. in the past we've always sort of focused on the government and focused on protecting the constitution but of course in this in this day and age threats are coming not really from the government they're coming from business it is from private corporations and most importantly from each other so that makes it interesting and different i think from anything else that that we really experience in culture before it's you know and it's such a lot of it has become a social media mob threats to docs to get people wired and it's not a threat on many levels and most importantly it has a chilling effect on public discourse and on people being able to speak their minds
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to openly discuss an advocate for things that they are the things that they truly believe in and their criticism that maybe what's going on in culture and government and even called yourself. just criticizing cantle coulter 'd can do you cancel. hey let's just return to the story about our sister channel r t r a bake which was blocked for a run 6 hours on wed and stay over an alleged copyright in french mint it's set bock there are no but it was something that the platform later explained as an intentional i'm very happy to say we can cross life to journalist on or 3 down the list offer his take what do you make of this story you choose ses it was a mistake taking a very popular channel off its platform for hours on it is very popular a lot of people in the middle east there's billions of views there are millions of
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subscribers it followed a dispute with a cunt called business casual and then it went off 6 hours poc on are you convinced it was a mistake. well it's possible it was a mistake that's certainly a possibility but there's every reason to be suspicious because there's an a hysterical climate in the united states against our today. and it's extremely intolerant it's. just out of control. so it's not very good so it's hard to be absolutely positive that this was merely a mistake and that was not even a genuine attempt to cut off our t. service r t r because editor said it's a pretty direct language it's a coordinated attack now that would take some planning wouldn't i and i would suggest not inconsiderable power or sway to even try it how likely or otherwise is it that someone else is pulling the strings behind the scenes or it's just
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difficult to say because it was only office hours and that suggests that was really a mistake it was a temporary action that almost a warning maybe. perhaps perhaps we can't be sure but we can we do know there has been a climate of hysteria that's been drummed up for the last 4 years in fact you can actually pinpoint the the date and january 2017 the oh and the the national director of intelligence released a report about russian interference in the 2016 presidential election in which a half report was devoted to art say and it showed nothing other than the usual journalistic. coverage and commentary by a foreign news service but the the intelligence community blew this off in an absolutely hysterical manner into something i can to to interference sabotage and
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espionage and that kind of propaganda has been nonstop ever sense so yeah so i think that people have reason to suspect that a 6 hour you know cutoff and r.t. arabic coverage was not a mistake i can't be sure i don't know what your kind of impossible term at this point but there is every reason to be suspicious just your view perhaps on the wider issue here of the power that the social media giants have here that the ability to simply pull the plug and channels like ours does not need to change to actual viable alternatives need to enter the picture to break up what's been called a monopoly. i'm a i'm very suspicious of the anti monopolistic move was good i think i think at the bottom of that it's not a government attempt to to reign and free speech i mean look the the social media has a lot of bad stuff but it has a lot of good stuff as well i mean i'm in really the average citizen now has access
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to a wealth of information and communication that would've been just completely impossible you know 10 or 15 years ago so it really is kind of a small miracle and yeah some some bad stuff gets through there's no doubt about it but i think that streatham of speech freedom of the press is more important now than ever. you know and by the way you know 3 weeks ago 4 u.s. senators released a statement condemning russia for allegedly harassing radio free europe yet they're blind to america's much greater transgressions in this regard when it comes to arts so so us a populist see is amazing and i think it's part of a very dangerous very gratifying authoritarian movement aimed at reining in free speech daniel as always thank you very much for sharing your views on the program down the aisle as our journalist and author thank you. and others where we leave the news update for not worry we'll be here in 30 with all the latest developments
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sometimes even ellis' to hope you'll join him then goodbye. as an individual committed a crime so nice to an international community a crime i am trying to write in 2 years later when that individual is 40 are you still publishing the person who committed the crime or is the person being punished for something that they were a completely different person at the time one doesn't expire one is a person's actions no longer what we need to judge them for an everyday basis. and i can remember when it would flood one time in the fall and then one time in the spring you know a break up and now i mean already 3 times this year there.


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