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i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. fresh protests in europe over covert restrictions and mixed messages from governments leave people both confused and angry. we can't go where we work regards come together we go and see our loved ones and the more we think there's this sort of fear against our fundamental human rights the u.s. states of a man's defense prioritizing non-whites residence for the kind of a job and moved as some have condemned as racists. i made a surge in anti asian hate crimes in the us a martial arts center in california the state by far the worst affected open self-defense classes to the most vulnerable. and just hundreds of radical islamist
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terror group members served prison terms in russia we asked why a top u.s. base rights group considers their sentences to pocket. a warm welcome and a very good morning to you if you're watching r.t. international with me nicky at. the european series growing us apparently can't contradictory curfews and lockdowns over a 3rd wave of the pandemic reports on rising resistance to measures there's something violate basic rights. businesses shuttered parties banned national holidays canceled social life is in a log down chokehold all across europe as governments struggle to smother the pandemic and while some grit their teeth and the bod others rebel.
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it's prohibition all over again but with a twist saloons hidden behind false walls are now in vogue as well as guerrilla picnics as police combed through the undergrowth for party partisans europe is just one big speakeasy. fed up in my opinion a moon in favor of holding us accountable individual or rather than banning us from doing anything. the lockdown does not correspond to what it should be because people can leave italy freely while we cannot leave our region we can leave the
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house to visit friends during the day but if i call launch of the host 10 times to visit 10 friends i can do it through the 1st day because majority of disregarding the obligations for example they're not wearing masks they're not keeping the minimum distance the 1st wave of covert then a 2nd and now a 3rd wave a traditional way of life has been washed away by what very much looks like a tsunami now the pandemic and there's no sign of the tell you turning anytime soon in germany for instance authorities openly admitted to creating a void of faith between them and the people now to give his name there is no silver bullets when the pandemic but we need clarity. and resolve we need transparent and pragmatic rules so that people know where they stand mistakes have been made when it comes to testing vaccinations to digital solutions the pending as they hold up a mirror to our country reflecting our compulsion to lay down rules for everything
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our fear of taking risks the shunting back and forth of responsibility so during pretty much everything trust board and politicians to stop the spread of the virus is dissipating with every make signal they send like this one says day the 1st of april as well as the surge of april should be defined as calm days with extensive contact restrictions and a ban on gatherings from the 1st to the 5th of april. the idea was a mistake this mistake is my mistake alone a mistake must be called a mistake and above all it must be corrected at the same time of course i know that this whole matter trygaeus more uncertainty i regret that deeply and apologize to all citizens. vaccines turned out to be no silver bullet against the corona virus prompting even more contradictions was present when give this senate vaccines of
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people over 65. it has been greenlighted for people over 55 with a medical condition. astra zeneca has a nature stiction from 18 to 64. the standing committee for vaccination recommends the use of the esters any $1000.00 vaccine and those over 60 and surely over dissidents are only adding fuel to the fire of the pandemic but the more helter skelter the official response to the crisis is the more a narcotic the public mood will get as more people will be pushed and pushed into the ruinous and very very deadly arena of covert denial. we don't want to believe the rules that have been imposed on us they impose on us how just think how to behave they impose measures that are devastating for our people we don't want to tell the readers any longer we can't go where we want we can't come together we
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can't see our loved ones anymore and we think this is absolutely against our fundamental human rights not just some measure of their private most of our rights and we're reclaiming our rights. the biggest goal we have is to end this corona dictatorship because i suspect what is still to come and the made european criticism of a government mishandling of the pandemic some are taking matters into their own hands when i tell you business man flows especially all the way to moscow just to get his 2nd sputnik the complaining of inoculation delays back home. all nonwhite residents over the age of 16 have been offered covert shots by the u.s. state of vermont something only available there to white people over 50 some are branded the move paid to legal racist there the governor defended the decision. this coordinated vaccination therefore it is an important step in to working with
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and compensate interested community partner networks to reach some of the most historically marginalized people in vermont this is not even close to legal the 14th amendment for sure is violated here not to mention just the done right immorality behind such a ridiculous mindset the only way to stem the tide of discriminatory racism is more discriminatory racism for monthly came after a letter from racial justice activists demanding that officials prioritize nonwhites we debated the issue with experts. you know what we have here is a combination of definitely racial justice but also being strategic as we are trying to fight this pandemic and let's be honest we're developing nations the united states is simply not cutting it for how far along we should be when we compare the rates of infection going down in places like australia taiwan and even china the bottom line is that the best way to really get through this pandemic is
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to treat the people who have been disproportionately impacted and affected by it and that happens to be black brown and indigenous people each group has equal access to the vaccine there's no real disparity in access if you want it you can get it it is available it isn't matter what color you are just go ahead and get it so this whole thing is not necessary at all this is not at the expense of white people in vermont it is simply saying that the people who have been impacted the most are the people that we should prioritize this is most certainly discrimination based on race and you cannot do that at all especially from the state level this is a violation of many different fronts it's completely illegal and i would be surprised if he was get away with this without at least a lawsuit possibly some more severe penalties you have the constitution that's involved the 14th amendment prevents this type of thing from happening so i don't
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think this can actually happen in america or at least it should be able to according to what the law says this is not a violation of the protection clause or the civil rights act what it is the institution of good logical sense and good logical strategy to get over a pin down that that has been inflicted in this country for far too long and as well as the people who have been inflicted by myriad other forms of social injustice is about science and try to stick to their science as our glorious science is over here say i think the best thing to do would be to approach a problem from my scientific poll. view from the health point of view rather than a received point of view. protesters have hit the streets of central new york over a jump in national violence against the asian community the city alone has reportedly seen more than 30 anti asian attacks already this year and martial arts center is now offering self-defense classes to the most valuable. it would be so good for our
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seniors and the women who are vulnerable to be equipped with something that the good news. is variable right now. they. want to learn a little bit i don't know what now is going to learn a little bit of comfortable you know there have been in charge of my friends so it . sounds to me. the classes are in the state of california which has seen the overwhelming majority of such attacks and report found that since last year some 2 in story anti asian assault took place there well from march 2020 to february of this year almost 4000 racially motivated attacks on asian americans have been counted nationwide those of chinese ethnicity were by far the worst affected and the appalling assaults continued last week and warning you may find the following footage disturbing.
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organizers of the california self-defense classes say while it's unlikely an elderly person could stop an attack or there are some secrets to prevent more serious incidents with them partly right there no problem but we are in for you campground group are you are really one. part that would be a part go people wait a minute this person right maybe i don't want it would then get run over the next 2 weekends we are going to be giving them more techniques that they can use and then
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inspiring them to also once they are home to practice. at least 300 members of a terrorist organization outlawed in russia are currently serving prison sentences the group reportedly educated one of vice the is most notorious executioners yes human rights watch says russia should not be locking up such people for their quote beliefs markdown see if examined examines what those beliefs are. his book that career has grand plans for all of us for you for me caliph it that spans the world north pole the south pole a world where sharia is law a world where infidels pay a tax to live and do all of this their pamphlet claims in fine print will be achieved peacefully barely after that is they kill the jews the jewish
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infinity is a colossal cause to get rid of it his book dr near is like college for jihad ists you graduate to do greater and more grisly things remember jihadi jordan the star of many of isis is beheading videos guess who helped him find himself yes reportedly a regular at his book the events before going on to do greater things other notable graduates include the mastermind behind the september 11th attacks on the twin towers and the once head of al qaida in iraq and still his maintains that it's peaceful or secure which alicia pounds. is the most pacifist cult imaginable moving grass was forbidden to avoid harming fairies that live in the grass indoor plants were also banned because wild parra science needed something to feed them but that didn't stop them from killing 50 people with
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certain gas and planning the murder of 4000000 his mood here is bad in germany and russia across much of the muslim world but it is largely flown under the radar in much of the west that megalomaniac ambitions may seem almost comical but there is nothing to laugh at. me presents a serious threat it's simple structured and his ation which aims to dispose secular governments through violent uprisings with the goal of declaring an islamic. it's members are trained in war zones and the legs of others are going is a chanst they're especially active in crimea where the organization operated without restrictions up until 2014 so imagine the confusion by the human rights watch comes out in support of his book dr levy members calling them quote political activists a russian military court sentenced 7 crimean tatars to prison terms ranging from 13
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to 9000 years it is part of a pattern of political march of 8 it persecution that has been happening in russia occupied crimea for the past 6 years we are human rights watch to explain how arresting his book that we are members is politically motivated persecution they ignored the request i mean it is a difficult thing to do one argument that they made is that his looked at here is legal in ukraine so i would like human rights watch to now justify one of the leaders of the group in ukraine calling for the extermination of jews and the burning of the l.g.b. t.q. community if you go here and there so there is only one solution to israel with blessin when all muslims united we will end this problem nothing else will help no the joint statements nor old maps to peace of mind about will that we should find the how big or small to rock on the homosexuals or she's a 1st
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a wall we have to burn them and then throw rocks at them and this is the right way to punish them there are hundreds of his members in the penal colonies and jails like this what cross russia the problem is when you put too many of their senior think is it any one colony the full cells they begin to spread and who is the other inmates with their fanatical ideology their recruits their accountants their. preachers but inside also with the other junior members say they were misled didn't realize what they were getting into one of them agreed to speak to us but if. they would approach you with a mosque they would gauge you see if you're a recent convert who easier to work with it's simple to condition a person to believe that black is white and white is black. this is does a hard life play a part and that there's always
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a hard life does but there are many factors to it and when a person experiences difficulty in life and you offer support to him he will trust you entirely i mean says that he had no idea that he's back there was bad that russia is heard of. isis but he's looked like he has kept a lower profile but really as sad of that was another former member that we found she was part of the leadership overseeing the female side of the local cell it was his horse at the now they recruit mostly the young they lack critical thinking they're trustful when you're on your rival with no parents nearby no friends it's very easy to fall under their sway their ricky says when his boot would egg the youth on they would say we have to do something the internet are everywhere and this would energize the youth with negativity push them into traveling somewhere and doing something about it some dobbs his book here is
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a little more conspicuous in mosques we've heard their leaders publicly call for muslims to join isis jihad lists and syria and iraq we've heard promises that the caliphates army would raise paris and decimate frogs yet no such thing in their brochures and bad flits website send podcasts is the group and yet it is a teacher there is such a thing as an esoteric organization it say's one thing but doesn't others and his but is an example for external. here's the speaker of pacifism but to their own brothers be talk of exterminating jews and christians and conquering the world the united states human rights watch and others of all piped up in support of crimean tatars arrested for membership of his book the clear as they did decades ago when the soviet union fought the taliban was only when the twin towers fell and that they realized that perhaps the taliban weren't quite the heroes they were made out
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to be or chechen jihad ists freedom fighters they called them as they blew up apartment blocks and metro stations in russia of course the cheering stopped when the same ideology detonated 2 bombs at the boston marathon i just hope that in 10 years' time that someone doesn't have to make an emergency services school about his book the near blowing up a bomb. still to come this hour britain would announce a kind of a possible scheme later today not despite opposition even from the ruling party lawmakers story and more coming up after this short brain. the world is driven by dreamers shaped by one person or those.
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who dares thinks. we dare to ask. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy the infantry shouldn't let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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welcome back and italian man has made a 2nd trip to russia in 2 months to get his seconds dose off these vivax see he told r.t. . why. the vaccine rollout has been a debacle hard to mess for months now it's been a regular in the headlines and with more production and delivery to laze on the cards it still looks like a fun piece word had now waltz most e.u. citizens are waiting and hoping that the brussels somehow gets its act together always have taken things into their own hands on a sunday rather nearly a boon and bread talian has decided that manasseh nuff and he wants his job now but where in the world can you get a covert vaccine at the drop of
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a hat while right here in russia so back in march he got on a plane from rome to moscow to get his fosters and now he is back in the capital for a round if you would have to. shift the should be verse you need to be noted. to a long time to sleep europe is very developed at the count i mean community. is good. but. because some. of those adored is not good screen is the. production year of very soon. and we have sort of big delete so this thursday we could be absolutely. wrangling and frying a few hours all waiting until the autumn even longer until he's eligible for
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a vaccine in italy. it was a tough choice especially what he thinks about his large family many of whom are in at risk category getting the job was just as much about protecting them as himself talking to me feel so waved away any misgivings about sputnik v a vaccine that has despite being registered in round 60 countries in the world and having positive reviews. in top medical journals been met with suspicion and skepticism by many for alexandria though it's easily explained because even in a pandemic there's space for a little bit of politics. because that is maybe. i don't see any other problem i don't want to see any kind of course. i see the. producer. immediately find here in europe. there is no reason.
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to not approve a. community already speak very clearly that no one. no one will see the. water king doctor is not if he should i just hope that you know. priority. for a politician will be to see you for life of people and not to i don't know to support some of the coming out of the clinic after his appointment alessandro looked like the poster boy for putting health over politics the world was. so funny vaccinated and with a certificate to prove it us andro can now fly home and safely hug his out of the parents of course getting a visa in cuba times isn't that easy alexandra invited his russian wife being allowed into the country but
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a small story like this could become something much bigger given the country's vaccine. production delays no wait lists and the fact that there are hundreds of vaccination points business owners have pitched the idea of easing travel restrictions and inviting foreigners for some kind of visa free vaccination vacation they say it's a win win grossing bust last month but it was more busy years but you did not see it looks a nazi must. be did not sit. in the. mirror . when you talk about them. properly i agree with this 100 percent the. policy should be this one. open all possibility or via which can of us need people soon as they can take a not business idea for a test run alessandro straight off to his shop he and
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a few of his atari and friends also put their faith in sputnik he met up for a celebratory lunch and all of a sundry has been told to hold off on the alcohol for a few days that didn't stop his friends from toasting day is good health has a future antibodies and of course to international cooperation. britain's prime minister will unveil plans for a domestic vaccine passport at a news conference on monday afternoon barstow's and says it can help prevent another lockdown it is definitely going to be. a world in which international travel will use banksy and you can see that already other countries in the aviation industry are interested in those and there's a logic to that and i chose the apple or paper certificate would grant people access to public places and potentially open up international travel there are
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still no details on how exactly the system will work but a backlash against the moves that is already gathering. covert status certification would be divisive and discriminatory with high levels of vaccination protecting the vulnerable and making transmission less likely we should aim to return to normal life not to put permanent restrictions in place as we start to get this virus properly under control we should start getting off freedoms back vaccine passports essentially covert id cards takers in the other direction it would be divisive effectively creating an underclass of people who are not vaccinated many of whom will be vaccinated for medical reasons it's a major infringement on civil liberties. parliament approved a similar system last week with the so-called digital green certificates expected to simplify travel within the european union that's despite a poll finding that 7 in 10 french people see the past as
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a privacy threat and there's also skepticism as to whether the system will even work. it obviously creates a 2 tier society whereby some people will be allowed to go about their daily lives in all sorts of areas and then others will be discriminated against and be forced to remain at home forced to promote any exceptions so it creates a very very unhealthy situation within society which is why it is rejected by the jointed people it is not the best option i think of the searched short term solution many as seeing it as an option but obviously as a long term one it is a very bad idea and i think this is why it's important to see these m.p.'s hold the government to account and ensure that this is at the very best very well as whichever way you look at it is merely a temporary measure your back's needed and my son who's 20 isn't you know i don't he's going to still dad you know it's not fair that you try will be good
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because because i can't i think you actually do see well good on you you can try work hopefully will go back and that's you know we can try will i do that at a convincing argument i think that a lot conflicted with using vaccination passport if not for the privilege there is a lot of conflict of this because in britain we've never had id cards we've had never had any real control we don't have to show in the past or health you know sort of records to complete strangers that's what i'm conflicted about rather than the fact that if there's a inequality between those people that have the vaccination and those who don't because the logical being equal you are given the privilege argument does that help the people in general or privileged over 6 people but that's like them that's the way the world works you know and that's a problem that i just i just input in the pandemic but. to our allies. many thanks for joining us here on r.t.
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international we have been having a great start your day we'll be back in 30 minutes with the latest. hello and welcome to crossfire are all things are considered i'm peter lavelle ukraine is back in the news and not in a good way escalating rhetoric could lead to more complex within ukraine who is driving this impending conflict in and why or is this all about isolating russia.


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