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seneca's koch the job hits the spotlight again as the european medicines agency is vaccine chief makes it to blood clots with the families of those who died off to getting the shot demanding on says. twitter to monster removal of a decade old video off the ledge of u.s. war crimes claiming it violates the platforms policy on graphic content. and in its to be a march in support of struggling businesses tons find and with offices injured by protesters warning they would supply a town in a year. and
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bring you the stories others may not it's all tea from everyone here and most could very. well starting us off fresh questions have been raised about the astra zeneca vaccine with the latest meeting to calls for restrictions a senior official from the european medicines agency says there may be a connection between the job and blood clots it's still unclear exactly how and why problems occur. as the story. astra zeneca coronavirus vaccine was already on the microscope but fresh questions over possible links to blood clots have increased cools for clarity and more they are representing the families of 2 french people who don't light off the recently receiving the chap told oh it see that they won't own says. they want to understand the
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investigation has been launched the autopsy has been requested and done the question for the moment is to find out if it was caused by the vaccine itself or by the way it was injected but today it seems highly likely that a link exists between astra zeneca japp and occurrence of the thrombosis we want to understand what happened and afterwards to find those responsible for the lawyer mr broughton is involved in the cases of people who died off to taking the drug previously understood to be in good health when a 24 year old medical student i 10 days after receiving astra zeneca in more the 2nd a 38 year old social worker also received a deuce in the same month a few days later she complained of a constant headache she was admitted to hospital and died of the suffering a blood clot on her brain a manslaughter probe is now being carried out into her death which appears to link
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to claims about astra zeneca that were made by a top may official. we're trying to get the precise picture of what is happening to define in detail the syndrome due to the vaccine in my opinion we can now say it is clear there is an association with the vaccine what causes this reaction however we still do not know as new evidence emerges of possible links between this scene and from the families of those who have died or to know if more can be done to prevent such deaths in the future. my concern and the concern of families is what we are calling preventable deaths in other words for certain people vaccine benefit risk assessment is obvious i'm speaking particularly about people over 55 years old in france the vaccine is restricted to people over 55 years of age so the
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benefit risk assessment should be made more details. though later stress that noise the family are against the vaccination program but that clearly isn't shared by all tensions are rising off the last week's news that similar blood clotting cases were discovered in the u.k. in france concerns have now left many refusing to be inoculated it's more than a wave of panic there really has to be a national campaign to explain that these folk scene has no more negative consequences than the one from pfizer oh mother now but here may has continued to stand by astra zeneca saying it is still to come to a conclusion on a link to the blood clots and the world health organization says the risk benefit of the astra zeneca job is still largely positive but it seems that that is doing little to ease growing concerns of britain's health regulators mulling restricting the use of us because that is covert vaccine for younger people trials on children
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have also been put on hold as investigations continue into a link between at the job. plotz well we got reaction on the streets of london. i had my 1st. good bo problem my mom's not get in it because she saw this it was a health condition she's not getting it simply because of the little clots and we do actually know someone who's had a stroke since get in the vaccines i'm not sure about that you know because they love you for has been vaccinated there ok this will be even more side effects that we don't even know about this is just one thing that we can now they have no idea what this could cause i guess the fear is bigger don't do you actual problem we've got a good public health system keep an eye on these things and obviously go be looking at the latest research but while the advice to still take the vaccine i would still take the vaccine as well pakistan is looking to join the ranks of countries making russia's word a virus job as demand in the country grows our correspondent will report from the
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country to later in the program. well in the meantime you've spoken to a top vajrayana g professor who traveled to china with the world health organization to probe the origins of the pandemic domenica wired told r.t. is going underground it's been hard to get to the truth for many reasons you can watch the full interview right here throughout the day. what did you find because as far as where we've seen in the media it's kind of inconclusive you can't even conclude it came from china clearly it's inconclusive i mean it was easy we wouldn't have had to go there in the 1st place of course this is terribly complex of the science is complex the politics is complex but look we went through a large amount of data provided by the chinese you know a number of different areas and made a number of conclusions really about what further work needed to be done clearly we can't figure out a patient 0 if you like or 'd virus ciro but we've got to go
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a long way to planning what needs to be done did any of the authorities in china say you shouldn't mean wuhan you should be in italy given their code without the bodies were circulating in italy in september of 2019 way before december i mean there's no doubt the virus exploded in with them there's no question about that now the issue is was the virus circulating in other parts of the world 'd around that time or even a bit before and yes there is evidence mutually it's a bit from spain as some from france to some from the united kingdom and what did you feel when reportedly you weren't given some of the data you wanted i mean have you got this rule patient into 174 covert patients from december 21000 the who are requesting. that's true i sort of do a number of things chinese sought to do before we got there including going back to looking through the last couple of months before december trying to identify potential traces the amount of mist and we insisted on that being done and they did
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it and they presented were no were of course only there for a short period of time so not all the darter that we would normally asked for in the sort of their approach investigation was given to us then but the data is continuing to come forward. twitter is moving to correct reality once again this time the platform has targeted a once classified video showing a legit u.s. war crimes account open r.t. america correspondent has been suspended after posting the footage with twitter agreeing to lift the bod only after rachel platens didn't post but blevins told us the real issues that both responsible have still not been held to account. they said that they were doing this because i violated their graphic content policy essentially because in that video you were watching civilians and journalists lose their lives and the context that they give behind that is to say that for the
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families of those victims that would be hard to watch that would be hard for that footage to be out there and to that extent they're correct about that i mean this is disturbing footage and yet at the same time it's also even more disturbing for those families to know that even though the footage has been out there the attackers the murderers who are responsible still have not been brought to justice well fast released by wiki leaks and 2010 p. once classified u.s. military video appears to show the indiscriminate shooting of more than a dozen civilians. from an american helicopter and among those killed were 2 employees of the reuters news agency which obtained a video from a number of whistleblowers live the is the video that twitch claims breaks its rules have been posted by many of the uses it is doesn't are to judge us that aren't true because it's system levin's insists that. the footage still needs to be brought to the public's attention. even though it has been
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a lot of anger since this footage was released those pilots those u.s. soldiers you see in that video who are literally murdering citizens civilians and journalists in broad daylight has no consequences for those actions even though we see this video circulating even though we see how for if they can how disturbing it is they still were allowed to walk free and it was the people who released that video such as chelsea manning and julian assange who brought it to light you brought it to the public's interest they are the people who have been attacked and been blamed for this footage because here in the united states are major media organizations like say c.n.n. or fox news they don't show you footage like that they don't show you how her if it is a when the u.s. military commits these terrible war crimes in other countries they don't tell you what is actually going on with this so-called war on terrorism they don't take the time to ask those questions about why the u.s. is still station why they still have their military across the middle east where it
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is not wanted where it's a legal well we're seeing the increased aggressiveness of digital platforms where the people who gunned down those on arm civilians and journalists in iraq will never be held accountable for the crime that they committed although of course it's been documented through the courage of chelsea manning and julian assange and wiki leaks and this will not change under the biden ministration you have to remember that during the obama administration and obama's vice president was of course joe biden expanded the targeted assassinations through militarized drones including against u.s. citizens. a march in support of struggling italian businesses has turned violent with protesters clashing with riot police in front of parliament. thank you thank you
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the unrest was sparked by the extension of restrictions to the end of april they include the closure of all non-essential shops and take away only the softest of restaurants and cafes many venues have the right to go on bank hopped on a bill to withstand the financial pressure of a fart knocked out here even many italians furious up the prospect of more restrictions. she's yelling cut and our chains in our souls because we can't go ahead and accept the situation we want to reclaim our jobs and now 3 of them did we ask for an immediate end to the national walk down and for the immediate opening of all commercial activity without any restrictions regardless of the statistics related to the disease the fact we can't go out after tenet nights that we can't go where we want not respecting our rights which are constitutionally mandated as a form of tyranny they found an italian conservative think tank told us he believes government inconsistency is our driving people to dispair. it seems that people are
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so strained to be closer we don't have a date to hand off to lock down we don't have a plan for the next. date sold the next we simply don't know if they're locked down to move the i don't know in the head of state police we don't know if the lockdown would finish in the hand made every week and every day for the government to change a day in the lows and every week of the government to see that the law of the moment the. next few weeks and this is mission is quite difficult for the end of the world is the 1st article of our history you should say that italy is a democratic county police on the move so if the number of people in the city since 10 opening their shops can't produce the worst of how they can be sure i have understand that people mean understand the people that work in the street that
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there's free and trying to see the roads and the big problem in our county this is the government don't have the money to have these people so that's why these people i'm going to dig this from which to a resurgent what are the important e-zine and he says you see that from the last year this year we lost in 1000000 jobs in our country soon you can measure how these difficult economic situation is this is called the economy in this one so the government has to have old people. to the head in the program the u.s. has a record number of migrants are trying to add to the country while those tonight outrage over one makeshift camps will talk about pot a much more after this short break. the world is driven by dreamers shaped by the curse of those great.
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no dares thinks. we dare to ask. when i will show small seemed wrong all my old clothes just don't call. me the old yet to shake out this day to come to educate and engage with equals betrayal all the once and many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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molly thought use rocket as and position on the launch pad at the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan ready to blast off to the international space station friday's liftoff will be just days before russia marks the 60th anniversary of eureka garm becoming the fast space the space ships actually be named in honor of the cosmonaut and decorated with his portrayed to russians and an american will be taking to the stars. pakistan's pushing to manufacture a sputnik theme as hospitals report massive demand for russia's covert fact seen r.t.c. course channel 4 ports from the capital islamabad. pakistan has entered
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a new era in vaccinating its population against covert 19 while free government subsidized vaccines are still only available to the senior population and well doctors the groups of risks private companies have now also been allowed to sell the vaccine to everybody willing the price is steep it stands at about $18.00 per 2 jobs or brush is good news but well despite that despite the average salary here in pakistan being below 500 dollars a month and we've seen you was especially among younger pakistanis and lines to get brushes but. we were vaccinated to in seoul city hospice to ruin seems very very satisfied that the overall experience of good in this but the vaccine is very good. it's a very easy process without any pain we were boxing needed in after $21.00 days to get the sick and those to finish the process. my motive is to protect myself and my
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. family when we feel safe and secure it will start a trickle down effect there is talk about herd immunity my message is that those who can afford it should be vaccinated as soon as possible. it's partly because being offered at this hospital also in through other hospitals. in the deception has been so positive because people would like to see it because people will realize it is the only way we are for the world you know what they have it will do now this process of kind of private vaccination isn't going without a hitch some venues have already reported that they have sold out and in some places like in the southern province of people had to queue for hours to get the job but in general well it is a promising trend given that pakistan has and avoided the fate of so many countries in the world where a certain percentage of the population went this event and the criticized and in general not trusted the process of vaccination and all together pakistan has long
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shown interest in the russian vaccines russia has done an excellent job of helping the world fight the pandemic vaccine is a step forward in this direction we are committed to attract investments to pakistan and if possible producing this vaccine in our country but now that so many people in pakistan have shown that they want to get the vaccine that they are sensible that they want to get themselves protected against covert 19 this paves the way for further russia pakistan corporation. a record number of migrants tried to cross america's southern border in march that's according to homeland security with reports suggesting the massive inflows will continue through . on the other side of the frontier the situation's even worse where the refugees gathering in makeshift camps after being rejected by the u.s. .
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and the fact is i've made it very clear within 100 days i'm going to send to the united states congress a pathway to citizenship for over 11000000 undocumented people and all of those so-called dreamers those docket kids they're going to be immediately certified again to be able to stay in this country and put on a path to citizenship. but that if we decided to come because the president said that he wanted to he not families that were separated as. you know it it's something we didn't expect even though the president said that of course he would hope as he still hasn't done
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anything. but please really the story is very complicated because there's a lot and everything we've been through just to end up here like cats and dogs. it didn't. end up what it was that we can collect the necessities bid by this to provide for our central american brothers who are in need but. i think. these are people that are once again paying the price of politicians in that you know i. i think you know who would have won whether it was biden or trump
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or. anyone else who either of their respective parties really the same consequence would be seen and we'd see a continuation of the policies that push people up north that push people from their homes as well as crack down here in the united states is kind of part of the bigger problem in the democratic party i think the democratic party likes to position itself as this kind of alternative to the quote unquote white nationalist republican party etc and so they say things particularly those at the top the leadership like joe biden like us and they are trying to score political points and we see this kind of rhetoric this welcoming open woke nance. pushed by the democratic party but then when push comes to shove we see them backtrack on their words. jobs lost savings or run out depression just some of the effects on the 10s of thousands of australians stranded
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abroad for months by one of the wall street plus lockdowns now one group's filed a human rights complaint with the united nations over congress continue to refusal to let the own citizens come home astray and say the country's travel cap means many still can't return up 240000 remain abroad according to the government although the alpha is the real focus for 5000 on this to quote vulnerable we spoke to want to straighten stranded here in russia. originally up until. about october last year i was still actively trying to get on them since i've largely given up my attempt to get to get back to my country because the restrictions is taking place make it impossible for me to buy a ticket even if i even if i am i'm looking at paying maybe $10000.00 u.s. dollars upwards and then there's the flight assistance package which the government
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. offices but all those flights only leave from places like germany and paris and someone like me if i was to leave there russia and then go to paris if i was to contract cover of it i wouldn't be eligible for that flight home because they only take the. test negative 2 to carve it on the fly so if i did that i could be stranded somewhere else completely and i would be unable to even get back to russia if that was the case. the prime minister scott morrison had to bring many if not a little things to start to tie him up by last christmas james k. to account says the ongoing situation that's simply unacceptable says in my policy book that i should not be offered terribly deprived the right to return to my home country. the syrian government has used the biosecurity act which is something to explain away that kind of it is an international disaster and that's why we on allowed to return home but now it is
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a year on these excuses of war and there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to get up get this is a gross violation of all surrenders romance human rights. a bad joke a late night us t.v. sketch aimed at promoting vaccinations among the black population appears to have backfired on its preaching says to me more on the way to talk to patients of racism the american and to taint industry faces. in today's update on things there now suddenly considered racist a saturday night live sketch featuring all black actors about how black people don't want to take the code vaccine no. not yet so i was looking for. need a vaccine not a word the whole concept of a recent sketch was that a doctor was the host of a game show where he convinces a black family to take the covert vaccine all the stereotypical black family members refuse saying stuff like this oh i can't take that back thing i am
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a christian look i don't mind taking the vaccine and that's going to be the 1st use to be frequently hilarious satirical sketch show but recently has turned in so woke propaganda machine running on woke him or but despite being all progressive and stuff lame writing aside people already have a hard time understanding jokes and satire these days so writing stereotype humor based around black people well that's just asking for trouble and that's exactly what followed no no no how did this kid even make it on air it's deeply problematic making fun of black folks decline in the vaccine especially without any context bust and then go into racism within and outside healthcare institutions a lot of black people have has a dense here and a vaccine is because of medical racism and not sheer ignorance although as it is with stereotype jokes a lot of it turns out to be kind of true
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a recent study actually showed that black people along with women and conservatives were indeed more likely to refuse vaccination but who cares about statistics and stuff the internet knows best and the only reason that people don't want to get vaccinated today is because of modern day racism speaking of racism dancing can also be racist addison ray who dances on her cell phone to her whopping 80000000 followers on ticked. once on jimmy fallon's show to show off some of her dance moves. the cultural and entertainment value seems questionable but whatever who cares it's just dancing it's harmless right well guess again fallon and ray got completely slammed for the show why well apparently ray stole all the moves from
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black dancers and didn't credit them on air although she does that on her social media and balun fail to call in the original black dancers so make the segment instead opting for tick tocks number 2 star and since both fallon and ray are white . races this is colonize a culture in real time because she did not have the talent to create a t.v. to come up with these dances but she is getting the credit and exposure but seriously making sense of all this drama is beginning to seem kind of pointless all this is the woke entertainment industry literally eating itself alive ever since hollywood decided to embrace the walk ideology and appeal to the vocal minority on twitter well that's really just been controversy after controversy most of the viewers have already left or are on their way out so all that's left is the woke entertainers and the woke and perpetually offended crowd that's just waiting for
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their next fix let's wrap up with some news in brief now and i said they knew fisher house opened up near a volcano just thought to 2 kilometers from the country's capital hundreds of hikers visiting the site were in fact awaited a steamin naafa prompted from the site. in the meantime several cities in the netherlands have suffered extraordinary weather conditions for this time of year after a dramatic drop in. temperature up to the moment up plummet to below 0 with heavy snowfall continuing in many parts of the country the situation is particularly surprising given that the country was enjoying temperatures of plus $25.00 degree celsius just a few days ago. and finally a group in the russian city of samarra have sent a prey to the opening of the soughing season on a huge floating ice flake the participants was experienced and fully equipped sportsmen said it worry how up up the soft is did not avoid incident some
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bystanders mistakenly thought they would try owning one called the police well that's it from me for this hour thanks for joining us remember auto call has plenty more 6 2nd out. their survival guide books to see good morning to the stores. next. repatriations we're going to serve in the. military president gore.


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