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all breaking news here about t.v. european medicines agency confirms oscars that a covert fight scene is possibly linked to unusual cases saying it should be listed as a very robust side effect of the job. to monitor the removal of a decades old video well for us with crimes claiming a violates the platform's policy on graphic content. and distributed stranded abroad for months all out with little option but to file a human rights complaint over conference refusal to that them come home we spoke from the street and stranded at russia. it is a gross violation of the human rights to return it says that i should not be on the
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turly deprive the right to return to my from time treaty. 27 live from moscow this is our national us this one state the something. what i start off with a developing story breaking news here on our europe it medicines agency has confirmed that astra zeneca job is possibly linked to very rare cases of unusual blood clots and that it should be listed as a very rare side effect of the foxy shot at 2 pinsky. well the economy has confirmed that there is a very possible link to red types of blood clots with platelets what they say is that they think this could possibly be a response to the astra zeneca job but they haven't been able to specifically pinpoint but they think that i mean response could be something similar to
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a new moon response that's known for a drug called heparin which is a blood thinning drug that essentially interacts with aborting the body produces antibodies producing extra platelets and not cause is blood clots now what they said is they investigated $62.00 cases over brain blood clotting and also a food $24.00 cases of this over the abdominal area or. bleeding in the stomach area and said of those cases 18 had to be fatal now the majority of cases were said to be in women under the age of 16 with symptoms presenting within 2 weeks of receiving the asters and they could job despite. the e.m.a.'s stands by the fact that astra zeneca is a safe vaccine with the benefits of that job out weighing the risks the benefits of the astra zeneca vaccine in preventing qubit 19. outweigh the risks of trying to
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fix the proof after an very in-depth analysis has concluded that future cases of unusual blood. following vaccination with the astra zeneca vaccine should be listed as. to facts of the vaccine when you advice will be given out to those to inoculate patients as well as those who are seeking the astra zeneca job but if they show specific symptoms within a 2 week period that they should seek medical advice those symptoms include if they have persistent ted takes if there's a shortness of breath or even if they. perhaps swelling in their legs now it's not clear whether the cases that were reviewed by the safety committee include 2 deaths that are being investigated here in france the lawyer representing 2 families says that what they want is own says. they want to understand the investigation has been
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launched the autopsy has been requested and done the question for the moment is to find out if it was caused by the vaccine itself or by the way it was injected but today it seems highly likely that a link exists between the astra zeneca jab and occurrence of the thrombosis we want to understand what happened and afterward to find those responsible who already there have been a number of questions over the safety and the efficacy of astra zeneca we know were ready here in france as well as in germany and in norway the job is now only being recommended to individuals in age groups and it's also been announced on wednesday in the u.k. that under thirty's will be offered an alternative job to astra zeneca as those concerns over safety and this possible link to rare blood clots continues what will be interesting now is what decisions if any national health regulators take as a result of this new information by the way we know already that the concern over
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astra zeneca has meant that people are not turning up for their appointments here in france for the job the mayor of color saying that over the weekend hundreds of appointments were missed with hundreds and hundreds of doses unused because of a sense of panic over this particular vaccine. well as 1st live now to dr cony his head of public health medicine at the university of exeter in the u.k. i do want to ask you i mean after that has had a tough time recently do you think that it can come back from this or its reputation has been damaged now. no astra zeneca oxford vaccine is overall a very good safe easy to give vaccine the findings of this very rare very unusual in a few people of of following immunization is very unfortunate but overall i know that the vaccine will save the world what we need to do is put it
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into perspective if you get covert $1000.00 disease you're also likely to get clot so we are going what we know and what we know is that in the younger age group below 30 the risk of getting this highly unusual and unexpected clots increases slightly so we are going to modify what we do by saying ok in the under 30 year olds we will give you an alternative vaccine but overall i think the vaccine is safe and on balance it is worth taking now of course i'm speaking to you now and i can see the rational in the logical but of course this when it comes to people's health and people's lives people get a bit irrational they get scared they start panicking do you think that we're going to see some people saying you know what no i'm going to wait or i'm going to choose another vaccine or in fact i just don't want to fact seen it all. yes and this is
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why it is important for public health experts to get out there and give the correct succinct understandable messages to the public and take them with them i don't think we need politicians to be giving these messages because they don't have the gravitas or or the trust for the public to follow them whereas public health experts need to get these messages out urgently that overall the vaccine saves lives it is worth being immunized if you get covert 19 disease you can also get clots and as a precautionary measure in the under 30 year olds we are going to give you an alternative vaccine do you have any concerns about. what the vaccines were maybe unnecessarily rushed through the registration and the approval process in order to kind of send out a positive message that we can deal with this we've got a fact now. no no not at all because these vaccines go through the correct
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trial phrases and then external scrutiny but actually what is really good to clearly our knowledge is post vaccination surveillance systems are picking up these highly unusual unexpected outcomes in a few people and that is a testament to post vaccination surveillance systems picking up exactly what we are meant to do which is highly unusual unexpected things that you wouldn't necessarily have picked up in the trials when you were testing out the vaccines the concern of course is that this is one thing that's popped up in quite a short time since the vaccine has been being used. long term do you think we're going to see more and more of these kinds of side effects appear maybe not just bluster that occur from other vaccines to. well i hope not but obviously when you
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have given many many millions of vaccine doses it is only then start to pick up a trend or a pattern if there is one but overall i hope and i pray that there won't be any untoward effects from any of the axioms and to be honest i have looked at all the vaccines and by the time they're passed the test of independence scrutineers they're good they're safe and they save lives compared to cope with $900.00 disease it is much better to be immunized now of course a lot of people who are perhaps kept a color fight scenes would say you know what i want to can we just. attain some sort of immunity the not to immunity why what would be the argument against that. so. herd immunity by infection is the wrong thing to do because if you go towards a herd immunity by infection it means a lot of people will be ill
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a lot of them will be severely ill and many of them will die we are here to prevent unnecessary deaths therefore you do not do herd immunity by infection you do herd immunity by immunization which is the which is what we are now set off to do now that we've got the vaccines up i also want to ask astra zeneca has changed the name of its vaccine now to vax every hour. is that a coincidence and if it's not do you think that's a good move at the moment for the company's p.r. image. i really wouldn't know but this is this is book marketing and. other people know more about as far as i am concerned with the science the astra zeneca oxford vaccine and by the way the sputnik work seems to have been far from russia are similar product forms and they are going forward going to be the
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vaccines that do a lot of good public health all over the world well thank you so much for coming on and giving us your professional insight into that that was dr canary head of public health medicine at the university of exeter in the u.k. have a good day thank you well we've also spoken to a top priority professor who traveled to china with the world health organization to probe the origins of the pandemic dominic told r.t. is going underground it's been hard to get the truth for many reasons you can watch the full interview here throughout the day or go to r.t. dot com. what did you find because as far as where we've seen in the media it's kind of inconclusive you can't even conclude it came from china clearly it's inconclusive i mean it's in so it was easy we wouldn't have had to go there in the 1st place of course this is terribly complex of the science is complex the politics is complex but look we went through a large amount of data provided by the chinese you know
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a number of different areas and made a number of conclusions really about what further work needed to be done clearly we can't figure out a patient 0 if you like or 'd virus ciro but we've got to go a long way to planning what needs to be done did any of the authorities in china say you shouldn't be in wuhan you should be in italy given their code without bodies were circulating in italy in september of 2019 way before december i mean there's no doubt the virus exploded in with them there's no question about that now the issue is was a virus circulating out of the parts of the world around that time or even a bit before and yes there is evidence mutually it's a bit from spain and some from france or some from the united kingdom and what did you feel when reportedly you weren't given some of the data you wanted i mean have you got this rule patient going to 174 covert patients from december 21000 the you
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are requesting. sort of do a number of things. to do before we go through including going back to looking through the last couple of months before december trying to identify potential traces of mist and we insisted on that and then they didn't and they presume to know we were of course only there for a short period of time so no although we would normally asked for in this sort of built for us investigation was given to us then but the doctors continued to come forward. while twitter was moving to correct reality once again this time the platform has targeted a once classified video showing a legit us war crimes the account top an american correspond to has been suspended after posting the footage with twitter agreeing to lift the ban only off to rachel happens to be to the post but i've been told us the real issue is that those responsible have still not been held to account they said that they were doing this
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because i violated their graphic content policy sensually because in that video you were watching civilians and journalists lose their lives and the context that they give behind that is to say that for the families of those victims that would be hard to watch that would be hard for that footage to be out there and to that extent they are correct about that i mean this is disturbing footage and yet at the same time it's also even more disturbing for those families to know that even though that footage has been out there the attackers the murderers who are responsible still have not been brought to justice. well 1st released by wiki leaks in 2010 the once classified u.s. military video appears to show the indiscriminate shooting of more than a dozen civilians in a baghdad suburb from an american helicopter among those killed were 2 employees of the reuters news agency we obtained a video from a number of whistleblowers over the years the video the twitter claims breaks its rules has been posted by many of the users but it is up post as an r.t.
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journalist the triggered system but levinson says that graphic footage still needs to be brought to the public's attention. even though it has been a lot of anger since this footage was released those pilots those of us soldiers do you see in that video who are literally murdering citizens civilians and journalists in broad daylight has no consequences for those actions even though we see this video circulating even though we see how horrific and how disturbing it is they still were allowed to walk free and it was the people who released that video such as chelsea manning and julian assange who brought it to light who brought it to the public's interest they are the people who have been attacked and who have been blamed for this footage because here in the united states are major media organizations like say c.n.n. or fox news they don't show you footage like that they don't show you how her if it is a when the u.s. military commits these terrible war crimes in other countries they don't tell you
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what is actually going on with this so-called war on terrorism they don't take the time to ask those questions about why the u.s. is still station why they still have their military across the middle east where it is not wanted where it's a legal well we're seeing the increased aggressiveness of digital platforms where the people who gunned down those on armed civilians and journalists in iraq will never be held accountable for the crime that they committed although of course it's been documented through the courage of chelsea manning and julian assange and wiki leaks and this will not change on of the biden ministration you have to remember that during the obama administration and obama's vice president was of course joe biden expanded the targeted assassinations through militarized drone drones including against u.s. citizens. last savings one out depression
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just some of the effects on the 10s of thousands of a straight and strong to brought by months by one of the strictest knockdowns now one keeps filed human rights complaint with the united. the congress continued refusal to let the own citizens come home australian say the country's travel cap means many still can't retire on up to 40000 remain a brute according to the top man and although that often is the real focus off on high up 5000 to listed as of ripple we spoke to want to straighten stranded right here in russia originally up until. about october last year i was still actively trying to get on them since october i have largely given up my attempt to get to get back to my country because the restrictions is taking place make it impossible for me to buy a ticket even if i even if i am i'm looking at paying maybe $10000.00 u.s. dollars upwards and then there's the flight assistance package which the government
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. offices but all those flights only leave from places like germany and paris and someone like me if i was to leave the russia and then go to paris if i was to contract kovac i wouldn't be eligible for that flight home because they only take the. test negative to take over on the flight so if i did that i could be stranded somewhere else completely and i would be unable to even get back to russia if that was the case. a prime minister scott morrison had pledged to bring many if not all of those stranded home by last christmas james k. took out of the ongoing situation simply unacceptable. says in my possible that i should not be all that terribly deprived the right to return to my home country. the syrian government has used the biosecurity act which is something to explain away that kind of it is an international disaster and that's why we on allowed to return home but now it is
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a year on these excuses of war and there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to get up get back this is a gross violation of all stratas france human rights. pakistan's pushing to manufacture russia sputnik vaccine was hospitals report massive demand for the chop. in the capital islamabad. pakistan has entered a new era in vaccinating its population against covert 19 while free government subsidized vaccines are still only available to the senior population and while doctors the groups of risks private companies have now also been allowed to sell the vaccine to everybody willing the price is steep it stands at about $80.00 per 2 jobs of russia's would need to be but well despite that despite the average salary here in pakistan being below 5 $100.00 a month and we've seen q. was especially among younger pakistanis and lines to get russia's sputniks be we
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were vaccinated to in seoul city hospice so everyone seems very happy very says is it the overall experience of good in the sputnik vaccine is very good. it's a very easy process without any pain we will need it and after $21.00 days to get the 2nd dose to finish the process. my motive is to protect myself and my family when we feel safe and secure it will start a trickle down effect there is talk about herd immunity my message is that those who can afford it should be vaccinated as soon as possible. because being offered this hospital also and a few other hospitals. in the reception has been so positive because people would like to work simply because people don't realize that this is the only way we are for the world and they have a good will do now this process of kind of private vaccination isn't going without a hitch some venues have already reported that they have sold out and in some
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places like in the southern province of karrar cheap people had to queue for hours to get the job but in general well it is a promising trend given that pakistan has been avoided the fate of so many countries in the world where a certain percentage of the population went this event and the criticized. and in general not trust of the process of vaccination and all together pakistan has long shown interest in the russian vaccines russia has done an excellent job of helping the world fight the pandemic vaccine is a step forward in this direction we are committed to attract investments to pakistan and if possible producing this vaccine in our country but now that so many people in pakistan have shown that they want to get the vaccine that they are sensible that they want to get themselves protected against covert 19 this paves the way for further russia pakistan corporation. a record number of
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migrants tried to cross america's southern border in march according to homeland security with reports suggesting the massive inflows will continue through to the autumn on the other side of the frontier in mexico where the situation even was recchi g.'s are gathering in makeshift camps after being rejected by the us. and the fact is i've made it very clear within 100 days i'm going to send to the united states congress a pathway to citizenship for over 11000000 undocumented people and all of those so-called dreamers those docket kids they're going to be immediately certified again to be able to stay in this country and put on
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a path to citizenship. like that if we decided to come because the president said that he wanted to he not families that were separated as. you know it it's something we didn't expect even though the president said that of course he would hope as he still hasn't done anything. that. you. know please really the story is very complicated because there's a lot and everything we've been through just to end up here like cats and dogs.
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it didn't. end up more than what we can collect the necessities big by bits to provide for our central american brothers who are in need but. these are people that are once again paying the price of politicians in that you know i. i think the matter who would have won whether it was biden or trump or. anyone else either of their respective parties really the same consequence would be seen we'd see a continuation of the policies that push people up north that push people from their homes as well as crack down here in the united states is kind of part of the bigger problem in the democratic party i think the democratic party likes to position itself as this kind of alternative to the quote unquote white nationalist republican party etc and so they say things particularly those at the top
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leadership like joe biden like. and they. are trying to score political points and we see this kind of rhetoric this welcoming. push by the democratic party but then when push comes to shove we see them backtrack on their words. let's finish up with some news in brief and iceland a new house opened up near a volcano just 2 kilometers from the country's capital hundreds of visiting the site were evacuated from the area as. did. meanwhile several cities in the netherlands have suffered extraordinary while the conditions for this time of year often dramatic drop in temperature the moment to plummet to below 0 with heavy snowfall continuing in many parts of the country situations particularly surprising given that the country was enjoying temperatures of plus $25.00 degrees celsius just a few days ago. and finally of paddleboard in the russian city of
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samarra have celebrated the opening of the sports season on an ice floe the participants were experienced and fully equipped athlete however they didn't avoid incident as bystanders mistakenly thought that they were stranded on called the police. well that's all from me for the day but have no fear taking over the reins it's quite a breath the top of the hour us to join them as for me i must seize it. but 'd i get to hold this if you're lucky you're just the 1st one to look up in your eyes to go forward from the hundreds.
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that shows you just sort of do want to catch. people think it was national guard coming off. the plane. to libya. but some books which are from the postman. will support scoop one of these critics one off the list most of whom nobody knew the least because between. the fishing and don't live to be smeared. all over the city of new. apollo someone to be renewed because we've got a style if you call it 80. today
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the industry prefers to spend millions of euros in you know being to do daily traditions i will be sniffing all about making money making profits in some of the big corporations international markets import export do you imagine the number of currently diseases that are out in every community today it is no due to new viruses a whole new microbes that's not true so it is due to environment less will see the ciggy though the moment all discipline the out of this sort of muscles obviously just accumulate could only come into use even though to be. deflected from the scud . if the so food industry is successful it will create more jobs it will create more value added it will create more growth so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interests of the industry not accept that we have regulation we want regulation i was the industry and if we don't behave in
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a serious penalties that's fine. because the swarms of them so moving. and good use of local was before. much of those who heard the preview are you ever seen him with the north we will see we're going to. move. move. move show you this new york liberal media has been looking good. more muslim also these girls will give you films for good girls. to go to shows look but look you just seem you belong if you show your story to me you should go. to start ups to organise them to get to meet until it was a little mist they'd say look it is it's. just ashton understands just me
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nuts and mashed on trying to stop the president and please control this project until. there's we have petitions to post this for 2 snippets almost all knew it because that was the girls who were to swear his supporters to your machine station shouldn't for you should cook door for the one who's doing business. greeting sal you. you know in the post trump world the mainstream news media has been searching for something and need.


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