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the european of medicines agency confirms after a vaccine is possibly linked to unusual blood clot cases saying it could be listed as a very rare side effect of the jepp. recip 2 suspected terrorists on the us mexico border leads to further criticism of the biden administration's handling of the migrant crisis. in australians stranded abroad for months are left with little option but to file a human rights complaint over their own country's refusal to let them come home he spoke to an australian stranded in russia but it is a gross violation of our human rights to return it says in my head i should not be arbitrarily deprived the right to return to my own country.
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broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our chief international and sean thomas is really glad to have you with us now the european medicines agency has confirmed that astra zeneca kofi jab is possibly linked to cases of unusual blood clots and that it should be listed as a very rare side effect of the vaccine dubinsky takes up the story. well the economy has confirmed that there is a very possible link to red types of blood clots with low platelets what they say is that they think this could possibly be a response to the astra zeneca job but they haven't been able to specifically pinpoint but they think that i mean response could be something similar to a new moon response that's known for a drug called heparin which is a blood thinning drug that essentially interacts with the body the body produces
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antibodies producing extra platelets and not cause is blood clots now what they said is they investigated $62.00 cases over brain blood clotting and also a food $24.00 cases of this over the abdominal area or. bleeding in the stomach area and said of those cases 18 had to be fatal now the majority of cases were said to be in women under the age of 16 with symptoms presenting within 2 weeks of receiving the asters and they could job despite. the e.m.a.'s stands by the fact that astra zeneca is a safe vaccine with the benefits of that job out weighing the risks the benefits of the astra zeneca vaccine in preventing qubit 19 outweigh the risks of trying to fix the problem after an very in-depth analysis has concluded through future
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cases of unusual blood. following vaccination with the astra zeneca vaccine should be listed as. to facts of the vaccine when you advice will be given out to those who inoculate patients as well as those who are seeking the astra zeneca job but if they show specific symptoms within a 2 week period that they should seek medical advice those symptoms include if they have persistent ted takes if there's a shortness of breath or even if they. perhaps swelling in their legs now it's not clear whether the cases that were reviewed by the safety committee include 2 deaths that are being investigated here in france the lawyer representing 2 families says that what they want is all. they want to understand the investigation has been launched the autopsy has been requested and done the question for the moment is to find out if it was caused by the vaccine itself or by the way it was injected but
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today it seems highly likely that a link exists between the astra zeneca jab and occurrence of the thrombosis we want to understand what happened and afterwards to find those responsible who already there have been a number of questions over the safety and the efficacy of astra zeneca we know we're already hearing frogs as well as in germany and in norway the jab is now only being recommended to individuals in age groups and it's also been announced on wednesday in the u.k. that under thirty's will be offered an alternative job to astra zeneca as those concerns over safety and this possible link to red blood clots continues what will be interesting now is what decisions if any national health regulators take as a result of this new information by the d.m.a. we know already that the concern of astra zeneca has meant that people are not turning up for their appointments here in france for the job the mayor of color
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over the weekend hundreds of appointments were missed with hundreds and hundreds of doses unused because of a sense of panic over this particular vaccine. while the origin of the pandemic is still under scrutiny we spoke to a top virus professor who traveled to china with the world health organization to probe the origins of the pandemic nick dwyer told arties going underground it has been hard to get to the truth for many reasons. what did you find because as far as where we've seen in the media it's kind of inconclusive you can't even conclude it came from china it clearly it's inconclusive i mean it was easy we wouldn't have had to go there in the 1st place of course so this is terribly complex of the science is complex the politics is complex but look we went through a large amount of data provided by the chinese you know a number of different areas and made a number of conclusions really about what further work needed to be done clearly we
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can't figure out a patient 0 if you like or 'd virus ciro but we've got it gone a long way to planning what needs to be done did any of the authorities in china say you shouldn't mean wuhan you should be in italy given their code without the bodies were circulating in italy in september of 2019 way before december i mean there's no doubt the virus exploded in with them there's no question about that now the issue is was a virus circulating out of the parts of the world around that time or even a bit before and yes there is evidence mutually there's a bit from spain and some from france or some from the united kingdom and what did you feel when reportedly you weren't given some of the data you wanted i mean have you got this rule patient into 174 covert patients from december 21000 the you were requesting. that's true i sort of do a number of things the chinese to do before we got there including going back
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looking through the last couple of months before december trying to identify potential traces not of mist and we insisted on that being done and they did a search and they presented that there were of course only there for a short period of time so no all that we would normally ask for in this sort of upright investigation was given to us then but the doctor is continuing to come forward. president biden's migration policy remains under fire this time over the revelation that 2 men on a terror watch list were detained on the southern border u.s. border protection agency gave details in a news release which was swiftly withdrawn u.s. border patrol agents assigned to the al central sector and arrested to yemen a man within the last 2 months that's where identified on the terrorism watch list among the surge of migrants illegally crossing the u.s. border and being detained we now find out that among those who were detained were 2
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yemeni men who were on the terrorism watch list now white house spokesperson jen psaki says this is not a common occurrence however there is widespread concern about the security of the united states amid the border surge. cartel suman traffickers and the terrorists are all trying to take advantage of biden so open borders president biden strecche list build the security police has continued to put americans across the country in danger enough is enough it's time for the biden administration to get serious about stopping the senate now what's even more interesting is the report from the border patrol about the detaining of these 2 individuals has been removed from the internet according to the website and those who manage the border patrol that report somehow violated national security but at this point there are many other concerns that we've seen a 15 year high in migrants crossing the u.s.
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border and as this is going on as 171000 people crossed the u.s. border in march we now have the biden ministration considering options among the options they are reportedly considering is perhaps continuing the building of trump's border wall take a listen the president has communicated quite clearly his decision for the emergency to trigger the devotion of department of defense funds to the construction of the bootable is ended but that leaves room to make decisions as the administration as part of the administration in particular is over there will need renovation particular projects that need to be finished viewers will recall that when donald trump began building the wall the democrats fought against him pretty hard they declared the wall was immoral that it was racist and they shut down the government for $35.00 days to prevent funding from being allocated for this wall
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let's review what happened how do you all is an enron lady it's not who we are as a nation 20 times show called for i will shut down the government if i don't get my will none of us if you want to know something you've said ok you want to put them i said i'll take i was a prosecutor for many years and including the attorney general california i specialize in 2. and national credit is a yeah that's and then wind all stopped them now at this point amid an upsurge of migrants crossing the u.s. border including potential terrorists to individuals on the f.b.i. terrorism watch list at that point we now have a situation where democrats are possibly considering measures they once declared when donald trump proposed them and put them forward to be immoral quite an interesting turn of events a record number of migrants trying to cross america's southern border in march this according to homeland security with reports suggesting the massive inflows will continue through to the autumn and on the other side of the frontier in mexico
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where the situation is even worse refugees are gathering in makeshift camps after being rejected by the u.s. . and the fact is i've made it very clear within a 100 days i'm going to send to the united states congress a pathway to citizenship for over 11000000 undocumented people and all of those so-called dreamers those docket kids they're going to be immediately certified again to be able to stay in this country and put on a path to should just. let
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them know that we decided to come because the president said that she wanted to he not tramways that was separate as. you know it it's something we didn't expect even though the president said to us of course he would help us he still hasn't done anything. to. please and really the story is very complicated because there's a lot and everything we've been through just to end up here like cats and dogs. and we're going to. end up more than is that we can collect the necessities bid by this to provide for our central american brothers who are in need but.
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these are people that are once again paying the price of politicians in that see you know i think the writer who would have won by there it was biden or trump. or you know anyone else either of their respective parties really the same consequence could be seen and we'd see a continuation of the policies that push people out north that push people from their homes as well as crack down here in the united states is kind of part of the bigger problem in the democratic party i think the democratic party likes to position itself as this kind of alternative to the quote unquote white nationalist republican party etc and so they say things particularly those at the top the leadership like joe biden like us and they are trying to score political points and we see this kind of rhetoric this welcome a nice. push by the democratic party but then when push comes to shove we see them
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backtrack on their words. jobs lost savings run out and depression just some of the effects on the 10s of thousands of australians stranded abroad for months by one of the world's strictest lockdowns now one group has filed a human rights complaint with the united nations over the country's continued refusal to let its own citizens come home australians say that the country's travel gap means and many still cannot return up 240000 remain abroad according to the government although there are fears the real figures are far higher 5000 are listed as vulnerable we spoke to one australian stranded in russia. originally up until. about october last year i was still actively trying to get on them since i've largely given up my attempt to get to get back to my country because the restrictions taking place make it impossible for me to buy a ticket even if i even if i am i'm looking at paying maybe $10000.00 u.s.
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dollars upwards and then there's the flight assistance package which the government . offices but all of those flights only leave from places like germany and paris. and something like mate if i was to leave there russia and then go to paris if i was to contract cover of it i wouldn't be eligible for that flight home because they only take people who. test negative 2 to carve it on the fly so if i did that i could just be stranded somewhere else completely and i would be unable to even get back to russia if that was the case australian prime minister scott morrison had pledged to bring many if not all of those stranded home by last christmas james cater says that the ongoing situation is simply unacceptable says in my possible that i should not be offered terribly deprive the right to return to my home country. the syrian government has used the biosecurity act which is something to
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explain away that kind of it is an international disaster and that's why we on allowed to return home but now that is a year on these excuses of war and there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to get up get back this is a gross violation of all surrenders romance human rights. is pushing to manufacture russia's sputnik vico vaccine as hospitals report massive demand for the shot arches it has done of his in the capital islamabad. pakistan has entered a new era in vaccinating its population against covert 19 while free government subsidized vaccines are still only available to the senior population and while doctors the groups of risks private companies have now also been allowed to sell the vaccine to everybody willing the prices keep it stands at about $80.00 per 2 jobs of russia's need to be but well despite that despite the average salary here
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in pakistan being below 500 dollars a month that we've seen q. was especially among younger pakistanis and lines to get russia's sputniks be we were vaccinated to insult city hospital everyone seems very very serious fight the overall experience of good in the sputnik vaccine is very good. it's a very easy process without any pain we will box unaided and after $21.00 days to get the 2nd dose to finish the process. my motive is to protect myself and my family when we feel safe and secure it will start a trickle down effect there is talk about herd immunity my message is that those who can afford it should be vaccinated as soon as possible. as part because being offered this hospital also and a few other hospitals. in the reception has been so positive because people would like to work simply because people don't realize that this is the only way forward
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and they have a good will do now this process of kind of private vaccination isn't going without a hitch some venues have already reported that they have sold out and in some places like in the southern province of kharaj you people had to queue for hours to get the job but in general well it is a promising trend given that pakistan hasn't avoided the fate of so many countries in the world where a certain percentage of the population went dissident and the criticize. and in general not trust in the process of vaccination and altogether pakistan has long shown interest in the russian vaccines russia has done an excellent job helping the world fight the pandemic the vaccine is a step forward in this direction we are committed to attract investments to pakistan and if possible producing this vaccine in our country but now that so many people in pakistan have shown that they want to get the vaccine that they are
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sensible that they want to get themselves protected against covert 19 this paves the way for further russia pakistan cooperation. america's c.b.s. news is under fire for what has been described as a deceptive edit of a press conference with florida governor on the scientists as the clip apparently misses most of his interview the segment in the current affairs program 60 minutes featured an exchange in which a reporter effectively accuses the governor of pay for play in florida's vaccine distribution efforts the part when the governor explains the state policy was a minute in the final cut the critics say it looks like you dodged the questions on the census is now accusing the media of lying these are. that's why nobody trusts corporate media they're a disaster and what they're doing they knew what they were doing was a lie the republican governor was quickly defended online including from
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a democrat the florida state emergency situations manager manager who explained in a fiery tweet that no connection should be made between a campaign contribution from a company and the state choosing the supermarket chain to assist in vaccine distribution. the store group in question called publics also dismissed the claims as irresponsible as well as absolutely false and offensive c.b.s. news though stands by the story and said in a statement that they interviewed dozens of people about the story and requested a separate interview with the scientists who he declined guests we have been hearing from say today's media is letting people know. i'm a video editor so i know how much you could change the meaning by editing i don't think that c.b.s. is going to admit any wrongdoing as far as i know that they're saying that they did nothing wrong which to me is very disgusting it's very disturbing because the american people depend on the news to give them accurate storytelling and when
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they're making up stories and editing stories and doing something that's deceiving they should apologize immediately i don't think that they will apologize just because i just think they're not the type of company that's going to be able to actually apologize to the public everything they say is aimed towards democrats towards liberals toward socialists everything a conservative republican says is twisted that it tried sexed up legal word or print media says in united states anymore and that's sad because i do remember the media bytes are light and i spent might strider younger years in the day i was probably 5 or 6 years old my dad nice sat and watched the evening news together and i did that were about 40 years i don't believe i've watched one evening news in the united states in the last 5 years because it's all propaganda lies and make news twisted out of context. take a swing around the globe to look at some news making headlines in brief 1st to the spanish capital where a rally by the far right vox party has turned violent several people were
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reportedly injured in scuffles with riot police the movement is known for its criticism of an authorised immigration and feminism and is against giving more power to spain's regional governments. on to iceland a new fissure has opened up near a volcano just 32 kilometers from the country's capital hundreds of hikers visiting the site were evacuated from the area as steam and lava erupted from the site. the group of pavel boarders in the russian city of samarra have celebrated the opening of their sports season on the ice floe the participants were experienced and fully equipped athletes however they didn't avoid incident as some bystanders mistakenly thought that they were stranded and called the police. the. u.s. state department has denied talking with allies about
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a joint boycott of next year's winter olympics in beijing our position on the 2020 olympics has not changed we have not discussed and we are not discussing any joint boycotts with our allies and partners earlier state department spokesman ed pryce suggested a boycott of the games over human rights claims was a possibility the biden administration has been working to rally allies to confront china the foreign ministry there says a boycott would go against the spirit of the games and hurt athletes interests we've got reaction from shanghai based to finance expert benjamin chow who says washington's global leadership position is slipping the olympic games is a 24 hours a day around the clock events so testing to cities in china as a whole real time to the world the image of beijing has improved a lot in the 2008 games but in the u.s. could have. tested the waters and try to gauge what is the right
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pitch from the responses of the allies. the u.s. has failed miserably before the u.s. failed to ask countries to stop trading with china the us how to ask country to use the chinese business chinese for scenes the u.s. failed to address countries to invest. in infrastructure investment back in the u.s. has also felt alone that the world is no longer with the 3 and that the u.s. one other to say yes. 33 and a half minutes i will be back with another. today
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the industry prefers to misstate millions of euros in you know the. daily
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conditions will be sniffy about making money making profits in some of the corporations international markets import export do you imagine the number of chronic diseases that are in every family it is new due to new viruses all new microbes facts not true so it is due to environment. not going to say you know that moment all discipline of this sort of muscles are really to kill it could only come in to see in the. diplexer the sky is just so food industry is successful it will create more jobs it will create more value added it will create more so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest something in history now except that we are british and we want regulation has industry and if we don't behave as india's penalty that's fine.
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i'm afshin rattansi and you're watching a world health day 2021 lockdown going underground as official global coronavirus death tolls reach 3000000 in part 2 will investigate whether covert has revealed an imminent implosion of a neo liberal mega machine 1st let's go straight to sydney australia to speak with one of the 13 who have returned from han after w.h.o. investigation into how coronavirus began joining me now is professor dominic to thank you so much professor for coming on the show what what did you find because as far as we've seen in the media it's kind of inconclusive you can't even conclude it came from china. it's inconclusive i mean it was easy we wouldn't have had to go there in the 1st place of course so this is terribly complex of the science is
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complex the politics is complex but look we went through a large amount of data provided by the chinese you know a number of different areas and made a number of conclusions really about what further work needed to be done clearly we can't figure out patient 0 if you like or virus ciro but we've got it gone a long way to planning what needs to be done maybe your views are shared by the other 12 members of your team in war and i don't know because the headlines that made your visit in the mainstream media in nato countries was the us c.d.c. former boss saying that cope with 19 escaped from china's institute of viral a-g. redfield thing that made headlines everywhere yes it did their stardom and he did say though that he was making those comments as a private citizen not as head of or former head of c.d.c. but i think this is one of the difficult things here i mean there is a report with
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a lot of evidence of a lot of recommendations about future work now how people interpret that silence for their own political reasons or other isn't is really up to them what we've tried to do is show what we've done and let people work out what they know what they need to do further and how they want to interpret it we can't control the politics of fortune on the science and you and the team but leave the go ahead was circulating around. in china in december 2930 right so the chinese were picking up cases of very severe pneumonia pretty presenting to hospital and that's based on their experience with sars and flu and those sorts of things i think probably what was on week nights at the time was that there was obviously a lot of transmission of virus and people infected. who weren't seriously or we know that now of course to be quite common at the time they didn't so in general
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much of the evidence pointed to some circulation of the virus before or around the time that sick people 'd were presenting to hospital and that's where the difficulty is in trying to work out where the origins are did any of the authorities in china say you shouldn't mean who harm you should be in italy given their deco without the bodies were circulating in italy in september of 2019 way before. i mean there's no doubt the virus exploded in with them and there's no question about that now the issue is was the virus circulating in other parts of the world around that time or even a bit before and yes there is evidence mutually there is a bit from spain and some from france or some from the united kingdom that still doesn't tell you the origin because people were potentially spreading the virus without realizing it could have just as easily been in move around for a longer period of time they could have infected people in view of the travel back and forth 'd from europe and.


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