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e.u. officials seek to reassure people that the astra zeneca covert shot is safe saying vaccine hesitancy is costing lives but there are signs that the damage to public trust is already done. why yes for me there is a risk since it has been shown that there are people who have unfortunately died after getting vaccinated it seemed the risk is low in their best interest i think we don't know what to trust you will be to the dark. germany reveals plans for talks with moscow to buy russia sputnik the job as long as it gets approval from the e.u. regulator and. the soyuz rocket carrying 2 russians and an american has docked with the international
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space station just days before the 60th anniversary of the 1st manned space flight . for their friday evening at 8 here in moscow my name's column by welcome to your world news from r.t. international we're going to start the europe where governments are split on whether to restrict the use of the astra zeneca covert job on thursday the european commission warned that without a unified response public confidence in an occupation could falter we've been getting reaction in paris. it's confusing yes because to say that the laws change from one country to another while the product is the same we wonder on which study they are based those who had complications were rather young so they said let's stop it for the young but not for the old well i mean it's weird their management of the thing is not clear why he's for me there is
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a risk since it has been shown that there are people who have unfortunately died after getting vaccinated it is important to get out of this health crisis therefore we have to weigh the benefits and the risks of same the risk is low in their best interest i think so they are never going to say that the risk is high and so that's right that doesn't surprise me confusing there is a bit of confusion we don't know what to trust i feel a bit of the dark concerns over a potential link between astra zeneca and red blood clots is exposing the latest divisions within the e.u. after the book's agency that evaluates and supervises medicinal products that may once again said the benefits of the vaccine now weigh the risks but saying that blood clots should be listed as a rare side effect not although we're convinced it measures have been taken it's only in spain of joined ranks with germany deciding to limit the job to those
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who are over the age over 60 belgium has followed suit with province now only recommending astra zeneca for those over $55.00 but those differences are causing a headache for brussels it's worried that without a common policy towards astra zeneca trust in vaccinations could be rooted commissioner as a member states to ask experts to work with hema to the hokie coherent approach across the region through their guidance and analysis the issue of the 6 truly important we want to avoid. course a vaccination however it may be that this ship has already sailed here in front there have been reports of people not turning up for they could be vaccination if it's astra zeneca and confusion over who should and who shouldn't have it is right there is also a question to be a last about why certain countries are making unilateral decisions against
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evolution of the e m a we all want certain that may be simple the head of germany's vaccine commission said the a.m.a. evaluates vaccines based on what's of benefit to all in the e.u. individual countries though can be more picky in germany we have a slightly different situation because we're not so dependent on the astra zeneca vaccine and we can postpone vaccines and thereby achieve the same effect but in the end we still have the risk of these serious side effects in a certain age group over in the u.k. a new restrictions on astra zeneca or even tighter than those that have been taken by the european neighbors that previously the u.k. dismissed questions raised about the jab now the government committee is recommending that healthy people under 30 are provided with a different fact seen adults who are age 18 to 29 years old should be offered an
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alternative covert night in fact seen in preference to the extra zeneca vaccine regulators are now would voicing that astra zeneca provides another update on possible side effects and while for some the idea that they have a toy any chance of developing a fatal blood clot may be too much others say that they will gladly take the risk in a big to put an end to the cone nightmare so all of the will be out see paris summary no set to become the 1st nation in western europe to use sputnik thing as its primary covert vaccine the micro state which is within italy has just received another 37000 doses of the russian jab a senior official told us why they turn to moscow. ok we thought of the order spec but we face a delayed to supply of the 1st doses of the pfizer vaccine which were covered by protocol agreements but when. the pen demick forced us to settle for other
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solutions on the market through cooperation with the russian direct investment fund we managed to pare new doses of this politically vaccine and start our vaccination campaign vex nations are now primarily being carried out with sputnik the. we had an opportunity to receive scientific proof that this is a good and reliable vaccine and this is also confirmed by our own internal research of antibodies which measures the safety and efficiency of this year to date we have had absolutely no problems some minor reactions we have detected to comply with standard reaction. which include low grade fever chills and so on right now we have no problems with the summary no hopes to initially boost its vaccination campaign and bring it to a close before the end of may the enclaves home to around 34000 people and most adults there are lined up for the job ministers told us they have been working well with moscow. we are definitely happy with the vaccine
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and are surprised at how good our cooperation with the russian fund has been we saw the professionalism of the fun's workers and their willingness to help as well as quick supplies of the chaps it has been a very good experience of cooperation and i hope we will do it again in the course of future vaccination campaigns. of course our fight to get is coronavirus has some particularities because we're a small states with limited resources our health system has limited capabilities to confront the situation caused by this is why it's crucial for us to immunize our population as soon as possible when we saw there are existing vaccines on the european market is limited which complicated the start of our vaccination campaign we decided to contact the russian direct investment fund regarding sputnik the. european medicines agency is still considering whether to approve the russian vaccine a process that's been going on for several months a former italian m.p. told us that the regulator needs to act faster.
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given the. interview with these issues. and then that point of view i'd ruther. thought being that it is not so important because or even gays are pure commercial reasons it will be in order it is a very bad i hope that a wheel or speed up but in case they do not i think that any way our government as other governments should go along and bush's what they want of the german health ministers announce the countries in negotiations to buy the sputnik the shock from russia once the vaccine has eve approval and spawn expects deliveries as soon as possible reporting next from berlin here's peter all of a. well what we are seeing is the early stages of talks between germany and the
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russian direct investment fund for the for berlin buying doses of the sputnik the vaccine these talks are confirmed by health minister yen spon on thursday. the e.u. has said that the sputnik vaccine will not be part of the joint procurement programme for vaccines that system this all for $11.00 for all system of the e.u. commission by invite scenes and then distributes them so well this is seen is germany take an independent route in which they're looking to you to buy the sputnik vaccine we've heard time and time again from angola merkel that she was keen to use the sputnik the vaccine once it gets a.m.a. approval and certainly that is what we heard from again spawn again on thursday saying that once the european medicines agency give sputnik v the green light germany is more than happy to use it the announcement from yen spun that germany as they couldn't treat would be in negotiations to buy sputnik became shortly after
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market zada who's the leader of the state of bavaria said that the very i had agreed what he called a preliminary deal with russia to buy 2 and a half 1000000 doses of the sputnik vaccine you know we're doing to give sputnik it's approved in europe then bavaria will receive additional vaccine doses i think it's 2500000 doses probably in july through this company that is operating in bavaria to then once again increase the additional capacity for vaccinations. while looking at the reception to the sputnik vaccine here in germany it's pretty positive you go of polling shows 55 percent of germans say they'd be more than happy to take a sputnik jab politicians and local leaders as well also on the side with getting the sputnik the vaccine into the arsenal that germany can use against the corona virus we vaccinate vaccinate vaccinate but when we need is the quantity and that's
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why the german government should finally sign contracts for sputnik we should do their homework. every available vaccine has to be used russia is a great land of science and i don't have the slightest doubt that scientists there are capable of producing an effect of facts ian not everybody is as positive as stefan viol who is the leader of the state of lower saxony said that his state wouldn't be entering into any side deals like that very or done saying they would stick to the agreement that had been agreed with the european union also there was an air of caution from yen spahn the health minister as he announced that these talks were going on to buy sputnik he said never mind any debate about whether germany should buy cove advice not could all well prove to be a mirage because what was important was whether germany could receive doses of the job in the next 2 to 5 months because if they can't they already have deals in
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place that would provide germany with what they see is a knock back scenes to vaccinate their population what they need is these jobs in the immediate time for in an immediate timeframe in order to get them into people's arms straight away the sputnik the vaccine from its 3rd phase trials its face 3 trials receive just over 91 percent effective rate seeing against the covert 19 vaccine that was according to statistics that were published in the lancet medical journal. the italian prime minister has called turkey's president a dictator in a feud that's been branded so for gate the european commission chief was left fuming on tuesday after she was refused a seat at top level talks in ankara and relegated to a nearby couch. absolutely
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do not agree with air no one's behavior and i was very sorry for the humiliation the european commission president wonder lane had to suffer let's call them what they are dictators with whom one nonetheless has to coordinate. the turkish government have back at mario draghi remarks calling them impudent and ugly along thursday the foreign ministry summoned the italian ambassador to express its condemnation meanwhile the european council chief shell's michel has defended his own conduct explaining why he didn't try to diffuse the situation by vacating his seat. i was convinced that any reaction on markets could be perceived this puts the lism there was a risk of provoking an even more serious incident which would reduce the already fragile chance of having less negative relations with turkey. a live now to political analyst nicholas us from paris welcome back to the program how do you
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think this happened then quite a few people seem to think that there's an element of sexism in this that you've got the female leader of the year being sidelined onto a sofa next other men. this is the flu what it looks like and 'd it is the images are terrible and the fury i think at this it is a great back to ash in western media against the aragon. today of course i think both of these persons are history shows and mr erdogan probably didn't show themselves as a gentleman however there is a protocol in these types of situations and it appears that within the european union they don't really agree who is supposed to be number one and number 2 in this protocol so we had previous council ringback president juncker who said that the protocol was respected and it was normal that the president of the council who sits is he's a higher rank so than the president of the commission so that's the reason why and we're talking about people within the european union so who's number one we don't really know going to shall be shut today said that in the protocol both of them should be sitting around aired and so it seems that within the european union this
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is some complication is how the protocol is supposed to work out what is sure is that in this situation the images are terrible and there is a huge backlash and this battle between. turkey and i would say european union is a very bad press for president everyone who is trying to review his relationship with that you're in your opinion union which has really been pretty and going ringback down a pretty going 'd down pretty bad these these the last 2 years and the tension risen in these past years is this in seem to go down with this with this recent probably not publication but there was spat this so do you think it would just be if they just apologized then. i don't think anybody's going to apologize in this situation because they're to it they're not they're not humble enough to say that i think that they're 1st of all the should have been gentleman and some there was some sort of organization somebody could get out to get a seat and if the protocol is sure that both people the european union and the
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commission and the council have the same rank then 1st of all the european union should have told the turkish protocol to turkish were to call this situation. nobody is going to ask say sorry about the situation the turks are saying is that her opinion is faulty your opinion is your opinion is that it's turkey's fault and this just it victimizes the relationship between the european union and turkey which are really really in a dire situation or a very bad situation now you know that was the whole point of this meeting wasn't it to try and deal with these foreign relations between turkey and the e.u. so how is that looking now very bad if they can't agree on who is supposed to be sitting next to each other how are they going to agree on much much more i would say not dangerous but more important situations like massive immigration and the u.s. being turkey 6000000000 euros 3 to manage immigration it's apparently not working turkey has been expanding as fed been expanding its military in syria in libya it's
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been doing this in the mediterranean sea in. never going to care about their opinion doesn't seem to know how it's going to manage that relationship with turkey quiz don't forget the turkish for instance had quite turkish mary has had quite tense situations with the french marine with the greek marine so if the european union doesn't know who's going to be sitting around each other how are you going to these settle these situations worse or wait more tense more dangerous more hazardous for the people of the european union and of turkey so if they can't decide assuming they can move on from who parks themselves where for a photo op these big issues these big taken issues you're talking about things like migration expanding the customs union those ongoing talks with the either been going on since the 1980 s. progress is slow enough as it is has it been held back or has been pushed back. oh it's been held back to sam good try to both the european union and i don't know how to communicate any more that turkey wanted to be
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a member of the european union was very happy so 1015 years ago to say that turkey would be the 1st muslim country to enter the european union that is not working anywhere they don't know how to discuss they don't know how to find. the means of finding exciting new partnerships they're only situations. is these that these past these past months these past days every time they meet to discuss it's about a tense situation so i think that if you this is going down the wrong path that the european union and the crew have to do some sort of reset maybe 3 years but then if they're not they're not able to discuss with each other now as they were so 15 years ago and if you think that there is the past are speeding up and i guess we should not all breath through anything in the next few months at least all right for now in paris in the back of it thanks for joining us into. a new 3 man crew has arrived to at the international space station there still is rocket dock several hours ago after a flight from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan to russians on
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a can of its cape and kill to the prof from ross cosmos an american mock vande hei from nasa then now on board the orbital station during that time there will be overseeing the arrival of a new lab all jewel named science the soyuz and this 18 spacecraft that sent the trio into space was named after the 1st human in space yuri gagarin constantine rushkoff without the launch site as the crew took off. if you can see your foot on the wall or if that means tad sobber injuries or the firing and the rocket is going to do you. think you're going to get it. wow i mean we had amazing sight to see and everyone here at this viewing area are
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thrilled to see the rugged heading into space but i got to tell you something there are a new 3 people on earth there are more focused than the crew on board that saw use rocket because the 1st 10 minutes after takeoff are considered to be the most dangerous of their entire 6 or even 10 month stay in space now let me tell you few words about the crew so this time we have 2 russian cosmonauts 11 of peter do broth and then one american astronaut mark bundy hey despite investing heavily in space x.'s dragon program the united states and nasa are still dependent on russia and pays the country to sand their astronauts into space earlier today they follow the same traditional route that each cosmina takes while ed baikonur 1st they left the hotel to the famous soviet song usually this is a very emotional moment because this is when family members get to say their final good bye bye to the cosmos before they leave our planet but these time they were
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not even allowed to come to the cause of a job because of the pandemic and for the 1st time in history the traditional press conference with the crewmembers was held without us without media presence online only also because of the safety reasons but we were managed to pass our question to the crew members anyway and. from one hand i very much like oh families from relatives and friends to be here to at least. with them through the glass so they could see our lives only other than the notes here makes me a little relieved because the situation is still difficult everywhere and i would not want to risk that because we can safely flown to do our job without worrying that something happened to them here. we are all having to deal with the challenges associated with. i just feel very fortunate that i have loved ones like my family and friends. even though they can't be here they're still able to communicate with me and share their support both main and backup crews were vaccinated in advance of
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the american stigma dearness shots while the russians stakes the bottom line is that at this point no one wants to lead covert which has caused a lot of trouble on earth into space now of course this launch comes at the 60th anniversary of yuri gagarin's flight which made him 1st ever human in space and this date april 12th is going to be widely celebrated across russia anyway you know this place baikonur where yuri gagarin journey started is by far the most the bast place to feel this connection with the history of space exploration which as you just saw is still unfolding. well that rocket took off from the exact same site from where the soviet cosmonaut yuri gagarin made history on the morning of the 12th of april 1961 his one craft took off in the 108 minutes about flight broke an instant global fame and 6 day decades later his name lives on
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. there's always one face the last face cosmonauts say before they blast off whether during their gardens time or today we spoke to specialist unit mission about how it works. i'm head of department of the list of transport launch equipment to buy i can offer 12 years now the 1st 4 years i was an engineer on the launch team i took part in many crew launches when i started working with the cosmonauts they seem to be more nervous than everyone else worrying that everything went world even after 12 years the nervousness is still there it never goes away the duty of care is always there but it's not so apparent with time because you become more experienced and you know what to do and how to approach situations as for the cosmonauts they're always in a good mood they're always smiling especially if there are foreigners among the crew we always passes with jokes and laughter no panic of the operations crew the last people to walk the cosmonauts from ground 0 to the spacecraft and wave them
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goodbye because north in a good way because they've been honored to travel to space and carry out experiments serving our country the latest flight to the i assess continues and ensuring relationship between the world's leading space powers russia and the united states which is going on regardless of political differences former nasa astronaut canberra stock shares his views on cooperation and also the government out of it. we have a great working relationship with our russian counterparts we love working with them we've worked together for a long time now we know each other's weaknesses we know each other's strengths you know and just like in any any friendship sometimes you don't agree about things that happens and and then we have this great way of working through those types of disagreements we talk to each other we try to convince each other one way or the other and we find a good resolution to the problem. i'm so proud to have been able to be here in kazakhstan and see the launch pad were
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a year you could garden launched it was a wonderful experience you know that 1st step must have been a ferry very hard. imagine but it's also hard to take next steps right sometimes on a journey it's the most important step to starting but then it's hard to do each step after step after step after step and we're in that process now and it's great to have partners to work with us we support each other as we keep each other going down the road so that we can go further and further out into space together now there's we gear up for that historic adverse read the 1st ever manned space flight we'll have special coverage for you over the coming days. x. the man of the french city of cia has been accused of stealing kids dreams by telling
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them to drop any ambitions of flying she's also scrapped funding for an aviation club boy get through on obama jackets hit the runway and go reaction to the grounding from a flight instructor. how macho you are willing to sacrifice to save the world's air travel is a major contributor to climate change it's a fun book and told us to give it up and now a green mare in france let's talk kids to fly about flying. their young environmentalist mare over the french city of what ca one. has
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said that kids should give up their dream of flying in france of all places the oh you were mad bus the birthplace of the creator of the little prince i'm trying to sign things you can't leave leo and all along called louise who is 31 years old has said and i quote we must protect the children from some dreams sadly aviation must no longer be part of the dreams of the children of today and then she went and slashed government funding through the local flight clubs in her area because in her opinion government money shouldn't be spent on a sport that has a carbon footprint so i'm off to meet a flight instructor and examiner. to find out what he thinks about the idea of stuffing flying in this french madness french politician has said children shouldn't even dream of fly. what do you think about that as
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a as an idea but some point in the future it might be relevant but for the pacific future it's just people. without oil because everybody knows the stomach and comfort but form for. pollution point of view the m $25.00 in one hour in russia has more pollution than the whole of the g.i. flick small of course so the m $25.00 being the big ring road because it was to keep we have international viewers to be green right out of every ounce of the london so that's more pollution in one hour than what we have in g.r. i cared for you ok here you be a general idea is generally easier with off the printer and this isn't as large as it would be going to be listed as i thought wow that's a big claim a day yes a big claim for what you say isn't young people who just say you're just an old man that loves flying and is obsessed with his own pastime and isn't thinking about
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requirement emergence a would that be wrong. but but if you're thinking about climbing you call the emergency if there were things of more people with the lives of your looks but more debugging something nice to be done for my grandchildren or truly great but generally the ocean. is just a pimple on the pigs but saw it. by saying what really struck a nerve with the liberty loving friends was this idea that kids can even dream of flying anymore luckily from now on kids dreams of being policed just yet and for the others i must still wishing to take the saw is well play manufacturers both big and small are working on creating new nonpolluting models mental i'm sorry kids keep your feet on the ground right on the way and i'm flinching look at poverty in america who would effects and who might have the
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answers less that is next on alt.


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