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legs in the sky if the so food industry is successful it will create more jobs it will create more value added it will create more growth so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interests of the industry out said that we are british and we want regulation has an industry and if we don't behave as an e.s.p.n. also you must find. e.u. officials seek to reassure that the us. is safe stressing that hesitancy is costing lives but there are signs that the damage to public trust has already been done. since it has been shown that there are people who have unfortunately died after getting vaccinated it seemed the risk is low in their best interest i think we don't know what to trust between the dark. water. riots across northern ireland over
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a post trade barriers. a former us intelligence analyst faces years in jail for exposing america's drone assassination program and we speak to one whistleblower who is in close contact with him. he did it because he was exposing a war crime he's not allowed to see that and so he really doesn't have any chance of the. top stories of the day and all of the week welcome to the weekly here on r.t. international just after 3 pm now here in moscow we start the program in europe where governments are split on. the. job on thursday the european commission warned but without a unified response public confidence could falter reaction in italy and
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france. i mean you want to be there are other vaccines so i cannot see the reason to focus only on astra zeneca if it has problems there are very rare but there are problems with the law for certain age groups it should be restricted i personally wouldn't take it i understand that it can be an advantage for the community but if something goes wrong you could get thrombosis and then the personal advantage vanishes. for me there is a risk since it has been shown that there are people who have unfortunately died after getting vaccinated a producer of same the risk is low in their best interest i think so they are never going to say that the risk is high and so that's right that doesn't surprise me there is a bit of confusion we don't know what to trust i feel a bit of the dark concerns over a potential link between astra zeneca and red blood clots is exposing the latest divisions within the e.u. after the books agency that evaluates in super voices medicinal products that may
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once again said the benefits of the vaccine weigh the risks but saying that blood clots should be listed as a rare side effect not although we're convinced it measures have been taken it's really in spain of joint drunks with germany deciding to limit the job to those who are over the age of 60 belgium has followed suit with prudence now only recommending astra zeneca for those over 50 full life but those differences of causing a headache for brussels it's worried that without a common policy towards astra zeneca trust in vaccinations could be rooted commissioner as a member states to ask experts to work with him up to be coherent approach across the region through their guidance and analysis of the trustees to extremely important we want to avoid of course the fix
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a nation has however it may be that. this ship has already sailed here in france there have been reports of people not turning up for they could the vaccination if it's astra zeneca and confusion over who should and who shouldn't have it is right there is also a question to be lost about why certain countries are making unilateral decisions against evolution of the may feel uncertain that may be simple the head of germany's vaccine commission said the a.m.a. evaluates vaccines based on what's of benefit to all in the e.u. individual countries though can be more picky in germany we have a slightly different situation because we're not so dependent on the astra zeneca vaccine and we can postpone vaccines and thereby achieve the same effect but in the end we still have the risk of these serious side effects in a certain age group over in the u.k.
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a new restrictions on astra zeneca or even tighter than those that have been taken by the european neighbors that previously the u.k. dismissed questions raised about the jab now the government committee is recommending that healthy people 30 are provided with different facts seen adults who are age 18 to 29 years old should be offered an alternative that night in fact seen in preference to the astra zeneca vaccine regulators are now would find using that astra zeneca provides another update on possible side effects and while for some the idea that they have a toy any chance of developing a fatal blood clot may be too much others say that they will gladly take the risk in a bid to put an end to the nightmare so all of the will be out see paris so san marino are set to become the 1st nation in western europe to use sputnik 3 as its primary vaccine or the micro state which is within italy has just received
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another 37000 doses of the russian medicine and one senior official told us why they turn to moscow. ok we are outdoors but we face a delayed to supply of the 1st doses of the pfizer vaccine which were covered by protocol agreements but when. the pen demick forced us to session or other solutions on the market through cooperation with the russian direct investment fund we managed to pair new doses of this politically vaccine and start our vaccination campaign with vaccinations are now primarily being carried out with sputnik the. we had an opportunity to receive scientific proof that this is a good and reliable vaccine and this is also confirmed by our own internal research of antibodies which measures safety and efficiency of the jab to date we have had absolutely no problems some minor reactions we have detected to comply with
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standard reactions to mean a station which include low create fever chills and so on right now we have no problems with san marino hopes to complete its vaccination campaign by may of the enclaves home to around 34000 people that most adults as we understand are lining up for the job a minister's told us that our cooperation with moscow has been good. we are definitely happy with the vaccine and are surprised at how good our cooperation with the russian fund has been we saw the professionalism of the fun's workers and their willingness to help as well as quick supplies and the jobs it has been a very good experience of cooperation and i hope we will do it again in the course of future vaccination campaigns. of course our fight to get is coronavirus has some particularities because we're a small states with limited resources our health system has limited capabilities to confront the situation caused by covert this is why it's crucial for us to immunize
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our population as soon as possible when we saw there are existing vaccines on the european market is limited which complicated the start of our vaccination campaign we decided to contact the russian direct investment fund regarding sputnik the. european medicines agency is still considering whether to approve sputnik the process that's already been going on for a few months now and one former italian m.p. told us the regulator must act faster. i think that europe is the laying tool matcher to give india out through asia. utilisation all words can you look under a political point of view of jesus. and then that point of view i'd refer to being that it is not so important because or even. if you were a commercial reason it would be although it is a very bad i hope that a wheel or speed up but in case they do not. do that anyway our government as
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other governments should go along and choose what they want to. build an island has been gripped by rioting throughout the week a police fired water cannon for the 1st time in 6 years as pro u.k. loyalists and irish nationalists faced off the disturbances come though amid a wave of anger over post trade barriers and sharia the scene in belfast this was friday night protesters torched a trash can a car they hold rocks and even petrol bombs at the police northern ireland's 1st minister arlene foster is urged both sides to show restraint and the british prime minister has expressed his alarm and is calling for dialogue. i am deeply concerned by the scenes of violence northern ireland especially attacks on the p.s. and i who are protecting the public in business attacks on a bus driver and the assault of a journalist this week to resolve differences is through dialogue not violence or
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criminality meanwhile northern ireland's justice minister has blamed the u.k. government for the flare up naomi long accused the conservatives of dishonesty over the way it would affect the irish border saying they had promised unfettered access while failing to work through the legal consequences she also slammed the british government's decision to suspend the northern ireland protocol which was a part of the u.k.'s withdrawal agreement with the e.u. ultimately aimed at ensuring an open border earlier we spoke with jonathan tong professor of british and irish politics he thinks the government made a series of false promises to the people of northern ireland. well the british government bonds johnson in particular have to bear a considerable amount of responsibility it was part of johnson who went over to belfast and totally democratic party the largest party in northern ireland to look how the party conference 3 years ago that it would be untold for any british government to preside over the border in the are you see this johnson is talking is
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precisely treason make the signing of such a deal we did a year for his johnson done that and since then he spent a lot of time to tending that the reason why between great britain and northern ireland so you just said morris england few terrible sense of betrayal over what the prime minister has done think that boris johnson needs to go to northern ireland explain what he's done in terms of of the protocol and try and also meet with the you leaders to instigate simile the worst effects the protocol and diminish the number of checks your own troops go between great britain and northern ireland otherwise we're looking ahead to a grim summer potentially of violence in northern ireland. a former us intelligence analyst faces up to 10 years in prison for blowing the whistle on washington's targeted drone assassination program and daniel hale a pleaded guilty to transmitting and retaining national defense information his case comes amid mass disclosure of similar crimes allegedly paid perpetrate i
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should say by the u.s. . i have to tell you when he called me a few hours ago he was surprisingly upbeat and optimistic and he he remarked about how much press this issue has been getting since he decided to plead guilty so in the end i think that he thinks that this is been worth it that
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americans know more about the drone program now than 8 they did 6 months ago or a year ago and even though he's likely going to go to prison it was worth it the u.s. is flying these drones or at least it was until recently that were used ostensibly to kill terrorists or would be terrorists but in reality to kill anybody who might resemble a terrorist and that included women children the elderly and anybody else who happened to be on the ground i believe that we're we're a nation of laws and we have to abide by those laws whether we like them or not if we don't like them we should change them go through the process and change them if congress has not declared war on a country we don't have a right to attack it we just can't decide that we don't like the politics of whoever happens to be in charge in a place like yemen or pakistan or afghanistan and then launch drone strikes against them it's a violation of international law well data which hail gave to the online news site
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at the end to step back and 2014 was made available to the public and he's now accused of disclosing classified intelligence information or his supporters say these kinds of exposures are essential. using the espionage act in this way to prosecute journalists sources and spies chills newsgathering and discourages sources from coming forward with information in the public interest particularly when it relates to national security where government secrecy is at its height these documents detail the secret unaccountable process for targeting and killing people around the world including u.s. citizens through drone strikes there are a vital public importance and they related to their disclosure is protected by the 1st amendment. haleigh was arrested 2 years ago and charged with violating the espionage act and other related offenses the president biden has imposed temporary restrictions now on drone strikes in most countries but there are reports he aims to boost exports of banned weapons to countries including those with poor human
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rights records john kiriakou again says however justified whistleblowers exposures of drone strikes may be they have next to no chance of proving that to u.s. authorities. this is the really the worst part of the of the espionage act this is the reason why ed snowden can't come home this is the reason why i couldn't go to trial this is the reason why jeffrey sterling the other cia whistleblower was convicted because there is no affirmative defense we are prohibited by law from going into court and saying i did it but i did it for this reason and in the case of daniel hale this was a war crime he did it because he was exposing a war crime he's not allowed to say that and so he really doesn't have any chance of acquittal the best thing to do for daniel as it was for me as it was for so many others here charged under the espionage act is to take
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a deal and to hope for the lightest possible sentence the decision that was made early on even before joe biden was inaugurated to pursue the appeal against julian his son it was that decision that made it clear that joe biden was going to pursue national security leaks just like barack obama did and just like donald trump did after him of course there's a lot international as we get out now from monday's historic kind of story of the 1st human in space odyssey continues our special coverage just a bit later on the program we'll be giving you this russia's 1st woman on the international space station tells us about language problems on the return to earth but back in just about. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy
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confrontation let it be an arms race is on the spear in dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. to him in the event of misguided believed by many of those by locking down the whole society if you somehow put all high risk people. on for years that that wasn't the case did not possess. the high risk pool of people in the u.s. . over a 1000000 deaths most little people there was a complete failure to bert's these last dance would actually put all the high risk people.
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drowning us here on this sunday and italian swiss firms preparations to manufacture a sputnik 3 are now in full swing just waiting for approval from the european medicines watchdog the company's president told us about the confirmation process for russia's covert shot which has already lost months and critics say has taken far too long they want to. be the. very. first european markets who. are now so we're. right in. the war. it's. not only. that by the president we
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are. we need money already that can manufacture. their war burdens to be assured. that. our investment. on the funny money and then the investment in this side where. this week the international space station has welcomed a new 3 man crew to russians on one from america the launch come ahead of tomorrow's on a verse 3 of the 1st human space flight. the rocket took off from the very same side from where soviet cosmonaut yuri gagarin
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made history on the morning of the 12th of april 961 his vostok one craft blasted into orbit circling the earth for 108 minutes the flight broader ghar an instant global flame and we sent our global correspondents around the world to find out if the memory of the government's flight is still alive. if. you're getting. something out in your. and i think here you could go right recognizing me and i wish i knew armstrong i'm sorry i don't know where face recognition skills in the wild actually your car is now if you. had
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a better solution. and steve thomas who has been was the p.c. and. so you do get government has to put into speech that jesus is coming again and that judgment to be of judgment is fairly good i mean you'll be getting. a few. stumbling stone out of it all i see for the last go with i'm going to kill you i don't know if you'll be got ready for this trip i did last time out i you bet i'm going to start to feel what if what i did. probably. his name is he. asked or not i say how do you know it. would be a good time to sort out that we'll see a picture book you'll be going to be with the older gay bishop of rome. became god
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really all. of them off a list. he doesn't and she put it on me and got him a lot of the shuttle spun off of the. now. lucy utica getting a lot of the so called out of all the on the pacific. you already. know. getting. caught up on a little bit in the kitchen i don't i don't know judy i do. not . care for something. made with them which i love
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but i'm assuming there were. big easy everything went on oprah that i'm not there yet. invented in. the. lead to merkel when i. got from the dark who are. you asking me. i think that. russian guy the 1st guy and. something right. is really like an actor he was in that movie with my chevy chase down at words like back in the eighty's. miracle in mustique. history.
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and let. me take you to another and. see you we go we're. supporting the. and so it was set over who was the 1st russian female to fly to the international space station she told us that multinational space travelers have had to create their own language to make themselves understood. let's look the other guys must of what we 1st joined the cosmonaut team as candidates and then go through preparations which take your own 2 years during this time we study spacecraft and space station systems we also prepare for some experiments which are carried out in the international space station so we study biotechnology astrophysics astronomy we study the stars that's part of the compulsory program physical exercises are also
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added a lot of time is dedicated to that and of course math and it's very important for the cosmonaut to stay healthy throughout their preparatory stage so that they can get through it there is also a special training including parachute jumping and learning to react fast and make proper decisions in extreme situations with a time constraint. little books myself every cosmonaut is an engine near as well as a researcher i also had an additional function i was the crew's doctor our functions were interchangeable all of us did the routine tasks into and there was also plenty of research work our crew carried out more than 60 experiments in areas including biotechnology astrophysics and chemistry our crew work together in harmony and we had no language problems as there are 2 international languages on the i assess russian and english and we communicated by mixing languages a board you could call it our brains are always trying to remember shorter words so
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sometimes when i was beckoned us i found myself remembering an english word but not the russian so we worked in unison everyone has their own mission at the weekends we would get together with celebrated some holidays or just fridays watched movies listen to music talk to each other there was work and saturdays and sundays but not as intense as the weekdays sometimes we even saying to a guitar as there is one on the r.s.s. . but almost i miss being in space the feeling of the space flight is very special just to give you an idea in the u.s. orbital segment there is a gloss more to know as we make 16 fool orbits around the air each day we often fly over the night side and when you're in that more children you turn off the lights so you can feel you're flying over the earth and you do not feel like you're in the station and that's a great sensation like being in and it is something i miss. your letter however was
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none too pleased with reporters asking how she would look after her hair in space pointing out that male cosmonauts got no such questions we got the lowdown from the person in charge of cosmic headers. because when i did not come to me specifically for a haircut i came to the hotel from my client the hotel director as they said that i would do the hair for 3 cosmonauts and 3 understudies that is how it began on april 6th 2008. 100 short some just a little off more carefully but there were also model haircuts there were different ones i even rated the korean cosmonaut girl she was 28 years old she was young i think she was the 1st korean cosmonaut i braided her hair and she went to the press
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conference like that one of his confidence. because one of the cosmonauts always gave me the autographed photos after haircuts one day my husband had become a live 10 and call him because one of the so happy he expressed support and signed a photo for my husband with congratulations on his promotion i would say they're not just ordinary people they heroes after all not everyone has the willpower courage and health to fly as we say in russian we as healthy as a cosmonauts and here they are the healthiest simple interesting people just like you and me but heroes usually well thanks for sharing various sunday with us here at our international more of our special interstellar cosmic i guess anniversary for those coming up for you in the next 2436 hours tomorrow 24 hours from now the 60th anniversary of the 1st manned space flight we are back with more of your weekly top stories.
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the street chips. 6066th street. to eat.


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