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so who's to blame patients doctors or manufacturers. the week's top stories on our vaccine hesitancy throws up a major obstacle for the e.u. is already stalling rollout with regulators struggling to convince people the astra zeneca covert shot is safe. and sees its worst rioting in decades with rival gangs selling petrol bombs and torching cars and that feeling of opposed trade barriers. and a former u.s. intelligence analyst faces the years in prison for exposing america's drone warfare program we speak to a whistleblower who's in close contact with him. he did it because he was exposing a war crime he's not allowed to see that and so he really doesn't have any chance of acquittal.
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so good to have you with us since sunday on our means we're taking you through some of the biggest stories we've covered here over the past 7 days 1st. this week spain struggling to revive public trust in the astra zeneca covert vaccine it's one of the 2 leading jobs being used across those 27 nations but after initially claiming the shot was entirely safe the european regulators now are saying severe blood clots should be listed as a rare side effect however in the u.k. the authorities there say that people under the age of 30 will be offered alternatives to the astra zeneca jab because of possible complications 80 people in the country have suffered from blood clots after a dose 19 have died but britain's regulator is taking the same line as the european medicines agency but the benefits of vastly outweigh the risks but i guess the ever ports. the takeaway the message that europe's health authorities want to leave you
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with is that it's still worth it the benefits outweigh the risks the benefits outweigh the risks i does become almost a slogan for the astra zeneca prove it vaccine earth portrait cases of unusual blood clotting following vaccination with the astra zeneca vaccine should be listed as possible side effects of the vaccine it's important starts both vaccinated people and health care professionals are aware of the signs and symptoms of these unusual blood clotting to cylinders so that they could be spotted quickly to minimize any possible risks so why did it take so long i mean the rumors began months and months ago and it was all in the news on t.v. in the papers and the company kept telling everyone the same thing there's a new link between the jab and the well dive analysis of our safety data of more than 10000000 records has shown no evidence of an increased risk of
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palm billie's or deep vein thrombosis and a defined age group gender batch or in any particular country unfortunately there was a link and now the astra zeneca job will have i've additional warning on it can cause blood clots and potentially death in people as young as 8 seed gauge the youngest deceased and still they say it's worth it unless of course you can go and get another job in which case probably best to go for that their words adults who are age 18 to 29 years old who do not have an underlying health condition that puts them at higher risk from serious coben 1000 disease should be offered an alternative covert night in fact seen in preference to the astra zeneca vaccine where such an alternative face seen the. is available over a dozen countries only counting the european union have suspended vaccination with
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the astra zeneca vaccine or that servia please their marketing department though i doubt that a simple rebranding is going to cleanse their reputation i would definitely say is a stupid move because changing the name which means changing your shop window right in the midst of a crisis rather than increasing trust will increase because it always indicates that there is something you want to hide so i absolutely do not understand how 'd a company comes to such a decision at the end of the day i can't help but partially agree with them the alternative waiting for another vaccine could have cost thousands of lives but only partially they let these rumors steward fester for months before coming out and admitting that essentially people were rights to be afraid and that unfortunately has done irreparable damage to the vaccination drive worldwide well i did to that
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vaccine shortages across the e.u. have prompted several member states to question the block's joint procurement scheme austria is one of them and chancellor sebastian kurds has already negotiated a possible purchase of the russian sputnik the jap it would help us a lot because the vaccination process would be significantly accelerated i advocate that we do this we are now coordinating this with the federal government i really hope that we will be able to acquire this vaccine as well as use it this is not only my decision but i strongly support it meanwhile the european medicines agency is still considering whether to approve the sputnik the shock of process has been ongoing for several months cancer surgeon bob van thinks that europe's allowed politics to get in the way of saving lives. we need the vaccines and the problem is it was a political initial we many people in europe didn't except the russian black sea and sputnik is
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a good mix you know yet they were coming out and saying well this is not what we want let's look at the european journalists and you see here the problem is the politicians have fields to cover the nations with adequate back seeing dozes and this is the problem we have we don't have enough back scenes and if you see what you would see right now is that we're going back and asking russia for sport next we should have done that much much earlier we need all the players all the players under the table and that includes the scrutiny expect scene which has excellent data out there as has pfizer and as has modern so we should have known that much earlier in order to be able to provide our. nationals with adequate vaccine because it is it and now we are paying for political shortcomings with human lives. developments this sunday a blackout at a nuclear site in iran is being described as an act of terrorism by government officials there the ny times facility suffered an outage earlier on sunday
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a day after the president unveiled a new set of advanced centrifuges for fast uranium enrichment the media in israel the say the incident was caused by a cyber attack by the israeli intelligence agency mossad that's based on western intelligence sources to iran's vow to retaliate against the perpetrators but has so far not assigned any blame the incident though threatens to overshadow ongoing talks between iran and world powers on reviving the 2050 nuclear deal on university political science professor how member savi told me last hour that he thinks israel is the most likely culprit. iranian official so far have not formally accused anyone but i think it's very likely that the israelis are behind this and this is not surprising in the past 10 years every time you warn in the united states have be. serious diplomatic negotiations the israelis have tried to sabotage this the assassinated iranian scientists between 201-2012 when obama wanted to negotiate
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with the go on i doing the final days of the trumpet ministration days sas an 8 year olds top nuclear scientists would be a move of forcing a confrontation between iran and the us in now there are diplomatic talks have begun in vienna since last tuesday between iran and the us 1st they attacked the reigning cargo ship off the coast of yemen and now we have this cyber attack. northern ireland's been gripped by rioting throughout the way police fired water cannon for the 1st time in 6 years as pro u.k. loyalists and irish nationalists faced off the disturbances covered a wave of anger over post breaks at trade barriers now this was the scene in belfast on friday night protesters torched a trash can on the car and held rocks and petrol bombs at police northern ireland's 1st minister foster to both sides to show restraint and the prime minister of britain's expressed his alarm and called for dialogue. i am deeply concerned by the
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scenes of violence in northern ireland especially attacks on the p.s. and i who are protecting the public and businesses attacks on a bus driver and the assault of a journalist this way to resolve differences is through dialogue not violence or criminality meanwhile northern ireland's justice minister has blamed the u.k. government for the flare up naomi long accused the conservatives of dishonesty over the way bricks it would affect the irish border saying they promised unfettered access while failing to work through the legal consequences she also slammed the british government's decision to suspend the northern ireland protocol which was part of the u.k.'s withdrawal agreement with the e.u. and ensuring an open border jonathan tong who's a professor of british and irish politics thinks the government's made a series of false promises to the people of northern ireland. well the british government and bob johnson in particular have to bear a considerable amount of responsibility it was boris johnson who went over to
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belfast it's only democratic party the largest party in northern ireland told the public party conference 3 years ago that it would be untold for any british government to preside over a border in the irish state forest johnson was attacking his previous us to treason may the signing of such a deal within a year for his johnson done that and since then he spent a lot of time pretending that the risk is more between great britain and northern ireland so you're just a loyalist simple and feel terrible sense no betrayal over what the prime minister has done i think that boris johnson needs to go to northern ireland explain what he's done in terms of of the protocol and try and also meet with the e.u. leaders to mitigate some of the worst effects the protocol and diminish the number of checks get on goods go between great britain and northern ireland otherwise we're looking ahead to a grim summer potentially of violence in northern ireland. a former us intelligence analyst faces up to 10 years in prison for blowing the whistle on washington's
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drone assassination program daniel hale pleaded guilty to transmitting national defense information his case comes amid mass disclosure of similar crimes allegedly perpetrated by the us. i have to tell you when he called me a few hours ago he was surprisingly upbeat and optimistic and he he remarked about how much press this issue has been getting since he decided to plead
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guilty so in the end i think that he thinks that this is been worth it that americans know more about the drone program now than 8 they did 6 months ago or a year ago and even though he's likely going to go to prison it was worth it the u.s. is flying these drones or at least it was until recently that were used ostensibly to kill terrorists or would be terrorists but in reality to kill anybody who might resemble a terrorist and that included women children the elderly and anybody else who happened to be on the ground i believe that we're we're a nation of laws and we have to abide by those laws whether we like them or not if we don't like them we should change them go through the process and change them if congress has not declared war on a country we don't have a right to attack it we just can't decide that we don't like the politics of whoever happens to be in charge in a place like yemen or pakistan or afghanistan and then launch drone strikes against
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them it's a violation of international law. which gave to the online news site the intercept back in 24 to aid was made available to the public but he's now accused of disclosing classified intelligence information his supporters say these kind of exposure is are essential. using the espionage act in this way to prosecute journalists sources and spies chills newsgathering and discourages sources from coming forward with information in the public interest particularly when it relates to national security where government secrecy is at its height these documents detail the secret unaccountable process for targeting and killing people around the world including u.s. citizens through drone strikes there are a vital public importance and they related to their disclosure is protected by the 1st amendment. on the hill was arrested 2 years ago and charged with violating the espionage act and also other related offenses president biden's imposed
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a temporary restrictions on drone strikes in most countries but there are reports that he aims to boost exports of unmanned weapons to countries including those with poor human rights records john kiriakou again says however justified whistleblowers exposure of drone strikes they've got next to no chance of proving that to the u.s. authorities. this is really the worst part of the of the espionage act this is the reason why ed snowden can't come home this is the reason why i couldn't go to trial this is the reason why jeffrey sterling the other cia whistleblower was convicted because there is no affirmative defense we are prohibited by law from going into court and saying i did it but i did it for this reason and in the case of daniel hale this was a war crime he did it because he was exposing a war crime he's not allowed to say that and so he really doesn't have any chance of acquittal the best thing to do for daniel as it was for me as it was for so many
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others here charged under the espionage act is to take a deal and to hope for the lightest possible sentence the decision that was made early on even before joe biden was inaugurated to pursue the appeal against julian a son it was that decision that made it clear that joe biden was going to pursue national security leaks just like barack obama did and just like donald trump did after him. as we care up for monday's historic the 1st human orbit of the planet continued our special coverage for you russia's 1st female space pilot tells us how to survive in 0 gravity. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confront a shooting let it be an arms race is on offense very dramatic development only i'm
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going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. is your media reflect. and of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. direct. what is truth what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. aura made in the shallows.
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welcome by the marrow of a french city has told children to give up their dreams of flying and scrap funding for an aviation club auntie's party boy at the runway got reaction to the grounding from a flight instructor. how macho you are willing to sacrifice to save the world as travel is a major contributor to climate change it's a fun book and told us to give it up and now a green mare in france let's talk kids to fly jets about flying.
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their young environmentalist mare over the french city of what ca one. has said that kids should give up their dream of flying in france of all places the oh you were mad bus the birthplace of the creator of the little prince i'm trying to sign things you can't leave leo and all in one call noise who is 31 years old has said and i quote we must protect the children from some dreams sadly aviation must no longer be parts of the dreams of the children of today and then she went and slashed government funding through the local flight clubs in her area because in her opinion government money shouldn't be spent on a sport that has a carbon footprint so i'm off to meet a flight instructor and examine every law to find out what he thinks about the idea
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of stopping flying this french madness french politician has said children shouldn't even dream of. what do you think about that as a as an idea but some point in the future it might be relevant but for the pacific future it's just people. without god who is everybody knows you still come short form to. pollution point of view and then 25 in one hour in russia has more pollution than the whole of the g.i. fleet smaller so the m 25 being the big ring road because it means to keep we have international viewers to be green right out of every ounce of the london so that's more pollution in one hour that what we have in g.r. i carry it for you and carry the a.b.a. your new idea is generally easier with it off the printer this isn't as large as it would be going to be listed in the lines of wow that's a big claim a day yes a big claim for what you say is now young people who just say you're just an old
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man that loves flying and is obsessed with his own pastime and isn't thinking about requirement emergence a would that be right. but but if you're thinking about climbing climb the emergency if there were things of more important news i'm not a look i'm not debugging something needs to be done for my grandchildren artfully or great but generally the ocean. is just a pimple on the pigs but so i. think what really struck a nerve with the liberty loving french was this idea that kids can even dream of flying anymore luckily from now on kids dreams are being policed just yet and for the others i must still wishing to take to the sky is well play manufacturers both big and small are working on creating new
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nonpolluting models. everywhere ambitions a lot higher this week the international space station welcomed a new 3 man crew 2 russians and an american to launch a head of tomorrow's anniversary of the 1st human space flight. the rocket took off from the same site where soviet cosmonaut yuri gagarin made history all the morning of the 12 of april 1961 his of all star one craft blasted into orbit circling the earth for 108 minutes top flight broken instant global fame so we sent our global correspondents across 3 continents to find out if the memory is still alive.
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you can use that in your together often enough confidence in your. and i think here you could go right recognizing me and i wish i knew armstrong i'm sorry i don't know where. face recognition skills in the wild actually your car is now if you. plan to have it absolutely. and he's promised to do was the p.c. . so you did good god it was true but it was the speech that jesus is coming for good judgment to be a judgment is fairly good i mean you're getting. a few. stumbling stone out of it all i see for the least.
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little bit of a sink in you i don't know if you'll be got ready for this trip i did last time i was by your bedroom when you start to fall with that idea. what a. good name is he put it here. for now they say he said you know. it will be a good time so now that we'll see a picture book you'll be going to have these are the goldberg a beautiful room. became dark really all. hosts. will be present and she put it on me to go to a lot of the shuttle from the above them. now a. lot of the security you're getting a lot of the stuff without
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a coffee on the face of. your. kidney or do you want to go to any. kind of hole in a little bit of the benefiting i don't i don't know judy i'd be. in the. mood here and that's something i. made with them which i love that i was there with. a big easy anything we don't know for that i'm not there yet. invented it to let me call. it. good to merkel when i. got from my
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dog who are bogus when you know you have to. think. of russian guy the 1st guy and. something right. jagger is really like it out there he was in that movie with like chevy chase down at words like that in the eighty's. miracle. 'd mystery. and let's. see things getting better and. here we go we're. supporting the. so what's it like working in close quarters with people you barely know have russian cosmonauts been talking us through some of the secrets of successful space travel. but also of course this is
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an impressive date 60 years and that 1st flight of a man from our country will always be remembered all around the globe. the challenges you went through what you've learnt do you feel completely different now than before starting space training 9 years ago was everything the way you expected it to be here are the most watched i can say i expected something specific had an idea about the cosmonauts training regime but it turned out to be even more intense apart from the physical exercises and work with specialized equipment a lot of attention is paid to education fieri and a huge number of continuous tests and exams i didn't expect that if you compare me with me 9 years ago i can definitely say that i got pumped up the system promptly the conditions around me my education my training of course this is the goal to
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acquire skills to strengthen the person to get him ready for flight this is how the system works i love our special training like surviving in different nature conditions it impressed me it's exciting happily do those every time we fall in different teams i really like that because i have an opportunity to work with various cosmonauts. whether the teams are always different does that mean a cosmin out is ready to adapt to be not just a leader but a subordinate of course it is a requirement when you are assigned to a team you get your role you could be a flight engineer or maybe a commander the lead to has the most responsibility he makes the decisions and it is important to fulfill your role to know your place it is a way to a successful safe and quality mission. does a cosmonaut candidate think about empathy whether they like a person or not no matter if you are a woman or a man is it important to feel that the person you're working with is your friend.
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we are all human and we always have someone we feel more or less comfortable with everyone evaluates the commander in their own way it is normal there is also professional ethics competency in work when there is problems crop up usually people can make suggestions but the final decision is up to the commander and it is not negotiable and no one tries to start a conflict over that you will only make the situation worse and eventually you will achieve their objectives late with the worst resolved or won't finish it at all and that is in no one's interests people are invested in the team's success you have to keep your own ambitions in check cosmonauts always take something personal with them on a flight i think you can take about a kilo can i ask you what would you take with you when your boss or what i haven't thought about it but i think something maybe a picture that would remind me of those close to me. is
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a true that it is better for a cosmonaut to have a short haircut yes dear if we look at russian and foreign cosmonauts we can see that in fact there aren't a lot of them with short hair and i see a tendency of not causing the hair short i think it might be that suits have a break for example then you have won't fly apart and will be tied neatly in only bothersome. well we hope you'll join us on monday for the big anniversary as we celebrate space past present and future next we've got an unflinching look at the causes of victims of widespread poverty across the united states.
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i knew this but like it took months to see. you just because when you look upon you my struggles can stomach the hundreds. i chose to use for doing good except. the one thing i was national guard can pull off. a thought. that by the teeth it looked a little. it's a look it was from the postman. scoop one of these critics one of the least mythical nobody knew the least because they didn't.


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