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and he's right after this dennis miller plus what. hey folks welcome to dennis miller plus one and a so because i admire this guy's chops and i saw a special how to flush out the name for a was tennessee kid i think maybe in the last year or 2 and has sort of a halting manner that i dug but they know it was almost a head burgan because of his stop and listen to lines and say wow what a sharp observation but i always like it when you get a smart southern kid because they always paints other people like they just dragged up from the primordial ooze so it's good to bump into somebody who is super sharp and they've got to start with jimmy fallon performing on the tonight show as part of jimmy's clean cut comedy tour i got that must be 7 or 8 years ago now also
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featured on netflix comedy series the stand ups and esquire well listen this cat's career so flush right now seems weird to go back and say that he was called a top up and coming he's a name now as a netflix special called the greatest average american help heal back that name for us it's currently streaming mate my get see how are you my friend. good may have very excited the big failure use well i listen to that old interview even spade so i'm lucky become friends as baby i remember every young operator be to turn is one of. their last is it he him space is not myspace as you were at s n l guess before him and then and you don't like talking about me i was old days just as a comedian but this ng i mean one of my faves. you know i used to go into that back room when they had all the fresh hires and my job was to be like lou gossett jr an officer and
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a gentleman i was supposed to go termino i go in and you've got sadler who's off in the corner. and you've got farley who i just can't get a read on at all but it seems like. he's an absolute rock who i know a little and then space and schneider it like the 2 the 2 fairies on delco were shoulder and willow i'd go in and i'd tear these kids are new and i think back about it now nate this got to be like $2000000000.00 in books off a salesman people. in me. yes by julie one of the good guys hey listen i would i said about the south is so funny to me because it is it's almost like when you say you're from the south they want your your curriculum detail to read killed a bar when he was 3 you know combed his hair with a wagon wheel you know all that stuff and i always found it lead to i don't know where you started at work there but it was side atlanta was like the it was comedy
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room i played. it was elaine is gotten even bigger so i started in 2003 and i moved to chicago 1st and so i went to chicago for a couple years and then i went to new york now as a new york like 9 years and i started boston comedy club in new york and in then i was in the l.a. and i've been back for about 6 years now so i but didn't national have to come siege rate here in atlanta when i 1st started i don't think i just knew i wouldn't know it you know you were looking at days of internet is easily. didn't and. but now in the past 10 years i can land in just really blew up is this just super hip scene lot of people moving there for comedy and there's a lot of different places to get have better odds on a gauge of how much can you get it when you ask someone who they're from a town you like how much you're going on stage you're here to you know year and since last town they're like once a week and then you go to new york you do and i times
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a night you know so this is to new york you can get very tight very quickly i think david brenner once did our david brenner world tour in new york one night where work 7 clubs i don't know if you start low and go high i guess where the but we just to go strip crust across to catch the 41st of the him for. the cellar wasn't as big that but the cellar became the hub right for a while there. yes so that when i was there it was it does where you're supposed to be so i was there a movie no slower and you know i've always wondered likes you were there that time so we started to get past at the clubs and i was there at the end we're now there's a lot of shows that they call you a bar room shows and i was there the clubs were still you wanted to get past in the clubs where you know i would see the tree so no bill bear of a big deal to me as i saw him kind of rise using you know using abuse about me. i
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was a steal one night stand taping and it was that was like the one where you could just kill the crowd didn't know what they saw like they were like what was there it was so. the weavers started so we get they got bumped but it was 25 bucks a spot on sunday to thursday in 75 on the weekend let me just get when you were doing you remember like spot instant was already. i think we got a burger and manage christmas i did 10 spots you get a check for like 3 drachma is or something or they pay off an ecuadorian claim money that you had to carry out on a tent pole we were making 25 and 6 foot 5 brother where you were just hoping that they cooked the burger all the way through back when i would do it i remember seinfeld came in one night now you'll love this there was a room called the laney khazan room out of the great gorge playboy club i'm a comic strips likes to in the morning we all reckon order there and sort of you
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know have a drink or a coffee on the way out at the other they side fell gets dropped off there from the playboy club comes into the bar reaches in his think pulls out this check lays it on it's for like you know 175 bucks and he says read it and weep boy is it worth a good 170 bucks like can't believe you can make that money but i don't know i look back on it it's the best of times or i'm. it was i mean zeiger college is my college and it was the greatest time a lot of them you go we would do you do it shows every night you're watching everybody come in it's you guys you know grab a seat you know you guys older guys pop in you just sit in the back and see chappelle coming a lot of his felt well for 4 people at boston coming up no one's in there you may go outside until i was a bar or so to hand out flyers and i stayed on the corner you know from national to does the just like it's i me i did times where people just grab it and they just
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drop it at your feet. they just basically just grab your written just throw it right back i appreciate it. and so big scene those guys come in and see and you know i'm going to i'm still i was like don't we have you once or 3 times a case bills on stage if you go watch them and these people are like i don't want they didn't believe me and i was like why would i i'm in a comic why would i lie as executives see and keep up their end they think is good and then i just i think about those people every day i think about it every day. to watch the bears read your report and folks there wonder why they are making this. trust us no one york city just the sellers right next to that fire station that anderson cooper eventually bought as this house right and then it had elma leno that killer italian restaurant on the other side. so boston common good was next door to that fire or that fire oh yeah i got
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a can fit it. in and they go 2 blocks down to make a left to come onstage and you would. you know know you know when somebody may not you know yes. you know when you're young in your work in the speed bag and you're doing those 5 gigs a night can i tell you it's easier as you well i don't have to tell you now because you're selling out theaters but eventually you get to the point where when you have to go back into the cellar or you know the holy city. and the people are like 5 feet away it freaks you out more than being at a bigger space because you got to look right out i'm in there well lit. totally get it i get it so much more now actually i just say that i can do myself like you just got done eating you like i don't i don't have to you know when i'm as young comedian be like yeah go every night gotta go do this they're in the it's like yet now i don't go to spots because i go do an hour or so on stage and it's you know i think of late night sets i've done
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a lot of late since and i'm here but recently oh said about the late night i don't even gets do have 5 minutes and i was like i don't even to stay in and then as i've started headline me in just doing basically hours you're like oh yeah i can't it's a much harder you should your act gets longer it's hard to pull stuff out and be kind of stand alone kind of things so all this makes more sense you know i've done it for 18 years now so it makes way more since now than it did you don't ever know when you just hit the stage i had like 30 seconds before i start to get antsy and think i got a tip i got to throw a kill shot right here i want to get them i'm only up there for 7 minutes then you get to the point redoing the hour and a half your whole mindset is i'm not given anything up except the fact that i'm not going to sweat this i got to be with these people for our nap i want them to get the rhythm right off the bat that i'm not and see here they can do what they want and then they'll cut let the game come to you will of outside the mindset is
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a completely different thing tell me about the greatest average american and the tell me about the title it's netflix number 2 which is a big one that i think they have though they don't have one is out easy but surrender has got to establish a farm system you get the 2nd one brother they they dug it near and clover tell me about. it's so good name and i don't know as big jokes of being a great. very average american taste any kind of hold they get i'm always like writing like i'm like it's all me and if you ever believe everything i eat you know chain restaurants i've never not i'm always like mcdonald's and never it's never been that long since i've been to one i always know what they have. i said. when. i thought i had a very lack of cack let's wait and i thought should i do this anymore i said yeah i read that warren beatty still in his eighty's so yeah. i think we should soon does
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more respect when we go in there to be honest their most successful restaurant in the world you should want you to be like hated on or even open the door for me. can you think of the worst time in history to enter do so the huge touchscreen ordering system like 3 days before. i go in there now or hurt locker so just to get a quarter cup out there. yet is a brutal time i was so excited when they came out you know like i was a guy gets do it on that screen and yet kill the game and its base it just it makes you get. yeah so that's who maybe i was had like a very bad taste everything i like and shows it's you know he's it is whatever's popular number one and like like that sounds like it's it's i'm just very and the average american which i think is i live in nashville i'm a big spender. middle which is basically all of america except new york and l.a.
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i lived in both those cities i had my i was to my dad when i or my best friends a comedy yanis club as he grew up you know it's totally i have no culture because i was from nashville and he grew up in brooklyn and i was like you live 3 blocks from your mom it's like how do you have like your mom's day here i'm in another state just because different people live around you just need to get it you know and i don't know will just get you while you want culture check out pekka rinne a's club had my frat that's what you call cheers to me and i thought look you know what yeah by the way i have to ask you is one of the few commodore and i don't mean lionel's bet i'm talking about the bear the tape well what is the cutler had the smoothest arm i had ever seen and he almost was so he like didn't want to give in what what what's your read on jay cutler i can never figure him. you mean i'm
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a blind defender of them because he wants of. the title of the you know our hearts are getting under 30 want to give it up. no he was i think he's from what i've heard i've said i've never met him from what i've heard. i think it's difficult to be friends with him i think he's a good guy that was to be alone like he's now he's a guy that likes hunting and all this stuff and i don't know how that years i don't even heard this story about him. i think it's true but it was he was it going that he was at the end ruth a bar in nashville and he's at the europe and he's going to bathroom and this guy walks up next to him of you know and goes what's up jay is a guy i would surveyed even you had to be an intel or just goes i don't change here . that's that's all there was another well that's how he wanted it up. right folks we're talking to the average american yeah i'll be at one with the super
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sharp take on things i find out to be it an intoxicating confluence when you get in every med who also has the years pricked and the eyes on the culture and makes very astute observations that's why set the ball so hard the night bar gets you right up to the sun then a smaller cross one. psychiatric drugs are essential for millions of patients or rather they want that pill that they hope will take care of their problem thoroughly and rapidly in the short term they really work the problem is in the long term and mostly disastrous suddenly stopping a drug can cause withdrawal symptoms more serious than the condition it was meant
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to treat instead of the beneficial effects of these different medicines early up to something wonderful and very often there are full effects of it up to something terrible can bill solve all ills we're trying to mitigate life itself i just think i was in like i was just scared i was a scared little girl i was 24 and like. the didn't have to be so complicated. hey folks welcome back to dennis miller plus one we're joined by funny cat seems like a good man to just get made a mate by get c. and he has a new netflix his 2nd that flicks comedy special as i said that's quite
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a that's quite a chip for somebody the greatest average american and it is currently streaming you know i look back and i see a couple names in your curriculum dictate that i always think you're stand up guys i don't know what you're filiation with paisley as we'll get to him after but as far as comedy goes i always like jimmy because jimmy enjoyed your success he was an entertainer and he you know for him to fall into this cultural weirdness over the last few years is is hurtful to me because jimmy's got a suite of guys you can get tommy but when you 1st meet jimmy and how you worked with them over the years fallon by the way so the the lists are talking about jimi like everybody knows jimmy fallon i should say. so he was i met him i was at his new comic i'm going to stay in and sunday has been there for years now but in new york it's great comic and i was there one night and he walked in and he was the host of late night with found and he walked in and it talked
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a little bit before and in the states of the show and i went out so everybody knows he's in the crowd so every comics going up like. we did know he was coming just came and he's hanging out so it's you know you know the energy of a calm when you know someone's there and you're like bringing their a games that do that you're going to measure of their life because they make jimmy laugh and he's going to go. got the keys and so we go and then after i get on stage i he leads out and gets off and then i got a call later on an offer to be on late night with sal and which is the 1st authorized you know not have an audition is the 1st time they're called and just said you want to do a spot and so that's pretty crazy you know you know so used to like just having to . do all these spots are all additions for and so i did that and then i know them and then we end up hit it off and then we try to develop a show you know kind of like the letterman rare mano kind of idea did not go
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anywhere but we you know jim and i just kept doing as much of it and then when he was like joe i came to dad and i've done it now you know 6 or 7 and done like 13 with him fallon and so he just been very good to me and you know i just do stand up on that i like being it's nice of guy he's going to be loyal to one kind of thing and he has he's is nice is you know he always asked if it is you then i say give me i think he loves his job like he goes to it and he loves what he does and he's an entertainer he's an insane somewhere along the way you must you know you were opening for chris right it's so so funny with rock when i met rock he was just such a young such a nice that. he when you just came in the s. and l. when i was there and you know he had yet to become one of the greatest american stand ups ever and i assume when you met him he was more like an emeritus status or you know more avuncular sage guy i know him as
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a kid you know him as an obi wan kenobi nobel. oh absolutely i mean getting when i would go out on the road with him he was just about to hang out is is going to hang with him in the game to watch him do the same set every night you know you still learn so much net that was a couple years ago so but still being able to see just that level out of put on a show like it's a shock that he learned that when he started doing gators it's show business you're a chef and so people here if you know if they go watch mary poppins to play your mary poppins to play so you have to go learn how to be a show to these people and put on a religious show so because it's i think it's sometimes you know it's we don't want to you know want to get too fancy we don't get you know in new york it's all about just be funny tell you dumb jokes don't like you know don't try to do anything extra then the more you degree get the more you like even could you going to it's a big event so these people to come to these things you've got to respect that or they're not going to come if you don't if you act like you don't care and you can
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stay in comedy clubs and if you care when you make it to theaters and you get a missile begin to watch rock do that up close in be with him talk so that was i mean when the best learning experiences ever got to do the mayor had been for mark mary a lot and didn't watch mary and. his voice like he talks he's just so good at like talking it's just him it's him up there and like be able to like just you know i don't give in to your mindset and they learn and be able to see that stuff and be to see it from you know side stage and begin to talk to them afterwards mr fisher to learn who did you who is your guys that he started with the gear. well you know when i 1st started i was lucky to guys for me leno i remember he completely demystified in a way he's a quit whining and oh i am a shut up tell jokes get check i got jay it's such a crowded field he's
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a shut up trust me the road opens up like the back stretch of the kentucky derby. the sky crashes the sky gets in to blow the sky gives women problems us guys lazy you know all of a sudden it opens up and you trot through that was great advice and then i saw richard belzer one night a ketch rising star belzer in the late seventy's was like some sort of you know a level one bar no i mean nobody worked a room like that and i remember looking up at him one thing oh i see they don't want you to be sucky earth pisser they don't mind if you're a little mean they just want you to be good at this and the look confident the church good in this and they'll follow you they've got enough stuff during their day where they have to pretend that you know people who suck in their office who are above them or adroit people they just want you to be competent that was a big click that went off in my head to yes i mean that's exactly his of it's such a yeah i love i love every aspect of it you know get into i would see the
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rigs he'd like to hear that stuff you know store there is a lot of books about new york and the scene he started in like i got to see some of the improv was it was in a different place downstairs probably it was called the improv when i 1st got to new york and get to see him in more minutes or. it's pretty great and just to see other you know i mean. the net agree you know people go they pass you like i remember because you see people shoot and you're like it's so you're the it's so frustrating you know what is what are they getting that i can't get it in and i've learned to be like oh did you catch that and then they stopped in seville you go and then you got to keep going so you got to be able to like now . take the bait in the become like this bitter it is billy just keep blinders on and just wait your turn that you got to play or own game and folks you do they just can't force it and in comedy if you overstep it and try to force it and get
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deemed a sweat act you're radioactive to the business someplace you gotta play the cards you're dealt if you have to discard a few times you do it then when you get you know full house queen size you be pushed chip set and it's all sort of tactics it's funny to me nate i don't much care what i could tell your kindred spirit i could talk comedy syllable count promised call back all that stuff and then the business of it fascinated me too and what weary i was like leno larry miller bill maher seinfeld we'd all get together and talk tactics and all that i find it endlessly fascinating even before we got to presenting our jokes to each other i just bad i found the perfect business for me and i sent you did to. absolutely honest i mean see if they talk about it like i would you would dissect it and you can tell when you just have a normal person come up and then they hear your conversation they just leave it there this is the worst consolation ever and you know why i love it i love it so.
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i wanted to condition of those sometimes there's only so much she can handle of just being like you are just like who cares if you're like i know i just have some obsessed with in you i was tell younger comics damage if you don't obsess than just get out because you have to be assessed are never going to work. we're talkin to a pure comic folks you can tell my man i'm not a tried some raymer man of thing listen those are one of the 1000000 at some point even seinfeld at the end of the day says what scratches is it his feel place to get at jokes on a legal pad and get on stage and he always comes back to the mothership nate bar gets is with us today he's got a new netflix special called the greatest average american which is currently streaming and i guess like i don't even have to read to send notes i assume you have a podcast since there are now more pond casts in the world than there are actual
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human beings do you have. yeah i mean they say in america you know they're good i handed them a lame podcast and they i started as a co but i was at home a big part of it was because i don't i wanted to still be funny it was hard to be funny being funny is a muscle and when you're on the road and this you have to calmly selling up comics you always be very funny and that's using the guise of the most funny is because there is there have to be funny all the time and then so like i was you know i'm just sitting home doing a t.v. shows and stuff and saw them as well you know just muslims are blood gassed in our podcast is just we talk about nothing i don't get into the politics of it all like because the adage the it's the worst you know it's everywhere and it's you can't the people are just a nightmare and i'm not a big platform guy had think he'd you can vote or not vote i could care less it's your right to do it and we're going to do my job i mean i'm barely made out of high
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school you should be if you listen to me that's a major problem you come down this far down to determine what you want in my view and i'm like you got to i took math in i would 60001 year and it's 0 credits and i took a class called math in college the book said math so i should you should definitely never listen to me about what to do in your life you got to me that. i tried to like. it out of. maybe you don't want to guru who spells a g o r you quite frankly it's music i learned it's not spelt like that no it's this. and the podcast is a good place it's a nice place to kick it around it's like a little. digital algonquin round table where if you get a couple cronie said the whole idea of doing these drive in theaters where it's beyond that what am i like joaquin phoenix of the joker felt i'm not going to step up on every freshman. book so
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a comedy for 18 year old kids or trent. get laid in an old umbrella and so the departed guest is a nice. and i salute i think i'm going to. i did dragon dates did he done the job insurance oh no i read that you did i thought not for me tell me about. what wakes you see someone leave or leave their headlights he had to face and then you're. going to want to call if you want to be true and sign the exit i mean he just dropped the baton in you to see. someone show him least someone shot his answer on your leg and you know. he was good. perfect well there you go folks that's the sort of observation came slowly and i'm sure it'll work for you too nate are get c. as a new that quick special called the greatest average american i saw the last one i
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did all was a cop was called tennessee boy tennessee man you're from korea. yeah from o.t. granger jackson's from mean you know brother there must be there must be a lot of constipated pigeons and old hickory tensei because i guarantee you there's not a statue less than an. absolute . maybe bar gets a look for that special on netflix folks the greatest average american this spend on a smaller class what. was needed national will the start of it when he believes in less than that solicited it was a propagandist you cross and it's kind of seen her from the regular morgue you're
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more your partner group or provide. water source i.q. all but us lucifer mistletoe is just that in the gotta come to think of. it is not my achievement mr davies our 5 beautiful lands were conceived and carried out by the people themselves if they would produce or even floor kit with the idea of making a film like this they'd probably be branded as crazy. how was the sentiment during the war the soviets were brave heroes resisting the nazis that's going to change of course after the war but once the cold war begins. little people think that hollywood is a free place but really what is strictly defined by one side of the business and the other side is idealist. how would i define ali is
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a call to dream manufacture which i think's true but i think equally it's a propaganda fact. because. moscow publishes a. list of us individuals including. from the biden administration who it is being with sanctions it's in response to american moves the day before we've got live reaction on the coming from. accused. democracy after she pleads with the german parliament the powers.


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