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tv   News  RT  April 19, 2021 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is great. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallows. the world is driven by dreamers shaped by the impersonal those with. no dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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god. russian expels 20 check diplomats in our tally atory move the prosecution last go of being behind a huge explosion at an ammunition depot 7 years ago and threw 18 russian diplomats out of the country. and the total number of code it does worldwide posses 3000000 will look at the u. turn by the maker of the most expensive anti coronavirus jobs as it plans to further hike e.u. prices. meanwhile the european state of sound the reno plans a return to normality heels of dorothy's aim to vaccinate all citizens by the end of may with russia's support make the job. a real. please give us
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a breath of fresh air and get us moving towards a sense of normality sputnik the has proved to be a winning choice as every day that passes in recent weeks the number of interactions is decreasing. and roll castro officially steps down as cuba's leader c.i.s. 1000 nation attempt is revealed the same day here now says his decision. to. warm welcome and a very good morning to you it's 9 am here in moscow and you're watching r.t. international with me nicky aaron. russia has declared a $28.00 czechs diplomats persona non-grata amid an escalating diplomatic spat between the 2 countries it's in response to prague expelling 18 russian diplomats while accusing moscow of being behind a huge explosion at an ammunition depo back in 2014 the russian foreign ministry
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says it's an effort to distract attention away from an alleged coup attempt in bello reuss. the accusations herb's surge especially as earlier the czech government laid the blame for the explosions at the door of the companies that. this hostile step is a continuation of a series of russian actions conducted over the last several years by the czech republic one cannot also fail to notice the american influence by trying to win washington's favor as the u.s. imposes sanctions against russia the czech authorities have even outdone their american masters so many diplomats were forced to start packing their suitcases in recent days because of expulsions and counter expulsions 1st of all america ordered 10 russian diplomats to head back to russia moscow's response was then almost identical then poland announced a similar move but there are sanctions only targeted 3 people and then eventually we heard from the czech officials who announced that prague decided to expel
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18 people working for the russian embassy that is even more than that then america originally chose to punish you understand that this is a very significant share of the embassy staff so you'd have to think that there must be a very serious reason for it well the czech authorities have accused this group of 8 saying of working as intelligence operatives and also blamed russia for being behind a manger explosion at an ammunitions military warehouse in the czech countryside that happened 7 years ago and killed 2 people no confirmation of the cause has ever been released by the czech authorities it coincides with the decisions on diplomat expulsions by washington and warsaw that's not all by the czech republic either is it private is seeking some suspects in particular well you know and that is the
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interesting part because the people the suspects that the check the. police are now looking for actually people with faces that you may find familiar these 2 were once accused by the k. of trying to poison the script balls in the united kingdom in 2018 so now when the authorities said that these 2 could be linked to that explosion immediately their names and photos were back and international headlines but the russian foreign ministry though is saying that these announcements in these steps that are taken by the czech authorities could only be a deliberate attempt to somehow distract the attention of the media and the international community from another story which is now in the news here in eastern europe it looks like when it's actually supported by facts that the west need it to
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cover up the importance of the information published by both russia and belarus about not just a conspiracy but an actual plan for a constitutional clue we need to speak about it so a coup was allegedly being planned against the leader of the roost what more do we actually know about this this is a story apparently that was happening more or less some real taney as the russian federal security service has announced lately that they have detained 2 men one with russian citizenship another one with dual citizenship del reuss and the u.s. detention happened in moscow and these 2 are believed to have been plotting a coup by attempting to assassinate the ball russian president alexander lukashenko and possibly even members of his family during victory day celebrations that are upcoming the bell russian president almost instantly blamed the u.s.
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for it for orchestrating this attempt but washington has denied any involvement now. you may wonder what does frog have to do with all this but we have to understand that the czech republic is a close u.s. ally in eastern europe it's a member of nato not for the central role but still and russian officials very often have blamed washington for using some eastern european countries the czech republic in particular house puppets so the assumption by the russian foreign ministry is that washington can't be pressuring these countries into making political moves against russia to demonize it so that is the message coming out of moscow and the meantime the u.s. state department has already said that they are expressing full support for the move that's been made by prague. but the situation increasingly tense experts think
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the demonization of russia is the girl that was 7 years ago and that's been brought up you know and then the intended coup. that's been linked as well because the west seems. who is illegal and he's been talking about you elections and so on and so therefore. this is all this. put together. and we'll get is a member of. the united states the americans here so you. know i'm not saying that i can directly will be so you know it's difficult to resist. that they have it in view. the story in the czech republic is ludicrous i mean 767 years ago russian agents and by the way they must be changed bombs because
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russian changed bonds because they were you know in salzburg in 2018 they were in prague in 2014 to do so discordant. make an explosion that just completely ludicrous it's. going to it will be a film very soon this story about the. dead of the czech army which is not the 1st in nato it's a small army and it's not clear or dead poles and you know it's just not your mission they exploded this sounds like demonizing russia you know as much as they can now. as requested by biden's white house that has expelled 10 russian diplomats. a number of global deaths from 1000 past 3000000 at the weekend with a particularly disturbing 20 fold surge in new infections since last month in india
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meanwhile in europe daily new cases have stabilized somewhat after a 3rd wave of infections and u.s. pharmaceuticals giant pfizer has hike to prices on future orders of its anti corona virus vaccine potentially sending the cost more than 60 percent higher to some $23.00 a dose it comes as brussels seeks a new short supply contract with pfizer from next year artie's sense here taylor has the details. you wouldn't think that big pharma and ethics go hand in hand but you clearly how that is that if we were to implement free open market principles in pricing the products we could go to huge prices and so everything we can manufacture but it would be unethical i think we will not do it's because that's really taking advantage of a suit. to ation and people will not forget if you do isn't it must have been hard when the 3rd wave started coursing through europe more curfews and lock downs were announced hospitals were overrun and pfizer couldn't take advantage even though it
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sitting on the thing they say is the only way out of vaccine but no that would be unethical the people will never forget turns out though pfizer doesn't really care about people it cares about fresh dollar bills so it hiked its prices after all vaccines are very expensive this if human lives economies to reopen but we saw them at the price of a meal a very nice meal in a very nice restaurant of drool pfizer's vaccine is the most expensive on the market and it can't start handing out discounts just because it's a once in a lifetime global pandemic some countries that who can't afford pfizer's prices but still want the citizens to live so well that's fine we'll just produce it ourselves while no because pfizer and co are not only lobbying the biden and mr asian to stop low cost vaccine production to help out low income countries they even want those
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countries to be sanctioned are ethics but even for those who do have the cash purchasing pfizer is beginning to break the bank pfizer was 12 years then it became 15 year contracts are now being signed at a price of $19.00 points 50 euro and with the e.u. signing off on a future order of $900000000.00 doses those extra euros really add up but as pfizer well knows the block doesn't really have a choice because brussels is fast pick astra zeneca has become vaccine non-grata after it's linked to red blood clots at this point it would probably struggle to print out its vaccine for free let alone charge for it johnson and johnson's hit the pause button over the same concern on the european medicine agencies not. in on approving any other shots at the moment so the fries are jobs stand as the sole savior all 12 no 1519 and
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a half years of it but if you don't count those 3 surprise a likely scenario is that there will be likely a need for a 3rd somewhere between 6 and 12 months and then from the there will be an annual leave oxygenation but all of that needs to be confirmed a vaccine with reduces in the 1st year and a booster annually after that what a tidy little way to keep those billions coming in to hell with the corporation how would morality to hell with humanity you really have to hand it to pfizer even in a pandemic it's just another day another dollar. meanwhile the tiny european country of san marino is enjoying a return to precluded normality thanks to sputnik the schools museums and gyms have reopened as well as cinemas and theaters which are to open an april 26th as the enclave is not a formal member of the e.u. it was able to turn to russia seed sputnik the is currently under review by the
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e.u.'s medicine regulator meaning it cannot be deployed in member states until it is approved. she was putting venus proved to be a winning choice is every day that passes in recent weeks the number of injections is decreasing. 3 openings give us a breath of fresh air and get us moving towards a sense of normality without splitting feet submariner would probably not have had these reopening so sued and except we helped with that and also because the e.u. agreements were failing to deliver the phase of vaccine to us thanks to the russian
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vaccine a bill to move our reopening timetable for. states grapple to change voting laws following trump's claims of electoral strolled biden's sanctions russia claiming it's yet again at fault for hobbling america's sacred election.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical daryn time to sit down and talk.
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welcome back to the u.s. state of michigan is to stand herring's on a bill package to change its election laws this week is just one state to aiming to boost confidence in the process following president trump's allegations of electoral fraud some michigan reforms that being labeled as even more restrictive than those recently introduced by the state of georgia meanwhile joe biden is imposing a raft of sanctions on russia for alleged election interference how is that connected . explains. round and round we go another election now the scandal scandals least of which had nothing to do with russia but again and it's moscow's fault more sanctions more accusations and more changing the subject during the campaign for the for the presidency i was unequivocal that
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if i was elected president i respond to any attempt to influence our elections to the last election and because elections are sacred are sovereign undertakings their expression of the will of the american people and we cannot allow foreign power to interfere in our new democratic process with impunity there is a sense that american elections attending almost into we need just undertaking sacred only a divine affair where the free and the faithful in the streets to cost to god to give and ballot in the name of all that is good and america but all is not well in the land of the free there is a crisis of faith where as many as 40 percent of american citizens but leave the last election was rigged a. mark
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. of course it's all a shah presidential elections all the united states are a broken outdated mess they made claim that there was no serious fraud but the system itself it's soo broken that in any other country they'd be calling it election fraud the reason nothing sacred about the electoral college.
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and the electoral college and the filibuster time to give the majority of voice. we cannot forget to vote as they were told college it's a way to steal the voice of the people. if there's one thing that's america is unified on right now is that we all hate the electoral college so let's abolish the dumb thing. that isn't sacred when some people's votes count more than the votes of others depending on where they live there is nothing holy about people's votes being rounded up or rounded down by delegates it's an old ugly mess that frankly should have been obviated some time ago the electoral college is just the tip of the iceberg malin votes in 2020 were all over the place hundreds of thousands of votes lost and miscounted threw away were covered and recounted and
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about a 3rd of all state voters didn't even need to show that aidid to vote and this is in a country with roughly 12000000 illegal immigrants speaking of medians medians of americans with a criminal but even if they've served their sentence and not allowed to vote none of this counts of fraud because see it's negro even mistakes of kosher or how a load by the blessin constitution. the validity of an election is not voided by honest mistakes or emissions unless they affect the result or at least render it uncertain but hey america all it's talk of democratic processes never was a democracy it's a federal republic where corporations and billionaires can how much of the internet and the airwaves and the radio waves with billions of dollars worth of propaganda unabashed republican or democrat propaganda blasted at you from every side from
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a cab ride to new york to a country fair in iowa vote team red vote team blue and best of luck if you're running as an independent america hasn't elected an independent president in a 170 years we face tremendous mainstream media shout outs and we know this is a 2 party system so the greatest difficulty is just making sure that people know we're here without the nod that we only have these 2 options and i believe that's really at the weak to keep us coloring behind party lines at the end of the day russia doesn't need to interfere to make a mess of american elections all it has to do is sit back and watch the show unfold but america america needs russia to interfere they'd needs to blame someone else for this mess it needs a scapegoat be in all of it on and avoid having to say hold on we have
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a problem so they make up more nonsense about sacred elections and blasphemous russian hackers and you think they keep the faith in the decorah bit divisive electoral system from collapsing. 3 arab israeli man have been arrested and officers injured as fireworks and rocks were held today israeli police separating rival demonstrations over the assault of a rabbi their religious leader was assaulted as he entered a traditionally arab part of the city of just zionist jews that rallied against the violence sparking a counter protest of arab israelis who lit street fires and attacked and lauren for spent officials who had formed a human barrier between the demonstrations it comes as the jewish population of israel hits all time lows that made up less than 3 quarters of the country down 8 percent on when it was founded in 1948 the proportion of jewish immigrants is also
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known as a historic low caste people on the streets of tel aviv why they thought that was the case the government in their country doesn't treat her citizen. fairly and really expensive to leave it's really hard to to grow and to create new businesses in actually to succeed i think it's easier to do it in different countries it is very simple the natural growth of the non jewish population was a higher rate of the jewish one that's just simple math count the number of children per jewish family of children. you are the numbers they are citizens of israel and it doesn't matter how many jewish or non jewish toot the head of the israeli immigration policy center told r.t. the consequences of a fall in the proportion of the jewish population. but the main reason for the decline of the jewish population today is due to immigration israel has developed
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its g.d.p. is much higher than the countries around there are around the area many people in the past did not see israel as a place that they want to immigrate to today we're soon people from over 100 different countries wanting to come to israel. and that has bring into a decline in the jewish population we are seeing the decline of the majority which may bring in the future for a situation where the most growing minorities will demand to change the status of israel as a jewish state even if we don't reach a situation with the jews or absolute minority and that can have of course far reaching implications for a country that sees itself as a homeland for the jewish people. monday marks the end of castro ruling cuba raul castro who led the country's communist party for the last 10 years after succeeding his brother fidel announced his resignation on friday this was the same day the classified documents fertility he's been the target of numerous cia
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assassination attempts artie's equals donna explains. raul castro reveals he's stepping down what better time to disclose your country meal the idea of assassinating him this is the perfect metaphor of cuba u.s. relations as the cia has published once top secret cables describing how in 1960 the agency offered $10000.00 to a pilot flying roll castro from prague to have to arrange an unlucky accident the plot can be added to what some say were the hundreds of assassination attempts on rolls brother legendary el commandante fidel providing a glimpse into just how big a thorn in america's side cuba was and even remains to this day clearly the carriage drew regime. will not change by its own choice.
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but cuba must change. i don't care how i die but rest assured if they invade us i'll die in combat. you don't make friends with uncle sam by overthrowing a dictatorship ruled by his appointee or by building a socialist state right in his backyard for del castro did both his relations with the us started with a trade war escalated into a naval blockade of the island and climaxed with something that had the world staring into the abyss over nuclear apocalypse during the cuban missile crisis and island nation smaller than the size of florida found itself squeezed between 2 superpowers in the thick of what almost became an all out atomic war it would be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from cuba or against any nation in the western hemisphere as an attack by the soviet union on
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the united states things eased up a little since then of course the us is a very different country the soviet union hasn't existed for nearly 3 decades but cuba cuba remains the same along with its ever so poor relations with the u.s. we will not live saying actions on the cuban regime we will enforce the embargo. we reaffirmed today that any strategy that seeks to destroy the revolution either through coercion and pressure or by using subtle methods you will feel. that troika of tyranny in this hemisphere cuba venezuela and nicaragua has finally met its match so i guess that you left out the secretary of the united states is deliberately lying by calling cuba a sponsor of terrorism this is slander and an insult to gates or you know for sure freedom and democracy then it was 4 years ago the age of castro is coming to
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an end but is the anticapitalist cuba heading the same way while raul castro says over his dead body. but it does nothing nothing obliges me to make this decision but i firmly believe in the strength and value of example and the understanding of my fellow countrymen and let no one doubt that as long as i live i will be ready with my food and the stirrup to defend the homeland the revolution and socialist it will be you that will want to do it i. am cuban revolution will continue to be. cussed try. to symposiums to know what exactly by the by their ministries and. he promised during the election campaign that he was going to restore normal relations with cuba. yes and that means going to jail as already said several times and given several times but one normally lives within
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one's ability level. as really going to be valid but at. the moment he doesn't seem to be the case that there is not an intensification of the aggression on the part of the it was a situation against cuba the united states is important to cuba only her only. because no one is already saying they're going to be a world power on the. recent job why should they change anything they respect the united states to change the whole crew they will. we're back with the latest in 30 minutes from.


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