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tv   News  RT  May 4, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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hello there i'm a military man you're watching in question broadcasting from r.t. america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. here are today's top stories 1st a calamity of contradictions g. 7 powers meeting to counter china and russia all at the same time hoping to build stronger ties with both countries our panel will weigh in then venezuelan president nicolas maduro releasing how a dozen american prisoners in the country could this after of mercy be a step towards renewed relations with washington details next and finally the presidency of joe biden is proving to be a huge moneymaker for some of the country's richest people will see how that stacks up against other world powers it's time to do your news i thank you.
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foreign ministers from the g. 7 nations are meeting in person in london england the objective is to lay down the groundwork for when g 7 leaders meet in the u.k. in june and from what we've seen so far we can expect a lot of talk about china and russia artie's alex mile which has the story. together but distanced for the 1st time in 2 years foreign ministers from g 7 nations are meeting this time in london well the covert 19 pandemic and climate change are expected to take up much of the agenda discussions about china and russia are also making the top of the list with the u.s. and u.k. taking the lead on this subject any country. china or otherwise takes actions that
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challenge or undermine or seek to erode that rules based order and not make good on the commitments that they've made. to that order we will we will stand up and defend the water but what's going to change is russia's behavior against as a p 5 member of the security council against the basic norms of international law while some see the claims of veering from basic norms or hypocritical at best russia has called allegations from the west 80 russian hysteria in china says the west is a bully nonetheless the push continues the u.k. has invited non g 7 allies such as australia south korea india and south africa to the meeting in what some say is an effort to rally the nations to create a united voice against china and russia say by them that said is both the u.s. and u.k. emphasize that diplomacy is not an off the table very well and it is the preferred
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method to resolve the international issues but we are not looking to escalate we would prefer to have a more stable more predictable relationship and if russia moves in that direction. so will we and i think president biden will have an opportunity when he meets with president putin. to talk about that directly we we look to the opportunities we want a constructive relationship with china but on things whether it's intellectual property theft or standing up for human rights in hong kong and some junk we see we're going to be very clear on all the news sources say that. one objective of the upcoming g. 7 summit is to counter the directive that the west is in decline and that trying to add russia or getting geo political clout the g. 7 summit is scheduled to take place in the united kingdom next month for r t i'm alex my literature. and for more on this will go to our panel today a former professor now managing editor of covert action magazine and author of the
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russians are coming again jeremy koos rob is joining us and host of news with rick sanchez mr rick sanchez jeremy 1st over to you in pretty plain language i think secretary of state tony blinken and his u.k. counterpart dominic rab said that the main goal for the g. 7 right now is to contain russia and china what can we extrapolate from that kind of rhetoric. well one thing that's not widely being reported as too naval vessels have been sent into the black sea it has a blinking is slated to travel to ukraine with victoria nuland later in the week i believe so i mean there's talk of you know that we don't want war i mean that's seen as a very threatening action you know it's russia was sending ships into the gulf of mexico americans would be up in arms so i think we've seen you know a very aggressive stance towards russia as well as china that's
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a very dangerous right now by the you know by the ministration continuing from what's going on for at least the last 8 years and rick you have covered this sort of stuff for a long time i mean do you recall a time where the former g 8 that used to include russia would use this kind of language and how does that translate to the average joe who is hearing this kind of i guess tough talk on the news. you know it's interesting i like the way he was issuing that question because it makes me think of my own life lessons but let's face it i'm no spring chicken anymore so i've been around for quite a while throughout my life with no scene is that when i was a very young man the world seemed to constantly be on the edge of war it was always a buck possibly starting a nuclear war and we all were being taught to duck and cover and then something wonderful happened and that is that there seemed to be some type of movement toward
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peace between russia and the united states and china so that called war mentality has been dissipating throughout most of my life but i'm 62 years old in the past oh who last decade i see the start to go in. the other direction it's almost like we're bracing for some kind of being on the edge of nuclear proliferation like we suddenly embrace being in a cold war with countries who are reaching out to us and saying we want to be on your team and we were going to gloat about vladimir putin has offered to join and they go he says why do you guys want to be against me i want to be a part of what you're doing and russia is not with us all what a country offers an olive branch the least you can do is hear them out and we're living in a time in the united states speech or politics or something else where we don't
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want to hear people are we've chosen that your good or your bad and that's the way it's going to stay and it's not going to change any time now or and it's wrong now and jeremy also ahead of this trip to london tony blinken accuse china repression at home and aggression a bribe now 1st of all is that true i mean given a lot of people could say that this is hypocritical thanks it's china who is working on economic prosperity projects like the new silk road and the last time i checked it wasn't china who invaded the middle east. yeah i mean if you look at you know xinjiang in the muslim issue i mean look at how the united states has dealt you know the war on terror they bomb countries you know afghanistan the media barely reports on the human costs of the afghan war i mean china's not bombs in g.m. and you know it's in a look at in africa i mean chinese do a lot of infrastructure projects in africa and the united states has been building
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drone bases and militarizing african continent so you know it's just divorced from reality and if you look at human rights unfortunately the united states record has you know greatly to be desired whether it's the prison system here in the united states or whether it's u.s. action in country like afghanistan or iraq or libya so china china obviously sees a double standard with these comments and sees how human rights become very politicized and used just to mobilize public opinion against them and that's part of what rick was discussing this thrust towards confrontation and war when these are countries who express openness tell saying you know america shouldn't be a nation building but then you compare it to places like china like you said that are investing in infrastructure projects all around the world should america probably do some nation building after much of our military has gone in to destroy those nations. well i think you know joe biden kind of woke up late those the
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conversation in january between joe biden and boris johnson where they joe biden said oh look at china's one belt one road we need our own one belt one road and it's kind of waking up late in the game but maybe they'll move in this direction and you don't see that china's approach to the so-called developing world there's a lot there that it brings benefits i mean you know china you know has some exploitive practices like in africa you know they have interests the mineral wealth it's the same time they have you know helped to uplift various countries and economies and they won a lot of support and then africa and around the world and i think you know by then johnson realize that 'd maybe now those sorts of sorts move in that direction instead of the u.s. and dating and bombing so many countries and building more you know drone bases yeah absolutely rick secretary blinken is able to use the kind of language that we're hearing him say against china because he has the support of the u.s.
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mainstream media i mean everywhere you look china is being accused of genocide of the weavers with no physical evidence and as they say no body no crime so is this part of the u.s. playbook to continue the trump policy on china but under biden. one of the saddest things that south and i wrote now in this particular generation or alluding to is that we're witnessing the demise of journalists. in the adversarial relationship with their governor that is what we are trying to do that is what we are supposed to do we are supposed to hire a healthy adversarial relationship with the government of the united states we haven't failed in that mission instead what we have become is. the us media choose its government rather than question its government the only time we
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question it is if they're doing it for ideological reasons based on their particular identity i personally see question the republican president fox news will question the democratic president but neither one is really questioning for the sake of what's healthy for our country in other words there was a time when journalism in america meant that if we thought a car country was doing something wrong these are the vietnam era we question the actions of the nothing we said to our own government you're wrong and i want you to prove to us why you're doing what you're doing today and anyone that we go into is a good war and enemy that our leaders say isn't their enemy we just say i os are ok i guess there are adamant that's wrong and they're giving them carte blanche to do what they're doing and it's all agreed when they know that the media is not going
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to hold them to account for these politicians run amok well put gentlemen care because rob and rick sanchez thank you both for weighing in. thank you. and then as well as released a group of american oil executives from prison 3 years after being incarcerated on charges including corruption and money laundering now there really is potentially signals a possible attempt by nicolas maduro to reach out to the biden administration argues john how he has more. the so-called citgo 6 have been released from prison in venezuela more than 3 years after being arrested all 6 have been confined to house arrest at least for now anyway 5 of the former oil executives are naturalized u.s. citizens and one is a permanent u.s. resident back in november 2017 the executives were ordered to attend a budget meeting at the headquarters of the venezuelan state oil company p d.v.s. a which on sicko when they arrived mass security agents then jumped and arrested
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the man they were charged with corruption money laundering and embezzlement among other things all of which they denied the u.s. has repeatedly called for their release saying they were jailed unlawfully back in 2019 the 6 men were also released in confined to house arrest but were thrown back in jail the very same day when vend president trump invited venezuelan opposition leader juan why dode to the white house this latest release is being seen as a goodwill gesture by nicolas maduro to the biden administration as it reviews america's policies towards venezuela but as of now washington doesn't appear to be easing u.s. sanctions on the beleaguered country venezuela continues to struggle economically with cove in 1000 pandemic only making matters worse before the pandemic exacerbated venezuela's already fledgling economy the u.s. sent humanitarian aid there but it was stopped at the colombian border a new report by the inspector general at the u.s.
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agency for international development raises doubts however if the aid was driven by venezuela's humanitarian needs as the country was gripped by mass demonstrations and violent protests or more so a u.s. push for a change in venezuela's government the report reads between humanitarian needs and restore democratic governance to venezuela the u.s. government's key foreign policy goals were to won support why doe's legitimacy as the interim president of venezuela and to increase pressure on macdougal to step down. as president accordingly usa prioritized aid to the venezuelan people in coordination with the interim president the report may not come as too much of a surprise though as the tribune ministration adamantly supported why do know the question now will the buy the administration stay on the same political course for r t john heidi. are coming up biden bringing in big money for american businessmen next we'll take a look back at the president's 1st 100 days and how the country's richest made
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their money co-host christine i it's joining the show and then over at the sports h.q. regina hamm has one player battling back for the win at the a.t.p. madrid open and remember to keep up with all the latest news or catch up with anything you might have missed download the portable t.v. at you can watch it whenever you want well be right back. seeing the horrors that arise with money and evil. corporate criminals who trace countless lives to just one more dollar to their billions. they threaten they bribe they'll do anything to keep their crimes in the door but the people they've heard are demanding justice their stories need to be told on america's lawyer.
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dutch t.v. slash download to get killer television it's completely free of dog an award winning comedy awesome for its coverage inside so fresh still taste like ran as berries on a spring day take so hot they'll burn your face off down in the videos more added by the hour did i mention 3 it's it's 3 go go get it portable t.v. . all right you have already heard this before the pandemic has made the rich richer and the poor poorer the pandemic proved to be a record setting year for the world's billionaires who collectively saw
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a 5 trillion dollar surge in wealth and unprecedented number of new billionaires emerged world billionaires are now a club of 2755 people that is up 660 from the year prior and for the 1st time china has outpaced the u.s. in the number of billionaires who reside in those respective countries so joining us to discuss is co-host of boom bust christy i hate christy so we already know the usual suspects right jeff bezos of amazon he's worth a whopping 177000000000 mosque coming in 2nd with 151000000000 but must he shot up 126000000000 over the last year he saw the biggest leap but there's a new comer to the club a 27 year old russian theory i'm co-founder of metallic butyrate hughes now the youngest crypto billionaire what can you tell us about his rise.
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well the past few weeks have been tremendous for cryptocurrency in particular the past year has been tremendous because during the in her covert pandemic the best before me at that as we talked about time and time again worked at the parties and in particular there was the coin and at the area and in the past few weeks we've had a sketch of rally in the area and everything lever to the just rows with that about 40 to 40 to 50 percent and i think i am broke about $3000.00 for the 1st time earlier this week as investors really bet on is going utility and the rising popularity of the fi decentralize finance and these nonfunctional tokens and all the other applications that are being built on it in particular people are really looking forward to it to point of sale roll out that are later on this year so the internet is the 27 year old founder and he holds over a $1000000000.00 more than eat in a main wallet he is now the 2nd youngest self-made billionaire only behind austin russell who on of them acknowledge he's and 2012 now he is out he found
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a pm which is the 2nd largest and that the most valuable crypto currency it is now more valuable than corporations such as nestle walt disney and even bank of america in terms of total market cap and now especially in the cup the community people are betting on the flipping which is the this which is the potential scenario and which case it syria might overtake quite as the most viable her and say wow ok so that's a little bit on the talent moocher and and let's move over to beijing beijing is now home to more billionaires than new york city for the 1st time but the new york moguls have a higher collective net worth what's driving this billionaire boom in asia. well of all surprises new york has more so let's just call it old money and then right now in beijing has a rising surge of new self-made millionaires and billionaires and in particular those are going to be concentrated in emerging tech technologies and of course trip
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to currencies and technology of course you have to talk tick-tock the founder of tech talk and the main he is a trick talk time with a fortune of over 35 point $6000000000.00 leading in beijing and of course you have crypto as we said before even though china previewed being $2780.00 band quiet it still remains one of the most widely used current it's one of the countries that use crypto currency the muck along with japan and singapore and so in that respect alone there was a mass exodus of cryptocurrency founders and users from the u.s. into asia and to more favorable territories and also china has a lot of money into innovation on for that in the past decade they surpassed us in terms of innovation spending and of course the p.c.'s have been more than generous in asia in terms of lowering tech anything or technology lever to be watching semiconductors and of course social media wow there's also this theory that many
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many wealthy people have left new york city dropping manhattan for miami you have any thoughts on that. well a lot of new york's top business leaders are gearing up for a mass exodus you already have announcements from blackstone who recently signed an office lease in miami star wars hotel they're also moving their headquarters into the sitting and jet blue which is currently headquarters in long island is also looking at florida right now so a lot of these companies they are looking to florida because there is going to be a profound change to provisions on a state and capital gains that have been in the tax code for years so they are expecting intense opposition to this our most economists agree that things like estate tax a couple gains tax they're already amount to a 2nd and 3rd layer on taxes on the same income and in the cases of corporate stocks capital gains dividends those are already 2nd layers of corporate profits that are taxed at the corporate level so what all of this actually means is that high earners the c.e.o.'s these corporations they may face tax rates north of 50
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percent on capital gains when including a state taxes so that is the highest tax burden seen in nearly a century so in the end this is really going to be the death of middle class for cities such as new york and california and that's really not exaggeration at all because middle class jobs will be lost to overseas because thousands of companies like we just think blackstone jet blue they will move their companies overseas not just to florida as they did during the obama administration because american companies at this point will be at a disadvantage and workers are bound to lose out to 4 others especially as these companies they're just starting to gain their fairly after cope it yeah it sounds like it and lastly kristie real quick what is your take on overall on the sudden spike in the global number of ultra rich during the pandemic. well over the last 13 months american billionaire they've added about $1.00 trillion dollars to the collective network and mainly that has been distributed due to the strong market
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we've been in this perma bull market recently and all of that has dipped into the buy a map of analysts and a very fast back the rollout and the american rescue plan so all of this just contributes to this unbridled who in the market that i think of like that really doesn't really make any sense when you look at corporate profits and parker aren't all of that a dozen should up the market shouldn't be happy but with all of this again that they're right there is the tie between politics and finance christie i thank you so much for that expertise good to see you. thank you. all right let's head over to regina hamm at the sports h.q. now regina it was a comeback of sorts on the men's side of the madrid open we have the men and women both playing so we have the women last time we're have them now age beach or world number 43 corey well has really had the best luck on the tour he lost in the round 16 the barcelona open was out the round of 32 the miami open in just a we go with you from the estoril open with an injury so as the japanese player
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feels cutting off in the 1st round he hoped it would be a little bit easier over time it didn't start off that way though 30 all here 4 games with the serve nishikori the backhand slice wins it with the back and back to catch up with back and take that number 161st set break and put them back in or turn into the next. well 2nd set nishikori looking more informants he leads 4030 conscionable cross-court shot nishikori returns backhand down the line a point. to which will take us to match point 725042 help him stay alive make sure that doesn't happen with the forehand slice to complete his victory 67626 to go face to seed out of his their 1st round. and on the women's side of the same tournament you had 2 french open to abuse me on the court of the madrid open only one obviously to walk away as the winner well
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number one ashley barty faced off against 2020 french open champion. and while both players came out of the match with clay court streaks only one of those pyros was able to the other in her dust barty with the serve of the advantage here is that the road was frantic when the point was a killer back in to be good for the tragic up by one game later in this that both of them playing baseline bartie though forehand missile there for the point to make it or should actually win the 1st set 75 will to get to the 2nd set breakpoint barty slice of the baseline the poles champion the run into the forecourt chip in it over the net but barty with the crowd. court forehand winner close to break she won the australian on fire the entire match about one game bargain especially 2nd of wins on a red clay dating all about $29000.00 when she won her french open she was the point here with the forehand shot and that will take us to match and we've already done take a look at to stay alive when we go back and goes out game set match 756 for a party of the quarterfinals patrick a bit about that is
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a lot of fun so actually barty is a very interesting person she actually did not always just play tennis at one point in time she would take a guess what other sports she played or another sport another's for her. anyway in the world move no cricket cricket he used to play cricket the miami open she won about 2 or 3 years ago now she had that was her 1st big return after going back to play tennis and wow what a way to come back over figure i want to run never walk out that lot of tennis cricket not to say. all right thanks for that regina and that's going to do it for us right now make sure you keep up with everything in question at all times by downloading the portable t.v. app thing you can watch it whenever you want following on twitter and instagram at military and we're going to underscore him there thank you for watching you back here soon. into medicare recipients the energy in one concentrated i mean they'll be available
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