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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  May 6, 2021 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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i oppose biological boys who are trained from competing and girls sports in school it just isn't fair we have to protect girls sports in our schools. jen identifies as a republican and supported trump in 2016 but how did her views on trans rights change so drastically in just a few years is this what she really believes or is she doing her level best to gain republican support among an electorate pressed to make trans lives a living hell let's start watching the hawks. in the city streets. let's see this is your state police. it's crazy see this sleaze systemic deception please show. some real. welcome everyone's watching the hawks i mean mr krause tyrrell is on vacation joining me now is taylor chamber walker transgender health board meter for
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us helping us people into living high taylor hey give me a shot how are you pretty good i know that this is a topic you've been fired up about all over social media sailor and the anti trans bills just won't stop coming we now have over 33 states 100 bills have been introduced they're not only aggressive and damaging but several of them criminalize gender affirmation up to a felony in arkansas where health care access for trans minors is set to be banned h.b. $1570.00 is the 1st u.s. bill to criminalize puberty blockers and hormone therapy do you think others will follow and how with the passage of a bill like this that trans you. i think it would be detrimental to trans you across the entire country and it would set precedence. you know to deprive someone of gender affirming care to compare it so people could understand it would
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be like telling somebody that has cancer that they can't receive treatment. you wouldn't imagine doing that but somehow trans use their regulated to some type of you know silo where they don't get the same rights as other people and you know most trans youth that are on puberty blockers are living style you know their classmates sometimes not even their teachers are aware of their identity or any differences and this sets up a case where kids kids could you know be put to this litmus test and outed and you know somehow in my mind that would violate across the board and taylor just to break this down a little bit more for our audience the same groups that fought tooth and nail to stop marriage equality they're back and they're fighting trans rights there's big
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money behind it and unified republican party rallying against change you tranced cans in many states or even testifying on behalf of themselves just to be able to have that gender affirming care just to be able to live their lives fully why do you think kids are now the primary target for entitle g.b.t. activism because i think it's an easy target and often times parents aren't as affirming and supportive of their children going through some type of gender expanse and. in my opinion you know conservative christian republicans would go against anything that their base deems not worthy or not acceptable and so once again this is to skies bathroom bills and competing and boards but you know to me there's much more involved in this and i think they're just panhandling or catering to the base. and it
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makes no sense to have a court system involved with gender affirming care would you go to court to get birth control and have a judge decide whether you should be on birth control at 10111213 when you hit puberty absolutely not how is a judge qualified in any way shape or form to pass judgement and give a ruling on whether or not a trans youth should get care it makes no sense and caitlin jenner she is running for governor in california her 1st campaign ad was just released but prior to that she made eyebrow raising statements about changing participating in sports she doesn't think it's fair for biological boys to compete and girls sports this is a huge shift from her statements in 2015 where she acknowledged trans rights and supported trans women and girls in sports why the flip flop and what does this mean
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for the trans community because california is so determined to oust governor knew some that they will do whatever they have to do to put kaitlin gender in the forefront they want that mag a vote in the state of california and unfortunately caitlin jenner didn't transition to life believe she was 66 years old so that 66 years of white male privilege you can't tell me that. the mere act of having surgery to be anatomically female is going to change a life time of you know this is why power that is prevalent in this country they will do what they need to do to get the vote and unfortunately katelyn jenner is more than willing to put herself out there and turn against her own community to do this and this isn't the 1st time she is not our
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spokes person we do not know her her journey is different and unique beyond comprehension to anybody else going through gender dysphoria. and they they they have done more damage to the trans community then one could imagine and then to make a statement. even using the word it that a trans girl is a biological male. it's just disgusting i think i've said this in the past no one looks between their legs to know who they are it's a man lost his penis he wouldn't automatically think he was the bill same in the reverse when you're on testosterone blockers or puberty blockers and you know you get into that final days of puberty and you start taking hormone replacement therapy any possible advantage that you might have is gone and let's be real
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have you ever heard of training and anybody dominating any sport ever it was ok as long as we didn't win. but now they're just manipulating this platform to gain votes because the reality is maggie doesn't like caitlin jenner and. but they're using her as a pawn and she's more than willing to do it she she does nothing to better or further the cause of the equality act and the reason it's being held up is they want the trans burbage removed and taylor i'm gonna cut you off there and i heard you're such a you're such a passionate advocate for these issues i will definitely have to have you back on thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us today. oh my pleasure. we hear it all over social media they are hiring signs and fast food bars and other
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small businesses what is america reopens or workers coming back. u.s. employers report having difficulty finding workers even though the unemployment rate is double what it was before the pandemic nearly $4600000.00 workers were forced out of their jobs due to close at 19 according to a bank of america report however it doesn't look like folks are rushing back to the workforce conservatives blame president biden's enhanced unemployment benefits $300.00 weekly unemployment bonuses were created to offset the economic pain for americans out of work and are set to expire in september for low wage workers in particular the added bonus in many cases is more than they made on the job fueling conservative belief that folks aren't working because they get paid more to stay home but economists disagree the pandemic itself forced americans to redefine work flexibility work from home options lack of childcare and ongoing fears of coping one piece who vaccinated who won't get vaccinated those are all factors joining us
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now to break it all down to our c correspondent rachel blevins welcome rachel thank you for having me well rachel president biden says america is back we're passing researchers as we're seeing them being lifted across the country people are going to restaurants bars traveling having vacations or spending time hotels but local businesses particularly restaurants and bars they can't seem to get their staff back or even get new people to apply how many americans are out of the workforce currently and what wasn't right now the unemployment rate stands at 6 percent and it looks like there could be as many as $2500000.00 americans going back to work this fall so we are seeing progress being made but at the same time we're also seeing the service industry saying that they can't find workers and there are a number of factors contributing to that i mean you look at the last year and you look at how our workforce has changed because you have restaurants you have small businesses that have been forced to shut down well while they're close the people who are hiring are the major corporations like amazon like wal-mart that are seeing
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record breaking profits and fact amazon. and hired nearly half a 1000000 new employees in 2020 alone so for some of those who would typically work in the service industry who would rely on not industry specifically now if they have a new more secure job working for a bigger corporation they're not as likely to jump ship to want to go back to an industry where they don't have secure hours and they don't know exactly what that future is going to look like at the same time when it comes to those americans who are staying out of work by choice yes some of them are relying on those unemployment benefits knowing that they're going to get them for just a few more months and then there are those who are incredibly concerned about the safety aspects and how that will impact their family home and their loved ones that they're seen all great points and we know that there are some lawmakers who are shipping things around to meet the prices that they see when lawmakers are considering how much to give in unemployment benefits we often hear the concern that they might give too much and it'll be an incentive for americans to simply not
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return to work is there some truth to this right now well it's interesting because when you hear that talking point it's often played out as if it's a long term strategy like americans are just going to plan to live on unemployment forever in this case in particular we have to look at all of the conditions that are lining up which is for some of those americans who are looking at that extra $300.00 a week that could be more than they would make by going back to work and at the same time they're also looking at daycares and schools being closed and so a lot of them have families that they have to tend to and so if they're looking at that short term strategy of being able to stay home to care for their family for at least the next few months before they go into the workforce then that is absolutely what they're going to choose so when it comes to a talking point like that in this case there may be some truth to that but it may be better for those americans in the long run and terms of their particular situation and rachel we only have a few short a very short time left but in one year globally women were really affected they lost over $800000000000.00 in income due to cope at 19 we know when america could
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be 19 took a real toll on the mill workers what are those numbers like now. and can women look to getting back to work any time soon women have certainly been hit the hardest and even as as far as last month there were still 1500000 women out of the workforce so a lot of it is going to take those jobs opening back up kids getting back in school and there really is that hope that women will be able to keep fighting back and getting back into those jobs because they really have been hurt more than anyone else over the last year thanks so much for joining me rachel and providing such an outstanding reporting we really want to know what's going on across america with the economy and whether or not americans are going to be back in that action and seeing what work again so thanks so much for sending it absolute thank you for having me. and as we go to break remember that you can also start watching the hawks on the mainland through the brand new portable t.v.'s available on all platforms coming up we discuss why mactire bryant's death didn't ringback get much black lives matter attention stay tuned to watching the hawks. thank you.
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thank you. thank. you. i would say i'm not american but americans helped out really. the world war 2 cures the depression cars tonight show this is from prosperity of course from the store. for the for us the whole world what it what and. historical ever since world
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war 2 to foment the cold war against russia against communism. socialists nish bush . the so you call me out you all just a swath of the earth so you could call them. all i think world war 2 has been the story credibly by the anglo-american media and that's because they wanted to minish the role of russia. and stalin who actually defeated hitler.
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police reform bills are popping up at state legislatures across the country at the federal level competing democrat and republican bills are creating a hurricane of debate derek shoguns legal team followed a motion for a new trial just 2 weeks after he was convicted of the murder for killing george floyd and reverend al sharpton while he's making his rounds delivering eulogies at the funerals of several other on our blacks killed at the hands of the police but one name among those isn't making headlines and mainstream media has basically buried the story entirely so a police report advocates bryant. bryant the 16 year old girl in columbus ohio
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who was shot while holding a knife in the middle of an altercation. as deaf standing we didn't matter as soon as the police body cam video was released no one cared about her back story no one cared about her trauma. mikheil was a young girl in foster care who reported to her mom and the authorities of abuses going on in the home on april 20th just 20 minutes after the judge announced their children's guilty verdict a young girl at her wits and was murdered by a cop and within 24 hours america lost interest and concern. there are many reasons why bryant didn't become a hash tag or a rallying cry for advocates article after article cited her size calling her fat huge a knife wielding attacker in a maniac. mikheil wasn't a perfect victim so for all lookers she deserved to die despite the fact that we
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have several recorded examples of police interactions with whites carrying weapons that came out alive. joining us now is the rights attorney and radio host hello welcome robert. well robert makhaya brian was shot within moments of the officer arriving on the scene and this really we saw support ring out for her but after the video was released people fell silent we saw le bron james initially tweet his anger about what happened and he deleted it after the police but i can video was released his reaction echoed much of america is why did advocates quickly clear out on this case. well you know this kind of fit neatly into the into the rubric of what people look for in our police shootings you know if you look at the m.t.v. very similar where there was a lot of national outrage we want a longer. piece on that 2nd before we did have a weapon that one time you saw much of the interest around that. we can look past the more important issue which is the way that we do policing in this country in
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america an average of 3 people per day are killed by police officers that's more than almost any industrialized nation in the entire world over some people per year we can estimate are going to be killed by the police the united states of america and if you look at the what police officers took to the streets in the 100. they would send them out there will today give them a gun a bad pepper spray stick. and tell them to go keep the peace there's no way to them to be peaceful we don't give them any weapon for peacekeeping you know give them training and. situations give them train them have a change people get on foot and so do that will have lots. of how we look at our country and we train them as a paramilitary force which is to control the community that we're going to continue to see body after body and it's not that you don't need you don't need to be the perfect victim in order for people to care we need to help police report across the
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border or from this nation past history. and rob that fit into this next question we think conservatives across social media share share various videos mocking anyone who tried to offer deescalation tactics and techniques that could have kept him alive but believe me both know they are no laughing matter we seen them use for white the escalation cow rittenhouse the 17 year old who shot 3 people at a protest was arrested without harm so was robert and long the suspect in the asian massage parlors shooting in georgia just a few weeks ago as were greg and 10 mcmichaels who murdered them are in georgia all of these people had weapons all of them literally committed murder police arrested them without killing them why could they not do it in the case. of the same with the killer in charleston who they took the submerging after he murdered 8 people in the church building roofs the reason is because there was no overt criminalization of african-americans in this country and studies show views of focus group it went
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to the white people guns and ammo. automatically assume that they are hunters or 2nd amendment advocates do you think. they see them as dangerous both. over the only of over. but with you there and americans being this dangerous for the way. those communities so that all of us are. so oversized age overestimation which is why when they see young african-americans they view them to be between 8 and 10 years older than they actually are so into a label of a toy gun or from. a 12 year old child playing with toy boy 20 year old man brandishing a weapon and killed. and the things. that you said in concert the other way to do this was. this young director being
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a child. and if you were to take all of the blame. here. a little cheerleading or girl scout out that would be the thing but in our country we believe that americans have to prove their right to be alive because the truth why they killed that individual and that's why there's not a place in one of these stories. closer than the one because at the end of the day i do miss america particularly the black women with the same low humanity as. a white girl coming home from college aren't you leaving out that that would have been a lot more new what happened during the. and robert a i think you hit the nail on the head in so many ways there we talked time and time again about training training training training we need to do more to invest in training for these police officers but what we see is that the training things to work when they are when they are in white communities in the training get thrown out the window when they're in black communities because of our long historical
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because of the long historical white supremacy in this country because of the belief around black people and black people dangerousness do you believe we can get out or we can train officers out of over over criminalizing african-americans and using these excessive and not deescalation tactics one thing that i think partisan come down the community policing we bring people in from that same neighborhood with these individuals you know the community go to church and shop in those areas they can see the humanity in these people versus somebody who lives you know 2030 miles away 2 or 3 counties coming in to control what they see as foreign territory once you get to community policing or officers or walking the beat instead of driving cars or you take some of the lethal force option for them. or a lot of the situation that's how you get to a place of police reform that works for all 'd of us is not the same in every many people understand other industrialized nations do not have the shooting look at the
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statistics on japan for the. or hong kong the number we shouldn't they have their courier because of an outlier would be that it can't be that about humanity and they to be white supremacist nature of what they are and so to make him be a proper training proper investments in community and i'm sure we're getting people he's worth as well although we. thank you so much it's great having you as always robert i'm looking forward to you joining us again. thank you. and that is our show for you today folks and remember everyone in this world we're not told we're love to know so i tell you i love you i'm a nice across people watching know have a great day and night and one. was
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a pundit macnow said you know blood is just flying through nationalities. it was a little bit we took a back seat. to. judging . 2 comedy crisis because this is going to. be better we should be. everyone is contributing way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenge is creating the response has been so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together.
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lead. no flames because i thought of cause that's how you think at least most wasn't in the movie would go with those because he wasn't it was no.
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good looking monday or done with a bunch of variants and. left with muscle for he was one of the 4. sure i knew because i had something she used to push the sputtering stuff more than others teach. my shoes. right now there are 2000000 people who are overweight or obese it's possible to self sees and sugary and salty and addictive it's not at the individual level it's not individual well power and if we go on believing that would never change this obesity epidemic that industry has been influencing
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very deeply the medical and scientific is found to strike. some of what's driving the obesity epidemic it's corporate office. so what males have tended to do and still do is is we tend to we certainly have empathy all of that but we also ted's huge nurture through aggression so we create things like like us soccer and football and you know all of the various hundreds of games that involve aggression you know women are aggressive and can play those games no doubt very well but when you go back to why they were created those jobs were created for males to nurture other males through aggression to teach them how to be empathic through aggression.
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in this. war union. rational. desire for one of the few. zuma. is a small. fortune for the. more than.
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the headlines this the power of facebook is questioned again amid accusations of censorship and stifling free speech. on donald trump also become tempest fry in the water just as you could work in sending its navy as a dispy fishing rights with france boils over and starts its largest military exercise in decades right on russia's doorstep the alliance describing its training in albania as transparent and defensive. hello there nice to have you company to sal you watching r.t. international is just going for you in moscow.


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