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tv   Keiser Report  RT  May 6, 2021 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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there and have been charged criminally give me a break says anthony promptly i know right off next get out survey showed there you know 75 percent of the berkshire hathaway portfolio they break it down is banks and the banks are the 1st in line from the central banks to get all the bailout money member berkshire hathaway's been bailed out twice without those bailiffs they would have been bankrupt long ago their under-performing even. with the bailouts they're still underperforming the s. and p. and nasdaq for more than 10 years these guys are their bombs their charity cases right so and you say income is up 30 percent to be clear that's not wage that's income so it's people getting minimum wage plus government transfer payments that are being stuffed into their mailbox as well charlie munger and warren buffett their income is by billions because a study getting $800.00 or $2000.00 from the government they get $101520000000000.00 from the government but they're no different then the because
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they've never invented anything they've never built anything they just sit in their chair omaha nebraska and wait for the government to send the money and that's all they do in their bombs and their parasites the thing as it does expose his statement doesn't expose 1st of all he said you know big claim he hates the success of back line and what the success of big question does is expose the entirety of the lie of the financial system of weights he has benefited enormously but it also shows too that for all their smarts and all their value investing and looking into digging into the books and examining the books of these companies and meeting the c.e.o.'s and doing all the due diligence like that's a waste of time and money in a roaring twenties when money is being few thrown out the door like spankie back in the twenty's and the little rascals throwing money out the window well that's what
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the government is doing and so you don't you don't need to be any smarter than a monkey and some people say charlie munger kind of looks like one but you know the fact is you anybody can make money and that is shown in as you mention warren buffet buys more of his new favorite stock berkshire hathaway but is a net seller on markets as s. and p. $500.00 set record highs and the buffett indicate. ada raises the alarm total us market cap is now equal to 226 percent of us g.d.p. way above 1 the 100 percent that buffet sets as his bubble threshold so over it's price is high anybody who bet on the bubble is winning of course says value investors are the sort that will get out of the market thinking whoa this is a bubble you know he would have got out at 100 percent certain scaling our and it's now doubled since than but this is the roaring twenty's right well this is where it
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gets pernicious and ugly. money world war monger and buffett because they use the billions that the government gives them to lobby the government to do things like repeal glass steagall under the clinton administration or to get rid of the laws that prevented companies from buying back their own stock which is what happened under reagan because it's patently market manipulation and stock manipulation to buy back your own stock and when you can do that with money that the government's giving it for free or as their percent interest rate here clearly in a predatory position that's bankrupting large swathes of the economy and causing unemployment and causing these deaths of despair the number of opiate overdose deaths last year up 520290000 thank you charlie and sank you warren obviously here they have like $150.00 more than $150000000000.00 just sitting there
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like a melting ice cube and they're treasury just sitting there doing nothing because they look around and say they see nothing worth investing and but this is that the end of the past 20 years since they did lobby for the repeal glass steagall the hollowing out of the u.s. economy and. in fact he also mentioned at this point by the way he would throw a shareholder meeting this past weekend that. she you know halfway j.p. morgan and some others were going to take on the health the health care sorry the health care racket in america and fee said something along the lines of like well this racket this is bigger than us right it's 17 percent of the u.s. g.d.p. and there's we couldn't they say these powerful multibillion are running the financial sector couldn't make inroads into it because of their of the predatory those sort of motes that they set up around their racket very telling that buffett referred to america's health care system as a racket and you know
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a lot of people describe america as an emergency hospital waiting room disguised as a country yeah well i thought i might have put words in his mouth by saying he said a racket but that's how i read what he said is that it was a total racket that even the likes of he could not i rather thought it was something he mentioned that the health care 70 percent of g.d.p. it's a huge percentage of the global g.d.p. and that too. he did refer to old coppelia that it was hard to move that it was hard to make an impact on that it's an entrenched all the gop alist cartel that 17 percent of g.d.p. want to ship by by any industrialized standards country that should be more than 3 or 4 percent of g.d.p. all that remaining trillions and trillions of dollars goes to the replaces kleptocrats at the top who are literally stealing trillions and this was the primary reason america's become a laughing stock in my view well i'll tell you who's laughing that is the people of
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this huge nation and they are celebrating their series and it is the roaring twenty's for the people so let's look at these. wrong 20 sort of numbers this is amazing free money stimulus blowouts consumer income and spending on goods for a glorious what the heck chart of the year this is just. freaking nuts says wulfric it explains the record trade deficit bottlenecks shortages and inflation pressures among other distortions so what the heck overshoots personal income all is forces this is a remarkable now this goes back to 2015 and this is a personal income that includes the government transfer is but like these are normal times these are the good times right markets we're hitting all time highs every year all throughout the 20152016171819 and during
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a global shutdown all production shut down here here is the income of the of america collectively all 330000000 people this is the household income everything included right so to understand why this is a problem and why the comparison of the 1920 s. as important is because at the end of the 1920 s. you had the crash in the depression and what fuel of the speculative bull market on wall street the 1920 s. was that or margin people could buy stocks for $0.10 on the dollar and this ballooned up to unsustainable levels and it crashed and we have a depression so how is the debt you already mentioned that this 200 percent debt the g.d.p. debt the stock market valuation 26 percent right so that's one indication of how much debt it's way past where i was in the 1920 s. how about the federal reserve bank where the federal reserve bank they say they've got something like 7 or 8 trillion dollars of the bass that's on their balance sheets the resale value of those assets is is is maybe maybe $0.50 right because that's being very often right because they technically those
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those assets of 0 value they if they put them on their books at $0.10 on the dollar but they had to buy him from bankrupt institutions they would have had to declare bankruptcy like j.p. morgan instead they swap to the insolvent junk on their balance sheets for fresh treasury bills liquefying the banks like warren buffett that's how he made his billions stealing from america and they put it on the fed's balance sheet and so. such time as it like is a huge warehouse full of a lot so you know old nitrate plutonium and nitrate sitting next to a fireworks factory right at some point those 2 come together and go boom right but the ordinary people you're going to love this is the phase of a ponzi that you love you don't say no to this right how do you say no to this your income collectively everybody around you was 19 trillion and 21000 just 2 years ago
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today it's 20 over 24 trillion right ok that's a lot more money 29000 children up to 24 trillion best income across america a lot of it printed up you know sold to the fed you know the whole banana republic sort of thing care is the consumer durables purchases chart again here's going back to 2008 that's a financial crisis when adepts look at that what the heck chart of durable goods these are like washing machines or refrigerators and all that sort of stuff. so all that money is being spent by a lot of people a lot into the savings but a lot into these durable goods and that's why you see this huge congestion in the freight business all the goods all the money being thrown like spankie at the window of the little rascals at china here china take my money if china sends over you know a refrigerator for you or
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a washing machine or the income from 1000 and $24.00 trillion cents 2019 that's 5 trillion dollars we know from tracking the. cargo ships between here in asia so that $5000.00 we sent to china. essentially a lot of it because especially because in the past year a lot of services which you obviously are harder to export but you know so if you get your haircut school rents all that sort of stuff that's counted under services people have been paying their rants they haven't been paying their mortgage i mean even that income doesn't a cap doesn't count for the fact that you haven't also been paying any of your debts you haven't been paying your mortgage or rent or or your school loans like there's been a moratorium on all of that so they're doubling you like wealthy there's a double roaring twenty's like this is just like because it's like having the roaring twenty's plus all those programs of the 1930 s. of the you know of for f.d.r.'s programs of the new deal oh i get it that's interesting they take all the new deal and you combine it with the twenty's we're
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enjoying speculation and debt yes put it together yeah we have to come up with something different than the roaring twenty's it has to be something like the psychotic 20 because like you know it's going to crash because that's what happens and crack up boom and the whole thing collapses like i'm in minsk he says and i'm in minsk of course saw that coming and still lost everything in the great depression so you know there is that but here they're saying like oh this is going to crash so we might as well just implement the programs now if you. get it they're doing the after your rollout and half that's my job i've been compared to f.d.r. and they refer mystery letters now whatever his middle name is as something big they think he's like a l b j f d r and j something big so they're combining the 2 that they're taken the worst qualities of those 2 decades and they're combining it into one day called the psychotic twenty's yes so we are like in the wrong twenty's literally and
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figuratively and. this could have a whole lot further to run we could out to the 1920 s. we already with the stock markets are already more overvalued than they were in 1921 by many different all the metrics that matter and so we're already past that but how do we double that from there i like it warren buffett kind of based it like his theories of like once the stock market capitalization laris is that there's only one thing that hasn't gone up and if you're a peter schiff twitter you know what it is that's gold gold yeah yeah and that well that's the reason why we can continue this bubble by the way for a longer and bigger than what's happened in the last roaring twenty's like this is the wrong twenty's right now it's repeating but the it's going to start to ryan instead because it's going to go way bigger while this is often like another way this could be the best year ever say to you for a 2nd half a lot more coming your way.
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right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese it's also simple to sell through the seas and sugary and salty and addict and it's not at the individual level it's not individual well power and if we go on believing that would never change this obesity epidemic that industry has been influencing very deeply the medical and scientific establishment in the us some of what's driving the obesity epidemic it's call for profit.
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the so too at the garage or at least for good in each other than the main thrust. of the. missile that this isn't just. going to. go if you still least a little sneak preview muses to that of ocean who used to smoke. or to go to
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the church. we seem to mind the soldier the boots he's wearing. which to the soul the truth can move the opposing opinion with. the shoes to. some russian police force to those holding. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm asked kaiser's time now to return to our conversation a west legend there james turk of gold money dot com james welcome back thank you max ok to follow up on our conversation about the new numeric nummi are needed on
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any economic system you need hard money you need a unit of account i want to hypothetically put you in a radio control tower at the airport and the airplane is about to come in and so land and radios and james james i need a runway can you give me a runway and your answer is well walk walk run runway would you feel like landing on. does that make any sense and is that what jay powell effectively is doing as leader of the fat. that's a good way of describing it max you know it gave me chuckle but yeah you know new rare is a fixed unit and that's what you need in order for calculation brotherson ounce of gold announces silver but you know some kind of precious metal to determine how you calculate the price of goods and services that's why i always like to use this example of you know crude oil over the last 70 years today an ounce of gold buys the same amount of crude oil it did 70 years ago but it dollar wise you know just
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a fraction of what it was 70 years ago because of inflation so you need that new rare and without it your lust just like that airplane trying to land you know there's a great debate recently between frank and michael saylor of micro strategy as a goal versus bitcoin debate and one point that came up which i thought was interesting is that frank in talking about all the saying look i've got 10 percent of my part follow you know in gold as a hedge. and michael saylor was saying look the reason i buy and the reason he's got that in there is ahead is because of all the money printing and the irresponsibility now i think we're talking about here michael saylor saying look the reason i own big cohen is it's more than a head it's actually a solution to this problem. you know what here yeah it's a good way of looking at it you know. he said then the other time we were chatting earlier that you know we know each other for 15 years and you know back years ago
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when become was 1st getting started. you know you and i had a number of conversations and it took me a little bit to get over the hurdle of what it was but you know when it reached $100.00 i became a believer that you know when was it and i've said it in subsequent interviews. that can be found on the internet that it was the currency in the future and i still believe that because it is proven to be an escape currency it's a way of getting your purchasing power into something that's relatively safe but i'd like to make a point you know comparing it to gold because you know people try to say that they're. antagonistic to one another but in fact they're complimentary to one another because the weaknesses of gold are the strengths of decline and the weakest is the big question of the strengths of gold and by that what i mean is that you can hold a gold coin in your hand you can't do that with the bitcoin but gold because you can hold it in your hand can be confiscated but you can't confiscate because because it's distributed throughout the world in the internet so the 2 are really
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complimentary to one another and if you feel like you need to own gold in your portfolio and everybody should as a hedge you might also want to consider a crypto currency in your portfolio as well like but yeah you know i know 3 people over there called money jam star rice. and they are chef talking about all the 2 of us pay paul same really informed and keyed in on exactly what's going on. here chef does not and he's the most vocal. how does that never talk about let's move on so james turk the i.m.f. recently argued that we need a new brighton or woods agreement a great reset. little historical give us some historical lessons here bretton woods after world war 2 the united states took over our u.s. dollar was the world reserve currency was backed by gold our. 2021 everything's
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gone. to the garbage as i'm going to try a new brand was one of the going to do yeah bretton woods was just a government organization to bring strike to create a new rare for the international monetary system. that was the principal thing but the secondary thing that it did was to try to remove gold from the international monetary system to remove that discipline that kept central banks from getting too much money too much currency you know the history of money and 20th century is trying to separate national currencies from gold because central banks and governments didn't want to live within the discipline that don't gold imposes on the monetary system and you know we now have a monetary system nationally internationally without any kind of discipline which is why we have these problems today and i run this path to hyperinflation. it's interesting because bretton woods came just. closing the world war 2 but the other
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example of world war 2 that was in my mind interesting to explain a little bit about monetary history and imports of gold is what happened in west germany when the allies the french germans or the french british and the americans created their predecessor for the blunder spank what they did is they made the biggest bank completely separate and distinct from the government so the biggest bank could say no to buying government bonds because what happened was is that. allies realize that in order to fight a war you have to have control of the currency and they just won 2 wars against the germans they didn't want to fight a 3rd so they made sure that there was that clinical discipline between the buns bank and the government and the irony is that they didn't impose that on themselves they only imposed on germany and it worked very very well the but his bank did a remarkable job of managing the national currency the deutsche mark up until the euro but now the bonus bank has become. you're elegant relative to the european central bank which is
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a political control so if that's the lesson of the 20th century max you have to remove the currency crisis from government control right now governments are 100 percent in control of the currency and they're heading in the wrong direction yeah the bundesbank was really sensitive to inflation and very disciplined then. draggy was over there at the e.c.b. and the e.c.b. essentially took over from the abundance bank when the introduction of the euro and then he started to do all this quantitative easing like policy and expanding their balance sheet dramatically and so they lost all their discipline and they become a basket case just like the u.s. dollar you know one of your colleagues auser macleod over there called money always excellent alison mccleod you know he says he thinks the dollar is going to affect him collapse you know he said he doesn't even think it's going to make it to the 50th anniversary this august stan druckenmiller is quote very very short the dollar
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so there's one thing to say all the dollars fading away and there's going to be replaced by dick for some very smart people they think it's actually on the within months i'm utterly collapsing how do you weigh in on that. faggy with alister i think we're very very close you know the fun easy it was the greatest the constant try to century came up with a term called the crack boom you know he saw the hyperinflation in austria after the 1st world war and typically you have 6 to 12 months when the currency collapses when syrian hyperinflationary cracka. and i think we probably have already started to crack a boom in most countries around the world today including the united states which is why everything is going sky high people exit in the currency it may take longer than 6 to 12 months though because we have more regimentation and more controls and people today than there were in austria after the 1st world war so maybe it's going
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to be a 12 month or 24 months you know. but if we don't get off this road toward hyperinflation if we don't stop turning us government paper into currency the dollar will hyperinflation all right stand back a mile or stick on him for a 2nd he also says he's very long asia as they are the only economy left standing after covet they did not have to increase their money supply at the same pace as china to the post code era as de us wise to the post world war 2 era chants. yeah you know it's interesting you know that you have politics and everything and the only issue that i have with china is the rule of law is not well established private property rights are not well established and that's a concern to me because you know in a free market in a free market economy the key the core element is private property rights so yeah you know. i think an alternative investment area i wouldn't put all my eggs them on
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basket you know i would diversify you know globally which is i think really the best strategy you know not only invest in your home country but in you know with some of your purchasing power in a. different countries friday disinvestments around the world for a while even warren buffett has just put a huge amount of capital says ferment to japan and south asia going on there the us james wants to stop the belt and road initiative which one could argue is similar to a post world war 2 marshall plan how do you think this city's trap will play out that is to say the rise of china and the fall of the u.s. you know we've seen these kinds of musical chairs amongst empires now going back thousands of years. does that does the u.s. in gauge china in hot war in other words is all this is us is going to go quietly as china moves up to the top dog ours are going to be a hot war. contradict that one actually saw hope that it's going to be quiet
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no wars i think conventional wisdom is that eventually there will be a war but take the contrary point of view and say there isn't going to be work because everybody knows about it can be you know we seen it we know it can happen i think everybody wants to avoid it so let's hope that that's the case but there is a point here that is important that you know empires die when the currency dies and i think again coming back to the dollar if we don't get off this road. the american empire which doesn't supposed to be an affair anyway as opposed to the republic. you know there's some serious issues going head in terms of geopolitics if we don't fix this currency right thanks to current state james turner if only you are running the fed james you know life is better for everyone thanks for being on kaiser report thank you very much track stars great to be with you all right well that's going to do it for this edition of kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert want to thank our guests james turk of gold money dot com until next
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time. l. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. i robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders that conflict with the 1st law show your financial situation for should be very careful about official intelligence at that point all p.c. is to face trusts evidence here. on areas chozen with artificial intelligence will summon the demon. obama's protect its own existence as a comic system. most
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times because that's the disguise that's all you have you think it is much more than the movie would deal with both because the money was not. good with the money but there were a bunch of variants into the left of the puzzle for a while one of the few. still i knew and because i had some suggest moments of course he spent it on you know stuff more than others teach. michiru san. mom. we start to add to that he saw the need for good and he just knew who the new human
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. but on the better side going to do the book on his swan song that is new some use to. do some of. the emotional mining t.d.m. much to do if you will still be stuck or even a simple cynical spoken media pushed. but of ocean. if you go chill the. compassion that. we think he minds the soldier the boots he's wearing. which took the soldier took to move the opposing opinion with. the sure stuck summarizing the police force to dust all the.
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stars his largest military exercise in decades right on russia's doorstep with the alliance claiming that the drill was in albania are transparent and defensive also this hour now it's a tempest in the waters off jersey but britain sending in its navy is a dispute over fishing rights with france boils over and parents leave me alarm about their government's approach to long we speak to a mother whose son has been ill since last autumn. as a mom. really suffering and there is no why people get back you still help us don't really know what's j. m russia registers a one shot version of its vaccine costs.


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