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hello there i'm with your watching in question broadcasting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. here today's top stories 1st a new global poll reveals who the world believes is the biggest threat to democracy the answer may surprise you we'll discuss that plus lawyers alleging inhumane conditions for a long time jeffrey epstein associate maxwell as few weeks trial we've got our panel here to break it all down. all right it's time to boost your news i knew.
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right so which country is the biggest threat to democracy well according to a new poll commissioned by the alliance of democracies foundation it's neither china or russia so who could it possibly be artie's alex myla bitch has that answer . the land of the free. home of the brave i was the worlds biggest threat to democracy america is on the move again we're choosing hope over fair shoot over lies light over darkness ever working or work again we're dreaming again we're discovering again i want to do the world again i got proving democracy can deliver for the people and it's that delivering of democracy that scares a lot of people around the globe in a poll known as the democracy perception index which is commissioned by the
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alliance of democracies foundation and was conducted by the la 10 a polling company between february and april 50000 people in 53 countries were asked which country threatens democracy in their country nearly half of the respondents who took the survey named the u.s. as the greatest threat while fear of chinese influence came in at 38 percent and russian at 28 percent it's not surprising that the countries which showed as overwhelmingly negative about u.s. influence include russia and china and there may be a reason for that american leadership must meet this new moment of advancing authoritarianism including a growing ambitions of china to rival the united states in the determination of russia however european democracies also stood out as overwhelmingly negative about u.s. influence with german sentiment being particularly high globally 81 percent of people polled said that it is important to have democracy in their country but just over
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a half 53 percent said that their country is actually democratic today even in democracies so who actually believes that they live in a democracy those polled in denmark switzerland and or way are most confident that their country. our democratic and what may be a surprise to many sore people in china were 71 percent say that their country has the right amount of democracy for what is perceived as the biggest threat to democracy economic inequality was the number one choice at 64 percent at 48 percent just under half of the people most survey also cited big tech as a threat with americans being most concerned about that issue at 62 percent the chair of the alliance of democracies foundation former nato chief and danish prime minister anders fogh rasmussen said this poll shows that democracy is still alive in people's hearts and minds we now need to come out of the covert 1000 pandemic by
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delivering more democracy and freedom to people who want to see their countries become more democratic resolution might have missed an important point in the survey and that is that the participants made it quite clear that they don't want to mark recy delivered to them but instead would rather see more equality in the world to make things more democratic the democracy perception index survey has been conducted since 2018 by law tenor and the alliance of democracies it is the world's largest annual study on how people perceive democracy for r t m i look so hot i love it and for more on this will bring in our panel to discuss former u.k. m.p. george galloway and new york times bestselling author president of the phyllis schlafly evil for him and martin gentlemen good to see you again 1st 53 countries 53000 participants when asked about a number of issues threatening democracy i think agree or disagree the biggest
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agree was on economic inequality most people surveyed agreed about that but when asked what country threatens democracy the most between the u.s. china and russia the respondents agreed the u.s. was the bigger threat so why. do you say to that george. the scottish national poor robert burns said the greatest if the god could give us is to see ourselves as other see us and that i think will have come as a big shock to some people in the united states how others see you you see when joe biden's up there are somewhat hesitantly because of his advancing whatever is telling us america's on the move again the rest of us are hiding under terrible manila the idea of america's on the move again and coming our way is not something that we look forward to look the united states has invaded and occupied some 60
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countries since the 2nd world war or about her own governments and presidents even killed some. you have taken over from us that's what we used to do and that's why i think if there was a 2nd place. russia and china britain might have come up on the list to add i'll let you respond. well i i want to quote efforts are rise in defense of america and quote the old george m. cohan in yankee doodle dandy over there over there the yanks are coming over there you know what we had in the last 4 years as a president who finally turned the american party system away from wars a way we're seeing it right now we're playing liz cheney one of the cheney family is being forced out of politics because the american people agree with the world that our ideas that we were going to plant democracy in other places it wasn't just
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imperialism it was stupidity but i you know that poll to me smacks of what the europeans like to do when they like to talk about what's a threat who's it's right and here comes the big bad wolf that's a threat i will say this the one per day or of the threat to democracy in the world is a 3 letter word and it's seen. and then when you watch c.n.n. in every airport and hotel in europe or in asia or in america you see fake news like we've never seen you see racial strife in writing america is doing great in many ways the inequality economically and inequality of education is a problem but here's the great news i think the news is that we're all starting to agree big tech big media and big government are bullying the basics of the american vision and that's what most people want the world is more about the american system but the vision of more freedom freedom of speech freedom of association so well i'm not surprised that the survey results because i think really c.n.n. and big tech was so much damage to everyone and ed i'm going to stick with you on
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this one i'll give you the 1st crack what about democracy in the time of cove it those surveyed seem to agree that what their governments their respective governments have done during the pandemic eroded democracy limiting freedoms. well i think that's right i think there was a lot of fear but i you know and people one people fear is one of the greatest and most dangerous motivators in politics and i we've seen it in history and we've seen it in the last year and look in america we've had a 2nd listen leaders under tromp and under biden it continues scientists who say they know everything and then they turn out to know very little but the seer is a real problem but again i would go back to the damage that you know an artsy america in ours in the united states plays a role in actually people tell me it's time they let people talk you actually have a discussion our news here is just about see your mom the model of american cable news is see here fear fear sarma commercial fear fear fear pharma commercial and
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they make a book by the way fox news does it too and the question is after a year of that we have mostly a brainwashed nation that is fearful so that part of democracy is failing but then again you know we muddle through this and in america we're seeing more and more americans take control of their lives instead of letting bureaucrats dominate george what about that has your country stifled your democracy. well it depends you see in an existential threat situation like say the 2nd world war when hitler was the channel ports and fronts on ready to invade us everyone was behind the government behind the state and they trusted what was said our problem know is that when our government tell us that it sunshine outside we were to the wind or to check. and i think that's true in your country too are both of our
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states and many others have lost the cross the credibility with the people so when they say you have to wear a mask you have to get a job you have to surely but you have had a job and so on if people really trust the government which they do in. the much maligned china the people do it because the feel the government is on their side the problem is in our countries many people feel the government is not on their side and they are more wrong about the yes and true and this survey also revealed specifically here in the us that 62 percent of americans fear the power of big tech and social media is that any surprise to you george. well i think the american people have shown great person because to did that because that is the biggest looming threat to democracy in western countries the
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power all by tiny number all the all the guards who shop even the president of the united states of america who don't buy a hound who'll or an elected billionaires and has not yet resurfaced i don't know about trump is alive or dead i haven't talked to him in january or one close saw him every day all day but for the power of big dick all big media there's like ruin and martin's life and. better different people were on the we're on the same mark ad what about ass well i want to frame up your closing got you could it burns let me quote twain you know rich reports of my dad's are greatly exaggerated that's what donald trump said i think he's kicking hard no let me just say let me say very clearly listen to this watch what happens how big tech dominates hillary clinton spends 4 years saying that 2016 election was stolen that's what she said
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illegitimate based on russia russia russia all the proof and never put in all the proof said no donald trump said the election was irregular and big tech shuts and down and takes away twitter and facebook and everything else you don't have to pick what side you like to recognize that power and big tech i call it the narrative machine big tech and big media with big government behind it we've never seen anything like this that's happening in the world and in america we're feeling it every day we get chased hither in there by by george floyd and liz cheney and everything else meanwhile the fundamentals of our country immigration education all are falling to pieces and so the narrative machine is dominating democracy i'm not sure it's a democracy if it continues the way it's gone absolutely i think we can all. all 3 of us agree on that one george galloway ad martin good to see you gentlemen again thank you. u.s. secretary of state tony blinken is meeting with his ukrainian counterpart today and
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kiip moments ago blinken reaffirmed washington support for ukraine in the wake of renewed tensions with russia during his 2 day visit lincoln will also meet with the country's president and prime minister by visiting ukraine so early in his tenure many believe lincoln is signaling that the non nato ally is a high priority for the white house. and still i have go a gnat's while crying foul over what she's calling inhumane treatment in prison we'll get the latest then later at the sports h.q. regina hammer brings us the winners from this year's edition of the laureus sports awards and remember to keep up with all the latest news or catch up with anything you might have missed download the portable t.v. apps you can watch us whenever you want we'll be right back.
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will this week attorneys for accused child sex trafficker go elaine maxwell alleging officials at the m.d.c. metropolitan detention center in manhattan of inhumane treatment and harassment stuff like guards standing need to knee with her as she sat on the toilet now this came as prison officials claim maxwell was in possession of documents she wasn't authorized to have her lawyers say those were her documents pertaining to her case and are demanding m.d.c. return them to her immediately in a series of strongly worded e-mails and sued between attorneys and d.c. officials so joining us to break it all down our panel today attorney and media analyst lionel is here and investigative journalist and co-host of boom bust fence one line i'll start with you you have reviewed these documents and emails from ms
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maxwell's attorneys can you summarize what all just went down and what this means for go lame. well i could summarize it this way and i agree with them 100 percent go lady maxwell and by the way thank you for not calling her a socialite or the new one just epstein's girlfriend there trying to euphemize her her behavior but she has not been convicted of anything think of this says and then cars waiting room she's weeding to go to trial she can't bond out she can't meet any of the restrictions applied by the court sure she is presumed innocent she is as innocent as we all are now she may be a suspect what they're doing to her what they're keeping her from basically reviewing her case exploring issues reading whatever she wants to sleep being they're punishing her they're basically this is like the joran pio argument where
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he loved to take people in the county jail again waiting to go to trial so that's the gist of their argument and i must say i concur with them 100 percent. ben ending say denies harassing her and that you know while she is not on suicide watch they say they do peer into her cell every 15 minutes at night with a flashlight her lawyer says she put a sock over her eyes at night to try to sleep why do you think they're doing that. well i think what lionel said is absolutely correct which is that it's punitive right it's a way of harassing her in advance of a trial what's crazy about this is that the d.c. is the same procreation where jeffrey epstein was supposed to be monitored and there were guards sleeping not even watching him when he supposedly suicided so you have a combination of insane factors here on one hand you have a guy who was supposed to be closely monitored and everyone chose not to now you
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have his accomplice in a separate cell who is sitting there being harassed nonstop and getting too much attention from guards so what's going on over there i think is the 1st question the 2nd thing is why would you do this to or even if glenn maxwell is guilty as lionel rightly said she is innocent until proven guilty though many of us believe she is that's not the justice system jessamy proven guilty but even if that is the case why are you waking her up all night long shining the flashlight in her face in fact the judge who reviewed this recently was fear is getting reports that guards were doing this because as you said she's not on suicide watch it even if you are on suicide watch they don't wake you up every 15 minutes they just check on you every 15 minutes so it is pretty. outlandish for that this behavior to be conducted this way and i'm not a big fan of torture why don't the courts have now kicked the can down the road her trial was due to start the summer but now pushed out to the fall after she was hit
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with 2 more counts of sex trafficking on march 29th and prosecutors have just unsealed the latest and so is all of that norm. well it's it's not uncommon i i think the last time we talk about this i'm shocked that during a biden administration with merrick garland they upped it to 2 basically trafficking instead of this assistance in traveling in all these other going to strange things she was only looking at baby 35 years tops but she's also the only person i think in the history of the planet ever to be indicted for lying on a deposition i mean it was look the bottom line is simply this how many sauza and or hundreds of women were alleged to have been the victim of jeffrey of st why aren't we talking about. you me to tell me that out of this entire the last.
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glane everybody else these are the only 2 participants i guess one now that i wish it i mean this is this we could go on forever but i guess is the there is more investigation into the boogaloo boys or whatever these people are called and ensure rections then this is the vet this could on hinge and release everything about international credit it would be like as if these 2 were the sole mastermind and they did it all single handedly you know with no clue nobody else everybody else just covering their eyes i guess. we have it with a sock yes the sock then we still haven't seen any actual photos of going maxwell we've seen some sketches sketch artist work from when they 1st arrested her all the way to now is that unusual. it is unusual i think there's a couple of things at play here and that are important and i think we have to piece
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some of this together 1st of all i think there's a reason that we're not seeing photographs of her because i think it is a way for media to ditch human eyes her right and by dehumanizing her it's easy to turn her into a singular monster that acted alone or acted at the behest of the real monster that's now dead jeffrey epstein who never even got a chance to go on trial right but why is all of this happening i think that what's truly happening here is as you know i've made it very clear on this show many times before that i am highly suspicious of the idea that jeffrey i've seen committed suicide i think if you look at the factual record i say that. but i think the opposite is happening now you can't assume with if that's what the case you can't suicide elaine maxwell so what other strategy will the other strategy is now to torture her to make life so difficult and make her so nuts through this process that she is fearful of testifying against other people i think the hole in game is that if she goes to trial you better keep your mouth shut and not say anything it
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already happened with jeffrey epstein in a different manner i think it's a different tactic to would obtain the same result in her case and there's a pirates of the caribbean movie in that series you know dead men tell no tales. don't go away inside has been very quiet up until now so why is she suddenly emerging from the shadows if anything weird about the timing. well this interesting you know we did see the picture of the guy we did see something those pictures and bruises and kind of trauma to the to the eye you bend rates of a very good point i don't you know want to get too too too deep into this but you know america has the attention span of a gnat so if you can keep yelling out of the new her picture her her her visit her countenance and just have a these by the way why do they always get the worst hit hardest on the planet there are people on the corner of central park who devoted just there you know have the
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you know try using your other hand next time maybe that's anyway but but it's almost as though if we continue to absentia her and also remember jose padilla remember the guy who years ago would do it when we grabbed him and o'hare airport sue him in the worst conditions he went crazy and blind you know we can't use him anymore he will bend might be alluding to was a fact that what better way to keep her from seeing the then to make her little you know walking around yelling who ordered the veal cutlet much like some of our. politicians but who knows who knows where this is going because and also member very quickly there are losses going back between boys between dershowitz we jew frey we've got cross most i mean this is a this is a gordian knot of lawsuits but you never know what to see this we just have going that's it so maybe it's a tactic that could could i think you guys are on to something that could be
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a very effective tactic by the prosecutor so we will say hopefully maybe by this fall maybe lie don't and banff want gentlemen thank you. thank you. over to the latest 1000 numbers worldwide those cases now topping 155000000 with about 3000000 reported deaths the u.s. is still leading the way with the most confirmed cases just over 32000000 of them here followed by india and then brazil here stateside the death toll about 579000 now. and the c.d.c. is now setting rules for cruise ships to hit the high seas again on wednesday officials gave ship operators final technical guidelines to begin trial voyages in july these trips will assess whether ships can sail safely during the pandemic cruises will run from $2.00 to $7.00 days and will include volunteers the ships
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must have enough passengers to meet at least 10 percent ship capacity. let's head over to regina hamm to sports h.q. now regina today was the day the laureus sports awards took center stage in spain virtually verge of course everybody was safe the trainer on laura's words words though they did look a little different carpet no massive part is celebrate and the gathering of the best and brightest in the sports world but from sivia spain those nominated for these illustrious awards gathered in a different way to accept their award and share how they give back and made sport for good days for some of the years tennis champion iommi osaka osaka won to the u.s. open titles in 3 years and on the court you can use to push the boundaries of sport 20 year old one breakthrough player of the year enjoy 19 and reach her 2nd u.s. open title in a coded impacted 20 season off of it she demonstrated incredible activism and support for black lives matter movement during her run at flushing meadows osaka were different face mask every match featuring the i'm a black victim of racial violence the united states osaka when given the award
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thanked her role models during her acceptance speech take a listen. thank you so much and i am so happy to receive this laureus world sports woman of the year award and i know that for me i've watched so many of my room models winning this award growing up so it definitely means a lot to know. and on the same day the spaniard reached the quarter finals of madrid open a little bit south and sylvia he was announced as a 20 year on laura sports man of the year rafael nidal he was a 4 time nominee winning his 1st word in 2011 just a decade ago dhawan the french open any of it impacted your need to be calendar that was his 13th reason trophy at roland garros he also made that his 20 grand slam becoming the 2nd player in history should see that feet behind this tennis great roger federer and breakthrough player of the year a guy we know right here very well patrick my home's very cool all right thanks for that regina that's going to do it for us right now make sure you keep up with everything in question at all times by downloading the portable t.v.
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greetings and salutations blowback from president obama the rise of white nationalism vocal white supremacy i do the politics and populism all culminated in donald trump's 2016 presidential victory that moment fed into a widening polarization and weighty attacks on minority groups a blitz against the l g b t community group across republican led states today $33.00 states have introduced more than $100.00 bills aimed at the trans community the majority of these bills are laser focused on children and brace yourselves for the discrimination taxpayer dollars are funding like those preventing trans kids from using the restroom or locker room that matches their self identify.


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